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Скачать бесплатную игру Relic Hunters Zero [Update 15] - торрент, русская версия

Рейтинг: 9.0 (1) | Баллы: 21
Игру добавил Elektra [7680|138], ред. John2s [10549|1660] | 2016-10-21 (обновлено) | Аркадные шутеры (1898) | Просмотров: 8166

Relic Hunters Zero [Update 15]

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Rogue Snail (2)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркадные шутеры (1898)
• Язык: Русская версия (6923)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Бесплатная игра
• Размер / Size: 43.55 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 1)

Relic Hunters Zero - тактический шутер от независимой студии Rogue Snail с открытым исходным кодом для всех желающих. Создавайте новые уровни или переписывайте движок - делайте все, что угодно вашей душе!

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА до Update 15. Уже на РУССКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ! Список изменений внутри новости.

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Relic Hunters Zero предложит вам отстреливать злобных космических уток и не менее злобных космических черепах. Все происходит очень быстро и плавно, а дизайн уровней позволит проявить тактические навыки и фантазию в горячих перестрелках. Вам придётся разблокировать новые виды оружия, персонажей и реликвии, а всё для того, чтобы одолеть Коммандора Дукана.

Особенности игры:
• Пять уникальных играбельных персонажей.
• Поддержка клавомыши и геймпада Xbox360.
• Потрясающий ностальгический саундтрек от Goto80.
• 12 уровней со случайно-сгенерированным расположением врагов и предметов.
• "Бесконечный режим" с уникальными механиками и экономикой.
• Сложная битва с финальным боссом.
• Ваш наставник называет космического осла "Жопой".

Update 15:
• Enemy projectiles that destroy player shields now deal 40% of the remaining damage to health;
• Enemy projectile speed increased by 30% across the board;
• "Wanted" enemy damage bonus increased from 20% to 30%;
• "Steroids" now gives a maximum of 100 hp per stack;
• "High Tech" now gives a maximum of 50 shields per stack;
• Daily Run now spawns a new Challenge every level instead of every 2 levels;
• "Light Focus", "Medium Focus" and "Heavy Focus" are now Rare challenges and no longer stack;
• "Light Focus", "Medium Focus" and "Heavy Focus" bonus damage increased from 30% to 75%;
• Cover HP increased by 50% across the board;
• Punny now moves as fast as Pinkyy;
Update 14:
• Список изменений здесь.
Update 13:
• Red officially added to the game;
• Red can be unlocked by freeing Kamis from their cages 20 times;
• 3 new Steam Achievements: "Here Comes The Rider In Red", "Legendary Red" and "Freedom!";
• Gamepad now adjusts camera every 45 degrees when you are aiming down sights;
• Fixed a bug where the Halloween theme song would play on the Spaceheart;
Update 12:
• Beta Hunter (Red) is still Beta!
• Explosions now have damage number indicators
• There is now a HUD indicator that Rider can throw grenades by spending health
• New weapon available on Endless Mode: Blast Pistol!
• Red now gets 30% less Bounty
• Red's Dash Attack's Max Targets decreased from 5 to 1
• Fixed an annoying bug where placing your mouse cursor in-between buttons would make them flip madly between one another;
• Fixed a bug where Red’s grenade would not spawn any Kamis if thrown near a wall;
• Fixed a bug where Red’s grenade would have the wrong sprite at the start of the animation;
Update 11:
• (BETA) New Hunter: Red, the Kami Rider, is now available!
• (BETA) New Relic: The Mega Quantum Chip gives you perfect accuracy! (ft. community art from ThoBeo)
• New weapons: Blitz and Kami Launcher
• Level 1-1 now always spawns a Crude Pistol
• Increased starting LightAmmo in Endless from 80 to 100
• Increased starting Medium Ammo in Endless from 50 to 100
• Increased starting Heavy Ammo in Endless from 80 to 100
• Fixed a bug where non-Ace characters could not un-equip the Rabbit Foot relic
• Fixed wrong sprite showing on Kami's dash attacks
• Fixed a bug where the Highmag was not showing up on the Endless Shop properly
• Fixed a bug where Ace's reflection would appear on the floor even when he was not there ( spooky!
Update 10:
• New stage with 3 new levels: Spookylands!
• New enemy on Spookylands: Worms;
• New enemy on Spookylands: Zombie Turtle;
• New enemy on Spookylands: Worm Zombie;
• New Spooky enemy weapons for the Zombie Turtles;
• New environmental hazard: spikes;
• Candy drops that heal a bit of health!
• 3 new Achievements!
• New sprites for the Ducan Chest and the Haunted Chest;
• A bunch of new art for all the things;
• New music for Spookylands;
• New sound for Character Switch;
• The "Hunted" Challenge now spawns a random Ducan Elite type instead of always spawning the Rifle one;
• Ducan Elite Rifle shields decreased from 500 to 400;
• Ducan Elite Rifle hp decreased from 1400 to 1100;
• Ducan Elite Shotgun shields decreased from 420 to 350;
• Ducan Elite Shotgun hp decreased from 1200 to 1000;
• Ducan Elite Plasma shields decreased from 500 to 400;
• Ducan Elite Plasma hp decreased from 1600 to 1400;
• Bounty Stars' fade time increased from 9-12 seconds to 12-15 seconds;
• Explosions can now hit only up to 5 unique targets at the same time;
• Grenade damage now scales with the Weapon Level of your equipped weapon;
• Ghost Ducan now teleports if you face it for too long;
• Playing Endless Mode now resets your saved Relic setup in Adventure Mode;
• Fixed a bug where going into Adventure Mode after playing Endless would carry on the last Relic selection from Endless;
• Fixed a bug where rocket launcher damage was not scaling with Challenges, Relics and Weapon Upgrades;
Update 9:
• Fixed a bug where the "Haunted" and "Hunted" challenges would not be properly removed after Hacking;
• Fixed a bug where ammo could still be bought even after reaching the maximum at the Endless Shop;
• Fixed a bug where the Relic Cannon and the Relic Minigun were not counting as Relic weapons for achievement purposes;
Update 8:
General Features
• The quick "freeze" effect that happens when enemies die can now be turned off on the Gameplay Options menu;
Endless Mode Features
• New Spooky Weapons, get ready for Halloween Update!
• New Chest Type: Haunted Chest. Get a powerful Spooky weapon, but you will be haunted by a ghost!
• New Ducan Weapons;
• New Chest Type: Ducan Chest. Get a powerful Ducan weapon, but beware as the Ducan Elite will hunt you down;
• New weapon: Minigun (Heavy Weapon class, Light ammo);
• New weapon: Flak Cannon (Heavy Weapon class, Medium ammo);
• New Relic weapons: Relic Cannon and Relic Minigun;
• New Challenge: Hunted;
• New Challenge: Haunted;
• Adjusted the digging sound volumes
• Endless Shop now checks owned weapons before spawning on the Tiered table;
• If you find a Relic or a Weapon inside a chest while it is also available on the Endless Shop Tiered table, the shop item will be replaced with one of the next Tier;
• The Pineapple Pudding relic is now a Tier 1 item in the Endless Shop instead of Tier 2;
• Heavy Shotgun spread is now smaller when aiming;
• Heavy Shotgun price on the Endless Shop decreased from 3500 to 3000;
• Ace can no longer deactivate his starting Rabbit Foot buff at the Endless Shop;
• The Morning Star shop price increased from 1000 to 1800;
• The Rabbit Foot is now a Tier 1 relic instead of Tier 2;
• The Rabbit Foot shop price decreased from 2200 to 1200;
• Relic Pistol damage decreased from 32 to 24;
• Fixed lag spikes when entering levels;
• Fixed a bug where the Relic Rifle would not count as a Relic Weapon for achievement purposes;
• Fixed a bug where the Plasma Pistol would say "MISSING_LANG" on the Adventure Mode shop;
• Fixed a bug where a repeated item could appear on the third slot of the Tiered Items at the Endless Shop;
Update 7:
• Endless Mode officially released;
• There are now edge tracking indicators when there are nearby enemies off-screen;
• The Ducan Elite have arrived to hunt you down from Loop 2 onwards;
• New Ducan crates are scattered around the levels from Loop 2 onwards;
• Challenges will spawn on every level from Loop 3 onwards;
• All new 17 Steam Achievements fully implemented;
• Zueira Digital now have their own logo animation
• Updated the Relic Altar sprites;
• New crates for the Ducan Elite;
• New flag for the Ducan Elite;
• New sprite for Shop table;
• Hacking costs now scale more drastically after 5 uses;
• Enemy plasma pistol damage increased from 50 to 60;
• Turtle Elite hp increased from 200 to 300;
• Ducan Elite hp increased from 1000 to 1400;
• Ducan Elite Rocketeer hp increased from 1000 to 2200;
• Ducan Elite Plasma SMG recoil increased from 15 to 45;
• Ducan Elite Plasma SMG damage increased from 50 to 55;
• Fixed a bug where Biu's buckler would give a "weapon.isRelic" error;
Update 6:
• 17 new Endless Achievements (no icons yet);
• Relics are now kept equipped by default in Adventure Mode;
• There is a new terminal at the Spaceheart which allows you to reset all Relic selection in Adventure Mode;
• Gunnar has arrived at the Spaceheart in Adventure Mode, and he will sell access to Endless Mode if you prove yourself worthy;
• You can unlock Endless mode without paying Gunnar by defeating the Ducan Commander;
• Tutorial now mentions Pinkyy's Super Shield instead of Grenades;
• Ace now has new lines for Loop 1 and Loop 2 in Endless Mode;
• Reduced Ducan Assault Rifle damage from 16 to 12;
• Recently spawned enemies now take 3 seconds before they start moving and shooting;
• Updated digging sounds;
• Optimized the game's texture maps. If you were experiencing decreased performance after Update 5, things are probably better now;
• Fixed a bug where your shields would take several seconds to reach their full Overshield when a level starts;
• Fixed a bug where the Relic names would not be displayed properly in the HUD;
• Fixed a bug where breaking a Ducan's shield with the Shotgun would trigger a very loud sound;
• Fixed a bug where players would get stuck when the Red Box spawns at the Ducan Commander's room (I believe it is REALLY fixed now);
• Fixed a collision bug on level 2-3;
• Localization Sheet is open for editing again! Come help us translate Endless to all the world
Update 5:
• Digging is now in Endless Mode! You can dig up a regular Treasure Chest which will award you with either a full Relic, a weapon or a lot of Bounty;
• Sae the Hacker has arrived at the Endless Shop! She can remove any of the last two active Challenges;
• You can now revive your co-op partner at the Endless Shop;
• You can now pay 800 Bounty to reset the Tiered Item table on the Endless Shop;
• A small pop up now informs you of the name of pickups and shop items before you interact with them;
• Game Over screen now has a darker background;
• Melee weapons now add their damage to the characters' base melee damage;
• Super Shield now explodes when duration is over, dealing damage to enemies and pushing them away;
• Fixed a bug where beating the game under certain conditions would give you the wrong Achievement;
• Fixed a bug where dropping and picking up Pinkyy's gloves or Biu's buckler would reset weapon level;
• Fixed a bug where melee weapons' damage were not scaling with the Medieval challenge;
• Fixed a bug where the "Heavy Burden" Challenge would have no effect on Stamina;
• Fixed a bug where players would get stuck under the spawning Red Barrel on the last boss;
• Fixed a bug where co-op revival would reset run time and equipped relics;
• Raff's Keytar piercing reduced from 10 to 3
• Raff's Keytar ammo cost increased from 1 to 3
• Ace's accuracy increased slightly for SMGs and Rifles
• Biu's melee stamina cost increased from 0 to 15
• Starting Light ammo on Adventure Mode increased from 80 to 120
• Increased maximum Light ammo from 250 to 360
• Increased maximum Light ammo from 150 to 280
• Increased maximum Light ammo from 250 to 400
• Reduced Ducan Commander's HP from 9600 to 6000
• Reduced Shield Generator's HP from 1000 to 600
• Reduced enemy Machinegun damage from 12 to 10
• Reduced Boss Gun damage from 32 to 16
• Reduced Boss Gun projectile speed from 36 to 32
• Reduced Homing Rocket damage from 200 to 160
• Reduced Checkpoint1 price from 2000 to 1000
• Reduced Checkpoint2 price from 6000 to 3000
• Reduced Checkpoint3 price from 12000 to 6000
• Set all Adventure Mode high tier weapon prices to 5000
• Set all Adventure Mode last Relic prices to 4500
• Reduced second Overshield price from 3000 to 1500
• Added extra ammo and health spawns to Adventure mode
• Set all Ducan shields' strength to 100
• Set all Tier 3 turtles' HP to 120
• Reduced all enemy projectile speeds by 20%
• Watchful Eye now gives a bit less maximum ammo bonus
• Watchful Eye now increases ammo and grenade pickup from boxes
• The Endless Shop is open for business!
• Gunnar has arrived at the Endless Shop and will upgrade your weapons up to +9
• Ace' shop now has 3 Resource slots and 3 Tiered slots
• Relics can now be seen and activated on the Endless Shop
• 13 new Endless-exclusive Weapons!
• 5 new Endless-exclusive Relics!
• 16 Challenges are now available!
• Challenges are randomly activated every 2 levels in Endless
• Enemies don't drop guns on Endless any more
• Tweaked item spawn type and rarity in Endless
• Tweaked enemy spawn in Endless
• Added Endless-specific hints
• Fixed a bug where the character on "Random" would be Ace on the first time, every time
• Fixed a bug where characters would sometimes shoot or dash when entering a room or unpausing the game
• Steam Cloud save implemented;
• "Ass" is now called "Ace"
• Game now saves automatically if you quit in the middle of a match;
• Gameplay hints now appear when you die;
• Added the "Best Endless Score" stat;
• Added the "Highest Endless Loop" stat;
• Added the "Best Run Time" stat;
• Added the "Longest Run Time" stat;
• Removed Biu's free shield activation during the melee activation;
• Reduced Stamina cost from Biu's shield from 0.35 to 0.25;
• Shotgun now has less spread when you are aiming;
• Shotgun ammo capacity decreased from 8 to 5;
Source Code
• Made a small change to ammo code to allow your modified guns to have zero ammo cost if you so desire;
• Fixed invalid carriage return and line feed characters causing issues with the Localization file;
• Fixed a bug with Melee weapon aiming where the distance would be determined by the last ranged weapon held;
• Fixed a bug where Pinkyy's gloves and Biu's buckler reflections would not be drawn
• Fixed a collision bug on the Tutorial;
• Players now have a brief moment of invulnerability when they re-spawn on Co-Op
• An arrow now points to the exit to help new players
• The HUD no longer displays grenades for Pinkyy
• Reduced enemy damage by 20% across the board;
• Increased Pinkyy's starting Shields from 40 to 50
• Added Exit Arrow
• Added new Plasma projectile
• Increased the size of Ass' speech balloon and increased line spacing to fit Japanese localization;
• Added Kami Kage destruction animation
• Added a transparency to the speech balloons when you walk behind them
• Added language support for Russian, Dutch, Italian
• Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese on hold due to an apparent Game Maker bug with some special characters
• Added an Open Source link to the main menu
• Mix adjustments
Fixed "You Must Really Hate Turtles" achievement being wrongly awarded
• Fixed a bug where the gamepad auto-aim would trigger when it shouldn't, and not trigger when it should;
• Fixed a bug where the Stage teleporter would report missing items, but the Shop would be empty;
• Fixed a bug where a recently-digged Relic piece would appear for sale on the Shop;
• Exit arrow now properly blends with the background and appears only after a few seconds

Relic Hunters Zero is a game about shooting evil space ducks and evil space turtles with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play. Unlock new weapons, characters and relics to defeat the Ducan Commander.

The game's source code is also freely available, so you can find or create your own mods very easily!

This is 100% a labor of love from two developers. If you have a suggestion for the game, let them know - if they don't do it, maybe the community itself will!

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Скачать .torrent файл (прямая ссылка): relic_hunters_zero_update_15_2.torrent

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Relic Hunters Zero [Update 15], либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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Комментарии игроков (8 шт.)

От: Player01 [2|15] | Дата 2018-08-06 12:19:16

Станьте на раздачу плиз
От: Voxel_Dragon [9|1] | Дата 2016-04-04 16:12:30

Хм... Открытый исходный код подразумевает создание многочисленных модов. И это уже плюс два очка по шкале этого сайта. И выглядит стильно! И геймплей умеренной ураганности! Но качать вряд ли буду. Проект интересный, но сыграть в него как-то не тянет.
От: 9930317 [12|3] | Дата 2016-04-02 04:40:32

Поигрался на стиме, коль бесплатная была. Проходится на одном дыхание, хотя несколько левелов придется переиграть проходя до них с самого начала, персонажи открываются без пота, после прохождения не возникает желания сыграть в нее когда нибудь еще раз вообще
От: I_love_Digging [3|5] | Дата 2015-09-01 20:57:31


XXL сказал:

Ваш наставник называет космического осла "Жопой".

Всё никак не пойму, пытался ли автор описания таким образом пошутить, или он просто не знает о том, что "ass" по-английски означает не только "жопу", но и "осла".

От: Immelman [1|2] | Дата 2015-08-22 13:41:22

Она ж вроде в стиме бесплатная
От: MASKIMKA [20|24] | Дата 2015-08-22 06:59:47

Сколько пытался, последнего босса так и не смог убить. Когда он во второй раз щит ставит, спавнится слишком много врагов, в итоге сливают на раз. Эхх...
От: XXL [23|20] | Дата 2015-08-21 19:34:01


Elektra сказал:

• Ваш наставник называет космического осла "Жопой".

Посмеялся) Это действительно так?
От: Vhosner [0|1] | Дата 2015-08-21 09:34:45

Мультиплеер будет?


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