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От John2s [8571|1437]: For comment
Новость: Astroneer v0.2.10125.0 [Steam Early Access] / + OST
Дата: 2017-02-13 03:09:20

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Avorion v0.10.5 r7633 [Steam Early Access] | Дата 2017-02-13 00:01:18

Great, great game. Very few bugs. As said below, reminds a lot of the X series, Freelancer, StarMade and Space Engineers.
There's not a whole lot of content, but what is there is great. Anyone who enjoys space games will enjoy this one. Please, try it.
I'm waiting for more updates since I already finished it. There's even people already making mods, so this game will definitely be great a year from now.

If you bump into bad issues like the game crashing, and when reloading you're back at your drone.. you didn't lose your ship. It will still be where you left it before the game crashed.

Game's really fun, but I think it's too early for most people. Maybe in 1-2 years or so it will be awesome, though.
My tips..
- If you get stuck in the ground, keep jumping - if you dig you will fall through the map, die, and lose your items very far away from your base
- Remember you can plug land vehicles together to make a train/trailer.
- Don't use big vehicles on the moon, they can bug out violently and you can lose them, or you can fall from the sky and die in the middle of nowhere.

Have fun

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