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Скачать игру Demon 5.26.2017 - игра на стадии разработки

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Игру добавил Kusko [1761|29] | 2017-05-27 (обновлено) | Текстовые, Roguelike (819) | Просмотров: 2189

Demon 5.26.2017

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Demon 5.26.2017
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Herbie Piland (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (819)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 10.49 Мб.

Demon - рогалик, в котором вы играете Призывателем, человеком, который использует силу таинственной реликвии, чтобы вербовать, призывать и овладевать силами демонов. После того как вы использовали реликвию, она заставила вас войти в таинственную башню из которой, кажется, нету выхода. Начнете вы игру со скудными силами и слабым демоном-союзником, но поднимаясь по башне выше вы будете призывать более сильных демонов и через сражения становиться всё сильнее.

Версия игры обновлена с версии от 3.31.2017 до 5.26.2017. Список изменений внутри новости.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Хотя силы реликвии очень мощные, но они имеют некоторые ограничения: вы не можете непосредственно контролировать демонов, и силы реликвии позволяют призывать точно таких же демонов, которые обитают внутри башни. Без сильных, хорошо подобранных союзников и умного использования способностей у вас не будет никаких шансов на выживание.

• У башни 20 этажей, где обитают более чем 125 различных демонов, все они могут быть завербованы и призваны в качестве союзников.
• Большое разнообразие геймплейных механик.
• Более 370 различных способностей, которые вы и ваши союзники могут изучить.
• Отличное ИИ, как по отношению к вашим союзникам, так и врагам.
• Интересная наклонная графика с "перспективой".
• Богатое и подробные описания демонов взятые из реальной мировой мифологии.

- Rolled back the 8% damage reduction from the first test
build, because I like to live dangerously.
- Removed some low Power/undesirable from some non-unique
Tier 3 modifiers.

- Eliminated the delay that searching two scoring versions
for Relic Wraiths had caused. Thanks Keylan!

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug that caused relic wraiths to sometimes be
referred to as "The bob" instead of "Bob" in messages.
- Fixed some ability description errors.

Updates, 3/27/2017

- Phoenix has upgraded Heat Wave to Burning Scythe, as
appropriate for a Tier 2 unique.

- Belatedly included unique cryptids in the ability
count boost some uniques received based on their Tier.

- Added a new Electricity ability, Conduct, to fill in
the missing gap in the Inner Fire/Glacial Shell line.
At the moment, Conduct is only available from modifiers
and corpses.

- Updated the manual to include short descriptions of the
four new starter demons.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Resolute could sometimes cause a
status effect to become permanent.
- Fixed a bug that caused Horrible Glare to not be a
- Fixed an amusing bug that caused Tower:9 to always
generate as a 'box' level.
- Fixed various description bugs.

Updates, 3/24/2017

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a horrifying, and likely quite old, bug that could
cause the game to no longer accept input in rare situations
due to divide by 0 error possibility in the AI for Emit
Sparks and similar "random target" abilities.
- Fixed several AI bugs related to the new code that tries
to reduce instances of the AI needlessly advancing on
- Confirmed fix of the crash on exit bug.
- Corrected Sudden Chill's SP cost, which was slightly
lower than it should have been.
- Volt Call's element type is now correctly Electricity.
- Witch's Arc now has a proper description.

Updates, 3/23/2017

Bug Fixes
- Possibly fixed a bug that causes Demon to crash when
being closed.

Updates, 3/22/2017

New Feature: The Upper Reaches Of The Tower
- Three new floors have been added to the Tower, bringing
it to a total of 23 floors, not including the other realms
it contains portals to.
- The new floors contain demons unlike any seen before,
wielding powers of strength unheard of before their
- Among the new cadre are a few figures of note: two
demons capable of forming Sanctums, a morose looking Hero,
and a bold, cunning, and quite deadly Summoner with no
tolerance for rivals.
- The appearance of the new floors has also had significant
impacts on the previously existing floors: reports indicate
many demons dwelling in floors 11 to 20 have developed new
- Further more, several entirely new demons have been sighted
on the lowest floors, including one capable of creating a
- All in all, over 20 new demons and over 170 new abilities
can now be found within the Tower (and in the realms it
has connections to...)

New Feature: Attenutated Attacks
- Many area effect attacks now have the Attenuated modifier.
This is shown in tooltips in the ability's main description,
such as "Attenuated 70 Power attack."
- Attenuation has two main effects: it reduces the damage
dealt and the chance of applying status effects for
targets not caught in the focal point of the blast. The
further away from the focal point, the further from the
- Attenuation also allows Agility, Block, Dodge, and effects
that improve evasion to further reduce the damage or even
avoid the effect entirely! The effectiveness of these
defenses also depends on the distance from the focal point:
the further the better, and they won't work at all if you're
right in the focal point.
- The UI will show attenuation by fading out cells when
aiming an area effect ability: the more faded the cell, the
less effect the ability is going to have.
- What is the focal point of a given area effect? For lines
and cones, it will be the affected spaces adjacent to the
caster. For sphereical effects, it will be the center.
- Needless to say, several demons, starting character packages,
and modifiers have been changed based on this.

New Feature: Hybrid Modifiers
- Elemental energy has arced through the Tower, causing some
demons to change in new and unexpected ways.
- Nine new random demon modifiers have been added that grant
Fire, Ice, and Electricity powers geared towards melee use
to those who receive them, including hybrid physical attacks
that include these types.
- Some demons now also naturally pass these modifiers on
when used in Demon Fusion.

- The player now always acts first after triggering the
appearance of enemies from a corpse.
- Corpses never spawn unusually high level demons anymore.
After all, if the summoner who left the corpse had been able
to tame such foes, perhaps they'd not have died?
- Reduced the number of demons that appear in corpse
encounters by 1.
- Corpses will never spawn Relic Wraiths when searched by
very, very low level summoners who have less than three
allies of their own.

- Despite this build using a new scoring version, ghosts from
the 12/11/2016 scoring model can still be found within the
Tower. This is probably the only time during alpha or
beta that this sort of ghost carryover will occur. It is
certainly the only time I will promise to do it, because
it turns out this is a pain in the neck for a game still
in very active development.
- A couple of encounters on Tower:1 have been slightly
reduced in difficulty.

- Being weak to an element now increases damage and chances
of status effects by 25%, reduced from 33% and 50%.
Weaknesses are now worth slightly less bonus HP as a result.
- Damage randomization has been almost entirely removed.
The only randomization present is a chance for fractional
damage to resolve as a +1 instead. For example: 4.3
damage will resolve as 4 damage 70% of the time, and 5
damage 30% of the time.
- Reduced damage dealt by attacks by about 8%.
- Breath weapons are now much cheaper in terms of SP cost
and cooldown, but now use % of SP instead of raw SP,
meaningless Tireless can no longer be used to "overclock"
- Cone effects now are shaped a bit more like cones and less
like wedges.
- Did a significant balance pass on Presence abilities,
resulting in most of them now having significantly reduced
cooldowns, and slightly adjusted (some up, some down) SP
- Charisma is now a cooldown reduction instead of increased
cooldown recovery.
- Bravado now resets your Presence cooldown whenever you are
attacked and left with less than half your HP.
- When an enemy summoner is defeated, his inactive demons are
now always put to Sleep, regardless of Mind resistance,
and have Ignite and Poison removed. This is intended to
give the player at least one fair shot at a demon of their
choice, if they went to the trouble of keeping it alive
during the battle.
- All SP removal/drain effects used on enemies are now %
based. Granted, before this build, there weren't many any
way, but still worth noting.
- Reduced the SP cost and Power of the Life Siphon, Life
Drain, Vigor Siphon, and Vigor Drain abilities.
- Reduced the discount Ritualist provides, but made that
discount trigger on more abilities.
- Gluttony now also affects SP draining.
- Mending now has a lower SP cost, and the Mended status
it applies has a shorter duration.
- All damaging attacks now do at least 1 damage unless the
target is outright Immune to the damage type involved.
- Drop Bears are now slightly more patient with summoners
attempting to recruit them.
- Reduced the SP costs of "battle cry" buffs a bit.
- Increased the SP cost of most "movement attack" abilities
that don't have cooldowns.
- Haunt now only attempts 1 turn delay instead of 2, and
has had its casting cost and cooldown adjusted accordingly.

The Eye of the Dragon has a new Dark primary starting option. The Faithful Heart has a new Fire primary starting option.

The warnings received for having a party member at low HP while Poisoned/Ignited are now much more accurate: you will only receive warnings if a character would die in 4 or less turns as its current rate of damage/turn.
These warnings can also be argued with a bit more easily: attempting any 'auto' action such as resting, exploring, or quick travel will proceed 1 step before stopping and re-warning you, rather than sometimes not letting you use these features at all.
Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss allow you to do a normal Summon or Dismiss on the same turn you did a Quick Summon or Quick Dismiss. This is probably a bit overpowered, but the user experience was so obnoxious I'm willing to live with it until the next pass on Upgrades.
Demon now gives the full path of Record files whenever they are generated, to make them easier to find.
Made it much harder to miss when Panic, Paralysis, and Charm cause the player to lose actions or have those actions changed.
Relic Wraiths now give their ID number when you look at their descriptions in their character sheets, which may come in handy for debugging / telling multiple wraiths of the same name apart.
Cleaned up wording on "half accuracy" abilities like Clobber and Eat Alive.

The AI's evaluation of area effects has been improved. The AI now considers additional factors such as the resistance/immunity of potential targets, whether or not it feels a higher target count may be available next turn, how 'conditional' the ability is, and other factors when deciding when to use area effects.
Characters now pay heed to whether or not they can already reach all of their enemies with all of their attacks when deciding whether or not to move and in general are much more reluctant to move when there is no need to.
Enemy summoners are now very reluctant to give melee-range abilities to demons that do not already have them.
The penalty to evaluations for anticipated Blocks, Dodges, Parries has been capped at 50% for each of these defenses: a chance higher than this will not make the AI any more reluctant to attack.
The AI is considerably more reluctant to use "stagger" effects when outnumbered, and considerably more eager to use them when outnumbering their foes.
The AI is now a bit more eager to remove Poison status from allies.
The AI now evaluates SP consumption somewhat better when deciding what abilities to use and when.

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug where Quick Summon and Quick Dismiss could sometimes fail, even when Paralyzed.
Fixed a couple of typos in ability names, and a case of an ability and modifier sharing the same name, which was confusing.
Fixed a bug where the wrong directory was being used for Save and Record files, causing the game to be unplayable due to permission settings on some sytems.
Fixed a bug where some multi-hit abilities never attempted their 2nd or later attacks if the first one missed.
Cleaned up some minor, obscure bugs that may have prevented some more esoteric abilities from properly triggering special effects. (Example: Exorcism and Mien passives.)
Fixed various typos in ability descriptions, most notably Halo.

In Demon, you play as a Summoner who has donned a relic in hopes of acquiring great power, only to find that the relic has compelled you to enter a mysterious tower from which no Summoners seem to return. Starting with only a few meager powers and a weak demon ally that the relic provided when you donned it, you must climb the tower, recruiting more and stronger demons and through your battles alongside them acquire stronger powers for your own use as well.

Though the relics are powerful, they have limits: They do not allow direct control of demons, and the powers they grant are only enough to make the Summoner as strong as... not stronger than... the demons within the tower. Without powerful, well-chosen allies and clever use of the abilities learned from them, there will be no chance of survival.

• A twenty floor Tower filled with over 125 different demons, all of which can be recruited and summoned as allies.
• A wide variety of recruitment mechanics that provide unique, dynamic challenges throughout the game.
• Over 370 different abilities you and your allies can learn.
• Excellent AI for both your allies and your enemies.
• Oblique-perspective graphical tiles.
• Rich, detailed in-game descriptions drawn from real world mythology for each demon.

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Комментарии игроков (1 шт.)

От: AnotherBoris [167|20] | Дата 2017-05-27 03:47:51

Главная идея игры: можно собирать разных демонов и либо учить их способности самому, либо передавать свои способности им. Идея хорошая, реализация её тоже: демонов много, они разные, способности тоже разные, но это же, одновременно, и главный недостаток игры: слишком много хорошо - вовсе не хорошо Геймплейно получается: хапнул каких-то случайных демонов, и идёшь с ними воевать. Повезло хапнуть демонов получше - хапнул получше. Так как монстры не бесконечны, то получается, никакой особенной тактики или стратегии придумать нельзя. Бери что есть и просто иди уровень за уровнем насквозь. Скучно.

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