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Скачать игру 20XX [Steam Early Access] v0.953b - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 21
Игру добавил Elektra [7667|138] | 2016-06-29 (обновлено) | Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3390) | Просмотров: 11090

20XX [Steam Early Access] v0.953b

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Batterystaple Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3390); Текстовые, Roguelike (1013); Ролевые игры (RPG) (2448)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 208.93 Мб.
• Похожие игры:
- Mighty No. 9
- Mega Man Revolution v7.0.1

20XX - рогалик-платформер, выполненный в духе знаменитого Mega Man, в котором игроки будут исследовать запутанные процедурно-генерируемые уровни и заниматься уничтожением разнообразных противников.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v0.91b до v0.953b. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Язык: Английский.

• Все подробности обновления здесь.
• New item class: Repros! Repros have realized the error of their ways, and want to help you out. Some murder your enemies, some protect you from harm, and some do special, awesome stuff. There are 8 kinds - catch 'em all!
• The existing items Minimech Grinder, Murderdrone, and Skittery Smuggler are three of the Repros. Discover the other five!
• 12 new Augs (normal ones, not Cores) have been added to the game! Some have placeholder icons.
• Character starting stats rebalanced:
• Nina now starts with Power Damage +2.
• Ace now scales more slowly. His initial combo damage is still 15-15-25, but he starts with Attack Damage +5 with a base of 10, instead of a base of 15.
• Ace's charged attacks no longer extend his attack range. Ace is intended as a melee-range character, and his base charged saber felt a little too versatile.
• The damage on the rest of Ace's weapons have all been adjusted, and are now better across the board.
• The Prototypes now have their own icons! (Finally.)
• 20XX should use less memory. Endless runs *should* be less likely to crash -- or maybe they'll just crash later. Who knows?
• Shop item costs now scale over time. (Toward the endgame, players tend to have tons of nuts right now.)
• Items now have rarity ratings that influence how often they show up out of Golden Chests. (Shops are unaffected by this system.)
• Improved Agnisort loading times, unloading times, and performance. (Tutorial, too, since it uses the same tileset.)
• Core Augs now rarely show up from Red Slots (~10%), and Core Chests now rarely replace Gold Chests (also ~10%).
• Removed tempstun on picking stuff up.
• Reduced enemy density in Skytemple levels.
• The Skittery Smuggler no longer spawns in co-op play. (This was never a good idea!)
• Added a Stats screen!
• The Quint Laser is no longer blocked by the Spider boss's Nova attacks.
• Increased the "Be Swift!" time limit to 25 seconds (from 20). Part of this makes up for the recent increase in between-wave time, but we also wanted to make this challenge a little softer.
• Don't Attack! challenge rooms now spawn a Large Energy capsule along with the first enemy wave.
• Resolved at least one on-level-change crash. (There may be one left -- send us your reports!)
• Fixed some memory leaks. (Not 100% sure we've gotten the one(s) that we think were crashing Endless.)
• Fixed some Skytemple enemy visual glitches in online co-op.
• Clients can now see when items are on sale in online co-op.
• Fixed an issue causing boss HP bars to deplete prematurely in online co-op.
• Fixed an issue where a player in online co-op could get stuck outside the boss room. (We think!)
• Fixed an issue in Endless causing bosses to not fully juice up their HP.
• Fixed a bug causing damage equal to your armor to also cost some health.
• Fixed a bug causing Soul Nut purchases to stick around when returning to the Ark after a run.
• 20XX's resource loading system has been tweaked some. The game should start faster and use less memory.
• Added some network robustness code that should fix missing machines and failing resurrect machines. Also, the client in online co-op can now choose the next level.
• New character art & animation polish!
• Introducing the Fortune Room! Gamble your life away with three new machines:
• The Blue Slot costs two nuts per spin. It'll give you basic pickups! If you're lucky, it'll give you a Passive sometimes, too.
• The Red Slot costs a Shiny Token to spin. Its reward pool is much more valuable than the Blue Slot! If you're really, really lucky, it can give you up to 3 items per spin.
• The Vitality Converter costs health. Every time you use it, it'll take 1 HP, and give one or more nuts in return. (Sometimes it'll even give a Token!)
• Overhauled the boss HP scaling formula. The result is much lower boss HP early, similar boss HP around levels 6-7, and slightly higher boss HP by 8+. We'll continue to monitor this in case we've over-nerfed the earlygame bosses or made Endless/High Tide impossible.
• Boss weakness weapons also now scale up over the course of the game (so that with the new lower earlygame boss HP, having the weakness still lets you kill it fast, but not instantly).
• Leaderboards are now scored as a combination of enemy kills, time on the bonus clock, final nutscore, and remaining HP+Armor (if completed).
• Daily challenges are no longer ranked by Time, since Time factors into the overall score.
• Revamped pixel shader system from the ground up. Users with potato-based computers should notice a difference in framerate -- please share your experience!
• Fortune Room machines no longer drop tokens (or the passive that gives 3 tokens).
• Skytemple's lightning enemies should no longer attack players from outside of challenge rooms. They now no longer agro through walls, but will still move through walls once agro'd or damaged.
• Both doors now open when the Challenge is complete (so you can backtrack if you'd like).
• The force barrier before the Challenge room and the shot-blocking invisible wall after it now both go away after the challenge is complete.
• The camera should be a lot less wonky when finding your character on top of the Challenge room (which is now a-okay to hop on top of, walk over, etc).
• The snap-camera now no longer snaps after the challenge is complete (so it'll feel more like a normal room).
• It is (probably) no longer possible to accidentally trigger a Challenge room from below.
• Fixed a rare issue where you could get stuck in a Challenge room and the doors wouldn't open.
• Changed some level background color schemes to reduce foreground/background confusion. (We have a long way to go on this, though, and these changes are experimental.)
• Characters no longer consume health/energy pickups when their max health or energy is zero.
• Boss health scaling in co-op reduced to 50% (from 75%).
• Spider enemy's HP scaling changed so that Nina's base charged shot kills the basic version. The later versions have about the same HP.
• Players no longer die from having 0 HP if they still have armor. (This usually happens when picking up the Final Shell, then some other -HP item.)
• Automatic attacks (like the shooty familiar) no longer trigger enemy retaliations when blocked.
• The Lotus boss can no longer start the fight by lashing to the left.
• Normal nuts and soul nuts are no longer displayed together on screen. Normal nuts are now visible during gameplay, and Soul Nuts are visible in the Ark.
• The Plasma Blender now triggers a much lower invuln timer on bosses.
• Soul Nuts now only display while in the Ark, and regular Nuts only display while in game.
• Holding "down" no longer prevents jumping while *not* on drop-through platforms.
• The Boss weakness cycle has been adjusted (so it's actually a cycle)! Rollster and Penguin now have different weaknesses.
• Fixed Fortune Rooms occasionally dropping items that have been removed from the game.
• Fixed an issue where in online multiplayer, the hardmode Rollster boss could cause crazy screen shake.
• In online co-op, the client will now report the same score as the host (at least, on the leaderboards -- there may? still be display disparities).
• Fixed a bug causing boss HP bars to display incorrectly as the client sometimes (we hope).
• (untested) Fixed a bug causing the Shinier Token to grant 6 in co-op.
• Vending machines in online co-op no longer sometimes charge the user twice. (Finally!)
• Fixed an issue causing items that reduce damage to fail to display that in their popup tip.
• (Hopefully) fixed an error causing the Change Controls screen to display "255: CONTROL ERROR" as the input device.
• Added the first chunk of our boss interactions (read: story bits) system. The accept button rapidly scrolls through the text; the back button skips it entirely. Ace and Nina each have their own unique dialogue, which'll be expanded on greatly in future patches.
• Interactions don't trigger during online play or during challenges. In local co-op, they trigger based on whoever's first player. (We might add special co-op dialogue down the line!)
• NB: we're not writers. Tell us if it sucks, and we'll hire somebody!
• Paid off our Skytemple debt, including:
• Cannon enemy reworked + new art!
• More level pieces we hadn't finished prior to last patch!
• Nerfing some of the unfairly-hard level setups!
• Tracks for the track platforms! (readability++)
• Tweaks to the Mace Knight and the Boltmans!
• Nerfed the White Feather. Air jumps are now more like air hops (~50% of a normal jump), and don't take you up a full jump height. (That was ridiculous, and we should have changed it months ago.)
• Plumber Hat jump boost reduced by ~33%. (It's still really good.)
• Spike-type objects and falls now deal 1 damage after level 4 (down from 2).
• Adjusted the enemy density formula so that fewer enemies spawn by endgame. (By level 8, 25% fewer enemies should spawn.)
• Adjusted the enemy density formula to avoid unfairly populating certain Skytemple segments.
• Increased the Boomerang Blade's base damage by 33%.
• Fixed some weird boltpair interactions in Skytemple.
• Fixed a weird platform-reset bug where wind platforms could go bonkers if you left a room and came back.

20XX is a co-op-friendly action platformer roguelike. Explore procedurally generated levels, collect new weapons and abilities, purchase upgrades, and fight bosses with way too much health. If you are a fan of roguelikes or Mega Man, 20XX is for you! 20XX also features full co-op. Play with your buddy on the couch or over the interwebs.

20XX currently supports 1-2 players locally or online via Steam. (Online play is 90% stable at this time.)

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Комментарии игроков (10 шт.)

От: sentet1c [12|19] | Дата 2017-08-16 21:16:19

Вышла полная версия!Обновите!
От: sonik-97 [2|0] | Дата 2017-03-29 07:52:48

Вообще название этой игры это отсылка к датам в Мегамене. В первых двух частях дата - 200Х. Начиная с третьего Мегамена - 20ХХ. Megaman X происходит через сто лет - 21ХХ. Megaman Zero - 22XX. Megaman ZX - 24XX. А у Megaman Legends нет точной даты, известно только, что через несколько тысяч лет после ZX.
От: This_New_Sparta [109|85] | Дата 2015-08-22 10:27:24


ScrewAttack сказал:

Подставь любые числа вместо X.

Сюжет - Half Life 3 был сделан , но не выпущен на продажу и задрото-мэн должен получить её ради суперской игры !
От: ScrewAttack [74|213] | Дата 2015-08-22 09:55:52


This_New_Sparta сказал:

Я вникал , что за "20XX" - оказывается это типо ... 2000 лет с чем-то...

Имеется ввиду, что действия происходят где то во втором тысячелетии. Подставь любые числа вместо X.
От: This_New_Sparta [109|85] | Дата 2015-08-22 05:26:22

Я вникал , что за "20XX" - оказывается это типо ... 2000 лет с чем-то...
От: Crowbar [1|2] | Дата 2015-08-21 19:10:58


DeadMark сказал:

Многие жалуются на арт-стиль Mighty №9 (который, впрочем , мне понравился), но эта игра графически смотрится довольно таки убого (если сравнивать с Mighty №9)

Не знаю про Mighty №9, но здесь мне графика понравилась... кроме персонажей.
От: DeadMark [62|116] | Дата 2015-08-12 11:08:15

Многие жалуются на арт-стиль Mighty №9 (который, впрочем , мне понравился), но эта игра графически смотрится довольно таки убого (если сравнивать с Mighty №9), (надеюсь хоть геймплей нормальный и интересный).
От: Yoji [216|34] | Дата 2015-08-12 10:07:12


alex7850 сказал:

Не стоит злоупотреблять широким значением LikeRoquelike, перегибаете уже.

Не вижу в чем тут перегиб. Когда на игровых сайтах и в обсуждениях словом RPG в равной мере называют как Shadow of Mordor, так и Pillars of Eternity, это ни у кого не вызывает возмущения. Когда рядом c Dear Esther, The Walking Dead и Grim Fandango Remastered красуется слово adventure, то что одна из них point-and-click ясно и так.

Термин roguelike точно так же стал более широким понятием, за счет скрещивания с платформерами и паззлами. Поэтому все игры попадающие под критерии этого поджанра RPG можно смело называть рогаликами, подразумевая что какие-то из них turn-based.
От: Elektra [7667|138] | Дата 2015-08-12 09:09:53

Группа: Редактор

alex7850 сказал:

Ну где тут рогалик то? Не стоит злоупотреблять широким значением LikeRoquelike, перегибаете уже.

Вы эти претензии предъявляйте разработчику, а не здесь
От: alex7850 [34|15] | Дата 2015-08-12 08:50:37

Ну где тут рогалик то? Не стоит злоупотреблять широким значением LikeRoquelike, перегибаете уже.


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