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Скачать игру Blasted Fortress v1.2a - полная версия

Рейтинг: 8.5 (6)
Игру добавил Elektra [7699|138] | 2015-06-10 (обновлено) | Игры с физикой (1163) | Просмотров: 21043

Blasted Fortress v1.2a

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Dapper Swine Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Игры с физикой (1163); Аркады (2926)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 45.52 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 8.5 из 10 (всего голосов: 6)

Blasted Fortress - веселая физическая аркада, в которой Вам предстоит уничтожать замки. Улучшайте мощность своих заклинаний и атакующих орудий, играйте в мини-игры и зарабатывайте дополнительные бонусы, возводите свои собственные замки с помощью встроенного редактора.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.16 до v1.2a. "The Content Update & Music Update have arrived at last!" Список изменений внутри новости.

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Язык: Английский.

• There is now Steam Cloud support for your save file.
• All new music throughout the entire game thanks to musician Chris Sinnott! If you'd like to own the new tracks outside the game, the entire soundtrack is also available as DLC. You do not need to own the DLC to enjoy the new music in-game.
• The map editor has been upgraded greatly. Maps must pass validation before they can be saved, and this validation system will also act as a guide to help you make better maps that play more like official maps. While editing, you may also flip between foreground and background editing.
• New siege objectives are available! Maps have objectives based on the type of "objective blocks" they contain. Previously, the only objective was to destroy resource crates. More objective blocks will be on the way later.
• New block: Treasure Block. When included as a part of a map instead of Resource Crates, the objective will be to break all the treasure blocks instead. Treasure blocks will burst into a puff of magic instantly upon touching the ground but are otherwise indestructible.
• New block: Penalty Block. If this block touches the ground, it will cut 10 seconds off the timer. This is useful for making levels that funnel the player into using a specific tactic.
• New blocks: Background blocks. The background of a level is now fully editable. Any block in front of a background block is affixed and won't fall from structural failings alone.
• Maximum building size has been drastically increased. (Your old custom maps are incompatible because of the data structure changing.)
• Engine version updated to Unity 5.0.1f.
• Audio system uses the new Unity 5 audio system.
• Sound effects are pooled in memory rather than created on demand, drastically reducing the CPU load when many sounds are requested to play at once.
• Music now uses the in-house system we created for playing sound effects, which supports crossfading.
• Added sound effects to the vault.
• Rebuilt certain visuals of the day/night system.
• Lightning strikes are more visually impressive.
• Added an interface element showing your total vaulted gold inside the vault itself.
• Blasted Fortress is now pixel perfect in 16:9 widescreen! Now we support 2 fixed resolutions, 800x450 and 1600x900. This has greatly helped in achieving a more old-school look. Windowed and full screen modes are still available. The game will automatically set your resolution to the highest of the two that your monitor supports.
• The cannon is now much farther away from the castle during a siege to enhance the sense of scale.
• Throwers now cower in fear and briefly interrupt their attack pattern when the player casts a voodoo spell.
• Added helper icons over everything in the home base that can be clicked on.
• The credits window has been altered to note Chris Sinnott's contribution.
• Further refining has been done to the GUI to maintain pixel perfection.
• Many UI elements have been minimized, rearranged, and redesigned.
• The way a siege is selected is completely new. The Siege Map is here! A number of sieges of various sizes and difficulties will appear on this map. 1 gold can be spent to quickly rescout the map and generate different sieges. If valid custom maps are present, the siege map will also be guaranteed to pop up with one.
• New swamp biome for sieges. Sieges originating from the "scar" on the map will take place in the swamp. This is the first time we've ever added new landscapes to the game; let us know what you think of this!
• You can now plan out every shot during a siege by using the new trajectory arc! This line shows you exactly where your shot will travel (provided nothing happens to bump it off course along the way). This changes the game a lot, and we'll be monitoring the forums to see what everyone thinks of how this change affects difficulty.
• Using the mouse wheel, you can select between 3 different firing strengths. Observe the arc to see how these levels will affect your shot.
• Firing the cannon no longer requires charging. Projectiles of all weights and sizes will be automatically fired at a power level appropriate for them to follow the shown trajectory.
• Stego Slots is now timed and can be failed. It's unlikely you will be able to get a jackpot every time.
• Added a speech bubble system, used to upgrade the tutorial sequence's production value as well as add flavor speech to parts of the game.
• Explosions blow out back walls.
• Magnet Shot now also pulls Treasure Blocks. Oh... and Penalty Blocks. Bummer.
• Fixed a bug where not all explosions behaved equally.
• Fixed a bug where a particular script was needlessly running on multiple objects. Fixing this behavior resulted in a big FPS boost (about 20% on average).
• Fixed particle sorting issues on many particle effects that were making them effectively invisible.
• Performed an optimization by killing off excess polygons generated when creating sprites.
• Some lore of Blasted Fortress is now available at the Bossman's throne. There you can read his journal of events as he witnessed them before the events of the game and during, however each page must be unlocked.
• Campaign Mode is here! Playing Campaign Mode initiates a string of 4 sieges that must be played sequentially without taking breaks, with sieges that gradually ramp up in size and difficulty. Campaigns are randomly cobbled together from built-in levels, and completing one will reward you with a final bonus to experience and resources gained as well as a page of lore.
• Beasts have a brand new look and their fights have been totally remade. Hit them when they're vulnerable to open up a window of opportunity!
• Beasts are now deadly accurate with their boulders, and throw them harder. Do anything you have to in order to stop them before they hit you.
• As the cannon no longer has a charge-up, Nemmel's acid cloud works differently. Now it will temporarily blind and choke the cannon operator, disabling your trajectory arc. The witch doctor will also choke and cannot raise the shield.
• Lumamon's fiery boulders can now ignite your cannon, causing you to take damage each second until the fire goes out. The fire can be blown out by putting up your shield while burning.
• Szalec's magnetic boulders now suction themselves towards the cannon.
• Genix's bomb can now explode on impact if it hits the cannon, but will otherwise be indestructible until the bomb detonates as usual.
• Bomb Shot now explodes after 4.75 seconds, up from 3. This is to prevent bombs from exploding before touching ground.
• The Steam achievement "I Fight For Perfection" is now achieved differently because beasts no longer block.
• New Steam achievement: Traitor.
• New Steam achievement: Shaman.
• New Steam achievement: Warrior.
• New Steam achievement: Seer.
• New Steam achievement: Campaigner.
• Fixed a bug preventing ammo firing statistics from being logged. It was also preventing ammo firing achievements from being unlocked.
• So many little bug fixes, balance tweaks, and art adjustments that we truly could not keep track!
• The Interface Update is here!
• Every single GUI element in the entire game has been remade. Too many visual details to note; see for yourself!
• Voodoo spells are no longer purchased individually per shot. All spells now draw from a brand new mana pool; the pool is filled by spending Talismans. This means you can fill your mana pool and decide on the fly which spells you want to cast with it.
• All voodoo spells are now on separate cooldown periods. Casting one spell doesn't disable the others. Wield your new power responsibly!
• New ammunition: Spirit Orb! Spirit Orbs are fairly expensive and powerful new ammunition. They are also the very first Community Item; you must follow the Blasted Fortress community via Steam to unlock them. Spirit Orbs will phase through the first obstacle encountered, becoming ghostly until it has room to corporealize again without becoming stuck.
• Roughly doubled the amount of experience required to gain a Talisman, but also roughly doubled the experience gained from jobs taken off the Job Board. This is to make jobs more important as well as to balance the fact that the new mana pool system and unlinked magic cooldowns will give you a greater edge in battle.
• You can now create as many maps as you like in the map editor without the custom map list vanishing off the bottom of the screen.
• The charge bar that indicates your cannon's power level has been removed/reimagined and is now a gold ring around your crosshairs.
• The Juju Pot has been renamed to the Scrying Vessel. It still provides an entry point to fight beasts. All beasts now cost 10 Talismans to locate and battle. The interface for this has changed to buttons that are either enabled or disabled based on the Talismans you have. Improvements to beast battles themselves are being worked on for the content update. Stay tuned!
• Minor artistic changes to certain home base assets and other environmental sprites.
• Female tribe members look more like females and all tribe members now have vastly improved lighting to eliminate the cardboard cutout look.
• Stone blocks now have a 75% reduction in fire ticks, up from 50%. Fire is very ineffective against stone now as it should be.
• Jobs from the Job Board can now appear as being x3 as well as normal and x2.
• Deleting your save file is a more involved process. No more accidents!
• Added a global statistics window to the main menu. You can see all sorts of global Steam stats here as well as your own personal statistics.
• Through some sort of ancient black magic and/or breakthroughs in futuristic technology, we've made it so that you can click on the ladder to leave the Vault. Sorry we never did it sooner!
• Eureka! The cannon spinning bug should be fixed permanently, forever, dead and buried, six feet under, no soup for you. The clamping mechanics were flawed previously and it should now be impossible for the cannon to spin.
• Fixed the version number. It was displaying in-game as 1.15, and now properly displays as 1.14e.
• Squashed another bug that was the result of another Unity 4.5 engine bug that was causing resources not to accumulate. We've fixed it!
• Unity engine update 4.5 seems to be rife with bugs; we had to perform an emergency workaround for a bug that was causing strange behavior in the Building Editor.
• Added even more new sound effects to things that were a little too quiet.
• Added mouse control to the cannon. This replaces keyboard controls. The cannon now automatically rotates to face wherever you're aiming the reticule with your mouse. Right mouse button charges and fires the cannon so that left click can still be used to click different ammo types and to click the voodoo power buttons.
• Updated the engine to Unity 4.5. Some changes to the physics engine necessitated a few tweaked values so that physics would behave the same. However, the engine update should provide an overall boost to performance.
• Found many instances of unoptimized code (usually in scripts written over a year ago) and optimized them all. Performance was always super good, now it will just be super good-er.
• The cannon will now fire projectiles far more powerfully when fully charged. We did this so that a fully powered shot would (more or less) fly wherever the reticule is pointing. As a side effect, where a shot will land is a little more predictable and sieges should feel a little more action-y.
• All block health was increased across the board to compensate for the fact that projectiles will now be shot faster (and thus deal more impact damage). Blocks will still break faster from impacts overall, but will break slower from barrel explosions, fire, etc.
• There is a serious bug with physics inertia and bouncing in Unity 4.5; we have temporarily plugged the problem by adding our own rudimentary inertia and bounce calculations, and hopefully we can hotfix later with an engine update when these issues are repaired internally by the Unity team. Gameplay shouldn't be affected in any noticeable way in the meantime.
• The game's intro/tutorial text has been updated to reflect the new mouse-driven cannon controls.
• This is a hotfix; since 1.12, Beast battles have been very unstable. The vast majority of Beast battles ended with the Beast AI shutting down due to a bug caused by blocking. There are also a few other minor changes. Most of them were due to community feedback regarding the balance of Beast battles, so this an entirely Beast-centric hotfix update.
• Fixed the Beast AI shutdown bug. We apologize for letting this bug get through, as it prevented the unlocking of ammo types. Luckily, the community brought it to our attention and it should now be fixed. If it ever happens again, please let us know!
• Fixed a bug where Szalec's name was misspelled on his health bar.
• Fixed a tooltip error on the Random Beast button that made reference to a feature we pulled after version 1.1.
• Greatly reduced the lifetime of Szalec's magnetic boulders. There was no way to defeat Szalec easily except to wait for him to roar.
• Fixed the wrong text appearing when beating Szalec, Nemmel, Genix, and Lumamon for the first time. Their respective ammo type was unlocking correctly, but the message would state that you already unlocked their ammo type and would reward you with 500 Gold on top of it. The first time you defeat any of the named Beasts you should get the unlock, but no Gold. Gold is only awarded for subsequent victories.
• Fixed a bug where you could keep putting Talismans into the Juju Pot after it was full, thus wasting the Talismans. You're no longer allowed to do this.
• Added sound effects to Szalec's magnetic boulders and to the magnetic cannonball.
• Gave all Beasts a mild sedative; their poor little brains would sometimes try to think twice as often as intended and they would go into a wild frenzy of screaming and throwing things nonstop. (This was a bug.)
• Slightly altered the velocity required for a flying cannonball to register as a hit against a Beast. On rare occasions you could strike a Beast while he was vulnerable and he would completely ignore it, and that shouldn't happen anymore.
• Random Beasts that rolled both the Tough and Regeneration affixes together were nearly impossible to beat, especially if they roared often (which heals the Beast). Beasts across the board should now take ~1-2 more damage, and Regeneration ticks happen a little less often.
• Many tribe animations have been redrawn from scratch. They're a lot smoother and have a lot more personality (no more bland hoe swinging, and the Witch Doctor really gets into spellcasting!)
• Added a few sound effects to certain animations.
• Changed the color of the volume slider so it doesn't appear to be a button.
• Parallax art is now blurred slightly, which makes the foreground pop more and enhances your focus on the foreground.
• Added Return Events (finally)! Coming back to the game after a break (be it short or long) will present a scaled Return Event. This could be something bad (but opportunistic) like having resources stolen, or a flat-out treasure event. We'll expand Return Events in the future; let us know what you think of them so far.

Blasted Fortress is a physics-based castle assault game with an added layer of resource management. Even while you're not playing, crops grow, market prices fluctuate, seasons change, and you may come back later to be greeted by disasters that happened while you were away or gifts to bolster your resources. It's a blend of physics decimation, looting, hoarding, and RPG-style enhancements. If you're more creatively inclined and want to add more content to the game, you can even create your own buildings to siege using the built-in building editor.

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Выглядит интересно.
От: Maxman [64|209] | Дата 2015-01-14 17:06:57

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Так не плохо, но слишком много похожих игр есть.
От: Snawk [-1|0] | Дата 2014-11-09 17:26:55

У меня вопрос, почему на SGi так много похожих игр?
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Слишком однообразная
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а можете посоветовать чёнить наподобие этой игры...только с графой не пиксельной?)

Попробуй Castlestorm.
От: Sheyker [-1|3] | Дата 2014-10-26 12:01:00

надо посмотреть
От: konarik [0|1] | Дата 2014-09-29 02:30:29

как скажите как убивать этих монстров которых вызываешь????
От: Paradonis [1|0] | Дата 2014-06-26 16:58:45

а можете посоветовать чёнить наподобие этой игры...только с графой не пиксельной?)
От: nikivarvar [498|111] | Дата 2014-06-16 21:50:05

Это случайно не какая-то там демка? У меня почему-то ресурсы не зарабатываются после уничтожения башней.

nikivarvar думал около часа и добавил:

Ага... Прошу обновить до 1.14b, там исправили эту ошибку.
А ошибка таки убирает много возможностей в игре.
От: maxik1999 [1|4] | Дата 2014-06-09 10:42:31

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От: nikivarvar [498|111] | Дата 2014-04-12 09:05:32

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От: yan141 [250|195] | Дата 2014-04-11 21:32:26

О-о-о.На флеш игру смашивает.Графика пиксельная,но приятная.Присуствует что-то наподобие редактора.Сама игра однообразная до невозможности.Немного надоедает,но прошёл до конца.
От: gamer7 [14|7] | Дата 2014-04-11 21:11:54

поиграл полчаса и надоела,ожидал большего.Какая-то однообразная,а версия ,то 1.1
От: Rajen11 [3|64] | Дата 2014-04-11 20:48:11


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Выглядит необычно,и с приятной графикой,физикой и разрешениями.

Даааа... разрешения и прям отличные ;)
От: kionrisk [102|18] | Дата 2014-04-11 20:04:55

Ну насчёт необычного, тут ничего нет, тот же Crush the Castle и Crush the Castle 2.
Только разве, что с пушкой.
А вообще такими играми приятно и весели прибивать часик другой времени. А если в раш войти, то и больше )
От: gamer7 [14|7] | Дата 2014-04-11 19:50:18

Выглядит необычно,и с приятной графикой,физикой и разрешениями.


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