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Скачать игру Realms of Magic v0.3.0 - игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Kusko [1833|29] | Вчера (обновлено) | Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3134) | Просмотров: 5239

Realms of Magic v0.3.0

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Realms of Magic v0.3.0
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Polished Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Платформеры (вид сбоку) (3134); Песочницы (Sandbox-игры) (840); Ролевые игры (RPG) (2156)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 155.80 Мб.
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Realms of Magic - 2D песочница с элементами RPG, в мире классической западной фантастической вселенной. Создайте и прокачивайте своего персонажа, собирайте ресурсы, крафтите предметы, строите свою базу и изучайте магию. Исследуйте мир, выполняйте квесты и отправляйтесь в жуткие подземелья за редким лутом.

Игра обновлена до v0.3.0. Список изменений внутри новости.

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Текущие возможности:
• Выберите одну из 10 рас и настройте своего персонажа с множеством характеристик
• Создайте убежище и обеспечьте его продовольствием и водой, чтобы вы смогли выжить
• Создайте сотни предметов, разбитых на 10 ремесленных профессий
• Получайте опыт и поднимайте уровень вашего персонажа
• Свободно развивайте своего персонажа, используя очки талантов в одной из нескольких деревьев навыков
• Путешествие по царству, изучайте пустыни и посещайте деревни
• Помогите жителям царства, выполнив квесты
• Окунитесь в древние подземелья, наполненные мощными врагами, смертоносными ловушки и ценной добычей
• Изучайте магию читая десятки внутриигровых книг

Major Features

Fire Magic talent tree
• There is finally magic in Realms of Magic!
• Fire Magic consists of 5 spells
• Fireball
• Flames
• Burning Rush
• Firelings
• Magic Torch
• There is a total of 50 talents in Fire talent tree

Expanded map size
• 20 new handmade locations, including two quest hub villages
• Over 30 new quests
• Almost three times as much content as in the previous version!

Updated Cooking and Farming professions
• 40 new recipes for Stamina and Mana food
• 4 new plants: Sugar Beet, Radish, Cucumber and Pumpkin
• Major rebalance of Cooking profession
• Minor rebalance of Farming profession

Farm system
• Help a local farmer with creating her farm to get a constant supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and alchemy ingredients

Signpost system
• Easily travel between already visited locations
• Craft and place a signpost in your house
• Signposts have been placed in all handmade locations

Sleeping system
• Sleep through the night and explore during the day
• Day length has been increased to 1 hour from 30 minutes

Trading profession
• The more you trade, the better prices you get

Different armor types
• There is an offset to having heavier armor equipped, so the heavy armor isn't always the best

Statistics tabs in Character window
• You can now easily check all of your characters statistics

New creature: Minotaur

Minor Features
• Hide helmet option
• Animals drop bones, which can be milled to Bonemeal or smelt to Bone Char
• Books now have many different icons instead of only one
• Debuffs are now displayed on enemies
• New fire special effects for torches and campfire
• New trap types
• Some blocks can now be rotated
• Doors blocked by blocks now have "try to open" animation
• Items can be placed on Desks, End Tables and Drawers
• New secrets have been placed in old handmade locations
• Added new structures in Hardsoil Bulwark, Nightden and Darkwall Fort

Quality of Life Features and Changes
• Overhaul of building preview
• Sorting button in Backpack
• Quick stack button in containers
• Ability to lock items to slots in Backpack, Toolbar and containers with Alt+Click
• Ability to split stacks with Ctrl+Click
• Search function in Crafting window
• Ability to type in number of crafted items
• Crafting now can use resources from nearby containers
• Displaying total number of crafted items in Crafting window
• Crafing now prioritizes items in non full stacks
• Tooltips display total value of all items in a stack
• Bags can now be replaced in Backpack window
• Pressing ESC always closes containers before backpack
• Take All button can move items to toolbar and inventory
• Auto pick to toolbar option won't place equippable and usable items there
• When you get food or drink item of the same type that you have equipped in Inventory, then that item is put in the Inventory
• Hoe can destroy decorational plants
• Using hoe on dirt will remove decorational plants on them
• Ability to skip dialogue scrolling
• Music and sound volumes adjust before applying changes
• You can now click on sliders outside of the slider thumb
• Ability to bind additional mouse buttons

• Improved text in books (big shout-out to majickian for going through every book and making huge list of suggested edits)
• Elixirs now last 15 minutes instead of 5
• Changed Pine Fireplace and Oaken Fireplace recipes
• Decreased Dyes values
• Pillow and Bedroll recipes now require Chicken Feathers
• Decreased number of Armor gained from Improved Armor talents to 25 from 50
• Decreased number of Health, Stamina and Mana talents
• Decreased number of Resistance gained from Blunt, Cut and Pierce talents to 5 from 20
• Rebalanced character experience gain
• Rebalanced crafting time for all professions, decreased crafting time for most items that are crafted in bulk
• Rebalanced potions
• Character hitbox while rolling is now smaller
• Character now stays in combat mode when traveling to different location and loading game
• Creatures and NPCs will stop fleeing when their HP is above flee threshold
• Creatures and NPCs will now try to run the other way when fleeing
• Imps are now immune to Fire damage
• Improved background behaviour
• Changed damage formula to only use integers
• Saws are now displayed behind characters and corpses
• Traps are now synchronized
• Food and drinks can now be only used through automatic slots
• Renamed Basic Attack skill to just Attack
• Change Attack and Block skills icons
• Increased Talents window size, removed horizontal slider
• Changed color of lines in Professions window
• Changes "lvl" to "level" in Professions window
• Plant growing time is displayed as in-game time instead of real time
• Apply and Revert buttons in Talents window are greyed out when no changes were made
• Improved crafting categories
• Changed "Experience" in Crafting window to "ProfessionName Experience"
• Right click on a bag will replace it with the bag with the least capacity
• Changed Well Fed buff description to work with Stamina and Mana buffs
• Instead of "I need a proper tool!" characters specifies which tool it needs
• Change Roll talent description to explain how to use Roll

• Fixed Oaken Tailoring and Leatherworking Tables icons
• Fixed incorrect height of several decorative plants
• Fixed bug that prevented Dark Elven torches from giving light
• Fixed Oaken Hatch item
• Fixed bug which caused instances of the same platform to have different durability
• Fixed incorrect number of slots in rotated Oaken Cart
• Fixed Steel Cooking Pot item
• Removed visible Coal in Nightden
• Fixed Cutthroats' Caverns and Nightden entrances that could cause the player to be stuck
• Removed Rock blocks from incorrect places in the Tutorial Dungeon
• Fixed incorrect spawn point in wolves cave in Woodbury
• Removed Jute too close to players spawn point in the starting location
• Fixed hole in background in Woodbury
• Removed random thumbnail items in handmade locations
• Fixed bug that caused Zagmig in Hardsoil Bulwark to have no talents
• Fixed Kaya dialogue in Woodbury
• Fixed multiple typos in dialogues
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused background in Title Screen to not move when VSync was on
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused background in Title Screen to not wrap properly
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused tutorial tips to display outside of tutorial
• Fixed bug that caused chests to close when autosaving
• Fixed bug that caused NPCs to run after killing an enemy
• Fixed bug that caused NPCs to stagger while moving to an enemy
• Fixed bug that allowed player to dig and build while the game is paused
• Fixed bug that caused incorrect items to display destroying animation
• Fixed bug that caused player to keep dropping from platforms if he or she died shortly after dropping from one
• Fixed many equippable items to correctly display on characters
• Fixed number 1 in small font to no longer look like 4
• Fixed bug that caused objects to remain in place when platform beneath them was destroyed
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused character to not draw out weapons in combat mode
• Fixed Bear behaviour to be slightly less buggy
• Fixed Rabbit, Sheep and Pig hitboxes
• Fixed bug that caused Shield Class to not work
• Fixed bug that caused Stag to charge close to the speed of light
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused torches to fade out
• Fixed bug that allowed player to travel outside of the map
• Fixed bug that caused doors to be displayed behind other items
• Fixed bug that caused food to keep displaying after character has eaten while rolling
• Merchants will not longer sell items with 0 value
• Fixed bug that caused Death and Level Up sounds to not be affected by volume settings
• Fixed bug that caused Pig sounds to not be affected by volume settings
• Fixed bug that prevented eating and drinking sound effects from playing
• Fixed bug that caused sounds to be played incorrectly when near the edge of the location
• Fixed bug that caused tool swing sound effect to be played incorrectly
• Fixed bug that caused pop-up dialogues to be cut when displayed at the bottom of the screen
• Fixed bug that removed Elixirs tooltips when saving and loading the game
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused main and secondary keybings to change places
• Fixed bug that allowed assigning the same keybind to several actions
• Fixed bug that could remove items from the game when right clicking on toolbar
• Fixed bug that prevented items to be placed in toolbar when backpack is full
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused problems with crafting when leveling up
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused the game to be launched in wrong resolution when launched for the first time
• Fixed bug that caused default windows positions to change
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused experience bar to not update after killing enemies
• Fixed bug that allowed to unlock bag slots without spending talents
• Fixed bug that prevented picking up full stacks of items
• Fixed bug with crafting when ingredients were removed while crafting
• Fixed bug that caused items to be removed from the game when closing trading window if the backpack was full
• Introduced new bugs that will be fixed in upcoming updates ;)

Realms of Magic is a 2D sandbox RPG set in a classic western fantasy universe. Create and customize your character. Gather resources, craft items and build your base. Explore the world, complete quests and crawl through dungeons.

Current features:
• Choose one of 10 playable races and customize your character with multitude of options
• Build shelter and set up supply of food and water in order to survive
• Craft hundreds of items split into 10 crafting professions
• Get experience and level up your character
• Freely develop your character by spending talent points in one of several skill trees
• Journey through the realms, explore the wilderness, visit villages
• Aid inhabitants of Ezran by completing quests
• Delve into ancient dungeons filled with powerful enemies, deadly traps and valuable loot
• Learn Realms of Magic lore by reading dozens of in-game books

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Комментарии игроков (1 шт.)

От: AnotherBoris [212|20] | Дата 2018-03-07 08:14:14

Странноватая штука, имеющая некоторый потенциал. Ну, так-то понятно, что клон террарии, но с блекджеком и... прочими прибамбасами.
- Движок оптимизирован... средне. Куда хуже террарии, но куда лучше старбаунда или, не приведи Господь, Crea.
- Ролевая система с деревом навыков, которое при ближайшем рассмотрении оказывается набором навыков "+10 к параметру". Грустно. Будем надеяться, что это из-за беты.
- Есть глобальная карта, поселения, торговля и квесты.
- Есть фермерство.
- Нет респауна монстров и животных.
- Нет магии (будем надеяться пока, т.к. в дереве навыков она есть)
- Опыт даётся исключительно за убийства и выполнение квестов. Мирная деятельность, очевидно, не является деятельностью в понимании авторов. Может это ничего и не значит, но звоночек характерный.


< Не знаете во что поиграть? > Тогда смотрите новый выпуск "ТОП 10 ОЖИДАЕМЫХ ИНДИ ИГР"

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