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Скачать игру Duck n' Dodge! v3.2 [Beta] / Just Duck It! - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3382|10] | 2017-05-06 (обновлено) | Аркады (2678) | Просмотров: 2893

Duck n' Dodge! v3.2 [Beta] / Just Duck It!

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Duck n' Dodge! v3.2 [Beta] / Just Duck It!
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Grenade Tree Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Аркады (2678)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 24.99 Мб.

Just Duck It! - инди аркада, вдохновленная классическими играми для Atari и современными раннерами. Вы должны пробежать уровень до конца, не упав в воду, избегая пуль, ножей и плохих парней.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 3.12 до 3.2. "The Selector Update 2.0". Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Version 3.2
Thanks to user Katojuniorwe found a bug with the level slector that didn't allow you to save levels desert levels. Additionally we added a new character to the game.

Version 3.12
The most requested level designer feature has now been included. More fixes, features and fun.

Version 3.096
Another massive update. Look out for more levels, better rewards, purchasable biomes, and the ground work for things to come.

Version 3.04
- Added powerups to the game
- Powerups are bought and then spawn in the level you're playing on
- Reformatted the unlock screen for both skins and powerups
- Added a few more pre-made levels
- Changed and added labels into the Level Designer so it's not as confusing
- Added icons to the level designer biomes
- Moved the test level button outside of the level designer menu

- Fixed a problem where too many trees would spawn on woodland zone maps
- Made the cursor only hide when playing the game, not on menus
- Fixed an issue in level creation where enemies and logs would not properly follow paths
- Changed the victory tape color because it was white and was hidden when playing a snow level
- A few preformance issues
- Sometimes a generated level would be bare bones and not contain much
- Other various little fixes to get powerups working

Version 3.01
In the 3.0 patch there is a bug that produce logs that don't move. Unfortunately this made some levels unbeatable. This build also fixes that bug.

Version 3.0
- New Deer character Autry!
- Added a Level Designer that allows players to create and save their own levels
- Use any traps, obstacles, or enemies in the game
- Test, load and save levels
- Added a question mark button that will inform you about the currently selected trap
- Logs now properly position themselves when first loading up a level
- Level Generation Changes
- Tinkered with all of the spawning algorithms to make the system better
- Made easier levels slightly shorter, but hard levels still the same length
- More reliable checking on level generation
- Included more pre-made zones to augment the generation
- Coins can now spawn over any walkable surface, not just ground
- Included a new camera angle in options titled "Camera C" which views the whole level
- Refreshed all of the skins of the characters to be more efficient
- All characters now have white text to be easier to read
- Made water slightly deeper for various reasons

- Fixed a terrible no good very bad error that caused the game to hard crash randomly
- Fixed a problem where emotions could save enemies from dying
- Fixed a few physics problems dealing with logs

Version 2.2
- Movey (red) now has a speed boost when the player is in line of sight
- Chasey (purple) now has a speed boost when close to the player
- Chasey has a 2 second cooldown after chasing the player
- Added emotions to the enemies to show these boosts
- Added orange spinner blades which move fast and then slow
- Removed the dirt edge around flipper panels to make them more hidden
- Made spinnerblades spin based on location to the edge of the map to make them easier to get past
- Made launchers not spawn close to eachother as often
- Various changes to how level generation determines and sets difficulty on a level
- Sorted levels from easiest to hardest
- Added more protips to explain the new traps
- Made it so the first time you lose to a trap it gives you a tip about it
- New Game now resets difficulty so you get easier levels
- The mouse cursor now hides after 3 seconds of unuse
- Added a back button to the game mode selection screen

- Made the level generation understand ice traps when checking for completable maps
- Fixed a few game side bugs like parenting that didn't effect gameplay
- Fixed a bug where buying multiple new skins would result in showing only the first one
- Fixed an issue where difficulty wouldn't increase over time
- Fixed a few stamps that weren't working
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the notecard wouldn't de-spawn after death
- Addressed a few issues dealing with quitting challenge mode and returing to regular mode

Version 2.17
This focus of this update is to fix bugs we've found in the level generation. We want to make sure people are having fun with the game and not dealing with edge case problems with difficulty.

Version 2.14
- Added a new snow biome, unique with a new ice trap
- Added new particle effects, doodads, and textures to the tundra biome
- Changed the direction of the sun to better illuminate the enemies on the field
- Added a 2 second delay after you lose so you can see the death animation
- It's skippable with clicking or moving
- Reworked the way red enemies think about pathing, so they get stuck less
- Several changes to Level Generation
- Better detected and set the difficulty of a map
- Added more checks to make sure levels can't be blocked
- Included the ice trap to be spawned in tundra biomes

- Bullets weren't exploding when they hit players, but they are now
- Fixed the pause menu first page from not being avaliable
- Fixed an issue where logs would never generate in the first row
- Fixed several problems with stamp generation and placement

Version 2.1
We improve rewards, add doodads and a new character!

Version 2.07
- Added a new UI across the board
- Added new sound effects for new UI elements
- Updated a few textures
- Replaced a few models for the launcher and flipper
- Made some optimizations to what gets destroyed

- Fixed a bug where the music would sometimes delay
- Fixed a few bugs relating to the UI when dying
- Fixed an issue where difficulty was being determined by level generation
- Updates to level generation to make it better

Version 2.0
- Added a new Challenge mode that can be accessed by starting a new game
- Put an e-mail sign up for updates on the main menu
- New game name and icon on the main menu
- Split up the loading when the game starts
- Added a new Parrot Pirate James
- Made it so the leaderboard is shown, even if you don't login
- Added some social media buttons on the main menu
- Stopped launchers from shooting before the game starts
- Now saves the last skin you used, not just the last one you unlocked

- Made controller support a bit better, left and right menus can now be accessed through it
- Fixed a problem where jumping at a spinner blade while it was at 90 degrees stopped a jump
- Fixed a bug where pausing and un-pausing before the game began gave you a negitive timer
- Fixed pausing on the main menu causing the game to sometimes stop
- Fixed a problem where certan screen resolutions would overlap buttons
- Fixed a weird issue where scores were being improperly saved
- Various changes in level generation
- How it spawns enemies next to other traps
- Where launchers spawn
- Cleaned up and made some spawning more efficient

Version 1.9.2
- Added a login system so that the leaderboard can track and show scores from around the world!
- Make sure to remember your password and username as this system is new
- The remember me option will auto log you in if you hit "login" on the main menu
- Added a few normal maps to improve graphics and changed a few colors to make things more vibrant
- Added a loading screen in the beginning in case people have slower machines
- Changed the name of a goal from what type it is to "New Task" so you know it's a goal to complete
- Changed a few icon graphics to better represent the button

- Plenty of fixes to the generation system including:
- Rocks no longer have the chance of blocking the player fully
- More traps are generated per chunk
- Less chance for Chasey enemies to spawn close to the player start
- Better pathing detection

Version 1.9.13:

Added a new time score to each level
Added a toggleable timer so you can see your time
Added a Leaderboard with some temporary scores that will rank you
Informed the player when a new best time has been achieved on the top of the screen

Removed gamejolt login because it was causing issues with other plugins
Made the statistics screen hold the leaderboard, as before it didn’t do much
Altered the way the difficulty sorts the levels slightly, making it repeat levels later on - less often

Fixed a bug where buying a skin wouldn’t save between loading
Fixed an issue where the newsletter button would crash the game
Optimized a few functions as I saw fit
Fixed a bug where logs would sometimes not spawn early enough when a level loaded
Made a few level updates where a log would bounce the player out of bounds
Fixed a bug where if you died 20 spaces away from the next level, it would load the next level instead

Version 1.9:

Added an intro level for new players to get used to control
Added goal system that gives the player optional tasks to complete that give you coins
Added a new Squirrel Skin
Changed around the high-score screen UI
Moved Tips and Facts into pop-ups that are in the new UI
Added a few new animations to characters
Made it so players no longer instantly die when a log pushes them into a rock
Made a small flashing around important buttons so players know to click on them
Made many small changes to a few levels to make them easier or harder depending on the level
Improved the way levels are generated for the player to decrease lag while loading
Moved over to a new saving system to keep track of progress

Fixed a few bugs with jumping onto logs and off of them
Fixed a bug where you could float above water if you were near a spinner blade and died
Slightly altered the physics of the character
Fixed a bug where the new squirrel character wouldn't unlock
Various small fixes to jumping

Version 1.8.16:

New skin to unlock
New GameJolt Login Screen
Added a link to our newsletter in the main menu
Added gift coins to beating the first level

Levels are now randomized by difficulty instead of looping, so it is now endless
Made skins unlock by completing objectives
Revamped some of the UI elements so players could find things easier
The Pause menu restart now gives you a whole new grouping of levels
Made some physics adjustments for when the player dies

Crocs will get stuck next to each other less often
Made the tape on the ground where you die adhere to the grid of the world
Optimized plenty of textures that led to faster load times and more FPS
Fixed a bug where flipper panels would de-sync and flip opposite each other
Fixed several loading issues when dying right after generating another level chunk
Halted movement on the first second of the game so you don't move and activate a menu
Several small performance and graphical bug fixes

Version 1.8.0:

Added a new Skin and an unlockable screen to access it
New sound effects added for the new skin
New Day-night cycle as the player travels through the world
Added environmental effects that can be called when they need to be
Added GameJolt API with achievements and saved data
Added several new achievements

Made the death tape off-white instead of blue so it can be easier to see at night
Moved the unlock for the hard mode into the unlock screen
Made various little color tweaks like making the grass brighter, metal shiny, and shadows dimmer
Adjusted the size of some fonts so they are easier to read
Changed the blue shade of nighttime so it's easier to see
Added a small edge around the dirt on corners so the world feels a little more colorful

Fixed the pause menu not being able to come up on the main menu screen
Fixed a bug with achievements sometimes crashing the game
Fixed a bug where the high score screen would hide forever

Version 1.7.17 (alpha)

Added PC build to be downloadable
Added a flag to repesent where the level ends and the next level begins
Added a small tape cross where you died last
Reimplimented the loading bar in the beginning with HTML

Optimized various assets and loading times to decrease on lag spikes
Optimized the way levels loaded in by reusing old assets
Fixed the hard mode tmer not decreasing when moving to a spot you have been before
Thanks to Dan!
Altered a few textures to be easier to load
Fixed a bug where if you jumped off

Version 1.7.14b (alpha)

Added some more screenshots to the media section
Pre-loaded some assets to help with lag spikes
Deleted some unneeded assets to knock a few MB off the file size
Replaced the spikes on the flipper panel
Made the shoot animation a little more noticeable by moving it back farther

Fixed the resolution issue (previous Gamejolt settings were at 700 x 500)
Optimized level loading a bit to decrease the lag spike of loading the next map segment
Fixed a bug where light-colored logs were not marked as movable
Optimized a few things here and there to run better such as enemy movement, firing projectiles, spawning things
Several small changes to how the player works, like getting rid of the WebGL at the bottom of the screen

Just Duck It!
Is a hopper inspired by classic Atari games and modern endless runners. Race to the end while avoiding bullets, blades, and bad guys.
For an extra challenge turn on hardcore mode. It activates a timer that forces you to keep moving forward.

The enemies are:
Randy - who moves around randomly.
Chasey - that will chase you down.
Movey - Walks along a set path.

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