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Скачать игру Victim of Xen v1.5b12 - полная версия

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Игру добавил Elektra [7712|138] | 2014-12-29 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (3125) | Просмотров: 10222

Victim of Xen v1.5b12

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Smolders (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Ролевые игры (RPG) (3125)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 57.97 Мб.
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Victim of Xen - несложная ролевая игра от студии Smolders. Помогите главному герою вернуть свой прежний облик, ведь злая, или не очень остроумная, ведьма превратила молодого человека в... девушку!

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.5b11 до v1.5b12. No idea what's updated.

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Хорошая новость для поклонников ролевых игр! Встречайте Victim of Xen, новую увлекательную игру с яркой графикой и забавным сюжетом. Снимите проклятие с молодого человека Уилла, которого злая ведьма превратила в девушку. Погрузитесь в мир борьбы добра и зла, где вас ожидают схватки с монстрами, захватывающие приключения, интриги и загадки. Приложите все усилия и отыщите способ снять проклятие с главного героя.

• Achievements are now available.
• Nearly all objects in the game now respond to interaction.
• Fixed an issue with save/load files on Win XP
• Healing skills are now useable outside of combat.
• Waking up with Markus in Serene Town is now optional.
• You now turn to face all shops owners (etc) when clicking on them.
• Xile Castle Throne Room's system performance improved.
• Thieves' evasion reduced.
• Ship to Freeport explosion and door wait changed.
• Freeport Inn "behind the counter" cutscene added pre-return to Opress.
• Academy Dungeon has been completely changed and the Werewolf was added.
• Entering the hallway on the ship now results in the correct enemy encounter.
• "Coming in" changed to "Comin' in" when entering Freeport.
• Unitem Castle Storage Room's design, dialogue ellipsis, and battle changed.
• Hungry Ghosts now attack before combat starts.
• Sleeping Unitem Soldiers' now give items.
• In Freeport, Seedy Trader now says, "You two are CRAZY!"
• You can no longer walk all the way to the water's edge in Freeport.
• Sweatdrop added to Will upon entering Amis/Piers' room on Freeport Ship.
• Beds on Freeport Ship can now be clicked much more intuitively.
• Freeport Ship main hall design changed.
• Captain Piers now calls for Amis before he dies.
• Amis' picture dimmed on Freeport Ship.
• Jostling of Freeport Ship adjusted for the main hall.
• Molly now has an extra dialogue box for Will.
• essages now have text for the main hall of Freeport Ship.
• A couple soldiers now react if you try to sleep in their beds on Freeport Ship.
• Will now displays the correct picture when shouting at Amis on Freeport Ship.
• Soul Eater now has reduced health and an Ice attack.
• Carpet and Bags adjusted around Grandma's and Will's Room.
• Amis no longer refers to reinforcement or Captain Piers during the dock scene.
• Sahra and Jane's scene in Old Docks has now been expanded.
• Marja no longer throws a flash bomb; and now uses magic to vanish.
• In Harport, Markus' "You want Xen, go..." is now "You want Xen; go..."
• In Opress Castle, Will's picture no longer disappears when yelling, "XEN!!"
• In Owerton, Fleur now says, "...quiet town. I..." instead of "...quite town, I..."
• Room added to Old Man's House in Serene Town.
• Unitem Tower North Design adjusted
• There are now two ways to enter the first dungeon.
• Imp noises added to areas.
• You no longer need to click on Imp to initiate combat.
• Imp now makes noises in combat and says "I kill!"
• You no longer need to intract with, and clicking is easier for, backdoors.
• ".." is now "..." for ellipses in front of the Opress Castle Party.
• Will now comments about Markus still wearing armor at the party.
• Comment about Markus flirting with Will has been adjusted to reflect new text.
• Sweatdrop added to Markus after Will's comment about him flirting.
• Old Man now says, "I can't seem to find Kael..." instead of "I can't find..."
• Will now asks Billies about Markus and Emery if you haven't found them.
• Janet and Zahra no longer show up until after travelling to Oasis.
• You can now not get Jean in the party at all (if you so choose).
• Jean now asks for money to take you to Xile.
• Jean's dialogue and the story progression are now depenent on your choices.
• A new skill is now available according to your choices.
• Emery now says "...wisest of rulers." Instead of Empress U.
• Lady Rin now has a Silence Bubble if you try to talk to her during the Shard Quest.
• In Haunted Isle, Amis and Caron now recall you if you met them in Hellfire Pass.
• Haunted Isle sequences and visuals touched up to reflect changes.
• Amis no longer considers the debt repaid in Hellfire Pass; opting for a favor.
• New enemies added to Hellfire Pass.
• Boulders added to Hellfire Pass.
• Music added to Hellfire Pass.
• Attacks added to Hulking Armor, while Evasion is now 0.
• Hulking Armor is now bigger and more colorful.
• Harport and Serene Town "Traveler" Removed.
• Encounter Rate changed for Hellfire Pass.
• Lucetta no longer requests that you get Grandma's Apple Pie Recipe.
• Fairy's description of Attack and Defense has been adjusted.
• Item descriptions adjusted to reflect whether they are [Battle-Ready].
• Mint description now says "...old piece..." instead of "...odd piece..."
• Rank 1, 5, and 10 Military Attacks replaced with new Strike attacks.
• Viktor now has Attack Twice and Thrice skills.
• The Keeper now has Possession skill.
• Notification of experience points received for Viktor added.
• Old Man now has sleeping bubble if you go to him before the castle as Will 2.
• Old Man now displays "250 Coin acquired."
• There is now a message to signal that Viktor stops fighting.
• Battle messages no longer say "were received" (etc) for most fights.
• Flash added after the fight with Viktor.
• Escape message changed to "Failed to escape!" when escaping fails to work.
• "Possession," for stores, changed to "Owned."
• Weapons and Armor "Owner" is now "Merchant" with consistent graphic display.
• Harport Mint/Pawn shop owner's graphic changed.
• The new merchant in Serene Town now boasts that he will have the best weapons.
• The Inn in Harport now functions again after you change Uniforms.
• The Inkeeper in Harport now repeats instructions, instead of remaining silent.
• Caravan Job now displays "250 Coin acquired."
• "Guarding" is now "Defending."
• Markus' mom and dad are now a bit more real.
• Fence and Chicken Job now display coins acquired; and dialogue adjusted.
• Fence job is now faster to complete.
• Chickens no longer wander into the pen by themselves.
• Trying to enter the "chicken house" will now put a chicken in the chicken pen.
• Sweatdrop added for Will's examing of the first kocked-out guard.
• Markus now says, "We're pretty far out." during the campfire scene.
• Markus' graphic changed when going to sleep.
• Buck is now Carl in Unitem Castle.
• Character Pictures dimmed at Unitem Castle.
• "I'll buy anything you got." changed to "Got anything to buy?"
• Opress Castle Escape Scene dialogue adjusted.
• Timings on Xen's lighting bolts hitting Will improved.
• "Also," added to Fairy dialogue after entering world map.
• Owners of Inns are now "Innkeepers" and display a picture.
• "Go ahead and try." added for Cook in Freeport, for when he moves aside.
• Grandma now adds in another comment about the pocket watch she gives you.
• "Ah yes, mail from Gryvan" is now "Ah, yes; mail from Gryvan!" in Old Docks Inn.
• Oasis "Trader" is now "Grugor" (that monsterish-looking character on arrival).
• At the Gryvan Inn, Emery now says "...armor." instead of "...armour." afterwards.
• Will's bed is now more clickable.
• Bantor no longer lets you walk to the bedroom.
• Bantor's door now closes when Dusan and Maria leave.
• Zahra now says "What did I do!?" after jumping into the pub.
• The News Article must now be read twice or taken, for Emery.
• You can no longer take the News Article twice.
• The Djinn now has a fire attack.
• The Djinn now does a little more damage and has a little less health.
• Djinn picture and battler dimmed.
• You can now buy swords, armor, and sell equipment at the Marki Army.
• Healing abilities are now usable outside of combat.
• Marki Army design changed.
• Xen now explains what happened on the way to Xile.
• Shard/Orb Story updated and foreshadowing added.
• Campfire scene at the Marki Army now has new dialogue and sleeping prompt.
• You can no longer leave Emery at the Marki Army after the campfire scene.
• Marki Army Cook now says, "They're still a little hard to open..." and "Hm..."
• You now turn to face the Merchant in Gryvan if you click on him.
• Timings on Jean Intrusion scene at Xile Castle adjusted.
• You can now grow flowers in Will's room.
• Bun-Bun job added to Midway.
• Felix job added to Gryvan.
• Lola job added to Midway.
• Pressing F12 no longer resets the game.
• Special character support added.
• World Map performance improved.
• Stores now mouse-clickable from a distance.
• Eneres orb can now be used from 4 directions.
• The save and load menus are now more keyboard friendly.
• All weapons now equipable to all characters.
• Abandoned Unitem Towers' location now suggested.
• You can no longer enter the floating island by blimp.
• Gourmet Rations acquired message added.
• The Keeper's attack power increased.
• Added note about F1 menu.
• You may no longer awaken Xen prior to Empress U.
• Dialogue added for Teddy Bear in Lookout shop.
• Combat Bag added to the top of Diablo Tower.
• Imp now suggests travel route.
• Fairy added to World Map to recommend Escaping.
• Unitem Castle is now easier to navigate.
• Freeport Ship Beds now 50% more sleepable.
• Port of Oasis no longer offers food and drink.
• Val Garden and Serene Town Cave designs changed.
• Skuld now properly interacts with trees.
• Assassin agility and spirit reduced.
• Unitem and Opress Soldiers carry more Coin.
• Val ladder realism added.
• Bug preventing return to world map removed.
• Added Delayed Soldier Troop to Unitem Castle.
• Fixed Bottom/Left transition in Morgana Forest.
• Corrected typo "as to sell." in Freeport Warehouse.
• Defend now restores Energy and Focus in battle.
• Wine Bottle added to Serene Town.
• "Harport" message added from Ship to Harport.
• A reference to Neda working as a maid was removed.
• Emery now only joins the party in Marki Army.
• Reference to Teddy Bear added for Filip.
• Changed "Influence" to "Coin" in Bantor Tribe.
• Added reference to Billies Tribe to Jean's Exit.
• Michael not accepting rations bug fixed.
• Added Jason to Old Docks to suggest route.
• Mar and Ki now show correct pictures when talking.
• Mirror in Grandma's Room is more clickable.
• Will now says "Tape?" instead of Engineer.
• Emery "lead" changed to "led" in Opress Castle.
• Space removed for Mustanen in Owerton: "-loud"
• Colons added to Gittan: and Vilma: dialogue.
• Alex's "huh" changed to "Huh" in Midway.
• Duplicate Emery dialogue removed in Lookout Town.
• Dock Master changed to Supply Master in OT-North.
• Heid: changed to Elder God: "...you are doing?"
• "Soliders" is now "Soldiers" on Ship near Freeport.
• News Article added to Bantors Tribe.
• Elham no longer in Pub in Oasis.

Embark on a journey across continents in the Role Playing Game, Victim of Xen. Follow Will as he becomes a victim of circumstance, after the frivolous royal witch, Xen, turns him into a girl. As you search of a way to reverse the spell, you'll get pulled into something much more treacherous. Explore a dynamic story set in a rich world full of war and intrigue, with a dash of quirkiness. Fight monsters, complete jobs, and get ready for adventure

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