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Скачать игру Lightspeed Frontier v1.02 [Steam Early Access] - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 23
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3600|10] | 2017-03-08 (обновлено) | Аркадные шутеры (1898) | Просмотров: 10503

Lightspeed Frontier v1.02 [Steam Early Access]

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от ArkisVir (1) и Crowdwork Studios (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркадные шутеры (1898); Леталки, скроллеры (1000); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (1006)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 256.79 Мб.

Lightspeed Frontier - космическая sci-fi песочница с открытым миром, где Вы можете строить корабли из модулей в реальном времени, исследовать галактику, заниматься дипломатией и становиться самым успешным космическим предпринимателем во Вселенной!

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с бесплатной альфы v0.050 до Steam Early Access v1.02. Список изменений можно узнать здесь.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский

Минимальные системные требования:
• ОС: Windows 7 64-bit
• Процессор: Intel Core i3
• Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
• Видеокарта: Intel HD Graphics 6000 / AMD Radeon HD 7700
• Место на диске: 300 MB
• Звуковая карта: Yes

You've decided to leave everything behind and try your hand at captaining a ship on the fringes of the universe. Customize your ship piece by piece to tackle whatever adventures await you. Take on crime lords and space pirates in battle, undercut corporations that are monopolizing business, influence the galactic stock market, and become the most successful captain you can be.

In this sci-fi adventure sandbox game, you have the opportunity to explore and influence the universe around you and make your own path. Take on open ended missions that will have a lasting effect on your surroundings, and embark on an adventure to discover the mysteries of Lightspeed Frontier.

Faster than light travel has recently been made available for the common middle-class galaxy dweller, and you’ve just saved up enough money to purchase your first command pod. This command pod can have it’s functionality and size extended with additional modular building blocks, such as engines, cannons, lasers, scanners, software, and more.

As you acquire more modules for your ship, your ship class will also increment unlocking more missions and special actions. While you start out as just a tiny fighter-class ship with less than 20 modules, you can eventually reach the pinnacle of modular ship development by acquiring 400 or more individual components for your ship and be upgraded to the final Dreadnaught class! Each class has its own pros and cons, as far as firepower, speed, maneuverability, etc, but slowly acquiring more modules through whatever means necessary will open up more opportunities for you.

You can acquire upgrades for your ship in multiple ways: by completing various quests that you find around the frontier, by politely asking other ship owners if you can destroy them and salvage them for parts and resources or mine raw resources yourself and sell them at stations. Quests are one of the most unique features in Lightspeed Frontier, as they aren’t issued through your typical ubiquitous “mission posting”. Players will need to be aware of the various breaking headlines, advertisements, and direct messages from people you have encountered through your travels. This means that if you want to have work, you need to go out in find it! This makes exploration a key part of the game, since it also will result in more rewards and quests for you to pick up!

While exploring the universe, you may encounter memorable NPCs, corporations, scavengers, programmers, asteroid belts, space stations, and more. Every encounter with an NPC will either make you enemies or allies with them, depending on if you choose to help them or stab them in the back. This could result on a bounty being put on your head, or more challenging (but rewarding) work from them in the future. There are also many different ways for you to make your mark in the universe. You can invest in high-tech drilling modules for mining if you want to be a raw materials salesman, or BFGs if you’re more the bounty hunter type. There are even different levels of tractor beams for improved shipping capabilities.

Battling other ships is a key part of the game, and also one of the challenges of traversing the frontier. Players are safe when they are near space stations, but once you venture out into open space, your warp signature will draw in scavengers like sharks, so be prepared! You will need to utilize a multitude of different weapons, maneuvering techniques, and even physics to destroy your opponents (yes, ramming into other ships is actually a viable way of destroying them or knocking off their modules!). And it goes without saying, the brochure from the command pod salesman did not mention anything about the constant and ceaseless life-threatening encounters you would face in the outer reaches of the universe.

Most the parts you can come across are made according to faction orders and designs. The United Research Alliance always has the most high tech and light modules, but alas they aren't very durable. The Industrial Conglomerate has that covered with everything designed for sheer strength. And tensile strength too. Finally if you're low on cash you may find some old pre-warp modules in questionable conditions but the price is unparalleled. There are a few other factions planned to be added ranging from Twinblade Riders, the petrolheads of space, to unknown parts of alien origin.

Space is a massive opportunity for investment and profit which brings interstellar corporations to the frontier's outposts and space stations. These corporations can provide you with shipping contracts, protection work (or even more shady jobs once you earn their trust) or you can just simply invest into their stocks.

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Для 64-битных ОС

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Комментарии игроков (5 шт.)

От: Den_Laden [1|9] | Дата 2017-12-17 18:31:20

Avorion на минималках?
От: Hellwarlord [0|0] | Дата 2017-03-08 17:25:05

Обновите игру, в стиме вышла Early Access v1.01 http://store.steampowered.com/app/548650/?snr=1_7_7_230_150_3

Hellwarlord думал около часа и добавил:


Hellwarlord думал около часа и добавил:

Update: игра убога. Поиграл 15 минут и удалил. Avorion намного лучше.
От: karpov4565 [3|0] | Дата 2017-02-18 18:35:36

terratech в космосе
От: skidrowgames [1|12] | Дата 2016-09-05 18:49:01

Я испытываю, я люблю игры в космосе
От: DobrMayonez [62|20] | Дата 2016-08-10 12:55:15

Это демо версия?

DobrMayonez полчасика подумал и добавил:

Очень сырая и практически неиграбельная. Посмотрим, может быть если разраб не забросит, то что-то получится.


++++++<СКОРО НА САЙТЕ>++++++ Rogue Legacy 2

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