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Скачать игру Monduz City Guardian v1.3.2.2 [Alpha] - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3625|10] | 2017-03-05 | Стратегии (3513) | Просмотров: 2454

Monduz City Guardian v1.3.2.2 [Alpha]

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• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от wzspdw (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (3513)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 30.19 Мб.

Monduz City Guardian - интересная real time стратегия, основанная на защите своего замка, где Вам предстоит строить здания разного назначения, командовать армией и постоянно отбивать атаки врагов.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский, Китайский

Since the release of my Excel Game (Monduz BattleZone 1.12), I rarely spent time in making the Excel game .That's because on the one hand is indeed the Excel platform itself is not born for playing games, on the other hand I hadnt found any good inspirations ~

It is one day in July, the author (I) was playing mud, oh that's not true, actually I was playing several clicker games when some majestic war musics were playing background, suddenly there appearred to be a flash of light of which I thought: why not make the scene of the war into an idle clicker game?

So you see this polished two or three months of the new Monduz City Guardian .Telling the truth, I score the current version 1 out of 5. Since it is the first normal game I've ever made, it is inevitable in the Item performance is not satisfactory, but I have the confidence to make it better and better!

Now let's talk about the features of it:
- Casual click + on-hook: Rhythm is not fast, simply click on your mouse to eliminate the enemies or hunting animals, which can bring you the basic income. When you close the game, the resources will still be calculated, and you can get them once you open the game again. So for those items which aren't affordable now can be affordable sooner or later!~

- City construction: This is not a large space, this set for only six kinds of buildings, but each has its unique role, and the upgrade can also bring more improvement. For example: hunter's house will automatically generate a hunter and help you to hunt nearby animals, while the tower will automatically attack the nearby enemies. But the castle is the key building of your city, it is your duty to guard it.

- Armies and Challenges: There are always enemy invasions, and you can take the initiative to 'look for the stimulus', accept the challenge will unlock more enemies, while allowing you to obtain a large amount of revenue resources. Building an army to defend against enemy forces is usually quicker than clicking, and of course you can also assign a friendly garrison or ally army support by upgrading specific insights.

- Glory and Insights: The insight tree is something like a 'tech tree', glory is the point of science and technology needed to upgrade. Numerous insights bring great improvements in livelihood, economy and military, and you can gain glory by wiping out enemies or participating in challenges.

So you should understand that, this 'small' game actually blending my 'big' ambitions. But to be honest, the effect is far worse, but I believe that as long as you have the power to support me, MCG will become better ~

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От: forosmir [161|24] | Дата 2017-03-06 09:25:10

Были дерущиеся буковки, дерущиеся пиксели, теперь вот - дерущиеся иконки


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