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Скачать игру Brutal Nature v0.63 [Alpha] / Worldcrafter - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 9.0 (12) | Баллы: 36
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3580|10] | 2016-09-01 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3087) | Просмотров: 137757

Brutal Nature v0.63 [Alpha] / Worldcrafter

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Black Moon (1) и The Master Elite (1) и Pangaea (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3087); Сетевые / ХотСит (2069); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (954)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 371.56 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 12)

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- Threshold
- StaudSoft's Synthetic World v0.1.1

Brutal Nature - мультиплеерная песочница, где все можно создать или разрушить. В игре Вы будете выживать, добывать ресурсы, строить, создавать вещи и сражаться. В отличии от клонов Майнкрафта - тут воксельная графика, поэтому итоговая картинка смотрится плавной, а не угловатой.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 0.62 до 0.63. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Требования: Windows 7+, DirectX 10+

Ландшафт местности состоит из сглаженных вокселей, которые Вы можете копать для добычи ресурсов, уничтожать с помощью оружия и строить сооружения до тысячи футов в любом направлении. Стройте башни в милю высотой или ройте далеко в глубины земли.

Геймплей будет настраиваться от высоко-реалистичного до веселого аркадного. Разработчиков вдохновили такие игры как: Fallout, Terraria и Dwarf Fortress. Brutal Nature открыт для модификаций. Весь контент игры можно изменить, или вовсе удалить.

Q: Что такое Brutal Nature?
A: Worldcrafter мультиплеерная песочница на выживание. Она пытается смешать копание, крафтинг, разведку и динимачный FPS.

Q: Что отличает Brutal Nature от всех других игр?
A: Очень сглаженный ландшафт с высоким разрешением, высоко-реалистичная, 100% разрушаемая окружающая среда, а также механика геймплея.

Q: Какие языки были использованы для написания движка?
A: C++ для самой игры, AngelScript для скриптов и собственный движок.

Q: Будут ли поддерживаться моды?
A: Brutal Nature уже готов к модам. Весь контент и есть мод.

Q: На каких платформах выйдет игра?
A: Пока планируется только на ПК.

Q: Управление в игре?
A: Нажмите F1 во время игры.

Q: Можно ли переназначить клавиши?
A: Да. Откройте файл data/keybinds/keybinds.as в папке с игрой.

Released: 0.63
Fixed all known bugs
Added Grapple Pistol/Hooks to vendor.
Added version numbers to log file.
Increased fall damage slightly.
Changed Client/Server packet header to be 1 byte instead of 4
Reduce endurance needed to harvest plant fiber by 50%
Reduce Sprint speed by 20%
Tweaked window boarder style.
Tweaked NPC spawn distribution.
Fixed stuck crafting progress.
Fixed sliding down gentle slopes.
Fixed NPC's not attacking back sometimes when attacked.
Fixed long 'Downloading Data' stage during login.
Fixed lag when first joining a server.

Released: 0.62
Fixed all known bugs
Added 7 new weapon models.
Added Batteries to store electrical energy in.
Added Switches to turn electricity on/off to parts of the electrical grid.
Added 2 new human models for the vendors to use. There are 2 types of vendors for the moment and they sell totally different items.
Added a persistent 'Server disconnected' notice in the middle of the screen when you get disconnected.
Added script command to open the vendor GUI on the client.
Added script callback for NPC's when interacted with
Added Human NPC vendors who roam the island selling different things via script.
Added Human NPC's.
Added generic traits for weapons. Each trait has a name, level and power.
Added ability to specify the trait required to harvest an object. You can also specify what level is required to harvest an object so that some objects can not be harvested by hand anymore.
Added Axes with "Chopping" trait for bonuses when cutting down trees.
Added NPC's attack animations and attack delay has been changed to depend on the animation played.
Added ability for NPC's to interact with each other based on faction. Some NPC's will attack others on sight, while only attacking others if they are hungry. some NPC's run away from other NPC's.
Electrical system Rewrite. Generators can now be wired to each other on the electrical grid and will share loads. Loads can also be wired to each other directly without the use of junction boxes.
Made axes required to cut down the largest trees.
Improved keyboard layout
Left/Right mouse button now are swapped correctly when that option is enabled in windows.
Particle effects now use the main shader instead of their own unique shader.
NPC's can now eat world objects when hungry. NPC's only eat the objects they are assigned as edible in the faction that NPC belongs to.
Optimized CPU usage of NPC behavior.
Tweaked inventory crafting screen to look a little better.
Improved mod script save/load functionality to handle mods being added/removed without corrupting the save game.
Increased amount of food from berry bush by 200%
Fixed color of Radar blips.
Fixed Normal maps appearing on weapons that did not have them.
Fixed Particle effect lighting. Now particles can be lit or unlit based on script settings.
Fixed Wires to be properly lit by lighting effects.
Fixed bug where dropping your currently equipped weapon did not cause it to disappear from your hands.
Fixed some light sources not producing light when you logged in while they where on.
Fixed bug where -0 was causing ray trace function to produce incorrect results and take much longer then it should.
Fixed Gamma of screen clear color so it properly matches the skybox again.
Fixed bug where NPC animations where playing at 2x speed.

Released: 0.61
Fixed all known bugs
Added normal mapping to all terrain textures
Added normal mapping to all avatars
Added normal mapping to most NPC's
Added normal mapping to most objects
Limited ram consumption under X64 to available physical ram
Fixed Grapple sticking to center of cubes.
Fixed server timeout on single player avatar select screen.
Fixed shooting at terrain with cubes behind the terrain.
Fixed spawning inside cube wall
Fixed getting stuck in cube wall by building cube wall
Fixed disabling GUI with menu open not hiding mouse.
Fixed quest callbacks still being called after skipping quest.

Released: 0.60:
Fixed all known bugs
Added 1st person animations for one handed melee weapons and pistols.
Added sword, pickaxe, knife and pistol weapon models.
Added new flags to smsher import.
Added muzzle flash
Added new health bar graphics.
Added ability to add custom data to models via smsher scripts.
Added engine feature to mix multiple animations on the same character.
Added user edited map by Globalny-Chaos as default map.
Improved smsher and model rendering code.
Changed GUI textures to a black and gold flat theme.
Changes to model format: Models now inverted on the X instead of Z.
Changed compiler from MSVC2010 to MSVC2015
Reduced server map generation time by 95% (2000% faster)
Reduced spider walk/run animation speed considerably.
Fixed spider model animations.
Fixed cached chunks causing world corruption by increasing the hash to 64bits.
Fixed scale and offset to no longer apply twice to non animated models on import.
Fixed tunnel generation failures caused by not taking into account region distortion noise when picking starting chunk to generate tunnel.

Released: 0.59
Fixed all known bugs
Added water physics. Water now flows down hill until a certain slope angle is reached. This allows for water flow without all the rivers draining out.
Added swimming physics.
Added swimming animations.
Added new player stat: Air. Air decreases when under water and recovers when above water. When air reaches 0 you will take health damage and drown.
Added more mouse over and click effects to buttons.
Added text under cross-hair pop up for actions and low health/endurance/etc warnings and cfg option to show it in the HUD instead.
Added a branch cache to set/get voxel. This allows the octtree look up to be skipped when a voxel is within the same branch as last accessed.
Added random delay between songs. Delay is configurable in 'Brutal Nature.cfg'.
Added walking and swimming in water sound effects.
Added new underwater visual effect.
Added quest objectives display at top right corner of screen.
Changed quantity produced harvesting berries and mushroom to now depend partially on your endurance level at the time you harvest them. This simulates care taken while picking vs hurried picking.
Changed the 'Material' display when picking a material in edit mode to only display 1 decimal point.
Changed harvesting trees/bushes/rocks/etc to always causes endurance lost, even if it fails due to too low of endurance. This means just mass clicking on things will result in loss of endurance but no item. You now must time your clicks for when you have enough endurance.
Increased default viewing range.
Increased projectile drag when shooting through water.
Increased price of wood boards by 200%
Increased NPC count by 200%
Increased underground NPC's by 50%
Increased most plants in world by 400% to reflect the new larger world size.
Removed quest reminder messages.
Fixed sphere mode using the wrong amount of materials.
Fixed bug where right clicks would activating game features while in the GUI menu.
Fixed bug in last stage of tutorial quest where wrong audio file was played.
Fixed shutting down the game taking a long time due to deallocating the many chunk cache objects.
Fixed 32bit client to execute 32bit server when single player mode is selected.
Fixed problem with shadows having holes when terrain exceeded 500 feet.
Fixed rendering lag by fixing the server voxel packet throttling code that was broken by the new client side voxel packet cache.
Fixed voxel editing bug where sometimes the brush did not remove all the voxels it should have.
Fixed NPC's seeing through cube mode walls and being able to attack through them.
Fixed collision bug where bullets hitting water would not be rechecked for collision with terrain till next frame.

Fixed all known bugs
Added description to all Cases and Case Dies.
Added chunk cache system.
Added 'take all' button to amount dialog menus.
Added distance limit to cube editing mode.
Added larger fonts to better support 4k resolution.
Added helpful error message when trying to place material with none selected.
Added shift click edit mode for cube mode.
Added GetConfigInt/Bool/Float to gScript so scripts can now read the server.cfg file.
Added translation system. You now should be able to install/remove mods, items, etc without corrupting saves.
Changed voxels to be 2x size of previous versions.
Changed voxel preview box to be slightly bigger so it does not flicker when on top of cube mode.
Changed how voxels are meshed to help prevent some voxels turning into a super thin line that is near impossible to see.
Changed Handles to be easier to cast in bulk and require 20% as much heat to cast and forge.
Changed movement code. Climbing stairs now works much better.
Changed voxel branch processing to spread out over multiple frames. Branch processing is abandoned after CPU time exceeds 10mS for the frame and continued on the next frame.
Changed Money to be an item, so it can be dropped, put into chests and traded between players.
Optimized chunk loading.
Optimized chunk upload to the video card.
Improved the descriptions for some items.
Increased Material recovered per voxel by 100%
Increased Endurance to mine voxels by 100%
Increased amount of dirt and sand to make mud bricks.
Increased frequency of Hematite deposites.
Crafting recipes you can make any of now show up as orange.
Reduced Wood Planks and Stone Brick terrain materials to mining level 2
Sperrylite and Chalcopyrite moved to forest biome. Pyrite moved to beach biome.
Fixed C and Shift+C to work for cubes.
Fixed bug where some terrain vertices where not being used for collision.
Fixed cubes not casting shadows.
Fixed lighting to work again after voxel rescale.
Fixed underground NPC spawning to work with the new voxel world.
Fixed bugs relating to mining with the new voxel world.
Fixed buttons being 16 pixels too wide on the right side.
Fixed bug where a low viewing distance could cause all objects to not render.
Fixed bug when replacing a larger cube with a smaller one.
Fixed bug where hInstance was not being passed to window code.
Fixed button hit zone.
Fixed containers holding small quantities that appeared as 0.
Fixed bug relating to quest audio being removed from audio validation list by quest end when it should have just been callbacks being cleared.
Fixed bug when editing cubes on render chunk boarders.
Fixed tutorial weapon select stage to respond to number hotkeys as well as mouse wheel.

Fixed all known bugs
Added a new Cube based building system, supporting cubes down to 1.5" in size.
Added Bullet Physics as the physics engine in Brutal Nature.
Added new man made material textures: Concrete, Wood Planks and Bricks.
Added error message when PC's do not meet min VRAM requirements.
Fixed bug where server would refuse to start due to uninitialized variable.
Fixed Grapple having low torque at lower FPS.

Fixed all known bugs
Added quest skip functionality.
Added glass requirement to scoped rifles.
Added plant fiber to bed recipe.
Added mining level to material info.
Added Composite bow.
Adding a help menu for NPCs.
Added requirement for Copper Wire when placing wiring in wire mode. Default is 1 copper wire per 10 feet.
Changed item notifications to display a total count in inventory for received items.
Changed default recipe time to 1 minute.
Changed 5 minute recipes to 3 minutes.
Changed how quest callback functions work to make them easier to use.
Extended script function Player::GetInventoryQuanity to handle weapons and armor.
Improved Server GUI. Server menu is now responsive during map generation and displays map generation progress.
Recorded new audio for Basic Tools quest.
Recorded new audio for Basic Crafting quest.
Removed None Case die.
Fixed periodic callbacks not being cleared on quest finish/skip.
Fixed bug where game would say you died from starvation when you died from eating bad food.
Fixed game not running with unicode characters in path.
Fixed quest callbacks to be cleaned up when a quest finishes.

Released: 0.55
Fixed all known bugs
Added binoculars.
Added new avatar: Michael.
Added more feedback messages to wiring mode.
Added per NPC death/hurt sound effect settings.
Added unique sound for chat vs other console messages.
Added viewing range reduction when low video ram is detected and flushing chunks past the viewing range does not free sufficient memory.
Added viewing range reduction when x32 build is running low on memory.
Added 'Default Console Display Time' to Brutal Nature.cfg
Added 4 sulfuric acid to input for Gunpowder recipe.
Increased Console message default time to 20 seconds.
Increased damage multiplier of all ammo types.
Increased armor penetration of JSP, FMJ and AP ammo.
Increased Black Bear Piercing Armor by 100%
Increased Grizzly Bear Piercing Armor by 100%
Increased Grizzly Bear Blunt Armor by 100%
Increased Spider Piercing Armor by 150%
Increased wood used for cellulose recipe by 100%
Increased cellulose requirements for gunpowder by 100%
Improved logging code to detect writing failure and reopen the log file.
Rebalanced heat for Covellite recipes.
Changed Soda Glass recipe to Glass to be more consistent.
Changed Server to save map data immediately after a new map is generated.
Fixed crash bug when treasure chests where filled with invalid object.
Fixed bug in tabs menu control.
Fixed date in log to have January be the first month.
Fixed bug where being disconnected from announce server while in certain menus could cause the menu to not properly be removed.
Fixed bug with touchscreens where pressing the touchscreen in game could cause loss of performance.
Fixed bug where server could lock up while looking for a place to spawn a NPC right after a player joined.
Fixed potential issue with GetCursorPos on the x32 build.
Fixed bug where tunnel generation was not listening to settings.
Fixed typo in weapon types.
Fixed subtitles displaying all at once when multiple quest audio segments where queued.
Fixed rounding in amount selection boxes to match rest of game.
Fixed bug where items that required 1 of something might not be satisfied due to floating point error.
Fixed ctrl/shift click for materials in the barter and trade menus.
Fixed bug where server would attempt to generate maps when Map Import Scale was set to insane values that would lock up the server.
Fixed bug where players could bury other players.
Fixed bug where NPC's killed by script who had armor where not dying.
Fixed bug in wiring mode that could crash x64 client.

Released: 0.54
Fixed all known bugs
Added Smsher, the Brutal Nature model conversion program.
Added Rainforge to the Brutal Nature Installer. Rainforge is the GPU accelerated terrain heightmap fluid erosion generator for Brutal Nature.
Added Bows and arrows.
Added explosive arrows.
Added rope arrows.
Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Sword.
Added Chome-Moly and Tool steel Knife.
Added armor to Black Bears, Grizzly bears and Spiders.
Added MRE's to treasure chests.
Added frame limiter setting to Brutal Nature.cfg for when the game is in the login menu to prevent excessive GPU usage.
Added better error reporting when client quits due to port already bound or mods fail to load.
Added additional info on metal shapes on how to make the parent metal.
Added server name to mouseover text for server icon.
Added exception to KeyBinds.as for German locales to not bind VK_OEM_3, Used for ~ on English keyboards but Ö (O with umlaut) on German keyboards.
Added NPC's armor stats mPiercingArmor and mBluntArmor.
Added mGoreHP, to determine when a dead NPC is turned into gore. Default level will be twice the previous gore level.
Changed size of fire brick recipe to 1.
Changed recipe capacity of small kiln to 20 and kiln to 100.
Changed color of Player built chests to a stylish blue color to differentiate them from spawned treasure chests.
Changed how grapple works. It now depends on the ammo subtype instead of the weapon. This was done to support rope arrows being fired from normal bows.
Changed how explosives work when the projectile impacts the target. Now explosives that impact the target directly always give 100% damage and result in piercing damage instead of blunt. The damage also gain any armor piercing and piercing damage multiplier bonuses of the projectile. This should make small high explosive projectiles much more effective and allow different types of explosive projectiles.
Changed color of advanced smelter, electric smelter and bessemer converter so you can tell them apart
Changed color of bonfires a darker color to distinguish them from camp fires.
Merged Camp Fire Light and Camp Fire functionality.
Renamed Edible mushroom to Mushroom
Removed melee weapons ability to damage materials with a mining level of 3 or higher.
Removed grapple pistol from starting equipment.
Increased underground spawns by 30%
Increased Covellite vein thickness by 20%
Increased Rock salt veins thickness by 50%
Increased price of Coke and Charcoal to 5.
Increased damage of knives slightly.
Increased prices of Chromium, Chromium Oxide, Sodium Chromate, Sodium Vanadate, Ammonium Vanadate, Vanadium Pentoxide, Ferrochromium, Vanadium by 100%.
Increased most pickaxes durability.
Increased Ammo box size by 20% to make finding them easier.
Increased size of bonfires.
Increased fuel capacity of basic smelter to 20.
Increased calcium oxide used in Mortar to 0.1
Increased calcium oxide used in Refractory Mortar to 0.1
Increased fuel capacity of small bonfire.
Increased number of fire bricks needed for most buildings.
Reduced chance of finding ammo/weapons in treasure chests to 20%
Reduced heat used for making copper wire to 0.5.
Reduced heat for electric motor to 0.5.
Reduced price of Flint to 0.5.
Reduced price of Plant Fiber to 0.5.
Reduced charcoal needed in Steel cementation recipe to 0.25
Reduced calcium carbonate used in blast furnace to make pig iron by 50%
Reduced kaolin needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
Reduced heat needed by firebrick recipe by 90%.
Reduced Black Bears, Grizzly bears and spiders HP slightly.
Reduced pickaxe weight by 50%.
Reduced knife weight by 50%.
Reduced Cassiterite veins thickness by 30%.
Fixed bug where scoped weapons where using the wrong endurance to attack values.
Fixed bug where players ammo dropped on death could end up under ground.
Fixed bug where entering wiring mode was crashing the X64 build of the game client.
Fixed bug where users could see objects load before the terrain did.
Fixed strange movement behavior when using x64 build of client.
Fixed typo in error messages.
Fixed bug where smelters would run out of fuel shortly before they are done cooking.

Released: 0.53
Fixed all known bugs
Now including 64 bit Client/Server. 32 bit versions are also included postfixed with x32.
Added new avatar: Deon
Added new avatar: Jeff
Added new avatar: Wilson.
Added animation retargeting to model converter. Now I can import avatars with different body proportions.
Added mining levels to pickaxes, Now some materials need higher levels pickaxes to mine.
Added durability lost to pickaxes while mining.
Added mineral Corundum. Second hardest mineral known to man, it will require tool steel pickaxes to mine.
Added MRE's, also known as 'Meal, Ready-to-eat", changed starting inventory food to MRE's.
Added a second rock salt region with thicker deposits spawning deeper down.
Changed many prices.
Changed food to restore food stat over 1 second instead of several seconds.
Changed mining to give you an adjustable amount of material per voxel, default will be 1/64th.
Changed how inventory screen displays quantities and prices to be more consistent.
Moved Chromite to forest biome.
Increased max power for electrolysis cell by 100%
Increased power for recipes that make hydrogen by 100%
Increased tool cost of MK108 by 100%
Increased materials used by Rifle Receiver
Increased endurance from endurance potions by 100%.
Reduced mining speed by 50%. Massive overhaul to recipes to re-balance for these changes.
Reduced viewing range to 400 feet by default.
Reduced size of cast handle recipe by 50%
Reduced wood harvested from trees by 100 fold.
Reduced size of forge handle recipe by 50%
Fixed bug where melee weapons did not lose damage with condition.
Fixed bug where text could go a little too far to the right before line wrapping.
Fixed bug when you hold down alt and press control you could be left in a state where you could not chat anymore until you pressed control again.

Released: 0.52
Fixed all known bugs
Added two new avatars: Danny and Maria
Added Barter Menu
Added Script based vendor inventory system.
Added Poison Gland, can be harvested from spiders.
Added Endurance Potion made from mushrooms and poison glands.
Added food spoilage. Meats now turn into spoiled meat with time and spoiled meat will slowly disappear from your inventory on its own. Mushrooms and berries also spoil. Cooked meats spoil slower then uncooked meats.
Added new walking sound for NPCs.
Added prices to items.
Added durability display in armor/weapon info.
Added per weapon and per armor durability settings.
Added Cash to personal stats menu.
Added NPC stand off distance. This is the distance NPCs will stand away from their target.
Added NPC attack range setting for each NPC.
Added a viewing angle limit for NPCs so they can't see behind them.
Added settings in server.cfg to limit sidestep and backwards movement speed.
Added weight to food.
Added context text when cross-hairs are over camp fire lights.
Added a hematite biome for medium size veins at medium depths.
Increased deep hematite veins thickness.
Increased HP of boars by 50%
Re-recorded the first tutorial quests voice over with a new microphone.
Removed clothing from the game as it didn't seem to be fulfilling much of a purpose right now.
Reduced time to roast meat to 60 seconds.
Reduced time to make mud bricks to 60 seconds.
Reduced distance walking sounds can be heard by 50%
Reduced backwards and sidestep movement speed.
Reduced Boar speed by 30%
Reduced food used by endurance regeneration by 60%.
Reduced food recovered from food items by 50%
Reduced meat from boars by 30%.
Reduced aggro range of boars by 30%.
Reduced size range for NPCs.
Reduced size of grizzly bears slightly.
Reduced Berry bush spawn by 80%.
Reduced mushroom spawn by 50%.
Reduced bauxite spawn at surface by 50%.
Reduced lead spawn by 50%.
Reduced pyrite veins thickness.
Limited player spawn to Z levels below 150 to prevent spawning on sky structures.
Fixed armor going to negative condition.
Fixed Personal stats menu to display armor resistances taking into account current armor condition.
Fixed gScript.AddPeriodicScript to use the period given.
Fixed double click to only be triggered if the mouse had not moved much since last click.
Fixed Avatar menu to closes after picking an avatar.
Fixed bug in the NPC spawning routine that could cause the server to crash.
Fixed Account menu to close when you connect to a server.
Fixed Tree List to respond to double clicks correctly.
Fixed bug where double clicking some categories could result in unexpected recipes being selected

Released: 0.51
Fixed all known bugs
Added new shader for the NPC's. Now they are lit much better.
Added Subtitles to quests
Added account menu. Accounts can now be registered to a key and the status of accounts (paid/free) is passed to the server.
Added menu item in account menu to change account password.
Added menu item in account menu register E-mail addresses to an account for password recovery when that feature is added. Note that registering an e-mail account is optional and will only be used for password recovery.
Added menu item in account menu to see your total play time across all online servers.
Added option to display ping next to FPS.
Added paste form clipboard support to console/chat window.
Added paste option to all edit boxes by pressing ctrl+v.
Added ability for certain avatars to be restricted to pre-order only accounts.
Added better handling of users attempting to open empty treasure chests.
Added Mouse wheel filter option to config file.
Increased max condition of weapons in treasure chests from 40% to 60%.
Increased rarity of Smithsonite and Cerussite ores.
Optimised client side collision function slightly.
Optimized world loading slightly.
Fixed bug that could spawn empty treasure chests.
Fixed Projectile vs player collision to take into account animation.
Fixed duplicate Ash from wood recipe in bonfire.
Fixed bug where player could be seen at the location he died for a single frame when he respawned.
Fixed bug where interact with players was not taking into account animation.
Fixed bug where unequipped armors still gave you armor bonuses.
Fixed bug in instanced object shader not taking into account world shadow.
Fixed bug caused by optimizations in the last version, bug would sometimes cause random severe slow downs while the world is loading.
Fixed bug in edit box not allowing '-' after the 1st character.

Released: 0.50:
Fixed all known bugs
Added two avatars.
Added avatar Selection menu.
Added run, idle and jumping animations for players.
Added a new scripting function (gMaterials.RecipeMakes) to check if a recipe makes a certain item.
Added new shader for displaying models in the GUI.
Optimized the vertex upload of terrain data, game play should be much smoother as the map loads now.
Changed flashlight effect to not illuminate so much around the player when in use.
Changed script function that add weapons to support weapons with different conditions.
Changed Weapons spawned in crates to have lower condition to promote making your own weapons.
Changed Cassiterite to be darker so it would stand out more.
Changed model loader slightly to make reusing of animations easier.
Improved world download speeds.
Removed shortcut in basic tools quest that checked if you had a hammer since you can now get hammers from chests instead of crafting them.
Reduced health damage from eating uncooked boar meat and mushrooms.
Fixed NPC's, wiring, etc from being visible past terrain viewing range as the world downloads.
Fixed explosive weapons to use correct bounding box for animated NPC's and avatars.
Fixed bug in recipes using bronze shapes.
Fixed bug in recipes using 'Wood Ash'
Fixed bug where treasure chests with nothing in them could spawn.
Fixed bug relating to mouse not updating its center position if the user moved the window.
Fixed bug where NPC's could appear backwards at times.
Fixed bugs in the FBX animation export code.

Released: 0.49
Fixed all known bugs
Added two new high quality animated models: a Boar and a Black Bear.
Added 100% more surface kaolin deposits.
Added tracking of crafting to stats menu.
Added tracking of melee/projectile deaths and decided how I want to add in additional stats.
Added armor info to the stats menu.
Added sound when attempting to fire weapon with no ammo.
Added Armor condition. Armor blocks less damage when below 50% condition.
Added Melee weapon damage reduction with condition below 33%.
Added chance of failure to fire to weapons under 33% condition. Added reduced muzzel velocity effect when projectile weapons are under 33% condition.
Added weapons to have additional projectile spread below 30% condition, with additional spread increasing linearly from 0 at 30% up to several times the base weapon spread at 0% condition.
Added saving/loading of gun condition on server.
Added zinc ore Smithsonite.
Added Cassiterite ore.
Added metal Tin and Zinc.
Added alloys Bronze and Brass.
Added Bronze armor, pickaxe, knife and sword.
Added bronze bars, plates, etc.
Added recipes to cast and forge bronze at the basic forge.
Added 15 character limit for user names.
Added weapon condition that degrades with use. Default is 0.1% degrade per shot, or 1000 shots per weapon.
Added Chrome-moly steel armor and Tool Steel armor.
Added hammers and saws to treasure chests.
Changed basic chemistry table to need wood instead of wood boards to reduce the difficulty to make it.
Changed melee weapons to work underwater.
Changed Projectiles to pass through water but with much increased drag, making projectile weapons ineffective past a few feet due to reduced damage.
Changed category of many materials like mortar, wood boards, casting sand, etc to 'Building Material'.
Changed category of Drill to 'Tools'.
Changed category of Quick Lime and Calcium Hydroxide to 'Chemical'.
Changed cartridges to need Brass to be made.
Changed ammo types to produce a different number of cartridges per case die and table batch depending on case caliber.
Changed the Saltpeter and Cerussite texture so that they stand out more.
Changed npc pathing to prevent NPC's from becoming so easily stuck in things.
Changed client to reads windows double click time setting and uses that for the GUI instead of 0.2 seconds.
Renamed Potash to Potassium Carbonate.
Renamed Quick Lime to Calcium Oxide.
Reduced health regeneration to 50%
Reduced food from berries.
Reduced amount of Sulfur dioxide produced by 'Sulfur Dioxide from Pyrite' by 50%.
Reduced size of pyrite veins by 50%.
Reduced Tools required to produce guns to 50%.
Reduced Tools consumed to produce guns to 60%.
Removed health restore from roast meat and berries.
Removed particle effect when mining water.
Increased oak tree size.
Increased the amount of thin kaolin veins near the surface.
Increased amount of pyrite needed in 'Sulfuric Acid from Pyrite' recipe by 100%.
Increased hammers needed to make higher end pickaxes.
Increased tools to make Higher end receivers and barrels.
Optimized the animation system
Fixed underground NPC's rising to the surface.
Fixed player model not loading the correct textures.
Fixed revolvers not needing a barrel or receiver to be made.
Fixed typos in 'Wrought Iron from Pig Iron' recipe.
Fixed bug where pressing escape with the quit confirm menu open would leave the GUI in an invalid state.
Fixed a bug where the server could run out of memory due to a ray vs voxel collision check going on forever.
Fixed bug when logging onto a server, NPC's killed before you logged on appeared as alive.
Fixed backward text on ammo box.

Released: 0.48
Fixed all known bugs
Added GPU based skinning animation support to engine.
Importer now loads FBX files with animations.
Added new bear model with animations.
Added spiders animations.
Removed boar.
Fixed range of steel knife being displayed as 0 feet.
Fixed attack speed of melee weapons being displayed as 0 seconds.
Fixed NPC's sliding underground after death
Fixed NPC's getting stuck in the side of wall

Released: 0.47
Fixed all known bugs
Added more tutorial quests.
Added new food: Fried mushrooms.
Added option in Brutal Nature.cfg to not use raw mouse input as it was causing problems with some touchscreen devices.
Switched to Raknet for networking.
Shortened tutorial intro.
Changed some high level ores to be much rarer, especially at the surface.
Change the client network stats menu.
Fixed NPC's not being able to see through water.
Fixed bug where weapon vs NPC collision was incorrect when the NPC was dead.
Fixed NPC's getting stuck under water.
Fixed bug causing underground NPC's to spawn at 0,0,0.

Released: 0.46
Fixed all known bugs
Added new Spider NPC.
Added new pickaxes: Chrome-moly steel and Tool Steel. Changed pickaxe, knife and sword recipes to use metal bars.
Added history buffer for player packets so weapons fire could use the position of objects as it was when the weapon was fired with lag taken into account.
Added interpolation between user updates.
Added interpolation between NPC updates.
Added lag compensation to NPC packets.
Added option in cfg file for mouse cursor to restore to last known position or centered when you enter GUI mode.
Added underground NPC spawning.
Changed NPC's to follow the terrain better and will not climb up or walk through walls of 8 height or taller. They will also avoid very deep pits.
Changed tool recipes start at 1.0 produced per recipe for copper instead of 0.5.
Increased size of NPCs slightly.
Improved NPC update code, merging multiple NPC updates in a single frame into one packet and updating NPC's based on the distance to user.
Improved some material descriptions.
Reduced amount of tools consumed when making other tools by about 60%
Reduced silica glass requirement of graphite electrodes from 5 to 2.
Fixed category setting of several items.
Fixed bug where pressing F to open an interact menu with another menu open would cause the already open menu not to be unloaded correctly.
Fixed bug where logging on after the server had been running for exactly 10 seconds might cause the user to not be able to see NPCs.
Fixed Glove Liners to be under layer. Tracked down an exceptionally hard to reproduce bug.
Fixed bug where calcium hydroxide recipe was at wrong chemistry table level preventing glass from being made.
Fixed bug where material preview would show up in main help menu.
Fixed bug where screen capture software was not recording the mouse cursor.

Released: 0.45
Fixed all known bugs
Added a new gunsmithing system.
Added a preview of what the material looks like on the help page for each material. Click materials names in a recipe to see it.
Added Vanadinite, a bright red vanadium ore used for making Vanadium. Vanadium is an important metal for steel alloys.
Added Pyrolusite, an ore of manganese for alloying steels.
Added Molybdenite, an ore of molybdenum for alloying steels.
Added Chromite, an ore of Chromium for alloying steels.
Added Aluminum refining recipe from Alumina.
Added some new coal byproduct recipes.
Added click sound when locking onto an edge to move in advanced edit mode.
Added scroll bar to 'Linked Text' GUI element. Changed advanced edit mode to respect grid. Lots of tweaking to the new recipes.
Added compression to some of the initialization data.
Added region density setting to server.cfg.
Added support for #include in scripts.
Added better error reporting for scripts.
Added some more material descriptions.
Added Pyrite to iron oxide recipes at bonfire/beehive.
Added Pyrite to sulfur acid description.
Changed making cases to uses up case dies, you can produce 100 cases from each case die.
Changed Case dies to be produced from steel.
Changed how the tree menu deals with multiple collapsed categories.
Changed grinding recipes to produce some sand as a byproduct.
Changed recipe names to be in a more standardized format.
Changed Enet to enable CRC32 checks.
Changed netcode to make use of Enet channels for lowered lag.
Changed cursor to hardware cursor to reduce mouse lag in the GUI.
Changed some scripts by splitting them up into more files.
Changed silica glass to take 10x as much power and use Graphite Electrodes.
Changed tutorial quest so that dropping a campfire now shortcuts the craft a campfire quest segment.
Changed Sperrylite so it can also be refined to raw platinum at the electric smelter.
Reduced weight of ceramic armor by 30%.
Reduced coal tar output of beehive oven to 20%. Reduced capacity of beehive ovens by 50%.
Reduced water and oleum used to turn oleum into sulfuric acid.
Increased region density.
Removed elemental Sodium and related recipes until it has better uses.
Removed Wolframite and tungsten until it has better uses.
Fixed bug when clicking category in inventory menu a recipe's info would appear.
Fixed bug that would sometimes cause you to get flung in a random direction at low FPS or when the game stutters.
Fixed bug where when players rejoined, players in their party would not see them on radar.
Fixed bug where packet loss value reported was incorrect.
Fixed bug where in dynamic edit mode, sometimes not all chunks were properly updated.
Fixed bug where when user is interacting with smelter and gets a request to trade, after accepting his window closes and trade fails.
Fixed bug where AddProduct was called by script with non existent item, user would get an item with no name.
Fixed bug where recipes were requiring 'required' materials in addition to 'input' materials when required materials where intended to count towards the input.
Fixed bug when changing from sphere to square editing mode, sometimes square editing mode did not work properly.

Released: 0.44
Fixed all known bugs
Added new way to edit terrain: Create a cube then push/pull its faces, edges and vertices to edit on arbitrary angles.
Added many chemistry recipes.
Added high pressure chamber for making ammonia, and electrolytic cell for making sodium hydroxide, hydrogen, etc.
Added basic, advanced and electric chemistry table. Split the chemistry recipes up into tiers for the different tables.
Added terrain Chalcopyrite, a gold colored copper/iron sulfide ore.
Added terrain Sperrylite, a black and gold colored platinum ore found in Chalcophrite. Platinum is a very important catalyst for many chemical reactions.
Added terrain Pyrite: a gold colored iron sulfide ore, otherwise known as fools gold, it is vital to early production of sulfuric acid.
Added terrain Sal Ammoniac. A light brown crystal that is a source of ammonium chloride.
Added platinum refining recipes.
Added culling to far off wires.
Added crafting completion sound when doing inventory crafting.
Added sediment on ocean floor to obscure ores that are found there.
Added info when you select a fuel in the smelter menu.
Added server refresh button.
Added recipe power requirements to recipe info.
Added line wrap to recipe descriptions.
Added filter for server names.
Added brick oven object.
Added brick oven model.
Added kiln for cooking bricks. Added kiln model.
Added bloomery model for basic smelter.
Added glass shader and some basic transparency support for models in BN's engine.
Increased ammo recipe size by 500%.
Increased max power consumption of electric smelter to 20KW.
Increased power consumption of most electric smelter recipes by 500%.
Changed the brightness and contrast of Saltpeter to make it stand out more.
Changed camp fire light use fuel to run.
Changed MK108 firing sound to be much louder.
Changed sizes and position of elements in smelter menu slightly.
Changed 20KW generator to 50KW generator.
Changed sunlight to fade out to 0 at 300 feet below sea level.
Fixed bug where turning off wiring mode while placing a wire results in you being in wire placement mode when you enable it again.
Fixed bug where when placing a wire that joints another wire, it left you in the mode to place more segments even though you can't connect 3 wires together without a junction box.
Fixed being attacked by NPCs while game is still loading.
Fixed falling into the void when traveling into unloaded areas of the map.
Fixed minor bug with scroll bar on tree list menu.
Fixed recipes with long names overflowing the recipe menu for the smelter.
Fixed text scrolling off the side of window when you are typing a long chat message.
Fixed 'limit recipe quantity if smelter can't handle the power' function to prevent reducing integral recipes to fractions, hence consuming materials but not producing outputs.
Fixed bug where required items in a recipe where not being properly held by the smelter.
Fixed sorting order of building crafting categories to be sorted by tech level of building instead of alphabetically.
Fixed server tray icon not disappearing when server shuts down due to error.
Fixed bug where objects and players did not always respond properly to lighting.
Fixed bug where quest voice volume setting was not working without restarting the game.
Fixed bug that caused small patches of Cerussite ore to appear in the tunnels.
Fixed bug where the scroll bar was not tracking the keyboard selection properly in the tree list menu.
Fixed bug where MK108 could not be crafted because electric forge was limited to 5KW.
Fixed bug where belt fed weapons with no ammo remaining would crash the client.
Fixed bug with electric smelters not drawing the correct amount of power.

Released: 0.43
Fixed all known bugs
Added a death respawn delay.
Added death music.
Added sounds for grapple retract, grapple brake, flashlight on/off and for traveling quickly through the air.
Added knives.
Added steel knife to player starting inventory.
Added server setting to disable players movement affecting weapons fire.
Added descriptions to some recipes.
Added recycle recipes for all clothing.
Added periodic saving to server, by default it is set to save every 30 minutes.
Added sound for after you die when you slide down hills.
Added shuffle to music files so a different soundtrack is loaded each time the game starts.
Added save/loading capability for scripts.
Added 'wiring mode' text to GUI when in wiring mode.
Moved Armor recycling to smelter.
Moved Graphite Element to tech level 3.
Moved swords to Weapon>Sword category for crafting.
Changed the tree/flora spawning system to have different categories and to maintain a number of items for each category.
Changed noclip to be disabled by default in server.cfg.
Changed grapple hook end to stay off screen.
Changed inventory crafting menu to no longer asks for a quantity if you can only ever make 1.
Changed server to keep around last save, renamed to '.old'
Changed server to reject players gracefully when it hits its user limit.
Increased 'size' of case recipes by 500%
Improved description of some terrain types.
Reduced volume and range of footsteps sounds.
Rebalanced swords and pickaxes damage.
Rebalanced recipes for swords.
Tweaked console text positions and font sizes.
Tweaked grapple movement some more.
Tweaked crafting tutorial to better reflect current state of the game and tells you to make a basic table and small bonfire.
Fixed bug causing NPCs to become stuck.
Fixed armor recycling recipes not using up the armor.
Fixed clients not registering bullet collisions with local player correctly.
Fixed tutorial voice using the wrong volume setting.
Fixed ObjectRefArray::Validate script function not properly removing invalid objects from the array.
Fixed other players seeing grapple attach when it should not have, when another player shoots an NPC with it.
Fixed server crash if admin used slay on someone who didn't exist.
Fixed tutorial requiring a table to be made instead of a basic table.
Fixed FindHighestVoxel failing to find a valid voxel.
Fixed gravity causing very slow slide down gentle hills.
Fixed excessive decimal places displayed on smelter menu.
Fixed server leaving tray icon in tray after shut down.
Fixed server not saving world when computer was shut down.
Fixed 'Recycle>Case' recipes.
Fixed required items for recipes being replicated.

Released: 0.42
Fixed all known bugs
Added trade menu.
Added buildable containers. Randomly spawned treasure chests in the world are set so you can't pick them up, only take there contents and they will disappear when empty.
Added support for armor to be used as recipe ingredients.
Added recycle recipes for armor.
Added ability to see whats in a container spawned by dropping an item by mousing over it.
Added mouse over help to ingredients of recipes.
Added ETA to recipe info.
Added new info panel to smelter and inventory crafting menu that shows info on the item to be crafted.
Added player health/endurance regeneration settings to server.cfg.
Added "Damage at point blank range" to info for weapons.
Added sorting to tree lists. Hence the inventory and containers are now sorted.
Changed tree list menu to remove categories that only have one item in them and just display the item directly. This simplifies the inventory early on in the game and in containers.
Changed category of swords to Sword.
Changed Players to drop carried object on death.
Changed projectiles damage to depend on the exact speed at impact instead of the speed at the end of the server frame so that point blank damage is correct as air drag was reducing it slightly.
Changed the main HUD to take up less room.
Changed how the linked text and help menu works internally.
Changed radar to be separate from HUD display.
Changed radar texture.
Removed Colt Python and Winchester Model 1897 from starting inventory and replaced with Beretta PX4.
Removed hidden blunt damage reduction and instead gave ammo a higher pierced damage modifier.
Fixed wrong NPC name being shown on NPC interact menu.
Fixed health bar stretching.

Released: 0.41
Fixed all known bugs
Added a basic simple player mode to the game. It spawns a server in the background that will close when you disconnect. Single player mode does not use the central authorization server and just connects directly. Single player maps can be loaded by multiplayer servers and vice versa. Single player mode has its own unique player so username/password authentication is not used.
Added client side collision/gravity prediction for NPCs to prevent NPCs from flying all over the place.
Added server description to server browser.
Added ping display to server browser.
Added ability for electric powered smelters to make some fuel based recipes, having a PowerPerHeat variable that determines if they can produce heat from power and how much.
Added text to tell you when you enter/exit wire editing mode.
Added new rock type terrains: Dacite, Quartzite.
Added Grass Flowers surface terrain.
Added meadow sub-region.
Added compression to files send to client.
Added compression to server map save, reducing its size by 90%.
Added sliding down the side of mountains.
Added some additional security to the login procedure.
Added server.cfg setting for Bullet drag and gravity.
Added server.cfg setting for Player drag, gravity and jump height
Added server.cfg setting for Fall damage.
Added DX10.0 fallback for the water shader when multisampling is enabled.
Added better error reporting when a user tries to run the game on a DX9 card.
Tweaks to terrain generation and textures.
Changed ceramic armor to tier 4 and steel armor up to tier 3.
Changed steel sword/pickaxe to tier 3 and HSS sword/pickaxe to tier 4.
Changed several guns up to tier 4.
Changed bed spawn points to be restricted to 1 player per bed. If you try to use a bed someone else is using, it will tell you its occupied and who is currently occupying it. It will also refuse to allow you to move it.
Changed electric smelter to produce tier 4 tech.
Changed crafting in the inventory now takes time instead of being instant. The hope is to make crafted buildings feel more important, encourage thinking ahead and working together.
Changed size of forges to be smaller.
Changed the file system to allow the client to use files from the datashared directory if the hashes match. This will allow the server and client to share the same file structure and be distributed together in one archive.
Increased Fire rate of semi-auto weapons to 240rpm.
Updated fmod version.
Turned on fmod distance and directional filtering.
Users now updated if spawn point is moved or destroyed.
Prevented NPC's from spawning within 200 feet of player regardless of line of sight.
Objects now retain there health value when picked up and placed again.
Some objects can no longer be picked up into inventory after being placed. You can pick them up but you are forced to place them again. Logging out will place the object where you stand.
Wire editing mode and terrain editing mode are now mutually exclusive.
Made chat text and join/quit messages yellow for better visibility.
Can no longer climb up very steep mountains but can walk along the side of mountains if you have a grapple set to keep you from sliding down.
Tweaked drag for players and projectiles.
Increased amount of wood that tables need to make.
Removed requirement for server to have a second port open.
Removed muddy grass terrain
Fixed some minor rendering bugs.
Fixed bug where NPC's would spawn with line of sight to player.
Fixed basic smelter not having enough fuel capacity for a full charge of wrought iron.
Fixed bug where drag was cubic instead of squared with speed.
Fixed electric smelter recipe.
Fixed bug where NPC attack code still considered users to be logged in after they logged out. This should help reduce the number of times you log in to find yourself swarmed by waiting animals.

Released: 0.40:
Fixed all known bugs
Added electricity.
Added Wire placement system.
Added a better building placement system.
Added depth dependent sub regions and moved the majority of ores underground.
Added 'Kaolin' clay as a new terrain material.
Added 'Mud Bricks' and 'Fire Bricks'.
Added Refractory mortar.
Added 2.5KW and 10KW Generators
Added Wall Light
Added Junction box and Ceiling junction box.
Added sound effect for running generator, along with start up and shutdown sounds.
Added 5 new terrain textures.
Added 2 new grass textures.
Added 4 new rock models.
Added forge model
Added an electric powered smelter to the game.
Added stone and mud bricks to the game. Both made at the table.
Added new intermediate table and basic forge.
Added stop button to smelters.
Changed tons of recipes.
Changed terrain generation.
Double clicking a fuel now adds the exact amount needed if a recipe has been selected.
Better handling of low FPS movement.
Left/Right arrow keys now change tab in GUI.
Updated Angelscript to 2.28.2.
Moved Esc menu buttons around.
Changed the grass texture and
Increased texture scale on the terrain by 2x.
Reduced running speed slightly.
Halved speed of mining.
Server now saves/loads spawn points.
Changed each recipe to have a min/max tech level to make it.
Changed each building to have a tech level for crafting.
Changed fuel to be consumed gradually instead of at once.
Rewrote how crafting is handled. Now smelters store all items while crafting is in progress.
Rewrote some terrain code so that flora selection can be separated from ore selection in the configuration files.
Removed Alumina requirement from building recipes.
Fixed bug where subregions where not being loaded properly
Fixed a small movement bug where it was sometimes preventing you from entering narrow caves and door ways.
Fixed grapple billboarding to properly face the camera.
Fixed enter key not working in crafting amount select box.
Fixed extra ammo click when out of ammo and loading up individual cartridge weapon like the shotgun.
Fixed Players/objects/etc disappearing under water
Fixed bug in recipes that required water.

Worldcrafter is a multiplayer sandbox game where anything can be created or destroyed. It is about survival, mining resources, building structures, crafting items and combat.

Landscape is a smoothed voxel terrain that you can mine for resources, destroy with weapons and place to build structures up to thousands of feet in any direction. Build towers miles tall and mine far into the depths of the earth.

Realism will be strived for but not allowed to stand in the way of fun. Gameplay will be tunable from highly realistic to arcade style fun.

Inspired by Fallout, Terraria and Dwarf Fortress, We wish to bring you a game with complex depth and exciting combat in a realistic world. We heavily support modding and will make the game exceptional easy to mod. All vanilla content is essentially a mod that can be removed, edited or replaced.

Вы наверняка качаете эту игру, ибо Вы любитель игр жанра песочницы. Скорее всего, Вы не раз видели и заходили на сервер minecraft. Но уверяю, и эта игра тоже не оставит Вас равнодушными. Если в Майнкрафте мир состоит из кубиков, то тут - воксели. Почувствуйте разницу, как говорится!

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Если хочешь увидеть прямую ссылку на торрент - зарегистрируйся.

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Brutal Nature v0.63 [Alpha] / Worldcrafter, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
Отправка личных сообщений доступна только после регистрации.

Комментарии игроков (97 шт.)

От: HITMAN1 [95|61] | Дата 2016-09-10 17:21:02

странные прыжки медведей исправили? а то в прошлый раз уссался от смеха, когда медведи прыгали слишком уж нереалистично...
От: Stalkersha [6|5] | Дата 2016-09-10 16:08:49

Классная игрушка!Рекомундую,если считаешь эту игру хорошей ставь репку)
От: LIZARDGOD [1|2] | Дата 2016-03-01 14:24:52

gпоиграв 2 минуты вышел, камера при копании дергается, звери бегают как двухмерные картинки игр так 90-х ппц
От: lol4ik [0|1] | Дата 2016-02-29 17:51:05

От: LIZARDGOD [1|2] | Дата 2016-02-29 13:57:44

глянул скрины и вспомнил игру http://www.staudsoft.com/ Synthetic World называется.Ничего нового, опять один у другого исходники спер, кой-чего подкорректировал под себя и назвал по другому.
От: Lerix [0|0] | Дата 2016-02-06 17:50:45

Очень круто, на самом деле.
От: igrock11 [1|0] | Дата 2015-03-12 07:57:19

Шикарно, уже несколько дней, с перерывами, играю. Подредактировал несколько параметров в файле создаваемого собой сервака, типа меньше уставать и чтобы голод приходил попозже, а то когда закончились патроны, с охотой стало сложно, в рукопашную и с примитивным луком много не наохотишь, убьют, это, конечно. не очень страшно, но все же... А так прикольно, чтобы сделать что-то сложнее каменного топора или каменного инструмента для сбора пород, да просто приготовить мясо или грибочки нужно сооружать разные приспособления. И все не квадратиками.)
От: Kakaska [36|13] | Дата 2015-02-28 11:22:14


amfetomin сказал:

Ммм, СВЯЖООО СВЯЖООО. Так и веет от этой игры свежестью, прям аж по ноздрям бьёт.
Интересно, на что разраб рассчитывает?

вообще то да Свежо, на тот момент когда она первый раз появилась она была довольно новой игрой с плавными вокселями.
От: ScrewAttack [74|213] | Дата 2015-02-27 12:03:13


Piroknight сказал:

Сколько подобных проектов видел сейчас и не вспомню, но вот ни один так до нормальной версии доделан и не был. Так что ждём, задумка у игры вполне обычная и никакими "вкусностями" пока похвастаться не может, но вот если автор игры доведёт её до ума, да ещё и грамотно реализует воксельную графику, то должно получиться что то довольно неплохое для игры по сети.

Dev лог каждый день уже год без пропусков, каждый день фича.
От: amfetomin [98|33] | Дата 2015-02-22 08:25:09

Ммм, СВЯЖООО СВЯЖООО. Так и веет от этой игры свежестью, прям аж по ноздрям бьёт.
Интересно, на что разраб рассчитывает?
От: Renegate [5|3] | Дата 2015-02-06 18:17:30

В принципе неплохая игра, но сыровата. Надеюсь, не бросят...
От: Kakaska [36|13] | Дата 2015-02-02 13:42:44


Aeol сказал:

выпал из корабля

Да я тоже выпадал, ничего серьёзного, можно спокойно потискаться и проскочить))
От: TheMan [4|11] | Дата 2015-02-01 12:21:43

Главное, чтобы разрабы не бросали проект!
От: Sybiriak [27|9] | Дата 2014-12-21 21:51:09

Ничего брутального не увидел. Запустил, побегал, что-то поделал, тут у меня игра зависла и я ее вырубил. Впечатления - исключительно отрицательные.
От: sSsaAadDd [0|0] | Дата 2014-12-18 09:49:48

Ну норм игрушка
От: Olego1 [3|14] | Дата 2014-11-20 16:45:32

Ну, будем ждать, и надеяться, что это не станет очередной недоделкой. Но, даже сейчас выглядит играбельно. Попробую.
От: Piroknight [51|151] | Дата 2014-11-18 21:35:49

Сколько подобных проектов видел сейчас и не вспомню, но вот ни один так до нормальной версии доделан и не был. Так что ждём, задумка у игры вполне обычная и никакими "вкусностями" пока похвастаться не может, но вот если автор игры доведёт её до ума, да ещё и грамотно реализует воксельную графику, то должно получиться что то довольно неплохое для игры по сети.
П.С. Пока воздержусь от скачки, посмотрю за развитием проекта.
От: SANCHoOoZ [13|6] | Дата 2014-10-25 14:48:22

В FAQ к игре напишите: если игра не запускается, то избавьтесь от русских букв в пути к папке с игрой.
От: Dragonoyd201 [24|23] | Дата 2014-10-25 03:23:06

а кроме медведе кто ещё есть?
От: Max7300 [0|7] | Дата 2014-10-24 21:28:48

Интересно. Стоит скачать посмотреть
От: SANCHoOoZ [13|6] | Дата 2014-10-24 19:54:23

Посмотрю игру, почемуто она мне нравиться больше других клонов.
От: tomas4096 [2|9] | Дата 2014-10-24 19:04:41

А кто-нибудь знает, выйдет ли эта игра в стим?
От: Elznys [20|33] | Дата 2014-08-27 08:41:41

Природа брутальна всегда!
От: Aeol [33|17] | Дата 2014-08-09 15:10:44


vovan107 сказал:

ебят попробуйте поиграть в ROBOCRAFT игра супер!!!

я играю, только там багов много я иногда под землю проваливаюсь в начале битвы а раз пришлось новый ак создать потому-что я выпал из корабля где строить роботов и не мог назад залететь и бесит когда берут пухи 5+ лвл и идут к 1 и фармят деньги=( а так игра отличная
От: vovan107 [3|3] | Дата 2014-08-08 20:14:52

ребят попробуйте поиграть в ROBOCRAFT игра супер!!!
От: Deniska [680|188] | Дата 2014-08-08 19:41:57

Симулятор спайдермена
От: bSun0000 [0|0] | Дата 2014-08-08 19:16:29

Вот эта вот хрень, которая даже не пытается имитировать олдскульную пиксельную графику, выдавая картинку "аля 2003е", просит в системных требованиях 7+ винду и 10+ директ? Даже страшно представить, какой у неё говнокод внутри.
От: Lilush [4|0] | Дата 2014-08-08 15:45:03

В каком извращенном мире это воксельная графика?()_()... или я чего-то не знаю?
От: RoomY [0|1] | Дата 2014-08-08 15:44:52

Честно говоря - ниочем.
От: Ashlendere [61|11] | Дата 2014-08-08 13:52:38

Графон ни как в крузисе, манкрафт топ игра, я хароший администратар сервера, мне так мама сказала, захадити фсе ка мне.

Черт на запятых спалился...
Что как игра вообще? Обычное "построй дом из говна" или реальное хардкор выживание? Если первое то уг
От: _StarkSter500_ [83|50] | Дата 2014-08-08 12:03:59

Текстурки глаза режут.
От: Lagger123 [2|0] | Дата 2014-06-27 18:32:30

Кто-нибудь может залить на ЯДиск или Торрент?
От: Kakaska [36|13] | Дата 2014-06-23 16:24:13

Обажаю тромсыы, во всех песочницах))

Kakaska подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Можно назвать игру человек паук First person
От: SiriusPM [18|7] | Дата 2014-06-22 19:08:43

Кароч помню там ТАКУЮ башню сделал офигенную! Разрабы даже похвалили. Но потом карта обновилась, и было обидно. Разрабы хотели заскриншотить её, в качестве демонстрации игры, но не успели. Башня такая, как бы магическая, с большим синим шаром наверху, в общем процесс её создания мне понравился. Всё было довольно интуитивно и понятно. так что, качайте, не пожалеете. Щас там добавили систему сохранения построек (вроде). Или просто сохранение карты.
От: Drakononymus201 [1|0] | Дата 2014-04-22 02:38:33

жаль мобов типа зомби нет
От: cola5225 [1|10] | Дата 2014-04-03 17:22:49

игра хорошая ждем обнавлений
От: slimka [0|3] | Дата 2014-04-02 15:25:54

это bear jamp )))
От: Sobesednik54 [2|0] | Дата 2014-03-23 15:19:10

Жду обновления и когда она станет полноценной игрой (Когда она станет полной версией) и только тогда я её скачаю и опробую
От: HITMAN1 [95|61] | Дата 2014-02-25 00:01:30

медведи так прыгают? смешно однако... не плохо для начала... и еще: версия под Linux будет?
От: Valerka222 [-1|13] | Дата 2014-02-09 20:40:50



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