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Скачать игру Voxel Turf v0.2.2 - демо версия игры

Рейтинг: 9.8 (4) | Баллы: 11
Игру добавил Defuser222 [3296|10] | 2016-10-01 (обновлено) | Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2814) | Просмотров: 12967

Voxel Turf v0.2.2

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Voxel Turf v0.2.2
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от SnapperTheTwig (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Тир, FPS, 3D-бродилки (2814); Техника на колесах, гонки (1035); Сетевые / ХотСит (1913); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (777)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Демо версия
• Размер / Size: 125.23 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.8 из 10
(всего голосов: 4)

Voxel Turf - масштабная песочница, где Вы можете построить свой город и творить в нем все, что угодно. Можете быть доброжелателем, или агентом хаоса, строить здания, или взрывать их, строить базы, или захватывать их, начать бизнес, или грабить. Ваши возможности безграничны!

Версия игры ОБНОВЛЕНА с 0.1.24 до 0.2.2. Список изменений внутри.

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Язык интерфейса: Английский

Запуск игры:
Игра должна находится в Program Files, а сама папка называться Voxel Turf

VERSION: 0.2.2 - 22/04/2016
- [Performance] - The server now load balances water calculations. (This is to mitigate lag spikes due to chunks with large bodies of water being loaded). This usually takes a maximum of 5ms/simulation frame.
- [Performance] - Computing water is now ~100% faster, due to optimising a case where a source block is surrounded by other source blocks - this block is no longer treated as a "source" block if it is packed in with other source blocks.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a rare bug causing build cost previews to skyrocket (to like $47mil per lot)

VERSION: 0.2.1 - 19/04/2016
- [Bugfix] - Fixed transparent blocks being rendered very slowly. Can result in a 2-3x boost in framerate.
- [Misc] - You can no longer destroy circuit blocks by ramming them with a vehicle (prevents accidentally destroying sensors)
- [Misc] - "Demo Mode" watermark removed if playing tutorial.
- [Misc] - Vehicles stuck underwater will now take damage over time
- [Misc] - You can no long add or remove blocks to/from economic lots (Houses/Industry/etc) if you do not own the lot.

VERSION: 0.2.0 - 14/04/2016
- [Misc] - Addded tootips to graphics settings menu.

VERSION: 0.2.0 - RC2 10/04/2016
- [Feature] - Declaring a turf war, or going to peace now generates a banner
- [Feature] - You can now define the spawn rates for cars, civilians and the CDF in settings/serverprefs.txt. Spawn rates for cars have been increased.
- [Misc] - CDF Cars that drop a target will try to go back onto a nearby road and resume patrolling.
- [Misc] - Under arrest bar now flashes if it is above 50% progress
- [Bugfix] - CDF cars disengaging pursuit if there are sufficient CDF chasing the player is now working again. If a CDF disengages, there is a 5 second cooldown to prevent constant acquisitions then disengagements
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD when clicking back button in Diplomacy screen
- [Bugfix] - If you are arrested it now says "You were Arrested" instead of "You Died".
- [Bugfix] - Fixed arrest bar still being displayed after respawn if the player is killed while being arrested.

VERSION: 0.2.0 - RC1 07/04/2016
- [Misc] - Killing a civilian or a CDF is now an explicit crime
- [Bugfix] - CDF crime spotting fixed

VERSION: 0.1.40 - 05/04/2016
- [Feature] - Control prompts will display Xbox360 control icons if a gamepad is connected.
- [Feature] - Chests are "locked" if they are in Bases or Bandit Bases, and the occupier of the Base/Bandit Base is not allied to the player, or is not the player themselves.
- [Misc] - Nerfed scope zoom slightly - Now 3.0x and 4.0x for Silver and Gold scope mods.
- [Misc] - Reduced bandit base spawn rates for Health items and increased spawn rates for valuable items (Gold jewelry/ingots)
- [Bugfix] - Specualtive bugfix for Specualtive bugfix for multiplayer movement lag issue.
- [Bugfix] - Gamepad controls should now work properly on Windows (its now using the SDL2 gamepad library properly this time).
- [Bugfix] - Fixed client-side diplomacy out of sync when re-joining a server.
- [Bugfix] - Mission UI screen lockup bugs fixed
- [Bugfix] - Fixed server crash on taking a hold-up mission
- [Bugfix] - Fixed server sending clients chunks in reverse order of importance.

VERSION: 0.1.39 - 02/04/2016
- [Feature] - Added traffic lights
- [Feature] - Some blocks can be removed by driving into them
- [Feature] - Model blocks "fall" if they are destroyed
- [Feature] - Streetlights and traffic lights will remove blocks that are attached to them if they are destroyed. (This is to prevent hanging lights)
- [Misc] - Spawners are now indestructable with explosions.
- [Misc] - Some industrial buildings are more profitable.
- [Misc] - The client will no longer try to compile shaders if shaders are disabled.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed client lockup when closing fullscreen map after having fullscreen map open for a while.
- [Bugfix] - Specualtive bugfix for a multiplayer movement lag issue.
- [Bugfix] - Blocks that spawn multiple voxels now have the correct blast resistance if an explosion occurs outside its main voxel.

VERSION: 0.1.38 - 27/03/2016
- [Feature] - Mouseover information for lot income and expenses. Gives a breakdown of modifiers that affect income and expenses.
- [Feature] - Applying a weapon mod has a sound effect
- [Misc] - Level 1 bandit bases only spawn 3 bandits, level 2 bandit bases spawn 4 bandits
- [Misc] - Map now scrolls if you move the mouse to the edges. (You can still right click to move faster!)
- [Misc] - Desirability and safety modifers to lot income are now applied.
- [Misc] - Notoriety bar is now at the top of the screen if the map is open.
- [Misc] - Talking to a bandit in a bandit base or the defender in a base owned by another player will give a more appropriate response.
- [Misc] - Talking to a civilian or a bandit will make them face you, if they are not walking.
- [Bugfix] - If a lot is updated, when you have a lot information window open, the lot information window will be updated.
- [Bugfix] - Specualtive bug fix for world-hole causing bug: Split chunks are unloaded in blocks of 32x32, rather than being treated as discrete chunks.
- [Bugfix] - settings/controls.txt is now correctly created
- [Bugfix] - Fixed sound effects getting locked up when too many sound effects are played (as caused by, eg, too many explosions going off at once)

VERSION: 0.1.37 - 24/03/2016
- [Feature] - More mouse-over text in map mode. You can mouse-over lots to find out what they are.
- [Feature] - Added 3 new buisness types: Health/Education and Transport.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed text colour on price preview when building/selling lots
- [Misc] - client/server executables now vtclient and vtserver(.exe)
- [Misc] - Voxel Turf will look for files in the current directory on startup, if this fails it will default to the default directory (C:Program FilesVoxel Turf) or (~/.turf/)
- [Misc] - Crash loging system updated, should be more useful to me now.
- [Misc] - Doubled demo mode time limit to 1 hour.
- [Bugfix] - Entity Particles (flying tires, limbs, etc) now render in non-shader mode.

VERSION: 0.1.36 17/03/2016
- [Feature] - Added the tutorial, with 5 tutorial missions.
- [Feature] - Added Steel Sliding Industrial Doors. These cannot be opended/closed by hand, they must be opened/closed with a switch. Has high cost and blast resistance.
- [Feature] - Minimap/map textures for blocks have higher resolution (8 x 8 pix per block).
- [Feature] - Added the Helifield, Hopsital, Education Facility, Mechanics Garage, Median Strips, Crane, Vase/Pointy/Tall Office Towers, TurfMart, Gun Shop, Shiney Jewelry Shops, Apartment Tower, Factory, Greenhouse lots.
- [Misc] - Mob Spawners now emit some light.
- [Misc] - Mob Spawners have a 20x spawn rate if they do not have any living spawned entities. If they are in a lot that is under siege, they will never spawn any more entities.
- [Misc] - Bandits now have a chance to drop money, in addition to dog-tags.
- [Misc] - The map generator will always generate a small amount of plains near the spawn point
- [Misc] - Touched up some lots, the Wall Gate lot has received a lot of work in particular.
- [Misc] - Boom gates have a slightly more forgiving hit box.

VERSION: 0.1.35
- [Feature] - Added Lot Zones, definable regions in lots that can trigger events.
- Current Lot zones that work are, Shop (used to spawn merchant npcs) and Tresspass (used to give a player notoriety upon entering)
- [Feature] - Added the Turfmart, Gun Shop, Hardware Store and Hirt
- [Feature] - Most commercial lots have merchant npcs that sell related items.
- [Feature] - Smelters have a merchant npc that sells metal items, Sawmills have a merchant npc that sells wood items.
- [Feature] - Added merchant npcs. These have floating dollar signs above their heads, and can be used to buy/sell items from.
- [Misc] - If a MobEntity fails to find a path to a target, it is forbidden from trying again for 150 ms
- [Bugfix] - You can now blow up blocks at level 0 (they now have +50% blast resistance though).

VERSION: 0.1.34 19/02/2016
- [Feature] - Destroying vehicles makes their former wheels go flying!
- [Feature] - Killing players and mob entities make their (former) limbs go flying!
- [Feature] - Added Pickup Item Entities. If you drop an item (with Q), it will appear infront of you and can be picked up again after 1 second.
- [Feature] - Killing civilians may make them to drop money. Killing bandits makes them drop dog tags.
- [Feature] - Added Jewelery, Weapon Mods, Guns and Ammo On-Shelf decals.
- [Feature] - Added "Parks" as a new lot type. Houses, Commerce and Offices have a "Near Parks" modifier, and also a "Beautification" modifier if they are surrounded by parks
- [Feature] - Cars, tanks and helicopters now emit smoke if they are under 33% hp
- [Feature] - Added drowning mechanics. If you are underwater for longer than 10 seconds, you will take damage at 5 Hp/sec.
- [Feature] - Money updates are now indicated on the screen
- [Feature] - Added streetlights - these produce a light portal on the ground, but the light itself is 7 metres up
- [Feature] - Tank turrets now do direct damage to players/entities they hit directy (45-55 damage with 250% armour piercing)
- [Feature] - Standardised crime reporting
- Crimes include hyjacking a car, opening fire, firing a tank turret, ramming a CDF vehicle
- If you are spotted by a CDF or 5 civilians, the CDF are notified.
- If you are at zero notoriety and you commit a crime, you are informed what that crime is with a banner
- [Feature] - When you escape the CDF, a banner appears
- [Misc] - You can now shift-click to place items with mods attached in and out of chests.
- [Misc] - All rockets have been slightly buffed in direct hit damage
- [Misc] - Chunk lighting updates are now multithreaded, giving an up to ~50% boost in lighting calculation speeds.
- [Misc] - Chunk rendering is now multithreaded, giving an up to ~45% boost in chunk render speeds.
- [Misc] - If a lot has a special effect id ("Hills Near", etc), it will be displayd in the lot info window.
- [Misc] - Modified transparency drawing algorithim so that transparent blocks are never rendered opaque, and only blocks close to the player (in trans range) are drawn.
- [Misc] - Added descriptions for weapon mods
- [Misc] - Weapons and mods now have prices
- [Bugfix] - Fixed erronious liberation from notoriety by moving around inside a lot. You now have to leave the lot you were last spotted on to escape the CDF.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed "Sell" button positioning on the inventory page.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed loading player with 0 HP if they saved while in a vehicle.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed vehicles still being able to be controlled by the player if the player dies/arrested in the vehicle and respawns.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed (cosmetically) CDF bandits spawning in mob bases.

VERSION: 0.1.33 05/02/2016
- Buildings/terrain can be recovered from old save files. Delete *.player from savegames/savename/, and you will be able to load it.
- Mob spawners and chests will be broken in old maps.

- [Major Feature] - Added Notoriety system
- Introducing the Citizen's Defence Force (the CDF). The CDF are a ruthless vigilante group that think and act they are police.
- Notoriety is gained for committing acts of violence, and either being spotted by a CDF or a number of civilians
- If you have notoriety, CDF cars will chase you down. If they get very close, and you are unable to move away fast enough an arrest meter will fill. If it fills completely, you are "arrested" and must respawn.
- Higher levels of notoriety will increase the spawn rate of CDF vehicles and foot volunteers around notorious players.
- Shooting at the CDF or their vehicles will increase notoreity
- Avoiding the CDF for 15 seconds while being more than 16 metres from the last spotted location and being in a different lot that the last spotted lot will remove all notoriety.
- [Major Feature] - Added weapon mods. All small arms can have up to 2 weapon mods.
- Silencers - Weapon makes no sound and has no muzzle flash to other players. AI enemies are less likely to be alerted if fired nearby.
- Extra Shot - Weapon fires an additional projectile. Decreases accuracy, reload speed and attack power.
- Scope Mod - Comes in 3 levels (Black/Silver/Gold). Allows you to zoom on the target with right click. Increases accuracy.
- Explosive Mod - Comes in 3 levels (Black/Silver/Gold). Projectiles might cause explosions, with probablity increasing with higher levels.
- Armour Piercing Mod - Comes in 3 levels (Black/Silver/Gold). Projectiles have higher armour piercing values, and higher attack power.
- [Feature] - Added two new types of weapon (rifle and smg), the Machine Gun is now an Assualt Rifle
- Rife is long range, accurate, and powerful but with small clips and rate of fire.
- SMG is short range, inaccurate, large clips (55 rounds) and high rate of fire
- Assault Rifle now has smaller clips (21 rounds), and has been made more accurate.
- [Feature] - Weapons now have armour piercing values, and players and entities have armour values.
- Damage = raw * (1 - target.armour) * 3 / (3 + armourPiercing) + target.armour * armourPiercing;
- The number "3" can be changed by altering turf.rpgStats.armourRatingDamageTweakingFactor
- Vehicles have an Armour value of 0.5 for cars, 0.6 for vans, 0.7 for helicopters, and 1.0 for tanks. (+0.1 for CDF cars/vans).
- [Feature] - Added three kinds of rocket launcher
- Heavy Rocket Launcher - bigger explosions, one rocket/clip.
- Guided Missile Launcher - will target nearest vehicle and guide towards it
- Quad Rocket Launcher - smaller explosions, but 4 per clip and rapid fire
- All rockets have extended lifetime and increased speed.
- [Feature] - Mob bases now spawn interesting loot (Jewelry, junk, weapons, weapon mods, health packs, etc)
- Mob bases will spawn better loot based on the level of the mob base
- [Feature] - Rockets now deal damage to a target if they get a direct hit. They too have very high armour piercing vales (typically 3.5 - 4.0).
- [Feature] - Swapped out sound library for SoLoud. Car engines now produce a sound that changes with speed.
- [Feature] - Associates will attack CDF if the player has notoriety. You can garrison bases and use them to dispose of any perusers!
- [Feature] - Cars now have their headlights on only if occupied, tailights on only if breaking.
- [Feature] - If a car is flipped over and stationary, it will take damage over time.
- [Feature] - If you are in a vehicle and in a friendly base, the vehicle will auto-repair.
- [Feature] - Added on-screen notifier if you have completed a mission objective. Made the "attacking base" notifier look pretty.
- [Feature] - You can now abandon lots that you are occupying
- [Feature] - Abandoning a Bandit Base may make them more agressive! (It may increase the Bandit Base fortification level). You can only upgrade a Bandit Base this way once every 5 minutes
- [Feature] - Upgraded Bandit Bases will respawn loot.
- [Feature] - Economic buildings that you own that are not supplied with road access or a nearby base will have an icon drawn on them on the map
- [Feature] - Can now shift-click items in chests to widthdraw them into the first avaliable slot. Will auto-morph the items to keep your inventory consolidated. You can also shift-click items to place them into the chest.
- [Misc] - "Purchasing" a Bandit Base now turns it into a regular Base, and replaces the Mob Spawner with a spawn flag
- [Misc] - Bandits now have more hp/attack power based on the Bandit Base level that they spawn in.
- [Misc] - All weapons now switch to scope on right click (as opposed to just firing), if zoom is avaliable.
- [Misc] - You can now close chests with the action button.
- [Misc] - Clicking a lot in the map again will close the lot information window
- [Bugfix] - Fixed item duplication bug with chests
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where the lot cache was not being built on map generation. This caused loot in bases to not spawn until you reload the server
- [Bugfix] - Fixed healing items giving you over max hp upon use.

VERSION: 0.1.32 04/01/2015
- [Feature] - Pressure sensors now work
- [Feature] - Added large metal doors (2x2, 5x5 and 7x7).
- [Feature] - Added boom gates
- [Feature] - Added 11 new decals (10 new items-on-shelves, 1 new appliance)
- [Feature] - Added glass doors (1x2 and 2x2)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed bug player/npc draw - they would always be rendered black if the game started with shaders on and shadows off.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed hyjacking vicitims dissapearing when you leave the lot they are on.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed barbed wire not killing players and entities (only reducing their HP to near zero)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed electronics bug causing electronics blocks to become irresponsive

VERSION: 0.1.31 27/12/2015
- [Feature] - You can now set waypoints on the map by clicking the coordinates on the lot information window. This will be visible to your allies.
- [Feature] - Buildings now have a persistent population. Killed civilians are do not reappear upon leaving/returning, but alive civilians remain.
- [Feature] - What kinds of people spawn in what kinds of buildings is now moddable, eg civilains in smeleters wear high vis, associates that raid buildings are now in balaclavas.
- [Bugfix] - Allied players out of range from you are not displayed on the map/minimap.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed bug where the client would appear to freeze if camera.y < 0.
- [Misc] - Corrected position and minor work on lot information window.
- [Misc] - Auto health regeneration only happens in friendly bases and server spawn bases, at double the previous rate.

VERSION: 0.1.30 22/12/2015
- [Feature] - Players and Mobs are animated. They walk or stand based on if they are moving or not. Civilians panic if they are shot at and flail their arms about. All players and mobs will flail about if falling at great speed.
- [Feature] - Added health packs
- [Feature] - There are now 39 player sprites
- [Feature] - If you are in a vehicle, both your hp and the vehicle's hp are displayed in the bottom right of the screen
- [Feature] - Video settings are no longer overridden every time you install a new patch.
- [Misc] - Chunk preloader now handles split chunks, speeding up chunk loading (to help reduce lag spikes when moving).
- [Misc] - Chunk prerenderer is more aggressive in saving time (to help reduce lag spikes when moving).

VERSION: 0.1.29
- [Feature] - Added 3 combat missions and 2 economic missions
- [Feature] - Mission waypoints now appear on the map
- [Bugfix] - Fixed real estate cache corruption bug that causes client/server to desync and/or crash.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed shadow settings not being saved/loaded to config file (video.txt).

VERSION: 0.1.28 14/11/2015
- [Feature] - Added shadows.
- [Feature] - Vehicles now have headlights and taillights.
- [Feature] - You can now use a tilde "~" as a wildcard when using teleport commands. Eg (/tp ~ 12 ~ will teleport you to currentX, 12, currentZ)
- [Bugfix] - Tanks barrel fire location corrected.

VERSION: 0.1.27 24/10/2015
- [Feature] - NPCs talk on when the action key is pressed. Creates a text box with scrolling text.
- [Feature] - Added stringhandler, so that in-game text (currently only NPC text) can be defined in db/strings.txt, for easy localisation/modding.
- [Feature] - Keyboard prompts now display the key required on screen.
- [Feature] - Gamepad support is now through SDL2 gamepad library, with old joystick functionality if a attached controller is not recognised. Gamepads and joysticks can now be added and removed without restarting.
- [Feature] - A "hold left-shift" or "hold control" message is displayed in the buy screen to buy 5x or 80x of an item respectively.
- [Feature] - Gameplay tips are now displayed on loading and server-connecting screens.
- [Misc] - Lots of backend work regarding mission systems. Missions can be generated from a pool, accepeted and cancelled. Still a lot of work to get it 100% functional though.
- [Bugfix] - Weapons held by associates are now drawn with the correct lighting.

VERSION: 0.1.26 02/10/2015
- [Feature] - Mob Bases now spawn random loot
- [Feature] - The server now has a dedicated thread for loading chunks - this removes some lag spikes/stutter when moving into unloaded territory.
- [Misc] - You can now "turn in" the "Press Tab To Open Menu" mission. The mission ui page has been begun.
- [Bugfix] - Server no longer freezes if you push an associate outside of its wander radius.
- [Bugfix] - Entities and the moon are now antialiased.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed server crash on shutdown

VERSION: 0.1.25 25/09/2015
- [Feature] - Added an infinite sea around the edge of the map and a stone wall.
- [Feature] - Added fog at edge of the draw distance. Buildings and terrain will now fade into view as you drive/fly around. Fog is also applied underwater
- [Feature] - You can now define sunlight and distant fog colours at different times of the day by modifying scripts/define_graphics.lua
- [Feature] - Mob attack strength has been reduced to 60% of its previous value. Can now set the strength of spawned mobs using the mob:setRpgStats(con, atk, def, acc, alu) function in lua scripts.
- [Feature] - Reload key set to R so that you can reload while in vehicles.
- [Feature] - You may specify the distance from a chunk at which the server will transmit it to a client in settings/serverprefs.txt. You may specify different distances for players on lan/loopback or internet connections.
- [Feature] - Added a "Reconnect" button for when a server drops. If you attempt to host a server and it fails because you are already running one, you are provided with a "Connect to This" button to connect to the one that is already running.
- [Feature] - Bases now have "Fortification Levels", and will spawn a number of friendly associates up to the fortification level. Associate Bases also have fortification levels, but currently have no effect. Higher fortification levels cost more money to maintain. If you have no money, or are offline, no associates will spawn.
- [Misc] - Added the message on the Buy Items screen showing the controls to buy 5x an item and a stack of an item
- [Misc] - All road vehicles now accelerate a lot faster from a stationary start.
- [Misc] - Tweaked all graphics settings to increase draw distance. Unrender distance increased in all settings.
- [Misc] - Added an invisible wall around the edge of the map, to prevent players from wandering out into the void
- [Misc] - Modified day/night lighting to make sunrise/set atmospheric effects last longer and add a red hue to the enviroment. Night time is also brighter.
- [Misc] - If you are attempting to build a bridge less than 9 lots long, you will be informed via the tooltip.
- [Misc] - Moved the minimap and notoreity bar to the top left corner of the screen.
- [Misc] - Helicopters now explode when destroyed.
- [Misc] - Associates no longer attack civilians.
- [Misc] - Unloaded or unrendered chunks are rendered as white boxes with a black grid.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed MG sfx still being played after all rounds have been fired.
- [Bugfix] - Building panel/population panel removed from map mode when respawning. A "Click on a Base to Respawn" message has been placed instead.
- [Bugfix] - Cars now gentally auto-brake if they have no driver and are moving less than 10m/s (prevent cars constantly rolling).

VERSION: 0.1.24 08/08/2015
- [Feature] - Added Convert To/From Base button as a lot action in the map mode.
- [Feature] - It is now possible to start a server as a "singleplayer" server. This will only allow the client that started it to play it, and it will autoshutdown if the client logs out.
- [Misc] - Rearranged the main menu to create single and multiplayer branches
- [Misc] - Fixed some lot action items missing tooltips.
- [Misc] - Civilian position data is only transmitted to clients if the client is in the same lot as the civilian. This is to preserve bandwidth (Except street-side civilians, these are always transmitted)
- [Misc] - All entity physics updates now consume an average ~10% less bandwidth (shaved 4 bytes off of vehicle state, 2 bytes off of all entity states)

VERSION: 0.1.23 23/08/2015
- [Feature] - When placing buildings/demolishing/building roads/bulk buying/bulk selling lots on the map, the estimated cost is displayed
- [Misc] - The default starting money in a Build game is now $2,000,000, so you can actually afford to smack down a few buildings.
- [Misc] - Fixed some GUI issues/replaced some programmer art/removed some debug strings
- [Bugfix] - Fixed all players having the same skin
- [Bugfix] - When citizens spawn in lots, they will scan around them to see if they are enclosed. This should help citizens spawning on, for example, ledges on the outside of buildings

VERSION: 0.1.22 14/08/2015
- [Feature] - Civilian cars can now be hijacked, will spawn a driver civilian. Cars may only be entered if moving less than 1m/s,
- [Feature] - Player held weapons are now drawn in the HUD. When they reload, they are moved offscreen.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed placement of rotated rectangular lots.
- [Bugfix] - Criteria for street civilians/vehicles spawning/despawning is based on (x,z) distance, not (x,y,z) distance to player. This prevents civilians not spawning/spawning in a tiny circle if you go very high/low from the street plane.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed long north/south bridges being only built in truss form and not suspension bridge form.
- [Misc] - Updated low hp and low ammo sprites.
- [Misc] - Updated attacking base sprites.
- [Misc] - Civilians now no longer spawn in buildings if the player is flying above the lot.

VERSION: 0.1.21 13/08/2015
- [Feature] - All player sprites have 3d textures.
- [Feature] - Civilians now spawn in buildings. If shot at, they will panic.
- [Feature] - Civilian cars now spawn on roads, and will drive around autonomously. Spawn rate based on world population.
- [Feature] - Civilians now spawn on the footpaths on roads, and will wander around. Spawn rate based on world population.
- [Feature] - Associates now generate blood particles if hit
- [Feature] - If a base is picked in the peace screen from the side bar, the map will center on the base.
- [Major Feature] - Added economic engine
- Buildings now generate income, based on population and the build cost
- Buildings come in 4 categories: House, Office, Industry and Commerce.
- House and office demand is dependent on industry and commerce population.
- Industry has no demand - just build the buildings if they are profitable.
+ Some industrial buildings have profitability dependent on nearby lots. Sawmills are dependent on nearby hill lots, Grain Silos are dependent on nearby wheat fields.
- A Commerce building's population is based on the residential population living in the catchment area of the commercial building.
- Commercial buildings are split into Grocery, Goods, Entertainment or Service business types. They also have subtypes (Eg, Supermarket, Restaurant)
- Commercial buildings with both the same category (eg Grocery) and subcategory (eg Supermarket) will compete with each other - the customer base in their common catchment area will be split in proportion to the maximum customer base of the building.
+ Example: Building A is Grocery/Supermarket with maximum customer base of 80. Building B is also Grocery/Supermarket, but is bigger, with a maximum customer base of 200. 1/5 of the customers will go to A, and 4/5 will go to B.
- Commercial buildings with both the same category (eg Grocery) but a different subcategory (eg Supermarket/Service Station) will PARTIALLY compete with each other, but only 20% of their common customer base will be split.
+ Example: Building C produces (Grocery/Supermarket @ 200) and D produces (Grocery/Service Station @ 200) and have 100 residents living in the common catchment area. Both buildings will get 90 customers.
- Commercial buildings with different categories (eg Grocery and Goods) do not compete at all - they can completely share a customer base.
+ Example: Building E produces (Goods/Department Store) and F produces (Service/Bank). Both businesses will get 100% of the customers in their common catchment area.
- All lots have a SAFETY RATING. A safety rating directly affects the yield of a lot.
- All lots have a DESIRABILITY RATING. Safety combines with desirability with (Safety + Desirability) being used to determine the probability that a house or office gets populated, if there is residential or office demand.
- A building without road access will never be populated
- A building owned by a player will never be populated if the player does not own a base in the economic range of a building (18 Lots).
- [Misc] - Mob Entities now use player sprites.
- [Misc] - Player textures updated.
- [Misc] - Roads can only be built on vacant, hills, road, rail or highway lots
- [Misc] - Road Bridges can only be built over vacant, sea, hills, road, rail or highway lots
- [Misc] - If a lot is built, the previous chunk will remain drawn until the new one has finished rendering. (Removes holes in the world while regenerating)
- [Misc] - Associates will spawn rapidly in bases if there are no players inside (x4). This should mean that unpopulated bases are rare. It also means that sniping associates from outside is more difficult.
- [Misc] - Associates spawn rate reduced (x0.4) if player(s) present in base.
- [Misc] - Associates will immediately try to spawn (x3) when the chunk a spawner is on is loaded.
- [Misc] - Helicopter HP doubled to 200
- [Misc] - Associate HP reduced to 50 (from 80)
- [Misc] - Tank HP reduced to 800
- [Misc] - Associates will drop their current target if they haven't got a view of it in over 20 seconds
- [Misc] - Associates will drop their current target if they are being shot at by a different player and haven't got a view of their target for over 3 seconds.
- [Misc] - Tank chase camera raised 1.5m.
- [Misc] - Made the main map action menu act like toggle buttons - clicking them will open and close submenus on alternating clicks
- [Misc] - Changed the mouse icon to a 4 way array cross when moving the map
- [Bugfix] - Moved HP bar in fullscreen map mode to not draw over the buttons
- [Bugfix] - Associate hitbox is now bigger so that shooting the head works
- [Bugfix] - Associates will now target your vehicle if you are targeted by them and you enter a vehicle
- [Bugfix] - Significantly reduced camera jerk when using chase cam in the vehicle and the server lags
- [Bugfix] - Fixed server crash on associate kill after their spawner has been destroyed

VERSION: 0.1.20 23/07/2015
- [Feature] - Helicopters can now have a passenger in addition to their pilot
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD on using Grenade
- [Bugfix] - Fixed changes to Lots not being updated client-side if the client joined while the server was generating a map.
- [Bugfix] - Diplomacy container is now correctly synced with server upon join.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed diplomacy de-sync when creating "secret" diplomacy updates (like alliance offers).
- [Bugfix] - You may not declare directly war on someone with no bases owned, or if they are completely occupied already. Likewise, you may not declare war if you have no bases, or are completely occupied.
- [Bugfix] - Minimap arrow now faces direction that player is facing in vehicle.
- [Bugfix] - Player is no longer visible when piloting helicopter
- [Misc] - Helicopter pitch controls reversed

VERSION: 0.1.19 22/07/2015
- [Feature] - Can now bulldoze lots. This flattens them and removes any metadata (this means that they get converted from roads/etc to vacant lots). Costs money.
- [Feature] - Added 2 more on-shelves decals, and scissors decal.
- [Misc] - Moved map action icons to the top of the screen and tided them up a bit.
- [Misc] - Tank (in)accuracy is now working - the main gun shots will be up to 1.5 degrees off target.
- [Bugfix] - Made glPolygonOffset less aggressive in order to stop decals poking through walls at steep angles. Users may specify their own arguments to glPolygonOffset in settings/video.txt
- [Bugfix] - Your character no longer take explosive damage when in a vehicle, only the vehicle does.

VERSION: 0.1.18 18/07/2015
- [Misc] - Restored entities removed in 0.1.17
- [Feature] - Added Tilled Soil block to Soil category.
- [Feature] - Added chase cameras for all vehicles
- [Feature] - Added tank. Tank has turret steerable with mouse, and can fire powerful explosive rounds. Tank also has ability to climb terrain.
- [Misc] - Improved entity placing items entity placement
- [Misc] - Rewrote interior camera code for all vehicles. When using item inside a vehicle, it is used from the camera position.
- [Misc] - Explosions spawn less particles if very close to the player - should help with frame rate drop on nearby explosions.
- [Misc] - Bullet rays will only be fully visible if their start point is 1.5m away from the camera position (This is to prevent ugly lines racing across the screen on weapon fire). They start fading in from 1.0m
- [Bugfix] - Fixed entity physics on nearby block removal
- [Bugfix] - Fixed entities flickering black
- [Bugfix] - Fixed bullet rays not appearing half the time.

VERSION: 0.1.17 11/07/2015
Unstable patch
- [Feature] - Improved car models and textures
- [Feature] - Added helicopter
- [Feature] - New bitumen texture
- [Feature] - Added wheat and tomato plants.
- [Bugfix] - Shelf blocks now rotate correctly on lot load
- [Misc] - Lot data is now cached internally, groundwork laid for economic engine.
- [Misc] - Replaced lua interpratter with lua JIT. This fixes lag due to the lua garbage collector, which caused large random lag spikes when a few mobs were around.

VERSION: 0.1.16 21/06/2015
- [Feature] - Redid players screen
- [Feature] - Improved ui thoughout the game
- [Feature] - Players now have models, instead of billboards. Added player crouching model. Heads and held items tilt to player's view.
- [Major Feature] - Added diplomacy. Options include war, alliance, protection, warning and send money.
- Added war mechanics:
- Players can Declare War on other players.
- Allies of either side are called in
- Anyone protecting the defender, or warning the attacker will join the defender
- If someone is called to arms by both the attacker and defender, they will join the defender
- When at war, players can capture enemy bases in the same manner as mob bases
- Players can sue for peace to permanently transfer control of bases
- Offline players are safe - cannot be declared directly on, or have their bases sieged and captured.
- However offline players will automatically accept any peace deal offered!
- Players that control now bases will automatically accept any peace deal offer, unless the offerer is fully occupied themselves.
- You gain Aggression for taking bases in peace deals. You gain 100.0 Base Aggression for taking 100% of the enemy bases in a war, 50.0 for taking 50%, etc.
- Defenders only gain 75% aggression for taking bases.
- A base has a maximum aggression cost of 20.0. So a side with less than 5 bases can be offensively fully taken for under 100.0 aggression if they have less than 5 bases.
- Aggression decays by 0.5 every in-game hour
- [Feature] - Added Paint Half and Square Corner Decals
- [Feature] - Added 5 New Decals to the Art Category (Kudos Becurus)
- [Feature] - Added 18 New Decals to the Things on Shelves Category (Kudos Becurus)
- [Feature] - Polished up the Tree/Log, Leaf/Hedge and the Shelves textures, so they are no longer a blurry-pixalised eyesore.
- [Feature] - You can now see your allies location on the map and minimap.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some On-Shelf decals so that they actually fit on shelves. Towels are now known as Folded Cloth.
- [Bugfix] - MobEntities in chase.lua now compute their aim in from their heads, and will shoot at the line of sight test result position rather than the centre of the target.
- [Bugfix] - Netcode: Fixed client side player position deserialisation errors that occur when a player's position is received before they are defined.

VERSION: 0.1.15 27/05/2015
- [Feature] - Alerts appear near the crosshairs when low on hp or ammo.
- [Feature] - Added Handicapped, Spiderweb, Clock, Target and Silloete Target to Misc Decals category.
- [Feature] - Added "Wall Side Stairs Left", "Wall Side Stairs Right", "Wall Tower", "Wall Tower End" and "Wall Tower Junction" lots.
- [Feature] - Added hills form of associate base.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD when player out of bounds
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD when an associate tries to call wander() upon killing its target
- [Misc] - MobEntity::wander() is more efficient and now guarantees a movement when called if a legal move exists.
- [Misc] - Sieging a lot now has a proper progress bar. Banner is now correct size
- [Misc] - Associates now attempt to move to adjacent block if they take damage and have no target to attack, or cannot find path to target
- [Bugfix] - Barbed wire no longer explodes

VERSION: 0.1.14 22/05/2015
- [Feature] - Added Associate bases. You must capture them and purchase them in order to place/remove blocks there.
- [Feature] - You can now siege enemy bases, this denys them access to it as a spawn point. A siege progresses if there are more attackers than defenders, and de-progresses if there are more defenders than attackers.
- [Feature] - Associates count as attackers and defenders in sieges.
- [Feature] - A siege is abandoned if all the attackers leave the lot
- [Feature] - Added FoV slider
- [Feature] - Modified volume controls from text boxes to sliders
- [Feature] - Added Nomposhi, Mansion and Hairy McBogans buildings
- [Feature] - Barbed wire now hurts players and associates, and restricts movement.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed flickering green block placement
- [Bugfix] - Fixed lighting bug with model blocks.
- [Bugfix] - Modified Z-Buffer handling for jerked textures (decals, fluids, etc). Should prevent both Z-Buffer figting, as well as decals being drawing-through walls and windows at long distances.

VERSION: 0.1.13 25/04/2015
- [Feature] - Added the Beachside Burget Bar, the Cinema and another 2x2 House lot. Also added a blank sand lot.
- [Feature] - Height limit raised to 128
- [Misc] - Entity transmision to client uses 23% less bandwidth, vehicle transmission uses 86% less bandwidth
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some blocks having the wrong physics (hitbox locations and rotations)
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some uninitialised netcode.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed block/decal place on right click
- [Bugfix] - Fixed ramps/slope corners not being confirmed server side on placement
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some minor block placement/removal issues when trying to edit voxels above the player at maximum reach.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed unnecessary chunk splitting happening when lots are imported.

VERSION: 0.1.12 12/04/2015
- [Feature] - The map and minimap is shaded according to height
- [Misc] - When you place or remove a block or a decal, the client will place a "temporary" block/decal until the server confirms it.
- [Misc] - Entities are only transmitted to the client every simulation frame if they are in motion. If they are not, they are sent once every 700ms.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD on tree growth
- [Bugfix] - Fixed trees only growing in one voxel
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD on Explosive Crate and Detonator explosion
- [Bugfix] - Fixed illegal block placement previews not appearing in red if the block preview intersects a player on clients running on localhost or lan.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed initial spawn point lot not being saved if the spawn point is in hills or the sea.

VERSION: 0.1.11 03/04/2015
- [Misc] - The server now distributes packets (chunk data/lot data) over time, rather than sending them all at once on demand. This prevents the network being flooded whenever a player joins a server or teleports somewhere.
- [Misc] - The server will aggressively cut back on data transmission rate if a flood is detected. Transmission rate is determined per player, so LAN players are not slowed down by the presence of an internet player.
- [Misc] - Chunk (map) data is now compressed more aggressively before transmission. Bandwidth requirements due to chunk data reduced by ~50-90%.
- [Misc] - Lot Data is now compressed before transmission, with a 90% deduction of data size.
- [Misc] - If network conditions get REALLY bad, the server will cut all non-necessary data transmission to a client (positions of other players and entities that the player is not a passenger of are not transmitted, new chunk data is not transmitted). The server will take the player off panic-mode once the connection clears up, and all data marked as transmitted is ack'ed.
- [Misc] - Clients are allocated 1Mps if connecting via loopback (localhost), 200kbps for LAN, 30kbps for internet. This can be set by editing settings/serverprefs.txt
- [Misc] - Lua errors are logged to /logs/lua_errors_<client/server>.log
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a server crash when an associate tries to select a target between multiple player entities.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed spawn flags having the wrong item sprite.

VERSION: 0.1.10 27/03/2015
- [Bugfix] - Associates can attack each other without crashing the server. Fixed bugs with targeting algorithm
- [Misc] - Associates now turn to face shooter if a weapon is fired close to them, or a bullet hits close to them. The effect is that they return fire if fired upon.
- [Misc] - Associates weapon (in)accuracy increased to 2% (from 1%)
- [Misc] - Associates spawn with alegance to whoever owns the lot where the spawner is.
- [Misc] - Associates will now attack cars with hostile players in them.
- [Misc] - Associates will stop trying to attack their target once it is destroyed.

VERSION: 0.1.9 20/03/2015
- [Feature] - Added prototype MobEntity. Mobs can chase and attack players with any weapon if they see the player
- [Feature] - Burning Barrels can spawn up to 5 Mobs at a time each.
+ Red Barrels spawn Mobs with Explosive Shotguns
+ Blue spawn Mobs with Machine Guns
+ Yellow spawn Mobs with Rocket Launchers
+ Mobs have to reload weapons like the player
- [Misc] - Added "AABB" mesh hitbox type. You can specify hitboxes as the AABB of a base mesh in db/meshes.txt
- [Misc] - Added "AABB_CAPSULE" mesh hitbox type. This creates a vertical capsule shape.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed lighting bug for entites on asymmetric (xsize =/= zsize) maps.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed minor memory leaks on the server
- [Bugfix] - Fixed barrels having incorrect hitbox
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where players and entities can become permanently frozen in place, due to slerp's casusing NaN's.

VERSION: 0.1.8 21/02/2015
- [Feature] - Added a crash dumper for windows. If client.exe or server.exe crashes, a dump will be generated in the logs directory
- [Feature] - Added slopes to the Gypsum board set
- [Feature] - Added Tyre blocks
- [Feature] - Added Blue Steel blocks
- [Feature] - Added Chain Link Fences
- [Feature] - Added Tinted Glass
- [Feature] - Added Grey Stone Bricks
- [Feature] - 6 new Decals in the Misc category
- [Feature] - 5 new Decals in the Food category
- [Feature] - 13 new Decals in the Items on Shelves category
- [Feature] - 7 new Decals into the new Appliances and Ovens category
- [Feature] - 4 new Decals into the new Art category
- [Feature] - 9 new Decals into the new Clothes category
- [Misc] - Items can be morphed on client side if they have the right morph - the game does not wait for the server to verify. The server will force a resync if a morph is illegal.
- [Misc] - The server will try to serialise less chunks per frame to help prevent lag spikes.
- [Misc] - The server will not serialise chunks pieces for a player if there are already 40 pieces in transmission.
- [Misc] - /fill, /replace and /rdecal are now "safe" - they only affect blocks in an adjacent lot

VERSION: 0.1.7 06/02/2015
- [Bugfix] - Fixed several minor memory issues
- [Bugfix] - Fixed anti-lag not engaging
- [Bugfix] - Fixed being unable to start a new game with a preloaded map
- [Bugfix] - Fixed CTD if saving a lot with a negative y-start coordinate
- [Bugfix] - Fixed lot exporting and importing for lots with y-start coordinates above level 31 that intersect chunks that are 32 blocks high.

VERSION: 0.1.6 23/01/2015
- [Feature] - Added client side authorative movement
- [Bugfix] - Fixed memory corruption when vehicles are destroyed.

VERSION: 0.1.5 13/01/2015
- [Feature] - You can now set the directory that turf loads from using the --gameDir [Directory] command line argument.
- [Feature] - If you are hit by a bullet, a red arc appears telling you the direction you were shot at.
- [Feature] - Player entities hit by a bullet now spew blood particles out.
- [Feature] - Added ridable shopping trolley
- [Feature] - Added soccar ball
- [Bugfix] - Fixed occasional client CTD when logging into a server when entities are present

VERSION: 0.1.4
- [Feature] - Click to build buildings now divided into categories
- [Feature] - Click and drag lot buying
- [Feature] - 2 New buildings - Sawmill and Service Station
- [Feature] - Chat messages addressed to you are now yellow
- [Bugfix] - Fixed invisible lava/water/acid remaining after importing a lot
- [Bugfix] - Fixed checkerplate stairs not being rotated on importing a rotated lot.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed chunks not being updated if blocks are placed by a different player in a loaded chunk that is out of drawing range.

VERSION: 0.1.3 05/12/2014
- [Feature] - You can now set the simulation frequency of the server using the --simulationPeriod T command line argument. Any connected clients will adopt that frequency.
- [Feature] - You can build buildings and roads from the map screen.
- [Feature] - Added lot packs. Lots can be grouped in packs and distriubted in groups. If a client and server have the same packs, then the buildings contained within may be built.
- [Misc] - Minor UI changes to start server screen, and player list screen.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug that caused latancy to be doubled.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed street lights becoming corrupted on importing a rotated lot.

VERSION: 0.1.2 28/11/2014
- [Misc] - Players run by default, hold A & D to walk.
- [Misc] - Running client with the --echoItemIds flag now makes the block id be displayed with the location when a block placing item is active. Same with decal ids.
- [Bugfix] - Clicking buttons in the map mode no longer selects lots underneath the button.
- [Misc] - /kick and /mode commands now take the player argument as case insensitive.

VERSION: 0.1.1 22/11/2014
- [Feature] - Added Multisample Antialiasing. By default, it is set to 2x. Can be configured or disabled in the graphics options menu.
- [Feature] - Added a menu that brings you to the buy/inv/map screens, that is opened when tab is pressed.
- [Misc] - Lag compensation is automatically disabled if the server ping is less than 120ms.
- [Misc] - Made the buy block screen bigger, and the map screen bigger
- [Misc] - You can now set the degree to which the z-buffer is modified when drawing decals or water, by editing settings/video.txt.
- [Misc] - In the Host Server screen, advanced game mode options are now hidden until the "Game Mode Settings" button is pressed. This is to help prevent new players being baffled by the number of options.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed decals on horizontal slope blocks sticking out.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed camera jerk on menu close.

VERSION: 0.1.0 13/11/2014
No changes

VERSION: 0.1.0-RC5 13/11/2014
- [Bugfix] - Fixed missing sound effects while in car
- [Misc] - When firing rockets from a car, the velocity of the car is added to the rocket.

VERSION: 0.1.0-RC4 12/11/2014
- [Bugfix] - Fixed despawned entites respawning on the client.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where a player can survive with exactly 0 hp.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed players being visable in cars to players logging in after the player enters the car.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed an issue with trying to connect to a server via find server when there are multiple servers behind the same router.
- [Misc] - You can only place regular spawn flags if you have purchased the lot prior, and you can only place server spawn flags if you are op'ed.

VERSION: 0.1.0-RC3 08/11/2014
- [Bugfix] - Fixed the disappearing entities bug
- [Bugfix] - Fixed some issues with car textures
- [Bugfix] - Scrolling ui map is now frame independent.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where players with CSP is turned on can jitter violently when killed dead.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug that could cause players to CSP to jitter due to ping calculations underflowing.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed kills not being registered when a player is blown up.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed percent signs (%) truncating chat messages
- [Bugfix] - Fixed the client trying to combine stacks different items with null morph roots.

VERSION: 0.1.0-RC2 07/11/2014
- [Feature] - Added 3 new tracks by Jacob Greenmount
- [Feature] - Added pallet swapped versions of the Losive Sedan
- [Feature] - Server now saves chat messages to chat.log in every save game folder.
- [Misc] - The Game Menu is opened if the window loses focus
- [Misc] - If the client looses focus, then it will consume less CPU (it will render a max of 15 fps, sleeping 65 msec between frames).
- [Misc] - The player is now positioned in a more sensible manner when exiting a vehicle.
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where a player's view can turn black when driving
- [Bugfix] - Fixed a bug where translucent objects (glass, water) can frost up and become more opaque.

VERSION: 0.1.0-RC1 03/11/2014
- [Feature] - Added text decals
- [Misc] - If a player disconnects while in a vehicle, they are ejected from the vehicle
- [Bugfix] - Fixed server crash when a vehicle is destroyed with offline players on board

Voxel Turf is a live-in city builder where you control the creation of a city down to the metre, inspired by Minecraft, Simcity and the Grand Theft Auto series. Be the force of benevolence or the agent of chaos in a city of your creation. Interact with the citizens and complete missions to earn goodwill, or just steal their cars for a quick buck.

Build buildings or blow them up. Build bases or capture them. Start businesses or rob them. Nurture your citizens or subjugate them. With over 15,000 types of Voxels and over 50 types of buildings to choose from, 8 types of vehicles to explore in, you possibilities are limitless!

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Скачать с Unibytes

Ссылок на самом деле больше (всего 2), видно их будет только после регистрации на сайте.

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Voxel Turf v0.2.2, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
Отправка личных сообщений доступна только после регистрации.

Комментарии игроков (35 шт.)

От: Mr_ReeboK [0|19] | Дата 2016-11-09 15:43:58

Эээх, такое описание.
Жаль, что демка еще.
Удачи в разработке им там чтоли.
когда-нибудь потом еще поиграю
От: Stalkersha [5|5] | Дата 2016-10-03 18:11:06

Народ что за нах?В игре я выполнил все в туториале вышел в главное меню и...и что???Мне все равно не доступен режим строительства я уже з*бался!30 минут играю думаю что за херняяяяяяяя,если у кого такая же проблема скажите пж как её устранить мало ли что тот не правильно делаю
От: This_New_Sparta [89|82] | Дата 2016-10-01 23:04:24

Я лучше в Simcity 4 поиграю.))
От: niger555 [1|4] | Дата 2016-10-01 10:21:52

Уже вышла версия 2.2
От: Jerboy33 [92|125] | Дата 2016-04-16 13:16:13


This_New_Sparta сказал:

На офф. сайте - эта игра бесплатна , если за бесплатно - значит - игра неплоха !

Это демка. Сама бетка выйдет в следующем году.

Jerboy33 подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Извините: "Демо - Версия"

Jerboy33 очень долго думал и добавил:

Вышла 0.2.0 демка
От: This_New_Sparta [89|82] | Дата 2015-09-08 03:38:15

На офф. сайте - эта игра бесплатна , если за бесплатно - значит - игра неплоха !
От: Hungry [27|12] | Дата 2015-09-07 22:48:28

С 1 гигом оперативы и на ХР будет пахать?
От: Defuser222 [3296|10] | Дата 2015-09-07 17:11:09

Группа: Редактор

darkplayer сказал:

windows 7 32,ну спасибо за инфу)

Может не хватает какого-то софта, зайдите в FAQ, пункт третий.
От: darkplayer [13|181] | Дата 2015-09-07 17:02:25


Defuser222 сказал:

Какая у Вас ОС? На сайте игры указана поддержка XP (32/64) и выше.

windows 7 32,ну спасибо за инфу)
От: Defuser222 [3296|10] | Дата 2015-09-07 16:40:27

Группа: Редактор

darkplayer сказал:

все как в инструкции сказано,но не запускается(пишет типо несовместимо с версией windows)

Какая у Вас ОС? На сайте игры указана поддержка XP (32/64) и выше.
От: darkplayer [13|181] | Дата 2015-09-07 16:09:12

все как в инструкции сказано,но не запускается(пишет типо несовместимо с версией windows)
От: Miner28 [70|31] | Дата 2015-09-01 15:44:03

Поиграл минут 20. Удалил.
От: Defuser222 [3296|10] | Дата 2015-08-27 09:22:20

Группа: Редактор

Ethinus сказал:

Не запускается(

Добавил инструкцию в описание.
От: Ethinus [0|1] | Дата 2015-08-26 19:22:08

Не запускается(
От: kir65 [5|10] | Дата 2015-08-25 00:11:51


Dragonoyd201 сказал:

Смысл в заработке, админы зарабатывают на этом

А были бы прямые ссылки или яндекс диск, то были бы тогда платные инвайты.
От: za39z [30|6] | Дата 2015-08-24 09:51:12

Серверов настолько мало, что их нет. Только Австралия жива, и у то у нее сервер вверх ногами работает...
От: Patronus [5|53] | Дата 2015-08-24 04:40:53

Да, дело в адресе. Переустановил и пошла.
От: This_New_Sparta [89|82] | Дата 2015-08-24 00:19:56

Мультика нет ? :(
От: Patronus [5|53] | Дата 2015-08-23 16:20:19


Patronus сказал:

Она обязательно должна быть там? У меня другой адрес, может в этом дело?

От: KHAARNE [36|5] | Дата 2015-08-23 15:49:30


Patronus сказал:

У меня она так и называется. Другие причины неисправности есть?

на диске "С" в program files? не program files(х86) например?
От: Patronus [5|53] | Дата 2015-08-23 15:32:50


Defuser222 сказал:

Это я к тому, что у меня игра тоже не запускалась, пока я не переименовал папку в Voxel Turf

У меня она так и называется. Другие причины неисправности есть?

Patronus подумал несколько минут и добавил:

KHAARNE сказал:

Defuser222 сказал:

Папка с игрой должна находится в Program Files, а сама папка называться Voxel Turf

Она обязательно должна быть там? У меня другой адрес, может в этом дело?
От: KHAARNE [36|5] | Дата 2015-08-23 15:26:16


Defuser222 сказал:

Папка с игрой должна находится в Program Files, а сама папка называться Voxel Turf

Спасибо заработало, но игруха того не стоит)
От: Defuser222 [3296|10] | Дата 2015-08-23 15:19:42

Группа: Редактор

Patronus сказал:

Это ты к чему? Я ставлю другое расположение по умолчанию, кстати папку я уже облазил вдоль и поперек.

Это я к тому, что у меня игра тоже не запускалась, пока я не переименовал папку в Voxel Turf
От: Patronus [5|53] | Дата 2015-08-23 13:54:54


Defuser222 сказал:

Папка с игрой должна находится в Program Files, а сама папка называться Voxel Turf

Это ты к чему? Я ставлю другое расположение по умолчанию, кстати папку я уже облазил вдоль и поперек.
От: Defuser222 [3296|10] | Дата 2015-08-23 12:34:15

Группа: Редактор

KHAARNE сказал:

у меня не пашет :(

Patronus сказал:

Ребят, помогайте! Не могу запустить, а играть хочется! Win7 64, а не хочет. Совместимость пробовал. Жму, даже окошка не вылетает.

Папка с игрой должна находится в Program Files, а сама папка называться Voxel Turf
От: KHAARNE [36|5] | Дата 2015-08-23 12:30:01

у меня не пашет :(
От: Patronus [5|53] | Дата 2015-08-23 11:57:13

Ребят, помогайте! Не могу запустить, а играть хочется! Win7 64, а не хочет. Совместимость пробовал. Жму, даже окошка не вылетает.
От: ScrewAttack [73|213] | Дата 2015-08-23 11:35:21

Тем кому не понятно:
Это - Смесь GTA, СимСити, Майнкрафта и RP игр (Вроде SAMP'а)
От: GlebGans [37|64] | Дата 2015-08-23 11:16:36

Хм...Уже что-то интересненькое появилось в кубическом игропроме.
От: ScrewAttack [73|213] | Дата 2015-08-23 10:50:47


Ruslan23 сказал:

Я требую Яндекс.Диск!!!

Тогда плати все то, что они бы заработали в тех файлообменников.
От: Ruslan23 [0|0] | Дата 2015-08-23 10:41:29

Может вы зальете и на Яндекс.Диск? Ибо смотреть кучу поганой рекламы (среди нее есть и эротическая!!!) не очень то в кайф. И потом ждать кучу времени пока скачается. Я требую Яндекс.Диск!!!
От: Dragonoyd201 [24|23] | Дата 2015-08-23 10:39:42


EmpireV сказал:

Я не понял прикола. А в чем смысл иметь сайт и выкладывать на файлообменнике? Не проще выкладывать на сайте по прямой ссылке?

• EmpireV подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Я конечно все понимаю. Правообладатели и т.д Но все таки.

Смысл в заработке, админы зарабатывают на этом
От: EmpireV [0|0] | Дата 2015-08-23 10:34:27

Я не понял прикола. А в чем смысл иметь сайт и выкладывать на файлообменнике? Не проще выкладывать на сайте по прямой ссылке?

EmpireV подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Я конечно все понимаю. Правообладатели и т.д Но все таки.
От: PashaQMP [11|11] | Дата 2015-08-23 10:18:50

А это что-то новое
От: HappySmile703 [4|40] | Дата 2015-08-23 09:35:12

жаль, что демо.


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