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Скачать игру Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle [Steam Early Access] Alpha v1.1.1 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (8) | Баллы: 62
Игру добавил Elektra [7720|138] | 2015-01-17 (обновлено) | Текстовые, Roguelike (1538) | Просмотров: 49689

Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle [Steam Early Access] Alpha v1.1.1

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от The Indie Forge (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (1538)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 290.94 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 8)

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Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle - рогалик выполненный в ретро-стиле с процедурно-генерируемыми уровнями, а также элементами крафтинга и толикой юмора.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.1.0_02 до v1.1.1. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

На данный момент игра находится в стадии разработки, но автор обещает в ближайшее время добавить новый контент и ряд возможностей. Более подробно с информацией можно ознакомиться на сайте разработчика.

ЛКМ: Движение;
ПКМ: Взаимодействие / Атака;
Tab: Древо умений;
Q,W,E,R,T,Y: Горячие клавиши умений (назначаются в древе умений);
Shift + ПКМ: Продать (в магазине);
Shift + ПКМ: Подобрать предмет (в подземельях);
Esc: Пауза / Вызов меню.

• Music no longer requires Windows Media Player .DLLs. NOTE: This change will potentially effect some user's Volume Settings. It's advised you review your in-game Sound Options before playing.
• Fixed a bug that caused the Track List to not update when travelling between Dungeons.
• Fixed a bug that caused the wrong Track List to be loaded when loading a saved game.
• Fixed a bug that allowed the player to skip a boss using a Scroll of Teleportation.
• Players Experiencing the Crash on Startup caused by a lack of Windows Media Player will now be able to play, but Music will not be loaded, as XNA 4.0 requires WMP .DLLs to function correctly. I will continue to search for a better solution.
• Reduced the spawn rate of Altars of Blessing.
• All non-user created Traps now do 5 + 3 * Trap Level Damage, up from 2 + Trap Level / 2.
• Squish and Necropoli's base Health, Damage, and Scaling reduced. Squish is no longer Thick Skinned.
• Illusions now have 20% of their parent's stats, down from 25%.
• Fixed a graphical glitch caused when using Knife in the Dark from Stealth.
• Fixed a bug which allowed Necromancers to Sacrifice and Resurrect inanimate objects.
• Added Dynamic Leveling: Enemies will no longer scale 1:1 with the player's level - instead, scaling is based on the amount of sources of experience per floor.
• XP scaling is now exponential.
• Added Dynamic Leveling: Enemies will no longer scale 1:1 with the player's level - instead, scaling is based on the amount of sources of experience per floor.
• Likewise, undiscovered enemies will no longer scale up when they are below the player's current level.
• Preparations made for upcoming new content.
• Added the final mix of Light6.
• Added Modifier: Illusionist
• Greatly increased Elite, Champion, and Hellish enemies Health.
• XP from defeating Elite, Champion, and Hellish enemies increased to co-inside with new balancing.
• Enemies now have increased Hit Rate at greater levels.
• XP scaling is now exponential.
• Hit Rating and Defence Rating now suffer Diminishing Returns.
• Altered scaling of Diminished values, such as Critical Chance, Armour Efficiency, etc.
• Combat Efficiency and Dual Wielding now suffer Diminishing Returns.
• Fixed a major bug causing a number of Skills (including Rat-at-tack) to deal damage based on user Health rather than the intended Stat.
• Fixed a bug causing Diminished values to scale beyond their maximum values at high levels.
• Fixed a crash caused by attempting to rebind NumKey0 while at the main menu.
• Fixed Health, Mana, and Damage Multipliers on enemies.
• Fixed incorrect values on the Tooltip for Dual Wielding.
• Added the Ability to throw potions.
• Added Wide Doorways fitted with double doors.
• Redesigned all XP and Level Scaling (recommended to start a new game due to inconsistencies).
• Added the Ability to throw potions.
• Added Wide Doorways fitted with double doors.
• Added the Option to load your last Character's appearance when creating a new Character.
• Altered the colouring of the minimap for easier visability.
• Leaderboard entries made before major balance changes now have an outdated tag, and will be overridden by all new entries.
• Added a warning message that will display When attempting to load a save file that is no longer compatible with the current build.
• Elite, Champion, and Hellish enemies now have buffs to their base damage.
• Elite, Champion, and Hellish enemies no longer have buffs to their Hit Rating.
• Elite, Champion, and Hellish enemies awarded XP reduced.
• Enemies with the Beserker mod's damage modifer and Dexterity reduced.
• Squish's Base stats increased.
• Rat-at-tack's base Damage and Modifier reduced.
• Constitution scaling of enemies increased to 3 Constitution per level, up from 2.
• Execution's base damage increased to 120% Weapon Damage, 30% Strength. In addition, Damage gained from the target's lost health increased to 120%.
• All potions now have effects when used on an enemy.
• Redesigned all XP and Level Scaling (recommended to start a new game due to inconsistencies). This change also effects leaderboard scoring.
• Critical Damage gained from Strength reduced to 1 point every 2 Strength, down from 1 every 1 Strength.
• Critical Chance and Critical Damage now apply diminishing returns rather than having a hard capped value.
• Fixed Interaction inconsistancies with the Dungeon Exit.
• Fixed a bug causing the Armour gain from Strength to be incorrect.
• Invisible Enemies no longer show up on the minimap.
• Invisible Enemies no longer count during any condition checks for nearby enemies.
• Various Tooltip typos corrected.
• Stats on Thick-Skinned Enemies greatly reduced.
• Shred's Bleed damage increased to 20% damage per turn, up from 10%.
• Reworked all Weapon's damage gain per level and per rarity.
• Critical Chance from Dexterity reduced to 1% every 5 points.
• Fixed an occasional crash caused when switching weapons (unfortunately this fix has resulted in all those effected losing their second loadout).
• Fixed the Boss Key vanishing when right clicked.
• Fixed a major bug causing Sword Damage to scale incorrectly.
• Fixed Keys Vanishing from the Inventory when Right-Clicked.
• Fixed a bug causing the second Comparison Tooltip to become uncoupled.
• The Tooltip for Strength now displays the correct information.
• Added Second Weapon Loadout.
• Added Full Screen minimap.
• Large scaling rework to Melee Combat, Hit Rating, and Enemy Health & Damage.
• Added a second weapon loadout (Default Key Q).
• Slightly reworked movement controls to reduce the chance of accidentally moving more cells than intended at a time.
• Added a Fullscreen Map, complete with tooltips and movement (Default Key M).
• Comparison Tooltips will now display all equipped alternatives when the item in question can be equipped to multiple slots.
• Doors are now shown on the minimap.
• Enemy Health Scaling reworked.
• Enemy Defence Rating reworked.
• Enemy Damage Scaling reworked.
• Shield Bash's Stun Duration reduced to 2 turns, down from 5.
• Two Handed Swords now scale correctly.
• You now gain 1 Armour for every 2 points of Strength.
• Armour Efficiency gain from Constitution increased to 20%, from 10%.
• Resist Efficiency gain from Wisdom increased to 20%, from 10%.
• Fixed a bug causing Keyboard Movement controls to rebind incorrectly.
• Keyboard movement no longer occurs while rebinding keys.
• Traps placed in doorways can now be removed.
• The Interact Key (NumPad5 by default) now only skips one turn, rather than resting, when there is nothing to interact with.
• Holding down the Movement Mod Key (Left Alt by default) now prevents movement.
• Fixed an Item Duplication bug caused by the last patch.
• Fixed a bug causing Keyboard Movement after staircases to become unresponsive.
• The Interact Key (NumPad5 by default) now acts the same as the Rest key when there is nothing to interact with.
• Enemy Physical and Magical Armour Scaling reduced.
• Rat-at-tack's primary damage changed to Physical, from Poison.
• Heavy Armour Physical and Magical Armour Scaling increased.
• Fixed Keyboard controls not responding while the mouse was over UI elements.
• Fixed a crash caused by moving certain UI elements off screen.
• Fixed Comparison Tooltip occasionally disconnecting from the main Tooltip.
• Fixed the Well Fed buff not ending when intended.
• Fixed Potion of Curing curing Buffs as well as Debuffs.
• Added Full Keyboard support for in-game Control.
• Pressing the Rest Key or Button while moving will cancel all queued movement.
• Melee attacks can now be initiated from distance, causing your character to pathfind to your target.
• Movement will now stop if a new trap is discovered.
• Interaction added to Bookcases.
• Hit Rating has been rescaled to result in less Missing. Dexterity now has more of an effect on Hit Rating.
• The Cell Selector now displays red when over tiles that cannot be accessed.
• Ratimus Maximux's base damage reduced from 8-11 to 5-9.
• Rat-at-tack's base damage and DOT damage have both been reduced.
• Changed all enemy stat progression to more accurately scale with their level.
• Squish's base stats have all been increased, and his base Health increased to 120, from 90.
• Fortify now requires a Shield.
• Reworked Gluttony to also increase the amount of Hunger food reduces by 10% per point, and increased Gluttony's Talent Point cap to 5, up from 1.
• Plate Armour now has Dexterity as a base Stat alongside Strength, though at a decreased amount. This should help balance Melee Hit Rating.
• Bonus Experience rescaled to +0.1 per item level, and capped at +5.
• Magic Find Bonuses now act as bonuses to an items original Find Rate, not the overall chance to find an item type.
• Spellbooks now correctly display their spell's casting requirements.
• Fixed a crash that occured when a trap was placed on top of an existing trap.
• Fixed an occasional crash when leaving a dungeon.
• Fixed long distance interaction not cancelling when movement is blocked.
• Fixed Level Up Stat notification.
• Fixed a bug that was causing the player's starting Defence Rating to be much lower than intended.
• Soul Rip no longer heals from inanimate objects.
• Fixed World Objects giving Experience on Kill when Bonus Experience was applied.
• Fixed a crash that occured when attempting to attack with just a shield.
• Fixed a rare occurance where attempting to equip an item would cause it to disappear.
• Fixed a bug with Dem Bones Archer's Dexterity scaling.
• Fixed a bug where settings in the Options window could be edited outside the main panel.
• Fixed the positioning of the Tutorial window after changing screen resolutions.
v1.0.0.0 Hotfix:
• Fixed the Spell Master infinite Spell Point bug.
• True Instantaneous Mode temporarily disabled, due to enemies no longer attacking in that mode.
• Scrolls of Teleportation will no longer teleport you into locked rooms.
• All stat functions reworked
• Combat calculations rewritten. Damage is now also based on hit chance, dodge rating,
• and level difference of combatants
• All stats scaled up so as to allow more variation in gear dependacy
• Vital Stats will no longer regenerate while enemies are nearby
• Added the ability to toggle Permadeath on starting a new game
• Goblin Cutpurse’s “Short Changed” no longer applies on skipped turns
• Removed Lairs from dungeon generation, Boss Floors coming soon
• Reduced spawning of Mushroom Farms and Gold Rooms
• Rebalanced many skill and passive effects
• Added new Scrolls!
• Added new Potions!
• Removed Strength, Agility, and Intelligence Potions
• Removed “Wand” from Staff naming
• Enemies will now attempt to break down doors which block their paths
• Renamed some enemy types
• Rescaled Enemy spawn level per floor
• Added Custom Key Binding and Controls Menu
• Added item stats to Tooltips
• Added the option to toggle the position of the Tooltip window (Tab)
• Improved Tooltip placement to ensure it never goes off screen
• Scrolls can now be used on equipped items
• Updated stat icon graphics
• Removed loads of redundant files and code
• Fixed lack of continuous scrolling on dropdown menus
• Fixed the position of the Game Over return button
• Fixed a bug where one scroll would not highlight when using a Scroll of Identification
• Fixed a crash caused by attempting to unlock missing roles
• Fixed the scrolling text window priority when other windows are displayed over it
• Added coloured border to Tooltip window which reflects the highlighted object’s rarity
• Added smoother text wrapping and border scaling to the Tooltip window
• Added Sort button to Inventory Panel
• Improved Inventory sort order (Consumables, Crafting, Active, Misc, Gear)
• Inventory Sort now prioritizes item level over rarity
• Inventory Sort now properly groups stackable items together
• Added Action Text for failing to equip or sell Unidentified Items
• Added Action Text for selling Items
• Added Action Text for failed crafting results
• Added number of items on a stacked tile to Tooltip
• Updated Buttons/Tick boxes appearance
• Updated Stairs appearance
• Updated Gobbling appearance
• Updated Dirt appearance
• Added a temporary workaround to those users with audio driver issues.
• Fixed Health Sap’s tooltip and ingame text
• Fixed Longbowman’s Knockback causing the targeted enemy’s tile to remain impassable
• Fixed being unable to pick up items dropped on door tiles
• Fixed mana or health going over maximum values when unequipping gear with stat bonuses
• Fixed being unable to use both a Cauldron and an Anvil if both were in range
• Fixed being able to place items on shop plinths after loading a game
• Fixed an occasion where a price would appear for selling Unidentified Items
• Fixed a loading bug which caused floors to be stored in arrays 3 times too large
• Fixed a loading bug which caused the minimap to centre on the player even if they were on the outskirts of the map
• Fixed Tooltip flickering when picking up items
• Fixed Tooltip priority for items in doors and chests
• Fixed a level appearing on Scroll Tooltips
• Fixed starting item’s weapon type
• Fixed an inventory sorting bug which caused miscellaneous and crafting items to sort alphabetically, rather than by their individual types
• Completed Assassin!
• Completed Shortbowman!
• Added Trap Disarming!
• Added Poison traps!
• Bookcases can now be searched for items
• All new characters now start with a sword, bow, and staff
• Increased the spawning of stairs between floors
• Added Tome of Experience!
• All bow damage increased by 50%
• Potions now have a 50% chance that the bottle will be destroyed after drinking
• Added Featherbrain!
• Added Featherbrain Egg!
• Added Possessed Armour!
• Buff and Skill cooldowns now outlined for easier reading
• Text added for swapping equipped weapons
• Searched chests no longer appear on the map
• Added a load of new gear graphics
• Tidied up a lot of the older skill and buff graphics
• Changed how interactive objects are stored and loaded, which should cause improvements to load times, and overall game speed, and corrects bugs relating to doors and breakable objects appearing in the wrong state after loading a save file. Also makes adding new objects to the game engine much easier. Please note that due to this system change, some aspects of games saved before this patch (1.1.2) may behave slighty oddly, but will remain playable. Any issues will be corrected on starting a new game, or entering a new floor.
• Save files now keep track of the game’s version number when saving, which should make converting incompatible save files across patches easier.
• Fixed tooltip and equipping of headgear in Inventory
• Fixed skill animations bugging in fog of war
• Fixed Active and Passive tooltips displaying in red
• Player passability now correctly updates on using a Scroll of Teleportation
• Tooltips will now display the information for the highest priority object on a tile
• Fixed a rare hang on starting a new game caused by only 1 portal spawning on a floor
Читать здесь.
• Gameplay Pressing R will now also cancel all current pathfinding.
• Bugfix Fixed a crash caused by casting Firebolt or Infused Shot.
• New UI and Resolution Option.
• Added 3 Skill classes to each Skill Tree!
• Added Stairs!.
• Added 2 new Music tracks.
• Floors now continue to spawn as you travel deeper.
• Floor size reduced from 200x200 to 100x100.
• Pressing the Middle Mouse button over the inventory now organises it.
• Added Featherbrains.
• Added Eggs.
• Added Possessed Armour.
• Added a floor indicator to the minimap.
• Items on the floor now sparkle.
• Added a load of new item graphics.
• Cut down on update processes to reduce memory usage.
• A number of typos fixed.
• Lowered Vampierre's attack damage.
• Mana will now naturally regen to full capacity, incuding intelligence gained mana.
• Shop plinths now remain impassable after reloading a saved game.
• Rescaled health and damage of all units.
• Changes and additions to dungeon generation.
• Lots more room varieties.
• Removed Blacksmithing level.
• Crates and Barrels no longer block your vision.
• Added 3 new active items.
• Enemies have a chance of dropping arrows if killed by a ranged weapon.
• Items can now be directly placed in their corresponding equipment slot.
• Minimap improvements and additions.
• Passive Skills are no longer displayed as Buffs.
• Scrollwheel now zooms in and out on the mini map.
• Massive amounts of map & object optimisation.
• Portals can now teleport much greater distances.
• Fixed the spawning of arrows in shops.
• Items in shops no longer reset on loading.
• Enemies will now lose interest in the player after a certain amount of steps.
• Enchanted items no longer enchant all instances of that item.
• Crafted items can no longer be unidentified.
• Fixed an eating bug which caused both a cooldown refresh and a new buff.
• Fixed a crash caused by enemies standing on the player in a portal.
• Added Goblin Cutpurse.
• Added Unidentified Items.
• Added Golden Chests and Golden Keys.
• Added Scroll of Identification and Enchantment.
• Added Wooden Arrow.
• Multiple weapons can now be equipped. Press Q to cycle between them.
• Ranged Weapons now require ammunition to fire.
• All movement now works via A* pathfinding. Clicking a cell will navigate you to it.
• You can now name and customize the appearance of your character on starting a new game.
• Enemies now have a chance of spawning asleep, and will be woken by the player passing.
• Rescaled all healing items to percentages for higher level use .
• Disarmed duration reduced by 5 turns.
• Gear prices reworked to better match the quality of the item.
• Shops now have a much wider range of higher level items from level 1 onwards.
• Chests now drop a much wider range of higher level items.
• Reduced the spawning of Boss Lairs.
• Added character hair styles and skins.
• Added more new graphics for gear.
• Reworked the Skill Tree to be easier to use and to be more aesthetically pleasing.
• The scrolling text window will now display repeats of the same action on the same line.
• Added button to toggle showing of Head items.
• Fixed a bug which prevented WASD movement when the mouse was over FOW.
• All Rings and Necklaces now have stats based on their rarity.
• Healing buffs will no longer cancel when a debuff in front of them runs out.
• Text Window now correctly refreshes on starting a new game.
• Fixed a bug which caused some enemies to reset on loading a saved game.
• Thorn Mail now correctly returns a percentage of damage dealt to the attacker.
• Continue Game no longer refreshes the title screen when no save file found.
• Fixed a rare bug wich gave a chance that an enemy spawned with stats 10 levels too high.
• Added ??? Potion.
• Added Unidentified Gunge.
• Static objects in the world (crates, bookshelves, etc) now block player and enemy vision.
• Pressing R will now skip a turn.
• Skipping a turn now regenerates a little health and mana.
• Enemy units now update in turns, rather than all at once.
• Wait time between actions while other units present increased to 6 frames.
• Spawned traps are now only visible from 1 tile away.
• Altars of Squish now restores both health and mana.
• Shops will now sell higher level and rarer loot.
• Items with better stats are now far more common early level.
• Increased the duration of Poison and Burning.
• Improved the look of the FOW and general lighting effects.
• Added a load of new gear graphics for all class types.
• Changed the stone floor tile to fit better with the colour scheme and to tile nicer.
• Added UI buttons for Skill, Option, and Pause Menus.
• The Skill tree can now be exited by pressing Escape.
• Added Continue option on pause screen.
• Changed the order of gear drawing on the character (head items now draw over chest items).
• It is now no longer possible to attempt to move to a non-visible tile.
• Items under enemies no longer have a chance of being accidentally picked up during combat.
• Items on door tiles no longer shut the door when collected.
• Dead enemies no longer trigger traps.
• Enemies can now trigger traps even when not visible.
• Coin Pouches no longer spawn in shops.
• Save files now correctly reload random ground variations.
• Added Alchemy.
• Added Mushrooms.
• Added Rat.
• Added Ratman.
• Added randomly spawning Traps.
• Added new graphics for items.
• Added four new items.
• Reduced duration and healing amount of high level Strength skills.
Added map markers for Altars and Crafting Stations.
Various tooltip changes.
Fixed a bug where the option screen sometimes didn't close properly.
You now restore health while moving with the arrow keys.
Fixed Elitist Health and Mana Potions.
Starting a new game now correctly starts you with 1 talent point.
Items acquired before a patch will now carry over to a new patch correctly.
• Rescaled all item stats and enemy damage and armour, gameplay should be much harder past level 6, and increase in difficulty.
• Damage on all bows reduced by 25%.
• Damage on all staves reduced by 25%.
• Common items can now only have a maximum of 2 stats.
• Price of Uncommon and higher items increased by 20%.
• Continue Game will now correctly show in white if save file found.
• Save files should (hopefully) delete on death.
• Added Blacksmithing.
• Added Leather.
• Added Cloth.
• Added Crystals.
• Added String.
• Graphical Overhaul of entire UI.
• Menu layout redesigned.
• Score now displayed on Game Over screen.
• Continue Game now grayed out if no save found.
• Added Credits Page.
• Default Resolution shifted to 1024x768.
• Selling Price of all gear reduced by half.
• Graphic for Gold changed.
• XP gained from Bronies decreased by a power of ten.
• Mana cost of skills tweaked, most reduced.
• Reduced armour rating on all medium armour.
• Damage multipliers reduced by half.
• A wider range of leveled enemies will now spawn at higher player levels.
• Enemy damage and health rescaled.
• Vampire lifesteal increased from 20% to 40% of damage dealt.
• Fixed a bug where the Skill Tree would be visible on the Game Over screen.
• Score will now correctly carry over to saved games, and return to zero on death.
• Items can now be picked up while occupying the same cell as them.
• Fixed bug where items could be picked up once inventory was full.
• Increased maximum buff number, and fixed going over the buff cap bug.
• Item Tooltip now appears for items in doorways.
• Ranged damage now correctly scales with agility, rather than strength.
• Saved Games are hopefully now properly deleted on character death.

Claustrophobia: The Downward Struggle is an RPG roguelike, with a retro graphic style and a terrible sense of humour. The game takes place in a series of ever descending randomly generated dungeon floors, packed full of monsters to slaughter and loot to pillage. The game plays like a traditional roguelike, but with a clean UI, a slick, action orientated combat system, and a massive range of enemy types, gear and room designs.

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Ссылок на самом деле больше (всего 2), видно их будет только после регистрации на сайте.

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

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Комментарии игроков (62 шт.)

От: Rukzachini [3|8] | Дата 2016-11-01 10:53:54

Хороший рогалик, жаль, что релиза, похоже, нам уже не увидеть. Но даже в бетку приятно играть.
От: killkat [6|5] | Дата 2015-10-09 19:00:44

Неплохая игра, но с управлением проблемы.
От: SilviyaEm [0|5] | Дата 2015-05-27 11:15:22

Очень понравилась игра,залипательная)Залез и не вылезешь)Очень жду обнов
От: Scify [0|0] | Дата 2015-01-19 03:47:34

Шикарная игрушка, сдох раз 30 )
От: Bandana978 [6|11] | Дата 2015-01-18 17:35:01

Игра крутая жду новых обновлений)
От: Tosh [4|13] | Дата 2015-01-17 12:24:42

Милая залипалка. Достаточно случайно запустить и можно весь день потерять
в таких играх надо ограничивать количество возможностей играть заново. Где-же минздрав, когда он нужен?
От: yan141 [251|196] | Дата 2015-01-15 11:53:01


DarthNihilus сказал:


Угу. Понятно.

yan141 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

VanClaymore сказал:

Все проходимо =) нужно только правильную тактику выбрать+ толику везения на скиллы. Она проходима 100%. Так что точите мечи, берите стрелы и пользуйтесь магией )

Фигаро здесь, Фигаро там. Ясненько. Не играя я в эту игру, ни фига бы ничего не понял.
От: DarthNihilus [17|21] | Дата 2015-01-12 15:12:56


VanClaymore сказал:

Все проходимо =) нужно только правильную тактику выбрать+ толику везения на скиллы. Она проходима 100%. Так что точите мечи, берите стрелы и пользуйтесь магией )

Ты как гороскоп сейчас - вроде и сказал много, и слова больше пяти букв. Но только выраился в общем и абсолютно бесполезно и неинформативно. Не обижайся только.
От: VanClaymore [5|6] | Дата 2015-01-12 12:47:27

Все проходимо =) нужно только правильную тактику выбрать+ толику везения на скиллы. Она проходима 100%. Так что точите мечи, берите стрелы и пользуйтесь магией )
От: DarthNihilus [17|21] | Дата 2015-01-12 11:03:20

смысл в классах если на пятом уровне сидит слизень с 9000 ХП идаже воином его нельзя замочить?
От: Astronomer [1|7] | Дата 2015-01-11 17:06:14

Играл когда то давно в эту игру, когда она была еще как на первом скрине и очень понравилась. Совсем недавно увидел её вновь и тут - ОГО! Как сильно она изменилась, надо бы заценить её как следует)
От: VanClaymore [5|6] | Дата 2014-10-25 23:25:37

Хороший качественный рогалик. Обещают выбор подземелий - а пока довольствуемся перепрохождением первого =) Рекомендую - на раз или два хватит
От: XXL [23|20] | Дата 2014-10-24 19:36:18

Классная игра!
От: BigNiga [18|17] | Дата 2014-10-24 17:36:52


yan141 сказал:

А как тут что-нибудь скрафтить?

Да тут вроде бы ничего нельзя крафтить...

А игра очень даже ничего. Классный рогалик. Всем любителям рогаликов советую
От: Zidutlar [0|0] | Дата 2014-09-30 15:43:36

Не запускается . В чем причина?
От: yan141 [251|196] | Дата 2014-09-29 19:54:20

Скачаю, поиграю.

yan141 думал несколько дней и добавил:

А как тут что-нибудь скрафтить?
От: Alexme28 [5|59] | Дата 2014-09-22 19:47:21

Как сюда можно было добавить стелс??? В рогалик? Это странно. Вам не кажется?
От: Dark_Of_You [24|154] | Дата 2014-09-22 15:21:44

Хех) Старые-добрые рогалики) В отличии от всё новых и новых частей CallOfDuty и Crysis-ов они не надоедают)
От: No_Win [0|3] | Дата 2014-09-14 14:45:47


SSplug сказал:

Не работает. И переустанавливал и совместимость ставил, может софта стороннего какого не хватает?

XNA последнюю поставь и будет тебе счастье)
От: DemonGold88 [0|6] | Дата 2014-09-12 08:05:31

Эта игра подчистую слизана с Dungeons of dredmor,так что я совсем не догнал зачем выпускают эти переделки?Это тоже самое что сделать клон доты ну всмысле что клон явно с дотой не сравнится
От: SSplug [8|39] | Дата 2014-09-11 23:41:38

Не работает. И переустанавливал и совместимость ставил, может софта стороннего какого не хватает?
От: Yoji [217|34] | Дата 2014-09-11 22:47:54

Хотелось написать про новую версию хорошего, но не могу. Это тот самый случай бесполезности непунктуальной ложки - когда игра только появилась, я с радостью подселил её к Дредмор и Hack Slash Loot, сейчас же в коллекции столько годных графических roguelike (в т.ч. Quest of Dungeons), что держать сухари в трюме...

Yoji подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Можно буркнуть "не айс", конечно, но лучше объяснить что не так. Во-первых - управление вернули обратно на мышь, то есть без возможности ходить жмякая на карту и быстрого масштабирования оно стало таким же как в ранних билдах - жутко неудобным, особенно когда надо перебегать из одного края уровня в другой. Во-вторых, зачем-то выкинули старый радиальный интерфейс скиллов, заменив его бездушным списком, который не спасает даже "находка" с томами приемов и заклинаний (чтобы вложить в навык очки надо сперва выучить его из книжки). Ну и в-третьих - искусственная сложность боев, постоянная лоттерея "попал - не попал", которая совершенно не лечится качем и подбором шмота. Эта штука отбила мне охоту проходить до конца первый Eschalon; лишним будет сравивать на каких опорах держался интерес там и на чем он висит здесь.
От: Ashlendere [62|11] | Дата 2014-09-11 12:27:32

На 6м скрине видна способность "стрела в колене" )
От: No_Win [0|3] | Дата 2014-09-10 23:02:12

Круто) молодцы разрабы,второй раз меня радуют! обязательно куплю игру.
От: Kiprian [10|17] | Дата 2014-03-30 16:34:49

что-то обновлений давненько не было :(
От: save72 [17|4] | Дата 2013-12-19 17:14:46

Первый рогалик в котором разобрался. Глядя на остальные, на их слабенькие тайлы - отпугивали.
Kiprian, алтари, счёлкнув на которые правой кнопкой мыши, восполняют хп и ману. Полностью. Не нужная вещь по моему, найти их трудно, особой пользы не видел.
Первый раз запоролся с проклятыми вещами, думал всю игру буду с ними ходить, снять же их нельзя. Только потом нашёл руну снятия проклятия.

save72 подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Хотя крафт система убивает напрочь. Почти всё, что можно скрафтить - выбивается из мобов, находится в бочках/сундуках. А предметы для крафта - редки.
Лук не нужен. Ибо стрел очень мало, а скелетов можно и мечом долбить.
От: Yoji [217|34] | Дата 2013-10-04 02:16:30

Поиграл я практически во все вышедшие версии выложенные здесь, и вот что подумал. Если бы я не играл в них, то сейчас скачав получил бы море фана. А так остается только посмотреть что запилили нового и забыть :/
От: Kiprian [10|17] | Дата 2013-08-31 10:03:37

Подскажите для чего алтари? Много раз встречал, что только не пытался с ним делать не как активировать не смог :(
От: Bruce [26|18] | Дата 2013-07-06 10:36:25

Игра хорошая и я люблю пиксель-арт и roguelike но тут игра мне както не очень нравится.
От: TG_Wayne [4|26] | Дата 2013-05-24 23:25:46

Отличный рогалик. (люблю пиксели :3)
Отлично генерируемый мир.Множество возможностей и огромный выбор вещей.
На данный момент это лучший рогалик, в который когда либо я играл.
Элементы рпг (скиллы) порадовали.

Совет начинающим: без хорошего лута на уровнях 1-5 на вампиров лучше не нападать.
От: save72 [17|4] | Дата 2013-05-05 18:21:25

Вышла новая версия, с большими изменениями. Будьте добры, добавьте.
От: Kiprian [10|17] | Дата 2013-05-03 08:31:21

а мне эта больше нравится чем Hack, Slash, Loot
От: infoiveg [-1|0] | Дата 2013-04-30 21:04:09

ребят апдейт 1.1.0 то уже вышел(еще в воскресенье), а тут когда обновят? :(
От: alexan8usa [35|14] | Дата 2013-03-22 01:32:52

Рогалик неплохой, но графический дизайн (в частности убило исполнение персонажа) мне не очень по вкусу. Hack Slash Loot по графическому исполнению, на мой взгляд, лучше. А так просто отлично.
От: Wargam12 [1|22] | Дата 2013-01-29 16:44:14

Всем_привет,помогите_у_меня_почти_та_же_ошибка_что_и_у_jimbo,при_запуске_показывает_лого_и_"Пр иложение_будет_закрыто.Приносим_извинения_за_неудобства"Пробовал_удалять_сейвы_и_ставить_новую _XNA_не_помогло.Жду_помощи_заранее_спасибо

Wargam12 думал несколько дней и добавил:

От: jimbo [0|0] | Дата 2013-01-13 19:59:39

Leha_Meloman, rybufc
спасибо большущее. Обновлял оказывается не на последнюю. Теперь все идет :) Еще раз спасибо!
От: rybufc [0|8] | Дата 2013-01-13 19:29:11

jimbo, такая-же проблема была, установи хну последнюю от майкросовта-и всё пойдёт=)

rybufc думал несколько часов и добавил:

мне кажется, или с боссов и вправду ничего не падает?
От: Leha_Meloman [10|5] | Дата 2013-01-13 17:22:22

установи последнюю версию Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable.
От: Zigiz [0|1] | Дата 2013-01-13 16:36:09

Народ, а есть где рецепты крафта?
От: jimbo [0|0] | Дата 2013-01-13 16:00:31

Спасибо за ответ. Но я смотрел, в этой папке у меня лежат сохранения с фифы, нфс:мост вантеда, но именно "SavedGames" - нет. Пробовал все удалить из папки - не помогло. Может еще что-то можно попробовать сделать? Спасибо.