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Скачать игру RED HOT VENGEANCE v1.1.8 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Kusko [2090|31] | 2019-08-18 (обновлено) | Аркадные шутеры (1834) | Просмотров: 2335


• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от Bros Before Giraffes (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркадные шутеры (1834)
• Язык: Русская версия (6733)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 171.60 Мб.
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- SUPERHOTline Miami Build 12.04.2015

RED HOT VENGEANCE - стильный изометрический шутер, который является смесью John Wick и Hotline Miami, где вы в роли киллера впадаете в ярость и оставляете за собой след мертвых, окровавленных тел, пока вы не сведете счеты со своим работодателем. Ваш киллер живет только по одному правилу - не убивать женщин или детей. Однако, когда его работодатель вынуждает его нарушить это правило, он впадает в неистовство в стиле John Wick с целью мести.

Теперь на русском языке.

Игра обновлена до v1.1.8. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Быстро геймплей RED HOT VENGEANCE похож на Hotline Miami, но у вас есть полоска здоровья (а не один выстрел - одно убийство), и у вас есть удобная возможность сфокусироваться на целях. Тут есть хороший выбор открываемого оружия (некоторые из которых вы можете использовать в двуручном режиме), также вы можете убивать людей через двери / окна, использовав опасности окружающего мира в своих интересах (например, машину). Эта сюжетная кампания включает 10 больших уровней, а также редактор уровней и 30 челленджей, чтобы проверить свои навыки.

В целом, это веселая игра с великолепным визуальным стилем, большим количеством контента и множеством быстрых кровопролитных битв.

Список изменений:
New stuff
• Added different outfits for the character in the editor, as suggested by Firearm Extravaganza. You can choose between the default, no suit+tie, police outfit, and 3 SWAT variants with/without armor pieces.
• Added weapon spawner object. Spawns a weapon with a user determined amount of ammo in the magazine when activated.
• Added item spawner object. Can spawn either an ammo box, health kit, or keycard.
• Added option to disable background menu effects in the performance settings menu. Anyone getting low frames on the menus should disable this. I had to add/modify code on every menu to make it work and I think everything is working but if you find something weird make a thread in the bug reports.
• Added the missing boundary walls on “Ghost” challenge.
• Put most of the interface/hud strings in a json file to allow for easy localization.
• KB+M: Removed the ability to switch targets with mouse wheel. This feature was intended for gamepads because you can use the analog stick to select a target by pointing it towards the desired enemy relative to the current target enemy. Since a mouse wheel can obviously only go up or down, this doesn’t work. Instead I opted to just let the mouse wheel scroll through every enemy on the map in the order the enemies are created (why tf did I do this). Anyway, switching targets is gamepad only now, and the mouse wheel can be used to change weapons while locked on.
• Added Russian subtitle localization. REDteam (pipindor666) was generous enough to translate the subtitles to Russian for us! We can’t thank them enough :) The subtitle file ‘subtitles.json’ is now ‘subtitles_en.json’ and the new Russian translation is ‘subtitles_ru.json’. A new option in the game settings menu is there to switch languages. As for menu translations, the strings are currently hardcoded in English, so I need to do a lot more work to make them translatable.
• Added Gray Corpses option in the Game settings. When enabled, dead enemies will turn gray. Should help anyone having trouble distinguishing the player when standing on top of bodies.
• Added BloodPool object in the editor that spawns blood decals. Basically it’s just an object that spawns a cluster of blood particles on the floor which will in turn spawn the decals. It’s what I used to place blood in the slaughterhouse because placing individual decals by hand sucks.
• Added FencePost object in the editor. It’s just a pole you can put on the corner of fences.
• Added REDteam to the credits.
• Player hp parameter now sets the maximum hp
• Enemies now have an option to display their hp bar
• Added Russian translation for the menu, translated by REDteam
• Level editor is currently untranslatable. Most of the strings are actual variable names so they can't be changed anyway.
• Added the draw_hp parameter for the SWAT enemies and enemy spawner
• Added Spanish translation by Juan Manuel Villanueva Rábano.
• The player's acceleration on keyboard is slightly increased to match acceleration on gamepad. These were supposed to be the same, but I must have changed it at some point for testing purposes and forgot about it. Hopefully movement will feel a bit tighter on keyboard now.
• Added rebinding for L3 and R3 on controllers.

• Fixed several memory leaks with the map editor. Mostly happened if you opened and closed windows and when you test the level. This should hopefully fix the crashes. If it doesn't that either means there is still a memory leak or its caused by something else I don't know about.
• Fixed incorrect song titles in the editor.
• Made some changes to the way some of the achievements are detected.
• Fixed TV not rotating in user levels.
• Added AggroTrigger object to the editor. This aggros enemies within its radius when activated by a trigger volume or trigger button. If you tick the assault_mode variable, then the enemies aggroed by it will always know your location. If you tick alert_only, then the enemies will be aggroed into the “searching for player” state.
• Fixed bugs with hit detection of the explosive boxes. Collision check failed at low framerates because of delta timing but it should be all fixed now.
• Fixed some of the wipe/fade transition effects not animating based on delta time.
• Fixed RESET KEYBOARD TO DEFAULT button not resetting the lock on key
• Fixed bug where enemies DON’T EVEN ATTACK YOU ON LEVEL 1 TRAIN SECTION. It’s been there since release I can’t even believe this.
• Fixed cars in custom maps not rotating their hitbox properly.
• Added Cyrillic characters to menu fonts
• Fixed bug in the map editor where links between trigger volumes and some triggerable event objects aren’t visible, as well as the links between triggerable buttons and the event objects.
• Fixed bug where loadout menu would remain open and usable while game is paused (happened when minimizing game while loadout menu is open)
• Fixed a couple of small typos in the English subtitles.
• Fixed typo in objectives for the metro level.

RED HOT VENGEANCE is a stylish isometric twin-stick shooter that plays like a blend of John Wick and Hotline Miami as a hitman goes on a blood-splattered rampage after being crossed by his employer.

In RED HOT VENGEANCE you take on the role of a skilled hitman who lives by one rule – no killing women or children. However, when his employer forces him to break that rule he goes on a John Wick style rampage, leaving a trail of dead bodies as he looks for vengeance.

The fast paced twin-stick shooter gameplay of RED HOT VENGEANCE is similar to Hotline Miami, but you have a health bar (rather than one-shot-one-kill) and you have a handy ability to lock-on to your targets. There’s a nice selection of unlockable weaponry (some of which you can dual-wield) and you can use blast people through doors/windows and use environmental hazards to your advantage. The story campaign features 10 large levels and there’s also a level editor and 30 challenge missions to test your gunslinging skills in too.

It’s a fun game with a great visual style, plenty of content and plenty of fast paced blood-splattered twin-stick combat. Well worth training your sights on.

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