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Скачать игру A Wizard's Lizard 2: Soul Thief v0.26.0 [Steam Early Access] - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (1) | Баллы: 5
Игру добавил Elektra [7688|138] | 2016-10-09 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (2619) | Просмотров: 7780

A Wizard's Lizard 2: Soul Thief v0.26.0 [Steam Early Access]

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Lost Decade Games (2)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (1091); Ролевые игры (RPG) (2619)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 73.33 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 1)

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Soul Thief: A Wizard's Lizard 2 - хардкорная экшен-RPG, в которой игроки выступают не в роли героев, а в роли монстров! Сможете ли Вы выжить в этих запутанных и постоянно изменяющихся подземельях?

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v0.25.0 до v0.26.0. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Язык: Английский.

• Список изменений здесь.
• Список изменений здесь.
• Список изменений здесь.
• Список изменений здесь.
• Список изменений здесь.
• Список изменений здесь.
• Design Egg Plant
• Art for Egg Plant
• Make Egg Plant possessable
• Add Egg Plant monster to Wizard's Lab
• Art for Inner Flame wand
• Add Inner Flame wand to generator
• Art for Randwand
• Add Randwand wand to generator
• Add Prawn monster to Kitchen
• Add Rune Box to Wizard's Lab
• Add secrets around merchants
• Fix boss music playing on unpause after boss defeat
• Fix keyboard/gamepad input bug
• Add Electric Eel trinket
• Add Aquarium toy
• Add unlock for winning as Tesla Coil
• Fix credits scene opacity bug
• Sound effects for penguin merchant
• Animations for penguin merchant
• Add Rotten Tail that appears when you have Rat Skull
• Add Rat Skull for winning as Vermin
• Light bulbs in Wizard's Lab now explode on death
• New art for Boss Key
• Art for Wizard's Lab boss (WIP)
• GAMEPAD CONFIG! You asked, we listened :)
• Tweak crow's dash speed
• Fix mother in coolbox
• Nerf Ivory Badge
• Add Trinkets header in pause menu
• Add Local Honey trinket -- spawn a bee while at full health
• Add Spectre Shield trinket
• Add Ivory Badge trinket
• Fix shieldGen collision
• Fix critical error in Shield Gen code
• Battery -- add charges to wands equal to their starting charges
• Pig Head -- don't spawn blood over pits
• Prevent monster loot from spawning over pits
• Buff Death Spark
• Nerf heal wand, buff cost
• Show wand in pause menu
• Remove monster role from crawlers
• Add colored lights to orbs in Wizard's Lab
• Add player grace to player monsters missing it
• Add new room layouts to Wizard's Lab
• Add Teleporters to Wizard's Lab
• Add Goldfish Bowl to the library
• Polish fishes, add sounds
• Add fish corpse, fish guts
• Make Goldfish Bowl possessable
• Increase duration of stun when monsters take damage
• Reduce cooldown of Raga's Tail Whip
• Add Goldfish Bowl corpse
• Sounds for Goldfish Bowl
• Art for Goldfish Bowl
• Add beholder to Wizard's Lab
• Sounds for beholder
• Fix Eyeball in results scene's damage source boxes
• Add WIP Wizard Lab music
• Sound effects for crawler
• nitial art and polish for beholder creature
• Add Steam Cloud support for persistent game data
• Fix player spook in coolbox
• Fix player crow in coolbox
• Remove collision from Clockwork Gnome's bomb
• Buff explosion damage
• Consolidate Ice Box health
• Fix critical error in Bunsen Burner as player
• Bugfix: ALT+ENTER no longer causes the game to crash
• Increase number of Tickets granted from bosses in later levels
• Give player Spook "pop" attack sound :)
• Show health bar on most objects
• Restore Blue Orb Stand to Wizard's Lab
• Make Bunsen Burner possessable
• Fix bug with Shield Gen not showing overlay colors
• Fix missing audio for Shield Gen
• New art for Homing Fireball
• Add Eyeball to the Wizard's Lab
• Polish and sounds for Eyeball
• Art for Eyeball
• Art for Gnome
• Add sounds to Gnome (Bomb Imp)
• Add sounds to Drunk Faerie (Shield Gen)
• Fix bug in Intro Story where skipping stuff quickly breaks the flow
• Make Tesla Coil possessable
• terate on orb explosions
• Art for Shield Gen projectile
• Polish Shield Gen, add sound effects, shielded state
• Add new light entity to Wizard's Lab
• Art for Shield Generator (drunk faerie)
• Bees now target most objects
• Add mysterious "tank" rooms to Wizard's Lab
• Add Bunsen Burner corpse, gold guts
• Make albino Raga sleep on rugs
• Add Bunsen Burner to Wizard's Lab
• Art for Wizard's Lab level platform
• Art for Electric Shock
• Clearer rectangle hazard graphic for Armor
• Tesla Coil sounds and effects
• Add Tesla Coil guts
• Add Tesla Coil corpse
• Fix player killer plant avatar in Progress Scene
• Robustify Progress Scene
• Bugfix: Prevent crash when a Spook is killed while attacking
• Bugfix: Prevent crash when attempting to play a missing animation
• Bugfix: Fix camera issues caused by camera follow lag
• Bugfix: Prevent Blue Orb freeze graphic from persisting forever
• Start spook's lantern at the facing position
• Buff spook attack
• Don't remove spook's lantern on collision
• Nerf fan plant wind duration
• Buff clam health
• Art for new Wizard's Lab doors
• Add many new rooms layouts to Kitchen and Courtyard
• Add Booster Room to Wizard's Lab
• Add Shield Generator to Wizard's Lab
• Add Bomb Imp to Wizard's Lab
• Add albino Raga spawners to Wizard's Lab
• Add Tesla Coil to Wizard's Lab
• Update app icon
• Results scene UI for Wizard's Lab
• Tweak player oven turret -- nerf health, add warning
• Fix player oven turret in UI
• Polish Raga getting knocked back
• Add Freezing Orb to Wizard's Lab
• Camera now leads the player in the direction they're facing
• Blink now travels as far as it can, respecting walls, instead of canceling when too close to a wall
• Beehive in Raga's Room now has a bee flying around it
• Bugfix: Prevent duplicate toys from spawning after toy purchase
• Bugfix: Fullscreen setting is now correctly saved and applied when the game starts
• General bugfixes/polish
• Fix player inkwell attack
• Polish player pig head
• Restore floating effect
• Make merchant possessable (first pass)
• Add new Spinneret wand
• Replace monsters with static trap in Floor Vents room in the Kitchen
• Pig Heads now attempt to avoid Floor Vents
• Remove orthogonal restriction from Crow and Spook player detection
• Crows and Spooks now attempt to avoid Thorns
• Fix bee spawner attack
• Nerf, polish angel statue
• Add Green Orb Stand and Green Orb to Wizard's Lab
• Add Orb Stand and Red Orb to Wizard's Lab
• Stub out Wizard's Lab (can't get there yet)
• Senso Spikes and Rune traps now only react to players, monsters, and critters
• Visualize and polish item cooldown expiring
• Added bee book to the library (you might need to revisit a challenge!)
• Fix books in coolbox UI
• Fix credits title graphic
• Remove wizard from starting room
• Reduce audio volume by half
• Add a slight buff to Raga's movement speed
• Track best time and display on blackboard
• Once you kill the monsters and the doors open in a room, they now stay open
• Add blackboard toy to display stats
• Bugfix: Prevent crash when controlling player
• General bug fixes and polish
• Add Bat Book unlock
• Add SECRET book-related unlock
• Fix Crow alignment in damage sources
• Polish player Slime attack
• Fix progress scene player avatar desync
• Add Mermaid Portrait unlock for beating the game as an Inkwell
• Add Police Box unlock for beating the game as an Angel Statue
• Add floor detection spikes to library
• Fix Angel Statue display in UI
• Increase shop prices in later dungeons
• Automatically pause when games loses focus
• Tweak alignment of Fan Plant's Wind Shear ability
• Bugfix: Prevent monsters from getting stuck when they can't find a place to move
• Bugfix: Prevent keyboard input from sticking when game loses focus
• Bugfix: Chain Lightning no longer stops jumping when hitting hazardous entities (e.g. Thorns)

Системные требования
ОС: Windows 7
Процессор: 3GHz Dual Core
Оперативная память: 4 GB ОЗУ
Видеокарта: Dedicated graphics card
Место на диске: 200 MB

A hardcore rogue-lite action RPG where you possess and play as monsters. Narrowly avoid death as you explore challenging, ever-changing dungeons, and possess any body you can to survive!

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Комментарии игроков (2 шт.)

От: Marosh [1|14] | Дата 2016-10-15 15:57:59

Напоминает игрушку Crawl ( для ЛЛ: http://small-games.info/?go=game&c=79&i=16527) , если подмешать туда the binding of isaac , и щепотку графена сверху.
От: Ambrelium [15|183] | Дата 2016-04-11 16:53:51

Я так понимаю на новый движок игра не переехала?


++++++<СКОРО НА САЙТЕ>++++++ Spelunky 2

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