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Скачать игру Streets of Rage 2X v2.3.1 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 8.3 (3) | Баллы: 164
Игру добавил Kusko [2470|32] | 2021-09-11 (обновлено) | Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3933) | Просмотров: 18209

Streets of Rage 2X v2.3.1

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от kratusgh (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3933); Файтинги (610); Сетевые / ХотСит (2286)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 259.50 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 8.3 из 10 (всего голосов: 3)

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Streets of Rage 2X - очень впечатляющий ремейк Streets of Rage 2 и 3 с улучшенной графикой, Al, высоким разрешением, системой блокировки ударов, новыми скилами, случайным спавном противников, воздушными комбо, кооперативом на 4 игрока, открываемыми новыми персонажами и множеством других усовершенствований, что в итоге делают классическую игру значительно сложнее, но интереснее.

Игра обновлена до v2.3.1. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Изначально вам доступно четыре персонажа из оригинальной Streets of Rage 2, но после прохождения игры в разных режимах, вы разблокируете вражеских персонажей и побежденных вами боссов.

Со всеми новыми механиками Streets of Rage 2X намного сложнее оригинала, и некоторые из боссов бросят вам настоящий вызов. Это может быть связано с небольшой нечестностью некоторых боссов, но это очень впечатляющая игра. Просто отличный олдскульный beat ’em up, который стоит попробовать.

- Fixed a issue that allows Axel character to "run" using a pipe even if the "running" animation is disabled in the extra menu
- Fixed the "OK BAR" restoration rate when the V-Sync option is ON, now the rate is same as the V-Sync OFF
- Fixed a issue with Fog grenadier character, that makes him to throw infinite grenades when the "infinite health" cheat is ON
- Fixed a issue with Zan character while holding any weapon, that makes him to perform a different "Counter" attack
- Added the "backward" jump, same as the original SOR2, it will work if the player presses the direction button at the moment the jump animation starts
- Added the "legacy headbutt"for Axel character, now the velocity for the fallen enemies when hit will be different depending on the juggle option used
- Increased SOR3 Jet power by +1
- Overall rebalance
- Reduced Abadede's full combo by -1 hit, reduced the damage of the last hit by half
- Changed how the "Rage Attack" option in "Extra Menu" works. Now it will only disable the attack move instead of reducing the maximum energy value
- Changed the Barbon's counter attack, now is same as the special attack
- Improved all scripts used for grab moves, to prevent characters stuck in walls and other small issues
- Fixed the bug that kills the a spawned Donovan at the manhole in SOR2 Stage 1
- Reduced Zamza's speed by -1
- Adjusted the delay of the walking/running animations of all characters
- Increased the delay and juggle cost of the Abadede's upper, now the total damage is divided into two hits
- Increased the attack boxes sizes of some Zamza's moves
- Fixed the bulldozer's shadow bug
- Fixed the "Super Armor" bug that will not reset during a level transition
- Applied the new "Dodge" A.I. code to Monalisa and Garnet characters
- Changed how many times the game need to be cleared to unlock Adam and Zan, now you can unlock both by clearing the game once
- Created a new "Select Screen" for "Arcade" and "Rebellion" modes
- Fixed SOR2 Shiva's "Rage" message when the player uses cancel in the air
- Improved the SOR3 Shiva's "Super Final Crash" to make it better than the regular move, now will slide a little more
- Added a 8-bit version of the SOR2 Boss music in the Tracker's level ("Never Return Alive" soundtrack)
- Changed the rate of the "Dodge" move A.I. usage, now it will change according to current difficult (Enemies) or partner mode (Partners)
- Changed the "Canceling System" command required to use rage moves, now you need to press the default keys "Down/Front+Energy" or "Energy+Special" to cancel
- Improved the "Canceling System" usage when the player presses "Left/Right" directions twice (for "Running" attacks)
- Adjusted some camera scripts
- Increased damage of all whip characters (Electra and Bruce)
- Added a "Running" move for Zamza character (same animation as the "walk" but with a higher speed)
- Changed the behaviour of the Zamza's "Rising" move, now he will perform a small jump
- Fixed a versus damage bug in the bike stage that allows the player to hit all CPU partner even if it's disabled
- Fixed some Yamato's screen edge problems in the "Survival" mode
- Fixed a few sound/music bugs that doesn't apply some changes made in the "Sound Options" menu
- Improved all enemy/npc A.I. to use the "Dodge" move better
- Updated some info in the "Select Screen", now it's possible to use the "Jump" button to quit to "Title Screen"
- Fixed a bug in the "Select Screen" that doesn't allow the user to confirm a character properly when both directional+action buttons are pressed together
- Fixed a bug in the "Total Damage" that adds a wrong amount when the player dies by "Time Over"
- Changed the engine build to a more updated version (Experimental, not official yet)
- Revised a few scripts
- Reduced the "Rise" animation's delay for all characters to make it close to the original SOR2/SOR3
- Fixed some issues during the spawn of the Donovan at the manhole cover in the SOR2 Stage 1
- Fixed a issue in the OTG code during some throw/slam moves that makes the grabbed entity to not take any damage if it is turned off
- Added the new "Ringmaster" character from SOR1 Master System version
- Added the new "Ringmaster" level as a alternative route in the SOR2 Stage 7
- Added the new "Ringmaster" level musics, both Master System and Genesis versions (original/remake)
- Added some "red lights" to the SOR3 st3a level
- Added new options in the Extra Menu/Controller section to enable/disable alternative commands (block and dodge)
- Improved the Fog Grenadier code to avoid the game to stuck at the SOR2 st5c level
- Increased the pause delay of all jumping attacks for all characters
- Added the "Run Type" option in the Extra Menu that allows to change between some running types
- Added a new option to allow the "Arcade Lock" toggleable at the Extra Menu
- Added the "Block Type" option in the Extra Menu that allows to change between some blocking types, added the new "parry" feature
- Added the "off" option in the "Dodge Type"
- Added a new FPS counter to the "Debug Mode"
- Added more "Bowling" abilities for Axel and Adam (headbutt and special attacks)
- Added an exception code to Adam, to maintain your native juggle ability in the last combo attack (kick), even if the juggle system is disabled
- Added a new "Juggle System" type, is the SOR4 mode. In this new mode, every attack will hold the opponent more close to the ground, will work only for the "default combo" attacks for now
- Added a script to turn off the laser and the conveyor belt in SOR3 Stage 8 after the Doctor's Zero is defeated (st8d)
- Added a new Extra Menu option "Get Food" to control if enemies can get food itens. Now this feature is not attached in Mania difficulty anymore
- Added the new "Edge Lock" feature in the Extra Menu, used to lock enemies in the screen during the fight, and unlock when they aren't fighting
- Added the new "Edge Bouncing" feature in the Extra Menu, used to make the enemy bouncing in the screen edge, same as walls
- Added the new "Edge Jumping" feature in the Extra Menu, used to allow the player jumping in the screen edge, same as walls
- Added the new "OTG" feature
- Added transparency effect to front layers in some levels
- Added a green dot to show where Dr. Zero machine will attack
- Added a possibility to cancel a super into special attacks for Axel, Blaze, Sammy and Zan (Max can't cancel due to your "super" grab and Adam is using projectile)
- Added a new "Scrolling Speed" option in the Extra Menu to change the screen speed
- Added a "Super Final Crash" to SOR3 Shiva, like the original SOR3
- Added a "Custom Hi-Score" that register more informations of every gameplay, can be updated only when the game is completely finished in Arcade/Rebellion modes
- Added a "OK" bar to use special moves, same as the original SOR3 game
- Added new animations to the Biker characters
- Added the "legacy color" for all life bars when using the original "Graphic Effects" option
- Added a little delay to all robot's explosions during the death
- Added a gold color effect in Yamato's dash attack
- Added a new option do enable/disable the multihit bug feature, same as in the original SOR2
- Added a "Live Screen" in the SOR2 stage 4 at the background
- Added a function to remove projectiles that are 50 pixels out of the screen
- Added a the new "Ringmaster" level at the SOR2 route stage 7 (st7c)
- Improved the "Canceling System" to playable enemies, now they can perform "Running Attacks" and "Special Attacks" cancels
- Improved the Axel's "Rage" attack to not miss hits if the enemy is in the air
- Improved the "Command List", solved some minor issues and updated with the new features
- Improved the CPU partner behaviour to avoid to be damaged by some vehicles (Bikers and Train)
- Improved the juggle ability of the Axel's "front+special" attack
- Improved the juggle ability of the Sammy's "front+special" attack, total damage output increased from 48 to 80
- Improved the CPU partner behaviour in SOR3 stage 8 at the Dr. Zero Lab, to avoid to be damaged by the lasers
- Improved performance of some features (bike stage velocity and heal recovery rate) that make the engine crash or run slowly on low hardware devices, by detecting the FPS and applying the necessary improvements
- Improved level scripts to save memory, cpu, more clean and organized
- Improved the "Turbo Key" feature in both "character select" and level "select screens"
- Improved the A.I. of all enemies/bosses
- Changed the SOR2 Shiva Rage move, now he has a more simple, easy "to do" and original move
- Changed the custom musics path, now all files need to be added at the "Music" folder in the OpenBOR root and the game need to be "unpacked" (at least until I fix it)
- Changed Abadede character, added a hit box and removed the attack box in the last frame of the "Blitz" attack
- Changed some damages in special moves on Zamza, Abadede and R. Bear characters to balance purpose
- Changed some enemies spawn, now some of them will be spawned with weapons already equipped based on original SOR2/SOR3
- Changed bosses order in the survival mode "Group"
- Changed the first Harakiri's fight, now he will call 2 Southers before
- Changed Zan's energy orb duration, now it's by time and not by hit
- Changed Zan and Axel projectiles during the Rage move using weapons, now will passthrough all enemies without disappear
- Changed some SOR2 Shiva's delay in a few moves to make him more close to the original
- Changed some commands to perform attack moves for a few playable enemies (ROBOTS, YAMATO, TRACKER)
- Fixed some bugs in Yamato's stars when they are hitting walls
- Fixed some "K.O." counter bugs
- Fixed Neo X last missile bug that makes the game go to the wrong ending sometimes
- Fixed some sprite issues in the "Rocket" character
- Fixed some issues in the "Charge Attack" for Adam character
- Fixed some problems in some weapons when are hitting walls
- Fixed a bug in the select screen that don't apply the palette when the "waiting" countdown reach the limit
- Fixed some Neo X missile attack boxes, to not broke the glass tube when explodes due to any damage taken
- Fixed the CPU partner's "freeze" bug in different OpenBOR builds than 6330 when the "call" function is activated
- Fixed the "-1" countdown bug in "Survival"
- Fixed the spawn bug in "Survival", now after the Neo X is spawned, no new spaw will be made and the level can end normally
- Fixed bug in "BGM Test" in the main menu screen that makes the "Intro" music to be wrongly played when the style is changed
- Fixed bug in the select screen that makes the game crash if running in a different build of the 6330
- Fixed bug in the K.O. counter that doesn't add anything if the enemy is killed by player projectiles
- Fixed some small bugs related to the conveyor belts
- Fixed some Axel's unaligned sprites
- Fixed a bug in the total damage count when the player is hitting obstacles
- Fixed Max's Rage pipe damage
- Fixed Max's "Super" grab attack issues when is above any platform or the conveyor belt
- Increased pause delay of some Max's attacks
- Increased enemies amount above 2 or more players
- Increased "Juggle System" limit when SOR4 mode is selected
- Increased Adam's speed by +1
- Increased the health, speed and aggression of the all enemies/bosses
- Increased the delay value to perform Max's pile easily
- Increased the food drop chance by +10%
- Increased a little delay during blocked attacks
- Increased the juggle cost of some strong attacks
- Increased the juggle limit by +5 points
- Increased the attack box of the Jet's Rage slam move
- Reduced damage of the Max front special
- Reduced the time required holding the attack button to perform "Charge Attacks"
- Reduced the gravity effect for all characters
- Reduced the initial delay of the all Rage moves, now will start a little faster
- Reduced back attack damage for all characters
- Reduced jumping attack damage for all characters
- Reduced running attacks damage for all characters
- Reduced the given score when every enemy/boss is killed
- Reduced enemy amount in stage 4 (st4a and st4b) and 5 (st5a) on SOR3 route
- Reduced the spawn rate of the mining cart in SOR3 stage 4, now the spawn rate is directly connected to the current difficult level
- Reduced files related to the enemy by using the same character and applying different attributes or palettes, reduce the memory consumption
- Removed the hitflash used in laser hits
- Removed/Changed some special effects
- Removed the "Rising" attack kick for SOR2 Shiva, in the original games only SOR3 Shiva have it
- Removed the "Debug Wall" feature, need more adjustments
- Adjusted the bouncing height of all slam moves
- Adjusted the blocking range of all enemy/partner characters
- Extended the "SOR4 Juggles" feature, now will work with all attacks, except in some specific situations like when enemy dies, during combo endings or with very strong attacks
- Mixed both "Wall Bouncing" and "Wall Jumping" in the same Extra Menu option
- Cleaned some scripts of unnecessary codes
- Optimized some scripts to reduce cpu/memory consumption

Streets of Rage 2X is a very impressive Streets of Rage 2 remake with upgraded visuals, 4 player co-op, improved enemy AI, unlockable characters and lots of other great gameplay tweaks.

Created in the OpenBOR engine, Streets of Rage 2X adds a whole host of new features that transforms the gameplay from a button masher to a more skill based (and challenging) beat ‘em up experience. It features wide screen visuals, updated visual effects, air combos, 4 player co-op, blocking, guard-breaking, random enemy spawns, a new Rage skill and a wide range of unlockable characters. The four main characters from the original are playable fromthe start, but if you complete the game in different game modes you’ll unlock enemy and boss characters to play as (just keep pressing right at the character select screen).

With all the new implementations Streets of Rage 2X is much harder than the original and some of the bosses can be a real challenge to defeat. It feels like a much more skill based experience with combat that flows faster and a range of new moves to master. It could do with a few tweaks to the difficulty of some of the boss fights as they feel a little unfair at times, but it’s a very impressive game and a fantastic tribute to a retro classic. Highly recommended old school beat ’em up action.

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Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Streets of Rage 2X v2.3.1, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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Комментарии игроков (6 шт.)

От: shingo [9|3] | Дата 2022-03-18 17:39:16

У этой сборки на openbor движке свои плюсы и минусы. Конечно SOR remake не переплюнет, но как альтернатива известной игре от bomber games вполне достойно.
От: Jerboy33 [129|168] | Дата 2020-04-06 09:02:26


kionrisk сказал:

В 4 игрока/перса осилили всю игру, получили море фана и ту самую ностальгию, тех времён. Однозначно рекомендую, в хорошей компании и под пенное, игра заходит на ура.

Да там одному в принципе можно играть. Противники вялые по сравнению с SoR: Remake. Врагом меньше. Ульты в виде копов или спец приёмов на массовый геноцид нету. Из плюсов менюшка, спокойно настроить можно на F12 какой оппонент может быть, убрать урон и т.п. В самом процессе игры уже можно для special поставить что будет потреблять ну и т.п. и т.д.
От: kionrisk [116|25] | Дата 2020-04-06 01:45:04


Chrono702 сказал:

без читов лучше не включать.

Да вы батенька просто ещё тот казуал, как я погляжу.

В 4 игрока/перса осилили всю игру, получили море фана и ту самую ностальгию, тех времён. Однозначно рекомендую, в хорошей компании и под пенное, игра заходит на ура.
От: No-meds [2|4] | Дата 2018-12-31 10:32:04

по сути все твои минусы это +++
От: Chrono702 [13|11] | Дата 2018-02-18 02:21:15

- некоторым врагам нельзя нанести больше двух ударов подряд - получаешь в ответ и улетаешь, даже если враг был в захвате
- прямые атаки врагов стали диагонально-самонаводящимися, и этого следующий пункт
- додж бесполезен. совсем.
- боссы снимают по пол ХП за серию ударов
- доставучие еще с оригинала парни с джетпаками теперь атакуют из-за пределов экрана, по диагонали, с суперударами, да и просто ударить их уже проблема.
- байкеры на мосту, эпизод который в оригинале даже не запоминается, стал адом - вас сбивает мотоцикл, после чего еще пару раз подкидывает гранатой, и снова мотоцикл.
- милая тварь с когтями носиться как угорелая по экрану и останавливается только чтобы разрядить супер.
- В Streets of Rage: Remake можно было отключить урон друг по другу, как здесь не убивать друг друга при четырех игроках я не представляю.

Итого: без читов лучше не включать. Если встретите автора - сломайте ему руки за такое надругательство над игрой детства.

Chrono702 подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Если вы играли и иногда ностальгируете по SoR, хотите познакомить с классикой кого-то, или просто провести вечер в компании (или самому) предаваясь любимой игре, то не в коем случае не качайте ЭТО!
Попорядку: Плюсы:
- можно играть на четверых.
- есть 3 деления шкалы суперудара, это либо 3 старых суперудара, либо 1 усиленный.
- есть блок и отдельная кнопка доджа(вместо двойного вверх/вниз)
- есть сохранение
- есть опенборовские читы

- враги офигели
- спасительный супер могут как заблокировать так и вовсе прервать любым ударом
- у врагов появились суперы, которыми они постоянно пользуются
Продолжение ниже...
От: businassman [425|462] | Дата 2018-01-12 22:05:36

Зачем нужно это, если есть Streets of Rage: Remake?