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Скачать игру Night Runners v0.998 [Prologue] / + RUS v0.9901 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 9
Игру добавил John2s [11517|1666] | 2024-02-25 (обновлено) | Техника на колесах, гонки (1197) | Просмотров: 27031

Night Runners v0.998 [Prologue] / + RUS v0.9901

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Planet Jem (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Техника на колесах, гонки (1197)
• Язык: Русская версия (7828)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 3686.00 Мб.

Night Runners - гоночный симулятор про нелегальные гонки в Японии, вдохновленный автомобильной культурой 1990-х и ранних 2000-х!

Продвинутый тюнинг, множество классики с японского рынка и конечно же знаменитый Ванган.

Добавлена РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ игры!

Игра обновлена с версии 0.9973 до 0.998. Список изменений можно посмотреть здесь.

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Язык игры: Английский

Тюнинг вашей машины, поездка в мастерскую, распаковка очередного набора турбонаддува (потому что прошлый полетел) и возможность менять руль прилагаются. Игра все еще разрабатывается, но для любителей тачек, JDM-щины и прочих шалостей очень зайдет. Ждём!

Night-Runners is a PC street racing game heavily influenced by 90s - 00s car culture and PS2 racers.

- added cheat to PA to un-softlock saves where the crew ownership doesn't change. Go to PA, pause game, press "handbrake". If you qualify, you will get a warning screen saying 'cheat applied' -> next night the PA ownership will change/reset
- stopped crew ranking rep from going under 0
- fixed timetrials not ever being taken over
- fixed ETC+TT that have records set by AI, never being taken over
- fixed road section having wrong wall textures in Yuko. Park
- fixed repair engine sometimes robbing all your money
- fixed displayed weight values in shop after buying at part with a stock car being wrong
- fixed adding rear fenders making the car lighter
- rollcages will add handling to car according to their part level
- increased shift speed difference with upgraded transmissions
- increased shift time for automatic transmissions
- fixed AI headlight flares not showing up when looking back
- fixed rear view mirror being flipped the wrong way
- fixed AI being slow -> re-did how AI difficulty is handled, AI car's performance is much closer to players car
- AI is less heavy and has less grip
- AI is better at passing traffic
- fixed AI giving up when crashes against wall, will now try to reverse out. (because the roads are narrow, sometimes doesn't recover well but A LOT better)
- fixed high rep challenge bets being really high, now will be between 1mil and 3mill
- added drafting back to non-drag races and increased its power but it only works at high speeds
- increased rear sideways grip when off throttle, mostly with high HP cars
- reduced camber on suspension compression effect
- fixed not being able to turn off Vsync
- fixed exhaust disappearing when you install it after only buying an exhaust
- fixed door glitches in door type selection
- changed fog to be less thick on skybox
- added new skyboxes
- fixed being able to 'pre-start' time trial events
- fixed interior neons getting brighter when under streetlight in third person
- fixed hole in map collider in tunnel
- fixed not being able to remove dash gauges
- fixed bugged phone call if you let the rep run out on when driving to Tatsumi PA on a crew attack
- fixed some AI racers sometimes ending call after rejecting players first offer ('stubborn' AI will now send 1 offer before ending call)
- fixed "1" missing from oil and water temp UI gauges
- fixed black screen bug after getting your car repo'd by loanshark
- fixed "DEBT 0" showing when buying a car when you have no debt
- force windowed mode whilst import livery box is active to avoid softlocks when using exclusive fullscreen
- fixed final checkpoint hovering above the ground on some races
- fixed some race arrow signs pointing the wrong direction
- fixed some races not having guide signs
- fixed fast travel offer text showing player night rep instead of offer night rep
- fixed launch control effecting gear top speed
- fixed headlight flares flickering when looking back whilst moving, also fixed sleepy headlights not having flares
- fixed not having any UI if you paused, started photomode, exit photomode, then restarted race
- fixed out of bounds effects, changing crash effects
- reduced nightrep payout
- fixed "NIGHT REP" appearing sometimes
- fixed ability to push cars around garage when changing cars
- increased brake strength

- AI can ram player quite a lot
- sometimes player and/or AI get launched into air on tunnel entry
- sometimes on collision between 2 cars, both cars get launched

v0.9901 CHANGE LOG
Make sure itch has updated you to the latest version, a lot of the recent bug reports have been on older versions! -> your game version is at the top right of the screen on the main menu and is under your FPS counter (if you have it turned on).

added fix for sharing violation users
moved savefile backup point from 'immediate at game start' to 'after first completed loading screen'
fixed car tilt angle auto reset not working
fixed player gaining rep for letting timer run out when negotiating
cash will appear on screen after going through an ETC toll
fixed z-fighting on Tatsumi PA building LOD0
added more AI braking if the player is infront
fixed money glitch where you could pickup the starter money, quit, and pick it up again
fixed car resetting with speed and in wrong rotation
improved player/ai race positions
fixed that one Tatsumi race off-ramp checkpoint
fixed fast travel night rep offer being 100% of players current night rep
changed pause menu GPS -> more zoomed out, removed text and reverted it back to car rotation instead of matching map
fixed car gear not being reset when fast travel
fixed wrong pause map input hint on removing GPS when you already had a target
fixed fog lights not effecting light beam -> increased fog light range also noticeable now
fixed some racers having over 10k rep
fixed crew battle race fix call happening every round
fixed weirdness when you get a fast travel text with other texts in inbox
fixed any occasional bugs to do with being softlocked in freeroam after a race
fixed upgraded camshafts being slower -> made it so that engine torque curves are not stretched over the whole rpm range anymore
changed normal maps on road surfaces around the map
fixed graphics lighting setting 'HIGH' not effecting headlights
fixed straight cut gears pitch not increasing past certain speed
fixed some dialogue spelling mistakes
changed car grip levels and acceleration levels -> High HP cars pull more but have more wheelspin
fixed drag tires and tire thickness limiting top speed
fixed high speed gear torque scaling -> gears feel much nicer
fixed being able to pause before being challenged at a PA and causing problems
increased AI handling ability, mostly for high HP racers
when you arrive at a PA owned your crew with 10k rep, you will get challenges from all racers for different amounts(instead of just 1 guy)
fixed softlock if you lose a fixed crew battle
changed car-to-car colliders to reduce chance of ai/players running over each other or launching each other (not a fix for the tunnel entry launch bug)
fixed floating final checkpoint on "Kiba To Ariake (Reverse)"
fixed engine heat transferring between cars when you switch
fixed player ETC speed records being beaten by AI constantly
fixed GPS being stuck on a location sometimes
fixed interior neons being not that visible in 3rd person
lowered race restart costs
increased race restart cost if AI has already finished
changed AI dialogue weights to be more even ('car comment' dialogues would happen too often)
fixed stock turbo boost gauge reading under 0 when making full boost
raised repair engine cost
fixed storage item duplication glitch
fixed sometimes getting a DoubleOrNothing on a DoubleOrNothing race
fixed circuit stingray rear bumper not having an exhaust
fixed AI arrow appearing in photomode

rare money bug in the customization which causes player to lose almost all their money
exhaust part missing and glitches on installing single parts
door cards can separate from outside door sometimes in customziation
AI can ram player quite a lot
sometimes player and/or AI get launched into air on tunnel entry
controllers dont work if a wheel, pedals or handbrake are plugged in
sometimes on collision between 2 cars, both cars get launched
+ any remaining ⁠bug-submissions with no "✅" react

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Файл добавил: John2s [11517|1666] | 2024-01-24 14:23:16
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Комментарии игроков (2 шт.)

От: kostya_hirurg [2|66] | Дата 2024-01-26 14:31:42

очень заманчивая и очень затягивающая игра, надеюсь что игра не забросится и доведется до бомбы. сразу вспоминаются японские гонки типа Initial D
От: John2s [11517|1666] | Дата 2024-01-20 21:11:45

Группа: Редактор
Сохранение со 100 миллионами денег - https://t.me/SmallGamez/6079?comment=1352


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