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Скачать игру Blood Brawl v0.0.3.6 [Prototype] / Blood Hunters - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 4
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3551|10] | 2017-04-27 (обновлено) | Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3331) | Просмотров: 6916

Blood Brawl v0.0.3.6 [Prototype] / Blood Hunters

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (14535) от ScarabGames (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3331); Файтинги (517); Сетевые / ХотСит (2057)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 234.62 Мб.

Blood Hunters - кровавый файтинг для 2-4 игроков, где навыки платформеров и позиционирование играют большую роль. Кастомизируйте своего персонажа разными силами и артефактами, и узнайте все способы брутального уничтожения своих оппонентов!

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с до Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Особенности игры:
• битвы для 2-4 игроков
• используйте окружающую среду в свою пользу
• 4 персонажа с уникальными стилями игры
• 4 разные силы, которые играют ключевую роль
• разукрасьте уровни в кровавый цвет
• повышайте уровень, чтобы разблокировать артефакты
• 4 огромные и впечатляющие локации
introduces new camera, the remaining 28 artifacts, new improved blood effects, new post processes and many gameplay tweaks. This is still a prototype with placeholder graphics and no online matches. There is however bots to play against and keyboard support, although a controller is highly recommended.
.Added bots
.Added keyboard support
.Added a new character ability : Stump. Press down + jump to execute Stump
.Added a new character ability : Quickfire. Use right analog to aim and quickfire, use R2 while quickfiring to cease fire

.Teleport now has it's own effect
.Players collide with each other in a much less clumsy way, by pushing instead of colliding
.Increased performance

.Hovering has gotten a significant boost, letting players fly
.New character select interface
.Ultra kill rewards 50 points instead of 20 points for regular kills

.Ultras should be more stable

Known issues
.Occasional framerate issues
.Stuck in ground issues
.Player input occasionally does not register
.Lower framerates may cause all sorts of bugs
.Rapid ragdoll twitches
.Bots occasionally get stuck
.Bots are not very good at avoiding bloodstone area denials
.Blood Totems :
Removed generators and traps and replaced them with blood totems
Stand in front of a blood totem to capture it
Each blood totem you own rewards you with 10 extra kill points as long as they are active
Once captured, your totem will deactive after a period of time
Opponents will be able to capture your deactivated totems
Your totems fire projectiles at your opponents
The more totems you own, the more powerful all your totems become

.Gravity Orbs :
Gain camera control for 15 seconds
Gravity orbs are captured by walking into them
Gravity orbs are located between each blood totem

.Ultra Gates :
Ultra crates have been replaced with ultra gates
Ultra gates appear every 80 seconds
Stand in front of ultra gate to capture it

.Kinetic Teleport lets you teleport to the highest platform
.Projectiles can now also be fired upwards/areal
.Taunt with R3
.Options menu

.All levels have been cleaned up to be easier to read
.Improved blood shader and texture
.Improved Horik's ultra effect
.Opponents who are hit, freeze and flash briefly
.All projectiles ready and ultra ready visuals have been replaced with matching placholder art
.New player bar interface
.New main menu
.Added placeholder music to menu and levels

.Bloodstone area denials now override existing area denials
.Fire bloodstone's flame breath now deals damage over time rather than instant damage
.Push and pull now has infinite range
.Skarr's ultra has been changed to a zig zag like attack
.Warpex's ultra has been changed to acid vomit
.New control scheme introduces movement modification
.XP is now earned from score and ultra kills
.Level ceiling has been lowered
.All heroes move slightly faster
.All heroes jump slightly higher

.Fixed issue with Horik's ultra not killing opponents
.Warpex's projectile has been coded from scratch, should be much more reliable
.Xia's projectile should be much more reliable
.Fixed camera shaking too much

Known issues
.Player names might get confused occasionally in player wins text
.Occasional framerate issues
.Stuck in ground issues
.Player input occasionally does not register
.Lower framerates may cause all sorts of bugs
.Rapid ragdoll twitches
.Generators and traps :
Capture generators while they are exposed to own the traps
Owning a trap will grant you the kills from opponents dying from those traps
Dying form a trap that is not owned will give a kill to all opponents
Go through laser traps unharmed if you own them

.New missile explosion effect
.New power charged effect
.New thorsten sounds
.Nearly finished dash effect and sounds
.Nearly finished push and pull effects and sounds
.Work in progress of final ice crystal effects
.New and improved character select interface
.New and improved end of match screen

.Artifacts now only have one perk
.Characters now have a class
.Artifacts now belong to a character class
.You can now select the same artifact multiple times if they are able to stack
.Crates now fall inside the players view every time and self destruct after x seconds
.Crates are now opened by simply standing close to them, you no longer have to press down

.Environmental powers now consistently deal damage
.Highlighted buttons that aren't selected are no longer highlighted

Known issues
.Occasionally fall through the ground and get stuck. Lower FPS increases the risk. Use console command 'Unstuck'
.Small chance that weapons will go through opponents without giving damage
.Chance that Thorstens ultra points in a strange direction
.Chance of surviving a direct hit from Throstens ultra
.Chance that Xia's ultra goes through walls
.Chance of ending in endless spinning after using Octus projectile, jump to stop the spinning
.Chance that Octus projectile gets pushed back by opponent collision
.Low framerate will in general cause problems with player physics and movement
.Small chance that pressing an attack button will not do anything
.Creating a profile with the same name as an existing profile will overwrite it with a blank profile
.Kill cam

.New missile explosion effect
.New power charged effect
.New thorsten sounds


.Analog movement now working properly

Known issues
.Stats are buggy
.Rare chance of falling through ground and getting stuck
.Rare chance of attack not being executed
.Rare chance of getting stuck mid air
.Diving for a while will create a blast when you land which interupts and pushes opponents nearby
.Stats screen has been added in character select screen - press triangle
.Player profiles has been added - press square to create a new profile
.When crystal power is charged, weapons become enhanced in various ways depending on the chosen crystal
.3 Artifacts can now be chosen in character select - Each artifact has 3 perks
.A match score screen is shown at the end of every match
.Experience points can be earned to level up
.Reach 3000xp to Level up. Each level up grants you 1 artifact unlocked
.Wall jumping
.Added dismemberment when dying
.Blood permanently stays on level

.Added dynamic sound effects when attacking
.Added new hit sounds
.New blood effect
.Lifebar added to HUD
.Player with ultra have their player bar on fire
.Fire breath now grows over time
.Ice spike now grows over time
.All characters now have directional attacks

.Alpha has faster acceleration
.Xia is less floaty while airborne
.Dive speeds increased on all characters
.Environmental powers now deal much more damage
.Thorsten's ultra now has splash damage

.Falling and jumping through platforms has been fixed... Mostly...
.You can no longer duck and move at the same time
.Fixed a bug where crates wouldn't open
.Fixed squid ragdoll
.Less glitchy animations
.Fixed a bug where attacks wouldn't execute

Known issues
.Stats are buggy
.Rare chance of falling through ground and getting stuck
.Rare chance of attack not being executed

Blood Hunters is a 2-4 player fighting game where platform skills and positioning plays a big role. Explore ways of brutally destroying your opponents by customizing your character with powers and artifacts.

• 2-4 player battles
• Use the level layout to your advantage
• 4 characters, each with unique play styles
• Choose between 4 powers that plays a key role in the way you play
• 'Paint' the level with persistent blood and gore
• Level up to unlock artifacts which further customizes the way you play
• 4 large locations that forces players to adapt to the layout as players traverse the level
• 4 large and immersive locations
• Wide levels requires players to adapt to the layout as they reveal
• Adapt to the layout as the movement of battles reveals various sections of a level

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От: QuizzER [7|0] | Дата 2016-09-26 19:02:00

Во-оот это мессево
От: Xwent [3|6] | Дата 2016-09-26 00:15:08

Игра нормальная, но с управлением , конечно , перебор.
От: KIRITO228 [0|0] | Дата 2016-05-05 15:21:26

Игра по себе хороша , но добавьте управление на клавиатуру


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