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Скачать игру Airmen v0.62.5 [Alpha] - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 10.0 (1)
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3279|10] | 2017-05-25 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2777) | Просмотров: 4587

Airmen v0.62.5 [Alpha]

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Airmen v0.62.5 [Alpha]
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Airborne Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2777); Игры с физикой (896); Сетевые / ХотСит (1876); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (758)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 46.23 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 10.0 из 10
(всего голосов: 1)

Airmen - песочница-конструктор в сеттинге стимпанковых воздушных боев! Стройте свои корабли и отправляйтесь воевать с противником. Каждый воздушный корабль укомплектовывается командой из пяти человек: Вы плюс пилот, ремонтник, оружейник и саботёр, задача которого прыгнуть на корабль врага и разрушить его изнутри.

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с Alpha v0.62.4 до Alpha v0.62.5. Список изменений внутри.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Язык интерфейса: Английский
Движок: Unity 5


Major Features

Scoreboard. Keeps track of ship damage dealt, player kills, and repairs done.

Antigrief. Doing too much damage to allies kicks you from the match. This system will be further expanded.

In-game name tags.

Minor Features

Airships no longer disappear when the last captain disconnects.

Network traffic optimizations across the board should improve stability of large matches.

/mod "player name" adds the player as a mod.

/kick "player name" kicks the player from the match.

/ban "player name" kicks and bans the player from the server.

Dismounting the pilot seat always engages autopilot. The pilot seat can also be dismounted with Left Control.

Spawning in ships in singleplayer requires the spawn location to be unblocked.

Some part models have been swapped for lower-poly version to alleviate lag when looking at big airships.

Respawning at a chamber points the camera out from the chamber, rather than retaining the old rotation.

Smoke screenscreens drop their smoke in bursts every 30 seconds.

Press T to team chat when in-game.

New model for the small engine. It's smaller and has less connection points. AI have been altered accordingly.

Bug Fixes

If your chosen respawn chamber was destroyed while you were respawning, you would permadie.

The center of lift leeway system did not allow center of lift to go below center of mass when damage was taken.


**Minor Features**

* When you die in deathmatch, your camera will move to an over-the-shoulder view.

* Increased damage of cannons by 15%, reduced temperature based spread by 35%.

* When a captain fails to connect, their crew will still appear on their ship.

* After entering the deathmatch scene, the game waits up to 30 seconds for all players to connect. If this timer expires, unconnected players are dropped and the match begins.

* Reduced gatling gun fire rate from 18 shots per seconds to 10.

* New gatling gun audio that sounds less like a buzz saw.

* Reduced thickness of smokescreen to help reduce performance draw.

* Removed hitbox of propellor blades.

* Captains can now lock their crew.

* Captains can invite spectators to their crew.

* Captains can kick players from their crew.

* The victory countdown changes color to green or red if you are winning or losing.

**Bug Fixes**

* Turrets rotated twice as fast when a remote player is using one. This should reduce the sharp cannon arc at the end of turret shots.

* Dying in deathmatch while zoomed in with a spyglass left you permenantly zoomed in.

* Players disconnecting in a turret locked the turret forever.

* HOPEFULLY (this one is hard to test) Crews would spawn on the wrong airship.

* Switching weapon animations could be queued on top of eachother if the buttons were pressed too rapidly.

**Minor Features**

* Rail guns have a new particle effect that is less laser-beamy.

**Bug Fixes**

* Rail gun shots no longer go through mountains.

* The lobby is less likely to fail with high player count.

* One player cannot join at the same time as another to prevent lobby overload.


**Minor Features**

* Added red notifications to chat when lobby requests are denied.

* If a captain leaves a slot with a crew, their crew becomes spectators.

* Any players who join lobby with an airship will display their ship's mass after their name.

* Players may only make lobby requests every one second.

* A captain may no longer join their own crew.

* A chat message is displayed when attempting to connect to an in progress match.

* A chat message is displayed when attempting to connect to a match with a different version.

* A chat message is displayed when failing to connect to an offline server.

* Only captains must be ready to start the match.

* Spectators joining will not unready everyone.

* A change in crew will only unready the captain who lost crew, rather than all players.

* If the match timer expires and one captain from each team is ready, the game will start.

* Activatable parts can only be activated on certain faces (no activating steering wheels from below).

* Airships now require respawn chambers to leave the hangar.


**Minor Features**

* Added half rams.

* New tree so the other one isn't so lonely.

* An extra plane was added to each grass mesh.

**Bug Fixes**

* Players who previously joined another crew may end up on the wrong airship.


**Major Features**

* All new lobby focused on a player list rather than captain list.

* Choose to spectate in lobby.

* Select each AI's ship from the preset list.

* Added armored balloons: These are the smallest variant of balloons but are the toughest for their size. Building with these is also the most challenging.

* Added armored skinning: This is a component intended to function much like rigging but without a ladder: cover a large area at low mass cost.

**Minor Features**

* Auto-crouch: crouching into a tight spot then releasing crouch keeps you crouched until the headspace becomes available.

* Harpoon ropes can be damaged to destroy the harpoon if the rope is fully taught.

* While ladder mounted, movement is camera relative, so looking up and moving forward moves you up. This helps with traversing harpoon ropes.

**Bug Fixes**

* Sliding off an edge will no longer cause you to fall fast after leaving it.

* Gatling guns did not damage hit subcolliders.

* Water left behind a weird after image around the edge of objects overlaping it when the camera was moved at certain angles.

* Gatling guns could be charged up to deal unlimited damage in a shotgun blast.

* Players who previously joined another crew may end up on the wrong airship.


**Minor Features**

* Small tweaks to position sync to prevent a "bouncy sync".

* AI pathfinding consumes significantly less resources.

* Noise produced by ship mounted weapons has been limited to an unobtrusive volume level.

**Bug Fixes**

* Red team could not win.

* The last ship you used did not auto-load when returning to hangar for the second time without loading a ship.


**Minor Features**

* A message now appears when a player leaves the dm lobby.

**Bug Fixes**

* Pigeon missiles would not fire.

* An infinite number of tools could be removed from cabinents.

* Red team could not win if any one ship was disabled.

* Lobby crew members were not synced if joining the lobby late.

* Chat disappeared if you disconnected from lobby without returning to hangar.


**Bug Fixes**

* Matches now properly start if a player in the lobby has not chosen a team.

* Fixed problems with ship position not syncing as the match went on. The new system should also be much tighter than the previous.


**Major Features**

* Removed terrain deformation. This change makes all of the terrain changes possible.

* New deathmatch map with lots more cover.

* Added tool boards: 3 tool cabinents that are slim and easily wall mounted.

**Minor Features**

* Cut render time from terrain by 5ms.

* Doubled the resolution of the ground texture.

* New terrain collider stops ships and players from falling under.

* Grass grows properly from the terrain rather than hovering above it.

* Added shear cliff faces to sandbox.

* Terrain now generates during scene load, drastically reducing file size.

* Water now edge blends with the shore.

* Longneck turret firepower increased from 12.5 to 15. Damage down from 100 to 90.

* Sped up swing time of the axe and hammer.

* Atmospheric fog effect is stronger and blends into the skybox.

* Changed the coloration of the spyglass.


**Major Features**

* Added a spyclass tool. Left clicking massively zooms in your view.

* Added a new rigging that ends in a railing piece.

* Verification occurs 20 times faster.

**Minor Features**

* Boarding axe damage increased to 60.

* Increased revolver damage to 30.

* New crosshair designed to consume less screen space.

* Part stats displays more information such as firepower score and the pressure draws of hybrid components.

* Lift capacity and mass replace lift and weight.

* New grass shader blends into the ground.

**Bug Fixes**

* Gatling gun audio would continue playing if the weapon was destroyed while on.

* Invalid connections could be made to the bottom of small engines.

* Equiping a tool showed the tool equiped too early in the equip animation.


* Clouds now have soft edges when intersecting objects and fade away when within 10 meters.

* Further audio improvements - Less audio cutout in intense battle.

* Slight changes to deathmatch map: lower peaks and higher clouds.

* New audio for cannons and longnecks.

* Engines explode with steam when destroyed.

* Dragon tails displayed the wrong pressure draw in the hangar.

* Fixed some color issues on the Dragon Tails.

* Soft map borders.

* Crispier Text.

* A ship's drag is now influenced by its balloon placement, count, and type. The sphere balloon introduces the lowest drag per lift (0.85) and the ballast balloon the most (1.1).

* Rail guns were destroying their focusers and not being amplified.

* Gatling guns could not damage other players.

* Small engines and ballasts could clip through eachother.

* Tighten up the build hitbox of the small prop.


**Major Features**

* Hold ctrl to crouch, you move at 40% speed while crouched and can get through tighter passages. New animations reflect if another player is crouched or not.

* New Weapon: Carbine. The carbine deals 50 damage with 10 armor penetration and 250% damage on a headshot with a max range of 100 meters. Moving at full speed introduces a spread of 3.5 meters at 30 meters, moving even faster can increase spread up to 5 meters.

* Updated player model. Be the robot skyrate she told you not to worry about.

* Victory progress is tracked at the top of the screen. Red and blue blips represent each airship in the team. A hollow blip means the ship is without power. A semicircle means it is without sufficient lift. Your homeship is always gold.

* Harpoons and pigeon missiles can be destroyed like any ship part. Harpoons have 35 hp and pigeon missiles 30. You must hit the pigeon to damage the missile.

**Minor Features**

* You will now slide down steep surfaces rather than stopping on them.

* Jumping on a steep slope causes you to jump away from the slope.

* You can no longer hold down jump to jump.

* You can climb 0.1 meters higher on ladders.

* The boarding axe now has 20 armor penetration.

* A message appears to indicate the victors before everyone is returned to hangar.

* The reload time of harpoons has increased to ~15 seconds to enable tangible benefit to depooning your ship and to make missing them more punishing.

* Adding an AI unreadys everyone in the lobby.


**Major Features**

* Reworked player movement to be "floaty". This prevents ADADing from being annoyingly effective.

* Taking damage slows you based on damage taken. The slow exponentially decays.

* Maximum firepower per mass has been reduced by 33%.

* Added railings to help prevent accidental disembarking. Thier mass has been set very low so their convenience they provide is not a tradeoff.

**Minor Features**

* Manning parts goes 3x faster on friendly ships and will never be extended on your homeship (even if the enemy hijacks it).

* Invert look option added to settings menu.

* Improved the visibility of the longneck tracer.

* Reduced the AOE size of pigeon missiles to make repairing their damage more manageable.

* Reduced the HP of railgun focusers to 300 to benefit ships capable of closing the gap.

**Bug Fixes**

* Longnecks did not always create a hitmarker.


**Major Features**

* Match chat, say hello to your fellow airmen. *Chat is always visible in lobby and ENTER toggles it on in battle. Still lots of work to be done on this feature like a longer message history and scrolling. *

* Longneck L. Turret. *The longneck cannon fires a fast straight projectile slightly at a slightly slower rate than the default cannon. Each shot deals 100 damage and has 50 armor penetration but lacks the AOE of cannon shots. I'll be watching the damage to make sure it isn't annoyingly good at killing crew. the weapon currently uses the same audio as the default cannon.*

* Firepower. Firepower gauges the overall offensive capabilities of your ship. If your firepower is greater than your mass, you may not enter battle. *You can check your firepower as a fraction of your mass on the left chalk boards and on the mass/lift scale. This curtails weapon spamming ships and also helps keep performance reasonable. These values are far from perfect and will need further adjustment.*

**Minor Features**

* All new deathmatch and sandbox maps.

* Chat admins and commands. Adding an IP to your ServerSettings.txt will give anyone who connects from that IP admin privledges. Admins can:

* "SetStrict x" x=0-2. At zero, anyone is free to join any captain or crew slot. At 1, non admins can only join crew. At 2, non admins cannot join captain or crew slots.

* "Captain *player name* xy" x = 0-1, y=0-3. Forces a player to captain on team x in slot y.

* "Abandon *player name*". Forces a player to leave their role and become a spectator.

* "Start x". Starts the match. x can be anything but must be included (bug).

* Public chat commands. Anyone can run these:

* "/GetShip *player name*". Changes the background ship to the selected player's ship.

**Bug Fixes**

* Right clicking a captain slot would show empty crew slots as ready/undready.


**Minor Features**

* Tweaked the position of red team spawns to prevent AI collisions

* Only 4 AI can be added to a match. *Additional AI ships cause too much server lag.*

* A fancy meter tells everyone the mass of each team's fleet.

* Ships with no weight or more than 300000 weight will be rejected from captaining.

* Entering battle requires a verification period to flush out invalid colliding parts. This process takes 0.04 seconds per part. If you fail verification you will remain in the hangar.

* Checking the crew of a ship highlights readied players in green and unreadied players in red.

* Connecting to a match in progress will automatically disconnect you, rather than crashing.

* Matches in progress are marked "(In Game)" in the server browser if the hosted match is in progress.

**Bug Fixes**

* Missile Silos and balloons could be placed inside eachother.

* Crew lists sometimes appeared off screen.


**Minor Features**

* Players with a different version of the game than the server cannot connect.

* Side mounted rudders now function with upright and upside down rudders.

* Front and backside mounted rudders create expected reaction forces but do not turn.

* Propellors oriented to turn and airship now function.

* Repair hammers repair all connected parts 1/3 of the original value for 1/3 the original scrap cost.

* Tweaked the presure draw system of props and rudders to consume when functioning rather than when the button is down.

**Bug Fixes**

* Your player will no longer slide when the airship beneath you accelerates.

* Quickly rotating camera no longer causes a massive lag spike.


**Minor Features**

* Reduced turn speed and life time of Pigeon Missiles.

* Increased the collision box of Missile Silos in build mode.

* Tightened the collision box of balloons in build mode.

* Water extends out into infinity.

* Your ship spawns into singleplayer instantaneously after pressing C.

* Spawn in friendly and enemy versions of you own ship in singleplayer using M/N. *AI pilots are only authorized to fire turrets.*

**Bug Fixes**

* Placement order mattered for some irregularly shaped parts.


**Minor Features**

* A small message now informs players how to add AI to a lobby.

* The server browser refreshes the list immeditaely upon entering deathmatch.

* Reduced grass coverage and cloud thickness to address some lag spiking.

**Bug Fixes**

* AI Cannon shots no longer pass through their targets.

* Non captain's HUD should configure properly when moved to ship.


**Major Features**

* Pigeon Guided Missiles. Pigeon guided missiles will only lock on shortly after firing to the enemy ship closest to the center of it's field of view (135 degrees max). The missiles turn slowly and cannot hit targets within 100 units when firing at a 90 degree initial offset. Fast moving ships are hit infrequently.

* Smoke Screen. Activating massively increases the density of your engine smoke obscuring everything within 20 units of the exhaust.

* Additional armor (2), glass (1), and rigging (1) shapes.

* Thick clouds now obscure the skies.

* Inventory icons now show you what's equiped, and what's in your inventory.

**Minor Features**

* Readded explosion occlusion, ie Components block splash damage.

* Reduced the hp of rigging.

* Right clicking an occupied captain slot displays the Alias's of the captain and crew.

* Changed the grass to be far more performance friendly.

* Roughened steep terrain.

* Swapped sandbox ai ships to those seen in deathmatch

**Bug Fixes**

* Respawn chambers did not require pressure to respawn crew members.

* Cannon shots had 0 armor pen, restored to 50.

* Spectators can now access the menus to return to hangar.

* The last loaded ship should always load in after repeatedly returning to the hangar.

* Personal server names properly carry over between matches.

* Your captain's ship will always display in the background, regardless of match join order.


**Major Features**

* The damage reduction of the pilot seat has been reduced to 25 from 30 considering changes to cannon damage.

* The match now ends in 30 seconds if all of **one** team's ship have 0 pressure, insufficent lift, or are under enemy control (hijacked). Sufficient repairs reset the timer. To clarify, satisfying the same conditions for the enemy team resets the timer.

**Minor Features**

* Reverted harpoons to their previous slow speed.

* Cannon shots last 0.9 seconds (down from 1).

* Further performance optimization from projectiles

**Bug Fixes**

* Fixed cannon shots from other players detonating in the wrong location.

* Fixed some particles rendering behind water.

* Lessened the amount of audio cut out.


**Major Features**

* A handy dandy meter now classes your ship (light, medium, heavy). *Resolutions other than 16x9 may render the meter awkwardly.*

**Minor Features**

* All new smoke particles for engines, gatling guns, and cannons.

* Serverside performance optimizations.

* The largest of the AI ships has been replaced with something more performance friendly.

* Projectiles are true to the ship rather than an exact recreation to cut down on network traffic.

* Projectiles travel 3x as fast and explode in 1/3 the time. *This helps optimize high volumes of fire.*


**Minor Features**

* New cannon shot explosion particles.

**Bug Fixes**

* Network turrets were not properly matching rotation.


**Major Features**

* 2 new light turrets. One ball turret and one more restricted type. *Its likely these are too less effective and will receive unique buffs.*

**Minor Features**

* Reduced cannon damage to 35 (from 50).

* Cannon shot explosions are no longer blocked and penetrate other parts. *This calculation became costly with many shots flying.*

* Cannon shot AOE reduced to 2/3 size.

* Moved the scrap box next to the hammer cabinet in the parts list

* Renamed the old turrets to "Ball Turret".

* The camera view of using a turret stays relative to the same position, i.e. you will always see the same fraction of the turret you are in if it is not moving.

* Terrain deformations are visible at any distance.

* Activation text informs you E is the activation button.

* Server performance optimization to allow smoother function with more AI.

**Bug Fixes**

* Player-on-player collisions have been disabled to prevent shunting.

* Cannon turrets were consume 2/3 the pressure they should've been.

* AI would double spawn if the lobby restarted with AI present.

* Double joining a crew subtracted a crew member.

* Cannons gain heat twice as fast in singleplayer

**Known Bugs**

* AI turrets have no body.

* Changing connection points allows you to place large components outside of the build area, requiring restart.

* Server names do not carry over after a reset.


**Bug Fixes**

* Players should properly appear at respawn chambers.


**Major Features**

* Anyone can right click a captain slot to add AI. Human players take precedent over AI and will kick one if they occupy a selected slot.

* Each AI captain number in deathmatch now pilots a unique ship. *This also sets the framework for players bringing their own AI into the game.*

* Sandbox will randomly select from one of the four AI ship options.

* Tools can be returned to a cabinent of the same tool type, if there is space.

**Minor Features**

* An Airship in deathmatch spawns in immediately.

* The height has been raised to 150 (from 100) to hopefully add more verticality to battle.

* Lobby menus hide immediately after entering battle.

* The match timer starts from 0 when all players are moved to their ships.

* Ram damage has increased ~2 fold.

**Bug Fixes**

* Ballast balloons allowed ships to exceed the height ceiling.

* Players now spawn properly on fast moving ships.

* Destroying harpoon cannons now destroys their harpoon.

* Boarding charges are no longer expended unless used.


**Minor Features**

* Distant terrain and airships appear slightly greyer to help gauge distances.

**Bug Fixes**

* Cannon turrets sometimes didn't deal damage due to fluctuations in ping.


**Minor Features**

* Players now collide with eachother but cannot push other players.

* Added a straight harpoon cannon.

* Hits with any of your cannon shots or gatling rounds trigger hitmarkers, for pilots and crew alike.

**Bug Fixes**

* Ships went flying when players touched hatches.

* A non-pilot manning turrets shot double.

* Games were not properly ending at 15 minutes.


**Major Features**

* If you have no saved ships, one will be provided.

* Added many new filter criteria and reorganized the default list for easier navigation. *Let me know if there are any sorting groups I missed but may be useful*

**Minor Features**

* Added ladder bottoms.

* Added a new glass plate shape.

* Removed sandbox multiplayer button options as it is no longer supported.


**Major Features**

* Hatches, activate hatches on your team's ships to block passage to pesky boarding parties. *There's still a bit of work left to do one these guys, such as one more shape.*

* Reworked rudders and angular drag to make turning radii across the board tighter. Light ships can turn on their own edge but heavy ships will require a relatively larger arc.

**Minor Features**

* Added an extra connection point to balloons to help players build integrated-balloon ships.

* Reworked the collision of balloons to be a bit more performance friendly.


**Major Features**

* Boarding Axe

* Boarding Charge

* A simple tutorial now helps guide players to building their first ship. This tutorial is in it's preliminary stages and, for now, begins again each time the hangar is loaded.

**Minor Features**

* Suicide button

* Rams share a shipwide cooldown, deal much more damage, and consider both the velocity of your ship and the target's ship.

* Blacked out the eye beam on the dead body rag doll

* Less leaves on trees

**Known Bugs**

* Small lag spike when selecting some of the bigger components in the hangar

* Placing a part on an alternate connection point while any other connection point is out of bounds, the part can no longer be deleted. Restart the application to fix.

Looking to build and battle steampunk Airships? Airmen is an airship combat game realized through a first-person-shooter style experience. Players traverse custom built ships during combat and one wrong step can leave you stranded in the dirt. Each airship is crewed by up to five players with the options of piloting, repairing, manning the guns, or jumping ship to board an enemy.

Build Your Airship
All airships begin life as an empty hangar. Use a combination of structure beams and armor plates to build a structure supporting your balloons, engines, propellers, rudders, ballasts, and guns. Every component is placed individually, but remember to leave space so a crew can traverse and repair your ship.

Crew Your Airship
Friendship is the strongest airship. Join up to four other airmen on your ship. Crew mates can pilot, repair, man a turret, or board another ship. Remember to pack a reconstruction chamber for any combat-related accidents.

Destroy Your Enemies
Cannons, gatling guns, pigeon guided missiles, rams, and harpoon assisted boarding action are all ways to establish dominance in the sky. Every component of an airship can be damaged and destroyed so target engines to leave your enemy powerless, pierce the balloon to send them plummeting to the ground, or eliminate the crew and their reconstruction chambers to claim the ship as your own.

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Airmen v0.62.5 [Alpha], либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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От: kos3110 [0|3] | Дата 2017-05-17 14:31:45

Лучшая игра!!!
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нууууу игра в принципе для альфы нормальная
От: BadassMike [1|5] | Дата 2017-05-05 22:13:07

У меня не работает((
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RedPhoenix сказал:

Почему "саботёр", а не диверсант?)

Саботаж и диверсия немного разные вещи, хотя, по контексту тут и правда больше бы подошел диверсант.
От: StoneFilosoph [6|2] | Дата 2017-03-27 05:57:02

Guns of Icarus Online =D?
От: RedPhoenix [1|2] | Дата 2017-03-05 20:18:45

Почему "саботёр", а не диверсант?)

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