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Скачать игру Quantum Engine v1.0 - торрент, полная версия

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3625|10] | 2017-03-05 | Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (1230) | Просмотров: 4609

Quantum Engine v1.0

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Jorn Segers (1) и Wannes Vanoyenbrugge (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Головоломки, пазлы (2916); Игры для детей, обучающие (316); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (1230)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 290.24 Мб.

Quantum Engine - обучающий инструмент, специально созданный для тех, кто интересуется химией. Не важно новичок Вы, или профессионал, это программное обеспечение поможет Вам улучшить понимание удивительного мира электронов, атомов, молекул и минералов!

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Минимальные системные требования:
• ОС: Windows XP SP2
• Процессор: SSE2 Instruction set support
• Оперативная память: 128 MB ОЗУ
• Видеокарта: DX9 (shader model 3.0) or DX11 with feature level 9.3 capabilities
• DirectX: Версии 9.0
• Место на диске: 5 GB

Quantum Engine is an educative engine especially made for everyone who is interested in chemistry.
It doesn’t matter if you're a novice or a professional, this engine/learning software will help you improve your understanding of the amazing world of electrons, atoms, molecules, minerals and way more!

What does this engine has to offer?
• A simple drag and drop system for placing and moving every element you like
• All 118 elements from the periodic table in 3D world space
• Premade molecules, minerals, gemstones, alloys, alkanes, alchemical substances... to speed things up
• Easy-to-use interface
• Huge database containing information and interesting facts about every single atom to the biggest chemical compounds
• Frequent updates when the engine is released. (Let us know in a review or mail what you would like see in our program! We built the software with tips from others and we will keep doing this.)
• Both simple and advanced 3D animations
• Periodic table containing information of every single element
• Advanced 3D tool to form molecules/compounds
• Historical overview of chemistry
• Database of chemical reaction videos
• An informative introduction to laboratory equipment including 3D models
• Lots of interesting facts about the wonderful world of chemistry
• Overview of all danger symbols

It's easy to use!
Quantum Engine makes use of an easy drag and drop system to form and visualize every chemical compound you can ever imagine. With the beautiful user interface especially designed for class-use, the engine is suited for people with little to no knowledge about computers to computer experts.

Why do I need this?
The engine has already been used in schools and tested by students (age: 13-17). The students found it extremely useful and easy to use. It helped them to get a better understanding of what all these complex chemical symbols really mean and what they look like in a fully 3D world, instead of a boring 2D paper.

Our story
As a child we always loved chemistry because we knew what it had to offer and why it was so important in our world. We noticed students just couldn't get a picture of what atoms really mean in our world. Some said chemistry is boring because they just didn't know what the point of all these complex formulas were. Others said it was all just too complicated to even bother learning. We believe chemistry is one of the most important aspects of our lives. So here we are, bringing education to the next level. Quantum Engine is made in collaboration with a couple of chemistry teachers and professors in Belgium and we got a lot of tips from the chemistry community on the internet.

Having a problem or a question?
You can reach us 16/7 in a live chat or call and we will make sure everything is quickly regulated.

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Комментарии игроков (1 шт.)

От: Alexator22 [1|4] | Дата 2017-03-10 10:18:10

Это не столько игра - сколько пособие для химиков. Стоящая штука - только если вам нужно нарисовать себе 3д молекулу или визулизировать поведение атомов.
Если вы не имеете отношение к химии - то ничего не найдете для себя в этом приложении