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Скачать бесплатную игру Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch v5c - торрент

Рейтинг: 10.0 (14) | Баллы: 34
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3625|10] | 2018-07-24 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3817) | Просмотров: 33473

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch v5c

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от CUTSTUFF (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3817); Сетевые / ХотСит (2291)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Бесплатная игра
• Размер / Size: 120.12 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 14)

• Похожие игры:
- QQUAK v2
- Mega Man X8
- Mega Man Revolution v7.0.1
- Mega Man: Rock Force v18.04.2015
- Mighty No. 9
- Mega Man 2.5D v1.0.2

FPS во вселенной МегаМена. Авторам удалось перенести знакомых персонажей и атмосферу в шутер от первого лица. Встречайте, Megaman 8-bit Deathmatch!

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 5a до 5c. Список изменений внутри.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Язык интерфейса: Английский

В игре присутствует сингл кампания и мультиплеер, конечно же.

Version 5c:
V5C Patch notes (V5 SPOILERS):


- Added optional ammo/health counters to the HUD (toggle them in mm8bdm options).
- Teleport effects now copy the player's current colours.
- Removed Handicap from the Player Setup menu to avoid new player confusion.
- Fixed map cards being unviewable by players online using the map card button.
- Fixed duplicate sprite entries for Enker etc.
"This allows mappers to use the main pk3 file as their resource file again."
- Added TRAINING map compatability for class mods.


- Fixed lives count being ignored when fighting Gamma.
- Fixed Pharaohman bot not appearing in MM7SLA.
- Fixed certain bots not chatting.

- Fixed a bug that could softlock the game if you defeated MM? in his jumping animation.

- Reduced health of Met Daddy slightly.

- All Dark Men now drop a Big Health on death.

- Extended reloading time slightly and added sprites for it.
- Projectile speed lowered slightly.


- Fixed HUD throwing frames using an incorrect arm sprite.
- Added Health/Ammo counters to the HUD (can be turned off in mm8bm options).

- Fixed a bug where holding fire would negate the oil slider effect.

- Improved explosion sprite.

- Fixed ammo usage numbers.

- Added Altfire.

- Now fires the correct projectile if you don't have enough ammo.
- Fixed altfire being allowed when out of ammo.

- Fixed Plant Barrier vulnerability status when using the weapon.

- Junk Counter piece damage lowered by 2.

- Damage per tic lowered by 2.

- Added altfire.
- Added a buffer between firing additional big drills.
- Fixed an issue where big drills could NOCLIP up terrain.

- Corrected colours.

- No longer ignores armor.

- Fixed icon colours.

- Damage per tic lowered by 2.

- Added deselect frames to prevent shooting your own shield on weapon swap.
- Now takes 10 seconds to respawn instead of 30 (in line with other buster upgrades).

- Now takes 10 seconds to respawn instead of 30 (in line with other buster upgrades).

- Visual fix.
- Length reduced.

- Now triggers when using Altfire.

- Fixed an issue where bombs could get stuck in the sky.

- No longer allows players to pick up weapon energy if all their weapons are full.

== MAPS ==

== CUT MAN ==
- Fixed incorrect grey colours.

== WOOD MAN ==
- Team spawns moved.

== MM2 WILY 1 ==
- Optimizations.

- Removed needless pit.

- Teleport pits no longer transfer projectiles.

- New stage by CopyRobot.

== DUO ==
- Extended beach slightly.
- Removed death sea and replaced with invisible walls.

== MR. X ==
- Team spawns moved.
- Jump pad outside of the window now boosts you up to the taller buildings where Laser Trident is.
- Added a sloped floor to show where the jump pad drop is.
"This is to give a third option to accessing the rooftops without having to climb up the lower buildings to reach the taller ones."

- Team spawns moved.

== MM7 WILY 4 ==
- Guts Man G AI changed to no longer cause conflicts with mods using -NOTARGET.

- Fixed bad blue team start location.

- Team spawns moved.

- New stage by Caprice.
- Increased mine respawn time.

- Improved Monster Block lines.

- Improved Monster Block lines.

== PLUG MAN ==
- Fixed bad blue team start location.

== CTF ==

- Improved death water clarity.

- Replaced fake oil pools with Plant Man water.

== SKINS ==

== FIRE MAN ==
- Front fire frame fixed.

- Fixed sprite alignments.

- Colour changes by Gumballtoid

== QUINT ==
- Fixed incorrect mirrored side frame.
- Updated sprites to match Mega Man's by FTX.

- Offset fix.

== MISC ==

- Reorganized scripts. TOOLS.acs added to contain useful scripts modders can utilize. GLOBAL.acs contains all scripts required for the game/weapons/items to function. WEPACS.acs is solely for scripts that use the weapon pool.
- Terminator graphic size increased.
- Fixed duplicate entry WILYCRI in musics.wad
- Fixed boss/intense music not playing when a player disconnects/spectates.
- Fixed Intense music not working unless the pointlimit was equal to the winlimit.
- Default intense music is now MM6 Wily theme instead of no intense music.
"Intense music triggers when only 2 players are left standing on TLMS and both teams are one win away from victory."
- Many prop sprite fixes.
- Many typo fixes.

Version 5a:
== Light's Lab
+The construction work on Light Labs is finally complete. Explore and check out the new basement!
+Dr. Light's missing Robot Masters will appear once you have defeated them in the campaign!
+A new machine has been added in the basement which will allow you to re-fight hidden bosses you have defeated (but is locked until a certain Robot Master has visited the lab). Note that you will have to defeat them again in v5 to unlock them here.
+Weapon Training and Stage select can now be exited by pressing jump.
+Pressing forward and backward in stage select will go through selections quicker.

== Launcher:
+Removed update banner.
+Extra Command Line Parameters are now saved upon exit and loaded automatically.
+Added a Configuration tab with the following:
* Set Video Renderer
* Open MM8BDM Directory
* Visit Official Website

== Skins
+New skins based on all the Mega Man 9 robot masters!
+New skin for Mega Man 7-styled Sniper Joe.
+New skin for Time Man.
+New base skin.
+MegaMan now has his own skin.
+Alien now plays sounds when landing.
+SearchMan shoulders now colored cyan instead of blue.
+King has more readable firing frames.

== Health and Weapon Energy pickups
+Weapon Energy pickups no longer change values with sv_doubleammo.
+Weapon Energy pickups now restore 30% and 72% of maximum ammo values rather than hard-set values.
+A longer sound effect plays when you pick up a large capsule.

== Item 2
+Now spawns underneath you when you're in the air.

== Weapons
+All weapons now inherit from a single source: BaseMM8BDMWep.

== Laser and Arrow Buster
+Laser and Arrow Buster mid charge shot now use the damagetype "ChargeBuster".

== Duo Fist
+Charge HUD animations lowered and made semi-transparent.
+Uncharged shot no longer faces you when returning.

== Proto Buster
+Uncharged shot colors changed slightly.
+Charge Sound changed to match Mega Man 9's.
+Can no longer hold shield out when charging a shot.

== Super Adaptor
+Full Charge animation changed slightly.
+Colors changed to better reflect Rush's NES palettes.
+Fist can now only home in on people in the user's vision.

== Fire Storm
+Shield damage now originates from the center of the player's body.
+Shield damage now full radius.

== Oil Slider
+You now keep your previous momentum when turning.

== Super Arm
+Can no longer be autoaimed.

== Thunder Beam
+Can no longer one-hit kill.

== Time Slow
+Slow duration reduced: 5 -> 3 seconds
+Weapon switch cooldown reduced slightly: 4 -> 2 tics [1 tic = 1/35th of a second]
+Range indicator added.

== Air Shooter
+Damage Reduced: 25 -> 20

== Atomic Fire
+Full charge ammo cost increased: 10 -> 15
+Full charge projectile speed: 24 flat -> 8-32 windup

== Bubble Lead
+Now climbs slopes

== Leaf Shield
+Complete rework.
+Put up a temporary shield that blocks one oncoming hit*
+Lasts a short period
+If the shield is hit, release a flurry of leaves in the target direction.
* damage may still be sustained from the hit, depending on the source.

== Gemini Laser
+Fixed a bug where shots would bounce off shootable actors.

== Hard Knuckle
+Damage reduced: 70 -> 65

== Magnet Missile
+Shots can now only home in on people in the user's vision.

== Search Snake
+Ground speed increased: 18 -> 23
+Can now be aimed.

== Dust Crusher
+Bits pass through players for the first few tics.

== Pharaoh Shot
+Explosion damage reduced: 65 -> 60
+Full explosion damage radius increased: 0 -> 16
+Maxmimum explosion radius reduced: 128 -> 96
+Explosion animation added.

== Skull Barrier
+Complete rework.
+Now fully blocks the damage from one hit.
+Has a cooldown of two seconds after breaking.
+During these two seconds, you are immune to stage hazards that would typically kill you instantaneously.*
* Presses of any kind not included.

== Crystal Eye
+Fixed a bug where bits would bounce off shootable actors.

== Gravity Hold
+Added a range indicator.

== Power Stone
+Code was made easier to modify.

== Star Crash
+Damage radius now starts at your center rather than at your feet.

== Centaur Flash
+Complete rework.
+When used, now renders you invisible for a short period.
+Do not use near birds.

== Plant Barrier
+While active, you take 30% increase damage from all sources.

== Silver Tomahawk
+Reduced speed: 65 -> 50

== Danger Wrap
+New sprites.

== Freeze Cracker
+Bits pass through players for the first few tics.
+Visual effect moved from the weapon to the projectile.

== Noise Crush
+Fixed a bug where uncharged shots would get stuck on Mirror Buster.
+Charge shot ammo cost increased: 2 -> 4

== Thunder Bolt
+No longer spawns two graphic effects when fired.

== Wild Coil
+New sprites.
+New sounds [stolen from Classes].
+Uncharged speed increased: 18 -> 25

== Astro Crush
+Fixed a bug in Zandronum 3.0 where you would not hang in the air when using it.

== Flame Sword
+Can no longer be autoaimed.

== Homing Sniper
+Shots can now only home in on people in the user's vision.
+You didn't need that pistol ammo anyway.

== Mega Ball
+Default slot changed from 4 [Close] to 2 [Ranged]

== Copy Vision
+Default slot changed from 6 [AoE & Special] to 2 [Ranged]
+Shot damage buffed: 8 -> 10
+No longer reorients itself to match your aim automatically.
+Now reorients when you fire while Copy Vision is selected.

== Ice Wall
+Now climbs slopes.

== Lightning Bolt
+Fixed a bug in Zandronum 3.0 where you would not hang in the air when using it.

== Remote Mine
+Base speed increased: 20 -> 25
+Redirect speed increased: 8 -> 11

== Tengu Blade
+Remove the fade effects on the dash.
+Changed the actor name "TenguMelee" to "TenguDash" to be more precise.

== Ballade Cracker
+Obituary properly set in LANGUAGE.

== Mirror Buster
+Fixed a bug where climbing weapons [ex. Search Snake] would repeatedly trigger the counter.
+Actor names changed for clarity.
+Damage windows for shot values changed:
* Mid shot: 11 -> 12 damage.
* Strong shot: 25 -> 40 damage.
+Large shot damage increased: 40 -> 45.

== Sakugarne
+Default slot changed from 6 [AoE & Special] to 4 [Close]

== Screw Crusher
+Fixed a bug where shots would bounce off shootable actors.


+Weapon layout changes
+Minor structural changes

+Weapon layout changes
+Elec Traps now deal "Disintegrate" damage

+Arrows now show direction of conveyor belt movement

+Oil Canisters now deal more consistent damage
+Oil Canider damage reduced slightly

+Full map overhaul

+Various structures tweaked and simplified

+Northern area reworked

== MM2DW1
+Teleporter bunkers closed off.

== MM2DW2
+Various structures adjusted.

+Skull Barrier now easier to acquire.

+Complete layout and texture overhaul

+Updated darkness textures
+100 Watton now drops a large health on death*
* does not apply to LMS game modes.

== MM4DC1
+Large health pickups near pillar swapped with small ones
+Four small health pickups added outside

+New room added
+Moved central staircase to provide better cover in the lower hallway
+Stairwell leading up towards the south replaced with a ladder

+New map based on Mega Man 7's intro stage!

+Complete layout overhaul

+Various structures adjusted
+Underwater filters removed

+Complete layout overhaul

+New room added connecting the river chokepoints
+Various jumps made easier

+Cliffside adjusted
+Teleporter moved to the bottom of the cliff
+Various visual changes

+Weapon layout changes
+Background elements added

+Complete layout overhaul

== MM7DW1
+Various visual changes

== MM7DW2
+Weapon layout changes
+Pit teleporters now both face the same direction.

== MM7DW3
+Weapon layout changes
+Minor visual adjustments

+Complete layout overhaul

+Complete texture overhaul
+Layout of back cave area changed

+Various flow adjustments

== Misc
+All previously existing damaging stage hazards now have damage types.
+All music given more accurate loops.
+New team colors!

Version 4c:
Updated to Zandronum 2.0!

Added TeleportFlag item, used by script 973.
TackleFires now have DONTSPLASH.
Can no longer get stuck in a respawning countbomb via Proto Shield / Mirror Buster.
Updated Evil Robot cut scene to use new MM8DW2.
Fixed various typos in the Wily Tower campaign sequence.
Fixed a bug where Genesis Unit would stick to a single attack constantly. This would lead to a situation where the boss was unbeatable.
Added a console icon for the scoreboard.
Added a more correct ENDOOM screen.

Fixed SBARINFO error where Atomic Fire’s charge bar would appear if WeaponCharge was in the player’s inventory without Atomic Fire being active.
Fixed SBARINFO error where Homing Sniper’s charge animation played before it reached a full charge.
Time Slow no longer shows a pickup message of Time Stopper.
Time Slow now has a particle effect on slowed players.
Fixed a bug where Screw Crusher could pick up ammo when full.
Updated icons for Crystal Eye, Napalm Bomb, Star Crash, and Charge Kick.
Fixed a bug where Ice Wall would jump to the wrong state when weakened in the air.

Eddie’s RandomWeapon item updated to work on ZDR 2.0.
Beat Call icon updated to use NES colors rather than Mega Man 10’s.

MM&B Bass skin by Geno replaces SGC Bass skin.

EvenLighting applied to all maps MAPINFO to fix a legacy ZDR 2.0 bug with r_fakeconstrast.
Map files renamed and reordered in PK3 to work with ZDR 2.0’s new ordering scheme in offline skirmish.
MM2DW1 - Patched up hole in the fence , Fixed Boss activation script.
MM2DW2 - Updated layout / weapon placement.
MM2DW3 - Changed music to empty track (2DW4MUS), droplets now use FORCEYBILLBOARD.
MM3MAG - Magflies altered to make it more difficult to become stuck in front of them.
MM5CRY - Fixed a bug where you could get into the background online.
MMBBUR - Geography / Weapon layout updated. Big Telly now has a warning sound .
MMBMAG - Outer pits now work with Beat Call.
MMCTF05 - Unblocked a line in light base.
MM3DW1, MM4DC1, MM5DAR, MM6MRX, and MM7DW1 - Fixed Boss activation script.
MM3SHA, MM6BLI, MM7SHA and MM2DW1 - Two way teleports now use ACS [See script 973 below].

[Script Changes]
Script 205 - Beat thrusts you upward slightly when activated
Script 253 - Improved Item2 / Ice Wall sticky script for ZDR 2.0.
Script 972 & 203 - Updated to support changing Boss Music manually or disabling the script. (Usage instructions in GLOBAL.ACS)
Script 973 - New Teleport Script for two way teleports (Argument 1 = Teleport Destination)
[Examples can be found in MM6BLI, MM3SHA, MM7SHA and MM2DW1]
This script is required for two-way teleports so they do not crash in Zandronum 2.0.

Version 4a:
[New Content]
- Added MMBMUS
- Added MMBTEN
- Added MMBAST
- Added MMBDYN
- Added MMBCOL
- Added MMBGRO
- Added MMBPIR
- Added MMBBUR
- Added MMBMAG
- Added MMBKIN
- Added MMBDW1
- Added MMWTDW1
- Added MMWTDW2
- Added 9 new MM&B Weapons
- Added 4 new assist items

- MM7 and 8 FC titlescreens replaced with recreations of the true title screens. (Credits: Geno)
- Circuit Board pickup message has finally been changed.
- Added Lava Splashes for lava floors.
- Introduced a new ResetPlayerStats item. This item can be used by modders to reset a player values back to spawn values easily.
- Death to Wind Storm or Gravity Hold now results with players being launched to the ceiling and then exploding.
- Character props now sink in snow.
- Kyorown damage nerfed to 25
- Gutslifts now have states for allowing them to travel North - South. Gutslifts can also use args to set custom speeds.
- Shadow and Yamato Man removed.
- Energy bars are recolored via TEXTURES as opposed to being their own graphics.
- Loads and loads of sprite file size optimizations.
- Trains and Spring Man boxing gloves now use their own damage types.
- Mr. X Team replaced with King Team
- All teams now feature unique Win/Lose themes. Including Light team which differs from the default non-team win/lose.
- Slash Man 10 is now primary Slash Man, the FC Slash Man is now known as SlashMan-RM7FC
- InstaGib Mode now increases player speed by 25% and jump height by ~40%.

- All weapons had their obituaries moved onto the projectile itself.

Buster Weapons
- Mega Buster now has flash/noflash frames to fix the noflash bug. All other Buster weapons now inherit from Mega Buster.
- Proto Buster now uses the same charge counters as the other charging weapons do (weaponcharge).
- Bass Buster Upgrade pickup message fixed. Bass Buster’s added stun removed.
- Proto Shield, Super Adaptor Wings and Treble Boost Wings all translate with team games.
- Arrow Buster’s spread adjusted.
MM1 & PU
- Rolling Cutter, Fire Storm, Hyper Bomb have new icons.
- Super Arm no longer produces the rock fragments on a direct hit.
- Fire Storm shield returned to dealing radius damage (6 damage, 64 radius). The shield is now slightly transparent.
- Time Slow halves movement speed when used.
- Oil Slider Sled damage nerfed (18 -> 16)
- Air Shooter unused code removed, new icon.
- Bubble Lead’s initial projectile now has the same height/radius as the travelling bubble. New icon
- Leaf Shield has a new icon. Leaf Shield projectile is now a ripper.
- Atomic Fire, Crash Bomb, Quick Boomerang have new icons.
- Magnet Missile homing buffed.
- Needle Cannon can now hit-stun.
- Top Spin only spins for ~2.4 seconds before stopping. Damage buffed to 35 (from 25)
- Skull Barrier can be turned on / off. Skull Barrier now uses power protection instead of turning off shootability. Skull Barrier no longer protects players from crushers or from being telefragged.
- Dust Crusher damage buffed to 35 damage. Dust Bits buffed to 15 damage. Dust Bits can no longer hit the target (ala, like Thunder Bolt)
- Dive Missile skips most of its delay if it hits a target. Still has a slight hard delay.
- Pharaoh Shot uses the same charge counters as the other charging weapons do (weaponcharge).
- Power Stone now uses the canon icon look.
- Water Wave no longer dies if the player is aiming down while firing. unused code removed.
- Flame Blast now produces horizontal flames when it hits a wall.
- Centaur Flash has a correctly colored bar.
- Buffed Silver Tomahawk's radius (7->16) and made it a fast projectile.
- Plant Barrier overhauled: It now remains on when used and can be fired. Plant Barrier only heals you when your health is under 100, otherwise it idles and does nothing.
- Noise Crush’s NoiseCrushFlag was replaced with WeaponCharge. Charged Noise Crush now uses ammo to fire.
- Once a player has taken damage from Flame Sword, all additional damage will be reduced for a few tics. Idle sprite changed to be consistent with Slash Claw and Tengu Blade.
- Water Balloon uses Flash Bomb’s hitstun.
- Ice Wave can now climb up walls to get around an issue with 3D Floors eating them.
- Thunder Claw uses MM8 accurate colored sprites (Credits: Gumballtoid)
- Flash Bomb’s damage reduces down throughout its life. 22 -> 15 -> 12. Also reduced hitstun.
-Tornado Hold functions differently: If the pod hits a player, instead of simply bouncing away, the pod drops down the ground quickly. Pod damage reduced to 10 to compensate for the greater potential of hitting player with the wind.

- Sakujetting (IsFlying flag + saku to be technical) is no longer possible.
- Mirror Buster: Changed the sprite for the middle power shot so it's obvious that it's strong than the weak one, Bumped the speed from 38 to 40 (omg!) and the strong shot is now a 80 damage projectile as opposed to a 45 damage ripper.

- New Assist Items! Energy Balancer, Reggae Call, Rush Marine, Item2
- Reggae Call and Energy Balancer added to Party Ball.
- Beat Call is greyed out when not active.
- Beat Assist has a hard delay to prevent rapid firing.
- MTank now uses the Energy Balancer scripts to provide ammo to all weapons you have on you and to the exact amounts. Any weapon added to the Energy Balancer script in mods would also apply to the MTank.

As usual, any minor changes such as weapon shifts are most likely not documented.

LightLabs - Random boss music now plays while fighting Sniper Joe. Music reverts back once you or Joe loses. Joe has a health bar now.
TITLEMAP - Uses the MM&B Opening if Save Data is beyond the MM8 Chapter.
MM1CUT - Expanded layout. (By Ivory)
MM1FIR - New version of the map. (By Ivory) (Funfact: It’s an overhauled version of my duel map for the first mapping compo)
MM1BOM - New version of the map. (By Ivory)
MM1DW2 - Slight layout revamp making use of 3D Floors. (By Ivory)
MM2BUB - Added Shrinks to the stage. Rush Jet replaced by Rush Marine.
MM2HEA - New version of the map. (By Copy Robot)
MM2MET - Junk Shield was swapped with Thunder Beam, Thunder Beam was swapped with Metal Blade, Metal Blade was swapped with Junk Shield. Presses were added for background elements.
MM2DW1 - Revamped (by Ivory)
MM3SHA - floor fixed for software, reduced amount of weapons. Added Shadow Platforms.
MM3NEE - Rush Coil and Tango Roll swapped spots, Crash Bomb has been added
MM4PHA - MapInfo Fixed
MM4BRI - Revamped layout (By Ivory)
MM4DRI - Removed teleporter, punched a hole in the wall between Crash Bombs and Drill Bomb instead.
MM4DUS - Layout expanded upon, one of the crusher entrances removed, one way path in/out of the outside area added. A few weapon location swaps/new weapons introduced.
MM4SKU - New path added to the Skull Barrier area.
MM5STA - More Girders!
MM5STO - Map height lowered, minor redesigned elements.
MM5CRY - Changed some spawn destinations to remove the infinite search snake loop. Teleporters no longer teleport right on top of the next teleporter.
MM5GYR - Spinning fan script is now clientside. Item2 added to map.
MM6BLI - The boat no longer touches the water, avoiding accidental death. (same goes with the MMBMUS boat)
MM6FLA - Burning oil now provides a grace period like in MM1OIL.
MM6PLA - Revamped Layout (by Ivory)
MM6WIN - Revamped Layout (by Ivory)
MM6CEN - Revamped Layout (by Shade Guy)
MM7SHA - Punched some holes in the wall and few other changes to improve mapflow. Added Energy Balancer.
MM7DW2 - Cleaned up Health/Energy item layout.
MM7DW3 - Added pillars to large rooms for cover. Replaced Rush Coil with Treble Boost.
MM8TEN - Replaced Quick Boomerang with Remote Mine
MM8GRE - Added Ururuun to the map.
MM8DUO - Linedef blocked
MM8DW2 - Minor layout updates (by Kapus)
MMCTF01 - Stage revamp (by Ivory, although based on what Mike did first)
MMCTF02 - Stage revamp (by Ivory)
MMCTF04 - Stage revamp (by Knux)
MMCTF06 - Slight layout revamp (by Mike & Ivory)
MMCTF07 - Eddie replaced by Arrow Buster, flag rooms and the pit redone
MMCTF20 - Added Spring SFX to springs

[Script Changes]
Jump Canceling script improved, should reduce/remove failures?
Code commented in global/wepacs.

Version 3b:

Upgraded to Zandronum 1.1.1
Added Co-operative to the game mode drop down list (for custom mods).

- Danger Wrap in team game modes fixed
- Sakugarne - sv_fast weapons 1/2 crashing issue fixed.
- Search Snakes are no longer effected by moving floors. (Mostly)
- Centaur Flash has correct colors.
- Homing Sniper no longer fires a projectile before starting to charge. Homing buff ~33%
- +WEAPON.NOAUTOAIM added to Super Arm
- Duo Arm initial fire delay halved
- Laser Buster damage buffed 4 -> 5
- Oil Slider now uses flags instead of Ammo2. Also changed to use IsUnderWater inventory item
- removed +2 weapon energy gain on Hyper Bomb and Atomic Fire
- Added +4 energy gain to Time Slow
- Cut Time Slow's time that the player is frozen when it is activated
- Fixed Sakugarne in sink terrain (snow, water etc)
- Proto Buster shots no longer hit its own shield
- Busters now have their own damage types (Ex. BassBuster, ArrowBuster etc)
- Mirror Buster and Scorch Wheel now here meters (like Oil slider) to show how much time is left before a forced action
- Altered Slash Claw's SFX
- Wind Storm projectile revamp

All maps in general were edited in some way shape or form, even if it's so minor that it wasn't listed here.

All deep water maps: Trasparent water
MAP01 - Auto's Truck and Beat Cage added to Light's labs
MM1OIL - Swapped Pharaoh Shot and Flash Bomb
MM1DW1 - Replaced Wind Storm with Search Snake
MM2BUB/MM4DIV - Now uses the proper water map low gravity item.
MM2QUI - New safe paths added to the center areas. Quick Beams now only fire 2 at a time. (by Ivory)
MM2WOO - Aired out the stage, added a new way into caves. (by Ivory)
MM2DW1 - Added more small health to the map.
MM3MAG - Overhauled layout (by Ivory)
MM3GEM - Overhauled layout(by Ivory)
MM3TOP - New Map (by Copy Robot)
MM3SHA - New Map (by Copy Robot)
MM4TOA - Replaced Crystal Eye with Rolling Cutter and the old spots with Gemini Laser. Slight level expansion. (by Ivory)
MM4SKU - Swapped Yamato Spear and Metal Blade. Second Metal Blade is now a Bubble Lead
MM5CHA - The real chargeman rails are implimented and various other proper textures in place. You can now go onto the roof of the cars.(by Ivory)
MM5STO - Wall fixed
MM5WAV - New Map (by Beed28)
MM6YAM - Fixed a missed impassible wall.
MM6MRX - Swapped Laser and Super Adaptor locations
MM7JUN - Deathpit fixed
MM7BUR - New map (by Mendez)
MM7SPR - New Map (by Shade Guy)
MM7TUR - Spot of Shame gone. Again.
MM8CLO - Fixed tile exploits.
MM8DUO - Made it more beachy
MM8DW1 - safe spots removed
MMCTF02 - Mag Flies Added
MMCTF08 - Replaced Flame Sword
MMCTF09 - Death pit fixed, various locations blocked.
MMCTF10 - More thunder claw pegs added
MMCTF11 - Block Monsters added
MMCTF15 - Fixed base spawns
MMCTF16 - Added boss music

[Script Changes]
- Tweaks to wcolors and Global
- Reworked Bot ammo give script to give from NoAmmo script instead of every freaking tic
- Added new IsBot item ....pretty self explanitory
- IsUnderWater Inventory item added (Self explanitory)
- Rewrote most underwater scripts
- Sniper joe TID changed from 5000 to 1001 in Lights Lab
- Changed all charging weapons to use IsBot to randomly release shots when full charge release. This works online unlike the old 974 method
- Added FORCEYBILLBOARD to the bomb pillars ...finally
- Added CANTSEEK to the ThunderClaw Pegs and Junk Pillars
- Removed the possession artifact....I think
- LMS/TLMS boss / victory music
- support for up to 64 players (Scripts only, maps still only have 32 players starts at most)

[Random Things]
- Herobrine Mike Added
- Wood man chat script updated
- All wily stage and Dr. Cossack music codes changed #DW#MUS to match up with MM8's new standard.
- New Music for Time/Oil by OrangeMario
- Death.Telefrag added to the player class
- Proto Man & Break Man have new skins (Copy Robot)
- Magflys (credits: Ukiyama for coding base)
- Fixed a bug in light labs which caused certain weapons to freeze the player.
- Clown Man trains now use A_Recoil instead of ChangeVelocity
- Jump Canceling glitch in Gyro Man fixed
- Added obituary to Mega Buster projectile
- All items that were specifically removed in duel are now returned. (Fix for duel crashing)
- Duo Boss chat color fixed, then broken, then fixed, broken, ....it's possibly fixed now?
- Bots no longer pick up items in unkown map
- Treble no longer breaks when the user spectates after Treble lands.
- MM8BDM.pk3's sprite section entirely reorganized to make finding sprites easier.
- Added Tilde and apostrophe to the ingame font. 'C' has been revised to look less like '('
- Party Ball assist weapons drop are now weighted (Tango, Treble and Beat Support).
- 300Watt and Dompan no longer drop Large Health
- Bots can now use Time Stopper, Skull Barrier and Plant Barrier properly.
- Hard Man Skin now uses new shoulders (by YD)
- Herobrine Mike Removed
- MM8BDM.pk3 botchats organized by game.
- MM8BDM.pk3 Graphics reorganized
- MM8BDM.pk3 sounds reorganized

Version 3a:

MM8BDM: Stages
New Maps:
- MM8 stages added
- Oil and Time stages added
- New CTF Stages! MMCTF11 - MMCTF20

Replaced Maps:
- MM1CUT replaced with Cutman Hell by Ivory
- MM1DW2 replaced by CutmanMike
- MM4RIN replaced by Myroc
- MM5CRY replaced with MM5CRYX by Copy Robot
- MM5GYR replaced by Mr. X
- MM7CLOU replaced by Killer Chair
- MM7DW4 replaced by Ivory

Updated Maps:
- LightLab: Renovated by Ivory and new single player system by CutmanMike
- MM1GUT: Thing bridges replaced by 3D Floor bridges; walkable staircase.
- MM1ICE: Tubes to underground widened.
- MM1ELE: Layout updated.
- MM2AIR: Added railings and a new floor texture by Copy Robot
- MM2CRA: Layout updated.
- MM3SPA: Layout updated.
- MM4DIV: Less hiding spots.
- MM5STO: Thing bridges replaced with midtx; new unique floors (as opposed to reused hard floors)
- MM5DAR: Layout updated.
- MM6WIN: Now possible to fly around the outside.
- MM6YAM: Various sections overhauled and replaced.
- MM7JUN: All ice weapons freeze lava pillars. Lava pillars freeze lava in a new method
- MMCTF05: updated layout
- MMCTF08: new bases
- MMCTF09: updated layout
- MMCTF10: updated layout

MM8BDM: Weaponry
- Proto Buster, Bass Buster, Super Adapter longer pick up energy.
- Super Adaptor can only boost once until landing.
- Rolling Cutter: Range reduced, damage changed
- Fire Storm's fire shield altered to no longer climb ledges and was slightly revamped.
- Hyper Bomb bounces on water [Zandronum Fix]
- Thunder Beam pierces armor
- Time Stopper: No longer pick up energy.
- Bubble Lead: Fixed spawn height and spread compatibility
- Atomic Fire: Fixed weapon colors not changing when releasing a charge shot
- Hard Knuckle nerfed to 70 damage
- Gemini Laser gained a slight projectile speed buff and wall bounce.
- Magnet Missile: Homing style changed
- Search Snake: Determinator Snakes added.
- Top Spin: Reduced frequency of attacks + fixed endless spinning
- Spark Shock: Removed startup delay, added weapon switch TO delay, kept weapon switching speed. Pierce Armor
- Ring Boomerang: Firing projectile now ripper.
- Dive Missile: Damage buffed to 12 (from 8)
- Skull Barrier: Fixed to stop even with sv_infiniteammo
- Drill Bomb: Damage buff + Radius nerf. Ammo usage reduced to 2
- Flash Stopper: Blind effect changed
- Pharaoh Shot: Bots will now charge it.
- Napalm Bomb: bounces on water [Zandronum Fix]
- Crystal Eye :dimensions changed to 16x16 and bits to 8x8, more bits getting stuck in walls problem.
- Crystal Eye: now does damage (50) without breaking into bits if it hits a player. Hitting walls will result in releasing bits.
- Star Crash: now works on flats which the player sinks into. Also reduced radius to 160 units.
- Gravity Hold: Range nerf
- Power Stone: Now works without ACS.
- Charge Kick: Movement style changed
- Gyro Attack: When Gyro Attack hits a wall before splitting, you no longer have to press fire twice to shoot a new one.
- Centaur Flash: radius decreased, damage increased.
- Blizzard Attack: Slight speed nerf
- Silver Tomahawk: Speed nerf, tiny damage nerf.
- Wind Storm: Damage buff
- Plant Barrier: Health buff to 10 (from 8)
- Knight Crush: More NES accurate; 2 shots fired, damage reduced to 10 from 17
- Freeze Cracker primary shot buffed to 18 (from 15)
- Thunder Bolt pierces armor
- Noise Crush: Charge shot buff to 75 (from 60)
- Scorch Wheel: Make damage more consistent and reduce radius
- Slash Claw: Damage more consistent
- Wild Coil: Reduced spread, reduced charge damage
- Junk Shield: Complete overhaul. Works more like the actual Junk Shield in MM7.
- Danger Wrap: Mines now instantly explode in CTF.
- Ballade Cracker: Reduced speed, increase damage, reduce radius
- Screw Crusher bounces on water [Zandronum Fix]
- Sakugarne buffed; costs 1 energy to mount.
- Mirror Buster: Projectiles fired based on damage done to shield. Shield now takes ammo when hit (and initially fired). Buster HUD Restored
- Standardized ammo names for the original weapons which lacked them.
- Giver Weapons no longer give the weapons if you already own them.
- Treble now fires flurries of spreading weak bullets.
- Treble no longer spawns in duel.
- All fire based weapons can ignite oil pits.
- All weapons have their own damage types named after their name. (I.E. Search Snake damage type = SearchSnake)

MM8BDM: Global Scripts
Global Script changes:
- Script 997 - sets teams colors for all players on player joining
- Script 997 - Spawns an object on player starts for other objects to be spawned
- Script 996 - Added ACS_ExecuteAlways(188,0)
- Script 995 - Removed PlayerCount() Check for compat_clientsendfullbuttoninfo
- Script 991 - Executes Script 998 with no sound (duplicate script)
- Script 977 - changed GetActorFloorZ to GetActorVelZ for determining if player is on the ground
- Script 977 - Added checks to prevent Super Adaptor from being used multiple times in midair
- Script 975 - Added TeamDM, TeamGame and Terminator as returned gametypes
- Script 203 - Complete boss music script rewrite
- Script 190 - Removed
- Script 189 - Removed (Added alternate version, should also be removed)
- Script 248 - Added, Thunder claw hook script
- Script 300 - Added, Beat Support Script
- Script 254 - Added, Returns a 1 if player is a bot (used by Oil Slider)
- Script 252 - Added, Prevents bots from getting stuck near player + gives bots the ability to use buster upgrades
- Script 249 - Added, Flash Stopper blinding script
- Script 188 - Script to fix problematic items in Possession
- Script 248- Push/Pull script? (Black Hole Bomb etc)
- Added various functions

WColors Script changes:
- Script 998 - Changed from IF statements to a Switch statement

- MM8 Skins added
- Mobile Roll skin added
- Time Man, Oil Man, Mega Man? (or Copy Robot)
- Pharaoh Man edited to change the white to cyan. He was previously the only stock skin not to have Cyan visible on all rotations. His head "gem" is now permanently blue.
- Loads of skin fixes by Copy Robot: Mega Man, Megahair, Quint, Bass, Break Man, Elec Man, Gemini Man, Heat Man, Helmetless Megaman, Proto Man, Quint, Skull Man, Enker, Knight, Napalm

- Junk Man Lava can be frozen by ice weapons.
- Dr Wily 2 Barrels radius decreased to 16
- Fire Wave spawner is now robust. You can now alter the firing speeds by argument 1. Whatever non-zero number that is in there will be the new delay between firing. This is in tics, so 35 tics = 1 second.
- Hanging Tires bounce you backwards from the direction you hit it from.

- E-Tank Sprites fixed, thanks Kapus.
- Baccone lost the shootable flag. Yay.
- Walrus actor renamed to Seal. Even the sprite names.

- Music reorganized by game internally.
- Music quality and looping on a few songs and a bunch of stuff redone by Mr. X

- Megaman player class updated.
- Large Health heals 40 HP and Large Energy recovers 10 Units
- Music Wad Organized by Game
- Map Specific split into a more organized format. Folders for MM1-6, Boss and Misc.
- Weaponry Organized by game
- New Music Scripts Implemented
- Quick Beam Lasers no longer generate lag when Time Stopper (or just plain freeze) is in effect.
- Eddie can no longer fly. (SSW Fix)
- Wave Bike movement method changed
- Sticky Platforms
- When weapons you hold are out of ammo, the hand will be empty.
- Summon Items no longer spawn on top of 3D Floors the player would be under.
- Most sounds replaced with more accurate ones.

- New NES/RM#/MM9&10 accurate color pallet
- Dive Water now splashes! Modders rejoice!
- Oil now makes sounds and splashes when you jump in it.
- New team-specific HUD bars
- New team based win/lose screens
- Doom Builder 2 Categories to assist mappers. Only exceptions are the Orange and Purple flags which are grouped with the rest of the flags.
- Original credits restored for when you beat Gamma.
- Herobrine Mike removed

Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch is a new multiplayer game that aims to take Mega Man’s 8-bit style gameplay and turn it into an online multiplayer first person shooter. Everything you know and love from the classic series will appear in lovely 3d with 8-bit textures and sprites. You will be able to pick from any of your favourite Robot Masters from Mega Man 1 through 6, as well as find and use their weapons scattered around levels. With it’s intense battles, unique style, various game modes and huge amount of weapons and levels, MM8BDM is sure to please Mega Man and old school FPS fans alike. This is no fancy art project! Get your Mega Busters ready, this Skulltag powered mod is coming 2010!

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Ссылки временно недоступны, скоро появятся...

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch v5c, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
Отправка личных сообщений доступна только после регистрации.

Комментарии игроков (44 шт.)

От: SP1D [3|16] | Дата 2016-12-20 18:57:23

Хорошая игра для фана с друзьями на 20-30 минут.
От: Fransuelo [2|5] | Дата 2015-11-02 06:19:38

Ребята помогите не могу скачать никак прерывается говорить нельзя скачать когда доходит до 20мб оно прерывается!

Fransuelo подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Знате особенности этой игры это боссы не знаешь что он будет делать проходиш базы убиваеш боса и получаеш способности вот особенность этой игры я её обожаю!

Fransuelo думал несколько дней и добавил:

Всё скачалось зубодкрушительная игра супер я до 8 части босов дошёл правда было трудно вилий пройти на 6 части в конеце Подсказываю Берёте перчатки Хард Мэна и кидайте в лою роботу после того как он встанет на коленииспользуете собаку и берёте топ мэна вертелку и крутитесь и босс убит!

Fransuelo думал несколько дней и добавил:

Я почти прошол игру не могу троицу мастеров пройти очень сложные!

Fransuelo думал около часа и добавил:

От: SSplug [8|39] | Дата 2015-08-27 12:34:05

Это, мать их, ВОСХИТИТЕЛЬНО!
От: DeadMark [67|121] | Дата 2015-08-27 12:14:52

Игра очень хороша - для мультиплеерных битв. В одиночной кампании скучно - карт много, но суть одна (хотя боты очень даже не тупы) - убивать как можно больше. Играйте в мультиплеер - там весело, в одиночке скучновато.
Плюсы: огромное количество карт и персонажей, мультиплеер, битвы с боссами в одиночной кампании.
Минусы: довольно скучная одиночная кампания(не считая битв с боссами), не очень разнообразный геймплей.
Игре 7.8/10
От: mike119 [1|6] | Дата 2015-08-27 05:35:13

Ну а я попробую

mike119 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Графика хоть и не айс,судя по видео,но не это мне важно
От: Revolver [44|74] | Дата 2014-10-28 20:38:22

Может она и хорошая, но 2D как-то роднее...
От: Cake_Zinito [0|1] | Дата 2014-10-28 20:25:01

хорошая игра но я хотел бы megamen в 3d а не fps шутер от первого лица

От: rockman [0|2] | Дата 2014-10-27 15:03:40


tails-zet сказал:

Хорошо, что выложили обновление Правда оно было вообще за август, но ничего страшного. Держу пари, будут добавлены роботы из девятого и десятого Мегаменов

Нет не угадал. Добавили роботов из Megaman and Bass и Magaman Wily Towers или как она там
От: Romanok [7|45] | Дата 2014-10-24 20:23:03

Хорошая игра , графа оригинально сделана.
От: maels666 [3|3] | Дата 2014-10-24 19:31:04

давно играл, прикольная игруля.
От: Snaider [23|1] | Дата 2014-10-23 12:18:21

Давно искал !
От: ScrewAttack [74|213] | Дата 2014-10-23 10:48:03

От: rockman [0|2] | Дата 2014-10-22 20:27:09


megamax625 сказал:

best game ever!

Согласен, но уже давно вышло обновление
От: megamax625 [9|0] | Дата 2014-02-16 18:58:34

best game ever!
От: Prizruk [5|1] | Дата 2014-02-16 18:51:07

Сказали,что игра неплохая. Ну,посмотрим...посмотрим...
От: Rik1 [0|81] | Дата 2013-12-08 19:06:42

круто ,super
От: ZELGADIS [39|47] | Дата 2013-11-23 12:38:42

От: tails-zet [40|26] | Дата 2013-10-13 21:48:57

Хорошо, что выложили обновление Правда оно было вообще за август, но ничего страшного. Держу пари, будут добавлены роботы из девятого и десятого Мегаменов
От: mbrofist [2|3] | Дата 2013-10-12 17:56:21

Я как-то смотрел видео IndieStatik'a, и там говорилось об этой игре. Что ж, надо опробовать!
От: MrPasty [0|0] | Дата 2013-10-12 12:04:39

Моя любимая...так ещё и в 3D вообще супер!
От: Skavein [2|3] | Дата 2013-10-12 11:20:16

Играюсь в неё на Zandronum'е + Doomseeker, мультиплеер отличнейший, а режимы Boss battle и Classic heroes превращают игру в "что-то с чем-то"
От: sokol89 [39|31] | Дата 2012-04-01 15:13:11

на оффсайте можно скачать новую версию + Contra mod (NES)
От: svladyk [2|1] | Дата 2012-02-25 12:36:28

игра СУПЕР!
От: gamevoin [36|22] | Дата 2011-04-08 13:45:28

Выложите на депозит ПППЛЛИЗЗЗ!!
От: MeAndMyBigMouth [7|10] | Дата 2011-01-15 21:27:24

О боже... МегаМен и ещё по сети...

MeAndMyBigMouth подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

то есть ФПС...
От: DARGG [-2|13] | Дата 2011-01-10 21:21:39

выложыте на депозит плз
От: Dan31 [20|19] | Дата 2010-12-20 19:46:39

Подскажите как поиграть по сети?
Друг хостил, я жал коннект и айпи его вбивал... нифига не подключается... мне кажется что я больно наивен и что-то не так делаю)
От: virtuo333 [4|8] | Дата 2010-12-20 10:55:38

По сети играть одно удовольствие
От: Infernalllsss [6|40] | Дата 2010-12-17 19:55:12

ваще coolll мне сразу понравилось и даже дум вспомнил спасибо автору респект и уважуха +10
От: virtuo333 [4|8] | Дата 2010-12-17 19:44:44

Урааа, вот это штука, я, как Megaman'як, скачаю!!
От: ilya133 [0|1] | Дата 2010-12-17 15:09:38

От: omgVAMPIR [142|49] | Дата 2010-12-16 21:52:01

А тут если по сети играть, то серверов много?
От: Ivan4ik [6|23] | Дата 2010-12-16 21:40:54

По сети с друзьями самое то играть. Играю уже с месяц. Нравится очень не только из-за Мегамена, но так же, что игра на Скуллтаге. :)
Прочитал тут описание и так и не понял: встроен ли у вас "Halloween Skin Pack" добавляющий 6 новых персов.? А то я играю с ним ;)
От: mandar1n4eg [56|258] | Дата 2010-12-16 18:52:05

о скачаю)
От: ssa [169|95] | Дата 2010-12-16 16:06:17

я в игромании эту игру нашел :D на порт дум класс
От: Asan [3|11] | Дата 2010-12-16 16:01:42

Не очень :(
От: omgVAMPIR [142|49] | Дата 2010-12-16 15:43:59

BlackHaze качай, я щас тоже буду хДД

omgVAMPIR подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Или не буду, залейте на депозит ПЛЗ =)
От: BlackHaze [9|102] | Дата 2010-12-16 14:16:58

Качать стоит?
От: CraymanToon [616|26] | Дата 2010-12-16 13:47:57

Игра сделана на движке Doom а не Quake.
От: Dahaka_D [1523|95] | Дата 2010-12-16 12:36:44

Хотел выложить, тормознул походу, уже опередили >_<.