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Скачать игру Gratuitous Space Battles v1.62 + 8DLC / Gratuitous Space Battles v1.63 - полная версия

Рейтинг: 9.8 (25) | Баллы: 68
Игру добавил Elektra [7588|138] | 2013-06-07 (обновлено) | Стратегии (2519) | Просмотров: 99099

Gratuitous Space Battles v1.62 + 8DLC / Gratuitous Space Battles v1.63

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Gratuitous Space Battles v1.62 + 8DLC / Gratuitous Space Battles v1.63
• Разработчик / Developer: Positech Games (11)
• Жанр / Genre: Стратегии (2519); Игры для Linux (311)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Полная версия (установи и играй)
• Размер / Size: 434.24 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.8 из 10
(всего голосов: 25)

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Gratuitous Space Battles - космическая стратегия, в которой Вам предстоит управлять целым флотом космических кораблей и принимать участие в космических баталиях.
В игре 4 расы с различными технологиями и индивидуальными преимуществами в бою, широкие возможности по модернизации своего флота, возможность контроля над временем и отличные графические эффекты.

Добавлена v1.63 (доп. файлом), НО БЕЗ DLC. Список изменений не опубликован.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Это стратегия для тех, кто всегда мечтал командовать собственной эскадрильей космических кораблей в нескончаемых битвах. От игрока требуется задать начальные параметры всех кораблей и их конфигурации, руководствуясь имеющимися данными о вражеском флоте. Имеется возможность создания собственных схем вооружения кораблей. Также на игрока ложится расстановка сил и выдача начальных приказов.

Английская версия игры.

Особенности игры:
• 4 различные расы.
• Более 40 видов корпусов кораблей.
• Более 120 различных модулей для кораблей.
• Игра против компьютерного оппонента, бесконечный режим на выживание или игра против других игроков по сети.
• Битвы могут разыгрываться по различным правилам, в зависимости от того, какая пространственная аномалия окажется рядом с полем боя.

• "The Tribe".
• "The Order".
• "The Swarm".
• "The Nomads".
• "Galactic Conquest" (работает только в лиц. версии).
• "The Parasites".
• "The Outcasts".
• "Challenges".

Системные требования:
Операционная система: Windows XP/Vista/7;
Процессор: 1,5 ГГц и выше;
Оперативная память: 1 Гб RAM;
Видеокарта: с поддержкой dx9;
Место на жестком диске: 1500 Мb.

Version 1.01:
1) Using the Shift+F, E or C keys can cause additional orders to be added on the deployment screen
2) Typing an F E or C on the challenge taunt window can bring up the orders window in the background and cause an invalid challenge to be submitted
3) If you delete the currently selected ship from the deployment screen, the ship details window is now cleared, preventing an accidental click on the orders window and a subsequent crash.
4) Crash when you delete every ship design you have, and then go into the ship design screen (a new empty ship design is auto-created in this instance now)
5) Fixed bug where ship stats showed a weird character if you had zero armor modules.
6) Crash bug when you save out certain combinations of upper and lower case ship designs
7) Crash when trying to submit a blank serial code or username
8) Scores no longer screw up when your fleet has zero hitpoints
9) Removing that silly 'error 41' crash
10) Menu Battle will now not be an option, until the crash is located
11) Line Intersect crash should now be fixed
version 1.02
1) New bug I stupidly introduced preventing you from assigning formation and escort orders is now fixed
2) New option added to invert the way the mousewheel zooms in and out on the battle screen
3) The checkbox graphic now has a big tick on it to avoid any confusion
4) The ship hull browser will now separately list the number of standard modules and hardpoints on that hull
5) Map now supports edge scrolling by hovering the mouse cursor near the edges of the screen
6) It is no longer possible to launch a battle when you have an empty fleet
7) Drag selection rectangle on the deployment screen now work properly in all 4 directions
8) Improved sortable and reversable and configurable challenge browser
9) Fixed crash bug where you click a ships orders, then hit the delete key, then click the delete button.
10) Changed tooltip delay for modules on design screen so it's almost instant
11) The ship stats button on the design blueprint now acts as a toggle for that window.
12) You can now always close the ship stats window on the reduced ship design screen
13) Limited the challenge browser so it doesn't download an endless spam of 'auto' challenges
14) Preventing modules scrambling if you save out a ship with empty sockets
version 1.03
1) Total rewrite of sound engine *should* fix any sound-related crashes now
2) Fixed crash bug where clicking the title of the registration code window on the online screen crashed the game
3) Fixed the 'cautious' AI order so that it works correctly (was using the inverse, so retreat at 25% damage meant 75%)
4) Fixed typo in tutorial where Normal is referred to as medium
5) Tweaked the typematic key repeat settings
6) Fixed hitpoint value incorrect on cruiser laser module.
7) Fixed display glitch on ship design module picker scrollbar when set to 'all'
8) Fixed missing display of the max range for fighter-launched rockets
9) Correct automated frigate PD system to be named correctly
10) Fix for infinite shock effect and possibly for vanishing ships within challenges
version 1.04
1) Fixed crash bug when editing a ship after clicking edit on the deployment screen from a challenge and then returning to the deployment screen
2) Added option to change the number of maximum sound channels the sound system uses in prefs.ini
3) Changed the way the 'Attack' orders work so now if you have no attack fighters order (for example) they are totally ignored until the enemy has nothing but fighters left
4) Added new togglable option to enable or disable pitch-shifting sounds with game speed, as possible fix for the 1.03 slowdown bug
5) Confirm dialog added for escape key on battle screen
6) Fixed a number of bugs relating to modules changing into different modules when you save and load them
7) The dialog for confirming that you admit defeat now pause the game while it is active
8) The post-battle stats window now has a button to return you to the deployment screen, as well as the main menu one
9) Re-design of the hull picker window so ships are selectable from a scrolling list, and also are sorted in both race and then ship class within a race
10) Double-clicking an order in the order-selection window now adds it
11) Changed the way shield stability recovers from disruptor bombs so it makes more sense on ships with a much larger shield system.
12) Text-edit windows for renaming stuff now behaves better, with click-split, home, end and right left keys all working the way windows does.
13) Increased variety of gratuitous ship names
14) New AI-Order 'Keep Moving' will keep a ship meandering around it's current position and maintaining it's attack range (when attacking)
15) Fixed crash bug when going from deployment to ship editor and back, then selecting one of the orders already displayed
version 1.05
1) Fixed bug where you can drag ships slightly off the bottom of the deployment zone without them being deleted
2) Reduced the time it takes for tooltips to appear on the ship design picker on the deployment screen
3) The deployment screen map grid is now in proportion to the map size
4) New 'snap to grid' feature in deployment screen prevents the player from building 'stacks' of ships
5) Escorting fighters are now auto-deployed as a cloud around the parent ship at the start of the battle
6) The detailed information on each module is now automatically sorted in a sort-of alphabetical order...
7) Redid the repair modules so that they only have limited repair resources and will eventually run out. This can be monitored from a progress bar on their in-battle icon. I also re-did their maths so the rate at which they repair makes more sense.
8) You can now use exclamation marks in ship names, challenge names etc!!!!!!
9) New deployment UI mode: You can select 'mass deploy' from a designs right click menu, and then left click deploys a new ship of that type, right click cancels
10) Escort behavior is improved, and now has a variable escort distance slider
11) Changes to sound engine initialisation to possible correct low sound volume bug
12) Maximum turn speed of all fighters increased by 50%
13) Target ship name on set target window (deployment screen) now actually fits within that window, or is cropped.
14) Fix for orders editing where selecting multiple ships you couldn't assign them to escort or other linked orders in one go.
version 1.06
1) Fixed new horrid crash bug when double clicking or clicking some ships on battle screen
version 1.07
1) UI now toggles on if it was off when you hit the ESC key during a battle
2) Stalemate timer now pauses properly when the game pauses.
3) Added some more variety to the victory / defeat messages
4) Huge long list of balancing changes for all the ship modules and hull types
5) Fixed bug where ships jump out of position when you click them on the deployment screen
6) Reconfigured the singleplayer AI fleets to make use of recent changes
7) Fixed some minor repair-related bugs and improved the display of the module status in mid-battle
8) Ships whose designs are no longer valid given the latest data will no longer be loaded, nor will ships based on those designs
version 1.08
1) Fixed bug where panning on the map seemed to not be working
2) Change race button now disabled until it is an option
3) Calculations for ship stats on design screen now correctly apply hull bonuses to the values displayed
4) Ship design tooltips on deployment screen now explain why the design is not usable
5) Added new tab button graphics so the module picker tabs are more obviously not normal buttons
6) Added new system of being able to rate challenges for enjoyment and difficulty, and sort challenges by map or by difficulty
7) Changed challenge browser so you can see challenges that you have posted, and removed the useless 'auto' challenges
8) Force battle speed back to normal when a battle ends
9) Changed the menu background stuff
10) Added a main menu button to launch the manual (assumes PDF files can be read)
11) Added explanatory tooltips for all of the different statistics for ship modules.
12) Fixed bug where the choose mission screen stops working
13) Re-did various tutorial features
14) Updated the manual slightly
version 1.09
1) New system that allows you to save out default orders for a specific ship design, to be automatically applied to new instances of that ship
2) Right clicking an order in the list now deletes it from the selected ship(s)
3) The Mass Deploy mode now draws a feint outline of the ship behind the cursor while it is active
4) You can now click on a point in the orders sliders and have that value selected (quicker than dragging the button)
5) Fixed bug where new tutorial mission prevented you unlocking the top races
6) Fixed crash bug if you go direct to challenges without going to battle first, then hit main menu later from the deployment screen
7) Fixed graphical glitch were turrets would seem to 'spasm' for their first shot.
8) Fixed bug where ship design tooltips on deployment screen may be wrong if they have previously been unavailable
9) Added new area-of-effect detonation effect for frigate and cruiser destruction, based on powerplant output, affects all nearby ships
10) weapons range circles on deployment screen now take into account scenario modifiers
11) new icon button on the deployment screen allows you to change race from there...
version 1.10
1) Fixed horrible glitches with challenges
version 1.11
1) This time there is a much better system that arranges the module technical data in a sensible order for doing module comparisons
2) Ships now correctly prioritize shooting fighters caught in tractor beams
3) Fixed a number of niggles concerning what ships are selected and highlighted on the deployment screen
4) Added 4 new modules to be unlocked
5) Cruiser quantum blaster hitpoints increased from 10 to 100
6) New 'survival' mode mission added
7) Added more gratuitousness to the starfield
8) Fixed bug where module data popup window on deployment screen was too small for all the data
9) Fixed rare bug where ECM shock effects could be applied to ships after they had been destroyed, leaving a lingering sound
10) You can now use commas and question marks in text edit boxes, unless it equates to a filename
11) Doubled the absolute minimum chance of a weapon hitting a moving target to prevent tedious stalemates
12) Possible fix for the fighters getting 'stuck' at a certain range
version 1.12
1) Fixed crash bug when abandoning a targeted order and then clicking the delete order button deployment screen
2) Added hulks for the turrets, and stopped dead turrets rotating so you can now more easily visually detect destroyed weapons
3) Fixed bug where ships would follow, but not actively fire upon ships not ordered to, even when all other targets were eliminated
4) Fixed bug where scroll-drag could over-scroll on the challenge browser
5) Fixed various problems and bugs relating to how the ships maintain their distance from enemies and use the 'keep moving' order
6) The module icons no longer animate (grow) when you scroll that window on the ship design screen
7) You can now scroll the modules in the module window on the design screen using the mousewheel
8) WSAD support for map scrolling in battle screen
9) Improved quality of the range indicator UI image
10) Tractor beams now have a stronger disincentive to tractor already tractored targets, and try harder to prioritize fighters
11) Fixed bug where you can't change race if you haven't beaten survival mode
version 1.13
1) Fixed bug where power consumed can seem to equate to power produced but still be shown to be invalid on ship design screen
2) New feature : new minimap-button and hotkey 'O' turns on or off a green/red overlay to show friend or foe ships.
3) Fixed bug where the size of a ship-destruction shock wave varied based on your zoom level at the time of detonation
4) The option to turn off repair-drone effects now actually works correctly
5) Better repair drones, in that they have better weld effects, and actually carry out visible repairs so ship's damage now reflects their true status much better
6) Added tooltips to the options
7) Added a new 'hardware sounds' option you can disable on options if you want pitch shifting sounds without slowdown at fast speed and have certain sound cards"
8) Added a new button on the deployment screen that lets you read all of the restrictions and spatial anomalies for this mission.
9) Added some better spatial anomalies
10) Fixed bug where tutorial got stuck at 'select orders'
11) Various scenario deployment changes to take into account the new spatial anomalies
12) Missiles that are en-route whilst their target explodes will now autodestruct rather than fly on aimlessly (regardless of missile type).
13) Fixed major bug involving engine modules where damage to an engine module is ignored until the next time the ship is damaged (should make fighters more vulnerable)
14) Rebel atlantis bomber now has it's drifting space hulk triggered
15) Attempting to load a design of ship into the editor that is invalid now gives a nicer, in-game error rather than a crash!
16) New delete button on file opening windows lets you delete existing ship designs and deployments.
version 1.14
1) Fixed data bug where cruiser high speed point defense would get confused with regular PD.
version 1.15
1) Bullet firing lasers that have multiple turrets now fire each turret independently, rather than all at once, which looks and sounds way cooler :D
2) New communications window for added gratuitous flavour.
3) Fixed a crash bug relating to turning off certain graphics options, and fixed bug where turning off turrets turned off repair bots.
4) Improved performance relating to large ships exploding and slowing the game down over time. Also possible memory leak of sorts.
5) Improved performance of shield impact effects
6) Survival mode timer now pauses when the player switches to a different application
7) Survival mode gets slightly harder over time (reinforcements arrive faster), and a new wave is added to the original survival level
8) Fixed minor visual bug where stars could sometimes move weirdly if you were in follow-cam mode
9) Deployment ranges on range editing dialog now show the reduced ranges due to anomalies in brackets and also now set the adjusted, rather than the original ranges. (so if 50% reduced, clicking them sets it to 50% reduced)
10) Selected mission name is now highlighted on the choose mission screen
11) Typo in rebel victory message fixed
12) Weapons modules now carry out a threat assessment, and de-prioritize shooting at ships with no functioning weapons
13) Fixed bug where tooltips shone through the survival high scores
14) Ship design window now auto-sorts locked modules to the end and they are much fainter
15) A lot more modules now come locked at the start of the game.
16) Added a bunch more loading-screen tips
version 1.16
1) Fix for bug where the scenario choosers scrollbar can be incorrect
2) Hopefully fixed the bug where the deploy the fleet button can vanish
3) Improved tractor beam UI. There is now a range shown for details, and on the in-battle overlay option. Also its strength will drop if it is damaged, and it acquires targets more rapidly. Plus progress bar now works.
4) Autorepair systems no longer target themselves, or other repair systems that have no more supplies.
5) Vulture orders now override any calculation of threat assessment
6) Softened one of the gui sounds
7) Increased volume of the battle sounds
8) Introduced new sound effect specifically for cruiser quantum blasters
9) New sound effect for failing shields
10) You can now click directly on a turret on your ships in the battle screen and have the range overlay shown.
11) Status bars on the ship details window (battle screen) now correctly reflect hull status for ships with a hull strength bonus
12) Fixed bug where the drag and scroll movement method on the battle screen didn't scale correctly with the amount of zoom.
13) Fixed mass-deploy exploit that let you mix ships from two different races
14) Fixed bug/mistake so that you can now delete open challenges that you have posted.
15) Turrets now drawn properly fading in during warp
16) Fixed bug where hull integrity bonuses might not be calculated correctly
17) New icons differentiate skirmish and survival modes on the choose mission screen
18) Mouse wheel now scrolls the scenario list on choose mission screen
19) new survival map
20) Some extra technical stuff added to the manual
21) Rewrite of some of the code to select targets
22) Ship names no longer show as tooltips when the UI is toggled off('U' key)
23) Game now only checks for a new version once per day, to prevent delays and problems if offline.
version 1.17
1) When you change hulls on cruisers in ship design screen, module selector now updates correctly.
2) Fixed crash bug on deployment screen with escort orders.
3) Fixed issue where hull damage effects seemed to trigger even though the shields were intact.
4) Fixed bug where some modules couldn't be obviously scrolled to on the fleet HQ window.
5) Fixed phantom text flashing in top left of choose mission window.
6) Fixed glitch where tooltips 'shone through' the hull picker.
8) Removed misleading and redundant cost data from ship design config files.
7) Corrected some misleading text on buttons.
8) flow of UI from deployment screen has been improved.
9) Added missing power consumption data to camoflage shield and droid bay.
10) Changed UI for adding formation and escort orders so it is less clunky, and also added notes about short cuts to their descriptions.
11) ECM shields actually work now. ooops.
12) Renamed ECM beam to Guidance Scrambler beam, and changed a lot of its data as it is more effective now due to 13).
13) Changed Point Defence and ECM beams so neither focuses on a missile that is already targeted by an ECM beam.
14) Added scrollwheel support to the design picker on deployment screen and the HQ screen.
15) Fixed bug where fighters would fly towards but not engage ship classes for which no priority had been assigned, regardless what enemies were left.
16) Fixed bug where deployment screen seemed to assume normal difficulty incorrectly if you returned to it.
17) Prevented possibility of accidental ship icon double clicks on the deployment screen.
18) Redid the race selection window so it is a separate full screen thing and which has a vertical rather than horizontal list, better in various ways.
19) The checkbox settings on the challenge list window are now remembered rather than resetting every time you use that screen.
20) Ship hulls now listed in the racial order in which races are unlocked
21) You can now type in any name you want to rename a ship on the deployment screen
22) Challenges now store the date the challenge was issued, and the race of the fleet in the challenge. And the challenge browser is updated to handle this sort of thing
23) Challenge browser window now will not get the list of challenges from the server until you click the refresh button
24) Scrollbar now works on high score tables, plus your own score gets highlighted if in the list
version 1.18
1) New multi-threaded asynchronous wonder-message keeps you updated while new challenge lists get downloaded. ooh :D
2) unusable ship icons on deployment screen now have a tooltip that explains exactly why each one can not be used.
3) Icons on the fleet HQ window are now sorted in order of expenses, with already-unlocked icons pushed to the end.
4) Gratuitous cinematic wipes added.
5) There is a new option 'run in background' to let the game continue running while you use another program.
6) The order of modules in the ship design screen module-picker is now organised around module type and capabilities, so less confusing :D
7) Added new graphics for federation megaton missile turret and cruiser light shields to make visually recognizing the modules a bit easier, also changed some of the graphics used by certain modules.
8) Fixed crash bug if you assign 2 ships to have formations with each other, then start the game.
9) Revamp of the whole unlocking system, where the amounts all changed, and you now have to unlock certain ship hulls and races as well as modules.
10) ECM shock renamed to EMP cannon.
11) Some balancing of the achilles fighter.
version 1.19
1) Transitions are now optional, and auto-disable if they have made the game crash
2) The current deployment is now saved out and reloaded after you finish a battle and return to deployment, right up until you quit out to the main menu (at which point you should have saved it if you want to keep it)
version 1.20
1) Optimisation so that selecting many ships on the deployment screen does not slow down on lower spec machines.
2) You can now select the change race button to browse races even when they are not selectable.
3) Optimized drawing the challenge browser so its much faster on older PCs.
4) New window lets you view who played the challenges you submitted, and when.
5) Challenge browser now defaults to sorting by date
6) New module type: Carrier Support module allows for mid-battle fighter repairs.
7) Fighters no longer fly en-masse above other ships, but are now more realistically distributed so they fly above and below cruisers for added 3dness :D
8) Fixed crash if the game loaded an old challengelist file with missing data.
9) Priorities for orders now cannot be set at zero percent, which could cause weird behavior.
10) Made ship design screen ship icons slightly bigger and re-arranged a number of the slots so they overlap less.
version 1.21
1) Fixed horrid bug when setting weapons ranges
2) Fixed bug where repair supplies UI didn't show
version 1.23
1) Fixed bug where fighters inside carriers that exploded still distracted enemy ships
2) Fixed bug relating to incorrect date ordering on the challenge browser
3) Improved fighter AI so they abandon a return to carrier order if the carrier runs out of supplies whilst en-route
4) Carrier modules now undock all fighters when they run out of supplies
version 1.24
1) Mouse input system rewritten to use the windows mouse cursor, and to work much more fluidly than before
2) You can now no longer unlock a ship hull until its owning race is already unlocked
3) Leaving the deployment screen now always closes the module details dialog if it is open.
4) Fixed crash bug where it crashed on fight or save if playing a challenge on a map that was not unlocked yet.
5) Fixed minor graphics glitch where some beam weapons drew reflections very slightly before the beam hits a shield.
6) Challenge history window now closes automatically when you leave the challenge screen.
7) Fixed bug where the game would be too far zoomed in with large monitors and small maps, giving rise to a graphical glitch on the far right of the screen.
8) Docked ships are no longer incorrectly drawn on the minimap.
9) Added variable fighter squadron sizes feature.
10) Fixed bug where the frigate point defense and automated point defense modules could become confused with each other.
11) Fixed bug with fighters returning to carriers with multiple bays where they would dock at a bay with no supplies and then undock.
version 1.25
1) Added support for totally separate mod folders
2) Fixed alt+tab black screen hang
3) Fixed bug where some rebel missile turrets would not render correctly
4) Fixed the rare but dreaded 'turret mapping not found' bug.
5) Added a trio of new mini buttons to the deployment screen to let you filter the list of deployable ships by class.
6) Added confirmation dialog for when you quit the deployment screen after making some changes
7) This time I really reckon I've fixed the display bug for larger than 2048 width monitors...
version 1.26
1) Fixed crash bug in survival mode
version 1.27
1) Fixed bug relating to squadron sizes of fighters.
2) Balance changes: Cruiser quantum blaster damage increased from 5 to 8, tracking speed increased from 1.1 to 1.5, shield penetration increased from 40 to 48
3) Balance changes: Cruiser rocket crew reduced from 12 to 8, Damage increased from 14 to 19, fire interval reduced from 1170 to 950, armor penetration increased from 30 to 36
4) Balance changes: Cruiser guidance scrambler weight increased from 99 to 130 and crew increased from 4 to 8
5) Fixed bug where challenges from players with the tribe installed but not ticked were unplayable
6) Added new 'hidden' option to change the maximum zoom out (minzoom) in config.txt
7) The length of challenge taunts is now 256 characters, and you can see the full text by hovering your mouse over a challenge on the challenge browser
8) Added new feature: Supply limits which is currently only implemented for the Gravity Well level.
version 1.28
1) Fixed occasional crash in ship design screen
2) Fixed exploit where player could save ship designs containing zero modules
3) Added basic new messaging system to inform players of new challenges, or attempts against their challenges, or give challenge feedback.
4) Improved online screen so that the username, news and messages window are hidden until your game is registered.
5) New feature: Custom challenges can now be sent with a new custom challenge editor screen
version 1.29
1) Fixed a number of typos (thanks david!)
2) Game now automatically creates a new almost-empty default design if you delete every ship design, to prevent empty design list crash.
3) The range circles are now also shown on the currently dragged ship on the deployment screen
4) Fixed display bug where the tooltips over the deployment screens ship blueprints didn't take race and ship bonuses into account.
5) Fixed crash bug when changing races before you have ever viewed the choose mission screen.
6) Fixed bug relating to messages corrupting or not being deletable.
7) Tweaked the expert fleet for the multari mission to make them harder.
8) Added a new rebel ship hull -> The Midgard frigate.
9) Made the startup online message check multi-threaded, to speed up startup times.
version 1.30
1) Added new UI for shield modules to show individual module shield strength.
2) Fixed bug for speed of salvo-enabled weaponry.
version 1.31
1) Added flickering and slow growth in visual effect for missile flares.
2) Improvements to performance of various bits of the battle screen.
3) Fixed bug that rendered the module icons for ships on the deployment screen unclickable.
4) Added a new tutorial pop-up to explain that you get more honor when re-fighting a mission.
5) Slight improvements to some cruiser explosion effects.
6) Fixed a graphical bug where some turrets seemed to fire but no bullets would appear.
7) Fixed graphical glitch with pulsing text on text edit boxes.
8) Stopped the current scenario details reloading every time you scroll on the battle screen.
9) Fixed hang on start-up involving multi threading message checks on certain PCs.
10) Fixed crash bug when you hit the delete key on deployment screen whilst also dragging a ship.
11) Fixed range indicator UI on deployment screen so they are the right size now...(oops)
12) Added new tribe-specific debris, so they don't re-use another races.
13) Changed the tribe and alliance engine glow particle effect to be less blocky
14) Changed engine glow effect so it oscillates smoothly in size rather than flickering suddenly
15) Fixed minor rendering bug on the deployment screen (window 3d highlight was wrong)
version 1.32
1) Performance: Speed increase for drawing the deployment screen.
2) Bug Fix: Fix for design picker scroll buttons not always working right if you have used the design filter buttons.
3) Performance: UI performance improvement for scrolling on the challenge browser screen.
4) Usability: Various Improvements to range-setting UI on the deployment screen.
5) Performance: Differential challenge data downloading means that refreshing the challenge list is much faster now.
6) New Feature: Fleet overlay UI for the battle screen showing every ship on your fleet and it's current status.
7) Bug Fix: Shield modules that are destroyed no longer count towards calculating shield resistance.
8) Usability: Mouse cursor now changes to the hand icon when over something clickable.
9) New Feature: Added module stat comparison window when you click any item of module data.
10) Bug Fix: Weapons will now fire at anything within range correctly, even if ordered not to attack a certain class, providing that no other suitable targets are in range.
11) Bug Fix: Fixed missing hulk for the rebel atlantis bomber.
12) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where armor module reduced effectiveness through stacking was not always calculated correctly for UI purposes.
13) Bug Fix: Apostophes in challenge map names and taunts are no longer preceded by a forward slash.
version 1.33
1) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where the challenges didn't update their ratings, attempts and so on, when you clicked refresh.
version 1.34
1) Bug Fix: Fixed calculation bug regarding targeting boosters so they work correctly now.
2) New Feature: Fighters returning to carriers now return to that module's location rather than the ships center.
3) Bug Fix: Fighters hopefully no longer 'stutter' in their movement.
4) New Feature: Missiles now launch on top of parent ship if observed, and MRV style decoys launch smoothly from the parent missile now.
5) Bug Fix: Moved debug files to an offshoot of mydocs so they are always writeable, and fixed some minor debug reporting issues.
6) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where tutorial highlighted the wrong window on the ship design screen.
version 1.35
1) Bug Fix: Fix for missing DLL.
version 1.36
1) Bug Fix: Limpet launcher UI no longer shows it tracking targets and firing if all mines are currently launched.
2) Bug Fix: Limpet launchers no longer draw if cloaked.
3) Usability: Ship icons on the deployment screen now list their speed and cost in the mouseover tooltips.
4) Usability: The post challenge button greys out once you have actually submitted the challenge
5) New Feature: New option after a challenge victory to retaliate with the fleet you just won with.
6) Usability: The 'go to fleet hq' button isn't an option any more for the outcome window during challenges, when you don't earn honor anyway.
7) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where some fighters, depending on speed, may not be able to dock with a carrier.
8) New Feature: New 'challenge details' screen, complete with retaliation list and image previews.
9) New Feature: 'stick together' order for fighters, keeps them clustered in squadrons.
10) Bug Fix: Intel GMA 450 video cards now correctly default to software processing and don't crash on startup
11) Bug Fix: The ship design screen now correctly calculates armor resistance, which was previously wrong!
version 1.37
1) Bug Fix: Random distribution of damage impacts is more random than before.
2) Bug Fix: Plasma torpedoes and ECM effects no longer animate for a while after pausing when at high speed.
3) Usability: All battle sounds now stop when you end the battle.
4) Bug Fix: random loading screen choices are now more truly random.
5) New Feature: Complete overhaul of the post-battle statistics screen with better charts and graphs showing who damaged who.
6) Bug Fix: Frigate tractor beam now correctly displays all its data on the ship design screen.
7) New Feature: For mods... Game now supports variable parallax terrain items to allow fixed backgrounds.
8) New Feature: Flickering nebula lightning effect in background of selected scenarios.
9) Ship engine noise is now also controlled by the sound effects volume slider.
10) Balance: A number of balance changes have been made.
11) Bug Fix: The list of ship name categories no longer spills out of the rename window if you have too many lists.
12) Bug Fix: If you uninstall an expansion or mod with the current race set to a now not-installed race, the game defaults silently back to federation now.
13) Bug Fix: Fixed crash bug (rare) when splash damage from ship detonations detonated an already just-exploded ship.
14) Bug Fix: The retaliate button at the end of a challenge now correctly only appears if you won.
15) The original four races now have twice as much variation in their debris.
version 1.38
1) Bug Fix: Added support for scrolling lists of ship-specific bonuses, so you can now have more than three per ship.
2) Debris support added for the next expansion pack.
version 1.39
1) Bug Fix: Turning off camera shake effect now works properly (was linked to debris by mistake).
2) Bug Fix: Adding more than 500 or so extra modded modules, hulls or other items no longer crashes the game.
3) Bug Fix: Point Defence modules now stick properly to their fire intervals, and degrade when damaged.
4) Bug Fix: Point Defence modules now are allowed multiple attempts on a missile, if at first they fail.
5) Bug Fix: Guidance Scramblers do not now claim to be restricted by fire intervals when this is not the case.
6) Performance: Memory Usage for screen resolution of 1024 width dramatically reduced for older video cards.
7) Bug Fix: Turrets on ships now start each battle facing the same direction as the parent ship.
8) New Feature: Added new circular transition effect.
9) Usability: The tutorial points out some minor things people miss the first time. (stick together orders, module compare window,right click ship menu)
10) Usability: You can now drag the module stats comparison window to one side to see the other stats better.
11) Bug Fix: The 'Add order' button is now correctly highlighted when referred to by the tutorial.
12) Bug Fix: Harmless duplicate angle entry removed from deployment data files.
13) Usability: Finally managed to get pasting text working for the serial code dialog for registering the game.
14) Usability: Added a new tutorial hint and edited another to better explain how online challenge UI works.
version 1.40
1) Usability: The module slots on the design screen now fade out to show cases where you cannot drop the currently dragged module onto them.
2) Bug Fix: Fixed bug that gave occasional rare startup crashes on some peoples systems.
version 1.41
1) Bug Fix: Fixed missing swarm smartbomb tooltip.
2) Usability: Clarified some tooltips.
3) New Feature: Added optional damage-indicators to battles to show damage.
4) Demo Changes: Demo can now unlock modules.
5) Usability: A number of previously 'free' modules are now locked. This reduces the games initial complexity.
6) Bug Fix: fixed bug where tutorial highlight may linger if tutorial is cancelled.
7) Usability: Added a new section to the ship design tutorial pointing out the module data comparison window
8) New Feature: Clicking a turret on the battle screen now shows real-time data on hits,misses and damage done.
9) Bug Fix: Fixed bug where very rarely some attacks seemed to damage the shields graphically, when in fact they reflect from the shields.
10) Bug Fix: Blueprint slots on ship designer now revert from unhighlighted state correctly after you drop a weapons module.
11) Usability: The ship design screens 'hull picker' now filters out ships from a different race, unless launched direct from the main menu.
12) Usability: Ship design loading dialog now lets you sort by name, class or race and displays thsoe 3 attributes.
version 1.42
1) Bug Fix: Fixed problem where in rare cases a ships power may be displayed as invalid, but the design can still be saved and loaded.
2) Bug Fix: Game will now silently ignore invalid designs like it used to do, rather than crashing when opening the design loader.
version 1.43
1) Bug Fix: Fixed crash when clicking on a turret without the ship viewer already visible on the battle screen, in certain module slots.
2) Graphics: Better smoke clouds now for cruiser and frigate explosions.
3) Bug Fix: Fixed wrong value for frigate small beam laser unlock.
4) Fixed bug where kinetic weapon misses were not being correctly reflected in the statistics.
5) Bug Fix: Fixed crash bug when quitting from a battle with lots of overlapping ships, then fighting another battle.
6) Usability: Victory or defeat music at the end of a battle no longer loops.
7) Bug Fix: Player can no longer use the maximise window option in windows mode to stretch the window size, which caused problems.
8) New Feature: Shield support beam added for the empire.
9) Bug Fix: Challenegs that have been posted to you with some wrong capitalisation (Cliffski/cliffski) now show up properly in the challenge browser.
10) New Feature: If you post a challenge to a non-existant username, it now gives you a red error message and does not post the challenge.
version 1.44
1) Bug Fix: game no longer crashes when a ship explodes whilst having it's shields reinforced by the shield support beam.
version 1.45
1) Balance: Shield Support beam being drastically re-balanced with lower beam rate and capacitor, and only able to have one beam at a time on each shield. Also now auto-selects the lowest friendly shield available.
2) Balance: Frigate disruptor bombs damage increased from 60 to 75
version 1.46
1) Bug Fix: Fixed crash bug where assigning fighters to escort fighters, then trying to edit the range on the invalid order caused a crash.
2) Bug Fix: Unlocking now works if you beat the previous mission on hard or expert, you don't specifically have to beat it on normal.
3) Usability: Game now lets you toggle between old and new stats screens after each battle
4) Bug Fix: It's now impossible to put an apostrophe in your username, which was breaking challenges.
5) Bug Fix: It's now not an option to fight your own challenge and rate it yourself.
version 1.47
1) Usability: The battle sounds now work much better in cases where they overload from playing too many identical sounds at once.
2) Usability: Added a new tutorial hint to point out the range overlay in the battle screen.
3) Bug Fix: The supply limits window on the choose battle screen now sizes to show all limits correctly.
4) Bug Fix: When creating a custom challenge, the 'challenge' button is not correctly disabled until some ships have been deployed.
5) Bug Fix: Improved code to prevent 'stacking' of ships on the deployment screen (works more reliably now).
6) Usability: New feature, there are now short strips under each icon on the deployment screen to show the name of the ship to aid selection.
7) Mod Support: Added new 'num_submunitions' (limit 6) and 'flaresize' (default 16) to missile data for modders.
8) Mod Support: Found the bug that prevented modded ships from being larger than 256. No known limit now.
9) Usability: The game now checks that any challenge you are about to fight has not been removed from the database, so you are prevented from running corrupt and deleted challenges.
10) Usability: The buttons that filter ships by size on the deployment screen now remember their settings.
11) Bug Fix: Limpet launchers now record shots fired and hit like other weapons.
12) Bug Fix: Usernames that are too long to display now get sensibly cropped in challenge list.
version 1.48
1) Performance: Major rewrite of tons of areas to reduce memory usage and squash lots of small memory leaks.
2) Bug fix: Tractor beam turrets are no longer drawn when a ship should appear cloaked.
3) Bug Fix: Limpet launchers and Plasmas are now fired from the correct position when placed in multiple-hardpoint slots.
4) Bug Fix: Fixed a few minor miscalculations that meant ship damage looked (purely visually) like it was being repaired faster than it actually was, especially when cloaked.
5) Bug Fix: When you leave the ship design screen, any open module stat comparison windows are now closed.
6) Some playbalance tweaks
7) Bug Fix: Imperial fighters with tiny engine glows (also a nomad fighter) now no longer get drawn when the parent ship is docked at a carrier.
version 1.49
1) [campaign] Anomaly icons are also now above a world, rather than to the right of it
2) [campaign] Threat and loyalty indicator bug fixed
3) [campaign] stats at top of campaign map screen no longer get out of date
4) [campaign] fighter quantity at shipyard bug fixed
5) [campaign] crash bug when clicking repair on planet details window fixed
6) [campaign] swarm smart bomb launchers are no longer immune to damage
7) [campaign] fed-elite ships and other modded hulls no lonegr show up in enemy campaign fleets
8) [campaign] pre-battle campaign challenge histories are now date sorted
9) [campaign] scrapping a fughter squadron now gives you a cash refund for each scrapped ship
10) [campaign] multiple-dragging icons to empty a fleet no longer leaves an invalid empty fleet icon.
11) [campaign] Scrapping a ship with shipyard window open now refreshes which ships are affordable and crew-able.
version 1.50
1) Added post-battle stats summary popup dialog.
2) [campaign] Fixed rare crash bug when you have conquered a factory/academy with very very small fleets.
3) [campaign] Fixed crash bug when attacking a system with two fleets, then merging them.
4) [campaign] Fixed bug where deployment ships from earlier non-campaign battles appeared in campaign deployments.
5) [campaign] You can now repair captured ships, but only at a class A shipyard.
6) [campaign] Removed ability to right click a ship icon in the deployment picker list.
7) [campaign] Fixed bug where the planet details window overlapped the final victory / defeat screen on low resolutions.
8) [campaign] Added pilots as a new resource for the campaign, acting as a break on the spamming of fighters.
9) [campaign] Where possible, fleets will now not retreat to systems where techncially they cannot all travel to, due to anomalies
10) [campaign] Fixed issue where enemy fleets would not always persist properly between battles.
version 1.51
1) [campaign] Fixed exploit where you get 1 crew when you scrap a fighter.
2) Added new order 'Last Stand' which overrides the auto-behavior of ships retreating if all of their weapons are destroyed.
3) [campaign] Some difficulty balance changes.
version 1.52
1) [campaign] Fixed bug where viewing the post-battle statistics after you retreated would result in a missing fleet.
2) [campaign] Fixed glitch where the attack arrows had sections missing briefly as you zoomed in to them.
3) [campaign] Fixed occasional crash under certain circumstances when retreating.
4) [campaign] Some more tweaks to difficulty.
5) [campaign] Fixed bug where the 'build' button was enabled for a fleet that was attacking an enemy-held system, before battle.
version 1.53
1) The game now prevents you deleting any ship design currently used by a campaign. This should fix at least 3 seemingly unrelated bugs and crashes.
2) [campaign] Bug Fix: Deleting a campaign now works on all system configurations.
version 1.54
1) [campaign] Bug Fix: Fixed bug where campaign background would be blank
version 1.55
1) [campaign] Bug Fix: Fixed rare crash bug when retreating from battle
2) Performance: Reduced memory usage.
version 1.56
1) Performance: Freed up memory usage of challenge list now once you quit the challenge list screen.
2) Bug Fix: Hopefully a final fix for the unclickable buttons and occasional flicker at the top of the screen in fullscreen mode on certain video cards.
3) Mod Support: You can now have a comma-separated list of randomly picked weapon sounds in module files.
4) Mod Support: Module stacking effectiveness can now be positive values (> 1.0) and this value is no shown in the GUI alongside everything else.
5) [campaign] Support for extra maps for the campaign.
6) [campaign] Rebalancing of campaign game to make it easier overall and start with higher resources
7) [campaign] Fixed corrupt data in new ships log entries. Existing entries may remain corrupt though.
8) [campaign] Added 3 new maps!
version 1.57
1) New Feature: Support for longer race descriptions.
2) New Feature: Modding support for custom bullets textures.
3) Support for return-to-sender capability on missiles.
4) Support for more than one plasma missile in flight at any one time, per launcher (if configured for that module)
5) Support for flak guns (bullet modules with area-of-effect damage).
version 1.58
1) Bug Fix: minor tweak to custom bullet support
version 1.59
1) Bug Fix; Fixed campaign crash bug where you fought a battle with multiple fleets, captured enemy ships but your first fleet was lost.

Gratuitous Space Battles is a unique strategy game where you play the role of supreme commander of a vast fleets of spaceships, battling against AI controlled or player-designed enemy fleets. GSB is not a conventional strategy game, but more of an RTS/Tower Defense hybrid, where you design the ships, position the fleet, issue pre-battle orders and then sit back and watch the explosive galactic mayhem take place. Did you include enough fusion beams on your capital ships? Maybe you should have assigned some fighters to escort those ships in the middle of the fleet? GSB also allows you to challenge other players by uploading your best fleets to serve as their opposition, in a massively single-player galactic smorgasbord of laser-death!

Gratuitous Space Battles aims to bring the over-the-top explodiness back into space games. The game is for everyone who has watched big space armadas battle it out on TV and thought to themselves 'I could have done a much better job as admiral'. This is not a game of real-time arcade twitch reflexes. GSB is about what ships you design, and what you tell them to do. Your individual ship commanders have total autonomy during the chaotic battle that unfolds. This is not a tactical game, it is a strategic one. These gratuitous space battles are not won by plucky heroes with perfect teeth, but by the geeky starship builders who know exactly what ratio of plasma-cannons to engines each ship in the fleet will need.

Game features:
• Design your spaceships from a large range of interchangeable weapons, defenses and other components
• Some of the most gratuitous visual effects you will have seen in a 2D game
• Unique online challenge system lets you prove who is a better admiral, you or your friends...
• Sprawling battles with hundreds of ships let you slow down time and freeze frame to work out exactly why the SS Indestructible failed to live up to its name!

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista
• DirectX 9c
• 1.5 GHz
• 512 MB RAM

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

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Если ты нашел новую версию игры Gratuitous Space Battles v1.62 + 8DLC / Gratuitous Space Battles v1.63, либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
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Комментарии игроков (160 шт.)

От: zvladss [5|1] | Дата 2018-02-06 16:35:55

К сожалению ни одна из ссылок на Gratuitous Space Battles v1.63 (61.77 Мб.) не работает. По возможности, пожалуйста, перезалейте.
От: businassman [361|456] | Дата 2018-01-27 08:09:16

На Zone of Games вышел русификатор.
От: VANOMASNAMBAONE [3|4] | Дата 2017-04-15 21:31:31

Перезалейте пожалуйста файл, все ссылки не работают, кроме Gigabase, но качать 400 мб со скоростью 3.5 кб не очень то и хочется:(
От: prrnik [0|5] | Дата 2014-09-16 02:44:57

Ссылки не работают (((
От: HITMAN1 [40|32] | Дата 2014-04-25 22:54:37

спасибо за версию под Линукс! афигеть... и молодцы что версию без длс выложили... а то трафик снова выдил весь, только на мелочь осталось...
От: Elektra [7588|138] | Дата 2014-03-28 14:59:33

Группа: Редактор
Добавлена последняя версия для Линукс!
От: SaBes [1|1] | Дата 2014-01-25 12:14:52

Поиграл в игру, очень понравилась. Решил сделать перевод. Но комп сломался, из-за этого небыло долго меня, щас активно работаем над переводом.
Перевод идёт активно, но не умею красивые шрифты рисовать, кто нибудь хочет помочь с шрифтами, чтоб они были в старом стиле?
От: petro106 [363|44] | Дата 2013-06-07 23:05:56

DLC добавляет 6 рас? (все DLC вместе)
От: bab123470 [1|1] | Дата 2013-06-07 12:02:28

Полностью прошел компанию на лицензии. Эта игра окупает те деньги которые я потратил на нее.

От: Mr_Dj [6|0] | Дата 2013-03-28 13:44:03

блин весит много
От: JetGreed [5|11] | Дата 2013-03-06 05:24:24

ну и фиг с русификатором, инглиш там не сложный, вполне доступный к пониманию со средним знанием.............и кстати описания инвента довольно юморные)))))).........................игрушка потрясная..................
От: businassman [361|456] | Дата 2013-03-04 21:07:47

Русификатора нет и не будет, потому что всем на него плевать - http://www.zoneofgames.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=19149
От: kaaamiil [9|174] | Дата 2013-03-04 16:09:22

Так...проверим challenges...Бои выигрываются большинством комбинаций-скучно.а я всегда хотел проверить, что произойдет, если столкнуть 10 фрегатов и 2 крейсера)
От: ABAT77 [4|0] | Дата 2013-02-28 06:33:56

Русификатора по прежнему нету?
От: slame [0|0] | Дата 2012-09-26 23:08:51

Ребята, если вдруг кому-то надо ключ для игры по инету - у меня есть 1, отдам за пополняшку на 2$. ПМ если что.
От: nobody1080 [0|2] | Дата 2012-07-30 02:24:06

Кампания не работает, скорее всего починили только challenges. Всё же лучше, чем ничего, потому что стандартные бои порядком надоели.
От: ZyV [10|13] | Дата 2012-07-02 21:33:43

Что не отписываешься? всё заработало или та-же фигня с компанией?
От: NightWolf98 [5|62] | Дата 2012-07-02 11:40:27

Вот это список изменений... Мда, с моих знанием Английского прочитал примерно за 10 минут. А насчёт игры...
чтож сейчас попробую...
От: ZyV [10|13] | Дата 2012-06-30 20:05:37

Это очень прискорбно т.к. компания очень интересная как я понял по прошлому релизу( хоть и играть не получалось в него толком)).
Дело в том что, как мне показалось, в этой игре плнеты не являются однообразными, и различаются между собой типом строений находящихся на них и бонусами которые ты получаешь от захвата планеты. Конечно возможно мне показалось, т.к. ни одной планеты захватить было нельзя.
От: kaaamiil [9|174] | Дата 2012-06-30 19:20:51

В общем смысла качать новую версию нет.Прискорбно все таки,что кампания не работает...
От: Anumunraman [7|5] | Дата 2012-06-28 01:27:47

И у меня та же история с компанией : (
От: ZyV [10|13] | Дата 2012-06-27 14:33:29

Раньше была такая-же версия, но кряк для включения компании был отдельный, при том он не работал ( в первом-же бою в компании игра вылетала). А здесь как написано полностью рабочая версия, хотя уже у двоих, в том числе и у меня, компанию запустить так и не удалось.
От: kaaamiil [9|174] | Дата 2012-06-27 12:02:44

а что, собственно, изменили?на сайте была и раньше абсолютно такая же версия игры.Или я где то ошибаюсь?
От: Smit_nik [3|24] | Дата 2012-06-26 22:34:04

Я обматерю автора плохим словом. ПОТОМУ ЧТО ЭТОТ * ВЫСТАВИЛ ДОХРЕНА длинный список изменений да и ещё на английском (знаю его но се равно геморрой) И главное. Зачем? + он не выставил информацию о DLC
От: zomzom [0|4] | Дата 2012-06-26 16:08:54

ZyV у меня такаяже фигня

zomzom подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Помогите кто знает VISTA
От: ZyV [10|13] | Дата 2012-06-26 00:43:58

У меня компания не запускается. Пишет следующее:
Login failed!
(Дальше вольный перевод) Ваш комп не подключен к интернету, брэндмауэр блокирует игру, либо неправильно введён серийный номер. Пожалуйста проверьте и попробуйте снова.

Брэндмауру всё разрешил, кода собственно никакого и нет ( ну стандартная надпись что крякнуто тем-то и тем-то), интернет всегда подключен.

Какие варианты действий ещё могут быть? У кого-нито подобное произошло или у меня руки просто кривые под утро стали?

ZyV подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Ось 7ка
От: semisenkon [1|30] | Дата 2012-06-26 00:09:34

Качать её стоит или нет?

semisenkon думал несколько часов и добавил:

Классная игра) качайте
От: Ra-Said [252|98] | Дата 2012-06-12 14:23:48

Plymouth, что за ОС?
От: Plymouth [22|11] | Дата 2012-06-12 14:18:52

у меня во время загрузки игру выкидывает на рабочий стол. Кто-то с этой проблемой сталкивался?
От: Elektra [7588|138] | Дата 2012-04-18 23:21:27

Группа: Редактор
Надо ждать нового релиза от THETA или UNLEASHED
От: Fufa_2011 [5|24] | Дата 2012-04-18 23:18:23

Кампания вылетает перед первым же сражением, наверно потому, что установлен galactic conqest, а он только с лицензией работает
От: Dark_Blade [63|145] | Дата 2012-04-11 21:54:55

А на сайте еще рас добавили
От: Higher [2|4] | Дата 2012-03-28 21:50:28

Игра прикольная, но 2 вопроса.
Русская версия планируется?
Есть ли русификатор?
От: Deck [0|1] | Дата 2012-03-28 21:38:23

В кампании серийный номер просит, где взять?
От: Leha_Meloman [10|5] | Дата 2012-03-28 14:34:34

Galactic Conquest подгружает флотилии врагов, поэтому на пиратке не работает.
От: KamPeR [6|39] | Дата 2012-03-28 12:10:31

Большой выбор оружия, Это радует больше всего...)
От: Dark_Blade [63|145] | Дата 2012-02-25 00:26:37

"В компании при начале сражения вылетает"
таже проблема
От: bukka [2|0] | Дата 2012-02-12 19:06:16

В компании при начале сражения вылетает , работает у кого корректно компания или нет ?
От: kaaamiil [9|174] | Дата 2012-02-12 14:36:13

StRELOOOK,нет-игра более-менее понятная
От: StRELOOOK [15|5] | Дата 2012-02-10 23:10:20

Для тех кто очень плохо знает английский, трудно будет приручить игру?



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