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Скачать игру Ultimate Space Commando v0.9.1.3 - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 9
Игру добавил Elektra [7720|138] | 2014-11-11 (обновлено) | Стратегии (3541) | Просмотров: 15802

Ultimate Space Commando v0.9.1.3

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Creatio 49 (2)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (3541); Сетевые / ХотСит (2290)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 73.18 Мб.
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Ultimate Space Commando - пошаговая стратегия "старой школы" разрабатываемая одним человек с августа 2011 года.

Вы будете управлять элитной группой коммандос, которым противостоят орды пришельцев. Ни возможности, ни численность, ни умение противника Вам неизвестны, - все предстоит узнавать на "собственной шкуре". Разрабатывайте тактику, принимайте важные стратегические решения, вооружайте солдат подходящим оружием и попытайтесь выжить. В Ultimate Space Commando представлено несколько режимов игры: Single Missions, Scenarios и Defend the Base!, а также возможности TCP/IP с Вашими друзьями. А Генератор Карт делает каждую миссию необычной и уникальной.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v0.9.1.0 до v0.9.1.3. Список изменений внутри новости.

Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Язык: Английский.

Поддержите проект в Steam Greenlight.

Системные требования:
Processor: any SSE capable CPU with ~1.8 GHz core clock (1.2 GHz for duals);
RAM: 1 GB;
Graphics card: any DirectX 9.0 compatible, starting from Intel GMA series, 64 MB dedicated + additional shared memory;
Screen resolution: 1024x600;
Sound card: any DirectX 9.0 compatible;
Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1/2, Windows 7/8;
HDD space: ~200 MB (will be more for final release);
Other: DirectX 9.0 2010 Feb or later (has to be installed for Vista/Win 7 too!).

• ADDED hotkey for finishing/continuing selected route [V].
• ADDED game settings preset options for Single Mission setup. You can now save and load mission setups.
• ADDED a separate option to slow down AI movement (not just attack).
• ADDED option to toggle unit portraits/weapon icons on main ATAC interface.
• ADDED Beta/Demo Campaign, playable until Mission #5.
• ADDED (Campaign) item cache for easy sharing of items between members of different squads.
• ADDED (Campaign) direct clicks on the roster list can now be also used to pass a selected item.
• ADDED (Campaign) three difficulty levels (they affect monster strength and combat rules only).
• RULES increased the armor penetration of low-end melee weapons and a few .223 guns (CR & M-41).
• RULES changed flares burn time to 2 turns and efficiency is now a bit random. "Ьber-stacking" is still effective.
• RULES diagonal melee cover rating increased to 5 per stack (from 3).
• RULES USC units' melee defense value increased by 3-5 (based on difficulty).
• RULES drop rate of wire cutters increased to equal the drop rate of screwdrivers.
• RULES (Campaign) equipment crates may now contain items that are not yet available through manufacture.
• FIXED alive monsters occassionally "disappearing" from map data when hit by "zhe Wunderwurm" multiple times in one attack.
• FIXED units becoming always scanned at top left region of map after a turret has been shut down (was especially obvious in DTB).
• FIXED aliens will no longer attack map perimeter walls/objects.
• FIXED some tactical text overlays will now properly fade in on mission reload.
• FIXED selected routes will now be always visible over FoW.
• FIXED display of calculated melee defense value on ATAC (was showing less than actual).
• FIXED various GUI bugs (mostly regarding dialogs).
• FIXED hover info focus loss at beginning of missions (in some cases).
• FIXED (Campaign) minor object placement bugs.
• FIXED (Campaign) exiting to Main Menu under the AI turn will no longer save the game.
• FIXED (Campaign) map entities occassionally "gaining a level".
• OPTIM [EXPERIMENTAL] engine can now handle GPU memory flushes (task manager/process interrupts will no longer cause a crash). Note: The feature is known to be working properly, but it is advised to test it on your system (invoke Ctrl+Alt+Del menu while USC is running) before relying entirely on it to prevent potential mission progress loss. Any feedback regarding this feature is very welcome!
• ADDED NEW WAR BREED monster affixes.
• ADDED detailed unit skill hover info for aliens.
• ADDED new ambient block wall lighting calculations method.
• ADDED comprehensive floating message alerts for more inventory actions.
• ADDED turning via mouse wheel action.
• ADDED the full, detailed weapon statistics to the Squad Assembly screen.
• RULES Armor now also means Armor % DAMAGE RESISTANCE, applied AFTER damage has been reduced by DT and Armor by (potential) Armor loss. Aliens DON'T have this DR.
• RULES doorlocks on safety lockdown can now be reset to closed for 5-ET/25 APs.
• RULES all USC melee attacks now have +7 (a total +10) precision.
• RULES Reaper Mothers will now occassionally lay "short-fused" eggs, but no more than there was initially on map.
• RULES melee and small arms can no longer crit against objects & walls, and have half damage against them.
• RULES Strong/Deadly alien strength now worth considerably more score on Ultimate/Cataclysm difficulties.
• RULES Cataclysm now worth +3000 score (a total +6000 from Ultimate).
• RULES revised quantity of items in equipment crates (non-DTB).
• RULES/FIXED the general assymetry in all Line of Sight calculations.
• FIXED DTB: charging 25 BP for invalid 'clear' operation on Command Center.
• FIXED DTB: fires not being cleared when building a new addition.
• FIXED FOW bleeding through fast minimap on narrow layouts.
• FIXED TAB key behavior (was not working since 0244).
• FIXED fast item pickup not working for item under current unit.
• FIXED inventory toolbar icons visible under circuit cracking.
• FIXED inventory toolbar icons becoming "locked up" for specific actions (use scanner in particular).
• FIXED activated inventory toolbar item will now properly auto-deactivate when readying weapon.
• FIXED Shadow Envoys occassionally becoming forever idle after sustaining HP/2+ damage.
• FIXED a potential AP overflow scenario after aborting a doorlock cracking.
• FIXED defense mode markers not visible while moving.
• FIXED movement sprite light levels.
• FIXED stacked affix display of buffed monsters.
• FIXED RMG single-sided doors placement bug.
• FIXED RMG lockups related to monsters placement.
• FIXED RMG door placement functions in general.
• FIXED CTD when force reloading a weapon with sounds turned off.
• FIXED CTD when Circuit Cracker gives a warning with sounds turned off.
• FIXED CTD in rare cases on 'single walls' layout maps.
• FIXED all possible CTDs caused by sounds being turned off.
• FIXED minor GUI display bugs.
• OPTIM AI should now perform much faster for idle/flee behaviours.
• "INSPECT" option to DTB Build screen. This allows viewing the actual game map, showing build results in "real time".
• Exiting from the DTB Build screen to the Main Menu (not abandoning!) will now create an autosave named "ExitSave.sav". This one autosave file is used, so please make your own saves with the "Save" button if you want to keep different versions of your progress.
• Game will now automatically create a "victory save" on mission completion with the map name (or seed) included.
• Single Missions: Added option to retain light levels regardless of difficulty for -1000 score.
• detailed skill descriptions to Squad Assembly screen (incl. actual rules).
• tooltip info for map parameters.
• yellow, red and green grid markings to the DTB strategic screen for damaged, breached walls and rad pools.
• Abandoning the base in DTB will mean a 20% score penalty from now on. This is to ensure that--in most cases--completing Wave 10 on a lower difficulty level would still mean more score than "chickening out" after Wave 8 or 9. This certainly does not apply to great differences in difficulty or wave number.
• All languages other than English are now unavailable temporarily (until I catch up with locales).
• Changing audio settings will no longer force/advise a game restart when it is not mandatory.
• Dead worms will no longer possibly leave a rad splat on closed sewer doors (it was unnoticeable and hence annoying).
• Disassembling higher level blueprints will now also earn the low-level crafting material bonus. (Click with RMB on a blueprint on the Squad Assembly screen to disassemble it.)
• Improved clean-up of game resources from memory on exiting the game.
• Instead "Save & Exit", there's now a distinct button for both "Save" and "Main Menu" on the DTB Build screen.
• Monsters can no longer emerge from a sewer on the top of another open sewer door (a rare, but annoying case).
• The game will no longer automatically exit & restart in the Settings menu, it will only prompt you to do so manually.
• There are now two distinct buttons in DTB for cleaning contamination and clearing (demolishing) structures. The latter also costs 25 BP and cleans beforehand, but can be applied even on intact structures now. Cleaning will no longer demolish structures, even for severely breached rooms (unlike before).
• Units can be no longer knocked back onto an open sewer door, instead they will lose APs as they normally would.
• key event capture behavior (fail-safe for key lockups).
• Audio settings will now commit as intended.
• Customized logo/portraits will no longer temporarily disappear when (re-)saving a squad.
• DTB status display damage factor computing.
• Floating messages shown on the left edge of the map will now always be properly visible.
• Using a medikit on the unit itself from the inventory toolbar with the main inventory closed will no longer deselect the unit instead.
• Various minor fixes of the new inventory toolbar. None of the known bugs jeopardized gameplay.
• Various minor fixes to Defend the Base! mode.
• a DTB Build bug where Base Points were charged for repair operations on empty areas.
• a bug where items could be put inside non-equipment crate map objects (e.g. databanks).
• a bug where the content of equipment crates was misplaced on the actual map (y:1).
• erratic "Not enough APs!" message when auto-reloading a weapon AND not having APs for attacking after.
• erratic "Not enough Morale!" message when using some items (since added new floating messages).
• outdoor light breach levels for DTB (and all outdoors) maps.
• some items not working from the inventory toolbar if the main inventory was closed.
• using an item from the toolbar highlighting items for pickup on the ground.

Ultimate Space Commando (USC) is an old-school turn-based strategy game that focuses on actual field tactics as a small group of elite commandos become engaged in a deadly conflict with a yet unknown, but rather ravenous species of aliens. Make relevant strategic choices, develop tactics and equip your soldiers as you see fit, try to survive and give the aliens hell in the single-player Campaign. Build and customize 4-man squads to play various 'Single Missions', Scenarios and 'Defend the Base!' actions alone or in a hot-seat or TCP/IP multiplayer session with up to four players, either man vs. aliens, man vs. man or even mixed, with various objectives, official scoring system, and much more. A full-fledged and truly Random Map Generator makes every mission you play unique and challenging.

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Офигительная тактика, но можно ли новую версию?
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2015-05-16 10:12:09

Полная версия
От: TheDuke [6|2] | Дата 2015-05-13 04:36:03

Новая версия вышла.

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Ну новая версия же... Пре-релиз, вся фигня :с

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В стиме полная версия вышла
От: BashOrgRu [45|49] | Дата 2014-11-19 15:06:48

Вылет на экране выбора снаряжения в начале игры. Ошибка выхода за пределы массива. А жаль, выглядит вкусно
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Напомнило Laser Squad на спектруме.

зачем так сложно? DoomRL клон
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Напомнило Laser Squad на спектруме.