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Скачать игру Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe / OpenTTD v1.4.4 - полная русская версия

Рейтинг: 9.8 (42) | Баллы: 975
Игру добавил iXy [760|44] | 2015-01-11 (обновлено) | Стратегии (3023) | Просмотров: 150012

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe / OpenTTD v1.4.4

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от OpenTTD Team (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (3023)
• Язык: Русская версия (7128)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 37.20 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.8 из 10 (всего голосов: 42)

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Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD) - экономическая стратегия. Строим автодорожные трассы, железнодорожные и монорельсонорельсовые пути. Доставляем пассажиров, почту, ресурсы товары, максимизируем прибыль, становимся монополистом.

Игра обновлена с версии 1.3.1 до 1.4.4. Список изменений (400+) внутри новости.

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OpenTTD - это полный клон Transport Tycoon Deluxe с открытыми исходными кодами. В этом Tycoon'е реализованы некоторые довольно удобные возможности, например, строительство диагональных путей в два клика, изменение всех опций настройки (аналогичных TTD Patch) прямо из меню, работа в оконном режиме и др.

Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is an open source clone of the Microprose game Transport Tycoon Deluxe, a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features.

1.4.4 (2014-10-21)
- Fix: Image widgets stored 32bit SpriteID in uint16 (r26971)
- Fix: Owner of road depot road types were not properly changed upon bankruptcy [FS#6126] (r26955)
- Fix: Compilation on HAIKU (r26922)
- Fix: Crash when enabling 'Full animation' if multiplayer chat text is on screen [FS#6096] (r26919)
- Fix: Height computation of game script text in town GUI did not consider margins [FS#6119] (r26859)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Debian lintian issues (r26853)
- Fix: Compilation of strgen on various platforms like Solaris (r26850)
- Fix: Better display of refit information for articulated vehicles [FS#6113] (r26849, r26848)
- Fix: Do not assign a next hop when returning cargo [FS#6110] (r26847)
- Fix: The ok-button in the OSK for the signs list should just close the OSK [FS#6116] (r26827)

1.4.3 (2014-09-23)

1.4.3-RC2 (2014-09-14)
- Fix: Crashes on joining a server with pending order backups [FS#6112] (r26819)
- Fix: Crashes on start due to dereferencing the -1 index of the file names array of music files (r26809)

1.4.3-RC1 (2014-09-07)
- Fix: TC_NO_SHADE did not work for 32bpp text rendering (r26792)
- Fix: Loading a game with order backups leaked Orders and left unreachable items in the pool (r26787)
- Fix: Buffer overrun in SQCompiler::Error (r26764)
- Fix: Desync due to not always properly restoring game state from the savegame (r26753)
- Fix: [Script] Crashes and infinite loops when using lists in item-descending order [FS#6085] (r26744)
- Fix: Incorrect CFLAGS when enabling gprof profiling (r26737, r26735)
- Fix: Do not reset the last selected airport or layout, unless it is really necessary [FS#6083] (r26732)
- Fix: Use the normal search path to look for xdg-open at Unix [FS#6077] (r26724)
- Fix: Properly check for cargo acceptance of houses [FS#5997] (r26723)

1.4.2 (2014-08-16)

1.4.2-RC2 (2014-08-03)
- Change: Use awk instead of trying to convince cpp to preprocess nfo files (r26708)
- Fix: CMD_CLEAR_ORDER_BACKUP should not be suppressed by pause modes (r26716)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Parameters to SCC_NEWGRF_PUSH_WORD and SCC_NEWGRF_UNPRINT were not skipped during drawing (r26713)
- Fix: [OSX] Compilation fails with some lzo2 versions, if __LP64__ is defined to 0 instead of checking whether it is defined [FS#6069] (r26709)
- Fix: Wrong breakdown sound was played for ships [FS#6015] (r26706)
- Fix: Integer overflows in acceleration code causing either too low acceleration or too high acceleration [FS#6067] (r26702)
- Fix: Discard incorrectly saved order backups when clients join [FS#6066] (r26700)
- Fix: Do not crash when trying to show an error about vehicle in a NewGRF and the NewGRF was not loaded at all (r26699)
- Fix: Slovak uses space as group separator in numbers [FS#6064] (r26695)
- Fix: Tighten parameter bound checks on GSCargoMonitor functions, and return -1 on out-of-bound parameters (r26685)

1.4.2-RC1 (2014-07-03)
- Fix: CargoPacket::SourceStation() returns a StationID (r26660)
- Fix: Days in dates are not represented by ordinal numbers in all languages [FS#6047] (r26657)
- Fix: Production cheat cannot be allowed to be active in multiplayer for desync reasons, even when activated in singleplayer previously [FS#6044] (r26656)
- Fix: Make sure an 'abs' is used that supports int64 when using 'abs' on those variables (r26651)
- Fix: Support save/load chunk lengths of up to (1 << 32) - 1 [FS#6041] (r26650)
- Fix: Incorrect usage of string commands in the base language [FS#6037] (r26642, r26640, r26639, r26632)
- Fix: Segmentation fault when encountering a .obg/.obs/.obm with empty string/zero length MD5 checksums [FS#6038] (r26637)
- Fix: The 'Load' button was not properly enabled/disabled for old savegames without NewGRF information (r26634)
- Fix: If the video driver fails to supply a list of resolutions, display an error message [FS#6012] (r26629)

1.4.1 (2014-06-02)
- Fix: First send packages about new company, then clients joining it to admin port [FS#6025] (r26616)

1.4.1-RC2 (2014-05-18)
- Fix: Save/load issues on big endian machines (r26593, r26590, r26589)
- Fix: Consider multiheaded trains in station refits [FS#5995] (r26586)
- Fix: Game script could be changed in game by double clicking [FS#5974] (r26583)
- Fix: Transfer stations also should have a cargo rating [FS#5989] (r26581, r26580)
- Fix: [Network] AIs would not reset certain network state information upon creation of their company [FS#6003] (r26578, r26576)
- Fix: [Network] Client of non-dedicated server was not correctly put into the first company for all state variables [FS#6001] (r26577)

1.4.1-RC1 (2014-05-04)
- Change: Remove demand calculation based on tiles (r26484)
- Change: Use pkg-config for libpng as well (r26435, r26433, r26432)
- Change: Use better distance metric for link graph [FS#5941] (r26411)
- Fix: [Windows] Crash when the operating system performs the "paint" callback during window creation [FS#5994] (r26539, r26538)
- Fix: OpenBSD compilation [FS#5992] (r26523)
- Fix: prevent from ever reading huge (or negative) amounts of data in strgen (r26521)
- Fix: Severity rating of dedicated server messages during world generation (r26518)
- Fix: Buffer overruns in handling of symbolic links inside tars (r26514)
- Fix: Incorrect usage of strecpy (r26505, r26485)
- Fix: Reading console input on dedicated server relied on unspecified behaviour (r26496)
- Fix: Allow single-vehicle consists to station-refit in a meaningful way (r26483)
- Fix: Prevent comparing to NULL when strndup could not allocate memory (r26476)
- Fix: Potentially undefined shifts in NewGRF code (r26475)
- Fix: Make sure there is no uninitialised sprite data (r26473)
- Fix: Draw text shadow for ellipses (r26467)
- Fix: Add special handling for PALETTE_CRASH to work for non-8bpp-mapped sprites (r26463)
- Fix: Avoid division by 0 when scaling flow values [FS#5970] (r26448)
- Fix: Draw links to match _settings_game.vehicle.road_side [FS#5961] (r26445)
- Fix: Load button for heightmap list was missing [FS#5953] (r26428)
- Fix: Do not crash when supplying an invalid filename without extension to cmd parameter -q (r26423)
- Fix: Some road constructions used the rail sound effect [FS#5946] (r26422)
- Fix: Goal GUI failed to shade [FS#5948] (r26420)
- Fix: Shares button state was not appropriately updated when switching setting or company [FS#5947] (r26416)

1.4.0 (2014-04-01)

1.4.0-RC1 (2014-03-18)
- Feature: [Script] APIs to get cargo waiting from/via other station (r26396)
- Fix: Do not explain "symmetric" cargodist mode when the setting does not allow it [FS#5939] (r26394)
- Fix: Update distances between link graph nodes when station sign is moved (r26393)
- Fix: No need to call OnFocus twice [FS#5933] (r26392)
- Fix: Select a specific font size when freetype fails to select one automatically [FS#5885] (r26389)
- Fix: Return correct values from ICU iterators in case of leading or trailing whitespace [FS#5924] (r26384)
- Fix: All goal commands invalidated the goal list of company 0 [FS#5932] (r26382)

1.4.0-beta5 (2014-02-25)
- Feature: Warn the user about empty setting search results, and about missing setting search results due to filtering (r26322, r26321)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Extend object variable 0x60 to also return the view [FS#5696] (r26316)
- Feature: Allow map sizes up to 4096x4096 (r26319)
- Feature: [NoGo] Allow GS to hide story page date (r26307)
- Feature: [NoGo] More story APIs: RemovePageElement, GetCompany, GetDate, SetDate (r26306)
- Feature: [NoGo] ScriptStoryPageElementList() - a list of all story page elements for a given page (r26305)
- Feature: [NoGo] ScriptStoryPageList() - a list of all story pages (r26303)
- Change: improve the performance of map generation (r26313, r26312, r26311, r26310, r26309, r26308)
- Fix: Station sizes > 8 were always allowed [FS#5929] (r26375)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Mixed up callback mask flags in station inspect window [FS#5928] (r26374)
- Fix: Calling DoCommandP during the gameloop cleared pending persistent storage changes [FS#5831] (r26371)
- Fix: [Windows] Use a separate event to indicate that the drawing thread has finished initialising, preventing potential deadlocks (r26367)
- Fix: [Windows] Protect the whole video driver from concurrent access (r26366)
- Fix: [Windows] Do not draw the cursor when its sprite is not ready and set _screen.dst_ptr immediately when the buffer changes [FS#5867] (r26365)
- Fix: Writing out of the bounds of the rail type map [FS#5892] (r26364)
- Fix: Reset the default window size icon size just like all the other cached icon sizes [FS#5906] (r26362)
- Fix: ClientSizeChanged is only called via WndProcGdi which already has the mutex [FS#5922] (r26360)
- Fix: Some order options do not combine with others, e.g. go via + full load [FS#5845] (r26357)
- Fix: Protect all VideoDriver_SDL methods with the (now recursive) _draw_mutex (r26351)
- Fix: Make sure link graph jobs can delete themselves after SLA_NULL [FS#5898] (r26347)
- Fix: Call Layouter::ReduceLineCache from GenerateTownName in all cases to keep cache size in check [FS#5870] (r26346)
- Fix: Rewrite SmallStack so that it does not use a pool and is re-entrant (r26343)
- Fix: Reroute cargo when automatic distribution is switched off [FS#5902] (r26341)
- Fix: Do not redraw the link graph overlay if it is empty [FS#5908] (r26338)
- Fix: Some inconsistencies regarding link graph (job) IDs (r26331)
- Fix: The case of rerouting cargo from one VehicleCargoList to another (r26330)
- Fix: Take care of next_station when reassigning from MTA_DELIVER to MTA_TRANSFER [FS#5901] (r26327)
- Fix: when autosaving the message about a save already happening could be shown, even though the code's intention was to not show it [FS#5871] (r26326)
- Fix: Check whether NewGRF change vehicle capacity when they are not supposed to, and truncate cargo appropriately if they are allowed to [FS#5897] (r26317)
- Fix: The giant-screenshot confirmation window only triggered for ridiculously big screenshots, not for ludicrously big ones [FS#5899] (r26314)

1.4.0-beta4 (2014-02-06)
- Change: [NewGRF] Make vehicle variable 61 return 'not available' instead of zero when using it in invalid callback contexts (r26294)
- Feature: Display speed limit also for road bridges in the TileInfo window [FS#5849] (r26277)
- Fix: [NoGo] Invalid DoCommand return callback for method returning bool (r26298)
- Fix: Correctly identify opposite ends of bridges and tunnels when converting rails [FS#5866, FS#5888] (r26291)
- Fix: Prevent infinite recursion also in RefreshLinks [FS#5878] (r26283)
- Fix: [NoAI] Some RemoveRail methods required to set a valid railtype, though it was not used anyway. Remove the need to set one [FS#5853] (r26279)
- Fix: Do not spawn link graph jobs for link graphs with only one node [FS#5874] (r26276)
- Fix: [NewGRF] If NewGRF provided the same station name for different industry types, stations would end up with same name. So also consider the provided name, not only the industry type (r26275)

1.4.0-beta3 (2014-01-21)
- Feature: Several small performance improvements with the SSE blitters (r26260, r26259, r26256, r26255, r26254)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Add StringCodes 9A 1B, 9A 1C and 9A 1D to display amounts of cargo (r26244)
- Fix: Do not run into infinite recursion when getting next stopping station [FS#5865] (r26267, r26263)
- Fix: Update smallmap overlay if player joins different company and make sure company masks are valid [FS#5860] (r26266)
- Fix: Do not rebuild the link graph overlay cache twice in a row (r26265)
- Fix: Custom currency was reset on game start (r26262)
- Fix: Possible out of bounds reads with the SSE blitters [FS#5854, FS#5855] (r26247)
- Fix: Do not over reserve after autorefit, but do reserve mail for aircraft (r26236)
- Fix: Decimal and digit separators were swapped for Korean language (r26235)

1.4.0-beta2 (2014-01-07)
- Feature: Blitter autoselection is now based on full animation state, so a non-animated specialised blitter will generally be chosen when animation is turned off (r26217)
- Feature: Specialised animated SSE4 blitter, and non-animated SSE4.1, SSSE3 and SSE2 blitters, improving the blitting significantly in many situations (r26214, r26213, r26212, r26211)
- Feature: Specialised SSE 4.1 sprite sorter, improving the sorting performance significantly (r26205)
- Fix: Validate everything from ini, obg, obs, obs, ... files [FS#5829] (r26206)
- Fix: Allow refitting at station if cargo has already been reserved (r26187)
- Fix: Visual effects did not work for articulated RV parts (r26180)

1.4.0-beta1 (2013-12-24)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Vehicle variable 4D for determining the position within an articulated vehicle (r26157)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Invalidate vehicle colour palette when leaving a station [FS#5669] (r26027)
- Feature: [NoGo] New goal type that show a story page when clicked (r26012)
- Feature: Optional filter parameter to the 'content state' console command, to limit the content list to only content where the name match the filter (r26000)
- Feature: When calling the 'content select' console command without args, display all selected content (r25999)
- Feature: XDG base directory support [FS#5385] (r25975)
- Feature: [Script] ScriptTown::GetFundBuildingsDuration (r25969)
- Feature: [Script] ScriptTown::TOWN_GROWTH_NONE to indicate no town growth via ScriptTown::SetGrowthRate and GetGrowthRate (r25968)
- Feature: [NoGo] GSTown::TOWN_GROWTH_NORMAL to reset a town growth rate set previously via GSTown::SetGrowthRate (r25967)
- Feature: [NewGRF Debugging] Inspecting other vehicles in a chain (r25946)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Object property 0x18 to allow specifying the number of objects of that type being placed upon map creation (r25878)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Object property 0x10, bit 13 indicating that object amount scales with water content of map border (e.g. used for lighthouses) (r25874)
- Feature: Highlight active goto item in order list dropdown [FS#5784] (r25859)
- Feature: [Admin] Send info on bankruptcy quarters also in ADMIN_PACKET_SERVER_COMPANY_INFO [FS#5756] (r25845)
- Feature: Increase maximum number of object instances on the map from 64k to about 16M (r25844)
- Feature: Increase the total number of object types from 256 to 64000 (r25835)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Increase the object class limit from 32 to 255 (r25831)
- Feature: Toggle button for wrapping lines in the textfile GUI [FS#5748] (r25816)
- Feature: [NoGo] Game Scripts can now charge fees and give money to companies (r25788)
- Feature: [Script] Allow AIs and GS to found towns. Allow GS to rename towns (r25785)
- Feature: Add keywords to the openttd.desktop.in file (r25783)
- Feature: Sticky and shade buttons for jukebox window [FS#5743] (r25776)
- Feature: Additional layered main toolbar arrangements (r25772)
- Feature: Allow implicit orders even if no explicit ones are given (r25735)
- Feature: [OSX] Pinch gesture support for zooming [FS#4760] (r25666)
- Feature: Split unit localisation choice into a choice per type of unit, and move it to the advanced settings (r25508)
- Feature: Have tractive effort in imperial (lbf) and metric (kgf) units, have weights and volumes in imperial units (short tons, gallons) [FS#5482] (r25508)
- Feature: Differentiate between total waiting cargo count and available (not reserved) cargo count in the station list and sort based on the cargo count, not the cargo value (r25405)
- Feature: Timetable spreading of vehicles by Ctrl+Click when setting a start date (r25377)
- Feature: Allow opening a goal list and story window specific to a company (r25372, r25369)
- Feature: Show cargo by next hops and final destinations in the station GUI (r25365)
- Feature: Consider cargo waiting at other stations for rating at the origin station (r25362)
- Feature: Distribute cargo according to plan given by linkgraph (r25361)
- Feature: [NoGo] GUI for viewing story pages (r25344)
- Feature: Add industry list to scenario editor's map menu (r25335)
- Feature: [NoGo] Allow more concurrent goals in a game (r25299)
- Feature: [NoGo] Goals can now have a progress text and/or be marked as completed (r25296)
- Feature: Allow saving window sizes as default sizes (r25295)
- Feature: Add another button to window title bars to resize the window to its default size (r25294)
- Feature: Save stickyness of windows when Ctrl+Clicking the sticky button (r25292)
- Feature: When opening the object-build window, restore the object build-window to the previous state (r25284)
- Feature: Show the approximate monthly supply to a station of the different cargoes (r25272)
- Feature: [Win32] Driver param for the DirectMusic driver to specify the output port to use [FS#5552] (r25269)
- Feature: Linkgraph overlay over main viewport (r25264)
- Feature: Linkgraph overlay for smallmap (r25262)
- Feature: Display imminent closure of an industry in its view window (r25238)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Expose sprite base of foundation and shore sprites via Action D Game Variables (r25230)
- Feature: [NewGRF] Variable 0x82 for canals and rivers (dike map) (r25229)
- Feature: [Script] ScriptStation::HasRating [FS#5514] (r25150)
- Feature: Add sorting on rating for the town directory window [FS#5288] (r25097)
- Feature: Introduce dropdown for selecting the sort criterion in the town directory window (r25094)
- Feature: Georgian Lari and Iranian Rial as currencies [FS#5212] (r25076)
- Feature: Collapse subtypes in the refit GUI and only expand them after selecting the cargo type (r25044)
- Feature: Only display subtypes in the refit GUI which are available for all selected vehicles. Also add a generic list item to refit while keeping the subtypes of individual vehicles [FS#3764] (r25043)
- Feature: Show the amount of cargo that has already been reserved by full loading vehicles in the station (r25013)
- Change: [NewGRF] Reset the temporary storage registers for every sprite resolving (r26173)
- Change: Improve layout of build-airport GUI [FS#5832] (r26165)
- Change: Make it slightly more clear what ports are coming from where in the debug output when listening (r25997)
- Change: Preselect the current replacement in the right-side list of the autoreplace GUI, instead of selecting the first resp. previous item [FS#5734] (r25919)
- Change: Unify behaviour when clicking on different items in the goto dropdown list when giving orders (r25894)
- Change: Do not offer subsidies for auto-distributed cargo [FS#5766] (r25882)
- Change: Allow to remove unowned objects unless they have the 'unremovable' flag (r25879)
- Change: In scenario editor allow to build all objects which were available at any point in the past to support building scenarios with historic items (r25875)
- Change: Display the cost to upgrade a bridge at the end of bridge that was clicked and not the other end, which could be outside of the screen in some cases (r25854)
- Change: [NewGRF] Lower the limit of airport tile types, house types, industry tile types and object types per NewGRF from 256 to 255 to prevent usage of ID 0xFF in Action3, and thus allowing it to become an extended byte somewhen (r25841, r25839, r25837, r25834)
- Change: Clarify the relevance of the permissible palettes (r25792)
- Change: [NewGRF] Invalidate vehicle recolour palette during (un)loading [FS#5669] (r25648)
- Change: If an editbox is configured to be cleared with ESC, but the editbox is already empty, unselect the editbox instead (r25647)
- Change: Make the bridge and object picker not restore their previous size, but the previously saved size (r25543)
- Change: Right align the infrastructure statistics [FS#5595] (r25515)
- Change: Clarify the meaning of the server advertisement settings (r25252)
- Fix: Unify the time a RV needs to travel through a curve [FS#5831] (r26169)
- Fix: Certain hotkeys crashed the content GUI when the list was empty [FS#5834] (r26167)
- Fix: Backup data of altered persistent storage arrays was freed twice [FS#5830] (r26161)
- Fix: [Script] Various API functions did not check whether ScriptRoad::SetCurrentRoadType was called appropriately [FS#5825] (r26149)
- Fix: [Script] API failed for vehicles with only implicit orders [FS#5824] (r26148)
- Fix: Several fixes found by static code analysis (r26132, r26130-r26097, r26091-r26077, r26073-r26046)
- Fix: Invalidate vehicle colour palette again when rearranging consist, reversing, etc (r26026)
- Fix: [NoGo] Properly validate the range of the growth rate passed to GSTown::SetGrowthRate, instead of masking it to 16 bit (r25966)
- Fix: [Admin] The frame of a command packet was not set for the packets that were sent via the admin interface (r25770)
- Fix: [OSX] The new 10.7 fullscreen code can now also be compiled with older SDK versions [FS#4744] (r25657)
- Fix: Under certain circumstances a track type change would make the end-of-line-is-red setting ineffective [FS#5216] (r25609)
- Fix: Highlight the right entry in the sorting selector in station view window (r25426)
- Fix: Suppress focusing editboxes which are not visible (r25413)
- Fix: Add missing compatibility settings in afterload (r25390)
- Fix: Allow changing GS settings in-game via the AI/GS config window [FS#5507] (r25104)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not compare GRF local cargo subtype IDs from different GRFs (r25042)
- Remove: Ordered refit with subtypes, since the cases where it worked were corner cases rather than the general case [FS#3764] (r25041)

1.3.3 (2013-11-29)
- Fix: Aircraft crashing near the map's border due to a lack of airports could trigger a crash [CVE-2013-6411] [FS#5820] (r26134)

1.3.3-RC2 (2013-11-24)
- Fix: [Script] Prevent scripts from crashing OpenTTD when they send text with command codes to user editable texts such as sign and station names [FS#5818] (r26093, r26092)
- Fix: Occasional hanging when client joins [FS#5811] (r26043)
- Fix: Multi line text was handled incorrectly causing glitches [FS#5809] (r26037, r26036)

1.3.3-RC1 (2013-11-17)
- Fix: Crash when the ICU layouter thinks a font is corrupted [FS#5711] (r26029, r26018, r26017, r26016, r26015)
- Fix: Make the installer warning about Windows XP SP3 not trigger on the 64 bit Windows XP which is not really Windows XP to start with [FS#5773] (r26028)
- Fix: Only forward key presses to the IME system if an edit box has the input focus (r26023, r25693, r25691, r25689, r25686, r25684, r25682, r25681, r25667)
- Fix: Having trains miss a platform that is just being modified is less of a problem than having trains stop twice without moving [FS#5684] (r26013)
- Fix: --help text of ./configure for packages that require pkg-config (r26011)
- Fix: The AI/GS library name to use in Import, is not the name given by GetName but GetInstanceName [FS#5662] (r26010)
- Fix: [Windows] Conditional expression with enumeral with non-enumeral type (r26009)
- Fix: Game script showing vehicle on e.g. a goal, then the vehicle being removed and eventually being replaced by a non-user vehicle (most likely smoke) causing an assertion to trigger [FS#5804] (r26007, r26006)
- Fix: Crash when transferring savegame from server to client [FS#5478] (r26005)
- Fix: [OSX] Text input into an edit box would trigger hotkeys [FS#5705] (r26003, r25743, r25671)
- Fix: Comma key collided with F12 key for hotkeys; also remove '+' as that is generally not a key (the '+' on the numpad is a separate one) [FS#5679] (r25973)
- Fix: Rail laying sounds of others could be heard in multiplayer [FS#5665] (r25972)
- Fix: [SDL] Recursive mutex locking when changing blitter [FS#5787] (r25970)
- Fix: The wrong vehicle would be taken in a shared order vehicle list window when the ID >= 65536, causing assertions triggering later on [FS#5800] (r25965)
- Fix: [OSX] Compilation under OSX 10.9 [FS#5797] (r25962, r25951, r25950, r25913)
- Fix: [NewGRF] A powered rail type implies it is compatible as well, but some NewGRF did not state that causing the path reservation code to bail out in some cases because there was no compatible path [FS#5779] (r25961)
- Fix: Temporary persistent storage modifications, e.g. command tests or those from GUI, were not properly reset, creating the possibility of desyncs [FS#5772] (r25956)
- Fix: Train's 'force proceed' status gets reset when the track on the other side of the tile has a signal [FS#5723] (r25955)
- Fix: Wrong signal conversions for savegames from before 0.4.5 [FS#5731, FS#5732] (r25954, r25953)
- Fix: Do not skip numbers when skipping spaces and other sorting 'improving' characters [FS#5719] (r25952)
- Fix: Text direction forcing characters were not filtered out, but shown as ? when ICU was not used for layouting. These are included in chat and console messages to force them to be displayed right [FS#5683] (r25949)
- Fix: NewGRF inspect window in RTL mode (r25943)
- Fix: [NoGo] Preserve the relative town growth progress when changing the town growth rate [FS#5786] (r25931)
- Fix: Several drawing overflows in the signal GUI [FS#5733] (r25929, r25928, r25927)
- Fix: Centre the edit sign window like all query windows (r25918)
- Fix: Initialisation of default objects swapped cost and dates (r25868)
- Fix: Use the actual sprite dimensions for sizing the dropdown arrow of dropdown widgets (r25864)
- Fix: If the child widgets of a NWidgetHorizontal container do not fill the complete container, align them according to text direction [FS#5686] (r25862, r25729)
- Fix: When clearing font cache, also clear layout cache [FS#5737] (r25860)
- Fix: Goto button in order window was not always lowered when it should [FS#5783] (r25858, 25857)
- Fix: Searching for a suitable font failed, if one of the fonts had no '?' glyph, and no baseset is installed [FS#5704] (r25822, r25820)
- Fix: Sprite 0 was considered available, even if no baseset was loaded (r25821)
- Fix: [GS] Language file scanner considered filenames starting with '.' as valid translations, resulting in languages with empty name, which causes trouble [FS#5750] (r25818)
- Fix: [GS] Handle savegames which contain GS translations for languages with empty name more gently [FS#5750] (r25817)
- Fix: [Script] ScriptTile::IsBuildableRectangle could report true for tiles outside of the map, if they happened to wrap around into a valid area [FS#5754] (r25815)
- Fix: [Script] Decoding JSON data with an empty array from Admin port failed (r25809)
- Fix: Ensure the vehicle bar is high enough for the start/stop vehicle graphics [FS#5740] (r25805)
- Fix: Lower sprite and text at the vehicle bar if it is pressed [FS#5739] (r25804)
- Fix: Draw start/stop graphics of the vehicle bar at the right place in RTL mode [FS#5738] (r25803)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not allow changing palette when it is set by the NewGRF (r25794, r25793, r25972)
- Fix: Some spelling corrections to Catalan and Latin American town names [FS#5746] (r25775, r25774)
- Fix: If old savegames contain bridges over owned land, keep on drawing the bridges nevertheless [FS#5725] (r25753)
- Fix: Several RTL alignment issues [FS#5692] (r25733, r25732, r25731)
- Fix: NWidgetMatrix used pip_pre and pip_post inconsistently and incorrectly, causing misalignment for RTL [FS#5686] (r25727)
- Fix: Right side of object class string was misaligned (r25726)
- Fix: [OSX] Do not pass -mmacosx-version-min to compilers that do not support it (r25706)
- Fix: Autoreplace/renew also refits free wagons [FS#5700] (r25698)
- Fix: Textbuf caret rendering for complex scripts (e.g. Tamil) (r25696, r25694, r25652, r25651, r25092, r25091)
- Fix: Vehicle::MarkDirty must be called for the front engine [FS#5700] (r25695)
- Fix: [Win32] Several issues regarding conversion of characters (r25677, r25676, r25675, r25674, r25673)
- Fix: [Win32] Handle Unicode characters from outside the BMP correctly (r25672, r25670, r25669, r25668)
- Fix: [OSX] Crash when unhiding the main window [FS#4689] (r25665)
- Fix: [OSX] Bootstrap downloading of a baseset did not work [FS#4847] (r25664)
- Fix: [OSX] Monospace font detection [FS#4857] (r25663, r25662)
- Fix: [OSX] Rework font detection to work even if no default font sprites are present [FS#4847] (r25661)
- Fix: [OSX] The name is OpenTTD, not OTTD (r25660)
- Fix: [OSX] System mouse cursor could become visible during dragging [FS#4420] (r25659)
- Fix: [OSX] The mouse cursor would sometimes jump near the window borders [FS#4392] (r25658)
- Fix: [OSX] The new 10.7 fullscreen code can now also be compiled with older SDK versions [FS#4744] (r25656)
- Fix: [OSX] Mouse cursor was not displayed properly after switching to fullscreen on 10.7+ (r25655)
- Fix: Improve character and word deletion for CJK languages and complex scripts (r25654, r25653)
- Fix: [OSX] Define version constants before they are used (r25643)
- Fix: Some icu_config scripts are too stupid to separate two ldflags by spaces, thus only call it with one (r25642, r25638)
- Fix: Do not suggest a start date for the game when there will be no vehicles available at all (r25640, r25639)
- Fix: City list sort of population and rating are reversed compared to the icon [FS#5666] (r25630)
- Fix: [Script] Give a slightly less generic error when removing nonexistent rail [FS#5651] (r25614)
- Fix: [Script] Do not return ERR_UNKNOWN when trying to move an order to its current location [FS#5648] (r25612)
- Fix: Various misreferences in AI and GS changelog [FS#5649] (r25607)
- Fix: [Script] If a NewGRF returned station type that could not be built by an AI via callback 18, an unknown error would be thrown instead of falling back to the default station [FS#5641] (r25605)
- Fix: Only the front engine's date of last service was updated [FS#5550] (r25604)

1.3.2 (2013-07-27)

1.3.2-RC2 (2013-07-13)
- Fix: [Admin] End-of-rcon data could not be determined reliably for any rcon command [FS#5643] (r25598, r25588, r25587)
- Fix: [Content] When the server closed the connection, the client would for eternity try to read a packet and never timeout making it impossible to reconnect [FS#5635] (r25597)
- Fix: [Script] Changing the script difficulty level in-game would also change the settings using the default even though they were not allowed to change in-game [FS#5644] (r25592)
- Fix: [Admin] Ensure that sent and received length of JSON strings are the same [FS#5646] (r25590, r25589)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Stack overflow did not show an error, due to the stack to throw the error already being full [FS#5320] (r25585)
- Fix: [Script] Documentation implied that XXList::AddItem has a default for value if it is not filled in [FS#5638] (r25579, r25577)
- Fix: Layouter caused significant slowdown with text heavy windows, cache it to make it manageable (r25574, r25570, r25569, r25567, r25564)
- Fix: Make content list appear faster (r25573)
- Fix: Non-ICU layouter started new lines with the space which triggered the linebreak (r25568)
- Fix: If the next order cannot be resolved, reset the current order property instead of leaving it in an intermediate state [FS#5633] (r25562)
- Fix: [Squirrel] Infinite recursion loop in freeing data via a looping set of references [FS#5568] (r25558)
- Fix: One could build bridges over owned land of another company [FS#5524] (r25557)
- Fix: [Script] Texts from scripts were not validated before they were shown, causing an assertion to trigger [FS#5632] (r25555)
- Fix: Provide a warning when no vehicles are available, and tell what to do in that case [FS#5530] (r25553)
- Fix: Possible reading of uninitialised memory due to undefined execution order (r25551)
- Fix: [Windows] Race condition between two drawing threads could crash OpenTTD [FS#5571] (r25550)
- Fix: ICU returns the width of the visual run as if the trailing space was added (in case a newline was added). This caused the width to be more than the requested width, but it would still be drawn correctly [FS#5626] (r25547)
- Fix: Small memory leaks (r25546)
- Fix: [GS] The checks and validations for setting the extra text in the town window became too stringent [FS#5625] (r25544)

1.3.2-RC1 (2013-06-30)
- Remove: SETX(Y) does not work at all with other than default fonts, so get rid of it (r25454)
- Fix: strndup should not examine strings beyond its upper limit [FS#5621] (r25527)
- Fix: Proper support for Brahmic scripts (e.g. Tamil and Thai) [FS#5481] (r25526, r25525, r25524, r25514, r25513, r25512, r25511, r25501, r25493, r25485, r25483, r25482, r25481, r25478, r25477, r25476, r25474, r25473, r25472, r25471, r25470, r25469, r25468, r25467, r25466, r25465, r25463, r25462, r25455, r25452, r25451, r25450, r25447, r25446, r25445, r25444, r25443, r25442, r25441, r25440, r25439, r25438, r25437, r25436, r25343, r25157)
- Fix: SDL does not give an event when an application gets mouse focus while going to full screen, so manually force the mouse-is-in-window state [FS#5587] (r25523)
- Fix: [NewGRF] When cargo NewGRF define a multiplier to modify vehicle capacities, use the same multiplier to modify loading speed (r25497, r25479)
- Fix: When adding bits to a (train) station, the train trying to stop there could overshoot the (new) stop location and not stop at all [FS#5553] (r25495)
- Fix: The face of the manager differed on clients when the company was started after the clients joined [FS#5610] (r25491, r25490)
- Fix: Do not send encoded texts to names, but decode them into a plain C string and then pass them on [FS#5613] (r25489, r25488)
- Fix: Do not allow control codes in names of things (signs, vehicles, towns, stations, etc), so they have a known maximum fixed size and are, by definition, the same for everyone (r25487)
- Fix: Missing length validation for town and president names in script APIs (r25486)
- Fix: [OSX] OS X SDK versions >= 10.5 always have a non-const iconv declaration (r25480)
- Fix: Disable the depot-refit button in the order GUI, if the consist is not refittable unless it already has a refit order (r25459, r25458, r25457)
- Fix: When town creation failed, removing remnants of the construction failed on protected houses [FS#5603] (r25429)
- Fix: There were two hotkeys to toggle between 'unload' and 'unload if possible' (r25406)
- Fix: The size of station construction windows could oscillate when resizing the window moved the mouse into the window [FS#5596] (r25395)
- Fix: Restrict renaming engines to the server, just like renaming towns (r25394)
- Fix: Loading only 8 bits into a 16 bit variable could cause endianness problems (r25337)
- Fix: Check for zero width space in translations and fail upon finding them [FS#5589] (r25326)
- Fix: [SDL] Keyboard input stopped working after fullscreen toggle [FS#5580] (r25318)
- Fix: Proper size-estimation for numbers with n digits, i.e. not assume a particular number is the widest [FS#5562] (r25314, r25313)
- Fix: Do not focus the editbox in the NewGRF window, if there is no editbox visible (r25307)
- Fix: Game Script APIs that execute a DoCommand were returning the same result as in TestMode during world generation [FS#5561] (r25305)
- Fix: Build railway fences next to objects, even if they are owned by the same company [FS#5565] (r25302)
- Fix: gcc4.6 removed -mno-cygwin option (r25266)

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Файл добавил: Kusko [2249|32] | 2018-07-04 17:41:48
Последняя версия игры

Скачать .torrent файл (прямая ссылка): open_transport_tycoon_deluxe_v_1.torrent
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Если ты нашел новую версию игры Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe / OpenTTD v1.4.4, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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Комментарии игроков (117 шт.)

От: TASCOLD [4|9] | Дата 2021-02-05 15:30:02

Старая добрая и пока непревзойденная игра. Пока, потому, что растет очень достойный преемник: Mashinky https://small-games.info/?go=game&c=61&i=25519.
От: Jerboy33 [122|163] | Дата 2020-05-10 11:00:40


FEAR2 сказал:

Может я что и упустил...

Ну не знаю. Я играл в свое время. Но потом месяц другой и она надоела. Хотя весит не много и всё ещё на ПК/Ноуте установленна в надежде что я вернусь к ней.
От: FEAR2 [-4|20] | Дата 2019-06-12 17:59:37

Вот пример, как отрытый код попер в массы! Никто не забросил и игра выросла! Сыграть чтоли в нее? А то везде такой ор по ней! Может я что и упустил...
От: VE3YH4UK2 [0|5] | Дата 2019-06-12 06:58:34

Который раз уже скачиваю, всё ещё настальгирую по ней.
От: xyu123 [3|0] | Дата 2018-11-22 18:05:15

помню как в 1944 ее играл классная игрушка всем советую
От: Alex_256Z [2|3] | Дата 2018-06-27 15:17:30

Играл в эту игру ещё в хз каком году на Windows 95. Тогда это был просто Transport Tycoon Deluxe. А это - навороченная всякими настройками та-же самая игра, но с возможностью подключения кучи разных модов с новыми поездами, промышленностью и т.д. Очень затягивающая игруля)))
От: jekanik [1|6] | Дата 2018-06-04 13:20:17

игра очень крутая ранше мы гулялы с друзямы внийо там увсих булы самальты, пойзда, а на машынках денех незаработать выны мало приносять
От: Questern24 [1|4] | Дата 2018-05-23 23:51:35

Бессмертная классика!
От: Strive [0|4] | Дата 2017-05-03 09:03:12

Шикарная игра!
Начинал еще с оригинала!
Залейте новую версию.
От: Jerboy33 [122|163] | Дата 2017-04-09 05:20:38


alekssct сказал:

Решил вспомнить. Начал малую карту - 6 часов времени пролетели =) Из мелких городов растут мегаполисы, кабает бабло и все шевелится.)

А на сервере слабо?
От: alekssct [9|52] | Дата 2017-03-25 00:25:32

Странно, у меня версия 1.5.0. Качал в прошлом году себе. А тут 1.4.4.

alekssct подумал несколько минут и добавил:

OpenTTD 1.6.1 2016-07-01 We have a new stable release. На оф.сайте.

alekssct очень долго думал и добавил:

Решил вспомнить. Начал малую карту - 6 часов времени пролетели =) Из мелких городов растут мегаполисы, кабает бабло и все шевелится.)
От: forosmir [133|22] | Дата 2016-12-28 13:06:37

Лучший Транспортный Магнат всех времен! Классика, что тут скажешь. И присоединяюсь к звучавшим ранее советам качать внутриигровой дополнительный контент. Настройки > Графика > zBase - и 32битные спрайты делают картинку намного приятнее (хотя на очень старых компах может притормаживать).
От: TIRATORE-K-D-V- [3|7] | Дата 2016-10-03 10:21:44

Игра отличная, играл ещё на андройде, но здесь скачать не смогу, телефон в ремонте.
Конкретно по игре:
Экономическая часть на высоте.
Графика для меня не главное, против пикселей ни чего не имею.
Игра сложна, но этим мне и нравится.
В общем 10/10.
От: keksonavt [1|0] | Дата 2016-04-01 18:13:30

Игра шикарная! но не казуальная (чего вы хотели от транспортного магната?), развиваешь линии грузоперевозок, потом фигачишь железную дорогу, на следующий день уже самолеты есть! А если установить мод на конкуренцию, то игре нет цены! Но для людей которые не любят пиксельную графику, вышла игра Train Fever, точна такаяже только в 3д. Правда самолетов нет . TTD дам 9/10
От: AMATEPACY [3|6] | Дата 2016-03-25 12:40:14


iNeonFox сказал:

строишь три вида транспорта: поезда, самолёты и/или автобусы

Еще можно и корабли строить, насколько я помню...
От: iNeonFox [1|3] | Дата 2016-01-09 18:12:46

Игра интересная, но немного сложная, понравится тем, кто любит пиксельные игры и транспорт. Геймплей не сложный - строишь три вида транспорта: поезда, самолёты и/или автобусы и стараешься держатся на первом месте среди транспортных компаний. Начинаете играть в 1950 году (в настройках можно изменить начальную дату), а заканчиваете в 2050. Графика (стандартная): Если смотреть с 100% зума, то всё хорошо, но если приблизить, то как-то не очень. Ещё один плюс игры - много модов и левелпаков; есть, наверное, все языки стран мира (не считал, но список огромный).
Игра классная, но чего-то ей не хватает, поэтому 9.5/10
От: Hungry [27|13] | Дата 2015-12-15 09:24:43

Выложите хотя бы на Юньку.
От: gkyb [0|1] | Дата 2015-10-23 06:19:47

Играл еще на 286й под DOSом в начале 90-х, версия под винду просто супер
От: Zyklon [55|19] | Дата 2015-06-26 20:09:46


NeznaikaMMX сказал:

Тут надо добавить либо оригинальный TTD либо файлы графики Free, а так же музыки и зв.эффектов. А то запускаешь - бах "скачайте графику".

В главном меню жмешь "Проверить онлайн контент" и докачиваешь недостающие фичи
От: NeznaikaMMX [11|17] | Дата 2015-04-28 11:09:55

Тут надо добавить либо оригинальный TTD либо файлы графики Free, а так же музыки и зв.эффектов. А то запускаешь - бах "скачайте графику".
От: pugal0 [76|45] | Дата 2015-04-02 11:03:58

Каждый год 1 апреля выходит большое обновление этой игры. Вот и вчера вышла версия 1.5! Отмечают улучшенный интерфейс для экранов высокого разрешения, более высокие горы... На самом деле изменений - паровозный состав и маленький вагончик, но большая часть их них технического плана. Ссылки здесь давать запрещено, но на SGI игру обновляют не часто, поэтому призываю заинтересовавшихся заходить на официальный сайт openttd и скачивать её оттуда.

Если даже игра кажется слишком сложной, то интересно просто зайти в любую сетевую игру и понаблюдать за игрой опытных строителей. Вид пыхтящих паровозиков без устали развозящих грузы по транспортной сети, построенной умелым игроком, способен доставить созерцательное удовольствие и как-то даже успокаивает

pugal0 полчасика подумал и добавил:

Только вот найти нормальный сервер проблема. Я за ними особо не слежу, но на русском языке редко попадается или вышвырнуть/начать новую игру могут без церемоний.
От: danik2059 [-6|0] | Дата 2015-03-01 17:30:57

Нужно для участия в конкурсе
От: KHAARNE [59|8] | Дата 2015-01-11 18:03:55


NicolasCage сказал:

в этой игруе нет графики, знач игра не кул:-):-)

это классика! предлагаю банить за такие шутки))
От: Vizzard [165|34] | Дата 2014-11-22 13:35:51


kloder сказал:

Игра очень хороша была в свое время.

Она и сейчас не плоха
как-то тут недавно целый вечер в ней провел.
От: kloder [5|5] | Дата 2014-11-05 21:07:58


NicolasCage сказал:

в этой игруе нет графики, знач игра не кул:-):-)

Не надо быть таким графодрочером. Игра очень хороша была в свое время.
От: chuvachok [6|46] | Дата 2014-10-26 14:00:06

на всех фалообмениках файл отсутствует !!!
От: nativan [8|1] | Дата 2014-09-08 09:15:26

Transport Tycoon - игра легенда.
От: elk [28|40] | Дата 2014-09-08 01:28:09


NicolasCage сказал:

в этой игруе нет графики, знач игра не кул:-):-)

в курсе что модами можно 32bit графику поставить?

и неужели для тебя графика - самое главное?
От: NicolasCage [0|0] | Дата 2014-08-15 19:55:51

в этой игруе нет графики, знач игра не кул:-):-)
От: alcombat_ [1|171] | Дата 2014-04-22 22:16:38


pugal0 сказал:

Уже по традиции 1 апреля вышла очередная версия 1.4.0

• pugal0 думал несколько часов и добавил:

Почитал изменения, но мало что понял, на википедии отмечают увеличение максимальных размеров карты до 4096x4096.

Как улучшить графику в игре:
- после установки игры заходите в пункт меню Проверить онлайн-контент;
- выделяете 3 набора базовой графики, они по умолчанию вверху, скачиваете (273 MB);
- заходите в Настройки игры, в разделе Графика выбираете zBase.
Графика становится на 1-2 порядка лучше стартовой!

это графика 32bitная а в игре по стандарту 8bitная
От: pugal0 [76|45] | Дата 2014-04-02 05:32:13

Уже по традиции 1 апреля вышла очередная версия 1.4.0

pugal0 думал несколько часов и добавил:

Почитал изменения, но мало что понял, на википедии отмечают увеличение максимальных размеров карты до 4096x4096.

Как улучшить графику в игре:
- после установки игры заходите в пункт меню Проверить онлайн-контент;
- выделяете 3 набора базовой графики, они по умолчанию вверху, скачиваете (273 MB);
- заходите в Настройки игры, в разделе Графика выбираете zBase.
Графика становится на 1-2 порядка лучше стартовой!
От: MinerBob [16|5] | Дата 2014-01-12 22:31:52

Довольно интересная игра. Брат очень любил.
От: alcombat_ [1|171] | Дата 2013-12-20 17:04:50

Эм а не проще скачать с сайта разрабов(ну или как там ещё) http://www.openttd.org/en/
От: Zyklon [55|19] | Дата 2013-08-05 14:06:34

Да чё вы с обновлениями паритесь? Заходишь прям из игры и докачиваешь недостающий контент (Нажимаешь настройки NewGRF) и усё!
От: Filin_Oze [33|42] | Дата 2013-07-25 23:05:08

Наконец-то обновили.
От: pugal0 [76|45] | Дата 2013-04-01 03:59:53

Kaa_Snake, они уже не в первый раз проводят этот конкурс к выходу новых версий.
Кстати OpenTTD 1.3.0 вышел 1 апреля, и это не шутка :)
От: Kaa_Snake [4|0] | Дата 2013-03-21 01:36:22

На оф.сайте http://www.openttd.org/
Есть новость от 18-го марта, в тонкости не вникал, но суть такова: готовится к выходу релиз-версия OTTD 1.3, рассматривается 3 "кандидата"; плюс пофиксены баги.
Ещё в новостях сказано о конкурсе на город на стартовом экране OTTD - типа можно проголосовать, отправив понравившийся вариант разработчикам на мыло. Прикольно...=)
От: pugal0 [76|45] | Дата 2013-02-02 18:17:23

Kaa_Snake, подтверждаю, руководства на open.ttdrussia.net есть реально полезные. Конкретно я учился по теме на форуме "Осваиваем Опен (для новичков и не только)" -> "Светофоры", сразу игра стала в 5 раз легче и интереснее.
От: Ksyusha [3|0] | Дата 2012-12-08 19:55:05

тут http://play-ttd.com/ можно поиграть прямо в браузере
От: Kaa_Snake [4|0] | Дата 2012-11-14 23:31:41

To Comrade_Ogilvy: спс за ссылку(от всего коллектива =) ), была бы репа плюсанул бы.
Ещё для поклонников Open версии TTD есть неплохой сайт:
Там можно скачать различные версии AI, дополнительные графику GRF и новые виды поездов\\самолётов\\кораблей\\автотранспорта + новые городские постройки и предприятия.
Мне там очень пригодилось руководство по семафорам.

P.S. жалко что мало таких шедевров.


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