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Скачать игру Jet Set Knights v15.05.2017 - торрент, полная версия

Рейтинг: 10.0 (3) | Баллы: 7
Игру добавил Elektra [7672|138], ред. John2s [10354|1659] | 2017-05-16 (обновлено) | Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3399) | Просмотров: 21626

Jet Set Knights v15.05.2017

• SGi навигация / Navigation:
• Разработчик / Developer: FobTi interactive (3)
• Жанр / Genre: Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3399); Сетевые / ХотСит (2076); Ролевые игры (RPG) (2461)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 55.57 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10 (всего голосов: 3)

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Jet Set Knights - олдскульный экшен-платформер с элементами RPG рассчитанный на сингл или локальный мультиплеер (2-4 человека). В игре множество режимов, для игры в кооперативе три - Last Man Standing, Domination и EGG Tournament. Jet Set Knights может похвастаться отличным саундтреком от Jesse Valentine, большим количеством скрытого контента, который игроку предстоит разблокировать, и отличным ретро-стилем. Это второй проект студии FobTi interactive, первый был - Obludia.

Первая игра выложенная на сайте, которая вышла в 2016 году! ))))

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА до v15.05.2017. Changelog.

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Язык: Английский.

• Added: New feature to revive Your fallen friend in 2P Survival mode. If your friend die, go close to the grave (cross) and pray for him (press and keep down arrow) Remember, You must pray at least 5 seconds! Thanks to Jump Gunnington for this great idea! :)
• Added: Steam Overlay feature Press Shift+Tab
• Fixed: SwordMaster Achievement
• Changed: Counter of remaining chests. Now you can see "LIVE" how many chests remains to unlock next weapon. (in Pause mode)
• Fixed: "Voodoo Doll" weapon bug. (was impossible unlock this weapon... without cheats)
• Fixed: "Shaman Achievement" (was impossible unlock this achievement without Voodoo Doll)
• Fixed: "Enginer Achievement"
• Fixed: "Master Dummy Achievement"
• Added Shrine of Champions. If you have least 10 coins (tokens) you can buy blessing.
• Blessing increases hero power for one stage run.
• Added new Achievement - FREEZEMAN42 (destroy 420 frozen monsters)
• Fixed "Gambler Achievement" in Artifact-o-Matic machine. Now you can unlock this achievement and play on machine repeatedly even if you have unlocked all the artifacts, you can still win the coins. (useful for buying blessing)
• Fixed "lance bug" for Bonus Stage.
• Added 9 NEW Steam Achievements! I hope, you will like to collect those things :)
• Fixed Artifact-o-Matic Machine (duplicate artifacts bug) Before, the player could win the same artifact multiple times.
• Yay! Added Steam Achievements, finally! :) You can try to unlock the first 14 achievements, another will be added in the next few days.
• Changed Daily Bonus from 1 Token to 3,5 or 10 (random) Hope this will help you unlock all the artifacts easier.
• Fixed "bug" with level up and coins. Now, if you level-up, the coins/diamons will be paused and don't disappear until the level-up table is on screen.
• Changed Mimic Chest timing. Mimic explodes a little bit later.
• Added Stats for Tokens. You can check how many tokens you used.
• Now you can upgrade your Guard Towers and Palisades to lvl 3! After upgrade: Guard Tower fire-rate will be 3x faster and have +5 mana. Palisade will be 3x stronger and have new deadly spikes that can hurt enemies!
• ADDED New DAILY BONUS. (in the stage selection screen - map).
• Come back every day to collect your reward!
• FIXED special weapon bug for JARVIS (green knight) in 2P Survival mode.
• Jarvis could not previously used his special ability.
• Some small changes on graphics design. - CHANGED
• FIXED Special Weapon bug for player 2-4 in Survival and Battle mode. (Players 2-4 could not previously used their special ability)
• FIXED Sound FX "yum yum" for Dragon outfit. The sound plays only when the player is in motion.
• ADDED New Power-Up: Gummy Dragon Outfit! With this special outfit, you can eat your enemies like Pacman! Each enemy recover your HP by one.
• In Bonus Stage, for each destroyed Training Doll you get +1 wood resource.
• FIXED windowed mode. Game now appear in the right size (scale) in windowed mode.
• CHANGED Special Weapon system. Now if you charge your Special Weapon, you can keep it and use it in the right time and whenever you want!
• FIXED Level-Up table pop-up.
• Sometimes the table appeared in the wrong time, especially in the BOSS fight.
• FIXED sound FX for building place.
• Previously when you played on the 360 controller with Thumbsticks, sound was weird near the building places.
• ADDED Exclamation mark for "mimic chest". This appear if your hero is near the mimic chest.
• ADDED New "mimic" chest. Be careful! Some things aren't always what they seem...
• ADDED option to upgrade the Guard Towers and Palisades. YES! You can LEVEL-UP them! If you want upgrade, you need +2 resources. After upgrade: Guard Tower fire-rate will be 2x faster and Palisade will be 2x stronger.
• Wood and Stone respawn are now 2x faster. - CHANGED
• Coins/Gems collision with falling platforms in Candy Castle stage. - FIXED
• Added NEW 2 Player SURVIVAL mode! - ADDED
• Now, you can defeat monsters together with your friend! o/ Yay! :D
• Added true HD resolution. Say NO! to black bars on the side! :D - ADDED
• "Small" stage re-design. After the new HD resolution, all stages are now little different and bigger = more suitable for 2 players. - CHANGED
• ADDED some new quests for Princess. - ADDED
• Fixed Flying skull bug. Before, the skull ignored palisade and moved through them. - FIXED
• Added three NEW retro mini-games! - ADDED
• You can find them in the Gambling House on stage map. (Mini-games can be unlocked only on a medium or higher difficulty.)
• Default speed for hero has slightly increased. - CHANGED
• If you level-up your speed, your hero will be walking 2x faster than before this update. - CHANGED
• Now you can unlock the new weapons a little bit faster. - CHANGED
• Speed for Power-Up spawning has increased. - CHANGED
• In OPTIONS, you can choose now one of three difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. - ADDED
• (On EASY: You start with 7 Lives, enemies are a little bit slower and power-ups respawn are faster. On MEDIUM: You start with 5 lives. On HARD: You start with 3 lives, enemies are faster and power-ups respawn are slower.)
• Added a New Secret character "Jimi Warp" Yay! :D - ADDED
• (Jimi Warp can be unlocked only on a medium or higher difficulty. Btw, Jimi have a new nice weapon arsenal ;-) )
• Added funny falling platforms on Stage 5 - ADDED
• Green Gnome was immune to Voodoo doll - FIXED
• New "Big Muffin" Boss for Stage 5 (Candy Castle). - ADDED
• New ultimate bonus weapon "War Lance". - ADDED
• New dangerous enemy "Walking Bomb", he appears after wave 5. - ADDED
• Improved jumping on trampoline. - CHANGED
• New HELP text on Bonus Stage. - ADDED
• Some small changes on stage design. - CHANGED
• Added more transparency to the explosions "white effect". (was not easy to see your hero because of explosion) - FIXED
• When any pop-up window appears, enemies are paused and your hero is immune to hit until pop-up window disappears. - FIXED (hope many players will be happy now :D)
• Arrows flying more accurate now. - CHANGED
• Damage for Throwing Knife was increased. - CHANGED
• Added a new invisible secret box "?", like in Super Mario Bros. Try to find it! - ADDED
• Every enemy have now a new visual state "defrozing", so You know if you can move around without any fear. - ADDED
• For a player 3 and 4 (Local MP) didn't assigned all features in the latest update, so playable was only 2 players game. - FIXED
• Wooden platforms are passable from underneath, so you can jump through them. - CHANGED
• The first Local Multiplayer mode "Egg Tournament" for 2-4 players! - ADDED *
• If you plug gamepad, info text (up on the screen) automatically change the graphics. - ADDED
• Added a new special Big Coin. (1 big coin = 3 normal coins) - ADDED
• Sometimes the enemies are stuck on wall. - FIXED
• Now, you can collect coins with boomerang! - ADDED
• Damage for Ninja Star was increased. - CHANGED
• Hitting enemies with a sword make them a little slower on a moment. - ADDED
• Increased damage for flame, if enemy is burning. (after hitting by flame arrow) - CHANGED
• Some graphics glitches in Trap Tower - FIXED
• In previous version, the Boss has not appeared in the Ice-Panic stage. - FIXED
• Added Trampoline to Ice-Panic Stage.
• Changed: 1 Diamond = 10 Coins. (earn an extra Token will be now easier! :))
• Added "PRESS START" screen for more retro feel.
• Added support for gamepad thumbstick.
• Quest window not appearing correct. - FIXED
• Green Gnome collision with wooden wall. - FIXED
• Extra Token for every 100 Coins. - FIXED
• Some icons in Trophy Room don't show correctly. - FIXED
• Special weapon fired fast and without delay on gamepad. - FIXED

Jet Set Knights is an old-school arcade action platformer inspired by classics from the golden age such as Mario Bros, Snow Bros or newest Super Crate Box. If You love retro 2D platformers mixed with tower defense and RPG elements, Jet Set Knight is for You!

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Комментарии игроков (6 шт.)

От: Elektra [7672|138] | Дата 2016-09-07 06:49:05

Группа: Редактор

MAD_MAX сказал:

и че мне теперь делать? Писать комменты под каждой игрой, да такие чтобы админам понравились?

Не обязательно админам, репутацию могут изменять и сами пользователи. подробнее FAQ п.2
От: MAD_MAX [2|6] | Дата 2016-09-07 06:38:02

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и че мне теперь делать? Писать комменты под каждой игрой, да такие чтобы админам понравились?
От: Akanta [0|0] | Дата 2016-04-26 15:26:37

Как же тут медленно качать(
От: NeznaikaMMX [11|17] | Дата 2016-01-04 15:11:24

Спасибо за Юник!
От: Hell_Soul [21|30] | Дата 2016-01-03 08:11:58

Новая игрушка от создателей Obludia(не качественный клон TBoI) На этот раз у них получилось что-то новое и интересное :В Чем-то напоминающее TowerFall в котором игроку нужно было защищать башни от отрядов злых монстров, а здесь же мы защищаем принцессу. Так же есть мультиплеер(если Вам наскучит играть в одиночный режим) +можем собирать оружия, заклинания, апгрейдить разные плюшки для защиты нашей принцессы, а ещё прокачивать героя и улучшать его способности. Для первой, выложеной на этот сайт, игры в 2016 году - очень даже неплохо
От: NeznaikaMMX [11|17] | Дата 2016-01-02 14:44:09

Unibyte pls!!!! (С Новым Годом кстати!!!)


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