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Скачать бесплатную игру Deadbuild v1.1.4 - торрент

Рейтинг: 3.0 (1) | Баллы: 9
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3625|10] | 2013-11-23 (обновлено) | Tower Defense (378) | Просмотров: 13936

Deadbuild v1.1.4

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от kassu27 (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Tower Defense (378)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Бесплатная игра
• Размер / Size: 35.05 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 3.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 1)

Deadbuild - "тауер дефенс", где ваша цель будет защитить село от волн зомби. Они появляются ночью, так что днем у Вас есть время на сбор ресурсов и строительство защиты. Когда приходит ночь - Вы можете управлять героем и попытаться защитить свое село от врагов.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 1.1.3 до 1.1.4. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: XNA

Камера - Мышь / стрелки
Выбрать объект - ЛКМ
Переместить - ПКМ
Увеличение - колесико
Выбрать HQ - пробел
Выбрать героя - H
Найти свободного рабочего - Z
Выключить звук - M
Включить звук - N
Закрыть меню стройки - Q
Последнее здание - Left Shift
Выбрать жителей - 1,2,3,4,5 and Numpad

VERSION 1.1.4:
New Features

I wanted to make the exploring of the map more rewarding. In the old version you pretty much just scouted the proximity of your base. But now there are Neutral monster and Chests scattered around the map, so it's much more rewarding to scout. From a chest you get +100 random resouces and it's usefull to kill the Neutral monsters, otherwise they are going to kill villagers who go too near them.

Treasure +100 Random resource & Neutral monster

Other big thing is that the monsters who don't walk along the road have a chance to start aggroing and attacking player villagers or hero. In the old version there was only 2 monsters that could attack to villagers now almost every monster have chance to be aggressive. That makes the night much more scarier like it's supposed to be.

A monster aggroing to villager

I added a new building Medical Tent, because now villagers and hero will take a much more damage, so I wanted to add a way to be able to heal them. Medical tent can heal only 1 unit per time, just bring your unit close to the tent and it will automatically start healing.
Cost: Rock 75 Wood 75

Medical tent

Cosmetic Changes
As you may noticed in the previous gif there was a new villager skin: female villager!

Femal villager sprite

Particle engine was also improved, now the blood does not anymore just dissapear it fades nicely to the ground. Also I updated some particle effects to look little more better!
Read the full change list below

Fixed & Changed
New Features
- Monsters who don't walk on road have possibility to start aggroing to villagers who are close enough!! Makes night a lot more scarier!
- Neutral monsters, possibility to spawn on random map with random stats.
- On random map there is now a possibility to spawn a chest that contains +100 random resources.
- Building Medical tent: Heals nearby allied unit

General Improvements
- Particle Engine: Color transition updated!
- Now for example blood does not just "blink" away, it fades nicely to the ground
- When closing buildmenu it now resets the building "memory"
- Improved enemy waves in campaing
- Heroes have now more hp, since enemies are now more aggresive
- Added option to change camera speed

- There are now also female villagers!
- Villagers with carts now show team colors and not just white
- Enhanced and added more particle effects
- Hero grave now reacts to the day/night lighting

- When ressing Athena there was no particle effect
- You can't anymore select nature and monsters at the same time and bug out the ui
- All heroes stats were scaling from Gimar level, now correctly from their own level
- When garrisoned in Villager tower a move order won't bug them out

In the NEXT update likely to be in:
- New Campaing a longer day/night cycle to have more traditional TD feeling and to have more time to plan defences.
- New enemies
- New towers
- New food sources (farms,animals, fishing)?

VERSION 1.1.3:
Fixed & Changed


Random map survival
NEW map generation - Snow.
ICE Walkable but not buildable.
NEW flowers for snow theme (3)
NEW Snow tile with grass.
Balanced the waves

Wall stone:20 hp: 400, builds 5x faster than other buildings
Gate stone:35 hp: 300, Allows friendly units to pass trough
Guard Tower wood:40 rock:40 hp:75, Garrison 2 villagers to shoot.
Spiketrap wood: 25, Can hit only grounded monsters on same tile.
New sound - traphit
New buildmenu: (B) Buildmenu1 (V) Buildmenu2

General Gameplay Improvements:
Select Villagers with mouse from UI, LeftMouse select one, Left Mouse + Left shift remove one from selection
You can also select same id units within 200px with double click
After building something it does not clear building id anymore (So you don't have to press sifth to have same effect anymore)
If PoP blocked now when trying to make a new unit it shows with RED POP
Info text in towers upgraded to show with LightGreen color the upgrade requirement, and removed useless info.
Info text updated to warehouse - can't drop crystals

The Day'n Night Research is now default in Medium and Easy - Giving players a bit more time to prepare.
There are random general gameplay tips showing up now at the menu
Removed NEW and BETA tags from Tutorial,Random Map,Info
In random map removed No Fog Res.

Fixed Magic School Mage cost info
Fixed a unintened behaviour when standing over walkable buildings
Z idle villager, does not anymore select extra hero
Fixed 3rd map wave messages

VERSION 1.1.2:
-All heroes can now gain levels (Max level 9),Heroes experience and stats are saved when you close the game in hero.txt
-Heroes now have Passive and Active ability they are available at level 2 and 4.
-The bigger level hero is the better stats hero will have.
-Gimar: Passive: Can mine rocks Active: Can spawn a rock, global
-Mary: Passive: Can see nearby monsters Active: Firestrom global
-Rose: Passive: Boost nearby villagers workspeed Active: Boost attack speed 10x for a short time
-(NEW)Athena Melee Extra damage to large monsters
Passive: Mission starts with 1 extra warrior Active:
-Hero now when killing unit will stay where he is not move where enemy died.
-Bug: When shooting up hero does not anymore lookback shortly.
-New Hero selecting screen.

-(NEW)RedArmy - Barracks: Another Hero cost Food:100 Crystal:50
-(NEW)Masonry - Workshop: Stronger walls Give +50 Hitpoints to every building on map cost Wood:100 Rock:100
-(NEW)FireStrom - Mageguild: A big fire strom make dmg to every enemy on the map? cost Food:50 Wood:50 Crystal:50
-Armored, Increased maxhp to units from 10 to 50, so that it would not be so useless.
-Now all reseaches will show a Time:xx How many seconds will it take to complete it.
-New research bar

-Added 7 "cards" in tutorial to tell players what are villagers what are their purpose.
Not just to tell what to do but why and how.

*Random map survival
-New Oasis generation, you can choose between Grassland and Oasis worlds.

-When you look at tower you see now how many kills it has
-Add 1 new Difficulty level Supereasy. Named: Easy,Medium,Normal (Hard)
-When night starts wave message won't overlap buildmenu info anymore.
-Can't place rallypoint until building is ready.
-Cameralock reseting now properly.
-Removed Buildmenu button from non villagers because they could not even use it.
-Changed Buildmenu button text to White to be more easier to read.
-Bug:Does not anymore when restarting randommap change hero depending where your mouse pos is.
-Removed Shoreline collision.
-Added new Oasis tree image, also updated level 3 with it

*Indiedb & Desura
-Fixed the ReadMe text & summary text - thanks to TheBros35 from Reddit!

VERSION 1.1.1:
-New playable tutorial! (Old was kind of bad and people has wished for playable tutorial)
-The old tutorial can now be accsessed via ingame, so if you need some info check there and you don't need to go back to menu anymore.
-New song added for tutorial, Jumpsuit - Song by: Eric Skiff

-3 new textures for houses
-Rangeindicator for towers when alive and when you are going to build them
-When nature is selected it also shows info about them in the UI now.
-Remove indicator rect for mages and warriors from buildings they can't upgrade.
-Remove nature indicator rect from others than villagers.

-Lowered songs bit rate from 192 to 128 to save some space does not really change the quality
-When reseting villagers will now face always down, not in the direction where they were walking.

-Bug when full load of 2 resources villager now goes to where he last was, not one before that.
-Bug if Resource node is next to world edges villagers won't use them.
-Fixd typo with guntowers buildmenu
-Fixd level 5 layout

Deadbuild is a RTS Tower Defence game. Your objective is to defend your village against waves of zombies. They spawn at night so you have time to (macro) gather resources and build defences at day. And when the night comes you can micro your hero and try to keep your village protected from enemies.

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Комментарии игроков (11 шт.)

От: XpMonster [10|20] | Дата 2013-07-08 22:28:23

Эта игра своего рода переделка игры "Horde", разработчик даже местами старается быть похож на неё, хотя конечно, дух здесь передан плохо, а геймплей выглядит не столь интересным, возможно он был просто ею вдохновлён, но только этого обычно не хватает.
От: kpucak98 [167|65] | Дата 2013-06-17 15:58:11


Mr_Ass сказал:

Например, Ктулху.
Все ведь любят Ктулху?


Halibut сказал:

>А кого еще придумывать страшного, чтоб боялись прямого контакта, и чтобы было страшно стать одним из них???


kpucak98 подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Если кто то непонял я ненавижу гопников. И я б с уддовольсвием проломи л бы парочку зомби- гопо-черепов.
От: Ferry_Pistol [11|66] | Дата 2013-06-17 14:29:14

какие-то однотипные игры нынче пошли,как-будто взяли одну игру и понаделали разных копий этой же игры и просто добавили отсебятины.
От: beskor [147|12] | Дата 2013-05-01 10:38:57

если они все укусят, то не факт, что вы ими станете... Хотя так то еще никого милиционеры не кусали... кто знает...

beskor подумал несколько минут и добавил:

а чья игра-то?
kassu27 это кто? Отзовись! Аууууу...
От: war101 [14|43] | Дата 2013-04-30 18:41:20

Как вариант чужых из одноимённых фильмов
От: aleks98 [3|41] | Дата 2013-04-30 15:07:52

Halibut я согласен на сергея зверева ))) Звезда в шоке !!! :D

aleks98 подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

+ тебе за юмор !!!)
От: Halibut [5|1] | Дата 2013-04-30 11:47:51

>А кого еще придумывать страшного, чтоб боялись прямого контакта, и чтобы было страшно стать одним из них???

Милиционеров. Гопников. Политиков. Сергея Зверева, на худой конец.
От: Mr_Ass [173|95] | Дата 2013-04-30 11:46:15

Например, Ктулху.
Все ведь любят Ктулху?
От: beskor [147|12] | Дата 2013-04-30 11:26:35

тема зомби норм, еще не изжила. А кого еще придумывать страшного, чтоб боялись прямого контакта, и чтобы было страшно стать одним из них???
От: LotusBlade [362|186] | Дата 2013-04-30 11:17:43

Сама по себе игра ничего так, но в ней нет стимула играть дальше первого уровня,- нет системы межуровневых апгрейдов. Туториал оттолкнет от нее более 50% потенциальных игроков. Ну а мульти-пути еще и урезают интерес. В общем, идея отличная для тауер дефенса, но это не более чем базовый макет того, что можно сделать с этой идеей. Еще минус за надоедливую тему зобми, которая уже порядком изжила себя за 30 лет, особенно в последние 2 года.
От: ScrewAttack [74|213] | Дата 2013-04-30 07:43:53

Warcraft с тауердэфом XD XD