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Скачать игру I.RULE v0.2.0.77 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 9.0 (3)
Игру добавил John2s [11576|1666] | 2023-10-31 (обновлено) | Аркады (3025) | Просмотров: 29842

I.RULE v0.2.0.77

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от DoctorHummer (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркады (3025); Стратегии (3566); Tower Defense (381)
• Язык: Русская версия (7938)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 45.77 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 3)

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I.RULE - это roguelite-стратегия в стиле Plants vs Zombies, где вы сражаетесь с монстрами, используя младенцев с различными способностями, основанными на персонажах из The Binding of Isaac!

Сражайтесь с боссами, проходите различные испытания и разрабатывайте наиболее эффективную стратегию для победы!

Уже на РУССКОМ языке!

Игра обновлена с версии до Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Игра находится в стадии альфа-версии, что означает, что она вроде как играбельна, но в ней пока мало контента. У меня еще много идей, так что ожидайте больше контента в последующих обновлениях. Или нет.

I.RULE is a tower-defense fangame based on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, an indie roguelike designed by Edmund McMillen and developed and published by Nicalis. patch is out
New options menu
Improved touchscreen support
Any shop item can now be found cursed
Bosses drop two active items by default
Addressed to an issue that caused curses and items transfer between different runs
Other bug fixes & changes stale patch is out!
- Better performance and reduced game size
- Added fast mode which makes various transitions more quicker
- Added keyboard hotkeys for pills (Z, X, C, V for each slot)
- More enemies spawn the further you go during loops. It is kinda more engaging now
- 6 heart limit is no more
- Greed's Eye is now properly unlocked and re-continue can not be exploited with save and exit
- Fixed grid in challenge 6 "shapeshifter" being highlighted incorrectly while placing brother bobby
- Buffed Juicy Sack's regenerative abilitities
- Psychic Baby now has unlimited pierce limit- Red Maw no longer kills enemies it couldn't eat
- Stoners can now be pushed (direct Farding Baby buff)
- Adjusted prices for various babies.
* Lil' Loki - 200 hearts (+50)
* Revenant - 250 hearts (+100)
* Lil' Keeper - 325 (+25 hearts), 6 (+3) sec.
* Red Maw - 200 (+50) hearts.
* Crispy Baby - 200 (+25) hearts.
- New saving system. Your current progress will persist
- Ragdoll's safes now block rails rather than diappear when falling on them
- Mega Plum won't use her mass wipe attack during "Civil War" challenge
- Other improvements.
- Fixed the game
- Fixed Mom's Hands spawning off-grid when playing with high screen resolution
- Crystal ball now displays unknown baby's name and description
- Fixed moving spots being suddenly destroyed
- Incompatible game states won't be loaded anymore
- Red Maw now chews a little longer

- Fixed softlock caused by William leaving the level in defused state
- Fixed the infamous bug with minecarts destroying spots on 2nd stage
- Fixed incorrect position for Abel's ghost
- Fixed missing highlighting in Challenge #6
- Fixed the swap button rendering below the dark layer in Challenge #6
- Fixed teleporters not saving their color upon resuming the run
- Fixed Crystal Ball hiding all of your options
- New death animation for the Sperm Whales
- William's move speed has been reduced a bit
- Slowing effects (such as enemy being frozen, webbed) are now a bit more effective

- Fixed a crash when Cursed Baby tries to produce a heart
- Fixed softlock caused by picking a new baby and re-continuing run while screen fade is not complete
- Sanguine bond's highlighting is back
- Fixed baby's name being shown while having Curse of the Unknown
- Fixed pills overlapping active item/shovel
- Fixed that glitchy splash screen with a crying heart
- Fixed a crash that appears when you have Poke Go or starting Challenge #4
- Fixed a crash when you're trying to kill William with Red/Blue candles
- Fixed boss music playing when loading the game at 3rd level
- The grid doesn't highlight when hovering mouse over rails or rifts anymore
- A few new babies, items and new enemy type
- Curses!
- The game now saves your current run state, so instead of starting the level all over again you now will continue playing where you left off
- Now you can see which loop you are on while choosing babies before starting the level
- The Deserter was renamed the Revenant by popular demand
- betiary :dead:
- Defensive babies' cards now drop with a longer interval between each other on boss levels
- Rubber Soul now has higher firerate
- Baby Pluto now deals less damage per tear
- Lil C.H.A.D's cards now take longer to reload
- Power-pilled heart-producing babies are more effective now
- Spider Mod won't show healthbars of enemies and babies with full hp anymore
- 10k brand new bugs!

- The game now correctly updates your loop record after reaching a new loop
- The game now correctly randomizes your seed after reaching a new loop
- Now enemies will stop going towards the exit if they were charmed by Kidney Bean
- Salvation's barrier is now rendered on top of the rails
- Fixed the pause button not showing up on 3rd levels of every chapter for some reason
- Fixed pill duplication glitch
- Fixed incorrect highlighting for cards during boss fights on the mobile version
Fixed a bug when a level could end before the final wave
Now during the huge waves, enemies appear in groups one after another, not all at once, which should reduce lags
Biters are now immune to webs when they're hiding underground
Pegasus now shoots a bit faster
Now you start with 100 hearts on Challenge #5
Added an Autopause option in the Settings menu

Fixed enemy cards not having pink hue while in your deck
Cards' prices in Hardmode now visually match your current number of hearts
Now it actually takes one hit for insta-kill babies and explosions to get rid of Mom's Hands
The game cursor is no longer displayed in pause menu
Enemy that got past your defenses will no longer trigger chargers on adjacent lanes
- Farting Baby now also pushes enemies that were behind him when he's attacked
- Enemies' speed now varying less in Challenge #1
- Now you can also see Mr.Shy's defense with Spider Mod
- Spider Baby's fire rate was slightly decreased
- Baby Pluto's fire rate was slightly decreased
- Wind-up key now also allows you to manually launch Fistuloid and Dry Baby
- A few minor changes to animations and sound effects

- Fixed Demon Baby's range (again)
- Bob's Brain now correctly takes damage from distant attacks
- The state of your current run shown in main menu now correctly updates when changing the save file
- Middle Horn's laser has a more consistent hit detection now
- Explosions should be more precise now
- Now the game sets a seed properly before generating a level, so you won't get different layouts every time you quit/load the game
-The game should support Win 7 / XP / 32bit systems now :dead:
-The funny debug numbers above Sperm Whales were removed
Someone extraterrestrial has appeared in your basement
Spawn rate of difficult opponents has been reduced for the second loop (current spawn rate is now applied to further loops) Now enemies are distributed evenly between the lanes, trying not to spawn on lanes obstructed by other enemies/obstacles to make the game more fair
Increased Abel's main damage
Pegasus now shoots a tiny bit faster
Little Steven now costs 150 hearts
Rainbow Baby now costs 150 hearts
Now when Farting Baby is killed, it poisons and pushes back enemies in 3x3 radius

Fixed Imp acting weird when flipped
Possibly fixed a crash related to Psychic Baby's tears
Fixed Ball of Bandages not working properly on heavy flying enemies, such as Frosties and Sperm Whales
Deserter now correctly targets enemies in its range when buffed by Telepathy for Dummies
Fixed Demon Baby's range issues
Fire-themed babies now correctly melt the nearby ice floes

- Added a new tier 1 item
- Added a new effect for using Something's Wrong pill on Multidimensional Baby
- Added a new interaction between Dr. Medicine and PHD
- Peeping now has less damage and higher price/recharge time, but instead of targeting the strongest enemy, it covers the entire screen and always targets the enemies that are closest to exit
- Demon Baby now also tends to target the enemies that are closest to exit
- Lost Soul now gives only 666 hearts when killed by Sacrificial Altar
- Brain worm now has a bit higher shootspeed
- Fire-themed babies now melt the nearby ice floes, but they cannot melt the already formed icebergs
- Sperm Whale won't retreat by eating just charmed flies anymore
- Now it takes a bit longer for pickups to disappear
- Now enemies won't stop attacking your babies with instant use when they're invincible (like Bob's Brains) preventing some issues in skill department
- Added Settings menu with additional options
- Fullscreen/Window Mode option now persist between different sessions

- Probably fixed a huge performance drop when there are a lot of enemies on the screen
- Fixed Rainbow Baby not shooting fireballs even when copying Crispy Baby's shootstyle
- Fixed a bug when babies and obstacles were sliding back on rails after being pushed by Hardy
- Fixed a weird blip sound in menu when starting a new run
Added remaining ascii-characters for translating purposes
Mom's hand now first removes the shield from babies, and only then steals em
Presumably fixed performance issues
Fixed prices and off-centered names on active items on mobile devices
Fixed a misplaced health bar for bosses
Added a proper description for card style changing option on mobile devices
Cards won't be randomly replaced mid-air when picked up during boss battles
Fixed a bug with Ragdoll purposefully throwing safes and amber chunks at rails/off-screen making them disappear
Fixed Frosty chilling out
Fixed Trite's misbehavior
Ball of Bandages enchanted by Telepathy for Dummies will have increased range
Stoners in Challenge #5 now have less health
Mongo Baby now interacts with Crispy Baby (so everyone can shut up about it)

The saving/loading system might be actually fixed now. If you've already had a saved run before, you'll most likely have to start it again to avoid inconsistencies
You can't place poops with The Poop when level is finished
Salvation won't one-shot bosses anymore
Poke Go now correctly gives you a monster card on the first level of the next loop
Fixed Mom's Hand not being able to steal your babies
Fixed Charger Replacement Token being displaced when it's the only item available in store
Now when you lose, you can see different messages on the game over screen, which were replaced by a single one due to a bug
Evil Charm won't mark Gurgles, Sperm Whales and other enemies if they've left the board
Fixed Hardmode not letting you to enter the next loop
-Now you can use Q/E buttons to rotate shapes in Challenge #6
-Ball of Bandages now has a cooldown for pulling the same enemy from lane to lane
-Mom's Hand now flies back without taking your babies when you use a Glowing Hourglass
-Now you can also see what pills you have before starting the level
-Golden poop is now automatically destroyed when level is completed
-Now before you pick up the trophy when level is over, you can grab/place babies, use pills, active items and such
-Trites are now immune to webs from Spider Baby and Juicy Sacks

-Ball of Bandages won't affect bosses anymore
-Tooth & Nail now also counts towards "red only" achievement
-Snowball and frostbitten poops won't freeze your Spike Babies anymore
-Reduced prices of Crispy Baby, Paschal Candle and Juicy Sack
-Increased prices of Tooth & Nail and Fiend Baby
-Game over cutscene is now always playing, but you can skip it by pressing any key/mouse button
-Added a new challenge
-Now the game allows you to destroy the golden poop before finishing the level (for real this time)
-Middle Horn now has a cooldown between his laser attacks
-Now you won't get more than two of instant/defensive babies on boss battles at the same time
-The Battery now also gives you double charge for enemy cards given by Poke Go
-Now you can shovel, target, toss around Bob's Brain without the need for a precise pixel-perfect pointing on his cute little hitbox
-Babies killed with Sacrificial Altar will release a circle of damaging pellets (the amount of shots and their damage depends on baby's value)
-Eden's Blessing now also gives you a free Power Pill at the start of new run

-Mom's Hand spawned by Poke Go now actually brings allies
-Mom's Hand cannot be teleported by teleporters anymore
-Fixed Psychic Baby's animation
-Fixed interaction between Psychic Baby and Multidimensional Baby
-Fixed interaction between Psychic Baby and Telepathy for Dummies
-You can't unlock Dry Baby by exploding charmed enemies anymore
Updated Snowball's description
Now you can use pills on Lost Souls
Power-pilled Lost Soul gives you dimes instead of nickels

Fixed Red Candle's visuals
Fixed visual bug in Abel/Mongo Baby synergy
Salvation doesn't trigger on Mom's Hands anymore
Fixed Demon Baby's animation
Now you can see pill descriptions while having 6 cards on the left
Changing save state now correctly updates your trophies
Fixed Poke Go being absolutely broken in boss fights

Hardheads are now completely invisible in Challenge #3
Reduced prices of Little Steven, Harlequin, Rainbow and Psychic Baby
Increased prices of Spike Baby and Parasitoid
Deserter now deals less damage
Abel now functions a little differently
The game allows you to destroy the golden poop before finishing the level
Snowball now has a bigger radius
Flip now correctly changes Wiz Baby's shoot style
Loki now shoots diagonally when Flipped
Frosty Mint doesn't work on charmed enemies anymore
Added a limit on the number of strong enemies of different types that are on the screen at the same time
Added file select screen
Added a new pill type
Sperm Whale now also retires after eating one charmed enemy
Slightly increased the detection radius for shooting babies so that they can see enemies even if they somehow miraculously shifted off-grid
Flip, Stop Watch and D6 moved to tier 1 and replaced with three previously unused items

Fixed a bug that prevents you from buying tokens in an empty shop
Enemies cannot be pushed while teleporting anymore
Fiend Baby now correctly spawn Imps when power-pilled
Smart Double Baby now autocollects both hearts
You can't revive your chargers when level is already finished anymore
Fixed a bug when some objects and monsters remained even when level is completed
Exploding Mulliboom will stop exploding if he gets frozen or extinguished during blinking
Pushed enemies will lose their target, and will stop attacking the previous baby (a Farting Baby for example)
Telepathy for Dummies now works on Imps too

Lil Loki now costs 150 hearts
Peeping now shoots faster
The Deserter now has a slightly slower fire rate
Hardheads now deal a bit less damage
Hardies, Fatties, Stoners and Sperm Whales now have less health
Plums can't be champions anymore
Speedy monsters are now less speedy
Erasing all data now also erases your current saved run
Babies are now preparing their attacks while there are no enemies in sight, to shoot instantly when new target appears
The DirectX warning now shows only one time (also fixed the download link)

Bob's Brain won't trigger on enemies while they're teleporting
Fixed interaction between Psychic Baby and Mongo Baby
Juicy Sack now counts as defensive baby
Removed immunity to ice from babies that shouldn't have it
Fixed achievement order in Russian translation
Obtaining a tier 2 item now unlocks a correct description entry in "Stuff" menu
Enemies won't teleport while dragged away by Glowing Hourglass anymore
Hardy won't push your babies out of grid anymore (hopefully)

Added a special warning at the start of the game, showing up if you don't have DirectX 9.0c installed. It also disables all shaders if you keep playing without it.
Huge optimization improvement, now the game launches, restarts and changes language almost instantly
Slightly increased Demon Baby's range
Lil Loki now shoots faster and his horizontal shots travel faster too
Changed Deserter's achievement description to make it less vague
Spider Mod now only shows health bar of babies that can be attacked directly
Frosty now has a smaller attack radius
Sanguine Bond, Blanket and Black Bean will only work on babies that were placed/spawned directly by player

Removed funny numbers above Mystery egg
Charmed enemies are immuned to webs and Juicy Sacks now
Fixed shovelling. Now the shops just stop appearing once you've seen every possible item (unless you're missing a charger, then you can buy a token for it anyway)
Evil Charm's indicator won't show up for charmed enemies anymore
Hallowed Ground's effect now correctly resets for all nearby babies once it was destroyed
Fixed interaction between Brain Worm and Multidimensional Baby
Lobbed projectiles won't damage nearby enemies on landing if they're charmed
Lobbed projectiles won't chase fast-moving targets/targets on minecarts for no reason (needs to be tested)

Fixed wrong amount of hearts appearing in HUD in hardmode
Fixed Snowball being good
Fixed Mongo Baby not mimicing dangersense of babies with special shooting patterns
The Black Bean cannot poison charmed enemies anymore
Fixed bug when powerpilled Parasitoid's eggs weren't splitting into flies
Fixed crash when Middle Horn tries to pull destroyed tile with his chain
Frosty won't attack enemies/babies outside the desk anymore
Enemies won't try to attack your babies during teleportation anymore
Fixed Candy Heart being weird
Mega Plum won't shit on your last line in Challenge #4 anymore
Freezer Baby's shots won't reset the chilled debuff from the Snow Globe/Snowball anymore
Babies won't break when they reached maximal potential speed

Misc changes:
Babies now appear invincible inside of icebergs in Challenge #3
Spider Mod now shows health and defense of your babies too
Fixed funny sorbet crash
Mystery Egg won't break if you give it a pill while it attacks anymore
Fixed speed up button being stupid

Frosty's and Hardhead's shots won't disappear offscreen softlocking you in the process anymore
Fixed overlapping text in Achievements submenu
Snowball now actually can hit enemies below it
Acid Babies and Hallowed Ground won't lock your shovel, actives and pills during boss battles anymore
Stone enemies and Sperm Whales are now completely immune to poison
Fixed Mega Plum spamming Mom's Hands in hardmode for some reason
Enemies transported back with a Glowing Hour Glass won't go off grid anymore
Gurgles cannot be pushed with The Bean anymore
First card now drops earlier on boss levels

Other changes:
You can now use <Q> button to reach the shovel, and Space Bar to sped up the game
Acid, Fart Babies, and especially Mystery Gifts are now blacklisted from boss battles
Mega Plum now shoots less often, and gives you a bit more time at the beginning of the fight
Speed Up pills and Hallowed Ground are a bit more useful (which makes Speed Down pills even worse)
Plums now have less health
Now all the Amber Chunks and Icebergs with enemies inside will automatically break if level is finished and there's no one around
Challenge #5 gives you hearts more often now
Slightly reduced firing speed of Demon baby

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Комментарии игроков (8 шт.)

От: ImNoSuperman [1|0] | Дата 2022-05-04 01:13:30

Ммм... Как же классно качать 45 мб один час торрентом, найс раздача. И это еще игра вышла совсем недавно, скоро видимо вообще торрент мертвый будет.
От: NIKOKEY [49|17] | Дата 2022-03-08 11:17:33

Неплохо для альфы, не без косяков, но пойдёт. Хотелось бы дождаться версии с большим кол-вом возможностей.
От: eil [20|70] | Дата 2022-02-22 02:38:04

Мягко говоря не являюсь фанатом Айзека, не близки мне все эти говно-слёзки. Но т.к. похожего на PvZ практически не существует, таки засел проверить эту. По началу интересно открывать новые и новые "юниты", да и покупаемые предметы порой конкретно меняют игровой процесс(типа замедленного режима, или батарейки позволяющей ставить два одинаковых без ожидания отката). Очень недурно для альфы, главное чтоб это не было львиной долей, которую дальше будут просто полировать добавляя только уровни.
На данный момент самый эффективный - "чёрный демон" с уроном 5х5, проверено 15ю забегами с попытками применять разное.(кого добавить для компании, уже дело вторичное)
От: Kilit [1|7] | Дата 2022-02-20 19:10:00

Гениальное сочетание) Уверен, у проекта большое будущее. Жду обнов
От: eil [20|70] | Дата 2022-02-14 21:14:47

Насколько приятен и расслабляющь Plants vs Zombies, настолько же это наоборот. %)
От: Fatal1323 [34|49] | Дата 2022-02-14 08:40:32


LotusBlade сказал:

Эдмунд заметит игру, он либо подаст в суд, либо наймёт разраба и будет та же ситуация, что с Isaac Repentance.

Эдмунд в курсе, он уже сделал ретвиты на сайт разраба.
От: LotusBlade [374|189] | Дата 2022-02-14 05:57:04

Оу, ну это наверное самое неожиданное, что могло произойти в игровом мире. Судя по графике, геймплею, атмосфере, да вообще всему, если Эдмунд заметит игру, он либо подаст в суд, либо наймёт разраба и будет та же ситуация, что с Isaac Repentance.
От: Fatal1323 [34|49] | Дата 2022-02-14 04:27:49

Слишком шикарно, чтобы быть правдой!