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Скачать игру Spacebase DF-9 v1.07.1 - полная версия

Рейтинг: 9.4 (16) | Баллы: 1338
Игру добавил Elektra [7663|138] | 2015-10-08 (обновлено) | Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (953) | Просмотров: 147271

Spacebase DF-9 v1.07.1

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Double Fine Productions (21)
• Жанр / Genre: Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (953)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 169.30 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.4 из 10 (всего голосов: 16)

• Похожие игры:
- Dwarf Fortress v0.44.12 / + Крепость Дварфов v0.42.06 / + Dwarf Fortress v0.44.10 Starter Pack
- Star Souls
- Tachyon v0.8.21
- The Spatials: Galactology v3.12.6.2181
- The Sentient v0.7.3.2 [Steam Early Access]
- The Spatials v2.8.0
- FTL: Faster Than Light - Advanced Edition v1.6.9 / + GOG v1.6.9
- Space Station 13
- Cosmoteer v0.15.0
- Meeple Station v0.3.16

Spacebase DF-9 предлагает Вам построить поселение в космосе, где одна роковая ошибка может привести к гибели всего экипажа, ведь за бортом открытый космос. Начните игру с распределения работы, изучите параметры Ваших подопечных и назначьте им работу, смотрите за их моральным и физическим состоянием, изучайте корабль, стройте новые объекты и комнаты.

Прототип игры создан за две недели для конкурса Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight 2012.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с v1.06u1 до v1.07.1. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Разработчики обещают сделать Dwarf Fortress в космосе. С такой же глубокой социальной системой, где колонисты могут наживать себе врагов и друзей, общаться друг с другом, ссориться, совершать преступления и тому подобное. Уже в следующем обновлении обещают сделать инвентарь у персонажей. С предметами колонисты будут поступать так, как им заблагорассудится — торговать, обменивать или выкидывать за ненадобностью. Разработчики говорят, что в вещах вся суть. И вообще человек без предметов был бы не человеком.

Помимо этакой космической The Sims, где нельзя управлять героями, есть случайные события, напоминающие Faster Than Light. Иногда может прилететь корабль с рейдерами и устроить погром на вашей базе. А бывает, что с вашей станцией стыкуется дружественное судно, экипаж которого не хочет зла.

А еще всё слегка похоже на Space Station 13, но только вы в роли создателя карт и капитана. Ну и, конечно же, грех будет не вспомнить Space Colony, которая на самом деле намного ближе к Spacebase, чем все остальные игры. Даже концепция примерно одинакова. Что только события разворачиваются непосредственно в космосе, а не на планете.

По сравнению с предыдущей версией (прототип), игра значительно улучшена графически, добавлены новые возможности, исправлено множество багов. К старым скриншотам и видео, добавлены новые (для сравнения).

• Неофициальный патч устраняющий многочисленные баги и краши.
• Game uses a launch script now instead of running the binary directly, likely to fix some bug
• All flavor texts have been mutilated to replace trademark symbols with question marks by accident (see the description text for a plant, for example) :)
• it's now possible to set config options to disable hostiles, docking, meteor events
• characters are immediately killed if they spawn or move outside the world bounds for some reason (dunno which bug this fixes)
• no longer targeting for attacks if in the brig
• monsters and killbots are now excluded from doctor's scan+heal action
• oxygen recycler decay reduced by 16%
• level 2 oxygen recycler matter cost increased from 150 to 250
• level 2 oxygen recycler description fixed to correctly state it's 4x more effective (description used to be wrong, said 2x better only)
• level 2 fridge capacity increased from 15 to 50
• some bug relating to fridge clearing timers fixed
• some bug relating to immigrant docking fixed
• some bug relating to room contiguity for power distribution seems to have been fixed too
• characters in elevated spacewalk will no longer float away from the world
• serving food will now satisfy social and amusement needs in addition to duty need
• supermaintainers are 3x more effective
• Mods can now be loaded via ZIP files from the Mods subdirectory of the game's install directory. Each ZIP is loaded as a simple virtual file system which can contain directories that mirror the main game scripts and override their behavior. A file called "init.lua" in the top level of each ZIP's directory structure will run when the mod is loaded, allowing you to perform any needed initialization. See the MyDemoObject.zip there for a simple example mod, which adds a new buildable object with its own artwork.
• Arrow keys now pan view same as WASD keys.
• "show_hints" flag added to bootconfig.cfg, set it false to disable the Hint system entirely.
• Fixed: Unsuited citizens in a vacuum don't enter "sucked into space" immediately.
• Fixed: Turrets don't spawn in derelicts and docking ships as intended.
• Fixed: Various UI issues when resizing game window.
• Fixed: Held weapons don't appear correctly on spacesuited characters.
• Fixed: Research datacubes don't display properly.
• Fixed: Ships dock onto pending construction.
• Fixed: Base Seed Pod can start encased in an asteroid.
• Fixed: Turrets don't display properly when scanning for threats.
• Fixed: Raiders kill people imprisoned in brigs.
• Fixed: Ship engines don't sort correctly with nearby walls.
• Fixed: Citizens no longer place stuff on shelves, always have "stuff" need unsatisfied.
• Fixed: Dropped ore disappears.
• Fixed: Various rare crashes.
• Completely rebalanced the galaxy map. Where you choose to build a new base matters a lot more now.
• Raiders will no longer attack and destroy Airlock Suit Lockers - leads to too many obnoxious situations.
• Tuned hint message priority and visibility durations.
• Each entry in EnvObjectData.lua can now specify a sprite sheet, making it possible to create custom objects with new sprite sheets.
• Fixed: Visible doors in unexplored derelicts always appear as broken airlock doors.
• Fixed: Goals and base stats aren't wiped when starting a new game.
• Fixed: Incapacitated hostiles prevent room claiming.
• Fixed: Alerts display for hidden non-citizen illnesses, allowing you to select them in unknown territory.
• Fixed: Player can drag camera while dragging new construction in Construct mode.
• Character limit on character/room/object renaming.
• Fixed: After ~45 minutes of play, events stop occuring for long periods of time.
• Fixed: Crash on insufficient matter.
• Fixed: Tutorial base shifts position on galaxy map.
• Fixed: Construct menu items highlight improperly.
• Fixed: Turrets can't fire through open doors.
• Hide back walls in construct mode when cutaway view is enabled.
• Clearer visuals for Tear Down vs Vaporize wall tile orders.
• If user tries to save during an event, save happens once event has run. Prevents various event state bugs.
• Balance: Difficulty ramps up over slower time, final siege takes longer to happen.
• Fixed: Security sometimes doesn't respond to Beacon in correct numbers.
• Fixed: Tutorial conditions aren't completed when keyboard shortcuts are used.
• Fixed: Final siege goal triggers prematurely.
• Fixed: "Ghost helmets" appear on citizens during certain animations.
• Fixed: Turrets don't attack hostiles in some cases.
• Fixed: Some AI issues relating to survival situations.
• Fixed: WASD keys function in full-screen menus.
• Fixed: Pathfinding crash.
• Fixed: Can't place weight benches.
• Fixed: Crash building or hovering some objects.
• Fixed: Time doesn't pause when starting a new game.
• Fixed: Tutorial doesn't load correctly when selecting Outpost EZ-101 in Galaxy Map with resized window.
Major Features / Enhancements
New Tutorial Mode teaches basic game concepts. Access Tutorial Mode by selecting “Learn to Play” from the pause menu or by picking Tutorial Outpost EZ-101 on the Galaxy Map.
New Goals Screen tracks player progress towards persistent goals, such as “50 citizens on base”, “Researched all technologies”, etc.
• Later in the game hostile forces now show up in greater numbers and combinations, culminating in a visit from the Pirate Megafleet once your base becomes successful enough. Survive the onslaught to complete the game’s hardest goal.
Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
• All “Famous Citizen” tier customer names added to Credits and random citizen name pool.
• Disaster Menu can be enabled with a secret key combination and used to unleash disasters on your base.
• Many new sound effects, including crowd noises in rooms based on their current population.
• Many small UI polish items. Look and feel of UI in the Citizen/Zone/Object Inspectors is now more consistent.
• Brig and Residence assignment UI improvements: X button to clear an assignment, clicking the assignment button a second time cancels out of pick mode.
• "Execute" button in citizen action tab causes security to immediately target this citizen. Use responsibly!
• Asteroids are treated like walls for the purposes of object placement.
• Citizens who are sleeping in beds that get destroyed wake up and become annoyed.
• Clicking an object in the Contents section of a container’s Stats Tab selects it.
• Improved mouse wheel, middle mouse, and keyboard view zoom behaviors.
• Vaporizing a wall with an object hanging on it vaporizes the object and refunds its matter.
• Dropped research datacubes will preserve their “claimed for research” state. Scientists will try to drop them off somewhere in the base even if there isn’t a Research Lab.
• Citizens flee when someone is having a tantrum nearby.
• Emergency Alarms in rooms with no/disabled alarm panels turn off.
• Price of Dark Matter Reactor increased from 450 to 600.
• Tooltip for a research datacube shows the blueprint it contains.
• New Spaceface logs: cuffed, escaped from brig, needs shelving, security starts exploring a beacon, security finishes exploring a beacon.
• Duty skill increases when morale is high, up to a 25% bonus per duty task.
• Security citizens take their helmets off if they get into a brawl with another citizen.
• "Flavor" text and descriptions for all objects that were lacking them.
• Start new bases with time paused.
• Balance: Many small changes to citizen morale and duty efficiency.
• Balance: Turret damage output increased.
• Balance: Buildable objects are more resilient.
• Fixed: Dozens of crashes and AI issues.
• Fixed: Scrollable views such as the Job Roster don’t display correctly in non-16:9 aspect ratios.
• Fixed: Decals remain after a tile is vaporized.
• Fixed: On loading a savegame, citizens who were sleeping are awake and restart their sleep cycle.
• Fixed: White helmets display on citizens when playing certain animations.
• Fixed: Citizens exercise, play games, and hang out in functioning airlocks.
• Fixed: Lower right UI buttons shift to left even if there are not enough alerts to warrant this.
• Fixed: Job Roster columns highlight on hover incorrectly.
• Fixed: Non-citizens in unclaimed derelicts do not react to dangerous situations.
• Fixed: Botanists do not repair damaged or destroyed hydroponics cultures.
• Fixed: Citizen talk and thought bubbles do not draw correctly.
• Fixed: Exiting Job Roster / Research Assignment screens minimizes the Hint pane.
• Fixed: Killbots bleed.
• Fixed: Killbots get sick.
• Fixed: Player can hover and select some objects or rooms within hidden areas.
• Fixed: Security duty citizens flee in rooms with active alarms while doing certain tasks.
• Fixed: Removed debug power visualization mode.
• Fixed: Security Beacon location isn’t preserved across save+load.
• Fixed: Flipped text on the Alarm Panel.
• Fixed: Turrets in space can’t be deactivated.
• Fixed: Breach ships don’t play VFX when taking damage or exploding.
• Fixed: Text overlaps UI in several miscellaneous places.
• Fixed: Matter counts up/down from previous session’s total when starting a new base.
Alpha 6e:
• Gourmand citizens are angered less by eating replicator food.
• Fixed: Various crashes.
Alpha 6d:
• Scientist job failure anger reduced drastically.
• Room tool drag sizing guide now includes Reactor.
• Fixed: Various crashes.
• Fixed: Brig walls are purple on OSX.
Alpha 6c:
• Starting base colonists get along better now and enjoy Builder duty so they’re less likely to get angry or sad during the early base construction phase.
• Fixed: A few crash fixes.
• Fixed: Minor AI issues.
• Fixed: Can’t unassign people from Brigs.
• Fixed: Corpses don’t get cleaned up properly.
• Fixed: Parasites can be assigned to Brigs. We’d like to resolve this in a cooler way in the future.
• Fixed: UI bugs in Citizen Action Tab.
Alpha 6b:
• Brawl frequency has been further reduced based on feedback and obversation: positive citizen morale/affinity/temperament now directly works against negative factors, and final computed brawl chance has been halved on top of this.
• Fixed: Various crashes.
Alpha 6a:
• Brawl frequency has been reduced. Only citizens who are some combination of angry, demoralized, bad-tempered, or dislike each other will brawl now.
• Fixed: Numerous crashes.
Alpha 6:
Major Features / Enhancements
Power is now required for base equipment to function. The Base Seed serves as a basic starting power reactor, and additional Fusion and Dark Matter Reactors can be built (with enough Matter and Research) to satisfy each object's "power draw". Power flows across connected rooms rather than any kind of wiring system.
• Citizens can become angry. Anger builds up over time with unsatisfactory events such as poor job performance, unpleasant social interactions, violence nearby, bad food, etc. Angry citizens who dislike each other may brawl, fighting until incapacitated. When a citizen's anger gets high enough they may have a violent or (depending on their personality) non-violent outburst, attacking people or sabotaging base equipment.
• Citizens can be detained in Brig zones. Detained citizen anger dissipates over time, but at a cost of removing them from normal citizen life and the work force. Doors will not open for detained citizens. If doors lose power, detained citizens may escape.
• Citizens now own and carry possessions. They become attached to their possessions, display them on available shelving, and trade for possessions they like more with other citizens. Citizen affinity for a given possession is based on its qualities such as color, material, shape, etc.
• Citizens have affinities for different duties, shown as smiley faces in the Roster and Duty Tab. Citizens will perform any duty they're assigned, but may become unhappy over time if they're stuck with a duty they don't like. Likewise, citizens doing a duty they love is good for morale and causes their skills to improve faster.
• Objects and Rooms now have a Command Tab, which can be used to issue commands relating to what's selected. Objects can be torn down or reclaimed for research, power-consuming objects can be deactivated.
• Citizens can now be assigned to beds in Residence zones. Citizens will always prefer to use an assigned bed, and are happier for doing so. Citizens will use shelving to display their possessions.
Minor Improvements / Bug Fixes
• Changes in individual citizen needs and morale are now tracked via graphs in the Psych Profile Tab.
• Objects now have an About Tab that contains miscellaneous non-essential information about the object's use, history, or context in the Spacebase universe.
• Placing a zone-specific object such as an Oxygen Recycler in an unzoned room will now "auto-zone" that room to its intended function.  Tooltip conveys that this will result on click.
• The Beacon menu can now set the desired level of Security response for Beacons and other combat situations: on Non-Lethal, security will always attempt to subdue targets using Stun weapons; on Necessary Force security will meet deadly force with deadly force; on Lethal security will always use deadly force in any situation.
• Tooltips on Beacons show the current response level and target.
• Turrets still default to only target hostiles but can be set to target all characters in their Command Tab.
• Selecting an unassigned citizen opens the Duty Tab by default.
• Security forces waiting for backup at a Beacon set to >1 will display "Waiting for Backup" as their current task.
• Citizen Spaceface logs now comment on people they know and interesting objects in their surroundings.
• Plants don't grow in rooms with no light.
• Sparks appear briefly when a Technician fails at a maintenance task.
• Move Door to "All Zones" section of Construct menu, Airlock Door to "Airlock" section.
• Citizens now sometimes play a "startle" animation when a dangerous situation breaks out.
• Sabotaged turrets fire at everyone.
• Shift-[ and shift-] cycle selection through objects in a room.
• Initial 3 settlers from Base Seed start with higher morale and energy, and lower hunger.
• Raiders wreck breakable objects if there are no citizens around to attack.
• Citizens double over wheezing if they have a bad illness.
• Object tooltips now show owner where applicable. Room tooltips now show bed capacity where applicable.
• A basic "quick start" mode has been added which allows you to start with a small pre-built base. Access it by selecting the bottom right corner of the galaxy map on the New Base screen.
• Fixed: Morale shouldn't change while asleep.
• Fixed: Various overflow issues on UI text.
• Fixed: Citizen names appear on cooked meals.
Alpha 5e:
• Better "flee from oxygen-starved room" behavior.
• Fixed: Turrets shoot through floors.
• Fixed: Research assignment crash on reduction in number of research zones.
• Fixed: Invalid linecodes in event alerts.
• Fixed: Incapacitated characters in airlocks don't always get healed.
• Fixed: Characters that get sucked into space spawn corpses.
Alpha 5d:
• Fixed: Occasional performance hitches relating to turrets.
Alpha 5c:
• Derelicts now “float away” if they remain undiscovered/dimmed for too long.
• Characters have affinities for rooms, and use them to make decisions.
• Tweaked wording of “no valid airlock” hint to specify an airlock must be space-facing.
• Re-added “you can force open an airlock” hint that was accidentally removed.
• Citizens will treat airlocks with incapacitated citizens as non-functional until a Doctor can heal them.
• Citizens whose sleep is interrupted still get partial benefit from the amount of time they slept.
• Starvation happens at lower hunger level (-90).
• Added some Famous Citizen names to credits and citizen list.
• Population cap is now stored in the config file. Modify at your own risk!
• Fixed: Projectiles don’t sort well with their surroundings.
• Fixed: Issues relating to derelict spawning.
• Fixed: Unresearched diseases almost never occur.
• Fixed: All module spawns get identical types & diseases.
• Fixed: Crash relating to space corpses.
• Fixed: Wall-mounted props attached to destroyed walls don’t properly construct on load.
• Fixed: Many pathfinding issues.
• Fixed: Builder gets stuck trying to build.
• Fixed: Players receive more matter when they vaporize objects than it costs to build.
• Fixed: Hang when picking a random conversation topic.
• Fixed: Citizen inventory isn’t preserved across save/load.
• Fixed: Builders have trouble vaporizing tiles inside unclaimed rooms.
• Fixed: Event controller triggers stale events, causing many “ship passed without stopping” messages.
Alpha 5b:
• Overhauled how needs affect morale. Depression spirals should be less common now.
• Benefits of citizen environment satisfaction to morale now taper off after a point. A citizen will only become ecstatic if everything is going really really great for them.
• Fusion Reactors have been re-enabled in the Construct menu, in anticipation of Alpha 6 which will finally add the Power system. They won’t do anything until then, but this will let you build and plan bases accordingly.
• Doors have moved into the “All Zones” section of the Object menu to make room for the above change.
• Doctors now prioritize corpse cleanup higher than routine check-ups.
• Fixed: Various crashes.
• Fixed: Doctors don’t store citizen health when they treat a broken leg.
• Fixed: Door placement issues.
• Fixed: Various airlock-related issues.
• Fixed: Dead bodies globally affect citizen environment satisfaction, instead of just people in the same room.
• Fixed: Some derelict and hostile immigration events fail silently.
• Fixed: Citizens stop posting Spaceface updates after reaching 100 posts.
• Fixed: First immigration event occurs too soon.
• Fixed: Erroneous “Hostiles have entered your base” alert when a hostile is under your base.
• Fixed: Bad alpha on Spaceface icon.
• Fixed: Citizens spam Spaceface with logs about being on fire and being injured. WE GET IT DUDE IT HURTS.
Alpha 5a:
• Fixed: Several common crashes.
• Fixed: Some turrets point the wrong way after loading a savegame.
• Fixed: Shuttles don’t fly away after dropping off immigrants.
• Fixed: Diseases that require cure research only occur after a very long time.
• Fixed: “No Refinery” hint shows up if you only have Gamma-Class Refineries.
• Fixed: The dreaded GHOST HELMET bug, in which white untextured helmets appear randomly on character heads.
Alpha 5:
Major Features / Enhancements:
• Turrets can now be constructed on both the interior and exterior of your base. Turrets fire on any hostiles the way a citizen assigned to Security duty would. Turrets have a limited field of fire, so place them carefully.
• Raiders can now enter your base via Breach Ships, which attach and drill through floors. If you can damage a Breach Ship before its crew reaches your base, you’ll face weaker resistance.
• A new Malady system allows citizens to be injured and affected by illness. Illnesses can spread from person to person through direct contact or shared contact with world objects such as food replicators. Illnesses can affect different attributes, such as a citizen’s energy levels and sociability. Some illnesses require research in a Research Lab before a cure can be administered. Illnesses have randomly generated names such as Centauri Bat Mumps, Green Cough, and Neo-Australian Scaly Pox.
• Citizens can now be assigned to Doctor duty. Doctors treat field injuries, scan your citizens for illnesses and treat them if a cure is known.
• You can now designate rooms as Infirmary zones, where Revivabeds can be built. Doctors use these to treat advanced illnesses and remove parasite infestations.
• A new Research screen allows you to track global research progress and assign different projects to specific Labs.
• Citizens can be incapacitated, which prevents them from moving until a Doctor can treat their wounds.
• Doctors will dispose of dead bodies by recycling them in Matter Refineries.
• Antiviral Air Scrubbers can now be built in Life Support Zones. These devices reduce the chances of disease transmission in the surrounding area. Multiple devices bring this chance down further, to a non-zero minimum.
• Characters can now be tagged with Beacons. Security personnel will keep watch over this person if they’re a citizen, or target them for attack if they’re hostile.
• Characters can now fight in space, firing weapons and performing melee attacks.
• The game’s event controller system has been overhauled, which orchestrates the timing of events such as invasions, meteor strikes, new citizens immigrating, etc. Game pacing should be improved, and difficulty should ramp over time: more dangerous events, such as large numbers of enemies with tougher weapons, will only happen later in a base’s lifetime.
• When a new ship hails your base, a window no longer pops up to force a response. Instead, you receive an alert and can choose whether to respond to it or not. Likewise, the camera does not force-move to any new ships that appear.
• The Windows version of Spacebase now uses the SDL2 video/audio/input library used by Broken Age, which fixes a variety of hardware compatibility issues. All versions use SDL2 for input handling now, removing dependency on the older FreeGLUT library.
• The game now launches into a new pause screen, welcoming the player with a Message of the Day.
Minor Improvements:
• Improved alert interactions and visuals. High-priority alerts now pulse.
• Improved Security priority for Beacons, greatly lowering response time in some cases.
• Health, Morale, Room, and Activity lines in Citizen Inspector are now clickable links to the Stats tab, Psych Profile tab, currently occupied room, and new Action tab, respectively.
• Clicking on a citizen’s illness in the Stats tab opens the Research screen.
• Carried objects can now be dropped in space.
• Removed “bodies disappear after X seconds” behavior now that Doctors dispose of them properly.
• Research Lab tooltips show current research project, if applicable.
• Rotated the Builder job icon so it’s more distinct from the Miner job icon.
• Citizens post to Spaceface when they witness combat or a room being breached.
• Citizens post to Spaceface when they’re patrolling on Security duty.
• Un-hardcoded various UI strings to help with possible future localization efforts.
• Objects can now be built in space. Currently only turrets are allowed here.
• Objects can now be flipped about the Y-axis. Currently only turrets support this.
• Characters now use an outline effect when spacewalking behind the base instead of using the old temp purple effect.
• Improved “dead body floating in space” animation.
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed: Game performance suffers while unpausing after having been paused for a long time.
• Fixed: Running characters move at the same speed as walking characters.
• Fixed: Modified Oxygen Recycler uses the wrong UI portrait icon.
• Fixed: Asteroid chunks can be demolished.
• Fixed: Citizens suffer the “slept on floor” morale penalty for starving.
• Fixed: Various cause of death misreportings.
• Fixed: Refridgerator 2.0 doesn’t store food.
• Fixed: Spaceface logs are stored indefinitely, created unreasonably large save file sizes.
• Fixed: Many pathfinding bugs and crashes.
• Fixed: Cursor in new base galaxy map screen is offset.
Alpha 4d:
• Fixed: Citizens sometimes get stuck in doorways.
• Fixed: An occasional pathfinding-related crash.
Alpha 4c:
• Demolish functionality has been divided into two new tools: “Tear Down”, which works much like the existing tool, and “Vaporize”, which marks everything in a tile for demolition, including the floor.
• Citizens who are in rooms that are slated to be breached by demolition will leave the room.
• Added names for recent Famous Citizen / Stargazer / Extradimensional Entity customers.
• Fixed: Various crashes.
Alpha 4b:
• Fixed: Various pathfinding issues. Some of these fixes greatly improve technician efficiency.
• Fixed: Modified Oxygen Recyclers don’t affect the capacity display.
• Fixed: Various crashes related to Spaceface logs.
Alpha 4a:
• Fixed: Several crashes loading old save data.
• Fixed: Builders get trapped in rooms.
• Fixed: Mouse panning doesn't work when window is resized.
• Fixed: Some Spaceface log text gets cut off.
Alpha 4:
• Research Lab zones can be constructed. Citizens assigned to Scientist duty research new projects here. Discoveries can result in new things to build and new equipment for workers, including but not limited to: level 2 oxygen recyclers, heavily armored doors, more efficient demolition beams, better armor for Security personnel.
• Datacubes containing research data can be discovered aboard derelict and docking ships. These can be marked for collection by Scientists, who will carry them back to a Research Lab to redeem for research progress.
• Starfield backdrop now uses multiple layers to create a parallax effect of stars, nebulae, and procedurally generated planets. Each new base that’s created gets a different composition. See our earlier blog post for more info.
• Citizen morale is now apparent from their walk animation. Several citizen animations have been improved.
• Citizens now choose Spaceface logs appropriate to their personality traits. Added and expanded several personality traits that are now shown in the “Psych Profile” inspector tab. See our earlier blog post for more info on this.
• Replaced accordion-style tab interface with horizontal tabs. Makes better use of limited vertical screen real estate and provides access to more functionality within same.
• Hovering/clicking on a room’s walls now hovers/selects that room, making it much easier to select rooms. Likewise for plants and hydroponics cultures.
• Disabled “center on room” room selection behavior. If anyone misses this behavior we can re-add it as a user option later.
• Citizens can now mention randomly generated creatures on Spaceface. Examples include: “Venusian Fuzzy Mollusk”, “Land Bird”, “Venomous Beefalo”, “Tralfamadorian Hen”.
• Spaceface logs are now added to a queue and citizens post the highest priority one(s) within an update period that varies a bit based on their “chatty/quiet” personality trait.
• Added several new types of Spaceface logs, and reintroduced some of the generic logs from the Amnesia Fortnight 2012 prototype.
• Citizen inspector now shows the date a citizen became a citizen of your base.
• Citizens get morale bonuses or penalties based off a rolling average of recent room satisfaction. At the moment, dead bodies are the only thing that negatively affect a room’s morale score. Citizens comment on nice surroundings in Spaceface logs.
• Plant “healthy” and “sickly” states now match up with their visuals.
• Citizens no longer display in their own friends and enemies lists. “Self esteem” is shown in the new Psych Profile tab.
• Healthy garden plants now produce a small amount of oxygen, roughly equal to 1/5th of a level 1 Recycler’s output.
• Revamped various inspector UI button layouts: door controls, room controls.
• Demolish button in object inspector now shows amount of Matter that will be reclaimed.
• Door inspector now shows door state: whether it is open or closed, broken, vacuum-locked, etc.
• Added a mode for players with red-green colorblindness, available in options menu.
• Rebound “back” in all menus from X to ESC, and backspace to “cancel” in the construct menu. Game can no longer be paused from non-top level menus, eg construct, roster, etc.
• Derelicts and docking ship layouts are more interesting and better-decorated. Dead bodies now appear on some.
• When a depressed citizen has a positive interaction with a happy citizen, they become happier and post to Spaceface about it.
• Cutaway mode now works on asteroids.
• Starting citizen duty proficiencies are now determined by a “skill point” system, so most citizens are now more likely to be skilled in at least one duty, and few citizens are likely to be highly skilled at everything.
• Stoves can be placed anywhere in a Pub now, no longer just against walls.
• Fixed: Friends and Enemies lists in citizen inspector overflow. Lists are now capped at 5 entries.
• Fixed: Various bad scrollbar behaviors.
• Fixed: Alarm Panel uses Fire Extinguisher icons in UI.
• Fixed: Monitors and signage on right-facing walls appear to hover.
• Fixed: Many docking ship attempts fail due to broken module data.
• Fixed: Since Alpha 3(?) citizens don’t post Spaceface logs about eating meals in pubs, or get the morale bonus for eating a cooked meal.
• Fixed: Camera location isn’t written to save game data.
Alpha 3b:
• Fixed: Hostile immigrants, aka raiders that deploy from shuttles, don't show up.
Alpha 3a:
• Fixed: Builders sometimes get permanently stuck trying to build a prop.
• Fixed: Bartenders get stuck idling if you save and reload while they're serving a cooked meal.
• Fixed: Pathfinding-related crash.
• Fixed: All plants bear only candy canes.
• Fixed: All plants yield only one food item on harvest.
• Fixed: Low-condition items that don't decay are unrepairable.
• Fixed: Some plants are ignored by botanists.
• Fixed: "Ghost helmet" visual glitch on raiders.
• Fixed: Broken oxygen situation in "donut" style derelicts.
• Fixed: Interiors of unexplored derelicts are exposed in cutaway view mode.
• Fixed: Infinite loop during chat with bad save data.
Alpha 3:
• Meteor showers will strike the base from time to time, after a short warning period. A red ring highlights the area that will be impacted. Meteor damage can cause fires and even breaches.
• Alarm panels can be built in any room. Activating an alarm causes citizens to evacuate the room.
• Weight Benches can be built in Fitness Zones. Citizens will prefer to work out here.
• Rooms discovered in derelicts can be claimed and unclaimed. Citizens won't bother to work in unclaimed rooms. Unclaimed rooms left alone long enough will become "dim" and you won't see non-citizens moving around in them.
• Raiders can now deploy from shuttles, sometimes posing as immigrants. They'll attempt to enter your base through its airlocks.
• Citizens prefer different leisure activities: some will play vidgames more often than working out, some prefer to drink, etc. Citizens express opinions on these activities when chatting.
• Citizens now run while in combat and other survival-critical situations.
• Matter yield from an asteroid is based on the skill of the miner who mined it.
• Object inspector shows when an object was built, who built it, when it was last maintained, and by whom.
• Citizen inspector shows a dead citizen's cause of death.
• Morale loss when a citizen dies is now based on each citizen's familiarity with and affinity for the deceased. It should now be far less common for entire bases to spiral into depression when a random citizen dies.
• Citizen health status line shows if they are starving or suffocating.
• < and > keys now cycle selection between rooms in your base.
• Added a few new derelict modules.
• Technicians can maintain objects in space.
• When a citizen is starving and can't reach an available food source, they lie down on the ground and a hint displays.
• Citizens remember when rooms are dangerous, and try to find a path around them.
• Festive Trees will be planted in Gardens during the month of December.
• Steam: Added trading cards, badges, emoticons, profile backgrounds.
• Steam: Added Steam Cloud save support for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Saves are OS-agnostic but only cloud sync within a single OS right now. If you absolutely need cross-OS play, manually copying a savegame from one OS to another works.
• Fixed: Many AI and pathfinding issues.
• Fixed: HUD Matter display can show a decimal number.
• Fixed: Characters sometimes don't notice when there's a fire in the room.
• Fixed: In large rooms, citizens walk a long way to complete tasks like drinking that tell them, "go someplace random in the same room".
• Fixed: Spaceface log UI doesn't show the most recent entry.
• Fixed: Space-suited citizens can lock others inside of an airlock during decompression.
• Fixed: Technicians chat and maintain doors instead of fixing broken oxygen recyclers.
• Fixed: Builders sometimes space themselves when demolishing an exterior wall.
• Fixed: Food crates sometimes appear as rocks.
Alpha 2a:
• Botanists have been rebalanced. They should be more effective now.
• Fixed: Citizens sometimes teleport when hit in combat.
• Fixed: Some hints trigger for breached/dangerous rooms where they’re not necessarily relevant.
• Fixed: Citizens will attempt to eat from replicators in dangerous rooms.
• Fixed: an uncommon crash bug.
Alpha 2 "Taste Oddity":
• Citizens can eat food to satiate their hunger. Food can come from Food Replicators, crops in Garden Zones, or Cooked Meals.
• Citizens become hungry and starve to death if they go too long without eating.
• Food Replicators can be built in any zone, and consume a small amount of Matter when used.
• Citizens assigned to Botanist duty will plant seeds in Hydroponic Cultures, tend the crops that grow, harvest the crops and carry them to Refrigerators in Pub Zones. Botanist skill determines efficacy of upkeep and crop yield.
• Bartenders will take raw food from a Refrigerator and use a Stove to prepare a Cooked Meal, then serve it to customers waiting at tables.
• Diner satisfaction is based on their affinity for the dish and the skill of the cook.
• Killbots will now appear in derelicts and boarding ships. Killbots show no mercy.
• Tooltips now show health and morale, with color-coded icons.
• The Stats tab of the inspector now shows a citizen’s Inventory and any objects that are in a container.
• Many small fixes and improvements to Demolish tool. It should now be possible (if a bit time-consuming) to fully deconstruct a derelict.
• When Matter is expended or gained, the HUD counter value and color change over time.
• Citizens remove their Duty-specific gear when they’re not on duty.
• Objects can now be marked for demolition via a button in the inspector.
• Redesigned Duty tab of citizen inspector. Display now shows their star rating for each duty instead of a number.
• Word bubbles that appear when citizens chat now properly reflects the conversation flow.
• New icons for zones and inspector stats tab.
• Broken objects now spark to indicate the fire risk they pose.
• Bartenders now stand behind their bar while they serve drinks. Citizens walk up to the bar to order a drink.
• Citizens post to Spaceface about drinking. Randomly generated drink examples: Smashy Gargle Blaster, Red Scumm, Sticky Frobnabulator.
• Balance: Duty failure logic changed. Technicians cause fires far less frequently.
• Balance: Duty experience gain rate is now more balanced across the different duties. Citizens who spend time doing something should gain experience and become better at a reasonable rate.
• Balance: Bed condition no longer degrades. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out other, more legitimate ways to make beds catch fire in a future update.
• Balance: Citizen morale is more stable. Fewer things cause it to dip up and down drastically, though lots of citizens dying still makes people (understandably) bummed.
• Balance: New derelicts won’t show up if you haven’t been exploring the ones already out there.
• Balance: Citizens won’t post as much on Spaceface about unmet needs; they’ll only post about their most pressing need.
• Fixed: Various bugs relating to citizens/raiders/monsters fighting in vacuum.
• Fixed: Different portraits now appear in the docking/immigration request dialog.
• Fixed: Spaceface display didn’t show most recent update.
• Fixed: The user is not reimbursed when they lose planned objects during a re-zoning.
• Fixed: < and > no longer let you select enemy / hidden characters.
Alpha 1c hotfix:
• Spacewalking citizens traveling underneath the base now appear smaller. We’re still working on a final visual for this, but it’s somewhat clearer what’s happening now.
• Hover the mouse over a blog post on SpacebaseDF9.com and press “v” to vent that post into space. (Chrome/Firefox only)
• New savegame file format. No impact on gameplay.
• Fixed: Black screen or misaligned rendering on some 15” or higher Retina Macbooks.
• Fixed: Miscellaneous crashes.
Alpha 1b hotfix:
• Technicians now prioritize objects with lower condition.
• Post-processing is now enabled by default on Linux.
• It’s no longer possible to set a beacon for a number of Security duty citizens greater than the number you currently have.
• Corpses disappear after 10 minutes of real world time instead of 1 week.
• New options in Audio/Video settings menu:
- Use OS Mouse Cursor: Use your operating system’s hardware-accelerated mouse cursor, in case you experience cursor lag.
- Enable Post Effects: Enable screen post-processing effects for improved visuals.
- Fullscreen: Run the game full-screen.
• Fixed: Duty counts should only reflect characters who are citizens of your base.
• Fixed: Broken refineries can still be used to convert asteroids into matter.
• Fixed: Wrong graphic displays for broken Airlock Lockers.
• Fixed: Time control hotkeys can trigger unsupported 0.5 game speed.
• Fixed: Small seams between wall and floor tile art.
Alpha 1a hotfix:
• WASD keys now pan the camera in Inspect Mode.
• Fixed: Construct Mode drag commands cause framerate hitches on Linux systems.
• Fixed: Asteroids are invisible when starting a new base with cutaway view enabled.
• Fixed: Placing a Fusion Reactor crashes the game.
• Fixed: Rugs sort in front of people.
• Fixed: Various crashes based on our top crash reports. (Note: to disable automated crash reporting, set “crash_reporting” to false in bootconfig.cfg in the game’s save directory.)
• Soundtrack: Reduced file size by converting WAV files to FLAC lossless codec.

Build a sprawling flotilla-city in space. Peer into the thoughts of its citizens: see their personalities, prejudices, and relationships play out in unexpected ways. Allow visiting ships to permanently join with your base. Take screenshots and string them together into stories to show your friends.

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

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by Chris Remo

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Если ты нашел новую версию игры Spacebase DF-9 v1.07.1, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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Комментарии игроков (242 шт.)

От: businassman [411|462] | Дата 2018-08-29 16:51:18

На Zone of Games выложили русификатор от Siberian GRemlin Studio.
От: HITMAN1 [95|61] | Дата 2017-03-01 17:37:10

обновите до 1081... где исходники скачать?
От: Matlara [11|26] | Дата 2016-10-14 10:04:23

Игру в принципе так и не доделали,а жаль.
От: kalka01 [0|1] | Дата 2016-01-29 15:11:43

Ну игрушка норм но жаль что нет русского языка
От: This_New_Sparta [109|85] | Дата 2015-11-07 03:03:53


Pigsea сказал:

надеюсь дописать русификатор до 30 числа, заранее хочу предупредить, что первый вариант перевода будет не лучшего качества и в дальнейшем будет совершенствоваться

А где ?..
От: Korran [49|26] | Дата 2015-10-08 17:14:50

Pigsea, надеюсь, вы извлекли для себя урок. Нельзя зарекаться со сроками, не имея поддержки.
От: CnupT [16|2] | Дата 2015-10-08 16:17:43

Думаю эта информация будет полезной: http://gamasutra.com/view/news/255601/Modders_pick_up_Spacebase_development_where_Double_Fine_left_off.php
От: Monceber [1|5] | Дата 2015-07-19 21:02:56

Нормальная игрушка, можно позалипать парк часов
От: Pigsea [5|12] | Дата 2015-04-20 17:00:36

Игра подкупила мою фантазию, но не запускается на моем днище-ноуте. По этому решил занялся переводом, не люблю вгонять себя в рамки, но надеюсь дописать русификатор до 30 числа, заранее хочу предупредить, что первый вариант перевода будет не лучшего качества и в дальнейшем будет совершенствоваться
От: Z0Mb [24|52] | Дата 2015-03-29 12:18:21

играл в более старую версию, всё вроде нормально работает, трупы уносят, охрана защищает, главное сделать турели по всему периметру базы и внутри. Но в итоге, любезно поприветствовав, прилетает целый флот пиратов и вычищает всю базу)
Жаль, что забросили. Очень интересная игруха.
От: grem2180 [11|0] | Дата 2015-03-29 10:07:27


Kane463 сказал:

В игре явно виден потенциал

К сожалению, был виден. Разработка, вроде как, остановлена, исходники выложены в открытый доступ.
От: Kane463 [0|3] | Дата 2015-03-28 22:55:48

В игре явно виден потенциал, но отношение разработчиков просто убивает. Пока не выйдет - смысла в ней нет.
От: diFoxy [3|21] | Дата 2015-02-28 08:11:28

Непроходимая тупость ИИ просто зашкаливает! Техники занимаются всем, чем угодно кроме ремонта оборудования.
Охранники, которые по долгу службы должны спасать мое несчастное (да да, именно несчастное - пираты, метеориты и прочие напасти не дают даже вздохнуть, про выбор локации с правильными "параметрами" можете даже не говорить - НЕ ПОМОГАЕТ!) население базы от недоброжелательно настроенных индивидуумов, всегда чего то ждут. Если к ним пришло прозрения и они ринулись защищать жителей базы, то это еще ничего не значит!
Доктора, которые должны убирать трупы, постоянно чем то заняты, и поэтому база выглядит как кладбище. Бррр, жуть. Хорошо хоть про пациентов не забывают.
К ботаникам пока претензий нет. Возможно я просто мало поиграла?
Ученые народ "творческий", поэтому тут все сложно. Работа вроде есть, а вроде и нет.
Если бы, да кабы… Но эту игру посмотреть стоит, может кого и затянет, мой вечер она съела.
От: Dmig [12|30] | Дата 2014-12-24 14:09:44

Соглашусь с остальными, нападений на базу много. Но слава разрабам! Оптимизировали (хотя и не очень). В целом игра неплохая но моя оценка 7 из 10.
От: Vladislav14 [4|1] | Дата 2014-11-22 16:15:30

пару раз когда начинал трудно был, но потом мне повезло и я разыгрался до прикольненького кораблика
От: Deniska [680|188] | Дата 2014-11-22 15:16:37


PashaQMP сказал:

Советую еще поиграть в spacestation 13

Там немного другой геймплей. Но, если имеется ввиду сходство в названии, то ок.
От: Valeraka [3|14] | Дата 2014-11-17 19:52:53

Всё бы ничего.Но с последним апдейтом участились нападения на базу!!
От: PashaQMP [11|11] | Дата 2014-11-17 19:19:07

Советую еще поиграть в spacestation 13
От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-17 12:39:28


Darkspire сказал:

Всем кого достали пираты просто надо выбрать для старта локу далекую от варп гейтов. Правда тогда и обычные корабли мимо тоже редко пролетать будут

А просто сменил дамаг туррели с 30 на 300

DarthNihilus подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

*А я*
От: Darkspire [1|0] | Дата 2014-11-16 22:21:01

Игруха отменная - половину багов с поведением чаров и количеством рейдов пофиксили уже (к версии 1.06) играть стало реально интересно.
З.Ы. Всем кого достали пираты просто надо выбрать для старта локу далекую от варп гейтов. Правда тогда и обычные корабли мимо тоже редко пролетать будут
От: VRACH112 [23|10] | Дата 2014-11-16 19:07:02

От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-16 14:18:08

спасибо за обнов
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2014-11-15 00:58:20

Spacebase DF-9 1.06 released 13 ноября
Очень куча фиксов.

Animanyak подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Убрать бы "очень", да не редактируется.
От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-14 13:22:35

upd 1.06
От: lab-rico [1|0] | Дата 2014-11-13 19:40:46

игру закрыли и делают толькофиксы, не стоит ждать ни нового ни интелект. увы.
От: Exibeon [2|18] | Дата 2014-11-13 03:11:16

Наверно закончу следить за этой игрой на 1.05 версии. Ничего нового не добавляют, делают только фиксы. Игра стоит внимания, не смотря на ее последующую однообразность. Сейчас не часто встретишь хорошие, перспективные инди-проекты. Работы сделано много, чувствуется что старались. Интеллект у ботов, необходимо все же дорабатывать, потому что он тупенький. Игру, очень оценят любители Prison architect и RimWorld, в ней есть что-то похожее.
От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-12 18:50:34

спасибо за своевременный абдейд

DarthNihilus думал несколько дней и добавил:

Если кому-то интересно, я тут наваял мод для минимизации HUD. Прямая ссылка http://darthnihilus.ucoz.ua/load/0-0-0-514-20
От: MAHAX [19|13] | Дата 2014-11-09 19:55:49

Прикольная игра, только недоделанная как FTL, вроде все есть но чегото не хватает игрухе
От: Snawk [-1|0] | Дата 2014-11-09 17:00:53

О бозеее, это же так олдскульноо
От: MrLeo [3|7] | Дата 2014-11-09 12:16:00

Как песочница, игра меня порадовала, а как симулятор жизни в открытом космосе - НЕТ! Из-за чего-то стало много рейдов бандитов. Не исправили стыковку кораблей противников к холодильникам на кухне. Да ещё и недоделанную версию выпустили как полную сказав мол:"Идите и просите мододелов увеличивать контент, а мы уже игры выпустили с половиной контента, которого обещали". Так что разработчики нас кинули.Идите к мододелам дамы и господа. 8/10.
От: lab-rico [1|0] | Дата 2014-11-09 10:01:12

за руссик я чуть ниже отписывал, нужно заменить шрифты с поддержкой кириллицы.
сами тексты лежат в отдельном файле и переводить их не трудно все дело именно в поддержки кириллицы.

на стиме отписал но там разрабы не особо активны, поэтому нужен умелец с прямыми руками и будет руссик.
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2014-11-09 09:16:57

Русик был бы, если бы авторы не делали апдейт за апдейтом, с крупными правками, кому охота снова переводить новый тескт, если через неделю другую выйдет еще один.

Animanyak подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Список обновлений и не ясно еще сколько их будет в будущем.
Spacebase DF-9 1.05 released
Fixed: Citizens no longer place stuff on shelves, always have "stuff" need unsatisfied.
Fixed: Dropped ore disappears.
Fixed: Various rare crashes.
От: Oxygene [5|0] | Дата 2014-11-08 17:49:34

Камрады, 1.05 released
От: knyaz21042104 [0|3] | Дата 2014-11-07 15:14:22

Прекрасная игра, если бы только русик. Если кто знает где русик взять отовитесь
От: Animanyak [13|3] | Дата 2014-11-07 09:05:56

Вышла новая 1.04 версия, в игре сделали много фиксов.
От: Deniska [680|188] | Дата 2014-11-06 11:20:49


DarthNihilus сказал:

двери не всегда оперируемы (открыть/закрыть/норма)?

Не знаю от чего это зависит, но да, не всегда работают.

DarthNihilus сказал:

как вы все справляетесь с до...щем рейдеров которые постоянно валят после 30 "лет" игры?

На стены вешай турели.
От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-06 02:14:48

А какого [...] двери не всегда оперируемы (открыть/закрыть/норма)?

DarthNihilus думал несколько часов и добавил:

И как вы все справляетесь с до...щем рейдеров которые постоянно валят после 30 "лет" игры?
От: Deniska [680|188] | Дата 2014-11-05 18:48:12


DarthNihilus сказал:

После смерти перса иногда лут выпадает. Это просто для красоты?

Построй полки на стенах. Туда будут складывать эти "сувениры".
От: DarthNihilus [17|18] | Дата 2014-11-05 14:23:32


Exibeon сказал:

Создается впечатление что метеориты кидают именно пираты, чтобы загубить основную систему. Не знаю как у других, но у меня вот так.

Лично у меня всегда рандомно - то в жилзону, то в реактор, то к учёным, то к шлюзу.

Такой нубиан вопрос. После смерти перса иногда лут выпадает. Это просто для красоты?

DarthNihilus подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Deniska сказал:

Единственное, что я не понял в этой игре, так это как исследовать технологии. В остальном все довольно неплохо.

В 1.03 нужно выделить ЗОНУ лаборатории и слева ОДИН раз нажать мышей. Когда мышу отводишь - выбранное остается выделенным. Можно жать Back. В других лабах - другое можно выбрать. А окно исследований само по себе-только инфа. Сам допёр только на второй день, балда я.
От: Exibeon [2|18] | Дата 2014-11-05 01:23:29


Navedan сказал:

А ты хитри с врагами

Да чего хитрить, они сами генераторы воздуха уничтожают. Просто в тот раз они грохнули весь персонал, а потом прилетело только 3 человека, после чего снова пираты, в кол-ве 10 штук. Тут уже по моему ничего не сделать, кроме как начать заново.
Кстати, понял один интересный момент в событиях. Когда к базе летят обломки, то они всегда нацелены на систему жизниобсепечения, либо рядом с ней. Летят они только на живую часть базы, если всю базу сделать мертвой и построить рядом с ней еще одну, то все метеориты (мусор) полетят именно на живую часть, в том числе пираты будут стыковать тоже на нее. Вроде бы логично с пиратами, но с метеоритами выглядит не реалистично. Нужно было добавить рандомную позицию с метеоритами, а не фиксированную (нацеленную). Создается впечатление что метеориты кидают именно пираты, чтобы загубить основную систему. Не знаю как у других, но у меня вот так.


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