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Скачать игру Sub Commander v0.27 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (3)
Игру добавил John2s [11532|1666] | 2014-12-18 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (3297) | Просмотров: 11995

Sub Commander v0.27

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от TheGeoff (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Ролевые игры (RPG) (3297)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 16.58 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 3)

Sub Commander - реалистичный симулятор подводной лодки с элементами рогалика в стиле Dwarf Fortress и FTL, в котором упор сделан на реализме и свободе выбора!

Игра обновлена с версии 0.24 до 0.27. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Вам предстоит управлять всеми аспектами подводной лодки и справляться с различными нештатными ситуациями. Ядерные подводные лодки являются очень сложными машинами, на которых бывают пожары, протечки, радиационные утечки, нехватка кислорода и многое другое. Аккуратное управление экипажем и системами подлодки будет решающим фактором для выполнения основной миссии.

Особенности игры:
* В игре представлено 28 наций, за 20 из которых можно играть
* 15 классов надводных кораблей под управлением ИИ, с исторически достоверным вооружением
* Большая карта всего мира
* Реалистичное, основанное на физике моделирование огня, динамические жидкости, и радиация
* Очень детализированные модели подлодок со всеми важными системами

Sub Commander is a free, independently developed roguelike submarine simulator with an emphasis on realism and freedom of choice. Originally, the game was envisioned to be a kind of cross between Dwarf Fortress and the film K-19 The Widowmaker but it is rapidly growing to a full featured submarine warfare simulator. Eventually I plan to simulate all aspects of cold war era naval and aerial combat, so the player's submarine will be in the midst of a dynamic, procedurally generated global war.

One of the main focuses of the game is dealing with accidents and emergencies aboard the submarine. Nuclear submarines are hugely complicated pieces of equipment and there's a lot which can go wrong - fires, flooding, radiation leaks, lack of oxygen etc are all accurately simulated. Careful management of the crew and the submarine's automated systems is essential to conquer these threats and complete your mission successfully. In some ways, it's like a much more complex version of Faster Than Light aboard a submarine (without the fancy graphics unfortunately!)

While the simulation of the onboard systems is highly detailed, I have tried to ensure the game is accessible to almost anyone and the learning curve is not too steep. The graphics are very basic but I try to keep them clean and functional - but I admit great graphics were never a priority for this game.

Key features:
- 28 nations represented in game, 20 of which are playable
- AI controlled navies consisting of 15 classes of surface ships, all with historically accurate armaments
- Huge in game map covering the entire globe, with more than 50 cities (uses high-res NOAA sea depth data)
- Realistic physics-based modelling of fire, fluid dynamics and radiation aboard the sub
- Extremely detailed submarine with accurate models of all important systems

Added active sonar. Press A for a single ping or LShift+A for continuous pings.
AI ships now fire weapons at each other.
AI surface ships are now equipped with historically accurate SAM systems, and can fire at AI aircraft.
AI aircraft can now engage AI ships and aircraft.
Hull size and strength of AI ships is now simulated. Very large ships may require two torpedoes to sink.
Added images when refitting and vistiting destroyed cities (created by Chris 'Pilotguy' Liu)
Reworked main menu. The menu now loads instantly, and there is a configuration screen allowing you to pick a nation, starting city and sub type before the game loads and the mission starts. This will be expanded in future updates.
Added a credits screen to the main menu to acknowledge the contributions others have made to the project
Added 6 new cities and ports: Alexandria, Den Helder, Jacksonville, Sevastopol, Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg
Added two new aircraft: the F-4 Phantom II and the MiG-21
Added ability to reject mission and request new orders (press Z while using the radio)
AI warships and destroyers now detect and respond to radar emissions from player submarine
Fast travel is now unavailable whenever any type of enemy is nearby, even if they have not detected the player
Added an option in gameoptions.ini for always allowing fast travel, regardless of nearby enemies
Updated in game help text to show mouse controls
Fixed Dutch and Belgian coastline and moved Amsterdam to its correct position
Fixed North African coastline
Allied, neutral and enemy nations are now listed on the map screen
Reworked some of the maneuvering physics (mostly relating to speed) to be more realistic
Added inertia to rotors in the turbines and the electric motor
It is now possible to run the electric motor while turbines are engaged
Added ability to toggle city names on the missile control map
Damaged machinery now increases submarine noise signature significantly
Noise from bilge pumps now also increases sub noise signature
Diesel generator suction is now simulated correctly when main induction valve is open.
Diesel engine noise is now correctly simulated
Crush depth can now be set for each sub in performance.ini. If it is not set, it will default to ~300m.
Fixed several bugs in water pressure modelling, ensuring pressure is evenly distributed on both sides of the hull.
Fixed a bug where nuclear craters remained after the game was reset
Slightly lowered brightness of shallow water to increase contrast on map
Fixed a bug where the mission marker would not appear on the map at zoom level 1
Changed the default key binding for toggling mouse control from F1 to F10
Fixed a bug where the game would warn repeatedly warn the player about being too deep to launch missiles when spacebar was pressed
Turbine generator can now be shut down for maintenance by switching off both turbines
Fixed bug causing the turbine generator to explode less often than it should
Fixed bug where resting crew would stay 'on break' if given orders to repair hull using the right-click menu
Many more small tweaks and fixes.
Save files from the previous version should be compatible.

You can now save and load the game (at any time). Press S on the main menu to save, L to load. There is only one save slot currently and it will be overwritten every time you save - if you want to keep a save safe for later, copy the file "SaveFile.sav" to another directory, then copy it back when you want to load.
Added nuclear SLBMs to the game(cruise missiles and conventional warheads are hopefully coming soon). SLBMs on your submarine are controlled from the Missile Control Panel.
Added AI controlled ICBMs. At the moment every nation has nuclear weapons, to allow for bigger nuclear exchanges and more thorough testing of the nuclear war simulation.
Added two new submarine classes:
"November" - loosely based on the Soviet November-class submarines, equipped with 3 missile tubes.
"Typhoon" - an unusual double-hull design based on the Soviet Typhoon-class submarines, equipped with 8 missile tubes.
Added dynamic diplomacy system. Nations will now react to your actions in the game - sinking friendly or neutral ships can cause your nations to declare war on each other, for example. You can sometimes convince neutral nations to join your side by attacking their enemies.
SIGNIFICANTLY improved the AI of ships, convoys and ground controllers. They will now respond much more aggressively to detected threats, especially torpedo and missile launches. If your submarine is detected near an enemy port they will now vector fighters and patrol aircraft to your position. AI pilots are a LOT smarter now too.
Added ice at the North Pole.
Ship and aircraft AI has been optimised, resulting in much faster performance on older PCs.
Fixed an issue relating to propagation of radiation through seawater around sub.
Increased speed of aircraft to a more realistic level.
Fixed an annoying crew bug - if one crewman was given new orders halfway through a task, another would automatically pick up the old task where he left off. This often caused crew to jump into fires, drown themselves, or dash into the reactor room without any protection - it has now been fixed.
Fixed several bugs relating to the ventilation system.
Added seaports to Seoul and Pyongyang, making South Korea and North Korea playable.
OpenGL graphics now work properly. Using OpenGL usually results in a significant performance increase on older computers, especially when your entire sub is on fire. It can (rarely) cause crashes though, and it messes with the way rectangles are drawn for some inscrutable reason - if you experience this, it can be turned off in the gameoptions.ini file.
Numerous other small tweaks and bugfixes.

AI ships now form battlegroups. These groups range in size from pairs of destroyers to large task force fleets with submarine escorts, and are usually tasked with either defending their homeland or seizing strategically important areas of sea.
Numerous improvements to the world map. Land is now in colour (both on the map and when viewed through periscope) so you can sea deserts, snow etc. The positions of several coastal cities have also been fixed, and several narrow straits which were previously impassible have been opened.
Mouse controls have been overhauled and significantly improved. The controls are now similar to most RTS games - click a crewman to select him, right click to give orders. Mouse controls should now work properly in fullscreen mode too.
Acceleration of AI ships now depends on their engine power and mass.
AI ships are now aware of torpedoes and will accelerate to try to dodge them.
Added Virginia Class Cruiser, Sariwon Class Corvette, Lupo class frigate, Georges Leygues Class Frigate and Kortenaer Class Frigate
Changed the way flooding occurs when the sub is surfaced. Now water will still leak in through damaged walls, rather than unrealistically rushing out of the sub like it used to.
Water can now leak in through damaged floor tiles.
Significantly improved rendering performance, especially when viewing the world map.
Added Norway, with cities Oslo and Narvik.
Added 3 new zoom levels to map for easier navigation. Number keys 1-6 control the zoom level.
Increased size of US, Soviet, British and Chinese navies to roughly historical sizes.
US and USSR strategic AI now consider controlling the North Sea and Norwegian Sea their primary objectives, reflecting actual cold war doctrine.
Mechanism to automatically shut Main Induction Valve if flooding is detected is now simulated. It can sometimes fail - in this case the valve can still be opened and closed manually.
Added sound effect for opening and closing Main Induction Valve.
Increased damage from explosions, in particular those caused by 120mm+ shells.
Cargo ships now dock at port more often.
Reduced power consumption of electrolysis system.
Electrolysis system no longer automatically switches off when the submarine switches to battery power.
Nuclear meltdowns now completely destroy the reactor core every time.
Nations added in the last couple of patches (netherlands, taiwan, etc) now use the correct military aircraft.
Changed several pieces of UI text to be more descriptive.
Fixed a bug which prevented Chinese Luda class destroyer from appearing.
Fixed a bug causing submerged submarines to appear on surface search radar.
Fixed a bug which occasionally caused AI ships to move over land when engaging the player near a coastline.
Fixed mouse controls for bilge pumps.
Fixed crash when viewing map near north pole.
Fixed bugs causing sunken ships to appear on sonar.
Fixed bugs causing recently sunken ships to be reported as visual contacts.
Fixed a bug which sometimes caused the "Exit y/n" prompt to disappear before a key was pressed.
Fixed rare graphical glitch on Weapons Systems Control Panel.
Fixed rare bug where water flowing out of broken machinery could sometimes pass through walls.
Fixed bug causing a small amount of water to appear inside lightly damaged walls.
Fixed a bug where the player sub would constantly try to steer north after sailing under north pole.
Changed default "cursor toggle" key to F1

Active pause mode added - you can now give orders while the game is paused. Default key is Left Alt, but this can be changed in keybindings.ini. If you don't like this feature you can turn it off in gameoptions.ini for more of a challenge!
Crew can now rescue injured comrades. Point at an unconscious crewman and press H - a crewman will run over, drag the unconscious guy to safety then administer first aid.
Mouse control improved: Almost every control panel is now clickable. Clicking on gauges will set your target speed/depth/secondary coolant pump pressure/whatever. Also, if using mouse control, you can choose to instead control the cursor with the keyboard by pressing (you will still be able to use the clickable control panels).
Improved the sonar on board the submarine. It is now possible to locate and track targets from the sonar screen (then move to the weapons control panel to fire a torpedo). LOFAR analysis can be used to identify ships (match their sound signature to the database).
Sonar and visual contacts are now reported, so you won't accidentally fast travel past an important ship. To avoid spamming the message log you can enable/disable contact reports with Lshift+C.
Reactor damage models have been fixed. They now put out a LOT more radiation when damaged, and damage to the coolant pumps will severely reduce the coolant pressure.
You can now switch on city labels on the map screen by pressing Z.
Better hydrodynamics modelling - dive planes are now simulated, so it is quicker to dive/surface while moving quickly.
Completely recoded pressure and water flow calculations. The models for both are now extremely realistic and should handle almost any situation correctly.
Nitrogen narcosis and other health adverse effects related to water pressure are now simulated.
Sound effects now loop more smoothly (thanks to Torkovsky from Reddit)
New sound effect for crash dives (thanks to Tango589 from Subsim)
Added an adjustable 'safety period' after the start of the game and after refits, when no accidents can occur on the sub. The length of this safety period can be changed in gameoptions.ini.
Added two types of AI submarine and one more class of AI destroyer
Added Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Taiwan and the Netherlands (all playable). Brazil is also a playable nation now.
Added 11 new cities, mostly in South America
The world map now renders more efficiently, significantly improving performance on older computers.
Added crew names for Italy, Turkey, India, Poland, Netherlands.
Added ship names for Poland, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia.
Added ability to change number of ships and aircraft in world in gameoptions.ini
Added support for up to 8 torpedo tubes, 4 reactors and 4 turbines in custom submarines, although the GUI will look weird. Also added support for single-reactor subs.
Added ability to choose what GUI folder a sub uses (top of objects.ini in sub folder), and added a GUI folder for use with single-reactor subs.
The most important performance characteristics of the sub have been moved to "performance.ini" in the sub/default/ folder. This allows you to change the maximum speed, battery capacity, bilge pump power consumption etc.
Depth charges can now cause more damage.
There is now a bit more visual feedback when the submarine is undergoing a refit.
Tweaked ability of reactor shielding to withstand water pressure.
Tweaked submarine noise characteristics.
Doubled the rate of oxygen production from electrolysis.
Fixed a bug preventing repairs to objects without a damage assessment - you can now point at an object an press R, just like you would repair the hull.
Fixed a bug where the player was ordered to sink a ship which was already destroyed.
Fixed a bug where the diesel generators continued to generate 4kW while switched off.
Fixed a bug where torpedoes where not automatically reloaded during a refit.
Fixed a bug which prevented players from repairing the hull under a torpedo tube.

Aircraft are now simulated in much greater detail. They can be selected (targeted) with LShift+T - although obviously they can't be hurt with torpedoes. There are currently 8 types of aircraft in game with many more planned.
Weapon graphics in the periscope view have been redone. The little red dots have been replaced with proper graphics for missiles, torpedoes, depth charges and cannon shells.
Overhauled the anti-submarine weapons of AI ships. Now they will fire proper depth charges at you, which you will see sinking through the water around your sub and detonating. Much more realistic and it also looks really cool.
Added Sweden, Finland and Canada to the game. All 3 nations are playable.
Added 6 new cities, bringing the total to 65.
Added many, MANY more crew names and ship names for almost every nation. A BIG THANK YOU TO THE FACEPUNCH COMMUNITY FOR HELPING CREATE THESE NEW NAME FILES!
Better hydrodynamics modelling has been implemented. Modern nuclear submarines are designed to be submerged most of the time - their hull design means they are most efficient when fully underwater. Your top speed is now effectively limited when surfaced or near the surface.
Moved a lot of formerly hard-coded data to ini files. It is now possible to create custom submarines - a submarine development toolkit will be available for download soon.
Sonar range has been increased by 25%.
Crew AI has been improved. Crew will now avoid fires better and are slightly better at judging risks.
A mission log has been added. While you play the game, it will record important events to "mission_log.txt" in the game folder. After the mission ends you can read this, make copies of it or whatever. I suggest making a folder to keep copies of your best missions / worst disasters
*Note that the mission log is erased every time you start a new game*
SCBA gear (self contained breathing apparatus) has been added. This allows crew to survive indefinitely in low oxygen environments. 2 sets are available in the equipment storage.
As a temporary solution to the "equipment stuck on dead crew" problem, pieces of equipment will now teleport back into storage if their owner dies.
Aircraft and ship AI improvements.
Fixed the radio message bug.
It is now possible to restart the game without quitting. Simply press R on the pause menu - this will start a new game and randomise everything. You will lose all progress and the mission log will be overwritten.
Fixed a number of damage models, including the infamous torpedo fuel tanks. Now, as long as the fuel ventilation system is intact, the tanks will never explode. Numerous other systems were tweaked or fixed also.
The diesel generators will now switch off when you refit at a port, fixing an interesting bug pointed out on the Bay12 forums.
Fire suppression malfunctions now have a small chance of blowing up the Misc Systems Control Panel.
Fixed a bug where the game would freeze when playing as a completely neutral nation, because it couldn't figure out whose ships you should be sinking.
Numerous other bugfixes.

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Комментарии игроков (15 шт.)

От: Joker_395 [0|0] | Дата 2015-06-12 14:13:50

это тот же FTL
От: kot1996 [10|10] | Дата 2014-12-19 20:56:01

А её реально фулл скрин сделать?
От: KoTaFoT [8|2] | Дата 2014-12-18 15:02:44

Хочю Русик :DD
От: DyDkaPro [9|21] | Дата 2014-08-01 22:16:40

Кажется это то, во что я залипну.
От: Boyar [17|21] | Дата 2014-07-03 01:57:45

Интересная задумка, помучаю.
От: Crasyboy [20|12] | Дата 2014-04-30 23:14:24


MrSkull сказал:

Надеюсь, что её не забросят, буду следить за обновлениями.

По всей видимости не забросят, разработчик пилит ее уже год и очень приободрился, когда увидел превью игры в Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Разраб обитеает на форуме сайта subsim.com, если не сложно, напишите туда свои замечания и пожелания.
От: MrSkull [1|10] | Дата 2014-04-30 21:03:55

Отличная задумка, но пока всё очень сыро, много чего не реализовано (отсутствие взаимовыручки, первой помощи среди экипажа, довольно грубая модель ядерного реактора, радара, сонара, получение кислорода только за счёт электролиза (можно удушить экипаж даже на поверхности воды, просто выключив реакторы), дизельные генераторы пока что походу только для вида (реакторы запускаются спокойно без них), не используется по назначению гальюн). Надеюсь, что её не забросят, буду следить за обновлениями.
От: Rik1 [0|81] | Дата 2014-04-29 19:28:22

есть на русском ?
От: Crasyboy [20|12] | Дата 2014-04-29 15:52:01


SuperSven сказал:

Не хочет запускаться, пишет "Illegal memory address"

Мне помог такой способ(Windows 7). Панель управления-> Система-> Дополнительные параметры-> Быстродействие-> Предотвращение выполнения данных; добавляем subcommander_0_21. Запускать нужно от имени администратора.

suriken2003 сказал:

Где норамальный геймплэй?

Вы серьезно? Да здесь больше экшена, чем в каком-нибудь Call of Duty.
От: suriken2003 [5|10] | Дата 2014-04-29 13:49:39

Мдааааа.... Запустил и удалил... Где норамальный геймплэй?
От: SuperSven [0|0] | Дата 2014-04-29 12:34:11

Не хочет запускаться, пишет "Illegal memory address"
От: Darkmen999 [1|4] | Дата 2014-04-29 12:21:32

Посмотрел на скрины, вспомнилась старая игрушка на сегу "688 Attack Sub", аж ностальгия хватила.
Но хотя понятно, что это тот же FTL, но в другой обертке.
От: Zyklon [57|19] | Дата 2014-04-29 12:21:28


Folleah сказал:

А меня не впечатлило... Лучше бы покрасочней было, а то скучно выглядит.

Silent Hunter в помощь)))
От: Folleah [11|3] | Дата 2014-04-29 06:56:13

А меня не впечатлило... Лучше бы покрасочней было, а то скучно выглядит.
От: suriken2003 [5|10] | Дата 2014-04-29 01:42:24

Вот бы русский язык и всё ок!но все равно 10/10 !