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Скачать игру Production Line v1.47 [Steam Early Access] / + GOG v1.28 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (1) | Баллы: 23
Игру добавил John2s [9001|1517] | 2018-03-14 (обновлено) | Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (840) | Просмотров: 27296

Production Line v1.47 [Steam Early Access] / + GOG v1.28

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Production Line v1.47 [Steam Early Access] / + GOG v1.28
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Positech Games (11)
• Жанр / Genre: Тайм менеджмент, тайкуны (874); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (840)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 172.97 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10
(всего голосов: 1)

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Production Line - увлекательная смесь стратегии и симулятора, где вашей целью будет создание и развитие прибыльного производства по сборке автомобилей!

GOG-версия игры обновлена до v1.28.

Игра обновлена с версии 1.46 до 1.47. Список изменений можно посмотреть здесь.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Ну не одной же только Factorio главенствовать в жанре, верно? И вот ей для обеспечения здоровой конкуренции подоспела Production Line. Это и менеджмент, и симуляция и тайкун игра. Вам предстоит научиться управлять фабрикой по производству автомобилей. Аспектов там безграничное количество и вы должны будете за всем уследить. На фабрике есть не только роботизированные машины, но есть еще и инженеры, которые должны будут научиться работать сообща с этими самыми машинами.

На рынке производства автомобилей вы не одиноки. На самом деле - сегодня это один из самых конкурентных рынков. И чтобы иметь возможность соперничать с гигантами необходимо будет научиться планировать и оптимизировать производство. "Ложка дорога к обеду", так сказать. Производство - это непростой процесс, и чтобы в итоге на рынке автомобиль купили нужно сделать его не только дешевым, но и надёжным, а это очень непросто. Старайтесь и вы обязательно преуспеете.

Язык игры: Английский

Production line is the new car factory management/simulation/tycoon game from Positech games.

A modern car factory is a near perfect example of efficiency, process-management and flow. A massive army of precision-controlled robots dance to a milimeter-perfect ballet of engineering excellence with perfect timing. Components snake along conveyor belts to a 'just-in-time' ordering system that leaves no pauses, no delay, no confusion or congestion. Nothing exists but the perfect flowing efficiency of high tech automobile construction... in theory.

In practice, of course, life is not so simple. When you get to grips with your first factory design, it certainly will not feel in a state of pure flow...or profit for that matter. Making a handful of built-to-order cars and breaking even is one thing...but competing with the big multinationals and churning out thousands of cars for the mass market is a whole new ballgame.

To win market share from the big companies you are going to need planning, an appreciation of future technology, a careful eye on your bottom line, and an ability to design a factory layout that makes use of every square meter, and cuts production costs per car to the absolute minimum. Have you got what it takes to win?

The main gameplay objective of Production line is implementing the efficiencies discovered by Henry Ford with the original model T car, the system that became the blueprint for the production line revolution, and which still holds fast even today. The principle that dividing a task (such as building a car) up into ever smaller, ever more defined, even simpler tasks will yield higher production performance and thus cheaper cars. To 'win' in production line you need to be able to seek out and fix inefficiencies in a vast production line that snakes with carefully planned precision around a collosal car factory.

[version 1.15]
1) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when upgrading power plants.
2) [Bug] Fixed memory leak caused by the save game dialog. (Big one :D).
3) [Feature] Engine system redesign. Flywheel no longer used, engine is now a powertrain, new research, new slots for new engine production line.
4) [Feature] Stop-start engine is a new researchable upgrade. This is the first upgrade applying to a component you can manufacture.
5) [Bug] Fixed issues where changing the requirements for a supply stockpile would cause overlaps and confusion.
6) [Bug] Fixed routing for production line slots so resource requirements changes frees up the right room for newly required components.
7) [Performance] Vastly sped up drawing and creation of the car stock dialog when number of cars in stock is very high.
8) [Feature] Load game dialog now auto-sizes where possible and will not load invalid save games.
9) [Feature] Changes to economic model. Design screen now automatically matches market value unless you override. feature price tab removed.
10) [Feature] Basic tutorial pop-up windows added.
11) [Bug] Some achievements that did not display progress now do.
12) [Feature] 2 new researchable factory upgrades increase the refunds from demolishing equipment.
13) [GUI] Refunds now have a green rising value to distinguish them from expenditure.
14) [GUI] Supply stockpiles now also show their delivery point as a colored tile like normal stockpiles in resource-placing mode.
15) [Balance] Major re-pricing of upgrades and the market-values of featuires. Most upgrades to slots doubled in prices. Many features are now less valuable.
16) [Graphics] Some production slots now have work-pits next to the conveyor belt.
17) [GUI] Achievements now have final graphics and better text.

[version 1.14]
1) [Editor] Lots of assorted changes and improvements to the mission level editor.
2) [Feature] New game achievements GUI and system working!
3) [Bug] Limits to the rate at which supply stockpiles ordered resources are now fixed enabling more sensible flow of resources to supply stockpiles.
4) [Feature] Added windscreen and aircon manufacture and research.
5) [Bug] Fixed seemingly random crash when running very efficient production lines.
6) [GUI] Clicking a design in the financial income tab now launches that designs details window.
7) [Bug] Powerplant upgrades interface now works correctly.
8) [Bug] Improvement to the rate at which the best routes are calculated which means fewer suboptimal route possibilities for resources.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where car stock that is drawn after loading a save game is invisible in the stock window.
10) [GUI] Mouse zoom now zooms to and from the current cursor location in the factory view.
11) [GUI] Various improvements to display of the slot picker.
12) [GUI] Redesigned car design browser.
13) [Bug] Game no longer seems to keep running in some respects when paused.
14) [GUI] Finance screen income tab now has a graph to show individual models sales and revenue over time.
15) [Bug] Fixed bug where in some cases supply stockpiles charged you twice for importing the same object.
16) [GUI] Finance screen now has an extra tab showing information on imported components and raw materials.
17) [Balance] Some research items now have higher research point costs.

[version 1.13]
1) [Graphics] Computers and monitors now animate in the research center.
2) [Graphics] High output powerplant no longer has weird rotation glitches.
3) [Performance] Some route-finding optimisations.
4) [GUI] Powerplant facilities now show power output in the slot picker and their popup window.
5) [Bug] High-output powerplants now work correctly after save/load.
6) [Bug] Facilities now highlight regardless which of their tiles you hover the mouse over.
7) [Feature] Developer priority survey is now a game-menu popup, not relying on web voting any more!
8) [GUI] Conveyor-placement GUI is now always active when the conveyor placer is selected.
9) [GUI] Slot upgrades now happen in a sleeker tabbed window at the bottom of the slot window, rather than separate dialog.
10) [Bug] Huge factories no longer have weird shaped overlays when you zoom out.
11) [Bug] The 'No Research' popup on research facilities no longer appears if all research in the game is completed.
12) [Performance] Game now autodetects number of processor cores and sets multithreading capabilities accordingly.
13) [GUI] Slot details window now has the employee count in the top status window, not separate.
14) [Feature] New production slot: Fit Dashboard is a sub-task of accessories and is where airbags and heaters are now fitted.
15) [Feature] Financial model adjusted to work on basis of competition and also higher sales volumes.
16) [Feature] Changes to car design model. Designs are now handled as a series of mark-ups on features for each body type.

[version 1.12]
1) [Bug] Fixed an issue relating to inconsistent behavior at various game speeds.
2) [Balance] Later game research projects now take longer.
3) [GUI] Renamed some slot status messages to make them clear.
4) [GUI] Fixed bug where tooltips stopped working once efficiency pie chart refreshed.
5) [Bug] Changed code so that all stats relating to 'an hour' refer to the previous, not current hour, which makes more sense.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug where the value of slots power demand was wrongly 1.0 higher until it started operating.
7) [Bug] Fixed formatting bug that displayed some process times incorrectly. (Thanks enkyig).
8) [GUI] R&D Screen now refers to research per minute of game time.
9) [Bug] Fixed bug where new supply stockpiles did not request resources until some other route or slot had changed.
10) [Editor] The level editor now saves files to a new custom folder, creates default thumbnail, and other fixes.
11) [Content] New component: Spoiler, with accompanying research and upgrade option and visible car component/resource.
12) [Content] New Resources: Aerial, Alarm, Spoiler, Heater, chip, satnav and sensor.
13) [Content] Wingmirror now has a proper resource icon.
14) [Bug] Fixed GUI window size screwup with certain slot/upgrade combinations on the slot details window.
15) [Bug] Fixed bug where loans would go negative once repaid and not be removed.
16) [GUI] Clicking on any tile on a facility (powerplant etc) now opens that facilities details window.
17) [Content] New unlockable facility: Research Center.
18) [Content] New unlockable facility: High output power station.
19) [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpile slot-copy dialog allowed slots with no resources, which caused a hang.
20) [Balance] Doubled cost of power plants.

[version alpha 1.11]
1) [GUI] New tab on efficiency window shows stats for components/resources.
2) [Bug] Fixed bug where supply stockpiles failed to calculate the nearest import bay reliably.
3) [Bug] Fixed visual glitch where some cars would have different colors based on zoom-level.
4) [GUI] New supply stockpile GUI shows stock and allows one-click filling based on slot selection.
5) [Performance] Major speedups for colossal factories, plus preventing bug where conveyors cant be built.
6) [Bug] Game will now not autosave if the game over window has been triggered.
7) [Bug] Fixed weird behavior if you pressed F2 or F3.
8) [Bug] Research complete window pop-up now kills off any current building action.
9) [GUI] Clicking a supply stockpile now shows resources heading towards it in the same way production slots do.
10) [GUI] Supply stockpile window is now draggable.
11) [Bug] Fixed issue where immediately after loading a game, supply stockpiles may not order components until there was a route change.
12) [GUI] Supply stockpiles and manufacturing slots now highlight exported and imported goods when clicked upon, in red and blue.
13) [Other] Trebled the capacity of the floor renderer to render giant maps.
14) [GUI] Game now displays all process time in game time(same as the clock in the menu) now real-world time!
15) [Bug] Fix for crashing when certain conveyor arrangements involved loops.
16) [Balance] the second resource conveyor speed upgrade has increased impact now.
17) [GUI] Screenshots now default to high quality PNGs instead of horrible jpegs.
18) [Feature]New 'Configure imports' button on slot windows now lets you set up a resource import strategy for each individual slot and resource.
19) [Bug] Total recode of the way that stockpiles handle prioritizing resources, should fix myriad issues.

[version alpha 1.10]
1) [Bug] Fixed save game ordering bug in load dialog.
2) [Bug] Fixed corrupt servo and leather resource images.
3) [Bug] Fixed crash bug when dragging a conveyor belt off the map.
4) [Bug] Fit brakes placement preview fixed.
5) [GUI] Slightly less ugly locked icon.
6) [GUI] Some SFX changes.
7) [GUI] Finance screen now shows commodity prices current price on the LHS.
8) [Optimisation] Some route-finding optimisations for large factories.
9) [Bug] Fixed finance bug where you could be charged for a component even though you manufactured it locally.
10) [Balance] Component prices now vary based on demand.
11) [Balance] The market value of car features decreases over time.
12) [Balance] Doubled purchase cost of power plant.
13) [Balance] Increased costs of a lot of slot upgrades.
14) [Balance] Increased scientists salaries.
15) [Feature} Loans are now usable.
16) [GUI] R&D Screen now auto-scrolls to the current or last research target.

[version alpha 1.08]
1) Slot details window now stops moving, and is draggable by the player.
2) Fixed crash bug involving supply stockpiles.
3) Resource and production line conveyor placement tools now show a preview of the total cost.
4) Fixed rendering bug on paint room.
5) Fixed bug where wages were calculated incorrectly after loading a game.
6) Wages for different jobs are now shown as different cost items on the expenses screen.
7) More fixes to prevent the route pending bug on giant factories.
8) New tech tree items: advanced manufacturing & manufacture steel sheets (new slot).
9) Slot picker now has a red color if a slot is unaffordable instead of actually locked. Also new explanatory icons and tooltips.
10) Fixed bug where lot sizes were under-calculated by 1 tile in each axis.
11) Fixed bug where in busy-times, some slots get stuck ordering resources from far-off importers.
12) Research facility details dialog improved and fixed.
13) Fixed crash bug when upgrading aircon to climate control, and some similar upgrades.
14) Fixed various bugs relating to resource importers not deleting correctly.
15) Cruise control, sunroof & panoramic upgrades now require new resources.
16) Resources and Components no longer ordered if they are unaffordable.
17) Vehicle details window now resizes when required.
18) Balance: The research points needed for some technologies has been increased.
19) Placeholder GUI added for future bank loans feature.
20) Improvement to T-junction detection when placing production lines.
21) Factory hum sound volume now correctly scaled by sound effects slider.
22) Fixed crash bug if you have two save games saved at the same exact minute.

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Комментарии игроков (18 шт.)

От: Atack [0|0] | Дата 2018-01-13 11:14:19

нет раздачи(
От: Wsufyrjd [4|14] | Дата 2017-10-14 16:36:56

Игра учень хорогая и занятная, жаль только RUS версии нормальной на нее нету.
От: Kronuss [29|12] | Дата 2017-09-06 19:32:17


Virusolog22 сказал:

Мда, недостойный конкурент Factorio.

Ну во первых, где ты нашел линию с Факторио? То что в похожих написан Факторио не значит что они могут конкурировать, это абсолютно разные игры.
Что насчет самой игры, не затянула. Как то так получилось что денег на детали тратилось больше чем получалось от продажи машин, может и из меня строитель хреновый :0 А так игра очень даже неплохо сделана, почему бы не попробовать и другим.

Kronuss подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Почитал комменты,и.. ГДЕ ТУТ ФАКТОРИО? Приди сюда человек адекватный и объясни мне, где тут вообще факторио.
От: Maximka20 [0|0] | Дата 2017-09-06 14:43:02

Игруха прикольная,затягивает.
От: Virusolog22 [5|3] | Дата 2017-06-01 21:01:44

Мда, недостойный конкурент Factorio.
От: JDLgamer [1|1] | Дата 2017-04-10 10:57:01

Прикольная игра
От: serfio [1|0] | Дата 2017-04-10 09:28:46

годнота годная
От: fox22 [2|2] | Дата 2017-03-27 17:01:32

should have a line for motorbikes loads of diffrent kinds could add side cars
От: MrDovakin [3|4] | Дата 2017-03-26 09:09:23

ЕЕЕЕ завод! Жаль баблишко нельзя вывести на вебмани(
От: Shalupon [1|3] | Дата 2017-03-26 09:00:49

Теперь можно работать на заводе не выходя из дома!
От: Irbiss_wild [5|9] | Дата 2017-03-15 13:06:51

Идея годная, вот бы её ещё и не забросили.
Хотелось бы ещё каких-нибудь миссий-вызовов, и возможности машины разных типов строить. А так неплохо и вполне играбельно)
От: memfi100 [4|0] | Дата 2017-02-26 08:14:10

Потенциала у игры нет, к сожалению конечно же. Как обычно это бывает с маленькими играми, разработчики бросят ее и все.
От: MrBlond [1|0] | Дата 2017-02-20 09:47:51

Игра хороша, есть потенциал. по типу Big pharma. Действительно, залейте еще куда нибудь, пока качал со скоростью 6 кБт/сек, вышло обновление...
От: felim [0|0] | Дата 2017-02-20 03:13:15

Закачайте на littlebyte, игра обещает быть веселой!
От: RedDead [7|3] | Дата 2017-02-15 20:48:42

Неплохая такая песочница, есть куда развернуться. По началу будет трудно разобраться, но через минут 15-20 кликаний на всё подряд, до вас дойдёт, что куда соединять, куда поставить дополнительный склад, как лучше расставить цехи. Не стоит бояться, если не знаете английского, тут всё, почти, в картинках, единственное, что в начале трудно будет понять, так это как правильно расставить цеха и наладить поставку. Но, как уже было описано выше, минут 15-20 беспорядочных кликаний и у вас всё получиться. У самого ушло какое-то время, чтобы понять основы, а если уж углубляться в игру, то и с закрытыми глазами будете всё понимать.

Я бы поставил 7/10. Не особый фан машин, но игры данного жанра нравятся (как когда-то полюбил Factoria), т.к. проект только в стадии разработки, то я думаю, что у игры хорошее будущее (было бы желание, как говорится...).
От: Monceber [1|5] | Дата 2017-02-15 07:04:25

Судя по тому как функционировал мой конвеер, и какого качества были машины.... Чувствую себя сборщиком на автовазе... 8 из 10 тазов
От: slavs1903 [0|6] | Дата 2017-02-14 19:12:19

Игра супер мне она нравиться.Честно разработчик постарался спасибо от души.
От: IalivApokalips [7|3] | Дата 2017-02-14 19:01:53

Как же не хочется поиграв, разочароваться в игре, но я хочу протестить этот АЛЯ Факторио про машинки....


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