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Скачать игру Brink of Extinction v0.3.1 [Beta] - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3368|10] | 2017-04-10 (обновлено) | Tower Defense (315) | Просмотров: 4713

Brink of Extinction v0.3.1 [Beta]

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Brink of Extinction v0.3.1 [Beta]
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от CiCGames (1) и Circle in Circle Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (2464); Tower Defense (315)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 377.58 Мб.

Brink of Extinction - tower defense, действия которого происходят в руинах человеческой цивилизации. Ваша задача - защищать стратегические объекты от натиска вражеских орд. Ваш арсенал состоит из девяти разных улучшаемых башен.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 0.3.0 до 0.3.1. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Version 0.3.1 is up

This is a small update:
Bug zapper has a sound now.
Particles for bug zapper, tesla, rail and blitz polished up.
Enemy menu upgraded (missing unique icons currently).
Some minor music fixes.
Some minor optimizations.

Enjoy! And comment for feedback!

Version 0.3.0 is up!

The new update is up. In terms of features the biggest new thing is the showroom where one can now enjoy seeing the bugs or turrets in detail and just chill to some music. :)
Also, MUSIC! Music is implemented, although some tracks are missing. Sound has been tweaked and fully implemented.

All levels have been tweaked and optimized. Enemy paths and timings changed.

There are some more options introduced, allowed the game to be played on lower end rigs at an acceptable FPS.

This update does however reset progress, so you will need to unlock the endless mode by playing the first two levels of the campaign.

Enjoy! And if you find any bugs, please do contact me!

Builds updated to v 0.2.0

This build update features:
Tweaked lighting.
Fixed bug with options button in game.
Fixed bug in endless mode where enemies would not spawn at high levels.
Tweaked max level in endless mode level 1.
Added level selector when new game is clicked and more levels have been unlocked.
Added level selector for endless mode (only one level is available in beta).
Tweaked tesla, laser and electric shock graphics.
Added low spec, medium spec and high spec settings on the launcher to allow the game to run better on low spec machines.
Tweaks to sounds.
Fixed bug that would appear in low FPS (20 FPS and lower), where enemies would not target turrets properly.
Fixed bug that would appear in low FPS (20 FPS and lower), where turrets would not target enemies properly.
Texture compression implemented.

Outside the beta build:
All levels are finished!
Sound work will begin next week!

Version 0.14:
Updated builds. Endless mode is in!

I’m happy to announce that the current build features the endless mode. If you log in using the GJ-prompt shown when entering the game, your scores in the endless mode will be sent automatically to this game page and featured in the high score and best time lists. :)

There are quite a few changes made in this version, some serious optimization has been done for this version:
The amount of draw calls per frame has been lowered to about 1/6-1/5.
Menus are managed more using Unity’s built in functions rather than features I’ve added, saving a bit of processing time.
Fewer coroutines called when opening and closing menus.

Gameplay wise, the most notable changes are:
Bull Turret increased base and upgrade damage.
Builder module kills nearby enemies.
Tesla in endless mode discharges when you click and hold mouse once fully charged killing enemies within range.
Option menu is in, allowing for some graphical settings to increase graphical fidelity or increase FPS depending on your rig.

Graphically you will notice:
A complete overhaul of lighting, from baked to realtime.
Enemies casting shadows.

The endless mode:
The level featured has two Teslas that need protecting, if one is destroyed, half the buildable hexes shut off putting more stress on the remaining one.
If you are logged into GJ your scores will be saved once the match is over, if you are not logged in the score is still saved as a personal best, displayed in the UI, but you won’t be able to bask in the publicly displayed high score light. So make sure you log in!

Get playing! :D

Version 0.13:
0.13 is now up.
On the code side of things, this update only brings some smaller new features, smaller fixes and optimizations.
Among other things some updates to the gui, buttons turning off when turrets are fully updated etc.
Click sounds (temporary sound) when buttons are pressed.
Some minor script optimizations, where things that we’re previously (and needlessly so) updated every frame have been moved to 1/10 the frequency.
Graphically some light baking issues have been fixed, reflection probes have been changed, main menu has been updated, hexes are now indicated on level start and the range display has been updated.
Levels 1-3 have been rebalanced slightly.

Version 0.12:
This update doesn’t fix that much but adds the feature of selling turrets and rebalances alot of enemies and turrets.

Bug and issue fixes:
Selecting turrets only require one click now.
Bug where enemies could sometimes get stuck on their paths has been fixed.
Minor issues and optimizations have been added.
Roach movement improved.
Camera fade optimized.

Machinegun turret rebalanced, double turret rebalanced, selling turrets now in. Sequence when buying and selling turrets is in.

Known issues:
Credit counter in HUD sometimes incorrect (this is a display error only).
There is a build error relating to NFAA in one of the scripts, but this script is not actively used in any of the levels anymore. This will be fixed for the next update, it doesn’t affect gameplay.

Version 0.11:
The builds have now been updated.
Aside from the bug fixes and additions mentioned in the post yesterday, this is also included:
Addition of sequence of hexes turning on and off at the beginning and end of the game respectively making the use of them more intuitive for beginners.
Corrected bug where airstrike costed nothing on first use.
Corrected bug where bugzapper costed credits regardless of whether it hit an enemy or not.

Known issues in this build include:
Fire sound for ants is temporary and sometimes plays too long.
Sound of turrets when aiming for mosquitos repeats too often.
Selected enemy will not revert to normal color when killed.

And other minor issues.

Brink of Extinction is a tower defence game set in the ruins of human civilization. You are tasked with protecting strategic resources from the onslaught of enemy hordes. Your arsenal consists of 9 different, upgradable turret types, all with different pros and cons.

This early access (beta) features:
• 3 Levels
• 3 Turrets
• 5 Enemies

Missing features include:
• Certain sounds
• Music

Full game will feature:
• 9 Turrets
• 14 Enemies
• 15 Campaign levels
• 3 Continous play levels

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От: Sequestor [24|9] | Дата 2017-12-01 14:10:32

Полная версия вышла в стиме.
От: 404_Not_Found [5|10] | Дата 2017-06-21 18:03:05

В данной версии доступно три коротких уровня компании и один бесконечный режим, четыре типа башен и девять врагов. Проходится всё это минут за двадцать, по сути, это демка и говорить что либо о будущей игре рановато, но можно отметить, что пока что весьма слабо в данном жанре есть и надеюсь, будут гораздо более интересные игры. Тут мы видим статичный экран, напрягающее звуковое сопровождение, малое количество заявленного контента даже для релиз версии в целом это будет классика в чистом виде, а в текущих реалиях это не всем по душе.
От: alexxxlz [1|4] | Дата 2016-09-27 00:58:42

Интересно, без заморочки время убить
От: Sequestor [24|9] | Дата 2016-09-26 10:38:21

Если что, игра на данный момент бесплатная, других намёков делать не буду, сами найдёте)
А выглядит интересно, вот только когда её доделают, непонятно. Будем подождать.
От: PAC-MAN [17|38] | Дата 2016-08-29 21:22:34

Сеттинг выглядит симпотичненько. Разрушенные заросшие улицы города выглядят довольно таки хорошо.


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