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Скачать игру Airship Dragoon v1.66 - торрент, полная версия

Рейтинг: 6.0 (2)
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3625|10] | 2016-12-12 (обновлено) | Стратегии (3365) | Просмотров: 25337

Airship Dragoon v1.66

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от YorkshireRifles (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (3365)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 273.29 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 6.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 2)

Пошаговая тактическая боевая игра в мире стимпанка. 6 игровых фракций. 7 классов войска. 10 уровней опыта войска. 4 уровня апгрейдов экипировки. 2 массивных кампании. Широкая рандомизация для бесконечной реиграбельности.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 1.63 до 1.66. Список изменений можно узнать здесь.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский

Системные требования:
- OS: Windows. Processor: 1.7 GHz or better.
- Memory: 2GB RAM.
- Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Shader 3.0 supported, Nvidia 6800 or 7300 or better, ATI Radeon X1300 or better. DirectX: 9.0c.
- Hard Disk Space: 320Mb.
- Intel GPUs are not official supported but some will work - if in doubt, try the free demo above!

Особенности игры:
- Пошаговый тактические бои с новым геймплеем
- 6 игровых фракций (Austro-Hungarian Empire, British Royalists, Chinese Dynasty, Peoples Collective, US Republic, Zulu Nation)
- АИ противника с 11-ю разными тактиками
- 7 классов войска, в каждом по 4 уровня апгрейдов оружия
- Войска имеет уникальные атрибуты, которые улучшаются с опытом...если они выживают в бою...
- 5 типов окружающей среды с экологическими модификаторами
- 20 полей для битвы
- Случайное развертывание полей
- 3 задачи на поле битвы
- 4 типа погоды
- Одиночный режим
- 2 массивные стратегические кампании, отличающиеся управлением ресурсами, технологиями и населением
- Кампании создаются случайно для реиграбельности
- 5 стратегии АИ для кампаний
- Подлые пиратские повстанцы!
- Покорите супер-континент Пангею с помощью вторжения дирижаблей!

Turn-based tactical squad combat in a Steampunk world. 6 playable factions. 7 classes of troops. 10 levels of trooper experience. 4 levels of class-based equipment upgrade. 2 massive campaigns. Heavy randomization for infinite replayability.

Game Features:
- Turn based squad tactical combat with emergent gameplay
- 6 playable Steampunk factions (Austro-Hungarian Empire, British Royalists, Chinese Dynasty, Peoples Collective, US Republic, Zulu Nation)
- Enemy Ai with 11 different combat tactics
- 7 classes of troops, each with 4 upgrades of weapons/equipment
- Troops have unique attritbutes which are upgraded with experience... if they survive combat ...
- 5 types of environment with environmental modifiers
- 20 battlefields
- Randomized deployment on battlefields
- 3 battlefield objectives
- 4 types of weather
- Single Battle Mode for getting straight into tactical action
- 2 massive strategic campaigns featuring resource, technology and population management
- Campaigns are randomized on creation for infinite replayability
- 5 Ai campaign stratagies
- Dastardly Pirate Insurgents!
- Conquer the super-continent of Pangea with an invasion of Airships!

Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.63.
Airship Dragoon has had a bit of an overhaul.
Particles are now animated and much more fancy. Smoke and fire are much more realistic and all impacts and explosions are now more intense, so expect more stuff flying around with much better definition.
Weapons have an additional muzzle flash to their normal spewing of smoke and non-energy weapons now eject spent bullet casings.
Trees and foliage has been remodeled "JAGGY" is out, "FLUFFY" is in.
It's still all low poly for those of you who have ancient laptops running XP.
Models in "Realism Mod" remain unchanged for those of you who like high poly environments rather than the standard low poly "abstracted" aesthetic.
There also been a few bugfixes:
Fixed a rare crash in airship pathfinding - thanks to Major Plothole for the bug report.
Fixed missing LODs for Atomic Death Ray, Flamerocket, Lightning Gun and Railgun.
Fixed shockwave orientation and changed alpha values.
Removed a number of duplicate datablock entries.

Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.62.
This is in line with the Steam Client being update to 1.35a.

Changes to the actual game are that some particle effects have been tweaked for minor aesthetics (mainly making smoke softer), and that "Battle Mode" now has a new time limit.

During original development I had considered implementing a turn limit, but eventually decided to leave it out - well, now it's back in.

I had received reports that defensive battles could go on and on if the last surviving enemy trooper could not make it to the flag. Whilst I could not replicate this event during testing, battles are now limited to 20 turns.

At the beginning of the battle, the battle introduction screen reminds the player of this new time limit.

At the start of each new turn, the player is informed how many turns remain after the current one.

If the battle has not been won or lost by the the 20th turn, the player gets a gentle reminder about the impending end of the battle. ;)

How hitting the maximum turn limit works in practice:

Defend Allied Flag Battle: Player holds out for 20 turns to wins. Normal lose conditions.

Assault Enemy Flag Battle: Player loses the battle if they do not capture the flag or wipe out the enemy within 20 turns.

Clear Area Battle: Player wins the battle if they out-number the enemy 2 to1, otherwise player loses.

Airship Dragoon v1.6.1 CHANGE LOG:
Fixed a bug with airships getting stuck when crowded around other friendly airships and their pathfinding fails to update. Now if pathfinding does fail, control returns to the player with a little apology box. Thanks to Vincent for the bug for report.
Updated the steam code to the newest client SDK which is 1.33b but no one should notice a difference with this.
Small bugfix, in Citadel Campaign, if player had obtained all item upgrades via outstanding battle results so some forts were still remaining, victory at a fort could report wrong population bonus if hex population was lower than friendly casualties. (talk about an obscure bug! :P)

Airship Dragoon v1.6 CHANGE LOG:

The updated features a couple of bug fixes, some tweaks, and a new gameplay mode for Tactical Battles called "STREAMLINE" mode.

Start with the biggest change is the new choice of gameplay modes, "HARDCORE" and "STREAMLINE". HARDCORE is the standard style of Tactical Battle. STREAMLINE is the newly available choice with the following differences.

Carrying external ammuntion is no longer a requirement in STREAMLINE mode. During deployment this frees up a lot of weight in a trooper's inventory for other items like frags and aidkits (especially aidkits). In combat, weapon's still have an internal bullet capacity and clips/magazines must still be reloaded when empty, but there is no longer a requirement for additional ammunition in the inventory. Disposable single use items are still only useable once, so do not expect an infinite supply of rocket grenades, aidkits or flamerockets. Use the extra weight saved by not needing ammunition to stock up on these one-shot wonders.

Inventory manipulation no longer costs Action Points in STREAMLINE mode. Previously swapping weapons, dropping or picking up items, arming or disarming frags and bombs, all cost Action Points. In STREAMLINE mode this is now free. Using an item, such as an aidkit to heal or call for medivac, or reloading a weapon's clip/magazine does still cost Action Points.

During the Passive Phase of a Tactical Battle, when the opposing team is taking their turn, reactive attacks based on spotting a new target or returning fire after being unsuccessfully attacked by an opponent are no longer Class based. In HARDCORE mode each class of trooper has a specific range at which they can attack during their Passive Phase. In STREAMLINE mode this no longer applies, meaning that all troopers in range of an enemy may attack during their Passive Phase. Spotting an enemy still works the same as previously, and is dependant on the trooper's vision attribute, distance and angle, or when an enemy gives away their position by attacking.

Passive Fire in STREAMLINE mode makes ambushes much more dangerous, with everyone in sight now capable of blazing away at an enemy who comes wandering unsuspectedly over a rise in the terrain or around the corner of a building. Grouping troops close together gives a better chance of them all seeing a new enemy at the same time, though this also makes them more susceptible to explosive or machine-gun area fire. Expect a lot more returned fire when attacking a large group yourself.

Gameplay mode cannot be changed mid-battle (swapping from STREAMLINE to HARDCORE would mean no one had any ammo) but can be changed anytime during the Strategy Phase of a campaign via the Options Menu. When loading a battle from a saved game, the gameplay mode will default to the one in use in the saved file.

In other tweaks and changes which affect both gameplay modes:

Attacking targets who are in the open and clearly visible now gives a +20% bonus to accuracy. So a trooper who is crouching using CAUTIOUS tactic and can see the full length of an enemy will have a +40% bonus to accurcay (crouching +20, unobscurred target +20). Keeping your troopers partially obscurred by the lie-of-the-land and/or in cover is now more important than ever.

Players asked for a better stealth when attacking from the rear, so spotting targets is much more difficult from behind now, especially at distance. This now makes it possible to creep up directly behind enemies completely unseen, with no chance of them detecting your trooper as long as they do not come closer than 30 metres, in which case they do have a chance to hear the approaching threat. Of course once an undetected trooper starts shooting they will give away their position to everyone within sight.

AI troopers have had their basic statistics rebalanced.

In the Pangea (main) Campaign the Dastardly Pirates have had their progression rebalanced to prevent them from becoming overpowered in the late stages of the campaign.

An issue with Arid Map 2 and Arid Realism Map 2 where projectiles would not collide with rocks and boulders has been resolved.

Airship Dragoon will automatically update the next time STEAM is started.

Airship Dragoon is an uber-hardcore, turn-based, strategy game inspired by early 1990s tactical games such as X-Com/UFO series, Laser Squad and Steel Panthers, a demo is available.

Airship Dragoon v1.4.8 CHANGE LOG:
Fixed critical bug for on the fly equipment selection by AI caused by changes in previous update to allow for modding. (scripts)
Changed increased maximum number of available veterans from 16 to 30. (scripts)
Changed updated all relevant user interfaces to reflect new maximum total of the veterans pool. (art)
Added autoSave toggle for battles and campaigns to save game automatically when the player ends their turn. (scripts) (core)
Added checkbox for autoSave toggle in Controls section of Options GUI. (art)
Added "Load Last AutoSave" button to choose saved game to load screen. (art)
Changed reduced default downward angle of camera on selected trooper from 0.436 to 0.349 radians. (scripts)
Changed ambient lighting shader to use normal mapping in shadows. (shaders)
Changed darkened ambient shadowing level for all environments. (scripts)
Fixed enemy AI who flee or freeze and are not in sight of player's forces have their panic virtualized instead of being done in real time. (scripts)
Fixed inventory not display costs of armour. (scripts) (1.4.1)
Fixed inventory not adding costs of armour when bought. (scripts) (1.4.1)
Fixed issue with missing texture for zulu nation light armoured sappers and gunnys. (art) (1.4.1)
Fixed issue with pistol projectile being deleted before the end of it's maximum range. (art) (1.4.1)
Fixed issue with skyboxes not being able to be overwritten by mod folder. (environment)
Fixed issue with not all randomization buttons resetting on Single Battle Mode screen. (scripts)
Fixed issue with first trooper's item/weapon not always displaying icon at beginning of battle. (scripts)
Added mod directory variable with ability to ignore stock missions/levels and only use ones dedicated to that mod. (scripts)
Added hotkey "r" for reloading without going into the inventory. (scripts)
Changed Tactical Battle instruction screen to reflect reload hotkey. (art)
Changed controls section in options to include reload hotkey. (art)
Added map now displays location of critically wounded troopers. (scripts)
Added map marker for critically wounded troopers. (art)
Added additional marker information to map key. (art)
Added new list for critically wounded troopers to coincide with critical map marker. (scripts)
Added check for loaded games to update the critically wounded troopers list. (scripts)
Changed updated mountainous battlefields with new terrain material to make the scenes look colder. (environment) (levels)
Added new winter grasses to mountainous battlefields. (shapes) (levels)
Changed winter trees material to make them look colder and snowy. (shapes)
Changed created new imposters for winter trees. (shapes)
Fixed issue in main/pangea campaign mode victories number did not update when capturing/destroying an enemy airship. (scripts)
Fixed issue in main/pangea campaign mode capture number did not update when capturing an enemy airship. (scripts)
Changed replaced all 6 playable nations' heavy armour characters with new versions which have national helmets instead of old generic helmet. (troops) (art)
Fixed wrong texture location for dastardly pirate conscripts. (troops)
Fixed issue with Ai attempting to arm ammunition. (scripts)
Fixed issue with Ai trying to arm preloaded weapons. (scripts)
Fixed issue with Ai searching for ammunition for preloaded weapons. (scripts)
Fixed issue with Ai attempting to use non-useable equipment such as armour like it was a standard object. (scripts)
Fixed issue with camouflage schemes not always being set correctly on stealth armour. (scripts)
Fixed issue with enemy artillery attacks failing to fire. (scripts)
Fixed name space issue with Atomic Death Ray in Ai loadout caused by changes in previous update. (scripts)
Changed in main/pangea campaign, dastardly pirates upgrade rate reduced. (scripts)
Changed in main/pangea campaign, Ai factions versus dastardly pirates battle algorithm refractored. (scripts)
Fixed Ai garrisons displaying wrong faction flag. (scripts)
Added function to test for wrong flags and replace with correct one on loading a saved game. (scripts)
Fixed Ai now surrender enmass when all of their faction's garrisons are destroyed. (scripts)
Fixed issue when capturing Ai garrisons failed to update the faction's fortifications list. (scripts)
Fixed potential issue with relevant faction not always getting correctly passed when losing a hex. (scripts)
Fixed potential issue with newly created Ai garrisons and scaffolding visual markers being misnamed and thus preventing deletion when captured. (scripts)
Fixed garrisons are now revealed at a further distance than a single hex. (scripts)
Changed refractored how factions are destroyed once they lose all garrisons. (scripts)
Fixed issue with Total War Cost not displaying correct value after a campaign. (scripts)
Fixed issue with correct campaign rating not always displaying correct image after a campaign. (scripts)
Changed refractored horrible mess of a function for initiating turns in the main/pangea campaign. (scripts)
Changed destroyed factions are now removed from the new turn checks completely in main/pangea campaign. (scripts)
Changed when the main/pangea campaign is won pirates capitulate and their flags are replaced enmass with the victorious faction's flags. Purely aesthetic. (scripts)
Fixed retiring old veterans was deleting the index from the wrong list, but with no bad effect on gameplay. (scripts)
Fixed recruiting new veterans was inserting the index into the wrong list, but with no bad effect on gameplay. (scripts)
Changed removed retirement button in campaign information screens as retiring veterans is best done with replacements after a battle. (scripts)
Changed version number to latest update. (art) (scripts) (main)
Changed updated documentation. (art)
Changed updated the base engine to version 3.5.1 of the Open Source Torque3D engine. (exe) (dll)
Changed updated compiler from VS2008 to VS2013. (exe) (dll)

Airship Dragoon v1.4 CHANGE LOG:
Fixed finance issues in very easy and medium easy setting for Single Battle Mode.
Fixed start of turn, click anywhere to dismiss new turn warning not covering whole screen.
Fixed issue with total targets for a team not always reflecting the sum of all individual trooper targets.
Fixed impact audio reloading so that in subsequent missions after the first the impact sound was very loud and strange.
Changed increased volume of bullet and debris impacts.
Changed removed duplicate audio dynamic datablock types.
Changed removed obsolete audio data file.
Changed enemy now always charge towards their defences at the first turn.
Changed enemy now always charge when attacking the player's flag at the first turn to give the player less time to organize a defence.
Added total enemy spotted to new turn warning screen. At the start of a new turn, player is told how many enemies his troops can see.
Added compass setting to show the heading/orientation of the camera.
Changed passive hud to display new camera compass GUI.
Added check for modded terrain materials to overwrite originals.
Added camera shake when selected trooper shoots.
Changed increased camera shake when trooper is hit to make it more noticeable.
Changed increased camera shake on bullet impacts.
Added trooper's deployment position (central, left flank, right flank) now shows on their selected button in the Deployment Screen as [C], [L] or [R] respectively.
Changed rank is now abbreviated on selected troopers in deployment screen to make room for Deployment Position abbreviation [C], [L] or [R].
Changed class is now abbreviated on selected troopers in deployment screen to make room for Deployment Position abbreviation [C], [L] or [R].
Changed Telephonicatron artillery accurate +50% in clear weather, as before in cloudy, -50% in stormy or night.
Changed increased pistol range from 50 to 100 metres to make it a little more useful.
Changed decreased pistol actions to fire from 12 to 10 to make it a little more useful.
Changed chances an enemy Ai will choose to deploy with a pistol at night and stormy maps.
Fixed enemy Ai Militia from making obsolete equipment options duing Ai deployment.
Changed minor tweaks to some particle effects.
Fixed removed redundant aim clearing functions.
Fixed jerky aim clearing after shooting.
Added map displaying positions and information of allied troops and known/spotted/targeted enemy troops.
Added make an ally trooper the controlled one by clicking on it on the map.
Added two levels of togglable zoom to map.
Added open map button over trooper heading gui.
Added list of old targets known this turn.
Fixed wounded allies no longer yell in pain when their health is adjusted on loading a saved game.
Changed moving troopers will not stop if they see a target they had spotted earlier in the same turn but had lost sight of during their movement.
Changed action camera orbit distance to be the same distance as selecting a new trooper (eg: a little further away).
Changed refractored entire item system to make it moddable for single items or game total conversions.
Changed refractored start up initiation to check for modded items and game total conversions.
Added created script objects to store faction/regime information so that it can be modded. eg: regime names, flags, button logos, info overview, trooper fore and surnames, etc.
Added infiniteAmmo variable for modded weapons that use the stock firing system but don't use ammunition.
Added classRestricted variable for items.
Changed removed old hard-coded class restriction system for items.
Fixed selecting a class restricted item for the correct class from the ALL items list failed.
Changed enemy Ai with shorter ranged weapons will start the battle by rushing forwards to close the distance to the player's troops.
Fixed virtualizing move was getting the wrong variable for calculating moveable distance.
Changed each trooper type may now be based on multiple datablocks and use different character models based on trooper class.
Changed each trooper type may now be based on multiple datablocks and use different character models based on randomization if datablock class not set.
Added all 60 LODS of trooper character models so that their textures can be based on class derived from a datablock being used by multiple classes.
Added all 60 LODS of trooper trooper character models so that their textures can be randomized if not based on class.
Changed refractored all 60 LODS of character models for a new motion capture animation friendly skeletal structure.
Added motion captured animations for more aesthetic animation.
Added 26 spectacular death animations.
Changed removed obsolete old animation files.
Changed seperated temperate and tropic textures for stealth armour.
Fixed issue with armour variable being overwritten by itself on character creation.
Changed removed unused common troop directory and related obsolete files.
Added new check for finding a virtualized position halfway along the path when recast fails due to long paths with large height differences amongst visit points.
Added User Interface prompt over buy item buttons in equipment deployment screen to remind player to select a trooper first.
Fixed issues with deselecting a trooper in equipment deployment screen.
Fixed bug issue where ammunition weight was being incorrectly reported.

Airship Dragoon v1.3 CHANGE LOG:
Fixed annoying crouch "bobbing" when game timed-out due to low frames per second.
Fixed issue with dropped rocket grenades disarming themselves.
Fixed issue with artillery not always being available when it should be.
Fixed issue with automating target checks when virtualizing Ai movement.
Fixed duplicate animation calls for Dastardly Pirates.
Fixed standardized charge animation into sprint engine calls.
Fixed boobytrap deployment so that the player cannot accidentally place boobytraps on top of trees or rocks.
Fixed target range bitmap buttons for telephonicatron and thrown bombs not displaying the correct bitmap when in range.
Fixed target range bitmap buttons not updating bitmap when equipping new item with different range.
Fixed Ai charging into possible range of player early in game when visiblity is high and not being able to return fire.
Added better versioning text to main menu so it can changed without the need for the whole art.epk being modified in future updates.
Added fail-safe for camera movement during Ai hidden movement.
Added fail-safe for Ai list loop.
Added check to load custom data for modded weapons if it exists.
Added check to load custom data for modded troopers if it exists.
Added check to load custom data for modded trooper animations if it exists.
Added check to load custom skins for troopers if it exists.
Added improved tactics for Ai to defend themselves when being flanked by the player's troops.

Airship Dragoon v1.2 CHANGE LOG:
Fixed issue with dead troops calling for deleted list of targets.
Fixed issue with calling for state of non existent first player when booby traps are being set.
Fixed issue in deployment with Subtropical modifiers not updating.
Fixed some wrong pathfinding calls.
Fixed issue with in-game options screen thinking it was in battle mode during campaign mode.
Fixed mouseover on rotate trooper button to give the correct number of actions required (was 4 is now 1).
Fixed wrong facing normals on the meshes of Peoples' Collective Unarmed and Light Armoured models.
Fixed issue with audio not initializing first attempt.
Fixed rare crash bug with save/local files were created before the folder they needed to go in. Thanks to TRON @ irc://irc.maxgaming.net/garagegames for help.
Fixed typo in warning that trooper cannot carry any more weight.

Mouseover of all item buttons now gives basic item information in deployment/equipment screen.
(Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)

Mouseover of all inventory buttons now gives basic item information. (Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)
Mouseover of carried item and open inventory button in tactical combat screen gives basic item information.

Action Points increased by 25% to make game faster and more lethal.
This allows for either 25% more movement or often an extra shooting attempt.

Rocket Grenades now come preloaded like all other single-use, disposable weapons. Being the same as other disposable weapons but not working in the same way confused players.
Rocket Grenades no longer require a seperate frag grenade for ammunition.
Updated all information and icons pertaining to rocket grenades to reflect this.

Conscripts being promoted to Marksman class is now one third more likely than it was before.
Marksman class is 50% rarer than all other classes now.

Hidden Movement camera changes position quicker to give the player something different to look at more often.

Troops without weapons or ammo are noted by name and issue before deployment rather than the previously nebulous warning that someone is not properly equipped.
New troops deployment problems GUI for the above.

All virtualized enemy movement during Hidden Movement phase now happens together instead of one after another - saving a massive amount of time when the player is waiting for an enemy contact.
Enemy Ai turn massively speeded up if they aren't going to have a contact with the player's forces.
What previously could take 50+ seconds is now down to 4 (if no Ai have to engage or can spot the enemy).

Airship Dragoon opened to custom level creation - seperate modding tools and tutorial coming later.
New mods folder in /Airship Dragoon/ directory.

Levels are now listed for each environment when the game boots up.
Environmental level lists are created from multiple sources including the /Airship Dragoon/mods folder.
Environmental level lists randomly select the level to play at the end of deployment.

In single battle mode, environmental levels can now be chosen by filename or randomized.
New select level to play GUI for the above.

Reduced command calls.

Better quality pain/death audio.
Better quailty interface audio.

Ai more likely to get a grenade or thrown bomb over an obstacle.

Changed audio environments to reduce reverb/echo.

Added "spots enemy movement" variable to passive action hud.
Changed "returns fire" to "engages enemy" for passive action hud.

Removed the yes/no check for filling ammunition to the maximum carryable in the deploy stage.

Dreadnought class airship (heavy dirigible) max moves increased to 2 (1 was just too slow).
Frigate class airship (medium dirigible) max moves increased to 4 to reflect Dreadnought move increase.
Sloop class airship (light dirigible) max moves increased to 6 to reflect Frigate move increase.

Dirigible speed increased to 150%.

Added check for older saved games to update with new information and changes.

Added enemy deployment location/orientation to ally phase warning.

Added colour coded system to target range HUD so player can instantly see what is in range of the trooper's weapon and what is out of range.
Now targets out of range have a new black and amber button, targets in range have blue button.

Created new no weapon cautious movement animation.
Created new holding long barreled weapon cautious movement animation.
Created new holding pistol cautious movement animation.

Removed unneccessary animation files.
Removed unneccessary audio files.

New spherical blast concussion/shockwave object.

Added the prefix "Facing:" to the compass heading.

Altered settings for smoke so they climb a little higher into the sky.

Mouse Right-Click on inventory button in deployment screen now empties ALL of the item.
If you had accidentally equipped 200 bullets of the wrong type previously you had to left click the button 40 times to get rid of them all - now you can right-click once.
Right or left click removes armour in deployment screen.

Updated Pangea/main campaign documentation/instructions to reflect airship movement changes.
Updated troops documentation/instructions to reflect increase in Actions from 40 to 50.
Updated deployment documentation/instructions to reflect new ability to choose battlefield in Single Battle Mode.
Fixed issue with an image partially masking text in documentation/instructions.
Updated deployment documentation/instructions to reflect the new right-click to clear equipment slot.

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Читать описание и восхищаться - было здорово. Играть и плакать из-за скудного геймплея и интерфейса который ненавидит игрока - было грустно.
От: Ving [11|3] | Дата 2014-10-29 14:48:17

Ужас...немного напоминает очень неплохую игру на соньку Hogs of War, но отсутствие управления от первого лица, отсутствие возможности целится, невыразительные персонажи, просто ужасающе скучные перемещения этой толпы, реально по 10-15 минут только и занимаешься тем, что двигаешь юнитов вперёд....в результате рядовая миссия это пара убитых часов, в общем оценка 2/10
От: Satana10 [5|34] | Дата 2014-10-26 05:34:58

даже не знаю качать или нет?
От: Ramsay [8|3] | Дата 2014-10-24 20:19:42

Кто играл отпишитесь как игра?
От: polithie45 [-5|6] | Дата 2014-10-24 19:45:47

у меня просто нет слов
От: yan141 [251|195] | Дата 2014-04-02 14:56:36

Хм...А как такая отличная игра может так мало весить?
От: Ra-Said [256|98] | Дата 2013-12-04 18:16:20


BlackArlekin сказал:

Но вот уровень уныния боевых действий просто зашкаливает.

Ну, конечно это вам не Silen Storm какой-нибудь, но если рандомайз есть и хотя бы намёк на тактическость - то я в игре. Кстати, на днях постараюсь скачать, а потом выдать развёрнутое описание. Но выглядит как эпик, потому что эти ваши современные TBS с "активной паузой" уже ни в какие ворота не пролезают.

Ra-Said думал несколько дней и добавил:

Поигрался... В общем-то недочёты есть. Бои действительно довольно скучны сами по себе. Карта боя доовльно большая, но ориентироваться на ней невозможно (т.е. камера привязана к персам), плюс нет никакой мини-мапы. Само управление весьма неудобное (ни капли не интуитивное). Вотъ... Ну, ещё там очень много читать надо, а так как вчера я очень хотел спать во время игры - я выключил и оставил всё это дело до лучших времён.
Ожидал большего.
От: BlackArlekin [12|6] | Дата 2013-11-05 18:44:14

Идея хороша. Но вот уровень уныния боевых действий просто зашкаливает. А жаль. Могла бы быть конфетка.
От: Shikamarka [1|3] | Дата 2013-09-11 19:42:58

Описание заинтриговало, но трейлер заставил усомниться...
От: blackcatmax [34|39] | Дата 2013-09-11 19:39:19


Artemonic сказал:

Качать или не качать,вот в чём вопрос..

Тоже самое :D
От: Artemonic [76|24] | Дата 2013-09-11 19:12:15

Качать или не качать,вот в чём вопрос...