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Скачать игру Undertale: Don't Forget v1.1 / + Don't Forget - Multiplayer U14P2с - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 51
Игру добавил Kusko [1845|29] | 2017-12-11 (обновлено) | Ролевые игры (RPG) (2168) | Просмотров: 25068

Undertale: Don't Forget v1.1 / + Don't Forget - Multiplayer U14P2с

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Undertale: Don't Forget v1.1 / + Don't Forget - Multiplayer U14P2с
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от RickyG (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Сетевые / ХотСит (1997); Ролевые игры (RPG) (2168)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 40.70 Мб.
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- UnderTale v1.08c / + RUS
- Slendertale v1.2.4
- Undertale Yellow v1.1.0
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Undertale: Don't Forget - неофициальное продолжение одной из лучших ролевых игр 2015-го года - UnderTale. Прошло несколько месяцев с тех пор барьер был разрушен и монстры, наконец, живут на поверхности. Казалось, уже ничто не может пойти не так, пока ученый не сделал машину времени, и всё немного выходит из-под контроля...

Мультиплеерная версия игры обновлена с UpdateU14P1 до Update U14P2с. Список изменений не найден.

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• Новая история с путешествиями во времени!
• Возвращается уникальная боевая система!
• Все ваши друзья возвращаются!

• Added a new "Impossible Mode" to the finale! After you’ve beaten the ending of the game, if you select ‘Play the Ending’ on the Main Menu again, you’ll have the option to play it! It’s the same levels and such but with a few twists. Beating it will give you a special surprise and the true ending.
• Added a new area to the Surface! You can now go on a path leading out from the right of the Village where you’ll find the surface area from the Old Beta! What could possibly be here?
• Added collectable puzzle pieces! There are 36 puzzle pieces to find in the overworld. Collecting them all will make the new Hard Mode slightly easier if you’re struggling with it!
• Added a new Rank System! For each PvP battle you win, you gain points which go towards your rank! However, losing PvP battles takes away points instead, which could cause your rank to go back down! Try to get the maximum rank, which is S+! The rank system works similarly to the one in Splatoon!
• Added a new skin system! You no longer have to pay for skins anymore, they’re now all available right from the get-go! Each skin also has its own individual LV, too! Everytime you win a battle, whether it be a regular encounter or a PvP match, you gain an EXP point for the skin you’re using! When you’ve gotten enough EXP, your skin levels up! Each skin is able to get to a max of LV 20! You can view your skins’ stats on the Skins menu! Here’s the catch though: you can only use a skin in PvP if its LV is high enough. You’ll need to grind with a skin for a bit before you can use it in PvP! If you bought a skin in a previous version of the game, it’ll automatically be the LV it needs to be useable in PvP, so don’t worry if you bought a skin in a previous version and still wanna use it!
• Added taunts! By default they’re disabled, but if you enable it by pressing [Y] or using /taunt on, you can press [G] to either do the "woomy" or "ngyes" sounds from Splatoon 1, which everyone else who has taunts enabled will hear! Have a woomy party if you want :3 You can change your taunt by using /taunt woomy or /taunt ngyes, and you can disable taunts by doing /taunt off!
• Added an Extras menu! You can read more about the game, explore unused content, view your collected puzzle pieces, and listen to some tracks from the game!
• Added ARMOR! You can now find armor chests around the overworld and equip the armor you find! Armor has a random chance of healing you if you get hit, even in PvP! This will surely change up PvP a bit!
• Added a new PvP feature! While you’re attacking your opponent, to the left of the box you can see which attack they’re currently receiving! You can’t see the attack happen in real-time, but atleast now you have an idea of what’s going on!
• Added a new Spawn Room! Now, rather than spawning in some bland-looking room in the Void, you now start off inside an oddly familiar Lab, and you can use a Machine located within the lab to access the Void! (Or you can just use W to warp still, up to you.)
• Added new nametag display types! You can now choose from 4 different ways to display nametags, just use the command /nametags [1,2,3,4]! By default, one of the new display types is now used, which shows the user’s name, LV and HP above them! You can also now use /nametags 0 to quickly toggle nametags on and off.
• Redesigned the entire VIP room! There is now a Squid Sisters concert going on in there, so you can Squid Party all you want!
• The following tracks have either been recreated or replaced: The Main Menu, The Void!Waterfall Theme, Stranger Monsters (battle theme), The Game Over Theme, The Thundersnail Theme, and the Uppertale Surface Theme (used in the How to Play screen).
• You can now choose different tracks to listen to during regular encounters! There’s tracks from a bunch of different games to get you into the grinding mood! Just use the command /grindtracks to select one!
• You can also select a track to listen to during a PvP battle! You can stick with the default music that would normally play or choose from one of the different tracks! Just use the command /pvptracks to select one!
• Gave the Mode Select screen a new design to make it look a little less awful.
• Fixed a bug where the level up sound would constantly play with no way to stop it when you reached LV 9999.
• The Gold Grind room no longer has golden enemies for every encounter. It is now possible to get regular plain encounters in there, too.
• Added the faces of US!Sans, Toriel, and Golden Frisk for the "Other Player’s Stats" screen since I forgot to do that.
• Added a small memorial room for my Grandpa to the north of the Hall of Fame. A piano cover of a song that reminds me of him plays in there.
• There is now a gold cap. You can no longer exceed 999999G.
• Removed the /deposit and /withdraw commands. They served no good purpose.
• You can now left click on other players to view their stats rather than having to use the C Menu every time!
• Changed the text that appears when your opponent flees from a PvP fight.
• Made a few changes to the maze in the Desolate Ruins.
• Added a loading message for when you’re waiting to view the scoreboards in-game.
• Added a new small area south of the Development Area where you can find Riverperson, who will teach you about the new rank system and offer ‘advice’.
• Added a new small area north of the Development Area for a little gag.
• If your LV is above 99, your LV will appear as "99+" on the battle screen.
• The music used for the Splatoon Event parties has been changed! It is now a cover version of Calamari Inkantation made by one of our composers, Riot!
• Chara now has a new PvP battle theme! The composer of the original, Palodia, has made an updated version of it!
• The Village has also received another new theme by Palodia! Third time’s the charm!
• Fixed a bug where you could buy a skin, quit the game without saving, and then come back on and have both the skin and your money back.
• Fixed a small bug where the bottom bar wouldn’t say "THE YELLOW SNAIL WON" in Thundersnail. I can’t believe I never noticed that until now…
• Added a secret room with some spooky-themed weapons and armor.
• Added a new very small area that has a hidden entrance. Do your best to find it!
• There is now a secret way to commit suicide during a PvP battle. Have fun trying to figure it out! (Note: you might need help from your opponent!)
• Fixed a graphical error in one of the secret rooms in the VOID involving a weapon chest.
• Changed how the Elite and God tiers work. For Elite, it will say "Yes" if you’re LV 20+ or "FUCK YES" if you’re LV 99+. For God, it will say "Yes" if you’re LV 999+ or "FUCK YES" if you’re LV 9999.
• Puzzles created before U14 are now no longer compatible. They will glitch out and break the game. Sorry for the inconvienence!
• Removed the ‘X-Treme Fidget Spinner’ from the game. The meme of using it ironically died ages ago.
• Replaced Toriel’s dance with an animation of her sleeping in her chair, since that fits her character more.
• Added the ability to resume your progress if you quit the game during the finale. The game autosaves when you beat a level so you can just quit and continue where you left off later.
• The Loading screens that used to show when connecting to the game or starting offline mode have now been removed.
• The Main Menu now gets a new look and different music once you’ve beaten the finale.
• Usernames are now cut off in the overworld if they’re over 25 characters long.
• A certain easter-egg behind a certain door now no longer crashes your game.
• The Message Board no longer pops up when you start the game, instead you can just read it on a sign if you want to from now on.
• The Gerson shops in the Void have gotten a graphical update by one of our spriters, Rasp!
• Added short Item Descriptions that pop up while you’re looking at items in a shop.
• Added three stars to the Main Menu which basically represent your completion of the game, pretty much like how FNaF does it. I dunno why I added it, I just did lol.
• Removed the old /skin [skinname] commands. Just use the Skin menu from now on, which you can do simply by pressing [S] if you haven’t been already.
• Fixed a bug with the blue soul where you could glitch out of the bullet box.
• Added a new sign in the Hall of Fame to recognize and praise those who were among the first players to ever reach LV 9999!
• The chests in Asgore’s throne room now have fancier looking sprites also done by Rasp!
• Fixed a bug involving the Master Sword weapon.

Undertale: Don't Forget The unoficial sequel to UNDERTALE!

It's been a few months since the barrier had been broken, and the monsters had finally settled in on the surface. It seemed as though nothing could possibly go wrong, until a scientist made a time machine, and things get a little out of hand...

Undertale: Don't Forget was an undertale fan-game that acted as a sequel to the true pacifist ending (if you have not gotten this ending yet or haven't played the game, none of this will make any sense).

• A new story involving time travel!
• The unique battle system returns!
• All of your friends are back!
• An all new overworld!

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Файл добавил: Kusko [1845|29] | 2016-11-28 17:39:45
Мультиплеерная версия игры с PvP и всем прочим

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Комментарии игроков (16 шт.)

От: ortanaut [0|4] | Дата 2017-08-05 11:19:39

Заманчиво, но нет уж. Подождем настоящее продолжение (слухи ползли, Тоби Фокс за него таки взялся)...
От: No_worries [10|2] | Дата 2017-06-08 13:12:37

Pls no.
От: Sheol [8|22] | Дата 2017-06-08 10:16:16

"одной из лучших ролевых игр 2015-го года"
у кого-то больное представление о качественных играх
От: Falenok [0|0] | Дата 2017-02-12 11:44:31

Моё утиное лицо сейчас расплачется самая крутая игру плюс пздолжение
От: luckyzebra132 [0|2] | Дата 2017-02-12 09:23:05

Классная игра!
От: This_New_Sparta [97|85] | Дата 2017-01-28 04:15:42


FalconLord сказал:


Тупо об этом думать.
Хотя бы первоисточник увидел.
Тем более, Earthbound, под эту игру делал Toby Fox, автор оригинальной игры, ROM Hack, ну, типо вся игра изменена.
От: FalconLord [0|0] | Дата 2017-01-13 23:09:25

Напомнило earthbound
От: MASTER53 [3|9] | Дата 2016-12-21 13:56:43

Просто офигеть думал что не найду заль репы на скачивание не хватает
От: maks_xex [0|13] | Дата 2016-12-12 16:00:26

Игра очень классная чуть не расплакался в конце
От: Izotik4 [0|4] | Дата 2016-12-04 13:43:25

игра просто огонь, но школьники как всегда всё испоганили((
От: NikoLASO [0|0] | Дата 2016-12-04 06:12:55

Ундертейлчик Обожаю лавки Я от Данте
От: Lolkaed [0|0] | Дата 2016-12-02 20:42:41

От: Kakaska [36|13] | Дата 2016-07-11 12:37:46

эт просто ужас, первый как и с андертейлом я в начале смотрел видео, в тот раз мне понравилась графика, музыка, и всё такое.
Тут на уличной локации стоит подземная музыка аргументированная только тем что разработчику она больше нравится.
даже снег не постарался убрать, почему он сделал начало со спальни у ториель? почему нельзя было сделать отдельный дом чтобы не было нестыковок с финалами пацифист линии?

Kakaska подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Флауи вдруг стал размякшей заигрывающей с тобой слабохарактерной девочкой (флауи это не азриэль, флауи не имеет эмоций и это по дефолту цветок, а души он использует в своих целях)
Какие то натянутые реплики как будто ремейкер побоялся и постеснялся написать открыто и правдоподобно, Альфис вообще не должно было быть тут уже, она бы оставила записку что пошла рыться в магазах с аниме и т.д. нашла бы гикарей учённых и зависала бы с ними.
Ториэль стала бездушным туториалом...
От: Albertos [0|0] | Дата 2016-06-20 12:52:54

супер суп
От: trololoplay [11|11] | Дата 2016-05-30 23:36:25

Ремейк ремейка undertale. Просто шикарно.
От: nanka-xyRnka [0|0] | Дата 2016-04-23 07:31:56

Не знаю кому как,но мне игра понравилась,тот самый андертэйл,только по красочней(сперва)


< Не знаете во что поиграть? > Тогда смотрите новый выпуск "ТОП 10 ОЖИДАЕМЫХ ИНДИ ИГР"

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