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Скачать игру Astrominer v0.6 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 25
Игру добавил Kusko [2074|31] | 2019-10-08 (обновлено) | Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (952) | Просмотров: 5665

Astrominer v0.6

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от puddledockgames (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Головоломки, пазлы (2400); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (952); Симуляторы (132)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 68.30 Мб.

Astrominer - симулятор выживания. Исследуйте разрушенный мир и спасите мигов, которые когда-то защищали его. Создавайте или покупайте оружие и инструменты, которые помогут в вашем путешествии, чтобы победить злых бломстеров и освободить всех мигов! Система крафта предназначена для тех, кто не любит крафт. Не любите тратить время на сбор всех ресурсов в игре? Нет проблем! Вы можете разблокировать все рецепты и купить любой предмет на станции крафта, используя деньги, которые вы зарабатываете за торговлю добытыми минералами.

Игра обновлена до v0.6. Список изменений внутри новости.

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• Собирайте ресурсы для изготовления оружия и инструментов.
• Добывайте минералы и обменивайте их на деньги.
• Обрабатывайте грязь и плавьте минералы для лучшего денежного вознаграждения.
• Найдите и спасите мигов, которые станут вашими спутниками.
• Станьте одним целым с мигами, чтобы решать головоломки, сражаться с врагами и достигать ранее недоступных мест.
• Исследуйте 4 уникальных биома с их уникальными минеральными ресурсами.
• Шляпы!
• Поддержка геймпада и клавиатуры (рекомендуется геймпад)

Данная версия игры содержит более часа игрового процесса. Сейчас в игре 4 биома, 1 босс и 7 головоломок. Цель состоит в том, чтобы значительно увеличить каждую из этих цифр к релизу.

• Artifact Dungeons - подземелья без ресурсов, но с врагами и ловушками, в которых игрок может найти редкую добычу.
• Больше предметов одежды и скинов для игрока, а не только шляпы.
• Больше разнообразных головоломок.
• Больше биомов (призрачный, зомби-биом и т. д.).
• Больше боев с боссами - по крайней мере, один на каждом биома.
• Больше зелий и баффов применяемые к предметам.
• Больше мигов.
• Кастомизация мигов.

• Artifact Dungeons! This is the first iteration of them. I still want to add more rooms and variety, so this is just the most basic implementation.
• Music! Added new custom music for the overworld, mines, boss fight, and mig puzzles.
• Fixed a bug where the details panel of the crafter UI would appear for a single frame and then disappear before the UI was done animating.
• Fixed a bug where if the player is in mig form when exiting a mine while over dirt tiles the game was counting it as a death.
• Made it so enemies only spawn mig xp loot when killed directly by the player in mig form.
• Made it so enemies stop attacking if the player is frozen.
• Fixed a bug where ice tiles wouldn't crumble if the player was ice poisoned.
• Made it so when the player destroys smelters/dirt processors any unprocessed minerals will be returned to the player.
• Made it so smelters/dirt processors show how many minerals they have left to process, and how much time it has left on the current mineral being processed.
• Fixed a bug where using a zapper with one hand, then using the same zapper with the opposite hand would result in the zapper not firing.
• Fixed a bug where if the player drops an item and picks up an item while in full inventory UI, button would not update with the new item image, but the details screen would show the item.
• Made it so objects cannot be placed on top of each other (machines, torches, etc.).
• Made it so world objects show health when they have less than 100% hp.
• Made it so small slime enemies don't leave a slime trail, but can still slime poison you if they hit you. large slimes still leave a trail.
• Enemies now have an anticipation "anim" before performing an attacking (you'll see them scale up prior to attacking).
• Made it so player can now rotate hands up and down when holding a gun for better aiming (RS on controller, Shift/Ctrl on keyboard). Not sure if we'll keep this--depends on if it feels more fun to use projectile weapons.
• Added damage flash color for enemies when they are hit.
• Reduced mig damage done to enemies as it was a bit too OP, even by my standards.
• Enemy loot drop amounts (level points, armor points, graps, mig xp) now scale based on enemy level, so the higher level the enemy, the more they will drop. the total amount is still a randomized range, but the result will be multiplied by a modifier, which means it's still possible to see a medium difficulty level enemy drop the same amount of loot as an easy enemy, but on average you will get more.
• Updated lava tile art to give it a better sense of depth.
• Made it so if player is hit as the room is transitioning to a new area, the damage *should* not count. this is very timing specific and hard to test, so let me know if it's not working this way.
• Changed how penalties are applied to damage amounts when using a non-tool to mine a resource and a non-weapon to attack an enemy. The penalty used to be a percentage of the total attack based on the item's level, however this would still cause very powerful swords to be great for mining, and vice versa. Now if a weapon is being used to mine resources, the damage done will not be based on the weapon's actual level, but instead a predetermined "penalty" level. Same goes for using tools to attack enemies with.
• I changed how the game handles sprites. Instead of having an in-game version of a sprite and a UI version, there is now only 1 version of each sprite in game and the code handles drawing it properly based on whether its being used in game or displayed on a UI screen. So if you see any wonky issues where the player isn't holding an item properly or a sprite isn't properly centered in a UI window, just let me know.
• Added a fancy screen-wipe effect when entering new rooms.

Explore a fractured world and rescue the migs that once protected it. Craft or purchase weapons and tools to help in your journey to defeat the evil blomsters and free all of the migs!

"A crafting system designed for those who don't like crafting."

Don't like spending time gathering every single resources in the game? No problem! You can unlock all recipes and purchase any item in the crafting station using the money you earn from trading in minerals you've collected (some resource gathering still required).

• Gather resources to craft weapons and tools.
• Mine minerals to trade for money.
• Process dirt and smelt minerals for a better monetary reward.
• Find and rescue the migs who will become your companions.
• Become one with your mig to solve puzzles, fight enemies, and reach otherwise unreachable areas.
• Explore 4 unique biomes with their own uniquely generated mines.
• Hats!
• Gamepad and Keyboard support (gamepad recommended)

This free demo contains over an hour of gameplay. Because this is a demo, there are still pieces of the game missing and music is entirely placeholder. Right now there are 4 biomes, 1 boss, and 7 mig puzzles in the game. The goal is to expand on each of those numbers greatly for the final version of the game.

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От: alexeyn80 [2|1] | Дата 2019-05-11 09:00:32

за пределы карты вылетает - так и должно быть? или это типа мы в космосе?


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