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Скачать игру Alchemy Garden v0.0.22 [Pre-Alpha] - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Defuser222 [3411|10] | 2017-09-08 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2938) | Просмотров: 4642

Alchemy Garden v0.0.22 [Pre-Alpha]

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• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Impoqo Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2938); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (859)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 25.79 Мб.

В Alchemy Garden Вы будете ухаживать за садом с волшебными цветами. Делайте новые семена, используя таблицу алхимии, поливайте цветы в своем саду или зажгите камин, чтобы просто расслабиться.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 0.0.21 до 0.0.22. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5

Version 0.0.22:

The 0.0.22 build of Alchemy Garden is already here with important fixes regarding the gameplay so let’s take a look at the news.


Object-picking system fixed. 0.0.21 version of Alchemy Garden had a rather serious bug where the player could not pick up and drop objects from the game, thanks to our small community in forums that have made us know. We did not try the new object-picking system enough so mistakes were inevitable.
Fixed a bug referring to the boxes, sometimes when you took a box was higher than normal, preventing correct viewing.
Fixed the bug that caused the creation of “Pure Water” break when you load a previus saved game.
Sometimes the petals disappeared when you load the game, now this should no longer happen.

New trees; since version 0.0.1 that the trees have always had the same model and therefore it was necessary to make new ones. For now we have replaced the initial model with one in more detail, soon we will add different types of trees to bring more visual richness. In addition we have added another tree of orange leaves inside the garden to break a little with so much green color, this tree can not be cut and is purely decorative.


Oriol continues working with the new system of picking up and using tools and Rubén is working on new models for seeds. We would also like to change the alchemy table, we have seen that it is too simple and does not offer a satisfactory feeling when creating potions and mixing seeds.

See you next week!

Version 0.0.20:
We have dedicated this week to fix some important bugs of the last versions.

Water Tank

Fixed bug that water particles to fill the tank were only visible the first time.
Water Bucket

Now the buckets do not lose the water.

Now the "Watering Can" does not sound when the game is paused.
Some Mechanics

We have improved interaction with objects.
Fixed error picking up the box sometimes slowed the player.
Now all recipes require 3 components (Fire and lunar seed need a bottle of water as third component)

Version 0.0.18:
Hello gardeners!

This week we bring you a great novelty: the water system.

From now on you can create Aquavitae using the water tank, we have removed the “free stuff” boxes because you will not need them anymore.

New Item: Water

Water is the basis of life and something we wanted to bring into the world of Alchemy Garden. For this version we have put a small puddle next to the house where to fill the bucket of water as many times as you want, we know that the model is a bit primitive, have the patience to see a spectacular lake!

New Tool: Water Bucket

In order to collect the water from the outside you will need to use the bucket, we have left several of them inside. There is a lot of work to do with bucket animations, in the coming weeks it will get better!

New Craft Mechanic: Water Tank

The water tank is a new mechanic we have created so that you can make water vials.

This is a small tank with a faucet that you will have to fill with the bucket when it runs out. At the moment water vials can be crafted but later on we would like to take advantage of this mechanics and give the possibility of creating new elements.

Version 0.0.17:
Hello everyone!

We are in the middle of summer and that means that it is very hot. This week we have been working on an important and necessari feature: water.

It is the last step to complete the core gameplay of Alchemy Garden, once the system is implemented the player will be able to crate "Aquavitae" which is the potion that is used as a catalyst to make all the mixtures.

We would like to bring playable updates to the weekly build, but there are things that require more time.

There is still a lot of work to do with the water system so this week it will not be possible to bring it with the update, we will report the progress weekly.

Bug Fixes

Now the petals do not disappear when touching the sand.
Physics for carrying seeds and other objects has been improved.
Collision system for gathering has improved too, now you can use your axe and pickaxe correctly
See you the next week!

Version 0.0.16:
The 0.0.16 version of the game has been delayed this week. This is our first game as a team and we have a lot of innexperience, so we are learning from a painfull "hit and miss" process. Basically worked wrong with the version control software and we have payed the bill. Anyway, we'll show you what we've done!

New Alchemy Table

We are trying to make the experience of mixing things and making experiments more enjoyable. In this update the alchemy table has been changed an unified with the alembic. The idea for design has been stolen inspired by the Skyrim alchemic table.

For those do not know it, as now they are a 2 types of alchemic table in the game, one for mixing seeds and also apply the potions on there, and other table for making potions mixing a few components (silver, coal and sulfur). There is still a lot of work to do on the alchemy table, but we hope you will have fun with this change.

Hunger/Feeding System

Yeah, the actual hunger system its a little painful and not much fun, so we have decided remove it for the moment. We have realized that a mechanic that does not benefit the player does not make sense. We will continue working in the shadows to bring you a new system of hunger more fun, for now, enjoy life without the need to eat!

Bug Fixes

Physics improved.
The box is in a lower position when you carry it.
Now wild plants no longer become small when you load a game.
The objects inside the boxes are no longer removed when you load the game.
The colliders of the petals have been enlarged, now they will not disappear when they touch the ground.

Version 0.0.14:
Hello Gardeners!

We are here another week to bring us some fresh stuff for Alchemy Garden, let's go!

Random Generated Environment.
Oriol has been working very, very hard on a new spawn system for the outside of the map. All trees and rocks are included manually on the game until now, but now the environment is randomly generated on each new game, thats a pretty cool feature and we are very happy with it.

Now you can grab a pickaxe and go outside to gather some sulfur for your experiments. All the sulfur and coal we were in the house has been removed, because from now you can gather it on the outside.

Another big improvement, now you can grab a box and carry objects on it. This makes the object farming more interesting and fun!

Improved Animations
Rubén has been working on the pickaxe and hatchet animations and now these feels more realistic.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
The environment volume has been lowered.
Rodrigo has been working on making the flowers not "disappear" anymore when you grow it with the watercan.
Exaggerated glow on Lunar Daisy has been fixed.
The firewood has no longer made a spawn sound every time when you load the game.
Gathering time for firewood increased.
And that's all, this update is very important to us because we have included new mechanics to the game and that make us very happy. ^^

See you on the next week!

Version 0.0.13:
Hi gardnerers! How are you? Hope doing well ^^

We still working on Alchemy Garden to bring you the weekly update of the game. Here we go!

Bug Fixes
Adjusted door collider, now the door collider is more bigger and there's no "trespassing effect" anymore.
The pickaxe and the watering can are rendereds on a different cameras when you pick them. This avoid the "trespassing objects" effect too. Thank you CoffeeBox for your pro tip!
This week Rubén has been working on the graphic changes branch, remodelling a few things and making new concept art.

Pickaxe model. As a future new feature, you can grab a pickaxe and farm some sulfur on the outdoor, this is the model.

Sulfur ore model. Model for the future Sulfur Ore, this is not the definitive version and the sulfur attached on that looks like gold, keep working on it.

New potion models. Now the Moonicite, Aquavitae and Flamicite potions has new models to make more difference each other.

The firewood has a new model too. Now looks more organic.

The ambient sound has been changed. We grab our recorder and went to the forest near our house for recording some amazing birds, now they are inmortalized on Alchemy Garden ^^
The door has now a opening sound, now feels more "real".
And for the moment this is all for the 0.0.13 version. Form now on we will focus on the following:

Aquaviate crafting.
Moonicite crafting.
Grab components from growed flowers.
Seed mixing.

Version 0.0.12:
Bug Fixes
We have created a special thread on Alchemy Garden community forum, so you can report us all ingame bugs.

Lets see what have changed in this update:

Stairs colliders have been modified. Now you can not get stuck.
Size of wild plants. Now the wild plants no longer become giants when you grow it.
Build in ZIP format.
Removing unused assets & materials.
Code optimization.
Sulfur Ores Mining
Oriol is working right now in a new mining system for sulfur and another future metals, we hope implement the system on the next update.

New Seed Mixer
Rubén is working on the design of new Seed Mixer table, for now we only have the basic model.

Scene Changes
Rubén is also working on the world design, in this update he has put a basic moon on night cycle and minor modifications in the game scene.

We are very busy on our "real" jobs, the changes and new features are coming slowly but we will continue working hard on our free time!

See you next week!

Version 0.0.11:
Bug Fixes
This week Oriol has been working on the creation of a small patch in the hotfix branch that solves several bugs.

Plants now grow with the hours of the day.

The fruits should come out in their box when loading the saved game.

Once again there is a bag of Ignis seeds in the chest.

Wild plants no longer become giant when you water them.

Fixed bugs on the door, now it works again normally.
Stars reappear when it is night.
New Alchemy Table Model
Rubén has been modeling the new alchemy table in the graphic changes branch, will be available for future updates.

The main idea is to join the alembic with the alchemy table and make the action of mixing components fun, after several concepts still have to work hard on it. These are some of the concepts that have been thought.

Version 0.0.10:
Hi people!

This week we have a performance update, we have been adjusting some scripts and optimized the house to improve the performance. In addition we have made some minor changes in the graphics. Lets begin!

More Optimization
These are changes that the player will not notice, but for us it is a great improvement when introducing game content. Also, having fewer lines of code is always good for performance!

Prefabs optimization. The prefabs are no longer loaded from the Unity editor. Now it is a script job that detects the prefab route, it was necessary because it gave us many errors to have them in public variables regarding the save system.
Seeds crafting. We fixed a bug concerning the seed mix on the Alchemic Table.
Better performance in the house. We have been working on optimizing the house by removing unnecessary colliders and unifying elements.
Graphic Changes
Lunar flowers materials. The materials of the lunar flowers Lilium and Rose have been changed by some more suitable ones.

Well that’s all for this week, for the next update we would like to work on crafting tables, see what we can think.


Version 0.0.9:
Hello everyone!

We are already here with a new update for Alchemy Garden and as you will see, this time we have taken a little longer to publish since we are taking things much slowly now. We want to do something really special and that deserves its time. As for programming, Oriol is doing a great job optimizing the crafting system and as the graphic aspect is concerned, Rubén is fully working on the new house. Let’s go there with the changes!

New House
In this version we have demolished the old house and we have built a new one, more bigger and with more details! There are still many things to finish, especially on the second floor, we plan to turn the second floor into a room for all our alchemists, as there is still nothing on the second floor, we have put a chest with a magnificent Ignis Rosy and a couple of Flamicites by way of compensation, so that you can create your favorite plants of fire!

The previous house was too “flat” since the game lacks textures – only the seed tags and the sign of the entrance have textures – making it difficult to perceive the elements of the game, you could not see the difference between a wooden floor and a stone, for example. Our aim in terms of graphic style is not to use textures that simulate materials if we do not make the models themselves make the shapes of wood, stone, grass etc …

Code Optimization
The core programming stuff is a part that the player never sees, but it is the most important by far, we have been working to improve and optimize the crafting scripts, we were very complex procedure to include new mixtures and seeds. Like the house, there is still a lot of work to do but at the moment we are very satisfied with the result.

With programming we are encountering a problem that seems very obvious but it is easy to forget: Every time we add new features we need to invest more time in the debug phase, so it is likely that sometimes the updates are delayed by this reason

Aside, Alchemy Garden is going to be a game that will handle many types of objects, so we need time to document the whole process and do things well, our priority for the next few weeks will be to create a database with all the elements of the game.

And well this is it, we will continue working to bring you more news, as always, thank you very much to everyone!


Version 0.0.8:
We are already another week here to tell you what we have been doing with our dear Alchemy Garden, let's begin!

• Water Level Indicator: Now you can see how much water a plant has just by approaching it.
• Improved Sprinkler: We have improved sprinkler control to make it more comfortable to use.
• General corrections.

New Plants
• We have added 3 new plant types, along with their Lunar and Ignis variants. You can get them by mixing Daisy seeds together with the other basic seeds.
• Dailium = Mix seeds Daisy with Lilium seeds.
• Rosy = Mix seeds Daisy with Rose seeds.
• Daitus = Mix seeds Daisy with Lotus seeds

For the moment this is everything, we want you to mix each of the elements in the game, we will do it little by little.
You can now download the latest version for both Windows and Mac from itch.io!
Until next week!

Take care of a garden of magical flowers. Make new seeds with the alchemy table, water the flowers in your garden or light the fireplace to relax.

Follow us on twitter to be updated! https://twitter.com/ImpoqoGame

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От: dikktor [-6|4] | Дата 2017-09-09 12:40:59

Ну почему вы такие тупенькие? Игра ещё даже не в АЛЬФЕ а вы говорите "Нифига нет"
От: Kypes [3|3] | Дата 2017-05-19 18:48:23

Всё что можно делать,это взять колбу с странным зелёным веществом,смешать её с углём и тем же веществом на столике,получить какую то огненную колбу,понять что её нельзя выпить,засунуть её в котёл с семенами,получить красивые семечки,попробовать нажать E,но понять что это ничего не делает,потом кинуть на грядку,получить красивый огненный цветок,полить его водой,уменьшить(наконец то логика)
а потом он начнёт расти,расти и вырастит,и вы сможете смотреть на довольно красивый,но полностью бесполезный цветок...
ещё можно из того вещества и семечка получить лунный цветок
А ещё пещера с огромным огненным лотусом есть,его можно полить,и тем самым убить
Зачем автор игры выложил её в открытый доступ? Неизвестно...
А тем кто добавил спасибо.
p.s можно летать если взять что либо,положить под себя,а потом вверх.



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