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Скачать игру Walpurgis v0.99 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Kusko [2475|32] | 2024-02-01 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3814) | Просмотров: 4124

Walpurgis v0.99

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от eharper256 (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3814); Ретро-игры (DOS, Win 9x) (629)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 212.70 Мб.
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Walpurgis - геймплейный мод, который превращает Doom в Hexen. Вас ждут четыре уникальных класса персонажей, каждый из них обладает разнообразным и уникальным игровым стилем и арсеналом. Более 70 улучшений и модификаций оружия.

Игра обновлена до v0.99. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Модификация протестирована на огромном количестве пользовательских уровней и карт.

Walpurgis это:
• Три режима огня для оружия. Балансируя всё это при помощи стандартного потребления синей и зеленой маны/патронов.
• Улучшения для каждого из этих упомянутых огненных режимов!
• Сильный и веселый, но сбалансированный. Особое внимание было уделено тому, чтобы все имело силу и воздействие и было интересно в использовании, но не было чрезмерным. Автор безумный перфекционист, когда начинает работать, он многократно тестирует чего-то снова и снова, пока не находит идеальную формулу.
• Готическое средневековье, с привкусом умеренно-высокого фэнтези. Магия должна быть полураспространенной в мире, будь то артефакты или мистические предметы.
• Вы должны привыкнуть использовать в тандеме как свой арсенал, так и предметы инвентаря. Флешеты и диски отталкивания теперь действительно полезны, так что используйте их!

Также в сборку включены аддоны:
Lost civilization - пак из 22 просторных карт на тему затерянной цивилизации. Видео.
Nash's Gore - добавляет большое количество крови.
Отключить аддоны можно отредактировав текстовый файл Launcher.bat

'The Dryad Dimension'
+New!: The Crusader gets his alternate in-slot (3) weapon, Heavensever!
Heavensever is an Arming Sword with dimensional powers, which excels
in long range sniping whilst also being a strong melee option.
##[Primary Fire]## swings the sword in a smooth slashing combo. This is
the Crusaders most damaging melee weapon, but it does have somewhat less
range than the spear, of course. It's mana-free by default.
>>> Upgrading the Primary makes the swings more damaging and faster.
>>> Mutating the Primary blesses the blade, making it cause an eruption
of holy power whenever you swing for point-blank AoE. It costs mana.
##[Secondary Fire]## causes a dimensional severing split, generally hitting
a target in your vision. It is incredibly strong vs. distant single foes.
>>> Upgrading the Secondary makes it a double-X-slash for more power.
>>> Mutating the Secondary causes it to instead create a roaring column
of Dimensional energy, with less direct power, but good AoE.
##[Tertiary Fire]## causes a portal to appear. Whenever you use one of the
other fire modes, the portal launches a phantom sword at an enemy it can
reach, that detonates. It can fire 4 times before dissipating.
>>> Upgrading the Tertiary makes you purely summon a large fusilade of
phantom blades instead, which immediately fire off, causing havoc.
>>> Mutating the Tertiary allows you to hold a portal in front of you
whilst you hold the fire button, absorbing projectiles. If you let go,
the portal drops, blocking projectiles that hit it in the same way.
If you make a second portal whilst the first is active, the two will
spin to face each other, and fire lasers rapidly between them.
By default, this will spawn randomly along with the Firestorm Font,
but you can disable either of them in the Walpurgis Options if preferred.

+New!: The Druid gets her alternate in-slot (3), The Dryad Transformation!
The Dryad gets a staff and has several plant attacks that favour closer
ranges and give powerful crowd control.
##[Primary Fire]## grows a wad of dangerous spiked brambles on the staff,
which are then flung in front of you in a shotgun-like blast. It is
quite short-ranged, but tears through enemies quite strongly.
>>> Upgrading the Primary makes the brambles deal more damage, and their
range is also increased.
>>> Mutating the Primary instead makes you transform your hands into the
Fists of a Treant. The fists create shockwaves of force and natural
power in a short-range in front. They are very good at stunning foes.
##[Secondary Fire]## makes you fire off several seed pods. They bounce
around, up to a close-medium range, preferring to bounce towards foes.
After a few seconds, or after touching a target, they very rapidly
burrow into the ground and grow at hyperspeed, turning into a deadly
spiked beanstalks that impale enemies.
>>> Upgrading the Secondary turns the Beanstalks into Bloodstalks,
which also detonate the corpses of foes they kill.
>>> Mutating instead makes the seeds burrow far deeper, to unleash
volcanoes that vomit magma everywhere!
##[Tertiary Fire]## grows a spitting plant in front of you. It spits
globs of acid at nearby targets, and after several shots, erupts into
venomous gas (this is the old Flechette effect, the Flechette is changed).
>>> Upgrading the Tertiary makes the spitter plant gain extra tendrils
that whip at nearby foes. It also spits twice the acid for its life.
>>> Mutating the Tertiary means you no longer grow the Spitter Plant.
Instead, you grow a giant mushroom. This mushroom constantly grows
other dangerous mushrooms nearby, quite rapidly. If monsters step on
them, they explode into spores that rot flesh, or which shrink foes
temporarily. You can run over and kick shrunk foes for high damage.
By default, this will spawn randomly along with the Hebiko Sceptre,
but you can disable either of them in the Walpurgis Options if preferred.

+New!: The Heresiarch (Hexen Boss) has been given the full makeover treatment to
match the other already updated Hexen Bosses. He no longer has that ever
frustrating (very long) invulnerability phase, but has instead been made
considerably more dangerous and aggressive, including lightning blasts,
rapidfire fireballs, and bouncing explosives, as well as gaining some
appropriate voice lines.
+New!: The Death Wyvern (Hexen Boss) also had some improvements. Notably, he
now fires magma blasts and is more agile than before. He may get a couple
more tweaks in the future.
+New!: The Druid's Flechette is changed. The old effect is now part of the Dryad
Transformation (see above). Instead, Druid Flechettes contain terrible
swarms of flesh-eating locusts, that quickly eat enemies alive. As a
result, they're now more similar to other classes flechette's in providing
(albeit unconventional) AoE damage like usable grenades.
+New!: New Elite: Swamp Thing. Spawns instead of Stalker Spitters in Hexen.
It is a bruiser with lots of HP that fires off barrages of acid globs
if it can see you, making it hard to ignore.
+New!: New Elite: Warlock of D'Sparil. Spawns instead of Disciple of D'Sparil.
A master of necromancy, he acts similar to a Doom Pain Elemental, except
that he unleashes ghosts which have low HP and have a limited duration.
However, the ghosts are much more aggressive than Lost Souls, so he
becomes a huge priority target among other Heretic Disciples!
+New!: Myrmidon finally gets a correct and new player sprite (with the Axe)
rather than using the standard Hexen Fighter and his generic sword.
+New!: Satyr and Satyr Gladiator finally get a Burning Death Animation.
+New!: Added another +1-3 Taunts for each character.

+Tweak: Spider Mastermind has vastly refactored hitboxes. Now, in Walp, hitting
the legs of the Spidey will do neglible damage: be sure to aim up a bit
to hit the brain. As a result of this change, attacks which are floor
based are unlikely to do very much. This is adds quite a bit of challenge
to fighting one of them (especially given their already super upgraded
Minigun in Walpurgis and its intimidating suppression fire).
+Tweak: Druid no longer holds her Baselards in a reverse grip when you're idle,
uses an extra new sprite with a normal forwards grip.
+Tweak: Crusader Charge Attack (Mace Upgrade) code rewritten using the Werewolf
Lunge punch code, which is much newer and more reliable, so it shouldn't
randomly turn you around or miss anymore.
+Tweak: Although they never show up in game, starter weapons were given pickup
sprites anyways for those people that use weapon-wheel mods. They were
actually made for the helpcards a while ago; I just forgot to add them
seperately for this purpose.
+Tweak: Craneo's slightly reshaded Werewolf arms added.
+Tweak: Corruption Cards Support updated to 5.5 version.
+Tweak: Slight re-shuffle of the title-map to use new assets.
+Tweak: Some Doom Monsters that used generic demon SFX now have their own.
+Tweak: Pnakotic Manuscripts tweaked to work with the newly added weapons.
+Tweak: DoomEd Numbers for weapons refactored to include all the new stuff.

+Balance: Myrmidon Bardiche animation tweaked so it feels slightly smoother.
+Balance: Myrmidon Bardiche Necromancy Circle now also always summons a pair of
ghosts in the basic fire. The upgraded Fire now summons five ghosts
instead of three.
+Balance: Crusader Firestorm Tertiary Mutation Firewall now lasts 5x longer so
it's actually useful. It also deals around 15% more damage to any
monsters who walk through it.
+Balance: Magister Vis Blasts damage reduced by 20%, also applies to upgrade.
Close range blasts damage is 5% less. Upgrade Force Cage unaffected.
+Balance: Magister Fulgur Cloud Orbiters now cost +2 mana and cannot be stacked.
However, they now also hover higher for a better shot solution, and
don't get in the way of your sight as much.
+Balance: Druid's Turul (Bird) nerfed slightly again; the birds projectiles had
a 20% chance to do double damage before, which has now been removed.
+Balance: Druid's Hebiko Sceptre Primary Mutation Acid Spray now travels quite
a bit further (around 70%) making it a more viable option, and giving
it a niche of controlling crowds of lower-HP enemies.
+Balance: Mana drops have been tightened and shuffled around a bit for Doom
and Heretic as usually you had just a little bit too much to spare.
+Balance: In Hexen, Upgrade Items now have a high chance to spawn instead of
Porkulators. In recompense, Dark Servants are now available again.
Overall, this should give more upgrades in general than before
(previously, you only got MAX 6 in total in the base Hexen iWad,
assuming you found all the secrets, which was a little low).

+Fixed: Heretic Mummies were not affected by the Bardiche's Corpse Explosion due
to some missing code. Fixed.
+Fixed: The 'Pick 1' spawner for the Myrmidon Slot 3 malfunctioned due to a
wrong pointer in the code. Fixed.
+Fixed: Archviles couldn't raise monsters from the dead sometimes. Fixed.
+Fixed: Magisters sprite showed up with a Blue Robe in mirrors/chase cam. Fixed.
+Fixed: Hexen Bishops spell firing noise was played globally. Fixed.
+Fixed: Hexen Bishops now always check if they can see a player instead of firing
at walls randomly because it thinks a player is there. Fixed.
+Fixed: Hexen Cardinals (Bishop Elite) no longer randomly teleport around to
dodge if the player can't be seen. Fixed.
+Fixed: Druid Wolf Transform had a slight jitter on the last frame. Fixed.
+Fixed: If transformed into Wolf Mode as Druid, your player model would be stuck
as Werewolf forever if seen in a mirror, even if de-transformed. Fixed.
+Fixed: Decorative Hexen rock was replaced by a Geomancy sprite accidently. Fixed.
+Fixed: Druid was accidently made immune to some monster gas in Hexen. Fixed.
+Fixed: Whenever Druid did a leap attack in Warg Mode, she would let out a Pain
noise and red flash despite taking no damage. This has been fixed now.
+Fixed: There was no mana-check if you looped the Mutated Secondary Fire of the
Magisters Lapis Flos, so it fired forever if you held the button down
even without mana. Fixed.

Walpurgis is...
• A gameplay mod that works with Doom and Heretic, straight out of the Box!
• Focused on giving everything three fire-modes without needing any extra resources, just balancing them around standard blue and green mana/ammo consumption.
• Upgrades for each of those afformentioned fire-modes!! (think Trailblazer)
• Strong and fun, but balanced. Extra care has been put into making everything have punch and impact and be fun to use but not the level of overkill. I'm a mad perfectionist when I get going; so repeatedly testing something over and over whilst I tweak values is not unusual.
• Gothically medieval, with a taste of moderate-high fantasy. Magic is meant to semi-common in the world, whether through artifacts, or mystical items.
• Based around play where you get used to using both your arsenal and your inventory items in tandem. Flechettes and Discs of Repulsion are really useful now; so use them!
• Rigorously playtested with custom doom, heretic, and hexen wads to get a feel for how it plays with them; and to see if I can find reason to switch between my arsenal all the time (which is the sign of a good arsenal, in my opinion).
• Is named this way because... well, "Hexen" are witches from germanic folklore. Walpurgisnacht is a grand festival for witches in general. So as a festival of new content for Hexen related shenanigans; its doubly relevant.

• Four unique character classes.
• Each with a varied and unique playstyle and arsenal.
• More than 70 weapon upgrades and customisations.
• Compatible with Doom, Heretic, and Hexen iwads.
• Tested with huge amounts of custom levels and maps.
• Two years of Development (so far!) and always more features.
• Highly rated and downloaded among the community.

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