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Скачать игру Diehard Dungeon v1.8.1.0 - полная версия

Рейтинг: 10.0 (5) | Баллы: 5
Игру добавил Elektra [7719|138] | 2014-11-20 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (3281) | Просмотров: 36114

Diehard Dungeon v1.8.1.0

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Tricktale (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (1501); Ролевые игры (RPG) (3281)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 56.62 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 5)

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Diehard Dungeon - увлекательный рогалик с процедурногенерируемыми подземельями от независимой английской студии Tricktale.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.8.0 до v1.8.1. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Добро пожаловать в подземелье. Те немногие, которые выбраны, сталкиваются с серьезными испытаниями и опасностями. Удачи! Случайно сгенерированное подземелье создается каждый раз, когда вы играете. Откройте для себя многие тайны подземелий и несколько финалов. Есть ли у вас то, что требуется, чтобы выжить в подземелье?

• A bug that showed an incorrect number of tokens required for a Green Chest respin has been fixed.
• If the player has the Forget-Me-Not pickup, it will now show on the game over screen. For those times when you forget the Forget-Me-Not ;)
• Zombie Chest boss description changed.
• An occasional responsiveness issue when using a mouse to attack with the sword has been fixed. If you ever encountered a situation where a mouse button click didn't result in a sword swing; this was probably the cause.
• The light beam now correctly aligns with the Searching Eye enemy on the Fading Light minigame menu screen at all resolutions.
v1.8.0 Hotfix:
• Tiny stealth patch has been uploaded that fixes the problem.
• Fading Light - A new minigame that will cost 10 tokens to unlock.
• New enemy - Searching Eye.
• The respin system for green chests is changing. Every respin will now guarantee a win. Each successive respin will require more tokens, to a maximum of 10 tokens (increase: 1, 3, 5, 10).
• Double-spin spin attack. Pressing the attack button at the very end of a spin attack will activate a second spin for a potential of 10 points of damage.
• Spin attack movement speed increased slightly.
• Door key carry speed increase. Carrying a door key will increase the player's speed instead of slowing them down. I've received a lot of feedback regarding the tedious task of having to carry the key to the lock. Carrying the key will now be advantageous.
• Move whilst attacking with the sword. The player will be allowed a small amount of movement whilst attacking with the sword, as opposed to being fixed on the spot. Sword combat will feel more fluid.
• You can now turn whilst attacking with the sword. Locking the player's direction whilst attacking led to some frustrating situations where they would be hit from behind, unable to turn and attack quick enough.
• Player move speed has been increased slightly.
• Keyhole colour has been changed from dull blue to a vibrant gold. This should make them much easier to spot.
• Hitting a cannonball with the sword will now provide some satisfying feedback.
• A new achievement for the Fading Light minigame.
• The new enemy spawn system included in the previous patch, inadvertently led to the possibility of enemies (including bosses) that had the ability to teleport, teleporting outside of a boss room, becoming unreachable by the player. This has been fixed.
• An issue with certain remapped keyboard/mouse controls not responding to the correct key/button press, or an incorrect image being shown has been fixed.
• Player sword attack -> aim incorrect sprite bug fixed.
• New chest: Yellow. Yellow chests only contain abilities. They are rarer than green chests and must be destroyed(they are bound in chains) in order to collect the ability.
• Enemy collision response has been massively improved. The previous system had issues with enemies bouncing off of each other, or seemingly charging/popping instantaneously from one position to another (many times directly into the player). There were also issues with knocking enemies back, where enemies could block each other, forming an almost impenetrable wall. The new system fixes these issues.
• Champion Mode has been improved. When a good champion wisp explodes, it will inflict the blind status effect on all susceptible enemies, as well as cause a large amount of damage in its explosion radius. Good champion heart drop chance has also been increased. Evil champion movement speed has been decreased. Good/evil champion ratio is now context sensitive; depending on the players current predicament, he/she will be more(or less) likely to encounter one type over the other. Champion spawning is now staggered, so they won't all appear on top of the walls at the same time.
• Pro Mode option added to options screen. Turn on to disable all warning, ability and item popups. Good for players that already know the game well and want to avoid the interruptions from popups.
• Arrow traps will no longer activate if the pressure pad is activated off-screen. This is to ensure that rogue projectiles do not appear from nowhere due to an enemy triggering the trap off-screen.
• All enemy status effect immunities have been reevaluated. Most enemies are now much more susceptible.
• Minimum room size increased. Rooms will feel more spacious at higher ranks, with more room to avoid enemies/traps.
• Enemies will no longer spawn near the player when entering a new room.
• Luck now lasts for 1 minute (used to be 30 seconds) and has been improved.
• Mines dropped by Goblins are now bigger, so should be easier to spot.
• Evil Chest teleport attack radius has been reduced.
• Token wells now drop a necklace as well as gold when it spits out treasure. Treasure values are: gold 10, ring 25, necklace 100. This will be much more useful for leveling the Companion Chest quicker.
• Spinning blade shooters will no longer shoot projectiles if they are off-screen.
• Mini Lilly and Toadstool enemies will no longer shoot if they are taking damage. This prevents cheap/unfair deaths due to taking damage at point blank range whilst hitting them with the sword.
• Spear thrower enemy range decreased slightly.
• Eye enemy movement speed decreased slightly.
• Arrow projectiles have had their speed decreased slightly.
• All bosses that shoot projectiles have now had their projectiles reset properly when encountered again.
• The shield HUD no longer obscures part of the second row of hearts.
• Chest damage scale fixed. The accidental overwriting of a sprite caused chests to enlarge after too much damage.
• Companion Chest Dash ability incorrect sprite fixed.
• The Sword Damage+ perk has been fixed and will now work correctly.
• Sprites (the evil fairy things that attack with status effects) have had the Blind status effect added to their possible attacks.
• A red badge with the letter "A" will appear on top of the next activatable ability (Voodoo or Reflex) on the HUD.
• Diehard and Large Eye enemies have had their movement speed decreased slightly.
• After a successful run (escape from the dungeon), the player will be rewarded with a random perk for the next run. Perks bonuses will remain active for the entirety of the run.
• Movement Speed +
• Sword Damage +
• Hand Cannon Damage +
• Shield Health +
• Hand Cannon Juggle + (can hit cannonballs with sword more times before they explode).
• Chest (start with a treasure chest).
• EXP + (the run will reward more exp).
• Companion Upgraded (the Companion Chest will start at level 3).
• Gold Rush (increases the chance of finding a gold dropping wisp).
• Heart Slots (start with 10 available heart slots. Only 5 will contain hearts).
• New status effect: Blind - the player's vision becomes severely limited to a small circle. Enemies are also susceptible to this effect.
• New ability: Sense - highlights trap pressure pads, making them much easier to spot.
• New ability: Vision - immune to Blind status effect.
• New ability: Attract. The Companion Chest has a much larger treasure attraction range.
• New ability: Reflex (single use) - slows time (for everything apart from the player), allowing the player to easily avoid enemy attacks and potentially deal massive damage.
• New ability: Pierce. Hit cannonballs with the sword to unleash a piercing wave attack.
• All routes in Champion Mode are now hard. The hard routes still respect the player's rank.
• Diehard minions. Occasionaly the Dungeon Master will spawn a Diehard into the room instead of a spectre of himself. Diehards will be selected from the global leaderboard of players that have attained the rank of Diehard. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to encounter a Diehard. Diehards drop an EXP pickup when defeated.
• Boss health bar. A boss heaslth bar is now visible above the north wall of the room.
• Trap pressure pads will now glint briefly if the Companion Chest's light shines on them. This will help the player spot pressure pads covered in debris.
• Token Wells now drop 2 tokens instead of 1.
• The Dungeon Master will now only spawn to fight you in the final boss room if you have taken all hard routes.
• New "complete" ending. Escape the dungeon at Diehard rank, in Champion Mode, and defeat the Dungeon Master to view the new ending.
• The previous "best" ending has been modified to account for the "complete" ending.
• Champion Mode trigger distance has been increased for the Champions that wander along the tops of the walls.
• Blind status effect has been added to the possible Pyramid attacks.
• 5 new achievements for the new abilities.
• 1 new achievement for the "complete" ending.
• Day/night cycle, rain and dust/spores. Adds to the game's atsmosphere dramatically, making each environment feel slighlty different depending on the time of day.
• An option has been added to the options menu to toggle these on/off.
• Champion mode updated. Evil champions can now also spawn directly in the room to fight you.
• Champion mode has been re-balanced. I underestimated the amount of players that would choose to be good, making the mode too easy. It's now much more challenging.
• If the player's shield is hit, the player will now be knocked back enough to avoid further attacks.
• Chests now drop a heart or token if you don't win anything from spinning the reels.
• Many sprites have been updated.
• Lots of tweaks made to enemies.
• Lots of tweaks made to game balance (frequency of hearts etc).
• Gold key acquired splash no longer shows every time you restart.
• New feature: Shields. There are two shields that the player can pick up and use: a standard shield and a fear shield. Shields can only take a certain amount of damage before they break, as indicated by a HUD meter. Shields are obtained by defeating shield wielding enemies. Defeat the enemy without destroying its shield, and the shield will drop. Collecting a shield whilst you already have one equipped will replenish the shield's health.
• New enemy: Witch Doctor. Wields a fear shield
• New enemy: Goblin. Hops around on a pogo stick, dropping mines that detonate damaging anything within their explosion radius.
• Some changes have been made to the way Chests work. A small amount of situational bias has been added to the way items that are chosen, whilst still retaining as much randomness as possible. So you will be more likely to receive an ability as opposed to treasure, if you currently have no abilities etc.
• Chest 0 spins message changed from "Empty" to "Failed".
• Destroying a chest, or stopping on 0 spins will drop either a heart or a token. This means you always receive something from a chest.
• 4 new colours have been added to the customisation list (Black, Camo 1, Camo 2 & Camo 3).
• Alt-Tab player visibility bug fixed.
• Hit Wisps (the things that leave trails of gold) with an attack for 50% chance to receive a token.
• Some balance changes have been made to shield wielding enemies.
• Appearance option added to the main menu. A variety of colours can be selected for bandana, skin, tunic and shoes.
• Selecting random will switch the colours each time the game is started, or you exit the Appearance menu.
• Survival minigame re-balanced, and rules changed. Time limit reduced to 50 seconds. Enemy numbers and movement speed has been increased at the top end of the difficulty scale.
• The number of held abilities has been limited to 3. Any new abilities acquired will replace existing ones.
• To earn the Rage boost, finish 2 rooms in a row without receiving damage.
• ? ability box removed from HUD. It no longer serves any purpose.
• Spinning Blade projectiles are now being cleared properly upon entering a new room.
• Heartbreaker ability heart drop rate reduced.
• Cube enemy now awakens on close proximity to the player.
• Potential leaderboard upload crash fixed.
• Sword swing delay has been removed. Every button press will now result in a sword swing.
• Room generation algorithm has been improved. Rooms should feel much more open, have less corridors and generally be more interesting shapes. The minimum room size has also been increased from 9 grid tiles to 12.
• Room entrance location has been improved. The chance of an entrance being placed in a corridor has been greatly reduced.
• 'Survival' minigame enemy spawn locations have been moved away from the entrance.
• Sloths, and the Giant Oaf boss have had their stun duration tweaked to account for the new sword swing.
• Knives, Slash and Repel have been tweaked to account for the new sword swing.
• A new Lilly projectile destination sprite has been created.
• Trapdoor game incorrect ability reward icon fixed.
• Enemy hit momentum tweaked. As a result, the Repel ability has become slightly more effective.
• Hive Mind will no longer spawn Blob enemies when hit with the Repel ability.
• New Minigame: Survival. Select "Objective" from the Survival menu for instructions. Survival must be unlocked with either 30 Tokens, or by attaining Diehard rank.
• New Enemy: Spear Thrower.
• New Enemy: Lilly.
• New Enemy: Lilly Pod.
• New Enemy: Eye.
• New Enemy: Mini Eye.
• New Companion Chest upgrade. Increased fire rate. Drops a mini chest that will either shoot standard or poison arrows at enemies, depending on enemy weaknesses.
• New achievement: Survive 20 rooms of the Survival minigame to unlock.
• Player collision zones greatly improved. Many enemies were not using the correct player collision zone to check against, which resulted in an incorrect collision detection.
• Added a new Token Well drop: Companion Chest upgrade. Collect to instantly upgrade the Companion Chest.
• Improved random room generation.
• Fixed a bug where the player would receive instant damage upon entering a room.
• Fixed Dungeon Master defeated achievement bug. It used to unlock before the Dungeon Master had been defeated.
• EXP pickup now awards Diehard Points at Diehard rank.
• Improved enemy spawning.
• Added a white shield sprite over enemy heads to indicate immunity to status effects.
• When fighting the Dungeon Master, the chance of a life containing blue light spawning has been decreased.
• Many, many minor tweaks.
• Mouse & Keyboard key/button rebinding is now available from the options menu by selecting "Change Controls". There are two default control methods available: mouse & keyboard and keyboard (on its own). The mouse & keyboard method assumes you want to use the mouse to aim.
• Sword spin attack. Hold the attack button down to charge, and release to perform the spin attack. All containers are destroyed with a single spin attack. There are a few more uses planned for the spin attack in future patches.
• Minigame option added to main menu. Mayhem and all future minigames will be included here.
• Looter ability description reworded.
• Dungeon Master gold key bug fixed.
• Becoming 'feared' switches the player animation to the default run animation (it used to look odd with some static animations i.e. aiming).
• Zombie Chest's difficulty reduced.
• Spinning Blade Shooters shoot arrows at a slower rate, and will only shoot if they are near the player.
• Show Exit option added to the options menu. Turn off to stop the camera focusing on the door when it opens.
• Break/Destroy sounds for some containers have had the pitch reset to normal.
• Enemies that are underground will no longer block enemies above ground.
• The player will no longer become engulfed in fire if they take damage whilst on fire (this resulted in losing 2 hearts).
• The Companion Chest will no longer collide with the player when not following.
• Enemies with swords have had their attack range reduced.
• Quitting a run will now result in an xp penalty (the same as dying).
• Fixed a small chance that an exit key wouldn't drop in one of the tutorial rooms.
• Added ability to use tokens to re-spin a Chest win (1 token = 1 re-spin). A win from a re-spin is only 50% guaranteed.
• New behaviors for swordsmen. They will now act a bit less predictable.
• Increasing rank from Rogue -> Fighter is now easier (to make new players aware of the dynamic difficulty/rank system). The difficulty increase between these two ranks is very minor.
• Pyramids have a much more obvious invincible animation.
• Pyramids have a new damage/destroy sound.
• Roman Numerals added to Diehard leaderboard to signify rank.
• Human enemy hit sound changed (should reduce the confusion between enemy/player hits).
• Hitting cannonballs with the sword damages whatever it hits on impact, as opposed to simply knocking it back.
• Skull & Crossbones containers will now sometimes contain nothing.
• Some enemies have had their sprites scaled down slightly.
• Fixed token sprite remaining visible if you die whilst dropping a token into a well.
• Fixed (hopefully!) the music being overlaid, or stopping. I'm unable to reproduce the bug, so please let me know if it still occurs.
• Touching an enemy that's on fire, whilst being invincible will no longer engulf you in flames.
• Enemies with shields re-dropping shield when killed bug fixed.
• Being knocked by a cannonball explosion will no longer engulf you in flames, if you are on fire.
• Forget-Me-Not ability will no longer reset the companion chest level after death.
• Voodoo ability will deal 50% damage to a boss's current health.
• Using Houdini ability whilst aiming bug fixed.
• "Champion mode unlocked!" message no longer shows every time you escape the dungeon.
• Sword attack code rewritten (MUCH more accurate).
• Sword jab changed to a swipe (completely new animation).
• Sword damage radius increased.
• Slash damage radius increased.
• Slash ability graphics scaled up to show actual damage radius.
• Knives ability now throw every time the sword is used.
• Quick start popup will show once to make you aware of the settings.
• Added Diehard leaderboard (all experience gained at Diehard rank will be used to determine your leaderboard position). Can be accessed via the stats menu screen.
• Added Diehard leaderboard popup that shows once you reach Diehard rank (to make you aware of the leaderboard).
• Normal and hard boss achievements will unlock if you beat a hard boss.
• Added the ability to hit hand cannon cannonballs with the sword for easier placement and knockback tactics.
• Gun controls improved for mouse & keyboard.
• Gun sights toggle on/off added to the options menu.
• Screen flashes toggle on/off added to the options menu.
• Low life warning sound toggle on/off added to the options menu.
• Heartbreaker/Houdini incorrect icons fixed.
• Champion Mode crash bug fixed.
• Screen Flashes option added to options menu (mainly for people suffering from photosensitivity).
• Music volume has been balanced (lowered).
• All projectiles now collide with Chests.
• Containers that are on top of Spike Trap pressure plates, no longer spawn Imps.
• Dungeon Master Spectre no longer spawns in starting area.
• Modified Shield Runner enemy bahavior.
• Companion Chest Token drop rate resets correctly on retry.
• Enemy hit boxes tweaked.
• All routes are hard at high ranks.
• Best ending achieved by exiting the dungeon at maximum rank, releasing Champions and defeating the Dungeon Master.
• Companion Chest drops tokens as it collects treasure.
• Dungeon Master ambushes – the dungeon master will release a spectre to fight you, if or when he deems you to be a threat. The higher your rank, the more likely this will be.
• Enemies are now susceptible to all status effects.
• Enemy and Trap projectiles will now collide with all enemies and containers, and not just the player.
• Final gold chest will drop tokens if already opened in a previous playthrough.
• Hard routes are unavailable at low ranks.
• If destroyed, chests will drop either a heart or a token.
• New ability – Immune to Fear.
• New collectible – EXP. Increases your experience towards the next rank.
• New collectible – Heart Container. Increase the maximum number of hearts you can collect (20 maximum).
• New collectible – Tokens. Use on Token Wells (see below).
• New enemy – Bandit. A hardened fighter.
• New enemy – Shield Runner. Relentless, spiked shield carrying enemy that will only stop when killed.
• New enemy – Sprite. Emits Fear and Poison shockwaves when it’s attacked or senses danger.
• New exit criteria – Pyramids. Emits Fear, Poison and Daze shockwaves, has a shield and must be destroyed in order to exit the area.
• New game logo.
• New gameplay mechanic – Token Wells. Expend a token for a chance to receive a random bonus.
• New status effect – Fear. You lose control and flee.
• New trap – Spinning arrow shooter.
• Player projectiles produce a splash on impact with water.
• Ranks – The better you play, the higher your rank becomes.
• Stats – Rank, Time Played, Escapes, Times Died and more is recorded and viewable.
• Status effect precidence – Fire > Fear > Poison > Daze spinning blade to Mayhem (spawns at level 10).
• Challenge rooms removed from possible teleport destinations and replaced with a Token Well room.
• Chest winnings are now dropped instead of being automatically collected.
• Game completely rebalanced.
• Mayhem score system. Kill enemies with an active status effect to earn more points.
• Player/Enemy speed is reduced slightly when walking on water.
• Water extinguishes fire much faster!
• Bomb pots no longer activate by simply coming into contact with something.
• Control pad no longer vibrates if using mouse/keyboard controls.
• Dungeon Master portrait image fixed.
• Fire engulf time bug fixed.
• Many, many minor fixes and alterations.
• Many, many particles improved and new ones added.
• Many, many sprites improved or re-created.
• Player will no longer exit an area by being hit into the exit. The player will only leave if they move into the exit intentionally.
• The player and enemies now flash white when they take damage.
• Triple-Shot and Trigger Happy re-balanced and altered the way they behave.
• Different container types used depending on if the floor is wet or dry.
• Overall game difficulty re-balanced. Stages become slightly harder as the game progresses, and there is a bigger difference between easy and hard routes.
• Many more minor changes.

Combining its own unique take on the real-time Roguelike genre, with a nostalgic 16-bit look and feel, Diehard Dungeon is a game that feels both familiar and quite different at the same time.

A randomly generated dungeon is created every time you play. Discover the dungeons many secrets and multiple outcomes.

Do you have what it takes to survive the dungeon?

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Комментарии игроков (26 шт.)

От: Kepochkin [9|16] | Дата 2016-03-24 06:19:29

простой аналог бит данжена, овертура и данжен хиро
скачал поиграл, отдалённо вспомнился исаак
игра играбельна впринципе но мне неочень понравилось
От: Sirion [23|2] | Дата 2014-11-22 15:48:19

Этот проект ещё жив? Хм, возможно, стоит попробовать.
От: Revolver [44|74] | Дата 2014-11-21 03:06:35

Не моя игра, я больше люблю посидеть, подумать, спланировать, сделать все толково и не спеша...

Revolver подумал несколько минут и добавил:

На втором скрине заметил сундук с таймером. Теперь точно не буду качать... ибо я не глупый, но слоупок))
От: Phoenix97 [6|3] | Дата 2014-11-20 22:03:45

Хмм... Dungeon... Ладно, посмотрим.
От: SolBadGuy [4|0] | Дата 2014-11-12 16:35:17

Да, как то слабо вышло. Я тоже привык к совсем другим рогаликам. Это непонятно что вообще
От: frth [2|16] | Дата 2014-11-04 11:39:02

Не знаю что это за рогалик, когда ты должен постоянно носиться...
имхо настоящий рогалик должен быть пошаговый
От: SOME [8|4] | Дата 2014-07-30 20:13:23


Nike_Destroyer сказал:

Ну и отстоище!

Твоё мнение никого не интересует
От: wespard [8|60] | Дата 2014-04-19 22:45:08

Первые 30 минут игры, кажется, что она полна сюрпризов и неожиданностей.
Зато дальше как то уныло и тупо.

Со 2ого раза, прошёл 3 хард данжей, слился на танках, что таранят шитами.
И...весь интерес пропал...по бегал ещё пару раз, и удалил :с
От: serber106 [1|7] | Дата 2014-04-19 19:51:16

Рогалик это понятно , но надо было назвать ( Рогало-месево )
А так сойдёт до beta ( И почему это полная версия )
Хороший сайт Small-games.

serber106 подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Игра очень классная , но очень много крови.
От: Nike_Destroyer [7|3] | Дата 2014-03-22 14:06:13

Ну и отстоище!
От: Rajen11 [3|64] | Дата 2014-03-22 11:55:48

С виду норм должна быть... надо потестить, ибо мнений много, а своё как-от важнее, дело вкуса в общем.

Rajen11 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

А как скачать с datafile??? Только для премиума этот файл пишет... чезанафиг?
От: Yoji [217|34] | Дата 2013-10-06 04:10:15

Рогаликом это назвать нельзя, скорее рубилово и метание бомбочек в поздемельях. Игра выполнена на уровне: герою выдаются полезные перки, монстры требуют к себе подхода, встречается много "секреток" и развилок в проходении. Но по богатству все это, конечно, сильно уступает внешне неряшливому The Binding of Isaac. Тем не менее, играть приятно, ибо атмосфера не давит.
От: ratapwnz [4|0] | Дата 2013-09-10 15:39:57

В игре есть некоторая сложность, более ничего интересного. Меня бесит современная тенденция, когда на фоне "успешных" (хотя бы по числу поклонников) рогаликов прошлого и новых инди-проектов (мерзкое слово инди бррр) все просто повально начинают делать убогонький пиксельарт и примитившину. Я понимаю когда рогалик с глубокой механикой и множеством идей имеет графику для галочки, но когда вцелом непримечательные проекты вроде этого (ну хоть убей не вижу я тут не инноваций, ник каких то спупер пупер приятных фич или потрясающего геймплея) имеют еще и посредственный дизайн с посредственным артом.
А от этой псевод-перспективы у меня вообще голова разболелась, гггг.

А по поводу лотус блейда, всем и так давно известно что он фанат исака и митбоя. Все игры имеющие отдаленные отголоски будут признаны шедеврами, все остальные унижены кучей пустых шаблонных фраз с претензией на иллтизм.
От: DarthNihilus [17|21] | Дата 2013-08-23 12:41:41

Два больших минуса - скорость передвижения не соответствует размеру екрана, во время удара ГГ останавливается
От: -Fant- [3|1] | Дата 2013-08-01 09:50:49

Прошел игру. Не знаю где тут однообразие. КУча всего - и боссы более менее приличные и секреты и куча умений... Даже вот обзор заделал) http://youtu.be/YYhxetQcVhM
От: JeRRuSh [8|9] | Дата 2013-05-22 19:24:06

Монотонная и однообразная игра. Безусловно, сложная, и сначала даже завлекает, но быстро наскучивает.
От: Ramsay [8|3] | Дата 2013-05-02 19:27:07

А я залип! :3
От: Sam_FISHER_2011 [475|26] | Дата 2013-05-02 16:15:41

Честно скажу, игра не понравилась. Либо я слишком мало поиграл, либо игры мне надоели.
От: Sirion [23|2] | Дата 2013-05-02 16:07:44

"не ставить одни десятки" != "адекватность"
я давно слежу за этим вашим лотусом. да, он берётся критиковать, это ценно. но у него есть два недостатка, которые сами по себе не так страшны, но образуют очень дурное сочетание:

1. он необъективен.
2. он считает, что объективен
От: Sam_FISHER_2011 [475|26] | Дата 2013-05-02 15:21:30

И почему вы так к Лотусу привязались? Адекватный человек. Многие же тут одни десятки каждой игре ставят - не могут субъективно оценивать.
От: Sirion [23|2] | Дата 2013-05-02 13:59:01

>рогалик с процедурногенерируемыми подземельями
масло масляное

Sirion подумал несколько минут и добавил:

фу, он риалтаймовый
От: Jack_in_the_Box [2|16] | Дата 2013-05-02 13:22:37

Айзека? Который Кларк?

Jack_in_the_Box подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Оу, затупил. Понял, какого Айзека.
От: Kn1MS [260|52] | Дата 2013-05-02 13:03:14

Он ещё Митбоя хвалил, Спеланки, и, вроде бы, Айзека.
От: Jack_in_the_Box [2|16] | Дата 2013-05-02 12:56:58

Лотус похвалил игру - из ряда вон выходящий случай. Наверное, все-таки стоит скачать.
От: Shirai [12|10] | Дата 2013-05-02 12:45:52

У Лотуса сегодня праздник?)
От: LotusBlade [365|187] | Дата 2013-05-02 12:23:18

Вот, это я понимаю - чистый хардкор. Музык аля МитБой + геймплей аля Isaak + непростительная сложность Spelunky. Тут даже на легком пройти уже тяжело, особенно когда только первый раз играеш, уже первая комната может тебя замочить. Секреты, всякие бонусы, боссы и враги со способностями - все что нужно. Приходится очень осторожно играть, а система огня добавляет еще больше опасности. Великолепная игра.


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