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Скачать игру Nomad [Steam Early Access] v0.495 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 5.8 (5) | Баллы: 30
Игру добавил Elektra [7715|138] | 2016-04-01 (обновлено) | Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (1246) | Просмотров: 36595

Nomad [Steam Early Access] v0.495

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Diminished Studios (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Я ищу, квесты, приключения (5838); Сетевые / ХотСит (2262); Зомби игры (434); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (1246)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 184.56 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 5.8 из 10 (всего голосов: 5)

• Похожие игры:
- Stellar Overload v0.8.9.1 / Planets³: Race To Space

Nomad — мультиплеерная survival зомби-песочница, в которой Вы будете охотится на других игроков, заниматься крафтом и ремеслом, убивать вечно голодных зомби, заниматься обустройством базы и, конечно же, выживать!

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v0.494 до v0.495. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Язык: Русский.

• birds now cull
• fixed bug with chests and furnaces destroying when a nearby foundation got destroyed
• campfires will now delete when there is no ceiling/foundation or terrain under them
• fixed ammo display
• fixed doors not checking if it was over a foundation or a ceiling/floor properly
• new metal door texture
• added more community screenshots to the loading and saving screens
• zombies will no longer walk through bases
• main menu changed
Full Changelog:
• servers have been updated, please use the new server (.bat and .exe)
• zombies will no longer insta-hit you when they are in range to attack you
• deer animation is now fixed
• taking out a foundation will now delete connected stuctures attached to that foundation around 20 units
• creating a ceiling now requires a wall to be attached
• creating a door now requires a floor/ceiling/foundation to be required
• creating wall torches now require a wall to be attached
• structure colliders have been optimized
• fixed damage reduction
• signs will now update faster
• reduced katana damage
• reduced KA-74 damage
• reduced minigun damage
• reduced hunting bow damage
• hunting bow speed increased
• reduced saw damage
• reduced magnum damage
• increased gizmo damage
• gizmo bullet drop increased
• gizmo bullet speed decreased
• increased bolt damage
• increased block 19 damage
• increased odin damage
• all foundations now have increased health
• zombies no longer drop pink sneakers
• hitting zombies will no longer cause a glitch sound effect for other players
• increased block 19 spawn chance
• increased heavy axe spawn chance
• increased heavy pickaxe spawn chance
• decreased bolt spawn chance
• decreased saw spawn chance
• updated minigun tooltip to display correct ammo type
• fixed issue with bullets not sending correct ID of players
• fixed bug with removing the medical pack when used
• increased the health you get from medical pack
• increased the health you get from painkillers
• /heal with now cures bleeding effects (server admins)
• /heal with now cures poison effects (server admins)
• /heal will now output a message when healed
• fixed issue with the ban system
• signs can now be used in unauthorized areas
• grabbing items from containers is now faster
• inventory should now perform a little faster
• metal window should now spawn correctly when upgrading
• failing to enter the correct server password more than 2 times will now result in a kick
• logging in as a server admin no longer sets /spy
• /give will now output a message to say if you got the item or not
• added /giftall which gifts everybody on the server a special present (server admins)
• dew catcher will now cull
• new HUD added
• loading screen changed
• saving character screen changed
• select spawn point screen changed
• added more images to the loading screen from the community screenshot section
• c4 will now damage storage chests
• c4 will now damage furnaces
• the explosive chest will now blow up when destroyed
• wall torches will now turn off when you are at a distance of 65 units - other light sources are still 400 units
• supporters will now have the tag [Supporter] next to their name
• lowered the distance for the name to appear
• you can now damage stone structures will melee or ranged weapons. hands do no damage
• more tips added
• new loading screen added. if you want your image to be used in the loading screen, simply upload it to the community hub screenshot section and if i like it i'll add it!
• fixed water around beaches
• hunting bow sfx fixed
• server admins can now ban by using /ban <user> or /banID <steamID>
• fixed /kill
• you can no longer get achievements while logged in as a server admin
• server admins can now do /heal
• /kick is now added to the /help menu
• fixed medical supply drop item bug (showing 1 out of 10 bug when no items are in)
• Server files have been updated.
• supply crate smoke is now green
• added steam achievements
• fixed ammo after death on some weapons
• crafting a pickaxe or a fireaxe no longer says "crafting a torch"
• crafting a torch now requires cloth instead of a bandage
• sky should be better synced across all clients
• patch notes on the main menu will now redirect you to our official website instead of steam community news page
• increase spawn on birds
• mining nodes spawner has been changed
• mining nodes will now delete when joining a server as a master client. this is to stop too many mining nodes getting spawned in the server
• odin has a new fire sound effect, impact sound effects and dry fire
• sledge hammer added to the game and only spawns at industrial areas
• hammer damage increased
• added kitchen knife, spawns in houses
• added tomato soup
• added tinned mushy peas
• added tomatties tinned tomatoes
• added spaghetti letties
• added pineapple slices
• added spag hoops
• fixed tooltip for crafting a torch, it should say "1x wood 1x cloth" not "1x wood 1x bandage"
• fixed tooltip for sleeping bag, it should say "4x cloth" not "4x bandage"
• wooden door health has significantly increased
• metal door health has significantly increased
• Fixed sulphur ore texture bug
• You can now get metal ore from stone nodes (low chance)
• Fixed lag issue when joining a server for the first time
• You can now upgrade to metal structures from stone (requires 2 metal per structure object)
• Thor model changed
• Bolt model changed
• Bolt now holds 10 bullets
• Bolt is now a sniper
• Added bullpup rifle
• Added saw light machine gun
• Added minigun
• Chat will no longer open when pressing enter/return
• Added odin (an energy rifle)
• Added energy cell (ammo for the odin/energy weapons) – only drops from zombies
• Added heavy pickaxe (gathers double the resources and only spawns at industrial)
• Aadded heavy axe (gathers double the resources and only spawns at industrial)
• Fixed inventory item tooltip not displaying
• fixed sleeping bags
• you can now damage/break sleeping bags
• flashlight light increased
• flashlight cone light decreased
• torch light increased
• upgraded to unity 5.3.3 - should see some performance increases
• lights optimized
• zombies will now reset when joining a server as a masterclient
• added crowbar
• optimized campfire and furnace scripts so it will no longer cause network lag and FPS stuttering
• optimized player over network
• fixed zombie sound effects
• optimized crosshair (yep, that was a thing...)
• you can no longer stack chests on top of each other
• fixed an error with melee weapons sending incorrect network data
• removed texture size in options (it's causing errors on unity 5.3.3)
• options menu re-ordered
• adjusted sky network sync
• fixed hunting bow muzzlelight error
• optimized storage chests
• optimized sleepers
• fixed zombie and deer respawning issue
• fixed a rare bug where if zombie respawning bug occured the supply drops wouldn't spawn
• all items will now delete after 15 minutes, causing a fresh spawn for loot
• total loot spawns has been increased
• added cloth
• ripping up leg and chest clothing items (using middle mouse) will now create 2x cloth
• fixed inventory space bug when crafting a sleeping bag
• crafting a sleeping bag now requires cloth
• crafting a bandage can now be found under inventory > crafting menu > medical > bandage
• using middle mouse button over carrots, tomatos or potatos will now create 2 seeds of that item - this will create a farm a lot faster.
• increased ore despawn timer
• night is now a little brighter
• day and night sound effects fixed
• all weapons bullet range has been increased
• fixed flashlight sound range bug
• flashlight light range increased
• hunting bow now requires 1 cloth to craft (2x wood 1x cloth)
• Fixed stone and metal ore spawning issue.
• Added a help.txt file in the Nomad Server folder to aid new players on how to host a server and connect to it
• Raw meats will now properly delete
• Potatoes, Tomatoes and Carrots from your farm will now properly loot
• voip removed as it causes too much server lag, going to be reworking it later
• loot increased based on feedback/reviews
• loot system changed. loot will only delete when connecting to the server (when youre the master client). should help with the network stutter
• occlusion culling added
• decreased network sync for sky system
• optimized zombie spawners
• /kick feature has been added
• /tp feature has been fixed
• fixed c4 inventory space bug
• fixed spawning of ore
• decreased network sync for sky system
• clouds are now synced over the network
• fixed timestep reduced to 20fps, down from 30fps
• optimized player
• server admins can now change server time (do /time <hour>)
• night light intensity increased to 0.2, up from 0.1
• day and night sound effects added to the game
• sky weather system added (clouds can now change colour and cloud coverage)
• torch light is now synced properly
• water sounds are back
• desert added to the game
• fixed crafting ammo free space bug
• all ammo now requires 1x gunpowder to craft
• dew catcher added
• all wells removed from the game
• changed tree shader
• optimized door script
• door UI skin changed
• wooden barricades shader changed
• new sleeping bag system (sleeping bags now have cooldowns)
• brand new sleeping bag UI (choose your sleeping bag spawn location)
• host server button now brings up the steam install directory (then locate "Nomad Server" then launch "START.bat" in order to launch a server)
• lowered bloom intensity
• new day and night system added
• rocks in map texture change
• optimized flame light script
• faster light flicker on fire
• campfire and torch lights intensity & range increased
• added more commands for server owners (do /help for more)
• changed the way airdrops work
• dying now correctly takes all your ammo from your weapons
• hand melee damage reduced to 3, down from 5
• added in stone pickaxe (2 hits for mining)
• added in stone hatchet (2 hits for gather)
• zombies are now back to normal (christmas theme removed)
• starting gear is now back to normal (christmas starting gear removed)
• upgrading to stone structures now requires 2 stone, up from 1
• supply drops will never delete. they will only delete when everything has been taken from the supply drop
• supply drops now have a 10% chance to spawn, down from 16.67%
• zombies will now delete properly across the network
• c4 now uses 1 explosives to craft
• poison will now correctly show after curing poison then getting poisoned again
• changed the way looting items work
• ixed server config loot states
• names are smaller above player heads
• all food and drink items have been rebalanced
• voip changes
• car near bridge is no longer floating
• fixed some rocks
• lowered the rarity of presents to 5%, down from 10%
• furnaces will now consume wood when there is nothing to smelt inside
• placing a failed workbench will no longer send a message to everyone
• campfires will now play the correct sound effect, and its volume has been reduced
• building screen is now fixed and will now correctly show
• c4 will now correctly apply damage to structures
• c4 blast radius reduced to 3, down from 5
• server config will now load faster when connecting to a server
• you can now craft a rock (see inventory > crafting > weapons > rock) requires 1 stone
• crafting a stick will now correctly take resources
• trees removed from beach
• colliders removed from water
• decreased chance to spawn supply drops slightly
• mining nodes/veins will now give out 4 resources, up from 3
• new bigger bush added (you can hide in them)
• all bushes have been optimized
• empty bottle added
• drinking bottled items will now create a empty bottle
• changed the way sleepers delete
• sulphur ore has been added and can be smelted at the furnace to make sulphur
• you will now drop items infront of you when your inventory is full when gathering
• new tooltip for metal ore, it now says "smelt in furnace"
• water bottle added
• gunpowder added and can be crafted in inventory > crafting > ammo > gunpowder
• berry juice added (requires 4 purple berries and an empty bottle)
• you can now craft explosives
• campfires rewritten, you now place food and wood inside of them
• you can no longer cook food in your crafting menu (use campfires)
• campfire areas are removed from the game. you no longer heal at campfires
• added charcoal to the game
• furnaces now properly get destroyed and spawns items
• furnaces rewritten and now requires wood to start burning
• furnace volume reduced
• new loading screen when you first load into the game
• workbenches now output a error message when you overlap building areas and now returns your wood
• added /logout
• added /quit (doesnt save character but forces a quit to the main menu) ((in case stuff goes bad))
• hosting a server in-game no longer shows in the menu
• terrain has been touched up
• new weapon, stick has been added
• you can now craft a stick under inventory > crafting > weapons
• rock culling has been increased
• stonewall and warehouse texture has been darkened
• added more loot tables to supply drops
• waterfall is now back
• server menu changed slightly
• player UI changed slightly
• trees move in the wind
• grass now fades in
• inventory script optimized
• structure upgrade/repair GUI optimized
• furnace script optimized
• small/other script optmizations
• furances now have 50hp, down from 350hp
• workbenches now have 100hp, down from 200hp
• you can now change texture quality in options menu
• you can now change pixel light count in options menu
• brand new loot spawner system and loot tables - now based on rarity when spawning - needs feedback
• bolt is now back in the game and spawns in military only
• hitting trees/stones/metal ore veins will make the resource go straight into your inventory. it no longer spawns in the world.
• bushes added
• you can search for berries (4 different types) at bushes
• fixed katana damage
• new weapon, rock has been added to game and works as a axe and a pickaxe however it takes 3 hits to get the resource (all players start with this item now)
• all bullets have been rebalanced
• pocket pistol added to the game
• new ammo type, .25 acp
• you can craft the ammo .25 acp in crafting > ammo
• deer blood updated
• all particles updated
• welcome message added
• server config now splits at ":" and not " " (spaces). all spaces after ":" will be removed so use "_" instead (for passwords etc)
• new commands for server admins, /clear (clears inventory) - also listed in /help
• hosting a server in game now shows on the server list
• zombies now uses the proper send functions and should now properly send to everyone (network messages)
• deer AI optimized
• rocks have been added around the map
• bag items now show bag slots in the tooltip
• fixed black and white filter when damaged
• fixed player names above players
• fixed dead bird item name
• added a ghillie suit which spawns only in military
• new supporter color (if you have supported the stream (twitch.tv/bluemurdergaming), your name is now in green)
• server admin color is now red
• new player status "sickness" (reduces food and thrist of food/drink items by 50% and also increases the rate you lose hunger and thrist by 100%) - sickness is incurable, you must wait 10 minutes for it to wear off
• eating raw bird meat, venison and raw zombie meat will now give you sickness
• drinking spoiled milk will give you sickness
• new player status, "poisoned" - take damage when poisoned - curable only by antidote
• added antidote which is craftable under medical items (inventory > crafting > medical) and also spawns in medical and military areas
• player names are now coloured if you are a dev or a supporter (name above character)
• removed status from inventory screen (as icons on the HUD show that status effects are on you)
• added map (press m to open)
• can of cashews added
• cypher cola added
• you can now press esc on furnaces/chests/sleepers to close the window
• reputation added and can be found under INVENTORY > STATS (on the main inventory page) (this is the first pass and doesnt actually do anything right now)
• new terrain and grass textures (no more snow!)
• snow removed from server menu
• touched up day/night system
• bush culling increased
• bush texture change
• gathering resources with a rock is now fixed
• rock in terrain culling fixed
• map is now fixed
• ghillie suit fixed
• ghillie suit colour changed to match new terrain
• stone and metal ore veins/nodes now give less resources
• increased minimum grass distance to 150, up from 50
• character is now slightly taller
• donald trump removed from game
• fixed the crafting of the hammer, again
• 7.62MM ammo now requires 3 metal to craft
• super secret commands for server admins and devs added (do /help for more when logged in)
• fixed currently live text on server menu
• zombies should now correctly delete if low health
• deers have been rewritten
• player names will now appear when in distance of 10 units from another player. this is very experimental as I dont know if i like this. please give feedback on this on the community forums
• signs have been added and can be crafted under inventory > crafting > placeables > sign
• wolf__girl tshirt added to the game
• water fixed around terrain
• you can now build 6 floors high on bases, up from 4
• anticheat tools first pass 1
• new trees
• snow fixed
• storage chest optimizations
• you can now clear all authorised people from a workbench when you are authorised at the workbench (clear all)
• press f to upgrade and repair structures (no longer need repair hammer)
• repair hammer is now just a hammer and is no longer used for upgrading/repairing/deleting structures (press f to access upgrading/repairing on structures)
• cardboard structures are now in the game and is now the default structure when making a base. simply upgrade cardboard to wood/stone
• you can no longer delete structures so upgrade carefully
• knocking on door lag problem is fixed
• increased the timeout number when connecting to a server. Low end PCS will timeout when loading the world, so this value is set high so they don't
• you can now damage/repair foundations
• you can now upgrade your foundations to stone
• chat will now correctly output all messages in server window
• changed currently live text on server menu
• new weapon added, Gizmo - a 12 gauge shotgun
• 12 gauge shotgun shells added to the game
• you can now craft 12 gauge shotgun shells
• sleeping bags are now fixed (maybe, needs further testing so please let me know)
• fixed storage chest/sleeper/furnace dupe bug
• ammo box now spawns 12 gauge ammo
• gizmo shotgun and related ammo added to presents
• AA now correctly displays in options menu if it's on or off (AA is off by default)
• you can now turn off bloom in the options (its off by default)
• servers will now correctly ping (use updated server files!)
• changed the way UDP works, it will now default to TCP for networking resulting in fixing invisible players when UDP port is opened
• added development twitch account button to the main menu (it will highlight and animate when i'm live. when i'm offline it will be grey) - you can click this button to take you to my twitch channel
• bandages & medical packs will now correctly stop bleeding
• fixed saving UI screen
• fixed deer's name out of sync problem which causes the zombies to break and stand still
• fixed server files (do not use the old server files, use this one!)
• Updated Steam wrapper to the latest version
• Updated options menu
• Chat FPS problem has been fixed
• new server main UI
• added mute button to server UI
• new player UI (health/hunger/thirst/ammo display)
• new chat UI (it now saves previous messages and now scrolls!)
• fixed campfire buff icon when you are in multiple campfire areas (no more spam!)
• all commands are now /<command> not !<command>
• new /help command
• you can now view all players by typing /players into chat
• the world is now snowy
• servers will now display ping
• updated launch parameters for the Nomad Server located in your steam folder/Nomad (-port) and includes a new lobby server IP
• shrug hosting servers are no longer available (the host is no longer a nomad partner as they are not replying to any messages or providing services)
• ladders can no longer be used in unauthorized building areas (workbench areas)
• deers are now in the game and can be hunted
• zombies can attack deers and kill them
• zombies are now slightly faster
• new zombie, "Stalker" - runs really fast but has low HP
• removed motion blur when turning fast (spikes FPS)
• all zombies are now christmas themed
• new winter hats: santas beard, santas hat, santas hat and beard (in 1)
• new winter clothes: santa costume (torso and legs) and christmas elf costume (torso and legs)
• presents are now in the game
• raw and cooked venison added (cook at a campfire)
• you can now craft a sleeping bag out of 4 bandages
• sleeping bag health has been reduced to 20, from 50
• metal can now spawn at industrial areas
• smoke trails have been added to supply crates
• you can now edit server config files
• updated terrain to standard shader
• optimized zombie on trigger script
• zombies should now be in sync with all clients (no more invis zombies, hopefully!)
• different zombie run speeds and are slower
• zombies now attack at a random attack speed
• fixed melee weapons sometimes not hitting
• fixed bullets sometimes not hitting
• new zombie walk animation (for slow ones)
• decreased player position and rotation lerp times
• halloween mask has been removed from all players at start
• vsync toggle fixed at start up
• you can now invert your mouseY in the in-game options
• added more rucksacks to tent spawns
• new military loot table
• more house and car loot will now spawn
• fixed floating tree near beach on new terrain
• zombies are slower
• armoured zombie now has lower HP
• armoured zombie culling has been fixed
• zombie culling has been increased from 150, to 200
• light culling has been increased from 300, to 400
• caravan LOD2 range has been increased
• decreased solver iteration count from 10, to 7
• bullets will no longer -sometimes- go through players/enemies
• minor changes to the VOIP
• 2 new sets of military clothes (woodland and urban camos)
• better network syncing on players that are far away
• fixed stairs on red houses
• fixed stairs on super market
• added more weapons & ammo to military and police loot table
• added more weapons & ammo to houses, apartments, cars and caravan spawns
• fixed white texture issue on pine tree model
• houses will now spawn more loot
• fixed well impact collider
• small terrain changes
• added extra tent areas to new terrain piece
• street lights culling has been decreased
• zombies now have pathfinding
• zombie run and idle animation has been changed
• zombie aggro range has been increased from 50, to 75
• police outfit added (including a hat!)
• new police station loot table
• bigger and stronger zombie added
• zombies will no longer seem like they have disappeared after you die (viewing from the death cam)
• increased zombies culling out from 130 units away to 150 units away
• new zombie spawner added - this will ensure that there will always be zombies spawned in the map
• zombies will now spawn randomly around all locations and not a set amount per location
• zombie damage decreased from 8,20 to 4,10
• players will now start with a torch
• new zombie sound effects
• XP system added - this is a global xp system, used for unlocking costumes at a later stage
• added motion blur when turning fast
• added supply crates (randomly spawn in the world)
• fixed collider issue with tusten sign
• fixed bug where total number of items in storage containers wouldn't show correctly
• added more wrecked vehicles and tents around the map
• added pumpkin hat for halloween (everyone starts with it!)
• fixed furnace smelting problem
• fixed grass bleeding texture issue on terrain
• firestation textures will now cull properly
• changed MSAA 2x for SMAA to help fix the white pixel problems
• Diminished Studios logo added to disclaimer screen
• bloom has been increased
• added more chance for morphine to spawn in medical areas
• added medical pack to military areas
• fixed lighting
• peaches mcgee will now correctly show in hands whilst drinking
• removed old prototype petrol station model
• terrain and map changes
• new section of the map with new town and other buildings (extended main island)
• new prompts when trying to upgrade a structure but it is damaged (needs to be fully repaired first)
• new UI prompt when entering building mode
• changes to how furnaces and campfire audio will play
• storm is now twice as accurate when aiming down sights (from 0.3 to 0.15)
• heckler hip aiming bullet spread decreased from 2.5 to 2.0
• heckler aiming down sights bullet spread decreased from 1 to 0.2
• hunting bow hip aiming spread decreased from 2 to 1.25
• hunting bow aimed spread decreased from 1 to 0.15
• hunting bow arrow fall off limit increased to 30, up from 10
• thor bullet now has trail effects
• all weapon's bullet speed have been doubled
• new sky and cloud system
• lakeview, tusten and more locations named
• optimizations to the damage script with large number of player buildings
• decreased network call timer on all object timers to help with network lag on large number of loot
• zombie spawns increased by 100%
• optimized wrecked car gameobject
• fixed errors with building areas that appeared last update
• damage to sleeping players has been increased by 300%
• zombie's damage has been increased from 4-10 to 6-20
• lights will now cull at a distance of 400 units/meters
• small optimization to the furnace script
• renderering mode changed to forward, from deffered
• AA added
• fog has now been added
• removed unity splash screen at start up
• increased fixed timestamp to 0.033 (30fps), from 0.04 (25fps)
• slowed down the walking bob animation
• drastically improved performance on storage chests and sleepers
• other FPS improvements
• increased raycasting distance on bullets to help with collision
• removed sun flares
• menu changes
• wrecked vehicles now spawn items around them and have their own loot table
• player spawn points moved to all beaches (you can only spawn on beaches)
• axe and pickaxe model on third person is now bigger
• fixed FPS issue when aiming with weapons
• changed the heckler weapon model
• doubled the damage on bleeding to 1, from 0.5
• rabbit trap added to the game under Crafting > Traps & Barricades
• rabbit meat & cooked rabbit meat added
• voip added (v to talk)
• reduced background sound effects volume by half
• reduced footstep volume
• reduced bullet impact volume
• fixed well at military camp
• items will now correctly spawn at warehouses
• new server menu
• thor bullet drop off point increased to 150, up from 120

Nomad is a blocky sandbox zombie survival game. Hunt, craft, kill and survive! Nomad is set in the future after a zombie apocalypse. Find food, drink, weapons, ammo and medical supplies - or craft them!

Explore. Set years after an apocalypse, the world is over grown, broken and abandoned. Explore abandoned houses, medical buildings, police buildings, industrial buildings and military buildings. See the world many years later with wrecked vehicles littered across the lands and buildings overgrown and falling down.
Survive. Survival is key. Hunt for food and drink across the map, or simply kill others for it. Scavenge for medical items to heal broken bones and deep wounds.
PVP. Find weapons and ammo around the map and hunt down other players. Be that bloodthirsty bandito, or be a hero helping others - it's entirely up to you.
Base Building. Create your own bases by chopping down trees for wood. First create your foundation and snap walls, windows, doorways and ceilings to it. Add a door and lock it.. Place a workbench so that other players cannot build in the surrounding area. Make sure your workbench is hidden as other players can use it.
Host your own servers. Host your own server directly in game or use the stand-a-lone server located at your Nomad Steam install directory.

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Ссылки временно недоступны, скоро появятся...

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Комментарии игроков (51 шт.)

От: NeketAreHere [4|14] | Дата 2019-06-02 23:54:33


Blitzkrieg сказал:

Гибрид же - попытка объединить всё лучшее из двух игр. Иногда - с добавлением своих идей.

Вот за это бы тебя повысили
От: Eagle-Salians [32|141] | Дата 2016-11-14 13:10:10

В этой игре можно грабить караваны?
От: kral21 [0|0] | Дата 2016-03-23 14:00:13

Народ а в каком месте тут пишут на каком игра языке? Чёт не могу найти!

kral21 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

а всё нашёл, отдельно от всего описания под рекламой написано!
От: This_New_Sparta [112|86] | Дата 2016-03-14 09:30:44


Weeshe сказал:

а этот недоклон за 200р продают?!

Хотя эта атмосфернее, а в Unturned солнышко светит, дох** лута, да и здохнуть труднее~легче. (Зависит от игрока в Unturned)
От: EDrexler [1|0] | Дата 2016-02-02 17:45:50

Так себе
От: Flux1337 [0|2] | Дата 2016-01-27 19:05:06

Играл игру в стиме (купил пока была акция)
Так то игра хорошая еще мало чего но автор говорил что еще добавит много чего
От: darkplayer [14|184] | Дата 2016-01-06 09:36:07

Ну хоть пиксели видно)
От: Dream_Slayer [7|8] | Дата 2015-12-27 12:49:15


Sanyoch сказал:

Унтюрнед = Дэйзи + Майнкрафт! Номад = Майнкрафт + Унтюрнед! Короче Рёбёнок от рёбёнка ... Ну думаю вы поняли к чему я веду ...

Инцест – это плохо, верно?
От: GlebGans [44|66] | Дата 2015-12-27 11:58:18

Фух,она как бы как Unturned,но что то начинает атмосферное проявляться,вроде как
От: Blitzkrieg [135|11] | Дата 2015-12-10 16:33:22


RGSmallgey сказал:

Я имею ввиду, что антюрнед- очередная копия, но никак не наоборот!

Похоже, вы путаете два абсолютно разных понятия - копия и гибрид. Копия отличается тем, что человек берёт одно и то же, слегка меняет текстурки, добавляет пару вещей, которые вообще по механике не нужны, а затем называет своё творение "независимой и уникальной игрой".
Гибрид же - попытка объединить всё лучшее из двух игр. Иногда - с добавлением своих идей.
От: RGSmallgey [4|256] | Дата 2015-12-10 15:58:09


Good_Guy сказал:

Сколько уже копий Unterned сделали и делают до сих пор

Да ты что? Настолько успешный проект, которым руководит 1 человек, чтобы копировать? Я имею ввиду, что антюрнед- очередная копия, но никак не наоборот! Отнюдь
От: Weeshe [55|133] | Дата 2015-11-29 12:50:34


Sanyoch сказал:

Ну думаю вы поняли к чему я веду ...

Неа, не поняли.
От: Blitzkrieg [135|11] | Дата 2015-11-29 10:22:31

Nomad - теперь с привкусом разграбленных корованов и набегающих деревянных домиков!
От: Sanyoch [0|0] | Дата 2015-11-25 16:26:29

Унтюрнед = Дэйзи + Майнкрафт! Номад = Майнкрафт + Унтюрнед! Короче Рёбёнок от рёбёнка ... Ну думаю вы поняли к чему я веду ...
От: Hungry [27|13] | Дата 2015-11-23 13:16:56

А если серьезно, кто-нибудь играл в новые версии? Может все-таки игруха как-то развивается и хоть немного играбельной становится?
От: drakonk2 [8|9] | Дата 2015-11-10 11:55:18

От: Good_Guy [9|4] | Дата 2015-11-10 09:35:08

Сколько уже копий Unterned сделали и делают до сих пор
От: Weeshe [55|133] | Дата 2015-11-09 22:04:23


Necron-lord сказал:

Это в стиме за 200 рублей продают...

Unturned в стиме можно бесплатно взять, а этот недоклон за 200р продают?!
Разрабы в конец обнаглели...

Weeshe подумал несколько минут и добавил:

MrPhysicit сказал:

Надеюсь они её не закинут как сталкер 2 или халву 3.

Держите меня семеро, я сейчас от смеха помру.
От: MrPhysicit [0|0] | Дата 2015-11-08 14:47:34

Игруха по скринам прикольная. Надеюсь они её не закинут как сталкер 2 или халву 3.
От: YSV1999 [-1|1] | Дата 2015-11-06 15:46:27

Еще одна Антюрнудская пародия.
От: Sybiriak [27|9] | Дата 2015-11-01 13:00:18

Рейтинг 4.5, явно указывает на перенасыщенность рынка играми подобного жанра. Даже качать не буду, и по этому не имею права говорить про эту игру что-то плохое.
От: Fidelis [19|11] | Дата 2015-11-01 09:46:16


Georgiy222 сказал:

Ёб_нный в рот что это за х_ня

• Georgiy222 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

В видеоролике б_ять 2 раза зомби в голову маслину пустили и после этого у него отлетела голова что за х_йня .
Цитирую " мультиплеерная survival зомби-песочница если я предложу своему другу поиграть со мной в неё то я в ответ услышу " пошёл на х_й дал__ёб " ктомуже она платная это как если бы за подрочить своею рукой надо было платить деньги

Тише, здесь за мат наказывают.
От: Pavlick11 [1|2] | Дата 2015-10-31 14:14:40

Платный недоклон Unturned, но там сейчас хоть на вещах бабла можно хорошо срубить, тут даже не то что своей рукой подрочить, тут заплатить за то чтобы тебе кто-то на лицо подрочил.

Pavlick11 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Marovag1 сказал:

Тянет балла так на 3/10

Этому говну оценку ставить нельзя, а так 1/10, и то за то что разраб хоть на движке разобрался как работать, а если по сути, то 0.1/10
От: Georgiy222 [-2|3] | Дата 2015-10-31 09:48:39

Ёб_нный в рот что это за х_ня

Georgiy222 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

В видеоролике б_ять 2 раза зомби в голову маслину пустили и после этого у него отлетела голова что за х_йня .
Цитирую " мультиплеерная survival зомби-песочница если я предложу своему другу поиграть со мной в неё то я в ответ услышу " пошёл на х_й дал__ёб " ктомуже она платная это как если бы за подрочить своею рукой надо было платить деньги
От: Marovag1 [192|19] | Дата 2015-10-13 05:07:42

<Убогий клон игры
Подчеркну - _бесплатной_ игры!
От: Necron-lord [5|11] | Дата 2015-10-12 17:20:32

Это в стиме за 200 рублей продают... Куда мир катится? Как можно продавать убогий клон неплохой игры, только безумец купит ее!
От: Hungry [27|13] | Дата 2015-10-08 09:45:26


Marovag1 сказал:

В двух словах:
Глупый клон Unturned, использующий убогие (и бесплатные (и использовавшиеся в 100500 других проектах)) текстурки, ужасную систему крафта (а-ля "создать автомат из доски и пяти камней) и глупых и/или имбовых зомбей. Мерзкий выродок относительно годного Unturned'a. Тянет балла так на 3/10. Не больше, как по мне

Тогда даже смотреть не буду.
От: Marovag1 [192|19] | Дата 2015-10-08 08:41:04


Hungry сказал:

А кто-нибудь хоть играл? Хотелось бы более-менее объективное описание игры получить.

В двух словах:
Глупый клон Unturned, использующий убогие (и бесплатные (и использовавшиеся в 100500 других проектах)) текстурки, ужасную систему крафта (а-ля "создать автомат из доски и пяти камней) и глупых и/или имбовых зомбей. Мерзкий выродок относительно годного Unturned'a. Тянет балла так на 3/10. Не больше, как по мне
От: Hungry [27|13] | Дата 2015-10-08 06:38:26

А кто-нибудь хоть играл? Хотелось бы более-менее объективное описание игры получить.
От: Weeshe [55|133] | Дата 2015-10-07 16:28:43

От этих Survival-Sandbox'ов уже тошнит... Что не игра, то Sandbox с выживанием... Ах да, ещё уже поднадоевшие зомби, которых засовывают чуть ли не в каждую игру, потому что "Это круто".
Похоже, стоящие идеи уже либо исчерпаны, либо до них ещё не додумались...
От: GlebGans [44|66] | Дата 2015-10-07 14:14:23


Stamm сказал:

Очередной клон Unterned D:

ты неправильно написал :D
От: ennead [136|34] | Дата 2015-09-11 11:02:14


Kronuss сказал:

Ну так то "караваны" если че...

Ты не в теме) И домики набигают
От: Kronuss [36|12] | Дата 2015-09-04 14:06:43


ennead сказал:

Можно грабить корованы

Ну так то "караваны" если че...
От: Stamm [4|9] | Дата 2015-09-01 17:54:17

Очередной клон Unterned D:
От: PokiLonkor [6|3] | Дата 2015-09-01 14:38:28

Мне, как человеку интересующемуся разработкой игр совершенно не понятно зачем??? Зачем создавать копию игры которая популярна, ведь в твою не будут играть, совсем, разве что если оригинал уж совсем надоел. Ну включите же вы фантазию наконец, перестаньте копировать чужие игры!!!
От: Blitzkrieg [135|11] | Дата 2015-09-01 09:52:47


ennead сказал:

Можно грабить корованы

Отлично! Я джва года ждал такую игру! И вот наконец свершилось!
От: KOH [94|15] | Дата 2015-09-01 09:49:20


ennead сказал:

Можно грабить корованы

Тогда скачаю.
От: ennead [136|34] | Дата 2015-09-01 09:33:28

Можно грабить корованы
От: Elektra [7715|138] | Дата 2015-09-01 09:06:08

Группа: Редактор
У Вас ничего не пропало при установке? В пути нет русских букв? сделайте скрин папки с игрой
От: uHcauDep [2|1] | Дата 2015-09-01 08:47:37

Запускаю SmartSteamLoader.exe, выдаёт ошибку SmartSteamEmu "Unable to lauch game. Make sure the 'Tablet' fnd 'StartI' folder point to correct path and folder". В SmartSteamEmu прописал строки Target = Nomad.exe
#StartIn = C:GAMESNomad v0.34
#CommandLine = -steam ЧТО ДЕЛАТЬ?