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Скачать игру Dungeonlike v0.3.3 - торрент, игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинга пока нет | Баллы: 49
Игру добавил Kusko [1868|30] | 2018-05-27 (обновлено) | Текстовые, Roguelike (911) | Просмотров: 3570

Dungeonlike v0.3.3

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Dungeonlike v0.3.3
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Sheriour (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (911)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 5.50 Мб.
• Похожие игры:
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- Escape From Aeon Build 4
- Iter Vehemens ad Necem (IVAN) v0.52

Dungeonlike - традиционный пошаговый roguelike dungeon crawler с рандомизацией и тонной настроек персонажа, а также развитой системой здоровья и способностей на основе частей тела. Ваша задача - убить Дургаза, предводителя Орков, который находится на дне 10-метровой подземной крепости. По крайней мере, это официальная версия событий. На самом деле ваша задача - превратить это подземелье в галерею кистей и останков орков!

Игра обновлена с v0.3.2 до v0.3.3. Список изменений внутри новости.

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• Рандомизированные уровни подземелий.
• Рандомизированное снаряжение противника.
• Более 40 атак и заклинаний.
• Более 70 предметов.
• Более 30 случайных зачарований, которые могут дополнительно расширить возможности ваших предметов.
• Оружие часто дает более одного способа убийства противников
• Система здоровья и инвентаря полностью основана на частях тела. Отрежьте ноги, затем раздавите череп!
• Создайте свои собственные версии заклинаний и приемов. Приручайте магию, мастер стали!
• Откройте для себя скрытые комнаты с сокровищами.
• Встроенная википедия.

New Stuff (mechanics & content):
Casting speed can be now influenced by item enchants.
Search action has been reworked
• Search has a dynamic range which increases with Search skill Perception stat.
• Search displays how far it reaches by showing a blue/orange higlight (player's attemps use blue, all other creatures use orange).
• Search action will inform if it found something, didn't find anything, or could have found something if player was closer to the hidden object.
• Hidden passages give exp when revealed.
• Sneak action has been introduced
• Scales off Dexterity and Thievery.
• Enemies have a "passive" check equal to their (new) Awareness stat which takes place each turn.
• If enemies are looking for the player, they will actively use the Search action which makes further sneak attempts nearly impossible. "Fool me once..."
• If enemies would end up walking into the player due to their random wandering, player is revealed regardless of sneak proficiency.
• Sneaking is reduced by armor penalty.
• Attacks done while sneaking will have maxed out hit chance and a doubled critical hit chance.
• All non-movement actions remove sneaking.
• Some enemies (eg. all dogs) are "vigilant" and they always are in active search mode.
• When player stops sneaking, the reason is specified (unless Sneak action was used again to switch it off)
• Traps introduced
• Detecting traps is similar to detecting sneaking creatures and can happen both via passive and active searching.
• Detected traps don't trigger, although detection is only faction-wide so enemies might not be aware of a trap player has discovered and vice versa.
• Native faction within the dungeon knows all the traps.
• Finding traps grants experience.
• Massive magic rework to give it a bit more balanced, challenging and rewarding feel.
• Mana supply has been severely reduced, regardless of source.
• Spells crafting system overhauled to make it resemble melee system a bit more, with spells having usable base stats that get augmented, instead of hard multiplication. So 10 Power will now make a spell 50% stronger, not 1000% stronger, but even a "0 Power" spell can be used effectively (I hope Kobold Shamans with 0 power Wring Flesh will convince you).
• All spells have been rebalanced to actually be useful, not overpriced and not overpowered. I bet there is more to do here, but it seems fine at the moment.
• Magic hits way more often and "Resist" is a thing that will happen when trying to fight another mage, but when fighting warriors, this is neglible. Hex resist damage reduction algorithm has also been reworked to provide damage reduction early. Both stats are visible in U screen now when looking at Hex Resistance details.
• Only half of BP penalty is applied when aiming spells.
• Hex resistance does not only reduce damage, but also duration and magnitude of harmful spells.
• Max magic hit chance is capped at 98%, minimum is 2%. Missing a spell is a massive issue in comparison to missing a melee attack, so I don't want the 5-95 range here.
• Following magic rework, I reworked stamina dynamics for melee and ranged as well, which resulted in much more fluid combat, with way less waiting between attacks.
• With new stamina-regen oriented combat, shields need to take away more stamina, so Skill influence has been reduced.
• Second wind and Deep Focus rebalanced to fit resource changes.
• Poison has been reworked to be far more deadly and useful
• Poison darts removed, Poison bombs (ok, runes) introduced. Why throw darts at armored orcs, when you can throw a grenade?
• Poison will now re-apply itself periodically, which means that leaving it untreated even at 15 stacks might eventually get serious.
• Poison now reduces all of primary stats (not just Str), scaling with stacks.
• Poison will randomly result in temporary paralysis of a random body part, chance increasing with stacks.
• Enchants which quicken natural poison healing rate have been introduced.
• Antidote and Healer have been updated, so that being under their effects not only gradually heals poison, but prevents the re-application effect. So if you manage to use an antidote at 99 stacks, you should be safe.
• Carrying (now "Hoarding") skill reworked.
• Apart from increasing maximum carry limit, this skill also increases speed at which the creature interacts with items. This includes putting/removing items from containers, picking items up, equiping, unequiping and using consumables (!).
• Enemies who are on fire have a slight chance to panic and run away for one turn.
• Enemies will now attempt to run away from clouds of poison and wildfire instead of just standing in them, unless they are Fearless.
• Fire cauterises wounds, which works similar to bandages. This means that pyromancers will no longer win by bleeding their enemies out so often. It also means enemy pyromancers are no longer such a pain to recover from.
• Disarmed melee enemies will try to arm themselves back. They will even take off shields, if they have to.
• Opening a door takes half a turn now. This prevents most situations in which enemies perform an action on the same turn when player opens the door.
• Skill enchants introduced for magic schools, so now you can find eg. Pyromantic necklaces increasing your Pyromancy skill, same way tomes do.
• If a single, powerful attack causes health type of a limb to go "below" 0%, overflow damage is now converted and applied to the other health type (would dissapear previously, now I got a nice recursive function to keep checking for this).
• Ambushing enemies will now immediately know players initial position and try to reach it. The fact that they were waiting for player to approach them was rather silly.

New Stuff (UI & usability):
• Got two sweet new fonts as many players have complained about readability of previous one. Farewell Optimus Princeps!
• Fonts can be switched in Options menu.
• Can now change resolutions and fullscreen mode without restarting the game.
• This used to be a bug, but many players asked me to keep this and I do kind of like it myself, so rare items will now have over the top names with all their enchants listed, resulting in names like "Mighty Brilliant Decimating Slayer of Heavens".
• Status screen (U) received a facelift. If there are more conditions than "global" type, the arrows/triangles now inform of that. Changed the layout a bit as well and fixed some wording and typos.
• New yellow console log color introduced for lines which aren't strictly about combat, but are more important than "Junk is lying here." and were otherwise difficult to notice among others.
• When choosing an attack after bumping into an enemy, the game now displays both the enemy preview as well as the potential attack preview.
• > and < buttons can now be used to interact with staircases, portals etc.
• Item preview window displays item "value". This is neither the selling nor buying price, but rather the value of which the two are calculated from.
• Improved minimap visibility. The map no longer shows vision range (shadows made it very dark) and shows stairs in bright yellow. Floors and walls have been made darker as well, to allow creatures/stairs to stand out more.
• Console will be less spammed by re-applied conditions.
• Game now reports when NPCs pick up items.
• If a critical condition was applied due to high damage (and not a critical hit) this is reported in console.

• With stamina/mana changes in place, I had to heavily change the way skills reduce costs of spells and attacks. Reduction is now applied at a slower pace, which works well with quickly regenerating stamina.
• The way rare items spawn on rare enemies has been tweaked. The rare item is no longer a 100% guarantee, but there is also a chance that the enemy will have 2 rare items.
• Acquire item will now drag the item to your feet instead of directly to inventory.
• Push spell has now a dynamic distance which scaless off Power. Damage reduced.
• All enchants have been made weaker, as it seemed that getting 1 or 2 good rare items was pretty much a won game.
• Mages will spawn in smaller groups, accompanied by melee guards.
• Burn does more damage but lasts half the time.
• Ordinary chests (small, unlocked ones) can contain gold, but less items overall.
• Default Heavy attack (eg. Heavy Strike) will now be maxed out on Force and Aim, instead of Force only. Stamina changes mentioned above made this a reasonable change.
• All potions rebalanced to fit new resource regenration ratios.
• Less potions will spawn on enemies. At some point during a winning test run I felt like a walking alchemy warehouse.
• Axe Execute does only 10% bonus damage now, as this scaled into a monstrous attack late game.
• Warlords, Berserkers and Destroyers had far less impressive damage than I planned. Now they should hit a bit harder, although the real remedy will come in next version of the game, as I got something special in plans.
• Reduced custom class starting gold from 2500 to 1500.
• Special rooms (armories/libraries/granaries) now force their rare guy to be spawned at maximum threat level current dungeon level allows. This means less rare Kolbod Thieves and Orc Henchmen, and more useful rare items.
• Following stamina changes, I had to tweak archery stamina costs.
• Aimed spells have a higher critical hit chance, but concentration gives more crit protection.
• Durgaz spawns with a number of rare items, instead of some random junk.
• All dogs are capable of charging.
• Enemy archers will only switch to melee if they cannot hold their bows anymore. Approaching them will no longer cause this behaviour, as this made archers way too easy to defeat. Players wouldn't swap, so why enemies should? If at some point I introduce close-range penalties for ranged attacks, this might come back, but not sooner.
• Short sword critical chance increased. I am still not sure about introducing daggers into the game (I don't see a potential for variety in such weapon class), so for now short swords can play their role.
• Equiping and unequiping items in hands takes half as much time as for other slots.
• Empty room spawn chance lowered from 10% to 5%. Its a breather to find an empty room with a chest, but empty rooms are generally a waste of space.
• Tomes provide 3-4 skill levels of their magic school instead of 1.
• Kobold and Halfling speed bonuses have been reduced. I felt dirty while playing these guys, honestly.
• Experience worth of weak enemies vs hard enemies was reworked. Weak enemies will give far far less now, but strong enemies will give slightly more. It was too easy to just farm up on low threat dungeons and camps.
• Bottom levels of dungeons will contain far more large chests than before.
• Enemies will no longer run when one of their body parts gets mangled/crushed. They still run from severe bloodloss.
• Hidden passages are now easier to find.

• Fixed algorithms governing different types of speed. Some calculations were off, which could be seen at high modifiers to move/attack speed.
• Trinkets (necklaces) could not be enchanted at all as they were missing from the enchant table.
• Ctr+V (cycling between target preview) would spam "No containers on the ground!" as V was interpreted as a contaienr opening command even in this situation.
• Events which are out of player's view are no longer reported in the console.
• Locked chests would not spawn any curio items.
• Armor penalty did not reduce dodge chance.
• Some resolutions would push the screen 16 pixels off centre, which was noticable in Look mode, with a displaced crosshair.
• Custom class creation process was crashing the game. Same bug was causing poisoned enemies to break savegame loading.
• In rare occasions it would be impossible to mute the sound in game options, leaving it at 1% volume.
• Flash spell was getting its duration from Power stat instead of Duration.
• Displaying environmental objects (eg. pools of blood, wildfire) would crash the game in a very specific scenario.
• When deleting an attack from Actions Window, the game would crash if deleting the last attack on the list.
• Power would still be highlighted even when it cannot be modified for a given spell.
• Spells without power (Flash and Paralysis) were broken to a point where they would cost 0 mana regardless of setup.
• Inventory window would be permanently displayed if player died with that window open.
• Talar Scroll was unusable, unless Locumancy was leveled up to 5. Don't ask.
• Walking into an enemy while holding Ctrl would crash the game if that was the first attack in that game session.
• Acquire was broken for AOE spell types.
• Wildfire and poison clouds would get broken upon save reload as I held the saved info in a different variable type than the actual properties of these objects.
• Spell Pierce coming from items would be displayed in Spell Designer as a bonus derived from attack config, not items.
• Lockpick chances on chests were bugged, being more aking to 90-100% range than 0-100% range.
• Weapon-specific default attacks (Beak Strike, Stab, Flatside, etc.) were not visible when dual wielding.
• Dead enemies dont run away 1 tile while dying.
• When having 0 tissue health and being in Burning state, periodic tissue damage did not convert to strcuture, dealing 0 damage onward.
• Too often too many chests would have tons of gold in them. Some of the camp-chest-spawn code spilled into the dungeons...
• Items could be dropped on the world map due to sustained damage or poison-induced paralysis.
• Running enemies would not use any consumables.
• Berserkers and Destroyers would often spawn without shoes. Turned out it wasn't a matter of personal taste.
• RNG would sometimes check chances with 1% accuracy off.
• Fixed some staircase madness which would result in creatures standing on top of each other when enemies followed player.
• Enemies chasing a player will now properly use stairs, even if there is a whole group of enemies involved in that hot pursuit.
• Enemies no longer appear to be moving sideways for no reason when exiting a staircase.
• Drain Blood spell would break when reporting an AOE cast, not showing any information.
• Camps were not showing Cleared status correctly after killing their boss.
• Entering a camp could crash the game if many monsters blocked all the possible tiles to relocate to. The game will now keep trying to place the player further and further from starting position.
• Inventory/Strongbox Talar Scrolls setting didnt reset when starting a new game, neither did attuned Town Portal city

Dungeonlike is a traditional roguelike dungeon crawler. Turn based, with tile graphics, randomisation, and a ton of character customisation, as well as an advanced health and ability system.

Your task is to slay Durgaz, the chief of Orcs who resides at the bottom of a 10-level underground fortress. At least, that is the official agenda. In reality, your task is to turn this dungeon into a gallery of orcish guts and remains.

• Randomised dungeon levels.
• Randomised enemy equipment.
• 6 races to choose from.
• Over 40 attacks and spells to end your foes.
• Over 70 items to utilise.
• Over 30 randomly applied enchants which can further empower your items.
• Slash & Stab! Weapons often provide more than one way of slamming them against those who get in your way.
• Health and inventory system fully based on body parts. Cut off their legs, then crush their skulls!
• Design your own versions of spells and techniques. Tame the magic, master the steel!
• Discover hidden rooms with treasure.
• Full built-in wiki, aka. Dungeonpedia.

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От: Cpo4HuK [13|6] | Дата 2018-04-20 00:43:50

Не идёт на Win32!
От: _V_I_T_E_K_ [44|16] | Дата 2018-04-18 00:24:02

Мне вот интересно, когда что-то подобное доберется до полной версии? Все в пожизненной разработке.



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