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Скачать игру Nuclear Rune v28.03.17 / Dragonpath Tactics - демо версия игры

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3263|10] | 2017-03-30 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (1943) | Просмотров: 2533

Nuclear Rune v28.03.17 / Dragonpath Tactics

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Nuclear Rune v28.03.17 / Dragonpath Tactics
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Fainzeraier (2)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (2256); Ролевые игры (RPG) (1943)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Демо версия
• Размер / Size: 172.99 Мб.
• Другие части игры:
- Dragonpath v1.1.5b

Dragonpath Tactics - тактическая партийная РПГ с останавливаемой боевой системой в реальном времени.

Это первая демо-версия, в которой Вы командуете тремя героями и должны победить несколько групп врагов и двух боссов.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с v12.03.17 до v28.03.17 (0.2.1). Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Nuclear Rune v0.2.1

Game start
Added a short introduction with text & images, modified tutorial dialogue, player starts with 2 heroes.

Some dialogues now happen without pausing the game; Dialog texts appear over the heroes and they can freely act during the dialog.

Game levels
Second level redone. It is now a fully 3D-modeled area which takes place on the side of a steep cliff overlooking a canyon river.

Taking damage makes hero healthbars visible for some time when out of combat

Entering combat message is now more transparent.

Gear description: Variables are now at top and fluff text is at bottom

Expanded stats section in Character -> Attribute view

Hovering over a hero now also shows mana in the tooltip

New targeting sprites: ground circle targeting (nuclear symbol), cone targeting

Single-target targeting markers no longer rotate towards target.

Player target acquisition effect is now smaller and unaffected by pause/slow-motion (no longer possible to click 100 times on every enemy to cover them in red)

Level load and dialog end now trigger a brief delay before player can do anything (to avoid accidentally pausing by pressing space etc.)

Most UI elements now scale down on low resolutions to fit screen. The game should now be playable on resolutions as low as 640x480

Updated floating text for damage & healing, added special effect for critical hits.

A floating text is shown when a new status effect is applied

Combat end victory message no longer appears if no experience is gained (it’s usually not a victory if combat ends when no enemies are dead)

New cursor icons for hovering over unpathable areas and for targeting abilities.

Map UI
Zone map is now generated also in levels without tiles. Also it now has higher resolution and is more accurate (it is generated from navigation mesh)

Shaper: added ‘Medicine’ talent set

Involves shooting allies and enemies with darts

Sleep Dart
Adrenaline (large set of buffs)
Regeneration (health regen buff)
Warrior: added ‘Blood’ talent set

Significantly increased amount of experience needed per level-up (so the heroes won’t get levels every couple of mob groups anymore)

Increased mana and health regeneration outside combat

Enemies now have a level. Each level increases max health and damage by a set amount, stacking multiplicatively.

Removed a bunch of modifier bonuses from strength, dexterity and magic

Each of them gives scaling for appropriate weapons (via Str Power, Dex Power and Magic Power).

Attunement: new attribute which increases mana maximum and regeneration.

All heroes now have same base health, base mana and regenerations.

Added a global cooldown shared between offensive abilities and basic attacks.

(this allows for more powerful abilities as they can’t be chained between basic attacks)

New skill type: Damage Zone

Hits all enemies within a circular zone once per 0.5 seconds.
Can also be used for slow/debuff zones
Used in a new Sorcerer spell called Gravity Zone (which creates a slowing zone for 10 seconds).
Removed screenshake from non-damaging abilities.

Modified code for some buff abilities to make them more consistent with other support skills.

Support skills: added targeting type ‘All allies within range’, which can be used for AoE healing, group buffing etc.

Support skills can now use projectiles (effect is applied when projectile hits target)

Passive abilities can now have conditions, such as weapon type requirements, window after damage taken etc.

Used in a new Warrior passive ability Blood Frenzy, which increases attack speed after taking damage.
Passive/sustained abilities can now also trigger ability effects (e.g. trigger a heal when doing damage, retaliate with a projectile when taking damage)

Ranged single-target abilities now check for hit at projectile launch, instead of projectile hit. If missing, the direction is slightly off and projectile doesn’t home towards target.

(It was disappointing to see projectiles home in on a target and then simply pass through on miss).

Skill can now consume a status effect if it gains bonus damage when target has the status.

Added a text appear sound for dialog. Different sound for each hero.

Foot step sounds for heroes.

Added a slew of new modifiers (which can be affected by buffs)

Flat health
Flat mana
Strength Power
Magic Power
Dexterity Power
Debuff Resistance changed to Debuff Duration, effect inverted (so negative modifiers are now beneficial)

Mana regeneration is now flat

Standardized debuffs:

Added a few new ones

Also added description for each effect in Help UI

Detected but unseen enemies are displayed with a red marker.

After standing still for a short time, enemies outside line of sight but within 50% of sight distance are detected

Enemies a short range beyond vision range but within line of of sight are also shown as detected

(To be adjusted later, perhaps with some kind of Perception stat)

Adjusted in most levels

Weapons now have a base power and scaling with Strength, Magic and/or Dexterity

Scalings are displayed in the description.

Scaling for a weapon benefiting only from one stat is usually x1.0 (stat:power ratio of 1:1).

Total for weapons with multiple scalings can be higher, e.g. Dex x0.7 and Magic x0.7

Power is displayed like this: Total [Base+Scaling]

Model & Animation
Shaper: new Animations (+updated a couple of old ones)

Channel w left hand
Leap strike
Gun aim channel
New type of skill effect: Glow around weapon with a customized gradient over skill duration.

Increased time before enemies lose aggro (10sec -> 25sec)

Slightly increased enemy aggro range.

Enemies now aggro towards targets better.

Heroes no longer attempt to navigate if a path can’t be found

Fog of War
Now behaves better in maps without tiles

Fixed a major performance issue

Camera move by hovering mouse at screen edge can now be toggled on/off

Save & Load
Added a save/load menu with unlimited amount of save slots

Real world date&time as well as level&chapter indexes are displayed for information.

Added a couple of new things which get saved and loaded (e.g. environment dialogs can't be triggered again after loading).

Refresh rate in real time is now maintained in slow-motion mode, which removes choppiness physics-using stuff.

Fixed bug with hit chances of a some abilities

Fixed bug where enemies didn’t check for line of sight when using skills (which led to ranged enemies shooting at walls etc)

Fixed bug where sometimes particles get ridiculously high for no good reason

Probably fixed bug where the heroes ended up in weird places when loading save or next level

Game window’s name is now correctly Nuclear Rune (instead of the old Dragonpath Tactics)

Fixed issue where certain UI elements (e.g. healthbars) were displayed in the wrong spot for 1 frame when created

Fixed issue with cursor texture switching

+ a bunch of undocumented updates

Nuclear Rune v0.2.0

Item: position on skillbar and inventory are saved, as well as stack amount.

Heroes are now deleted and recreated when loading save (to prevent a bunch of current and future issues with duplication etc.)

Consumable items can now be dragged to skill bar.

Items can be given to other heroes.

Item positions remain when re-opening inventory or changing hero.

Items can be dropped by dragging them to a “drop zone” within inventory.

Equipped items can be removed by dragging them to an inventory slot

Updated some visuals.

Weapon description now contains damage, DPS and attack speed.

Added 2 ring slots and one trinket slot (simple stat boost gears without visuals)

Added restrictions for weapons, they can be used by one hero only for now. Most other gear can still be used by all heroes.

Basic attacks now get attack speed and damage from equipped weapon, so getting a new weapon actually means something!

Changed skill range measurement (now starts from edge of collider instead of character’s center point)

AI Orders
Basic attacking order (when targeting non-enemy objects) now shows up as “Attack” instead of showing the basic attack name. The hero keeps basic attacking until target is destroyed.

Enemies drop their loot in a neat pile

Added UI message for looting

Enemies can now drop some actual items (though not in tutorial level), currently drafted from a set of a few consumable items and equippable gear pieces (rings, weapons etc)

Enemy ranking added. Order from lowest to highest: Swarm, Normal, Elite, Miniboss, Level Boss, Super Boss

Higher ranks have better loot (more experience and money, higher item drop rate)

Elite and above have resistance to debuffs (reduced duration for stun, sleep etc.)

A few modifier types now stack fully additively (instead of being multiplied in some cases)

Debuff reduction reduces durations directly by the amount (70% resistance reduces duration by 70%, 100% is immunity, negative resistance increases durations)

Camera can now be moved with WASD

Changed attack targeting hotkey from A to Q

Help default hotkey changed from H to L

A couple of previously hardcoded hotkeys can now be changed via settings.

Reduced move speeds of all characters

Added weapon switch (button displayed to the left of skill bar if hero can switch weapon)

Warrior hero now has a crossbow as ranged weapon.

Sorcerer hero now has paired Caestus as melee weapon.

Difficulty curve
Reduced size of enemy groups in second level.

Model & Animation
Added interact animation for all heroes.

Added a few new animations for Sorcerer.

Sorcerer and Warrior models slightly changed (smaller feet).

Delayed effect abilities (such as fireball, throw bomb) can now display the projectile during cast.

Tactical mode/pause text can now be hidden.

Various gameplay tips are now shown on the right side of screen (e.g. tip for inventory is shown after picking up something for the first time)


Hero selection now stays unchanged during dialog
Help window

Is now split to several sections, and added info on combat and talent&attribute systems.

Reduced width
Hero healthbars are now only visible in combat
Player selection marker is now clearer.

Bottom bar

Added weapon switch button (only visible if the hero can switch weapon)
Camera: increased area for moving camera when holding mouse near screen edges.

Main Menu:

Changed button style, added Nuclear Rune title text and handdrawn characters.
.. plus a bunch of other changes I forgot to write down ..

Dragonpath Tactics v0.1.4

Music changes when entering/leaving combat (with 3 different combat songs)
Added defeat music

Breakable debris can now be targeted with abilities and basic attacks (press A -> click)

Increased hit chance against debris (it takes serious incompetence to miss against a box)

Loot is now gained when combat ends, instead of instantly

Added a message for combat start and end

The game also autosaves when combat end

Defeat: Now prompts to load last save instead of resurrecting heroes and moving them to level start point.

Added tutorial map

Tips for selection, movement, combat, quickhelp etc.
Start with 1 party member, increasing to 3 over the tutorial.
Crates and some other props are now navmesh obstacles (characters path around them)

Movement orders now always end on navMesh (end position is moved to navmesh if needed) to avoid running stupidly towards obstacles

Characters now use NavMeshAgent for movement & navigation. It basically makes them bump/push each other much less especially when moving (although currently they slow down when moving past another character

New toggleable stuff

Show healthbars over heroes
Show damage numbers
Show misc combat texts
Set quality level ingame (5 options)
Quality setting: now also affects fog of war refresh interval.
Toggle between 2 different camera drag behaviours
Character portait: levelup “+” icon opens talent/attribute view for that character. Also added glowy effect to it.

Dead heroes now have a darkened avatar with skull symbol

Order queue & cast bar modified

Main Menu

Added option to skip tutorial
Updated visuals
Tooltip: background size matches tooltip length better

Revamped toggleable menu UI:s

Cursor is now hidden when dragging left or middle mouse button

Left and right click actions now happen when releasing the mouse button (instead of when pressing). Left click action doesn’t happen if drag was started while mouse was pressed.


broken brick wall
wooden pillars, table, shelves
Updated effects for bunch of skills
Player collider marker now matches collider size accurately. Reduced collider size.

Camera focuses on characters on restart.

Fixed order display flickering when the current AI order changes.

Disabled most actions during dialog (pause toggling, camera moving etc)

Fixed bug where party healthbars didn’t show up

Fixed bug where hero pathfinding got broken after switching scenes

Fixed bug with enemy aggro (also Warrior’s taunt ability now works as intended)


Fixed map window performance issue
+ performance updates for a couple of other things
Multiple displays: Mouse cursor should now stay inside display 1 when using fullscreen with a multi-display setup.

Fixed bug where hero didn’t use basic attack if an auto-cast ability was off cooldown but some other condition for it wasn’t met.

Fixed a couple of issues with projectiles

Dragonpath Tactics demo 02.02.2017
Attribute and talent systems added. Attributes grant various benefits and are required to unlock talents. Talents can be active skills or passive abilities. Leveling up grants one attribute and one talent point.

Balance modified.

Skillbar and other UI elements reworked.

Map UI added.

Path in the dark - v0.1.2
Players and enemies now have pathfinding for actions.

Fog of War
Unseen areas of the map are now hidden. Visited areas become dark when unseen, but aren’t completely hidden. Only visible enemies can be targeted with actions.

Line of sight
Enemies require line of sight to aggro. Also affects fog of war.

Regeneration removed
Mana & health regeneration removed. Mana costs were reduced to compensate.

The heroes can rest outside combat to restore all health and mana.

Hit & critical chances
All attacks have a 10% critical chance for 2.5x damage.
Hit chance for basic attacks reduced to 80%.

When a hero talks in dialog: he is displayed as selected, portait and colored name are displayed.
Also added dialogs which start when entering a zone in map.

Camera can now be moved by holding middle mouse button and moving cursor.

New textures
Updated textures for all heroes and some enemies.

Added countdown timer for cooldowns. Skill name is now also darkened when on cooldown.

Added buttons for slow-motion and pause to bottom right corner of screen.

Tactical top-down party RPG with a pauseable real-time combat system. Project started august 2016.

First demo. Command 3 heroes and crush the opposition. Features a single level with several groups of basic enemies and 2 bosses. The game has been in development for about 3 weeks.

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