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Скачать игру Survivor Squad: Gauntlets v1.10 + 1 DLC - полная версия

Рейтинг: 1.0 (1)
Игру добавил Elektra [7704|138] | 2015-12-11 (обновлено) | Аркадные шутеры (1998) | Просмотров: 23611

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets v1.10 + 1 DLC

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Endless Loop Studios (7)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркадные шутеры (1998); Зомби игры (422)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 304.83 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 1.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 1)

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Survivor Squad: Gauntlets - продолжение довольно удачного аркадного шутера, в которой игрок управляет группой уцелевших, пытающихся выжить в условиях зомби-апокалипсиса.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.09 до v1.10.

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Язык: Английский.

• Steam Achievements unlock even if they're already unlocked in the profile
• Fixed incorrect Achievement description for Material Gathering
• Fixed Editor Challenge #18 not having LED.Enable
• Added Endless Loop Studios Widget
• Added Workshop Support! You can now add custom Sounds, Sprites, Items and Interface Sprites to your Gauntlets!
• Instructions Located in the Workshop folder and as a Steam Guide
• Changed Event_Action: Item.SpawnMap, has a new toggle for multiple spawns
• New Featured Community Gauntlet: Daily Scavengers, Scavenge for a gun, cover your behind and find a way out!
• Fixed issue with Disabled Incapacitated Survivors
• Updated Indie Showcase widget
• New Developer Gauntlet: The Arena, Air Strikes, Sentry Guns, Crafting, Leveling. How many can you kill before you die?!
• New Event_Action: Object.Rotate, rotate most objects
• New Event_Action: Interface.Text Color, change Interface Text Color
• New Event_Action: Interface.Text Move, move Interface Text
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Material Gathering, based on Community feedback this Gauntlet has been shortened, the necessary amount is 50 but you can still get 100 if you want extra score
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Base Building, also shortened based on Community feedback
• Added new Advanced Play Menu which easily displays all available Featured Gauntlets in 3 folders, Story, Misc and Community
• Editor Challenges sub menu added to Build menu
• Server queries are now asynchronous which should make the game much more responsive on bad internet connections
• Fixed issue with Leaderboard being unresponsive for a long time
• Fixed Interface.Sprite Move altering depth
• Fixed various issues with Position Variables being rounded
• New Developer Gauntlet: The Arena, Air Strikes, Sentry Guns, Crafting, Leveling. How many can you kill before you die?!
• New Event_Action: Object.Rotate, rotate most objects
• New Event_Action: Interface.Text Color, change Interface Text Color
• New Event_Action: Interface.Text Move, move Interface Text
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Material Gathering, based on Community feedback this Gauntlet has been shortened, the necessary amount is 50 but you can still get 100 if you want extra score
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Base Building, also shortened based on Community feedback
• Added new Advanced Play Menu which easily displays all available Featured Gauntlets in 3 folders, Story, Misc and Community
• Editor Challenges sub menu added to Build menu
• Server queries are now asynchronous which should make the game much more responsive on bad internet connections
• Fixed issue with Leaderboard being unresponsive for a long time
• Fixed Interface.Sprite Move altering depth
• Fixed various issues with Position Variables being rounded
• New Developer Gauntlet: Survivors Vs Zombies, Defend 4 lanes from Infected by placing and upgrading your Survivors while calling in Air Strikes! Another great example of the power of the Editor
• New Featured Community Gauntlet: Safe Haven, The camp has been breached, find a way to escape!
• New Featured Community Gauntlet: The Complex, Navigate the compound and get to the extraction whilst fighting hundreds of enemies! There are special Infected everywhere so cover your corners and keep moving!
• Changed Condition: Infected_Alive_Area, added Infected Type selection and storing the result in a Variable
• Fixed issue with Disable Select and Downed Survivors
• Fixed issue with Events near start being triggered instantly when published but not when testing
• New Condition: Item Area, checks number of items in range, can store results
• New Event_Action: HUD.Cursor Pos, store current cursor position
• New Event_Action: Object.Move, generic action to move most Objects
• Changed Event_Action: Object.EnableDisable, now is more generic and functions with most Objects
• Added Automatic Triggers to Start: Left Mouse Down, Left Mouse Up, Right Mouse Down, Right Mouse Up
• Added visuals to display the pathing, can be set in options to be visible for 1s, 2s, 5s or Hidden
• Deprecated old Enable Disable Event_Actions to avoid confusion, use the generic one instead
• New Featured Community Gauntlet: Desert Survival, your friends have gone ahead, fight your way to the extraction. Built by Urko
• New Featured Community Gauntlet: Weapon Achievement Gauntlet, kill hundreds of Infected with any weapon. Built by Leech
• Changed Event_Action: Infected.Spawn, can now spawn deaf Infected
• Changed Event_Action: Infected.Spawn, can now store Infected in Variable
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Change, can now have different operators, +, -, /, *
• Changed Event_Action: Env.Item Spawn, can store the spawned item in a Variable
• Changed Event_Action: Survivor.Give Item, can give a Variable Item
• Changed Object: Video_Camera, now has 2 Event triggers that trigger when a Survivor or Infected are spotted
• Added Rotation textbox to all rotatable objects
• Alpha Tester achievement now unlocks if you have every other achievement so you can get 100%
• Leaderboards next button now flashes
• Clicking portraits using Alternate key (LeftControl) now allows you to do combinations
• Active Pause "Pause" indicator is now above Cinematic Bars
• Fixed issue with score calculation on Gauntlets using Incremental score
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Select, selects a Survivor
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Mike and Kenny, added some missing hitboxes and a guidance arrow
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Brock and Dave, added "door is locked" near first laser, fixed issue with missing spawns, added missing alarm sound
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Material Gathering, fixed voice spam on Red Keycard door, added loot arrow, fixed issues with the Horde
• Changed Event_Action: Environment.Item Move, can now use Item Id
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Set, can now set a Item variable
• Tutorial has some more clarification and automatic Survivor selection
• Right clicking a downed Survivor when you're already getting him up will no longer reset the animation
• Keyboard Pan speed increased
• Doors and Walls are now be more visible
• Fixed highlighting shader issue with AA off
• Fixed Linux issues with highlighting shader
• New Gauntlet, Flappy Survivor, it's a bit silly but it's perfect to demonstrate just how powerful the editor can be. Go try it out and set your highscore!
• Updated Tutorial
• Interfaces visible on HUD or World so you can build fully functioning custom HUDs for your Gauntlets. Like you could for example set up an event that would call a nuke and explode every enemy on the map then link that Event to a button in the HUD
• Sprites now have parents so they can easily be moved, check out the intro to Material Gathering to see this in action
• Campaign is now full voice acted!
• New much better looking random portraits!
• Massive performance increase!
• Rebalanced difficulty and score calculation for several gauntlets
• New Editor Challenges: 20 Challenges added, they are puzzle-like levels that teach you the potential of the Editor
• New Gauntlet_Object: Editor Comments, text visible only in the Editor, useful for placing next to Events
• New Main Menu, more organized with locks to guide new players
• New Options Menu, all key binds are working correctly and Quality option is now applied to more things
• Edge Scrolling now works on the Editor
• Editor now saves Camera Position and Zoom when testing Gauntlet
• Gauntlet comments shown in the end of Featured Gauntlets, write your comments!
• Fence and Moveable Wall hitboxes should be working better and not getting Survivors/Infected stuck
• Players can no longer remove tile 0,0 to prevent bug when removing every tile
• Fixed Buttons being activated through Walls
• Fixed Gauntlet Editor going upside down with many issues when disabling Anti-Aliasing
• Fixed several issues with Darkness Gauntlet
• Fixed issue with Teleporting downed Survivors where the Legs stayed behind
• Fixed issue with re-enabling downed Survivors
• Fixed issue with Variable paging buttons not visible in 5:4
• Fixed Level Achievements not triggering on the correct level
• New Developer Gauntlet: Material Gathering, the Jeep is about to break down, search through this town and gather materials to build a base
• New Developer Gauntlet: Base Building, there's a machine that can turn your materials into Bricks, repair and keep it powered while you build your base
• New Event_Action: Sprite.Rotate, rotates a Sprite
• New Event_Action: Item.Move, moves an Item
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Ignore Targets, set Survivor to ignore all targets
• New Event_Action: Infected.Roam, sets Infected to roam around the map
• New Event_Action: Var.List, various ways of handling Int_List's
• New Item: Miscellaneous items, Wire_Cutter, Cement_Bag, Brick, Hammer, Screwdriver, Wrench
• New Condition: Infected_Has_Target, returns true if Infected has a target
• New Condition Types: NOT_AND, NOT_OR
• New Gauntlet_Variable: Int_List, list of integers
• Changed Event_Action: Interface.Visible, can now use a variable for position
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Store Info, now has Survivor First and Infected First
• Changed Item: Gadget_Remote, can now change sprite
• Changed Object: Event_Loop, now has a toggle for triggering the Event as soon as it's activated
• Changed Object: Button_Repeatable, can now be invisible
• Changed Object: Moveable_Wall, can now move and resize at the same time
• Changed Condition: Survivor_In_Area, can take a variable for position
• Changed Condition: Survivor_Position, can take a variable for position
• Added Gauntlet buttons to Main Menu that play the new Gauntlets, the Main Menu will be redone before v1.00
• Added Gauntlet Maximum Spawns to Gauntlet Options
• Added minimum Time and Damage Taken to Gauntlet Options, penalties are only applied after this minimum is reached
• Added several visual sprites: Jeep Trailer, Bomb, Mechanical Cog, Cement Mixer, Power Transformer, Round area, Item sprites
• When opening a new dropbox, all others are closed
• Dropbox with too many items are now correctly displayed to the side
• Holding Shift while moving several entities will now correctly Snap
• Holding Shift while dropping an Item drops all Items on that Survivors backpack
• Rain sound is now played on the volume of the Sound effects, not the Music
• Fixed visual bug on Gadget range preview
• Fixed issue with Remote not displaying its name on ShowObjects
• Fixed Moveable Wall click size when manually resized
• Fixed issue with particles fired by the Sentry Gun
• Fixed HP Bar background being affected by Ambient Light
• Fixed Interface sprites being affected by Ambient Light
• Fixed Collision issue with Double Doors when Locked
• Fixed Motion Sensor no showing above black fog of war
• Fixed Event_Action.Object_LED_State not working on rectangular LEDs
• Fixed Event_Action.Sprite_Move not moving to correct depth
• Fixed Infected.Spawn movement not working when using a variable
• New Developer Gauntlet: Mike and Kenny, introducing the two first characters in a simple tutorial-like Gauntlet
• New Developer Gauntlet: Brock and Dave, the second pair of characters in another simple Gauntlet teaching various game mechanics
• New Event_Action: Infected.Damage, deals damage to Infected with or without sound, use to place dead bodies in your Gauntlets
• New Event_Action: Sprite.Move, moves Sprite to a new position
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Reload, makes Survivor reload his weapon, with or without animation
• New Gauntlet_Object: Sprite.Child, has a Sprite parent and stores local position in a variable
• New Gauntlet_Sprite: Jeep
• Changed Event_Action: Infected Actions can now use a Infected Var or Infected List Var
• Changed Event_Action: Infected.Animate, now has a checkbox for Looping and a optional Event triggered at the end of the animation
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Compare, can now compare Strings
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Store Info, now has 2 more options, Survivors At and Infected At
• Changed Gauntlet_Sprite: Added Static checkbox, Static Sprites cannot be moved
• New Weapons added to Achievement Icons
• If you hold Shift Survivors while engage Shoot While Moving even if you don't drag the mouse
• Added more variation to Rain
• Fixed bug where Evey had 300 max rounds and less damage
• Fixed Rifle loot anim
• Fixed issue with legs not disappearing on Survivor extraction
• New Developer Gauntlet: Routine Scavenging, you got 5 days to craft your equipment to prepare for extraction, don't stay outside at night!
• New Object: Interface.Parent, you can now make your own Interfaces! Place a parent and all the sub objects then use Interface.Visible to display
• New Object: Interface.Text, display text on an Interface, for example current number of Scrap in the bank
• New Object: Interface.Sprite, use for dressing up your Interface as a background or a Mouse Over effect for Interface.Buttons
• New Object: Interface.Button, clickable button to use in your Interfaces, triggers Events for Mouse Over, Mouse Out and Mouse Click
• New Event_Action: Interface.Visible, show or Hide Interface on Location
• New Event_Action: Interface.Sprite Color, changes sprite color including Alpha, useful for Mouse Over/Out Events
• New Event_Action: Interface.Text Write, Changes text on Interface.Text
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Animate, animate Survivor and trigger an Event in the end
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Speed, change Survivor movement speed
• New Event_Action: Condition.Switch, uses a Variable Int and triggers Events for each value
• New Event_Trigger: Survivor.DownedUp, triggered when a Downed Survivor is helped back up, Global or Area
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Store Info, new option: To String, with this you can display Variable values on HUD.Text for example
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Tween, usable with Int Variables
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Set, can now set String Variables
• Changed Event_Action: Infected.SpawnMap, can now spawn the same Infected several times, use this as a respawn for patrolling Infected
• Changed Event_Action: Gauntlet.Fog, can now take a Variable as input
• Changed Event_Action: Infected.Horde, now has a Dropbox for Starting or Stopping Horde, setting timer to 0 will initiate Horde until Stopped
• Changed Condition: Survivor.Has Item, can now search a Survivor List or Survivor Variable
• Changed Condition: Survivor.Has Item, can store triggering Survivor in a Variable
• Added pages to Variable list
• Added visual bar to downed Survivors that show how close you are to getting him up
• Grabbers no longer grab through Windows, personally I really liked this but it seems more people find it infuriating rather than challenging
• Dropping Miscellaneous items on a Survivor Portrait drops it on his Backpack
• Shadows are now destroyed when an Infected dies, should give a nice performance boost
• Selecting Sprites now selects based on Depth
• Infected now don't patrol too far from Survivors, good for massive levels where you don't want the Infected to be on the other side of the map
• Fixed issue with any position only saving the first digit, so if you put an object on 1.23 it was saved on 1.2, now it saves both digits
• Fixed multiple issues with Pathfinding on moving walls/fences
• Fixed Map Name/Maker Info displaying below Cinematic Bars
• Fixed issue with colors on Location Arrows when Ambient Light was different
• Fixed several issues with Survivors downed animations on new Weapons
• Fixed clicking on Add Map Button instantly adding a map area if button was hovering above one
• Fixed changing Background Text font not correctly showing new Characters
• Fixed visual of Weapon Range showing a weird triangle
• Fixed issue with Thunder being above portraits
• Fixed issue with Survivors not auto looting containers
• Fixed using LeftControl to show objects popping up above Fog of War
• Fixed Laser mirrors visual not correctly disappearing when Laser was deactivated
• Fixed weird issue when using Event_Action.Destroy that destroyed unrelated Events
• The last update that implemented using Vars on Objects broke most levels built before v0.20. This issue is now fixed, many thanks to pjcarpediemst for the bug report!
• New Weapon: Protheros, Dual Pistols with a high rate of fire
• New Weapon: Dascomb, Shotgun very effective at close range, fires multiple pellets that can kill multiple Infected
• New Weapon: Valerie, Grenade Launcher effective for area of effect damage at a distance
• New Weapon: Etheridge, Sniper rifle kills all Infected in a line from a long distance, takes a while to aim
• New Weapon: Fawkes, Flamethrower light em up! Great for close quarters
• New Weapon: Delia, Tesla Gun electrocutes Infected in close range and causes damage to other nearby Infected
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Holster Weapon, Survivor holsters his weapon, use when in a cutscene to make your Survivors not point guns at each other
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Rotate Speed, change Survivor Rotation speed
• New Event_Action: Environment.Explosion, cause explosion on map that deals damage to units
• New Object: Enter Exit Area, triggers various Events
• Changed Event_Action: Survivor.Move, can now set to attack move
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Random, Position can now take Var as input
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Random, Now functions with Floats
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Change, Position can now change as a whole or split x,z
• Variables can now be used with most Object Event Actions
• Small performance improvement
• Game UI now has a slight sway
• Camera now shakes when explosions happen
• Better looking explosions
• Better looking muzzle fire
• Weapons have a new tracer visual
• Deprecated old Pathfinding Refresh options
• Fixed issue with dropping a Weapon while attacking caused it to be duplicated
• New Gauntlet_Variable: Added Lots of new Variable Types! Now pretty much every Event Action can use a Variable as an Argument making for millions of possible uses!
• New Event_Trigger: Item_Proximity, Triggered when a number of Items of Type are inside Area, with Variables you can use this to create an Item drop off point to create a currency in-game
• New Event_Trigger: Infected_Died, Triggered when an Infected dies, Global or Area. With this you can for example create a Gauntlet where an Infected drops a piece of Scrap when he dies, then use the Item_Proximity to create a drop off point and have some shops using Buttons and Variables
• New Event_Trigger: Survivor_Downed: Triggered when a Survivor is Downed, Global or Area. Use this to manage difficulty by making it easier if a Survivor goes down
• New Event_Trigger: Survivor_Died: Triggered when a Survivor Dies, useful for managing difficulty as well
• New Event_Action: Environment.Item_Destroy, Destroys items that triggered this Event or based on Variable
• New Event_Action: Gauntlet.Score, Add or Remove Score, for example Add 100 Score for Every Infected Killed
• New Event_Action: Var.Tween, Tweens a Variable from Start to End in Duration, you can Tween some Float Variables and use them on a Color Variable to create a gradual Sunset making it slowly more red and dark
• Changed Event_Action: Var.Store_Info, added ability to store all kinds of Info, like the current Position or Name of a Survivor
• Changed Object: Laser, you can now set to Kill Damage or a fixed Damage Amount, useful if you don't want instant death when touching on Damage Rulesets
• Added Shooting while moving! Survivors will fire slower while moving and have reduced View Distance, Fov. Hold LeftShift while you give the move order
• Added Event Triggers, this replaces the previous mode of setting proximity, inside and condition. Now there are plenty more ways to trigger Events. Event Triggers can also store Info in Variables such as what Item or Survivor triggered it
• Added Score Types, Start at 100k or Start at 0
• Added Position Drag on Infected Patrol
• Due to how the new Variables work, they can no longer be edited after being created
• Fixed Jeep hitbox when using Static Start
• Fixed Achievement amount being displayed incorrectly in the Profile
• Fixed Dropbox going out of camera view
• Fixed Screenshake while using Active Pause
• New Event_Action: Object.Enable Disable, generic action for Enabling or Disabling most objects like the Gadgets
• New Event_Action: Infected.Animate, play animation on Infected
• New Gauntlet_Sprites: Added 45 Visual Sprites to add flavor to your Gauntlets!
• New Secondary Gadget: Sentry Gun, place a sentry gun on your Survivor position that automatically fires at Infected
• New Secondary Gadget: Personal Defense System, instantly kills Infected in range of the Survivor
• New Secondary Gadget: Video Camera, provides vision in area can rotate around an area like a Sentry Gun
• New Secondary Gadget: Motion Sensor, sends out a pulse that locates enemies
• New Secondary Gadget: Decoy, attracts Infected until destroyed
• Added Delete Hotkey to Editor
• Added Event to Start object that automatically triggers on Start
• Gadgets can now have a Condition tested before usage and an Event afterwards. Using this you can make limited usage or a cooldown on any item
• Scaling origin for Hitboxes, RainCovers, Pathblockers and Background sprites is now on the top left corner making it easier to scale to the desired size
• Fixed Heal Area Icon
• Fixed issue with Pathblocker rotation now correctly applying Pathfinding changes
• Fixed issue with Profile level going above 50
• Fixed Helicopter being below black fog of war
• Fixed issue with Survivor.Disarm
• Fixed Shoot Flash being visible when using Melee
• New Gauntlet Ruleset: Damage, Survivors take damage from Infected and go down if their health reaches 0, then they remain on the floor and must be helped up
• New Gauntlet Ruleset: Damage with Death, same as Damage Ruleset except Survivors die if their health reaches 0 after being downed
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Respawn, respawns a Survivor back from the dead, use this to guarantee a certain number of live Survivors
• Added Gauntlet Option: Maximum Infected, a hard cap to make sure Infected dont keep spawning forever
• Game Over dialog if all Survivors are dead
• Infected now go into Random Patrol mode after killing a Survivor
• When a new player opens the editor for the first time the player is asked to play the Editor Basics Tutorial
• Fixed Gauntlet Name blinking if shooting occured
• Fixed Doors not being pushed correctly
• Fixed an issue that cause the Survivors weapon to become irresponsive
• Fixed Infected being stuck on the respawn points
• Fixed Respawn points being visible when they shouldnt
• Fixed Survivors not being Desincapacitated if the Incapacitator was despawned
• Fixed Survivor sound spam when activating a continued use button
• Fixed several issues with low framerates
• Fixed Pressure Plate activation area being too small on Pressure Plates with big sizes
• Fixed Sprites being rotated 180 degrees
• New Template: Time Based Tests, useful for learning how to do Time or Damage based Achievements
• Changed Event_Action: Gauntlet.Achievement_Trigger, now has a optional Condition Id that triggers the Achievement only if True
• Added Gauntlet Achievements to The Great Escape and The Great Escape Lite
• Added 7 General Achievements
• Added 20 Challenges, they work as a sort of Tutorial guiding the Player to do various things
• Added Levels based on experience from Achievements and completing Gauntlets
• Added Daily Challenges, simple challenges that change every 24 hours
• Added Restart Gauntlet button to In-Game menu, thanks to Evan Hitchings from Two Dash Stash for the suggestion!
• Massive performance improvements across the board!
• Changed how Pathfinding works so now it shouldn't hang whenever it is refreshed
• When a new player launches the game for the first time the player is asked to play the Game Basics Tutorial
• Cursor controls now work on various TextBoxes like Background Text and Survivor Dialog
• Fixed issue with Minimum Infected not working if start was set to Static
• Fixed issue with Rain Covers and Respawn points being selectable while not visible
• Fixed Single State and Repeatable buttons with Conditions being invisible
• New Condition: Damage_Taken_Compare, compares current Gauntlet Damage Taken to a value or variable, useful for Achievements
• New Condition: Time_Compare, compares current Gauntlet Time to a value or variable, useful for Achievements
• New Event_Action: Var.Store_Info, stores info in variable, currently possible to store Time and Damage Taken
• Changed Condition: Var_Compare, can now compare with a fixed value or a variable
• Added Gauntlet Achievements to Grabber Machine, Trailer Gauntlet, Snow Outpost and Darkness
• Added visual notification on Achievement Unlocked
• Added 100 more Achievement icons
• Added Paging to Profile Achievements
• Added Gauntlet Achievements to Profile and Steam Achievements for Featured Gauntlets
• Added Next Gauntlet button to End Screen, automatically plays the Next Featured Gauntlet that you haven't yet played
• Gauntlet Star rating is now shown on the End Screen
• Implemented Steam Trading Cards
• Incompatible Gauntlets are now hidden
• Fixed Backspace bug on some Textboxes
• Fixed issue with Locate button moving camera irregularly
• Added Gauntlet Achievements to Tutorial Gauntlet
• Added Achievements to Profile
• Gauntlets played on the profile is now correctly sorted based on Last Gauntlet Played
• Implemented Steam Achievements, Leaderboards and Stats
• Gauntlet Achievements can give bonus score
• Textboxes for Achievements Name/Description can now move the cursor with LeftArrow, RightArrow, Home, End and Mouse Click
• Fixed Teleport item not having a Ghost
• Fixed changing Achievement icon unvalidating a validated Gauntlet
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Give_Item_Map, gives Survivor an Item that is placed on the Map
• New Event_Action: Gauntlet.Achievement_Trigger, triggers custom achievement
• New Item: Gadget_Teleporter, teleports Survivor to another location, can be customized with range and whether or not to go through walls
• Added Player Profiles, now your stats are saved and you can see a list of Gauntlets played and the Stars for each Gauntlet
• Added Stars to Gauntlets, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Rusty. Stars
• Added Speedy and Untouchable achievements to all Gauntlets, players can set the values for these
• Added ability to add custom Achievements that can be triggered by an Event, customizable Icon, Name and Description
• Play and Leaderboard buttons are now hidden if no Gauntlet is selected
• Changed 'Developer' with 'Featured'
• Pressing Tab in-game shows a menu with the Gauntlet Achievements and their descriptions
• Everything should work correctly if you are Offline, you can play all Gauntlets that have been Downloaded
• Added 3 Guided Tutorials, Game Basics, Editor Basics and Editor Events
• Added 4 Editor Templates which are Gauntlets that you can edit with detailed comments showcasing how to build various scenarios such as Door Remote Control or Sentry Gun Alternating Blinders
• Bitmap font for displaying Gauntlet Name/Maker
• Icons added to Damage Taken and Timer
• Survivor Focus Mode visible by looking at the number/selector color, slight blue means enabled
• Editor UI visual upgrade
• Editor Inspector is now always visible
• Zooming on the Editor goes towards the Mouse
• Black overlay added on top of Portraits if Survivor is Disabled
• Fixed Time on Gauntlets that had a Static start
• Fixed Shoot Flash being affected by Ambient Color
• Fixed Window Blinders not correctly updating state in Editor
• Fixed hidden portraits showing up after someone grabbed a weapon
• Fixed various issues with portraits
• Fixed door visuals being fully black instead of showing a bit of brown
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Snow Outpost, lowered difficulty for last part
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Trailer Gauntlet, added lights
• Changed Developer Gauntlet: Darkness, added lights
• New Event_Action: Gauntlet.Ambient Color, change Ambient color
• New Event_Action: Light.Change Color, alther light color
• New Event_Action: Light.Change Info, modify light parameters
• Added ability to select overlapping objects in the editor, you can also press Left Control to hide the controls
• Fixed selecting sprites that had depth < -2
• Fixed sound priority that caused gunshots to not be heard if there were too many footsteps
• Fixed Gauntlet date sorting for Developer Gauntlets
• Fixed several issues with sticky targetting
• Fixed Survivors ignoring button press order if there were enemies in sight
• Fixed Object.Vision_Round not correctly viewing Infected
• New Developer Gauntlet: Snow Outpost, Follow the lights, cover your rear and survive!
• New Condition: Condition_Test, Tests if condition is true, use for chaining AND's or OR's
• New Object: Vision_Round, better looking vision than using Vision with 180 degrees
• New Object: Light_Round, lits up an area
• Added Ambient Color, now you can darken everything and use lights only where you wish
• Added toggle to reveal the entire map
• Added Lights to Fire
• Added highlights to selected object in Editor
• Improved edges on Line of Sight especially when over white surfaces
• Health bar is now blue, since it's currently not used
• Fixed several issues with Condition Inspector
• Added really cool custom hardware cursors!
• Improved Line of Sight look, now uses the GPU so it should be faster too!
• Changed Main Menu background
• Changed Footprint sprites
• Changing starting weapons now correctly updates the Save button
• Developer Gauntlets are now automatically downloaded on launch
• Leaderboards now only show the best entry for each player
• Fixed leaderboard hanging sometimes
• Fixed issue with Infected pause state not being reset
• Fixed group move in Editor
• New Event_Action: HUD.Objective, sets an objective to be displayed on the HUD
• New Event_Action: Survivor.Portrait, show or hide Survivor portrait
• New Object: Fire, deals damage to anything that goes through it, can be Activated and Deactivated
• Changed Object: Buttons, added Visual drop down box, pick from 5 different visuals
• Added starting cutscene "Static", Survivors start at their position
• Added Inspector to Start so you can pick where each Survivor starts, camera position and start type
• Added draggable buttons to Inspector Positions, can be snapped with Shift
• Added drop down box to choose number of Survivors
• Added Survivor default View Distance 0
• Fixed Blood Splatter direction when being hit by Sentry Gun
• Fixed Acid pool depth
• Fixed Delete button being clickable while invisible
• Fixed Inspector tooltips not scrolling
• Fixed Credits buttons not scaling back
• New Event_Action: Item_SpawnMap, spawns an item that is already placed but with Spawn on Start as false
• New Object: Wall_Square, builds a rectangular Wall
• New Object: Window_Square, builds a rectangular Window
• New Object: Laser_Lock, lock that triggers an Event if a Laser is hitting it
• New Object: Laser_Mirror, reflects a laser
• New Sprite: Generic_Color, can be any color you wish
• New Condition: Survivor_Position, checks if a Survivor is near position
• New Item: Gadget_Remote, item with a custom name that can be activated to trigger a certain Event
• Changed Event: Replaced All Inside toggle with number inside so you can trigger an Event with a certain number of Survivors
• Changed Event: Replaced Dont_Destroy toggle with Destroy toggle
• Changed Event_Action: Merged Door and Door Double into the same actions
• Changed Object: Laser, added Damage toggle button
• Changed Object: Background_Sprite, added Depth Base for better control over sprite sort, can sort above Entities
• Changed Object: Item, added Spawn on Start toggle
• Changed Escape: Helicopter, Added Speak toggle to show or hide default Survivor text
• Fixed Object: Door_Double lock visual incorrectly displayed lock status
• Added more faces
• Added more hair types and hair color
• Added Gadget slot to UI
• Using the Show_Objects key will display weapon range
• Replaced Starting weapon dropbox with buttons
• Replaced item dropbox with buttons
• UI redesigned, merged various buttons into sub-menus
• Place ghost now correctly displays what's being placed
• Fixed Survivors/Infected being pushed through Windows if hugging each other
• New Event_Action: Escape.Start_Timer, Start Timer on Escape object
• New Event_Action: Escape.Finish_Gauntlet, Manually finish a Gauntlet without requiring Escape
• Survivors can be toggled to attack only targets in their field of view! Using this you can ensure that each Survivor covers his area and doesn't rotate 180 degrees to aim at an enemy that someone else saw!
• Various changes in the back end that result in a 90% performance improvement!
• Background Mesh now correctly sorts particles based on when they were created
• Removed useless UI elements
• Added Skin color to Survivor info
• Fixed Gauntlet not validating if it wasn't saved
• New Event_Action: Sprite_Flash.Start, starts flashing a sprite, can change speed, alpha start and end
• New Event_Action: Sprite_Flash.Stop, stops flashing and hides sprite
• New Object: Sprite_Flash, round sprite that can flash a certain color
• New Object: Sprite_Flash_Rectangular, rectangular sprite that can flash a certain color
• Changed Object: Background_Sprite, added 3 new background tiles
• You can now duplicate entities by selecting and hitting Ctrl+D
• Publish UI is now on a separate window
• Changing score formula no longer unvalidates Gauntlet
• Sentry LEDs are more visible
• Background tilesets now have some variation
• Added Snow and Rocky background tilesets
• Added ability to select and move multiple entities
• Default score on the leaderboard is now hidden
• Fixed useless click after placing wall/window
• Fixed pink dot that was appearing on the map
• New Event_Action: Camera Lock, lock manual camera movement
• New Event_Action: Path_Blocker.Apply, applies or removes the Pack_Blocker
• New Object: LED_Rect, rectangular LED, can change size
• Changed Event_Action: Location_Arrow, added sliders to change color
• Changed Event_Action: Survivor.*, added Random Else
• Changed Object: Path_Blocker, can now be triggered on start or activated/deactivated through an event
• Starting Survivors can now be changed. Name, outfit, weapon, speed, view distance, field of view
• Blonde hair color
• Added two more types of background tilesets
• Fixed Survivors visual over Helicopter
• Fixed TextBox size on Event_Actions
• Fixed Tooltips leaving screen
• New Developer Gauntlet: Darkness, Input the code, save your teammate and escape!
• New Developer Gauntlet: Grabber Machine, showcases a brilliant way of combining events to make something unique!
• New Event_Action: Event.Move
• New Event_Action: Event.Reset, resets a previously finished or destroyed event
• New Event_Action: Environment.Gauntlet_Thunder, displays a thunder
• New Event_Action: Environment.Item_Spawn
• New Event_Action: Survivor.DisableSelect, enables or disables selecting a Survivor
• New Event_Action: Location_Arrow, create or destroy an in-game arrow
• New Object: Destroy_Items_Area, destroys all items inside area
• New Object: PathBlocker, blocks pathing for Survivors or Infected, good for hiding clown cars
• New Object: Note_Text, displays a text when a Survivor gets nearby
• New Condition: Infected_In_Area
• New Condition: Survivor_In_Area
• Changed Event_Action: Event.Destroy, added a checkbox for destroying queued Actions
• Changed Object: Pressure_Plate, can now be triggered by Survivors or Infected, be resized, rotated and stay pressured
• Changed Object: Background_Text, now you can change font, size and color
• Changed Object: Explosion, now has optional visual
• Changed Object: LED, can change size
• Fixed Event_Action: HUD.CinematicBars, Editor button now over cinematic bars
• Fixed Event_Action: Survivor.ViewDistance, no longer crashes if set to 0
• Fixed Object: Event_Loop now correctly triggers on start
• Score and score calculation is now visible on publish info
• Average time now visible while browsing Gauntlets
• Added warning when trying to locate an Id that does not exist
• Added remaining container types
• Fixed Grabber grab speed being dependent on framerate
• Fixed Camera shake being dependent on framerate
• Fixed TextBox size on Gauntlet Objects
• Fixed Event textbox on Container Inspector
• Fixed textbox text on Gauntlet.Pause
• New Event_Action: HUD.CinematicBars, shows/hides cinematic bars, useful for making cutscenes
• New Event_Action: LED.Color, changes color of an LED
• New Event_Action: Var.Random, sets variable to a random number between min and max
• Gauntlets will only be downloaded if they are compatible with current version
• LED's can now have 16.7 million colors
• Publish button is now always visible but only clickable when Gauntlet has been validated
• Survivor.Disarm can now remove backpack weapons
• Changing video settings requires confirmation
• Extra respawn points are now removed on map remove
• Fixed Teleport while Incapacitated
• Fixed Event_Loop starting state not working

Survivor Squad: Gauntlets is a Strategy-Action game where you command your squad of survivors through various Gauntlets filled with devious traps whilst fighting the Infected!

Control your Squad from a top-down perspective commanding each individual Survivor. Line of sight is very important so you must move your Survivors as a unit and cover every corner. Don't let yourself be caught off guard!

In Survivor Squad: Gauntlets you can create your own or play the various Gauntlets that have been built by the community and compete in a global leaderboard!
Create your Gauntlets using a very powerful editor that lets you place all kinds of Objects and interact with them through dozens of possible Event Actions. Your imagination is the limit!

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Комментарии игроков (29 шт.)

От: TolikKrymov [10|16] | Дата 2018-07-14 22:42:26

Что за DLC указана? Игра куплена в Steam. При покупке появляется Thank You: The Game 2. Это она?
От: Fidelis [19|11] | Дата 2015-10-07 11:28:01


This_New_Sparta сказал:

Лол , мой коммент остался последним (на данный момент) D

Я беру себя бремя, быть последним..иди брат мой..иди...
От: This_New_Sparta [111|86] | Дата 2015-07-01 09:45:36


DarkWereWolf сказал:

Дааа... и чем Gauntlet отличается от оригинала ?

Незнаю , режимов что ли больше хз

This_New_Sparta подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Dankanar сказал:

Купил в стиме за 20 рублей... Вышла снова но уже с надписью "Gauntlet" и со стоимостью 160 руб... Мда.


vovan107 сказал:

интересно, а в этой игре можно играть в коорператив???

Для этого там мультиплеер !!! Там можно кооп-ом играть !
Только LAN'ка нужна , или лицуха с инетом , или Tunngle , или вообще Hamachi !

This_New_Sparta очень долго думал и добавил:

Лол , мой коммент остался последним (на данный момент) D
От: Revolver [43|73] | Дата 2015-05-30 16:27:50

Проблема с запуском мисий решена?

Revolver подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

От: DarkWereWolf [3|3] | Дата 2015-05-15 16:12:36

Дааа... и чем Gauntlet отличается от оригинала ?
От: Dankanar [65|19] | Дата 2015-05-15 08:44:13

Купил в стиме за 20 рублей... Вышла снова но уже с надписью "Gauntlet" и со стоимостью 160 руб... Мда.
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2015-05-14 13:07:18

Благодарю, уже будет со вшитым кряком от Али?

Animanyak подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Elektra сказал:

Новый патч Patch Notes - v1.02 от 12 мая

Завтра обновлю

От: lux_lumen [0|0] | Дата 2015-05-14 11:57:36


Animanyak сказал:

У меня игра как то странно реагирует. В смысле открыл игру, нажимаю плей гантлет ничего не происходит плюсь, закрыты все миссии, кроме туториала, захожу в него и он не открывается. Закрываю игру, снова запускаю открывается первая миссия Брок и Дейв, запускаю ее и она тоже не играется, после 5 раз призипа открыть закрыть, запустилась последняя миссия Routin Scavanjing она и запустилась. Вопрос, это и есть начало игры и почему нельзя запустить ее с самого начала?

У меня та же проблема
От: Elektra [7704|138] | Дата 2015-05-12 16:07:05

Группа: Редактор

Animanyak сказал:

Новый патч Patch Notes - v1.02 от 12 мая

Завтра обновлю
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2015-05-12 15:09:32

Новый патч Patch Notes - v1.02 от 12 мая
От: MasacruAlex [2|10] | Дата 2015-05-04 12:59:15

thanks it works great

MasacruAlex подумал несколько минут и добавил:

ok sorry the gauntlets under browse work but when i hit tutorial or any campaign, nothing happens. I press "yes" then nothing shows up.

MasacruAlex думал несколько часов и добавил:

ok i fixed it wit hthe crack :D!
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2015-05-03 17:07:12

Благодарю, стала работать;)
От: Elektra [7704|138] | Дата 2015-05-03 13:32:28

Группа: Редактор
Да, вижу, кряка не хватает. Сейчас Вам его кину в ЛС и добавлю в новость.
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2015-05-03 13:23:57

У меня игра как то странно реагирует. В смысле открыл игру, нажимаю плей гантлет ничего не происходит плюсь, закрыты все миссии, кроме туториала, захожу в него и он не открывается. Закрываю игру, снова запускаю открывается первая миссия Брок и Дейв, запускаю ее и она тоже не играется, после 5 раз призипа открыть закрыть, запустилась последняя миссия Routin Scavanjing она и запустилась. Вопрос, это и есть начало игры и почему нельзя запустить ее с самого начала?

Animanyak подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Могу представить все скрины, если интересно.
От: amfetomin [101|36] | Дата 2015-02-20 11:30:00


joker3434_ сказал:

Хорошая игра очень похожа на игру Crimsonland , тоже вид сверху , тоже мочить всякую нечисть.

Похожа на DoorKickers, или наоборот, DoorKickers похож на первую часть Survivor Squad'а.
От: joker3434_ [3|0] | Дата 2015-02-20 01:18:04

Хорошая игра очень похожа на игру Crimsonland , тоже вид сверху , тоже мочить всякую нечисть. Но я надеюсь что вместо того чтобы 1 упровлял всеми добавят мультиплеер...
От: yan141 [251|195] | Дата 2015-02-08 18:28:14


ennead сказал:

посмотрел на скрины, на описание, потом снова на скрины. Ничо не понял короче

Тут как бы само собой ясно.

yan141 думал несколько дней и добавил:

Игра сырая, как кусок мяса.
От: Dmitriy2012 [9|74] | Дата 2015-01-26 04:22:40

Хех. Интересная игра. А точнее продолжение. Добавили наконец возможность создавать собственные уровни. Мне понравилось.
От: vovan107 [3|3] | Дата 2015-01-25 12:33:41

интересно, а в этой игре можно играть в коорператив???
От: yan141 [251|195] | Дата 2015-01-24 19:42:46


HomeCookin сказал:

Интерфейс очень сильно похож на Prison Architect

Так они на одном и том же движке построены.
От: HomeCookin [1|3] | Дата 2015-01-19 18:44:22

Интерфейс очень сильно похож на Prison Architect
От: MrStrateg [187|43] | Дата 2015-01-11 15:39:07

довольно скучно в нее играть, не очень удобное управление
От: names320 [25|7] | Дата 2015-01-03 04:07:04

сыровато но в целом задумка не плохая, если разрабы не бросят проект, то будет хорошая игра !
От: Anton123456 [6|9] | Дата 2014-12-26 21:47:56

На несколько часов хватит,если разработчики не забросят,будет интересный проект.
От: Klop34 [10|16] | Дата 2014-11-28 19:26:55

жаль что у меня не потянет
От: ennead [135|34] | Дата 2014-11-28 16:31:33

посмотрел на скрины, на описание, потом снова на скрины. Ничо не понял короче
От: MrStrateg [187|43] | Дата 2014-11-16 10:48:22

Играется неплохо, но приедается со временем.
От: HDmaxim [-3|4] | Дата 2014-11-16 10:47:22

Сырая Ждем Апдейта) Ждем Русский Язык) игра Достойна Нас) ____________________-
От: kanan666 [4|4] | Дата 2014-11-15 23:08:09

По трейлеру игра очень понравилась, но сейчас она очень сырая, поэтому пусть доработают пока


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