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Скачать игру SCP: Unity v0.7.3 / SCP: Containment Breach Unity Remake - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 9.0 (3) | Баллы: 1233
Игру добавил John2s [11517|1666] | 2020-04-12 (обновлено) | Хорроры (1722) | Просмотров: 67651

SCP: Unity v0.7.3 / SCP: Containment Breach Unity Remake

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Zornor90 (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3766); Хорроры (1722)
• Язык: Русская версия (7828)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)

• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 3)

• Другие части игры:
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SCP: Unity - отличный ремейк оригинального инди-хоррора SCP: Containment Breach, авторы которого постарались максимально точно воссоздать атмосферу игры на движке Unity!

Уже на РУССКОМ языке!

Игра обновлена с версии до 0.7.3 (The CORE Update). Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Данная игра является ремейком оригинальной SCP: Containment Breach. Целью игры является выживание в условиях нарушения содержания аномальных объектов в подземной базе организации, известной как «Фонд SCP».

Игрок находится в Зоне-19, находящейся под землёй. У игрока есть моргометр в связи с аномальными свойствами SCP-173. По всему комплексу, за игроком охотится SCP-106, он непредсказуем и может появиться в любом месте, также умеет проходить через любые твёрдые предметы.

Комплекс представляет из себя сеть запутанных лабиринтов.

SCP: Unity is a spiritual successor to the indie horror success created by Regalis in 2012. It is based on the collaborative writing experiment, "The SCP Foundation", and includes many of the artifacts, entities, and events contained on the official SCP wiki.

0.7.3 (Core Update)
NEW: WORLDGEN 3.0: Our all-new custom world generation engine expands LCZ onto three different floors (sublevels) with different rooms, tasks, and SCPs to explore!
Every sublevel has its own look, feel and challenges
Discover the core room: the massive hub point of LCZ that connects the sublevels
The facility is bigger and more realistic than ever before, allowing for new paths and areas to be explored!
A new dynamic signage system will help you make your way through the corridors and keep you from getting lost quite so often
Worldgen 3.0 supports multiple map types & rooms of any size and shape
Our worldgen and map system is now feature complete and will allow us to create the game we have envisioned!
NEW: SCP-131: Be joined by two watchful eyes as you explore LCZ
SCP-131 will be helpful companions that follow you through thick and thin and protect you in the ways that they can
SCP INTERACTION: SCP-131 will react to and interact with SCP-173 and (in a future update!) SCP-106, first of its kind in a randomly generated SCP game!
A new, never yet featured surprise SCP has been added somewhere in the facility for you to find
Locate the SCP and unlock its secrets
Complete with unique visuals, sounds, and a twist to the normal gameplay loop
SCP-173 REDESIGN: Experience a creepier 173 than before
See a completely fresh approach to the most well-known SCP come to life
With all new sounds, music and "facial expressions" that change when you blink, this rendition of a classic will freak you out in a new way
Full AI rewrite using NodeCanvas Behavior Trees, making his behaviour even more menacing
SURPRISE! SCP-106 REDESIGN: See the corporal brought to life
A long overdue rework of the old man with the most detailed model he has ever been portrayed with, highlighted by fresh new animations that blow away the dust of old
We've heard you - SCP-106's speed has been reduced! But he now has a new attack pattern to compensate for it. Don't get caught by his corrosion!
Away with the rust - in with new time-rippling sounds and rolling music for one of the community's favourite SCPs!
NEW INTERACTION WITH THE WORLD: Explore the facility to uncover new secrets
Previously empty areas now contain new content to find!
New RFID keycards allow you to unlock and gain access to new areas around the facility
Complete a new quest to unlock control over the facility's Tesla gates and choose how to use them against your opponents!
AUDIO UPGRADE WITH FMOD: Get a new feel for the game with this extreme audio overhaul
Realistic audio effects such as custom occlusion and sound propagation that adjusts to your immediate surroundings make you feel more immersed in the facility
New player movement foley (footsteps, cloths ruffling, etc.) give you a better impression of your movements
New ambient sound systems (roomtones, soundscapes, distant sound effects) and tons of ambient detail work and heightened sound complexity make the halls and SCPs more alive than ever
Gripping, heavy, tense: the new music of 0.7 sets the scene in breathtaking new ways
Presented and mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound, you are now placed right in the middle of the experience
No stone was left unturned: old assets from SCP:CB finally replaced, inadequate assets overhauled
Hint Message System: New system to help give context to your actions or help give information that isn't inherently clear (Full inventory, door locked, key used, effect wearing off)
Item Pickup Message System: Picking up items will now show on the HUD, so you no longer have to question whether the medkit is just mocking you or actually giving you items
Targeting Crosshair: A basic crosshair has been added to help interactions with the world transition more smoothly. Choose from an assortment of options including Red, Green, Blue, and Opacity values or simply turning it off if you don't like it
Room streaming has been completely rewritten to fix lag and allow for more rooms to be streamed at once on beefier machines for better immersion!
The game now only loads what is needed instead of loading everything at the start for Patreon offices & some other things
Many custom Unity Editor tools and windows have been created to help the team create content going forward. While not immediately apparent, better tools = better game!
Improved almost all of the game's subsystems to make them more modular, performant, and reusable keeping our future plans of modding in mind.
VARIOUS OTHER IMPROVEMENTS: Polish on particle effects, polish on lighting, polish on audio mix, polish on room decoration, polish on SCP AIs...

0.6.5 (The "Mini Update") Release Notes
Added several new rooms!
New caved SL3 hallway
New SL3 machine room
New tubed hallway, corner hallway, and three-way hallway
Reworked the Tesla Hallway with a new room and new animations - all of the original SCP Containment Breach rooms have been replaced
Lighting and graphics reworks across the whole game!
Completely reworked the intro animation with a new animation, new foley and new music!
New interaction system that lets you have precision where its needed while still letting you evade 173
Added NodeCanvas for modern AI using Behavior Trees (like in Alien Isolation)
Add SCP-939 back into the game (in a whole new location!) 939 is the first AI using our new behavior trees system with a completely reworked AI using no old code
Reworked our database system to centralize it into a database store, which will help both us and the future development of our modding API!
Added ragdolls!
Lots of new patreon offices & props
Some optimizations that should help frames even more on lower end machines

New secret SCP:
New progression and puzzle to gain access to the SCP
Large unique chamber with detailed props and animations
3 minutes of new powerful music
Detailed sound and foley work
Lore expansion through notes and decoration
Revamped SCP-106:
New AI:
Will now pursue the player more intelligently
Despawns at appropriate times
New attack patterns - no more instakills (unless you mess with him)
Increased speed and agility
New animations:
New walking animation
New spawning animation
New teleporting animation
New despawn animation
New music: chase theme by FireFox expanded with new effects and large scale
Revamped SCP-173:
Contextual blinking (see Mechanics)
New AI:
Upon spawning, 173 will not automatically be aware of the player
173 has been made a lot tougher to evade
Increased speed and navigational skills
Revamped SCP-914:
New chamber:
Huge new chamber with office areas to explore (featuring a tiny bonus)
New audio:
All 914 sounds updated for larger scale and loudness
New development: Unique roomtones in different areas of the chamber for added ambience detail and immersion
New arrangement and expansion on the musical theme
New processing abilities:
Can now output multiple items based on recipe
Revamped SCP-983:
New location
COMPLETE REVAMP of the 983 sequence:
On-screen bottom text messages to guide the events of the sequence
Two minutes of new music that plays during the event
Sound of player humming along to the monkey
No more running away
New 983 voice samples
Is now always active - happy birthday!
Revamped SCP-650:
Dozens of new frightening poses
AI fixes:
Disappears and reappears at appropriate intervals
No longer blocks doorways forever
New audio: Revamped the 650 theme and horror cue
Revamped SCP-178:
The glasses have found a new home
AI changes and fixes: 178-1 instances will no longer phase through one another
Added a sound when SCP-178-1 damage you to avoid confusion
Minor Upgrades:
The bowl of candy has a new home
Bleeding out over time adds to realism
553 deals more damage than before
207 now only stacks to 3 units
Wears off over time and notifies you of your state (so you won’t just randomly die)
Anomalous Ducks:
Revamped: Ghost Duck:
New location
New spooky sound effects
Revamped: Disco Duck:
New location
New lighting effects
New music and event sequence
New: X-Ray Duck:
Original model and idea by Aruspice
New “X-Ray” camera effect
New music
New: Duckiplier:
Original model and idea by Aruspice
Special message with music and sounds
A truly handsome fella
Minor Upgrade: Saxduck
Saxduck found a new home
Fun interactions!
No longer present in this update:
Suspended SCP-939 and warehouse section for a future overhaul update.
Flushed SCP-789-J down the drain. Sorry, not sorry.
Suspended SCP-1499 and its dimension for a future overhaul update as well
Contextual blinking:
The player will only blink when being chased by SCP-173
Unique and startling audio cues let you know about contextual blinking
Blinking will no longer get in the way of viewing events
Basic saving and loading:
Quicksave and quickload during gameplay
Saves items in inventory and codex
Saves progression stats
Saves player stats
Intro sequence:
Simple waking up intro sequence at the start of a new game
First Person arms with detailed textures and animation
Completely new music and player foley
Right mouse button
Use the right mouse button to zoom into details
Zoomable objects
Various objects such as notes zoom in when you interact with them
Interactable diegetic UI screens with unique cursors
Head bob
Using the new player animation system for dynamic head bob based on speed and direction
Inventory revamp:
New inventory and codex UI
New and improved item handling
Death screens:
New death screen UI look
Death screens now have messages on what killed the player
The messages will be expanded upon in future updates
Bottom texts for event sequences:
Displays messages to the player to guide events and give additional information on actions
Adjusted and simplified loading screens
Added marketing & links to the main menu to easily access social media, website, and more!
Added a disclaimer and known issues page, accessible under the Extras screen
Official Aerie Gaming Studios logo splash screen
Added reminder on game start that the game is still in early development and bugs and missing features are to be expected
Discord integration:
Discord will display if the player is in the main menu or loading, as well as which room they are currently in and what has killed them if they die
Graphics and World:
Full lighting revamp with baked lighting and relights:
Fantastic new lighting quality that gives the facility an entirely new feel
Massive visual improvements without a performance tradeoff (performance is boosted actually)
Amazing new handcrafted stylistic and mood-intense looks
New rooms, redone rooms, retextured rooms:
Dozens of newly modelled rooms for future sublevels 2 and 3
Dozens of new SCP chambers
Dozens of remodelled and retextured rooms
Great performance and look improvements to every room in the facility, leading to great consistency
Removed almost all of the original SCP: Containment Breach rooms & models from the game; the rest to be removed in a future update
Redecoration of the entire game world
Rooms now have various clutter and debris props for a better breach atmosphere
Tons of new props with amazing detail in various places
Lamps on desks are now usable and can be turned on or off
Medkits scattered throughout the facility may now be looted
Retex and overhaul of most props and assets from the beginning of development
Subsurface Scattering on some SCPs
Fully remastered and rescored main menu theme:
Achieves better clarity and detail on all playback devices
Higher intensity and new tone in rescored parts
Available for purchase on Bandcamp (starting with the public release of 0.6)
Lots of new sounds:
Completely new LCZ door sounds with buttons sounds
New computer sounds (no more dirty fans)
New moving camera sounds in various rooms
New steel door sounds
Equipped the bathrooms with new door sounds, including stall sounds by Scotty Venable
New desk fan and faucet sounds by Scotty Venable
New audio events and facility ambience developments:
Emergency intercom devices in various rooms will play randomised distress calls
First introduction of roomtones with the new 914 chamber - provide scale and general immersion into the game world
New music developments:
The new and rearranged music pieces present a style and musical language never heard in other SCP games before
First introduction of brand new thematic material in the intro and secret SCP cues
New X-Ray Duck music by FireFox
SCP-106, 650 and 914 themes rearranged by Corvus B. with faithfulness to the works of FireFox
Other revamps:
Revamped all auxiliary ventilation event sounds
Made the LCZ ambience sit better in the mix
Removed audio skips from LCZ ambience
Adjusted mix on player footsteps
Adjusted distance rolloffs on many ambience sounds
Performance and Systems:
Performance systems and enhancements:
Room streaming
Custom system that streams assets in and out at runtime using a fast API
Can be scaled to an infinite amount of rooms without affecting the game’s performance
Almost the entire game’s world and assets within that world have been converted to be streamable
Huge performance boosts even on low-end computers
Texture streaming
Updated to the latest version of Unity 2018.2 with a vastly stabilized texture streaming system
Streams textures in and out as the player moves through the world to keep memory usage low
New systems:
Full rework of the entire game’s pathfinding system from the deprecated and buggy system it started with to the powerful and well-known A* pathfinding project
Incredibly fast and made for modding
Allows multifloor geometry - stairs will never feel safe again
Much faster grid & navmesh generation
Room to expand with multiple grids for differently sized entities to handle larger and smaller enemies & npcs
Easy to write our own custom AI to handle pathfinding well
Cutscene system
Intelligent handling of cutscenes internally
Event sequence system
SCP chases are prevented from starting during important event sequences
Save / load is prevented during event sequences
Some items, such as SCP-1499, will not work during event sequences to preserve world state
Patreon systems:
System to handle multiple offices
Load & save your office key
Automatically generate credits from patreon database
New & improved console commands
Rooms now have a specified teleport point - no more getting stuck in them when you teleport!
Known Issues:
There is a rare chance that the game’s loading will fail around 50% on a new game - this is due to the fact that we have pushed old worldgen to its limits. Simply restart the game and try a different seed
There is an extremely rare chance of the world unloading spontaneously during gameplay. This issue is still being investigated. During testing we played far over 100 seeds and it only occurred once. Should this happen, a reload should fix it / entering the room from a different angle should fix it
Some items may fall out of 914’s intake booth due to random item spawning. Most items should be fine.
Sometimes door sounds may not play. This is due to lag. If you notice this happening, try reducing the graphics level.
Sometimes our room streaming system might unload rooms that are connected to the room you are in. Simply walk out of the room and back in or save and reload.
In case you observe 173 and the blinking mechanism doesn’t initiate, save and reload. This issue may occur with 650 also, but it has only occurred once so far.
Jamming yourself in the way of a closing door can push you out of the world. In case this happens to you, make sure you walk towards one of the rooms that you were traversing between.

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Комментарии игроков (23 шт.)

От: ortoblast [14|8] | Дата 2020-04-12 11:37:27

Нет, оригинал на Blitz BASIC
От: Den852 [52|7] | Дата 2020-04-12 09:16:11

А разве оригинал не сделан на юнити??????
От: hkhcnjhnfcuhzfc [4|0] | Дата 2020-01-02 11:03:14


Guido152 сказал:

Мама сшила мне штаны
Из берёзовой коры
Их забрал сотрудник фонда

Тебя не казнят за это,чувак?
От: Guido152 [53|4] | Дата 2019-09-08 19:00:41

Мама сшила мне штаны
Из берёзовой коры
Их забрал сотрудник фонда
От: Serneu [18|25] | Дата 2019-07-14 20:50:34

Сегодня сыграл по-особенному. Так как карты в игре нет, я решил использовать дедовский метод. Взял блокнот и карандаш, и начал исследовать комплекс. Вот что я могу сказать:
1.В игре нет концовки пока что
2.Всего комнат примерно 50, за час я прошёл все что у меня сгенерировалось
3.Кол-во SCP примерно 23. Враждебных 3. 173 появляется рандомно в любой комнате, нигга только если долго стоишь или в заскриптованных местах.
В общем игра ещё совсем не доработана, поржать над SCP можно, но мне было скучно сидеть рисовать вручную и считать сколько там чего есть. Я рассчитывал хотя бы на катсцену с титрами "Ещё в разработке". Но нет. Там даже такого нет. Просто нет. Нет выхода. Только ты, статуя, и ниггер.
От: KHAARNE [69|8] | Дата 2019-07-11 21:11:45


Serneu сказал:

Рекомендую 7/10 (Есть смешные SCP)

Ага например манекен , шугал меня ублюдок, но хорошо что безобидный ) я так и не понял, зачем там инвентарь. Оружия, фонариков или других предметов не нашел. Кроме бинтов и пары конфеток (от одного SCP) Может дальше будет. Куда идти в принципе тоже не ясно) но надо пробовать.
От: Serneu [18|25] | Дата 2019-07-11 12:40:13

В общем, я поиграл пару часов, и что я могу сказать?
Игра выглядит намного лучше, но не менее страшная она от этого. Багов замечено не было. Текстурки хороши, всё прекрасно видно, кроме некоторых участков с тенями в игре, иногда в темноте ты вообще нифига не видишь.
SCP много, есть те, что были в старой версии, и есть новые. Теперь карточек доступа нету. Все двери открываются по нажатию. Куда идти что делать ты выбираешь сам. Ты можешь изучать SCP и экспериментировать с ними, либо просто идти дальше.
Лично я за пару часов не понял в какую сторону мне идти, чтобы выбраться из комплекса. В старой версии было понятно - собери карточки до 4 уровня, скрафти 5 уровень карточки, и иди наружу. В этой версии я понятие не имею есть ли выход.
Рекомендую 7/10 (Есть смешные SCP)
От: danya2323 [3|0] | Дата 2019-07-11 10:29:18

Долговязый уебан есть?
От: ugiekad38 [1|5] | Дата 2019-07-10 13:10:26

думаю механика таже что и в оригинале но меня что то больше беспокоит 5ГБ ведь это на сколько должен быть качественным графон чтобы востребовать больше чем и так было норм?
От: KHAARNE [69|8] | Дата 2019-07-09 19:57:59

обновите плизз уже есть Alpha 0.6.5 (released 4/11/2019)
От: MrForestYT123 [1|4] | Дата 2018-08-01 19:29:27

страшно короше
От: Darnat_lysandr [-1|3] | Дата 2018-06-27 14:59:33

Игра хороша.
От: Guido152 [53|4] | Дата 2018-06-02 14:30:29

Страшненько вышло. (особенно страшно у них баги получились)
От: Artemonic [76|24] | Дата 2018-06-02 06:33:59

Хеххе, все как и несколько лет назад, старый добрый лагающий SCP, не работающие скрипты, и багованные объекты. Прямо до костей пробирает от ностальгии.
От: Neon4ikTV [1|9] | Дата 2018-06-02 05:25:41

Игра хорошая но без багов нельзя например иногда некоторые SCP Пропадают у меня Чумной доктор у друга Противогаз Ну короче 9/10
От: ToxaHbI4eK [1|3] | Дата 2018-05-29 04:09:33

Обожаю эту игру
От: Antonian [0|3] | Дата 2018-05-08 15:15:49

Подскажите плиз есть ли игра на 32 bit?
От: esawn [1|1] | Дата 2018-04-14 13:02:26

Отличная игра, она мне нравится куда больше стандартной, и еще эта версия на юнити не требует Direct Play
От: Renad [17|2] | Дата 2018-03-30 02:11:55

надо поиграть в него
От: DSKODSA [0|1] | Дата 2018-02-23 16:41:13

Я большой фанат SCP вселенной и ремейк даже качественный и на юнити всё смотрется круто правдо тут нету газовой маски и карточек ну это всё будет в будущем игру всем советую
От: Zizaz [0|0] | Дата 2018-01-24 09:49:12

Чет раздачи нет!
От: Tenebrarum [6|41] | Дата 2018-01-19 23:53:17


Uruk-kuruk сказал:

ради моргометра я поиграю

Так в оригинале тоже моргометр был
От: Uruk-kuruk [29|24] | Дата 2018-01-16 03:34:37

Нет ну что-что, а ради моргометра я поиграю.)


++++++<СКОРО НА САЙТЕ!>++++++ Pacific Drive

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