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Скачать игру The Adventures of Square v1.4 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 9
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3599|10] | 2017-05-31 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3170) | Просмотров: 2458

The Adventures of Square v1.4

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от BigBrik Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (3170)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 29.12 Мб.

The Adventures of Square - FPS в ретро стиле, в духе олдскульных шутеров как Doom. Гениальный доктор Октагон похищен! Вы должны найти его и спасти от Круга Зла, мистического культа.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 1.3 до 1.4. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский


- Base engine is now GZDoom 2.4.0! This will re-unify the versions into one
download! If you want the GL renderer, select it in the video menu and

- Weapon makeovers!
- Spruced up the TITLEPIC a bit.
- Re-did the menus to use language entries and added/changed some sections.
Lots of things may be reorganized from last version. Sorry if this confuses
- Tweaked Jetpack Jerk graphics to make less object pool pollution.
- Ovolts revamped: New looks, better Ovolt death sounds, and they're more
- Adjusted damage from Ovolt explosions.
- Slight Chatterbox sound tweaks.
- Metal debris now has sounds to tickle the eardrums when you're blowing up robots!
- Actors: Making sounds stop on deactivated fountains was using a deprecated
- Actors: Fixed precision problems in some random value ranges.
- All Maps: Fixed bad or garbage data causing issues in slated (G)ZDoom builds.
- Sound: Adjusted some sounds played by exploding enemies.
- Destructinator's "lock-on" crosshair's height was changed due to engine changes.
This has been fixed.
- Adjusted damage that Square takes from green goonade goo.
- A bunch of "modern" robots now explode with fragments of some mysterious

- Fixed some invisible walls on cliffs in E1A3 (and still prevented the player
getting up there).
- Added a game hint about crates in E1A3.
- Extended the ladder to the yellow key path in E1A3.
- Some slight powerup changes in E1A6.
- Fixed some "node holes" in E1A6.
- Made a switch in E1A7 not locked.
- Moved the passcode disc in E1A8 to a more findable location.

- The Fishtank uses a better effect that does not wash out the vibrant colors
of Square's universe. You also get an audible/visual warning when you are
about to run out of air!


- Square Jabber chance can now be set. Default is 15%. If you already disabled
this before, you'll need to set it 0 again. Sorry.

- Some sprite facelifts.
- Goonade puddles now do the damage the airborne globs do. It was different
for some reason.
- Goonade goo also always makes enemies flinch, to convey that it actually is
damaging and to make it slightly more useful.
- Adjusted the "fast" speed of the Dark Ovolt attack. This makes them a tad
more fair in Cubular.

- It was a mistake making all the NPCs extend ScriptedMarine. Now they just
extend SquareMonster.

- Hellshell sub-explosions no longer thrust the player, making Hellshell-
jumping much more consistent.
- The cows in E1A10 looked a little chilly, so we gave them some winter wear.
- Some fountains that were red should have been purple due to a typo.
- Yellow giblets are now the proper yellow for the GL ports.


- MAPINFO skill definitions changed to not interfere with existing skill
definition names. Also added "clearskills" to ensure that existing behavior
is not copied in the future.

- Tweaked Color Cube behavior - now they won't fire the same type of attack
twice in a row.
- Tweaked Goonade damage for more overall effectiveness, not just direct hits.
- Goonade direct hit damage varies with force of throw. Max power = max damage.

- Fixed some maps with forcefields that hurt enemies when they touched them.
- Cleaned up some automap lines.
- Added a hidden gag to E1A8 that we really wanted to add earlier on in


- Core ZDoom and GZDoom version updated (2.8.1/2.1.1 respectively).
- Distribution split into two packages due to source port fragmentation. (Sorry!)
- Some internal reorganizing of resources for the new ZDoom versions.

- Goonades are now an offhand weapon (thrown with the ALTFIRE/GOONADE button).
By default, this is the RIGHT Mouse Button.
- Reloadable weapons (currently just the Quadcannon) reload with the RELOAD button.
- Hotsauce renders you invulnerable for its duration on ALL skill levels, now.
We figured it was best to keep it as fun as possible.
- Fishtanks, which can be essential, are no longer counted as "items."
- Rectangoliers now behave properly in Cubular (which, of course, is the skill
setting that they are featured in. whoops). This means they'll probably be
more aggressive and bothersome than usual. We're not sorry.
- Changed the "replay" button in Time Attack to RELOAD instead of FIRE.

- Added a bunch of kooky adornments to Square's face for each powerup.
- Added Goonade counter to the "block" statusbar.
- Fixed/changed the secret area message.
- Fixed a lemonade pickup message (picked up on low health).
- Fixed some sprite offsets on candles and torches.
- Status bar is now removed/changed during intermission.
- Tweaked some VO timings for when Square dispatches a baddie.
- Giblets now bounce off ceilings. They looked weird just stopping when hitting
- Slight menu and credits tweaks.

- Added "ladder" game hint to another ladder in E1A1. Only one will be triggered,
- Changed a small section of E1A3.
- Some bars blocked projectile attacks on E1A6. Now they don't.
- Fixed "unknown things" on E1A6.
- Changed some Block Player lines and Walkable Lines in E1A8 to be shot through
or walked on.


- Slightly better implementation of the "Promo" fix.
- The ammo packs dropped by some circle guys could get crushed under doors and
stuff. Fixed!
- There was a bunch of bullet ricochet sounds that weren't being used. Time to
remedy that! Stuck them on some enemy bullet puffs so Square knows he's
being shot at.
- Shatterboxes explode differently now, to differentiate them from other
enemies that behave similarly (or WILL behave similarly...).
- Updated Destructinator crosshair. Slightly more informative.
- Some powerups were not clearing when the intermission screen was reached.
- Fishtank duration increased to 90 seconds.
- The Locationator now shows all automap objects for 30 seconds (map is still
revealed for the whole level). Shows up as "Scanner" on HUD.
- Changed around some powerup HUD labels.
- Added some forcefield powerdown sounds.
- A single Oozi Jerk frame had fullbright pixels on it when it shouldn't have.
- Some maps never had all 8 Co-op starts! Guess nobody plays Co-op, or we would
have heard about it!
- Throwing Goonades and dropping crates no longer alerts enemies.

- Square now has a LOT more things to say.


- Changed some "fullbright" pixels on some sprites, notably the robotic enemies.
- A mode called "Promo Mode" would still be active even if it were disabled.
- Added licensing information for end-users.


- Tweaked the output levels of some sound clips.
- Last patch broke Square's voiceovers when picking up Defibs. Fixed!


- Added a "strength meter" to Goonade throws so that the throw force is more
easily determined.
- Made explosions and smoke/steam effects look better (smoke billows).
- Quadcannon fires 12 pellets instead of 10, firing spread adjusted slightly.
- TNT crates explode a little more strongly.
- Nuke crates damage less on initial explosion.
- Fizzo crate explosion damage reduced dramatically, but now they blast things
away like the defibs!
- NPCs now go immediately into a FRIGHTENED state when shot.

- Added small boxes to the Square key balcony in E1A1 to convey rail-jumping
- Modified E1A8 slightly to convey Fizzocrate mechanic.
- Fixed a place in E1A9 where the player could get stuck between crates.

- Enabled in-game hints by default (reminder: they can be turned off).
- Added subtitles (and subtitle system) for some voice clips. They too can be
toggled in the menu.

- Removed TRAINING episode. Deemed unnecessary. It's still reachable in the
game via console: "map training"


- Out of beta!

- D_E1A4 and D_DM04 had doubled notes.
- Souped up D_E1END a bit.
- Entire statusbar now changes color with Square's color!
- Three new player colors, maroon, beige, and orange, added.
- Hot Sauce fireballs now translate properly.
- Jetpack Jerks still blocked the player on death.
- Angle Fish no longer count towards kill percentage.
- TITLEMAP now has a name (for console messages).
- New sprites for Square player character and all NPCs.
- NPCs also now have additional "frightened" frames.
- Switch "defaultmap" to "gamedefaults" in global MAPINFO. Makes
better sense this way for add-on maps.
- Adjusted some Circle health and Cylonder health. Cylonder was
a tad too beefy.

- Texture alignment/adjustments across all maps.

- Added hint system and hints to E1A1.
- Some ammo adjustment on E1A1 after Shotbow addition.
- Removed E1A2 railing near Circle Key.
- Slime corridor in E1A2 has warning signs.
- Two secrets added to E1A2.
- Added "Monster Block" flag to some computer inlets on E1A2.
- Culled some health items on E1A4.
- Added a secret to E1A4.
- Changed a secret from an item secret to a sector secret in E1A4.
- Highlighted the Shotbow in E1A4. It could've been easily missed.
- Changed a trigger in a secret area.
- Culled some health items on E1A5 - Square's gotta watch the calories.
- Changed the appearance of the bobbing teleporter in E1A5.
- Adjusted some lifts on E1A6.
- Changed a powerup or two on E1A6.
- Adjusted lighting in some places in E1A7.
- Made a Fizzo-Pop a secret on E1A8.
- Adjusted E1A9 monster placement for Normal/Experienced skill.
- Changed intermission music handling at end of E1A9.
- Adjusted comedic timing on a PA message on E1A9.
- Changed E1A10 monster-block lines a little.

The Adventures of Square is a standalone first-person shooter using the ZDoom Engine, featuring real, retro first-person-shooter gameplay, in the vein of older shooters like Doom.

The brilliant Doctor Octagon has been kidnapped! Square must find him, and rescue him from the clutches of the Circle of Evil, a mysterious cult hellbent on the domination of Shape Land. He will square off against terrible monsters and impossible traps in order to prove that he's no square when it comes to justice. Guide him to the center of the Circles' domain, unravel their malicious plot, and win the day fair and square!

Save anywhere and at anytime! Food is health! No ragdoll physics! It has it all!

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От: Bio95 [18|1] | Дата 2016-06-10 00:25:36

Paint-версия Doom :D


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