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Скачать игру Tales of Astya v0.2.1 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Kusko [2180|32] | 2019-03-11 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (2621) | Просмотров: 3306

Tales of Astya v0.2.1

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Partysofa (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Ролевые игры (RPG) (2621)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 62.43 Мб.

Tales of Astya - open world RPG, в мире фентезийного средневековья, с акцентом на разведку, решения и интерактивность. В отличии от других игр, здесь вы не являетесь героем, который в одиночку должен спасти весь мир, вместо этого основное внимание уделяется на взаимодействие с миром, где к вам относятся как к обычному среднестатистическому человеку.

Игра обновлена до версии от v0.2.1. Список изменений внутри новости.

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• Большой открытый мир с разнообразными местами
• 21 скил, который вы можете изучить
• Высокоинтерактивный мир
• Судовые парусные и грузовые перевозки
• Более 150 уникальных NPC, с которыми вы можете взаимодействовать
• Полный дневной / ночной цикл с погодными условиями
• Система крафта
• Подземелья для исследвоания
• Разнообразные квесты с разными результатами, основанные на решениях и действиях
• Вы можете создать свой собственный дом, вместо того, чтобы жить в одном из тех, которые вы найдете почти в каждом городе.
• Несколько враждующих фракций. Вы можете принять одну и сторон.


• Mining gameplay. Mining ore now gives XP in the Mining skill. Some ores can only be mined with a high enough skill level. Veins can also be prospected when ranking up (along other perks).
• Mailboxes are now available at all Outposts.
• Interiors to all houses in Usmor, except for Kugrom (the capital).
• New caves in Sedresh and Aslary regions. Some of these will hold bounty targets, planned for next version.
• Visual indicator to mailboxes to show you have unread mail.
• Spending too much time in extreme cold or heat will make you start taking damage. The amount of damage can be reduced by increasing your Endurance statistic.
• If your character is from Ceth or Usmor they have a higher tolerance towards heat and cold respectively.
• Certain clothes can be worn to increase cold resistance further.
• Will be expanded to include food and potions in the future as well.
• Jails to all regions. You'll get sent there if the guards catch you with a bounty.
• Dialog to the Querden guards.
• Added random text over the head of guards when you get close to them. This is based on you current drunk state, equipment, statistics, weather, quests done, locations discovered and criminal status in that region.
• Tin ore to Ceth Mines and an NPC outside that'll buy it from you.
• Various environmental particle effects.
• Apple trees you can pick apples from.
• More mushrooms, berries and other alchemy ingredients to pick up around the world.

• Wall torches can now be lit/extinguished at will using Tinderboxes and their state will carry over between saves.
• Debug Level is a new variable that can be set in the SETTINGS.INI file inside the game directory. Setting it to a value between 1-4 will show different levels of debug information that can be useful to include in bug reports.
• Press F7 to write to a file in the game directory called "DEBUG.LOG". It writes some important information that can also help to fix bugs.
• Traits based on your home region. All regions now have 5 traits associated with them. 4 are positive and the last is a negative. Only affects newly created characters.
• More bugs to fix later.
• Skill Level and Faction rank checks to dialogue system.
• Half broken walls to caves that can be destroyed using a pickaxe to get into other parts of the cave.

Items & Magic
• Ring of Wealth - increases money dropped by enemies while wearing it.
• Kebab and Rolled Kebab (for healing).
• Unique shields for each of the mainland regions.
• Effects to all potions and alchemy ingredients. To see all the effects for Alchemy Ingredients you must first level up your Herblore skill.
• Restoring Water (spell). Restores trees to their uncut state.

• Growing Hair. Talk with the barber in Midforest to start it.

• Preset hair colors to Barber interface (same as the ones in Character Creator).


• Visual changes to North, East and West Outpost.
• Traders within some factions won't trade with you if thrown out of the faction (by killing members or failing quests, for example).
• Forges at the Outposts are now usable if you're a member of the Outposts.
• Usmor has proper terrain laid out.
• Initial system for temperatures in different parts of the world.
• Added trees to Sedresh region.
• Complete redesign of Kugrom.
• Made most interior walls thinner on the horizontal axis to make it easier to see where you are.
• Visual changes to all capital cities.

• Complete re-write of the North Outpost questline. It can now be completed!
• Spell learned when doing the Nature quest in Wizard Tower.

• Replaced most footstep sounds.
• Some visual changes to Character Creator.
• Killed enemies now drop a randomized amount of money when killed.
• Updated chopped sprites for trees.
• Replaced Cold Breath effect.
• Various tile set and sprite improvements.
• Slightly increased player walking speed.

• Unlocking Safes now uses a proper WASD / Gamepad control. Push up/down to change the number that way. Push left and right to change selected number.
• While reading books you can now flip pages back and forth using the Left and Right movement keys.
• Made the log text background thinner so it won't overlay interfaces. Now its higher instead to fit the same amount of text.
• Edited info in Help screen.
• World map is now completely covered and must be revealed during gameplay.
• World map cursor now moves at different speeds based on the current zoom level.


• Error message when entering East Kingswood in Uspya.
• Error message when entering West Outpost in Uspya.
• Replaced legacy map system in Uspya region.
• Collision to ocean in Sedresh and Usmor.
• Ocean in Usmor now emits sound.
• Factions from home region not being added if choosing something else than Uspya.
• Music and ambient noise not always being set when entering or loading into some overworld maps.
• Ambient noise not changing when entering or loading into some houses.
• Some places where shadows would not be properly cast.
• Various trees that didn't have collision.
• The Alchemist Guild in Darkward can now be joined if you have a high enough Alchemy skill.
• Replaced lots of legacy ingredient pickups.
• Removed and/or replaced some more legacy containers.
• Adjusted shadows on trees.
• Several places where errors would pop up about NPCs not being found when checking if they should be inside their homes or not.
• Light sources sometimes not playing the animation they're supposed to even though they're lit.
• Location names in most overworld maps. In most places it won't show as 0 any more.
• Flickering notice board in West Outpost.
• Error when asking Anvil about work.
• Interior lights in West Outpost not changing color based on time of day.
• Hallway Watcher in Wizard Tower would warn the player about the sleeping quarters only being for members if he tried to open the door.
• Made Stonehaven a little bit bigger.
• Some areas where ground tiles would be missing, preventing audio from being played when walking over it.
• Caught butterflies would lie on the ground.
• Also added confirmation message when one is caught.

Items & Magic
• Adjusted Pickaxe use speed.
• Adjusted some item prices.
• Fixed some items that cost 0 gold.
• Reduced chance of finding a worm in Apples.
• Item info would not properly update or show when selecting alchemy ingredients.
• Error when casting Spirit Restore.
• Item info window would not disappear when clicking something else than equipment, potion or alchemy ingredients.
• Spellcasting XP is now awarded when casting spells.

• Error message when trying to add faction XP to some factions, sometimes also preventing quests from being completed.
• Crash if a dialog box didn't have any text attached to it. If this happens now it will simply read "MISSING DIALOG". Please report these if you find them.
• Error when party members would leave the party.
• Some performance improvements by disabling shadows on some objects where you don't see the shadow anyway.
• Cold breath particle effect not going away after temperature is above 0°C.
• Replaced most of the legacy bounty system. You're now properly sent to jail if caught doing crime and each region tracks separate bounties.
• Screen fading in twice after changing overworld map.
• Fading in taking a long time while still being able to move around, if "Autosave on Map Change" option is enabled.
• Slightly reduced memory usage for doors.
• Added missing dialogue to Kodai in the North Outpost.
• Jollo dialog choices wrongly set up.
• Cartography XP being rewarded when visiting maps already discovered.
• Locations Discovered variable would also be added to repeatedly.

• Barber interface used old theme.
• Save/Load interface used parts of old theme.
• Clicking the log text for it to disappear should no longer make you use your weapon.
• When doing statistic checks in dialog if the checks were in choice 2-5 the requirements would be offset.
• Shadows acting weird while in the Character Creator preview screen.
• Pressing the Controls button in the pause menu would bring up the Help screen.
• Error when trying to close the Character Screen.

• Pack Mule can now be completed.
• Leaves and Water sometimes bugging out if making the wrong choices.
• Description for Catching Butterflies.
• The quest in Stedows Manor can now be completed.
• The Tower can now be completed.
• Talking to Tiwtor in the Wizard Tower would auto complete all the quests in the tower, preventing the player for learning any spells.
• Completed quests should no longer appear in quest journal. Will make this a separate tab in a future update.

Tales of Astya is a open world RPG set in a somewhat realistic medieval world, with a focus on exploration, player choice and interactivity.

Tales of Astya is an open world RPG set in a low fantasy world where you are not the hero or destined to save the world. Instead the focus is on interacting with the world and being treated like the average person you are.

Key features
• Large open world with varied locations
• 21 different skills to master
• Highly interactive world
• Ship sailing and cargo hauling
• Over 150 unique NPCs to interact with
• Full day/night cycle with weather patterns
• Crafting systems
• Dungeons to explore
• Varied quests with different outcomes based on choices and actions
• Custom house designer
Several factions to join and fight against

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