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Скачать игру Cogmind 0.10.170117 [Alpha 13] - игра на стадии разработки

Рейтинг: 9.1 (12) | Баллы: 17
Игру добавил Elektra [7455|138] | 2017-01-25 (обновлено) | Текстовые, Roguelike (809) | Просмотров: 23064

Cogmind 0.10.170117 [Alpha 13]

• SGi навигация / Navigation: » » Cogmind 0.10.170117 [Alpha 13]
• Разработчик / Developer: Инди-игра (10470) от Grid Sage Games (1)
• Жанр / Genre: Текстовые, Roguelike (809)
• Тип игры / Game Type: Beta-версия (игра еще в разработке)
• Размер / Size: 18.57 Мб.
• Оценка игроков / Game Score: 9.1 из 10
(всего голосов: 12)

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Cogmind - потрясающий по красоте и исполнению рогалик в стиле sci-fi от одного из создателей незабвенной X-COM.

Cogmind предложит игроку окунуться в научно-фантастический мир, где Вас ждут тактические сражения и исследования случайно генерируемого мира. Вы играете за робота, которого создаете Вы сами из найденных частей других механизмов и машин. Устанавливайте силовые агрегаты, генераторы, дополнительные источники питания, многочисленное оружие и т.д. Вы сами в праве выбрать каким сделать Вашего подопечного, быстрым и маневренным, или же ходячей машиной для убийств.

Помните главное - Вы Cogmind! Что это значит? Попробуйте сами найти ответ на этот вопрос, исследуя мир роботов, живущий своей собственной жизнью.

Это ПЛАТНАЯ ВЕРСИЯ, доступная предзаказавшим игру, а не демо, которую разработчики делали несколько лет назад для одного инди-конкурса.

Игра ОБНОВЛЕНА с Alpha 10 до Alpha 13. Список изменений внутри новости.

Это реклама. Вы можете скрыть всю рекламу на сайте. Как?

Язык: Английский.

v0.10.170117 (Alpha 13):
* NEW: Branch map "Zion" expanded
* NEW: 1 major plot event with potentially far-reaching effects
* NEW: 1 major new NPC (unique robot class)
* NEW: 1 new common robot w/unique behavior, "Thief"
* NEW: 5 new special robots (3 unique classes, 10 variants in all)
* NEW: 32 new items (total = 800)
* NEW: Trap items have a unique sprite
* NEW: New special item type in caves: Scrap (moving onto it automatically searches)
* NEW: Wide-ranging set of ally-sourced hacking abilities to discover, available as part of a new system
* NEW: More reasons to visit Mines (what those are I'll leave you to discover)
* NEW: Several new cave encounters
* NEW: 87 more score sheet entries (total = 579)
* NEW: 3 new low/mid-tier Fabricators and Recycling Units
* NEW: Ninth damage type (secret)
* NEW: Triangulation mechanics/utility
* NEW: True cloaking mechanic (via new Cloaking Devices)
* NEW: Recycling Unit Retrieve(Components) hack output explicitly states number of components retrieved, since may not equal full contents
* NEW: Repair Stations, Recycling Units, and Scanalyzers color listed items by current integrity
* NEW: Repair Station repairable item list marks those which are broken to avoid requiring opening info window to confirm
* NEW: Explosion falloff stat context help explicitly mentions visual representation in the form of AOE color's brightness relative to the origin
* NEW: Encounter-based optional world map shortcuts
* NEW: "Alert Popups" option that displays flashing on-map warnings and alerts for low integrity/energy/matter
* NEW: "Part Auto-sorting" option that enables automatic sorting parts after changes (occurs once moving again)
* NEW: "Show Non-FOV Color" option to show areas outside with darker colors rather than the green overlay (toggle at any time with Ctrl-`)
* NEW: "Click Walls to Target" option that allows that feature to be toggled (now off by default)
* NEW: "Color Item Labels" option to use integrity-based color scheme for item labels, both manual and automatic
* NEW: Standard item labeling method uses slightly darker shade to indicate items at less than 75% integrity
* NEW: Option to allow right-clicks on walls to enter targeting mode (cogmind.cfg only: see rmbWallsToTarget)
* NEW: Manual explicitly states that fliers must switch to another form of propulsion in order to bump-rewire disabled targets
* NEW: Any encounter action in which an NPC drops an item is accompanied by the proper material-based drop sfx
* NEW: Manual and context help clarify specific stat effects of propulsion overloading
* NEW: Confirmation required for suicide/quit game menu options (including a required 1-second delay)
* NEW: Armor auto-replacement breaks ties using each armor's respective rating
* NEW: Added "Multiple Projectiles" section to manual (under Weapons) to explain how they work
* NEW: Sealing a garrison after installing a trap on the entrance itself gives explicit log message referring to the trap's destruction
* NEW: In-game manual's keyboard navigation supports Numpad as well
* NEW: Attached processor to be dropped/removed/swapped flashes until confirmed (or window expires)
* NEW: Numpad 0 equivalent to 'd' key for opening object info; in keyboard mode also identifies item at current location without examine mode
* NEW: Explicit context tutorial message about the drawback of attempting to aim through an obstacle at a target behind it
* NEW: Overhauled autotargeting and target selection system (see new manual section "Targeting Priority" under Advanced UI)
* NEW: Targeting and examine modes both support -/= and Numpad -/+ for cycling through objects
* NEW: Firing at an empty space or other non-robot target is remembered for subsequent shots, automatically targeted again if still visible
* NEW: Repeatedly firing a guided weapon will remember and automatically reload all of previous attack's waypoints, if still visible
* NEW: Shift modifier w/Numpad cursor movement in examine/targeting modes jumps four spaces (customize via cfg: cursorJumpDistance)
* NEW: In targeting mode, Backspace or Numpad Enter centers cursor on self (keyboard mode)
* NEW: Added explicit Notes section to manual
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 12 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 12 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: All former optional target cycling methods unified, is now always distance-based (near to far)
* MOD: Target cycling includes only armed hostiles if any, otherwise all non-allied targets
* MOD: Item cycling order in examine mode switched from row-based to distance-based, near to far; also accessible by Ctrl-Numpad -/+
* MOD: Entering targeting mode via 'f' with only a melee weapon active will limit target cycling to adjacent targets
* MOD: Diametric Drive now a prototype
* MOD: Upped melee sneak attack base hit chance to 120%
* MOD: Derelict Log ASCII art recolored, rather than matching Data Core
* MOD: Non-hostile Derelicts use much brighter shade of gray
* MOD: Trap Extractors somewhat more commonly found among regular stockpiles
* MOD: Gui. Remote Datajack now a prototype, improved to rating 9
* MOD: Trap items changed from light gray to red (in ASCII mode)
* MOD: Reduced number of sound channels for environment destruction, to lower volume of large-scale collateral damage to machines
* MOD: AI (enemies and allies) spot targets one space further away than previously, more in line with their actual sight range
* MOD: Z-Series renamed to Q-Series
* MOD: Minseweeper variants renamed: Extractor -> Sweeper, Miner -> Extractor
* MOD: Particle Charger integrity increased (+10, all variants)
* MOD: Original set of Cloaking Devices renamed to Phase Shifters
* MOD: Utility Shielding no longer protects Armor parts
* MOD: Allies are tier-prioritized when passing to new map, better ones appearing closer (any lost in transition will naturally be weaker)
* MOD: Drones show their class name in info page instead of "Special"
* MOD: Controllable allied drones appear in blue instead of fuchsia
* MOD: Assimilated prototype robots always appear blue
* MOD: Scanalyzer-listed non-scanalyzable items appear blue instead of yellow
* MOD: Mines infestation less common, and sometimes accompanied by a new encounter
* MOD: Imp. Signal Interpreter displays non-combat classes in a different color
* MOD: LRCs are now their own class
* MOD: Inventory sorting accompanied by sound effect (became silent in Alpha 11 due to removal of interface message w/typing sfx)
* MOD: Removed "Auto-sort Inventory" from options menu (still available in cogmind.cfg as autoSortInventory)
* MOD: Removed "Distance-based Volume" from options menu (still available in cogmind.cfg as soundIgnoresDistance)
* MOD: Removed "Center Cursor on Move" from options menu (still available in cogmind.cfg as centerCursorOnMove)
* MOD: Removed "Animated Volley Range" from options menu (still available in cogmind.cfg as animateVolleyRange)
* MOD: Removed "Target Preference" from options menu (now obsolete)
* MOD: Major NPCs no longer susceptible to core disruption
* MOD: Allies/AIs no longer attack dormant bots (until awoken)
* MOD: Item rating value context help clarifies its importance in simplifying the comparison process
* MOD: Added mechanics details including machine-caused LOS reduction to the manual's "Spotting" section (under Combat)
* MOD: All EM cannon energy costs increased approximately 40%
* MOD: Recycling Unit tunneling more likely to discover areas closer to current depth than further away
* MOD: Log message reporting a world location learned via derelict log etc. is different if location was previously known
* MOD: World map will not show additional discovered but unvisited Factory areas at the same depth (may have been learned by tunneling through chutes)
* MOD: Score sheet "Alien Tech Recovered" renamed to "Alien Tech Used" (behavior unchanged)
* MOD: Confusion due to corruption no longer tries to move into walls, take exits, or otherwise attempt an involved action (rewiring, machine interaction)
* MOD: Recall() hacks no longer appear on Command terminals, nor do they have an effect there
* MOD: Svarog and Perun core integrity +33%
* MOD: Zionites have a new sprite
* MOD: Gaining new intel no longer automatically opens intel window (can reactivate feature via cogmind.cfg: autoOpenNewIntel)
* MOD: Melee attacks never miss walls/doors/machines
* MOD: Mechanics, Protectors, and disarmed combat bots no longer considered a "threat" for movement purposes (requires "Stop on Threats Only" option on)
* MOD: Part rejection side effect of corruption no longer occurs outside combat situations
* MOD: Thermal Generator effect description changed to avoid implying it prevents thermal damage
* MOD: No Garrison Access below -8
* MOD: Assaults and Intercepts no longer dispatch simultaneous with Exterminations
* MOD: Increased effect on alert level from disabling machines and having allies in tow during combat
* MOD: +1 rating to all hackware at the Improved tier and above
* MOD: Adv. Remote Datajack rating +1
* MOD: Hackware stat progression rate reduced significantly
* MOD: Two additional higher robot hacking difficulty tiers
* MOD: Previously hackable prototype robot systems now much more difficult
* MOD: ARCs/Z-Series/Behemoths and many more now fully hackable (difficult but not impossible)
* MOD: Reduced by ~20% the chance of hostile Programmers successfully assimilating allies with average/high hacking defenses (e.g. Grunts/Hunters)
* MOD: Build command at all Fabricators easier
* MOD: Preloaded item schematics at Fabricators now better than usual, even out of depth
* MOD: More Fabricators will tend to have preloaded schematics
* MOD: Slightly reduced mass support for all flight propulsion at and above rating 4
* MOD: World map no longer accessible during examine/targeting modes
* FIX: Getting a Repair Station refit or being repaired by a Mechanic ignored extra slots of multislot items, attaching more parts than necessary [Vectis]
* FIX: Advanced key command listing for evasion info still showed '/' despite having been switched to '' [zxc]
* FIX: A particular late-game encounter involved a robot that could still take a hostile action even if assimilated before acting [zxc]
* FIX: Under rare circumstances a valid path between cave entrance and exits may be blocked off by a wall [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Vi-key running via 'r' modifier wasn't working in all cases [Dracunos]
* FIX: Part mass visualization should show relative values for unidentified non-propulsion parts [Dracunos]
* FIX: Removal of BUILD order in Alpha 12 shifted tallies for other ally orders in score sheet [Widmo]
* FIX: Backup parts which became "Unknown" due to data loss remained unknown even after attachment during Mechanic repairs or Repair Station refit [Widmo]
* FIX: Mechanics headed to resupply at a Repair Station which is then disabled may still resupply if interactive section not completely destroyed [Widmo]
* FIX: Recyclers headed to insert at a Recycling Unit which is then disabled may still use it if interactive section not completely destroyed [Widmo]
* FIX: Recycling Unit's Refit function only available manually rather than via button (until reconnect) if repaired an attached part [Widmo]
* FIX: While flying was possible to swap with a non-flying ally on the other side of a hostile (will now clear them, too) [Widmo]
* FIX: Unable to cycle through World Map in keyboard mode if current or previous locations in Waste or Garrison [Widmo]
* FIX: Inconsistent new map autosave behavior depending on Show Map Intro option setting (now always saves as soon as possible) [Widmo]
* FIX: Manual terminal hacks seeking analyses for robots that have no schematics would always indicate unavailable at current depth [Widmo]
* FIX: Extracting resources from a container by waiting on top of it did not update the scan window if displaying that container [Widmo]
* FIX: While flying, was possible to hack a machine directly on the other side of a blocking hostile [Widmo]
* FIX: Typo in W-25 Informer and B-99 Colossus analysis texts [Widmo]
* FIX: Reclamation Units could reclaim themselves on destruction [Amphouse]
* FIX: Derelict Surgeon variants overheated simply from upkeep costs due to an imbalanced loadout [Happylisk]
* FIX: Allied MAIN.C classes/variants transferred to a new map would be renamed [elite277]
* FIX: Clicking on the evolution UI where the Confirm button will appear, even before assigning slots, advances to next map without new slots [piedol]
* FIX: Allies were causing almost no additional increase to the alert level in combat
* FIX: Traveling through Recycling didn't increment evolution count by the proper amount in score sheet
* FIX: Confusion due to corruption was warning when a move would ram a robot or step on a known hostile target, making negative consequences avoidable
* FIX: Weapon toggling hotkey (') behavior didn't work properly when autoReadyLauncher option activated in cogmind.cfg
* FIX: In rare cases a horizontal line may appear after a log message and get stuck there until the message was redrawn due to scrolling
* FIX: NPCs that speak on sight were not supposed to flash the green '!' to indicate dialogue, since a bump is not required to trigger
* FIX: "Traps Extracted" score sheet entry was including non-player tallies as well
* FIX: Chute traps never spawned on Factory depths visited on a previous run in the same session
* FIX: One or more prop-sourced ambient sounds could disappear early when overlapping with others during movement
* FIX: Rebooting, dormant, or otherwise inactive programmers were still capable of protecting nearby allies from hacking attempts
* FIX: Crash in message log system if attacking a wall with a base accuracy of exactly 110%
* FIX: One character (147) in ASCII art contained a few extra pixels when using 14x14 font
v0.10.160809 (Alpha 10):
* NEW: Branch map "Armory"
* NEW: Branch map "[redacted]"
* NEW: 2 new alien artifacts
* NEW: 9 new special items
* NEW: 1 more plot-related NPC encounter
* NEW: Two dozen more location-specific lore records
* NEW: Twice as many Assembled variants
* NEW: Assembled announce their entry with a new sound effect
* NEW: Completely new mechanic which can change the way the end game is played (any more info would spoil it)
* NEW: Unique type of interactive terminal (secret)
* NEW: Evasion status summary, replaces volley window except in firing mode (hover or press '/' for full details)
* NEW: Lore-related terminal records and dialogue remembered between runs
* NEW: Lore review interface for exploring previously discovered information (game menu 9)
* NEW: Part/inventory data visualization now includes seventh mode: "relative matter consumption" (toggle via info 'q' command/button)
* NEW: Discovered manual (randomized) hacking codes shown in new selection menu along with source and target when hacking machines/robots
* NEW: Force-trigger chute traps by using them as you would stairs
* NEW: Fabricators may have a random schematic preloaded
* NEW: Reconnecting to a Fabricator with a previous build in progress still shows name of object being fabricated
* NEW: All direct hacks that don't make sense to repeat are grayed out after successfully hacking them and reconnecting to same machine
* NEW: Several additional useful message types accompany Warlord-related plot events
* NEW: Option to invert map panning (available in options menu)
* NEW: Option to mark previously undiscovered lore directly in terminals, active by default (cogmind.cfg only: see markUndiscoveredLore)
* NEW: Part info visualization data preceded with a '+' when you have a schematic for that attached/inventory part
* NEW: Parts list autosorting further orders multiple same-type items by integrity, high to low
* NEW: Several more score sheet entries
* NEW: Score sheet inventory lists both for final parts and peak state are sorted by item type
* NEW: Hack-linking a target with a datajack reduces their accuracy by 15% on top of the existing benefits
* NEW: Hack-linked victims display glowing "(linked)" indicator in their info window, include a "(+)" in their label and scan window
* NEW: Advanced commands list explicitly specifies keys for setting guided weapon waypoints, also adding KP5 to that list
* NEW: Label Supporter Items option also indicates whether you've collected the item for your art gallery yet (see description)
* NEW: Most key commands also listed in the text manual itself, rather than only in game
* NEW: Several more tutorial messages
* NEW: Art gallery may also be scrolled via numpad
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 9 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* MOD: Updated robot variants with poor heat management, including Behemoths, Programmers and others, to reduce excessive overheating
* MOD: Waste somewhat less likely to contain prototypes (parts still generally out of depth, though)
* MOD: Hub_04(d) may now contain prototypes and matter among random items (originally was common items only)
* MOD: Infested traps, garrisons, etc. closer to surface include more deadly Assembled variants
* MOD: Remote Datajacks have built-in targeting assistance
* MOD: Rescaled/boosted bonus points for fast wins
* MOD: Traveling through Waste no longer has quite as significant an impact on alert level
* MOD: Tweaked alert level changes on moving to a new map; more variable and closely tied to the specific areas both exited and entered
* MOD: Item/robot schematics loaded into Fabricators remain until overwritten, allowing repeat builds without a new load hack
* MOD: Chute-chaining/farming no longer possible in Factory (only the first time each depth is visited will that area have access to Waste)
* MOD: Force of two "explosive plot events" reduced by 25% due to explosion overlap fix in Alpha 7
* MOD: Hyphen inserted into terminal-reported alert level designation to avoid misinterpretation of letters in some fonts
* MOD: Score component "Alien Tech Identified" changed to "Alien Tech Recovered" (must attach rather than simply identify)
* MOD: LMB on a hard target (robot/machine/door/wall) fires a guided weapon rather than setting another waypoint
* MOD: Refined parts list utilities auto-sorting order to better group parts with related functionality
* MOD: Manual hacking code entry can no longer be exited by clicking outside the window
* MOD: labelSupporterItems value originally in cfg file now accessible via options menu
* MOD: Part mass visualization colors switched from purple scheme to brown and yellow
* MOD: Brightened console border color effects for overheating and low core integrity
* MOD: Updated explosion damage context help to include more info from manual regarding damage spread via chunks
* MOD: Removed map dimension selection from in-game options menu (still accessible via cogmind.cfg)
* MOD: In-game supporters list change from menu 9 to 0
* FIX: Traveling through Proximity Caves recorded incorrect core integrity to score sheet [Happylisk]
* FIX: Typo in random Zion dialogue [Happylisk]
* FIX: Parts list autosorting converted reference letters to lower case in some fonts
* FIX: With square map dimensions in 4:3 mode, manually hacking a robot to far west via Remote Datajack causes partially offscreen text box
* FIX: Score sheet never fully tallied Traps Triggered
* FIX: Scan window still showed utility effect data for common parts lost from the database
* FIX: In rare cases multiple Workers actively pushing disabled robots might get stuck in a traffic jam in a narrow corridor
* FIX: Typo in score sheet for "Fabrication Network Shutdowns," name also too wide for column
v0.10.160608 (Alpha 9):
* NEW: Branch map "Warlord"
* NEW: 9 special-purpose robot classes (8 with new art)
* NEW: 2 new NPCs (unique robot classes)
* NEW: 2 major plot events
* NEW: A central matter distribution network (allocated per map) supplies matter to Fabricators (no Matter Storage Units required)
* NEW: All Fabricators have a Network(Report) function to hack
* NEW: Disabling matter-related machines (those that spill matter on destruction) reduces local matter stores
* NEW: 3 more Trojan hacks (secret)
* NEW: 8 new non-interactive machines (2 explosive)
* NEW: Fabricators are also used by 0b10 robots for several purposes
* NEW: Fabricators and Repair Stations display on-map timer while processing
* NEW: Score sheet lists everything fabricated, and where
* NEW: Eighth damage type (secret), with new unstable weapon mechanic
* NEW: 10 new items
* NEW: More lore to uncover in dozens of terminal records
* NEW: Hundreds of lines of minor NPC dialogue covering lore, plot, and in-theme tips
* NEW: All unauthorized hacks (Trojans/brute force) can be learned/discovered in game
* NEW: +10% to hit immobile targets (includes disabled robots, as well as stationary non-robot targets)
* NEW: -20% to hit per "dynamic obstruction" (e.g. robot) between self and target
* NEW: Extension transfer network will respond to a persistent threat (e.g. those of you repeatedly intercepting Haulers ;)
* NEW: Investigation dispatches now reported to the log, as are reinforcements dispatched to aid busy engineers that come under attack
* NEW: Score sheet records exits discovered in each area (those with unknown destination appear in brackets; those approached marked with *)
* NEW: Explosions cause UI instability effect, varying by power and distance (optional, controlled by existing screenshake setting)
* NEW: Autosort parts list by subtype with a single command (:)
* NEW: Deactivate part-sorting for weapons with new cogmind.cfg entry: partSortIgnoresWeapons
* NEW: Removal/replacement of processors and hackware (destroy-on-remove) parts requires confirmation
* NEW: Self-destruct by keyboard (Alt-F10) requires confirmation
* NEW: Resource (energy/matter) insufficiency messages for any action indicate the required amount
* NEW: Active Order/Intel modes have on-map reminder at top while using keyboard-based interface
* NEW: Inventory contents factor into score sheet "peak state" at a reduced value (10%); are also listed
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 8 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 8 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Schematics enable construction at any Fabricator, regardless of tier (schematic info window displays time cost for each tier)
* MOD: All fabrication matter/time costs adjusted (Fabricator tier now a factor in the latter)
* MOD: Base chance of successful schematic loading at a Fabricator raised from 70% to 90%
* MOD: Removed Repair Station restrictions on part rating
* MOD: All repair time costs adjusted (repair station tier now a factor)
* MOD: Removed Scanalyzer restrictions on part rating
* MOD: High-tier Scanalyzers less likely to break parts or require repeat scans
* MOD: Reduced chance of investigation squads composed of Hunters, especially in late game
* MOD: Broadcast Trojan only needs to be installed once to take effect on all matching machines across floor
* MOD: Zhirov artifact analysis terminals moved into the rooms for their respective artifacts
* MOD: Manual and terminal record text updated to reflect new systems
* MOD: Robots less likely to immediately finish off disarmed hostiles instead of attacking more dangerous targets
* MOD: Reduced Mni. Drone Bay drone count to 3, changed art
* MOD: Removed matter cost (1) from Impact Mace/Kinetic Spear/Plasma Lance attacks
* MOD: Effect of mass support utilities reduced
* MOD: Stats for all flight and hover propulsion adjusted (see release notes)
* MOD: Doubled effect of Hub Network destruction
* MOD: All Behemoth/Marauder variants immune to critical hits, and the effects of Core Analyzers
* MOD: Neutral robots local to Caves now in various states of disrepair
* MOD: Neutral 0b10 robots more reponsive to being under fire, consider any damage an attack, even if not the intended target
* MOD: All Recycling Unit hacks are easier
* MOD: Renamed "Index(Repair Units)" hack command to "Index(Repair Stations)" for consistency
* MOD: Nearby Compactor attacks cause console window vibrations rather than screenshake
* MOD: ECM effect values in parts list info mode match those used in item description
* MOD: Swapped weapons and utilities inventory type-sorting order for consistency with parts list categories
* MOD: Motion Trail Duration option defaults to 2000ms rather than 0 (off)
* MOD: Better differentiated 'A'/'R' and 'H'/'K' pairs in all 17 variants of Smallcaps typeface
* MOD: Non-flying robots trying to get at player through a door less likely to be able to squeeze/jump past
* MOD: Seeds are no longer case sensitive
* MOD: Reformatted "weaknesses identified" text following analysis appended to robot info
* MOD: Score sheet Inventory list merged with Parts list, includes slot count
* MOD: Score sheet Parts/Inventory lists sorted
* FIX: Crash on accessing a rare category of Zion dialogue (fixed in earlier stealth update, credited here: [Sherlockkat])
* FIX: Continuous UI border effects like glow for critical core could prevent inventory drag-drop interaction [seafrank]
* FIX: Typos in "Epsilon Eridani System" and "Dirty Bomb Trap" terminal records [biomatter]
* FIX: One cave cache not fully embedded into walls [biomatter]
* FIX: Hunter analysis text referred to older variant loadouts [biomatter]
* FIX: EM disruption effect against robot cores (temporary deactivation) lasting far longer than intended
* FIX: Robot analysis hit/evasion bonuses didn't match stated 5% value (were significantly higher)
* FIX: Maneuvering Thruster and Reaction Control System effects not factored into melee defense calculations (regression)
* FIX: Prototype ID hack results not properly limited to standard Complex 0b10 prototypes
* FIX: Self-destructing part sfx could be heard anywhere on the map, regardless of player location
* FIX: Explosions completely out of view could not be heard, even if still within audible range
* FIX: Theoretical crash when displaying multiple simultaneously active Stasis Beam effects (not possible under normal play yet)
* FIX: Theoretical crash when accessing previous manual hacking buffer entry under a specific situation
* FIX: Manually changing .cfg-listed font to a non-existent typeface would reset it to another outdated now-invalid typeface
* FIX: "Power Chain Reactions" weren't tallied for score sheet, despite being listed
* NEW: Branch map "Zion"
* NEW: Branch map "[redacted]"
* NEW: 3 new alien artifacts
* NEW: 4 new NPCs (unique robot classes)
* NEW: 1 more plot-related NPC encounter
* NEW: 1 unique weapon (completely different mechanics)
* NEW: 28 new items
* NEW: Several new common robot classes
* NEW: More lore to uncover in dozens of terminal records
* NEW: Hundreds of lines of minor NPC dialogue covering lore, plot, and in-theme tips
* NEW: Greater variety of cave encounters
* NEW: Experimental map-wide ambient sound in caves (on by default, deactivate via "locale" audio setting in options)
* NEW: Robot analysis benefits include a -5% hit modifier for those attackers (i.e. easier to dodge them)
* NEW: Robot analysis benefits included among full-detail calculations output
* NEW: Real-time FOV updating as obstructions are destroyed (optional)
* NEW: FOV changes revealed via fade-in (optional)
* NEW: Brighten and color known areas outside FOV by holding '`' (undocumented command)
* NEW: Part/inventory data visualization now includes relative mass mode (toggle via integrity 'w' command/button)
* NEW: 6 more machine types unique to -1/Access (some of them go BOOM)
* NEW: 5 more Trojan hacks (secret)
* NEW: Capable drones share terrain scanning data with Cogmind
* NEW: Robots with unspoken dialogue requiring bump-to-talk marked by blinking '?' (or by unique background color if motion trails inactive)
* NEW: Score sheet records total number of actions taken
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 7 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 7 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Main Access Shell behavior changed for non-combat approaches
* MOD: Decomposers no longer break down matter, work slower in general, and are confined to smaller areas
* MOD: Derelict workers and recyclers destroyed in caves no longer have self-destruct mechanism on salvageable parts
* MOD: Derelict recyclers no longer collect matter or data logs
* MOD: Fire traps cause a greater heat surge in victim
* MOD: Relative encounter/prefab weights tweaked across all maps
* MOD: -1/Access has fewer empty rooms
* MOD: Operators no longer stationed at terminals that can be hacked to open a door
* MOD: Increased effect of Spotters (e.g. in areas like Recycling)
* MOD: Fabricated robots no longer leave salvageable parts (but still drop matter salvage)
* MOD: Derelict component schematics no longer accessible at 0b10 terminals via manual hacks
* MOD: Hackable (orange) blast doors immune to critical hit instant destruction effect
* MOD: Broadcast Trojan message uses different color and formatting
* MOD: Scan window unspoken dialogue indicator uses '?' rather than '!' (further differentiated from hostile spotted indicator)
* MOD: Context help for critical strike makes explicit mention of effect against props
* MOD: Dialogue triggered by robot entering view happens immediately regardless of player speed
* MOD: Gallery collection percent is now animated
* MOD: Optimized AI initialization to avoid the short pause during first turns in large maps like Factory
* FIX: Crash on opening data for remaining piece of interactive machine after destroying its interactive piece [Enno, Happylisk]
* FIX: Crash on triggering a fire trap with no occupant at that location (e.g. dodged or remote triggered) [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: One of the Extension exits inaccessible via auto-ascend (required manual key/mouse command) [Shobalk]
* FIX: Extra '0' shown at the bottom of score sheet's turn count list [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: In rare cases the only cave exit could be rendered inaccessible by earth collapsing directly on top of it [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Experimental Hacking Suites and System Shields weren't classified as prototypes [Decker]
* FIX: Unique manual hacks used on the wrong target still counted against their usage limit [Decker]
* FIX: Recyclers weren't dropping entire inventory contents when destroyed
* FIX: Mechanic repairs to attached parts didn't update the integrity indicator in Cogmind's part list
* FIX: Fire trap heat transfer mechanic was activating for adjacent positions, but not the origin
* FIX: Derelict-installed traps in caves rigged to trigger on the wrong faction (intended to be friendly)
* FIX: Self-destruct Interrupters (new in Alpha 7) were auto-activating and running out of power (so no one's ever seen one :P)
* FIX: Log message output for pre-learned machine locations reversed inteactive/non-interactive designations
* FIX: Weapon info projectile count indicator added for Alpha 7 wasn't displaying
* MOD: Reduced maximum number of cave exits from Factory
* MOD: Signal Generator disappears when it runs out of power
* FIX: A few of the potential Derelict Terminal records could crash the hacking system [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Pressing F3 to swap ASCII mode during startup would prevent the inventory window border from being drawn
* NEW: Branch maps "Lower Caves"
* NEW: Branch maps "Upper Caves"
* NEW: Branch maps "Proximity Caves"
* NEW: Branch map "[redacted]"
* NEW: World Map! (Backspace/F9/new "MAP" button) (examine your route, and possibly learn layout in advance)
* NEW: Score sheet contains list of complete route taken through the world, by depth and map
* NEW: New category of interactive machines: Derelict terminals
* NEW: More lore to uncover in dozens of terminal records
* NEW: Learn many forms of intel about areas before visiting them, including depth, zone layouts, trap/machine/guard locations and more
* NEW: New special item type akin to Data Cores: Derelict Logs (effect unrelated, though they are similarly auto-collected)
* NEW: New Trojan hack (secret)
* NEW: Some Trojans and brute force hacks can now be learned via in-game/in-theme methods, as can the access code to Recycling
* NEW: 1 new prototype robot
* NEW: 4 new Derelicts
* NEW: Several new types of drone bays, with corresponding unique drones
* NEW: A dozen new rare parts
* NEW: First alien artifact!
* NEW: A couple dozen more encounter types
* NEW: One more story-related major NPC encounter (new NPC robot class)
* NEW: Target robot system corruption increases chance of hacking success (+X/3%)
* NEW: Minor NPC dialogue now animates over the map itself, color-coded by relation w/speaker
* NEW: Scene descriptions no longer confined to the log, shown as cyan messages over the map
* NEW: Mouse users can pan map by holding Shift and simply moving cursor
* NEW: Stockpile intel from terminal hacks also provides item-specific map labels on request
* NEW: Attempting to move while severely overweight will give a warning before the first such move in a while
* NEW: Four new size 12 font options (720p): "Tall", "Smallcaps", "Fuzzy", "Tallcaps" (8 total options at that size now)
* NEW: Smallcaps typeface manually scaled to 8 additional sizes in three variants (Cogmind includes over 100 font bitmaps now)
* NEW: Second variant of the 14/Terminus font, crisper with some glow to it
* NEW: Initial tutorial messages include a notice about changing the text font
* NEW: 24 more score sheet entries (total = 434)
* NEW: Added Ctrl-PrtScn as duplicate command for PrtScn, for players with PrtScn already assigned to an external program
* NEW: More Recycling Unit features, including component storage and hack or shoot to retrieve stored components
* NEW: Mining Claw may on rare occasions rip parts from target and put them directly into your inventory (or drop if space insufficient)
* NEW: All hover propulsion gives a +5% to dodge when not overweight or in stasis (e.g., hover now has half the flight bonus)
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 6 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 6 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Hunter armament buffed--they're scary again
* MOD: Nerfed high-level Targeting Computers, Melee Analysis Suites, Target Analyzers (too easy to stack now); buffed entry-level variants
* MOD: Nerfed high-level Sensor Array and Terrain Scanner ranges; buffed entry-level variants; all energy costs slightly lowered
* MOD: Coverage of all Storage Units halved
* MOD: Drone Bay integrity and coverage tweaked, now doubles as makeshift armor
* MOD: Exp. Signal Interpreters now more capable than Advanced variant
* MOD: Adv. Signal Interpreters can no longer detect H-88 Terminators (requires Exp. level)
* MOD: Momentum damage modifier cap for melee attacks doubled from 20%/40% to 40%/80% (non-piercing/piercing)
* MOD: Dormant, unpowered, disabled, and broken robots outside view can now only be discerned by Exp. Signal Interpreters
* MOD: Default font changed from "Cogmind" to "Smallcaps" w/glow variants (former renamed to "Cog")
* MOD: Shift-LMB to center map on cursor position works, but is now an undocumented command
* MOD: Inventory displays item sprites rather than ASCII when in sprite mode
* MOD: Intel overlays for stockpiles display item sprites rather than ASCII when in sprite mode
* MOD: Effects of Maneuvering Thrusters and Reaction Control Systems do not apply when overweight
* MOD: Behemoth core exposure reduced by 5%
* MOD: 50% increase to effect on alert level from destroying or jamming a garrison access point
* MOD: Improved visibility of projectile count on info page for multi-projectile weapons (was easy to overlook)
* MOD: Ramming non-combat robots counts as an aggressive action and they'll now flee and send out distress calls as with regular attacks
* MOD: Machine serials that used unique letters derived from the current map name now always use the first letter of that name (cosmetic)
* MOD: Garrison Access terminal seal animation improved (also fixed issue where it might not finish playing on slow machines)
* MOD: Size 10 font "All Caps" renamed to "Smallcaps"
* MOD: Some glyphs in all Terminus fonts modified
* MOD: Terminus (non-bold) fonts given a faint glow at sizes 18, 20
* MOD: Added slight anti-aliasing to 12/Terminus font to further improve readability (especially on smaller screens)
* MOD: Help screen commands for keyboard control of allies more clearly indicates how to enter required mode
* MOD: Drone Bay ASCII art tweaked
* FIX: Crash on Tab-cycling targets after causing time to pass by swapping parts before original target destroyed by another actor without having exited look/fire mode [Sylverone]
* FIX: Score sheet missing Garrison Status hack tally, throwing off the dozen hacks listed after where it should be [zxc]
* FIX: Score sheet recorded turns spent in Hub_04(d) to Armory [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Score total for prototype IDs didn't account for those learned via hacking or Component Analysis Suites [Enno]
* FIX: Jamming a Garrison Access point via brute force hacking now applies same Programmer dispatch reduction as sealing/destroying it
* FIX: Crash on replacement of attached Processors or Hackware direct from ground while inventory full
* FIX: Basic/Imp. Signal Interpreter indicators remained on map even in view if moving multiple spaces per turn
* FIX: Overlapping simultaneous explosions could not affect the same robot more than once (Gamma Bomb Arrays etc. will be more effective now)
* FIX: Hunters could no longer track targets through walls (Alpha 6 regression)
* FIX: EMDS missing projectile name in penetration message text
* FIX: Toggling sprite/ASCII modes from the option menu (instead of via hotkey) didn't update previously seen areas until seen again
* FIX: Fullscreen successful win animation might not play out on slow machines
* FIX: Botnet trojan success text used incorrect plurality when value is 1
* FIX: Typo in new offensive hackware effect description
* FIX: 20/Terminus text font missing integrity block glyph
* FIX: Size 8 mini font wasn't grayed out in the option menu's font list while tileset active
* FIX: One line-junction glyph in the size 8 mini CP437 font misaligned
* NEW: Branch map "Archives"
* NEW: Branch map "Hub_04(d)"
* NEW: 1 major plot event
* NEW: 1 more story-related NPC encounter
* NEW: 3 new NPCs (unique robot classes)
* NEW: 1 new prototype robot
* NEW: 2 new weapons
* NEW: 2 new terminal records
* NEW: New Trojan hack (secret)
* NEW: Various additional sound effects (total now at 711)
* NEW: Fourth way to enable access to final lift to surface
* NEW: Removal/replacement of attached processors and hackware destroys them, with unique UI animation/sfx
* NEW: Destroy-on-removal parts marked with a dark colon in parts list
* NEW: Drag-dropping a destroy-on-removal part from the attached parts list shows in red rather than white, to indicate it will be destroyed
* NEW: Disarmed combat robots shown at half brightness
* NEW: All Field Recycling Units vastly improved with new behavior, acting as "vacuums" that convert salvage to matter over time
* NEW: HUD matter readout displays Field Recycling Unit scrap storage and distribution rate when applicable
* NEW: Interactive machines may be embedded in walls
* NEW: Firing weapons in non-reinforced environments may cause cave-ins, where the chance depends on the class of weapon
* NEW: Mouse players can left-click on a wall to enter fire mode (so that force-attacking can be achieved without the keyboard at all)
* NEW: Manual entry of hacking commands is case-insensitive (including both the command itself and any optional arguments)
* NEW: Schematics and analyses already obtained are grayed out when hacking terminals
* NEW: Flying Cogminds can force-attack (Ctrl-Shift) adjacent robots to ram them when unarmed, rather than flying overhead
* NEW: New font size, 8, enabling 640x480p UI (purely for fun, was easy to add)
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 5 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 5 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Many propulsion stat values reworked!
* MOD: Simplified propulsion mechanics and all known calculation oddities at very high speeds and overweight situations ironed out
* MOD: Ground-based propulsion (wheels/legs/treads) no longer slows with each additional module
* MOD: Airborne propulsion (hover/flight) no longer has a per-part limit on max speed (is type-based)
* MOD: As a side effect of propulsion changes, most hostiles slightly slower
* MOD: Wheels have an advantage now, but still suffer from low integrity
* MOD: Backup Propulsion I/III/VII nerfed
* MOD: Tread recoil dampening effect reduced to 1 per active tread slot
* MOD: Hunter-class Slayer/Assassin/Terminator variants' firepower reduced
* MOD: Reactive armors reduced in size; mass significantly increased to compensate
* MOD: Removed Fabricators from Materials floors
* MOD: Interactive machine placement weights use unique values for each machine, causing some to be more likely, or only, found in rooms
* MOD: Complex 0b10 rooms are slightly less likely to be empty
* MOD: Complex 0b10 contains more interactive machines, especially terminals, in Factory and Research floors
* MOD: Non-combat robots no longer allowed to spawn in hidden corridors used by combat robots
* MOD: Cave-ins caused by explosions are postponed for one or more turns after the explosion occurs, and are also more common
* MOD: Explosions, especially more powerful ones, are more likely to cause cave-ins
* MOD: "Go naked" command (Shift-Alt-q) switched to Shift-Alt-p, to avoid conflicts with non-Windows OS commands
* MOD: Removed item "durability" stat; all slots have equivalent coverage for purposes of determining impact damage location
* MOD: Removed system familiarity mechanic for both machine and robot hacking
* MOD: Removed Footprint Analyzers and System Mapper hackware
* MOD: Spectral Analyzer energy upkeep dropped to 0
* MOD: All processor mass dropped to 0 (44 parts including all interpreters, analyzers, targeting computers, etc.)
* MOD: All processor and hackware coverage dropped by 88%
* MOD: Better hackware is available earlier, and also more consistently from Operators
* MOD: Merged both offensive hackware types (strength/tunneling) into a single type, where base type = Hacking Suite
* MOD: Merged all three defensive hackware types (stealth/evasion/defense) into a single type (base type = System Shield)
* MOD: Condensed 20 hackware parts into a new set of 12
* MOD: Removed terminal trace reset mechanic, and terminals no longer immediately test detection/tracing on reconnect (only after hacking)
* MOD: Active terminal info shows trace progress instead of countdown
* MOD: Manual updated to reflect all changes to propulsion, hacking, hackware, processors
* MOD: Processors and hackware immune to rejection due to system corruption
* MOD: Repair Stations can no longer repair processors or hackware if already attached
* MOD: Manual hacking buffer removes earlier matching entries when a new command is entered (previously only removed consecutive entries)
* MOD: Removed upkeep for malfunction blockers (e.g. Error Protection Suite), instead having it consume 20 matter on effect (if available)
* MOD: Running via keyboard stops on stairs rather than ascending (regardless of auto-ascend setting)
* MOD: Line-of-fire color no longer considers friend/foe relationship, just pure obstruction
* MOD: Datajacks and Stasis Projectors no longer display projectile/hit data in info window (no meaning since based on special effects)
* MOD: Field Recycling Units reduced to 1 slot, are heavier, and have both active heat and energy requirements
* MOD: Particle Gun (G-47 Trooper armament) stats adjusted: shorter range, lower energy cost, higher heat, greater damage range
* MOD: Removed Hcp. Storage Units, and mass of Lrg. units increase to 16 (+2)
* MOD: Further improved effect of Launcher Guidance Computers
* MOD: Hostile Grunt, Sentry, Specialist, and Programmer variants have better heat management
* FIX: Crash when an assimilated Spotter explored to the edge of the known map [zill]
* FIX: Crash on simultaneously destroying an entire array of ambush traps [Decker]
* FIX: Signal Interpreter secondary effect description did not clearly indicate adjacency requirement for identifying exits [Sherlockkat]
* FIX: Repair Station failure to repair an attached part which was broken in the process was not reflected in parts list [MJWkr]
* FIX: Broken power sources continued contributing to energy storage capacity [greymedicine]
* FIX: Alert(Check)-reported security level suffix was always 'Z', not A~Z as intended (to reflect progression towards next alert status)
* FIX: Art for Imp. Fusion Compressor contained a few miscolored glyphs
* FIX: Multi-tile doors played opening sound for every move along/through them, if move commands entered slowly
* NEW: 5 new power sources
* NEW: Auto-replaced attached items that cannot be moved to the inventory (full) will use the same auto-replacement rules to attempt to displace an even worse third item (in inventory) if applicable
* NEW: Picking up items with full inventory attempts to auto-replace a worse item using same rules as attached part auto-replacement
* NEW: Powerful new Trojan hack (secret)
* MOD: Brawler/Behemoth class robots power sources changed
* FIX: New Alpha 5 bonus score system broke the win point formula [Decker]
* FIX: Score sheet combat kill streak count could exceed combined combat/non-combat value [zxc]
* FIX: Attempting to auto-replace with a multi-slot part wasn't fully blocked as intended, letting the action reach a half-completed state
* FIX: Auto-replacement mechanism ignores unidentified items for purposes of checking utility effect replacement priority
* FIX: Smart auto-replacement of parts might choose incorrectly in swaps involving three or more of the same item with different integrity values [zxc]
* NEW: Branch map "Recycling"
* NEW: Branch map "Extension"
* NEW: Branch map "[redacted]"
* NEW: 1 major plot event
* NEW: 3 story-related NPC encounters
* NEW: 9 additional robots (excluding NPCs)
* NEW: 1 additional weapon
* NEW: Quantum Generators produce an ambient sound
* NEW: Various additional sound effects (total now at 702)
* NEW: Allied Operator hacking bonus applies to robot hacking as well
* NEW: Every Materials floor now includes a guaranteed cache of Storage Units
* NEW: Attaching parts (from ground or inventory) while slots are full attempts to smartly auto-replace parts (see manual for priorities)
* NEW: Shielding bonus from stasis traps now produces visual/sound effect akin to phase walls and remote shield generators
* NEW: Matter-specific machines release matter as they are destroyed (Matter Pump, Pressure Siphon, Matter Filter)
* NEW: Fabricators overloaded by brute force hacks have a wide EM spectrum when zapping robots, and can couple with power sources
* NEW: Firing overloaded weapons temporarily distorts the HUD, with a greater effect for higher level weapons
* NEW: Keyboard running stops for adjacent doors, corners, and corridors when moving cardinally
* NEW: Score sheet includes breakdown of bonus point sources
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 4 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 4 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Vastly reduced time cost of large volleys (fire 5-10 weapons in less time than originally required by 3!)
* MOD: Alert(Purge) effectiveness halved!
* MOD: Lrg./Hcp. Storage Unit mass increased, making them less weight efficient as an alternative to increasing their size
* MOD: Threat-priority targeting preference option's accuracy improved
* MOD: Tweaked resistances of some props, including special/locked doors
* MOD: Barriers (brighter walls) take half damage from all AOE effects
* MOD: EM damage to regular walls and doors halved; doubled against phasewalls
* MOD: AI no longer attacks disrupted or disabled robots
* MOD: Beamcasters (used by Derelict Thugs) have a new sound effect, and alternate faster animation
* MOD: Buffed Rocket Arrays and Scatter Rocket Arrays
* MOD: Allies wandering around your position will step on nearby known traps less often, when possible
* MOD: Non-combat robots no longer trigger responses from hidden doors
* MOD: K-01 Serfs no longer clean disabled machines
* MOD: Removed chance of standard doors with nothing on the other side once opened
* MOD: Allied Operator hacking bonus applies to all machines, not just terminals
* MOD: Allied Operator hacking bonus only given for those within 20 spaces (direct range, LOS not required)
* MOD: Minimum volley duration set at 100 time units, regardless of individual or cumulative weapon delay modifiers
* MOD: Storage Units immune to severing by slashing weapons
* MOD: Engineers rebuild damaged Sentry/Behemoth cubbies rather than fill them in
* MOD: Critical damage multiplier against armor reduced from x2.00 to x1.25
* MOD: Item selection for dropping due to inventory overflow is now random, rather than based on internal list order
* MOD: Auto-ascend option will pass stairs without ascending if auto-pathing to another destination via mouse
* MOD: Updated a couple manual and context help entries
* MOD: Increased bonus points for a win
* FIX: Stairs might rarely be found in narrow corridors [zxc]
* FIX: Propulsion batch cycling via ';' was overloading propulsion where applicable rather than deactivating it [zxc]
* FIX: Couldn't fly over inactive non-rewireable robots [zxc]
* FIX: Inactive robot encounter in Storage (and a similar more rare encounter) broken in Alpha 4; robots were becoming unpowered [MJWkr]
* FIX: Crash on attempting to mine beyond the edge of a map [MJWkr]
* FIX: Rare crash on entering Mines with cursor over map in which path locations from previous map are no longer valid [SquigglyJ]
* FIX: Rare crash when aiming at a target and unable to retrieve volley recoil data because a weapon was suddenly destroyed [karlnp, Enno]
* FIX: Swapping out of extended log or calc windows while readout sfx in progress continued looping until same sound played elsewhere [Star Weaver, zxc]
* FIX: Rare crash when system corruption triggers a trap against a robot which immediately evades the effects via thrusters
* FIX: Potential crash on some ambush traps releasing melee robots
* FIX: Allied Protector class robots were always appearing red in allies list, even when capable of carrying out their role
* FIX: Out-of-sight projectiles within audible range were playing at slightly louder volume than intended
* FIX: Automated output of squad enumeration hacks produced typos due to the Alpha 4 plurality improvements
* FIX: Scroll buttons for gallery and supporter pages stopped working (broken by Alpha 2's support for left-click exiting of modal windows)
* MOD: Stasis traps completely removed from Materials floors
* FIX: Failed to apply rarity limits to special scenarios surrounding mid-game garrison access machines [zxc]
* FIX: +10% to Cogmind's (not hostiles') accuracy while stationary was never applied [@macklemurr]
* NEW: Garrison Access points, hackable entryways used by the central AI to dispatch squads
* NEW: "Special Map" (outside regular Complex 0b10, but not a normal branch)
* NEW: 8 Trojans, a new category of unlisted unauthorized hacks that offer delayed or persistent benefits
* NEW: 3 brute force hacks, a new category of unlisted unauthorized hacks that permanently disable a machine for some greater benefit
* NEW: "Index(Garrisons)" terminal hack
* NEW: 4 new terminal records
* NEW: Phase Walls, a new form of hidden door (only found in one map)
* NEW: Lots more sound effects to go with new content
* NEW: Electromagnetic weapons have a "spectrum," capable of coupling with power sources and causing them to explode
* NEW: Part/inventory data visualization now includes heat mode (toggle via energy 'e' command/button)
* NEW: Inspect machines in sight via their own info window (RMB/d, as with other objects)
* NEW: Structural Scanners give extra info about machines via info window
* NEW: Any Signal Interpreter can decipher garrison signals to report time until future response squads from that garrison
* NEW: Score sheet records 52 more stats (total: 390)
* NEW: Speed wins receive bonus to final score ([5000 - #turns] * 3)
* NEW: Some non-machine props have unique messages when partially destroyed, rather than all indicating "X disabled"
* NEW: Unique sound effects for destruction of heavy doors and storage shells
* NEW: Robot states "DORMANT", "UNPOWERED"
* NEW: Sensor scrambling mechanic
* NEW: Dropping/swapping containers always retains surplus resources (energy/matter) however possible
* NEW: Move over loaded containers to extract their resources automatically, either to main stores or applicable containers in inventory
* NEW: Resources can be collected/extracted while stationary over a source
* NEW: Flying robots under the effect of a Stasis Beam/Projector lose their 10% bonus to dodge
* NEW: Overweight flying robots lose their 10% bonus to dodge (your HUD overweight indicator will appear red)
* NEW: At death, robots affected by corruption have a chance for otherwise salvageable sensitive components to be fried ([corruption - base part integrity]% chance)
* NEW: For Cogmind, only parts at less than 50% integrity susceptible to critical strikes (excludes armor, which always takes double damage)
* NEW: Storage Units immune to Saboteur attacks and critical strike instant destruction effect
* NEW: Part rejection due to corruption is animated in your parts list, with sound effect
* NEW: Where removing a Storage Unit will auto-drop excess inventory items, confirmation is required (repeat the command)
* NEW: Instantly release all attached parts to "go naked," a free action (Shift-Alt-q)
* NEW: Keyboard players can direct-drop an attached item, bypassing even an empty inventory, by first pressing ','
* NEW: Cycle through all propulsion modes at the press of a key (;)
* NEW: Toggle all weapons on/off with a single key (')
* NEW: Press 'd' to open info for item at current location (even in mouse mode)
* NEW: Both scan window and map labels display container contents, if any
* NEW: Scan window automatically updates integrity indicator color for old robot/item scans
* NEW: Robot Schematic()/Analysis() manual hacks can simply indicate robot class to auto-select best available (e.g. "Schematic(Swarmer)")
* NEW: Manual hacking buffer contents stored in readable format (/user/buffer.txt), which you can ignore or edit as necessary
* NEW: Options menu option descriptions also automatically shown in keyboard mode (on selection)
* NEW: All supporter names registered since Alpha 3 added to in-game list (see Credits menu)
* NEW: All item-attribution names registered since Alpha 3 added to the item collection gallery
* MOD: Security levels rise faster, but assault force dispatch frequency reduced
* MOD: Investigation and reinforcement squad response times significantly reduced
* MOD: Ambush traps cap melee robot count, attempt to put them further from the trigger position where possible
* MOD: Propulsion energy cost visualization in parts/inventory list shown based on cost per full turn, based on speed
* MOD: Machines 50% less resistant to electromagnetic explosions
* MOD: Blast/heavy doors +35% resistance to explosives
* MOD: Rooms (not Storage Shells) in Storage now contain sets of parts akin to stockpiles, rather than numerous disparate parts
* MOD: Engineers rebuilding walls/doors push blocking items out of the way rather than destroying them
* MOD: Improved clarity of context help for robot damage resistances in info window
* MOD: Reversed green/red coloring of damage resistance bars for robots
* MOD: Behemoths equipped with Dynamic Insulation Systems
* MOD: Tweaked damage against Programmers: TH = 125% (+25), EX = 75% (-25), EM = 25% (-25), (KI unchanged at 125%)
* MOD: Robots killed via corruption (EM) or meltdowns now count towards score, and increase presence accordingly
* MOD: Terminal damage from EM +50%
* MOD: Terminal hacks inapplicable due to no valid targets now shown, but grayed out (includes Emergency Access, Purges, all Trap hacks)
* MOD: "Index(Fabricators)" terminal hack 10% easier
* MOD: Fabricators no longer produce faulty prototypes
* MOD: Part rejection due to corruption blocks movement for 1000ms rather than 500ms
* MOD: System corruption effect on machine/robot hacking chance reduced by 66%
* MOD: Misfires due to corruption don't affect your weapons' active/inactive state (but does reset any OVERLOAD settings)
* MOD: Storage Unit removal behavior consistent in all situations--detachment allowed regardless of kb/mouse mode and inventory size
* MOD: Info window identifies permanently broken robots as "BROKEN" rather than the all-encompassing "DISABLED"
* MOD: Improved robot meltdown mechanics, and hostiles will no longer meltdown on their own
* MOD: Ctrl-[/] (or Ctrl-Wheel) scrolls inventory by page, rather than to beginning/end
* MOD: Removed Undo Drop command (Shift-Alt-d)
* FIX: Parts affected by hacking feedback and failed repairs/Scanalyzer analysis were only partially disabled [zxc, Draco18s]
* FIX: "Inventory(Prototypes)" manual hack was being parsed as "Prototypes" [fernsauce]
* FIX: Could get double item labels if opening manual labels before auto-label took effect [Adraius, bluemoo]
* FIX: Main access points could rarely appear in narrow corridors, even hidden corridors [zxc]
* FIX: Score sheet "Keyboard" value was inverted [zxc]
* FIX: Allied Operator hacking bonus was giving +0 rather than +1 per Operator after the fourth
* FIX: Dynamic Insulation System calculations were providing 20~33% greater benefit than intended
* FIX: Typo in successful Scanalyze hack output when simultaneously identifying a prototype
* FIX: Many hack results weren't reporting nouns in singular form if only one found
* FIX: "Access(Main)" terminal hack was reporting current map name as destination
* FIX: Item comparison window one line short when displaying Datajack vs. Remote Datajack
* FIX: Derelict ambush trap encounter dialogue never triggered
* FIX: Inactive Watchers were still able to jam sensors
* FIX: Non-penetrating AOE projectiles that impacted a multi-cell door were using the door itself as the explosion origin (now outside)
* FIX: Door open/close sound effects played in more instances than they should while robots passed through
* FIX: Explosions out of sight but within audible range were playing their sound effects twice, simultaneously
* FIX: Standing within range of two or more unique ambient sound sources while one is disabled could stop playing the wrong one
* FIX: Closing the help/commands/game menu while in range of an ambient sound source didn't resume playing the sounds
* NEW: Warning message and sound effect feedback before stepping on a known hostile trap
* NEW: 5 more metrics recorded on score sheet
* NEW: Added mention of accuracy cap (95%) and lower bound (10%) to the manual
* MOD: Robot meltdown frequency decreased significantly
* MOD: Slightly weakened effect of blade/segregator traps
* MOD: Blade/segregator traps ignore all storage/container parts
* MOD: Med./Lrg./Hcp. Storage Unit mass increased
* MOD: Programmer dispatch frequency varies less wildly
* MOD: Improved descriptions for Signal Interpreters, Terrain Scan Processors, ECM Suites
* FIX: Misdirection caused by system corruption failed to redirect (broken by Alpha 2) [Adraius]
* FIX: Unidentified prototypes in your inventory at the end of a run were listed as an ID'ed prototype [Adraius]
* FIX: Database data loss due to system corruption wasn't being applied, despite message to that effect [Adraius]
* FIX: Player names and manual world seeds including spaces weren't fully read from config file
* FIX: Armor Integrity Analyzers were only sometimes working as intended
* FIX: Crash on selecting options menu submenu item in keyboard mode [MJWkr]

Experience sci-fi tactical combat and exploration in a procedural world that combines traditional roguelikes with an immersive modern interface like no other. Build yourself from components found or salvaged from other robots. Attach power sources, propulsion units, utilities, and weapons to become a slow tank bristling with weapons, or a fast-moving flier zipping past enemies before they even have time to react, or a stealthy sword-wielding assassin/hacker, or whatever else you can come up with from the salvage you find. The situation can quickly change as you lose components and rebuild yourself from enemy remains. You are the Cogmind. Discover what that means as you explore a living, breathing world ruled by robots.

Если вы являетесь правообладателем данного материала и вы против размещения информации о данном материале, либо ссылок на него - ознакомьтесь с нашей информацией для правообладателей и присылайте нам письмо. Если Вы против размещения данного материала - администрация с радостью пойдет Вам на встречу!

Если ты нашёл "мёртвую" ссылку - дави значок [X] рядом с ней и ссылка в ближайшее время будет перезалита.

Дополнительные файлы для игры

Если ты нашел новую версию игры Cogmind 0.10.170117 [Alpha 13], либо русификатор к ней, патч, левелпак или мод - сообщи об этом редактору новости, он добавит сюда доп. файл.
Отправка личных сообщений доступна только после регистрации.

Комментарии игроков (80 шт.)

От: Teethy [6|17] | Дата 2017-05-16 18:52:33

Буквально сегодня игра перешла из альфы в бета-версию
Официальный форум - http://www.gridsagegames.com/forums/index.php?topic=787.0

Сюжет теперь "полноценный", 7 разных концовок и овер9000 новых предметов/врагов/возможностей

Teethy думал несколько дней и добавил:

Cogmind Beta 1.1
От: Win_Chaster [605|190] | Дата 2017-01-25 17:58:30

Интересно, надо глянуть в будущем.
От: new_yuriarmius [23|10] | Дата 2017-01-25 16:51:50

Я уже и надеяться перестал ,что увижу какую то версию новее чем альфа 10 , а тут сразу до альфы 13 подняли !!!
От: Elektra [7455|138] | Дата 2017-01-25 08:54:15

Группа: Редактор


Хм, альфа 13 тоже к месту)

От: LIMBERJACK [42|9] | Дата 2017-01-25 08:48:58

Хм, альфа 13 тоже к месту)
От: Chpock [11|2] | Дата 2016-11-26 20:03:05

кто найдет альфу 11 - поделитесь ссылочкой

Chpock думал несколько дней и добавил:

альфа 12 тоже подойдет
От: KHAARNE [36|5] | Дата 2016-11-02 21:09:04

обновите плизз альфа 11
От: Nakrenen [138|19] | Дата 2016-08-20 20:25:45


Kronuss сказал:

Мне кажется, сама игра столько не стоит.

Она 25 долларов стоит.
От: Kronuss [25|12] | Дата 2016-08-12 12:29:31

Согласен с тем чуваком. То было, что платишь за то, чтоб какое-то время качать спокойно игры, а тут, походу, начали продавать именно игры. Мне кажется, сама игра столько не стоит.
От: MajorLee [7|7] | Дата 2016-07-31 04:19:17

Доброго всем.
вопросик такой - кто нить смог перепрограммировать робота?
еще натыкался на станцию - где можно из чертежей сделать готового робота - все время ругается что мало материи - даже для pest-а. Неужели все надо ручными командами делать? Как материи-то в станок загнать?
От: Sneezepee1 [0|0] | Дата 2016-07-12 06:03:59

Could we get a non shit link
От: HomeCookin [1|3] | Дата 2016-07-06 15:44:35

Отлично! Качаем пиратку за 3 USD

HomeCookin подумал несколько минут и добавил:

Не ну серьезно?
От: Lighting [2|2] | Дата 2016-06-30 04:23:19

Можешь залить на другой обменник?
От: nikivarvar [370|104] | Дата 2016-06-27 20:01:00


Kronuss сказал:

Сколько в подобные игры играл, ни разу ниче и не понял. Как играть, народ? xd

Почитай какой-нибудь мануальчик или гайд по подобным рогаликам.
У них всех почти идентичное управление.
От: Kronuss [25|12] | Дата 2016-06-26 16:07:50

Сколько в подобные игры играл, ни разу ниче и не понял. Как играть, народ? xd
От: nikivarvar [370|104] | Дата 2016-06-09 00:37:25

Завезите девятую альфу, вчера вышла.
От: KHAARNE [36|5] | Дата 2016-03-16 09:18:34


new_yuriarmius сказал:

Та да , на телефоне из достойных токо Pixel Dungeon , а жаль =

А как же Кардинал квест 2?)
От: Nubas [0|0] | Дата 2015-12-17 20:50:32

Альфа 5 вышла
От: new_yuriarmius [23|10] | Дата 2015-11-08 11:20:14



Был бы очень рад если бы ее перенесли на мобилки, залипал бы как в Pixel Dungeon)

Та да , на телефоне из достойных токо Pixel Dungeon , а жаль =
От: Nubas [0|0] | Дата 2015-11-06 09:01:39

От: Valera63 [0|5] | Дата 2015-09-03 17:37:22

От: GAVS911 [0|0] | Дата 2015-07-27 10:10:06

В новостях пишут, якобы вышла версия 2b. Кто поделится?
От: grem2180 [11|0] | Дата 2015-06-27 07:46:29



Ну так качай 14 мегабайтную версию, которую за 7 дней склепали для конкурса.

Какой конкурс? Ты о чём? В этом инсталляторе Электры игра - 14 Мб, DirectX - 98 Мб, vcredist - 45 Мб, XNA - 22 Мб, VCRHyb64 - 22 Мб. Качать это всё со скоростью 3 кб/с как-то не особо .

Пришлось качать в другом месте, спасибо добрым людям, кек.
От: LIMBERJACK [42|9] | Дата 2015-06-24 12:12:01


grem2180 сказал:

Elektra, побойся б*га, там игра весит 14 мегабайт, а здесь двести мегов и залито на обменники с которых не скачать. Ну пожалей ты нас, несчастных.

Ну так качай 14 мегабайтную версию, которую за 7 дней склепали для конкурса.
От: guniza [2|3] | Дата 2015-06-23 19:22:15

Залейте пожалуйста на юнибайтс, с этого говна под названием литтлбайт, которое здесь очень любят, скачать ничего невозможно.
От: This_New_Sparta [83|81] | Дата 2015-06-21 06:06:40


matatazzz сказал:

может так и должно быть и так и есть , но для меня это ВыколиГлаз а не игра , в ней как по мне не особо много есть чем занять свой мозг помимо розшифровки происходящего

Cataclysm - ответ выживалкам в текстовом виде , сейчас играю - очень афегенная игра !!!
От: grem2180 [11|0] | Дата 2015-06-18 07:54:32

Elektra, побойся б*га, там игра весит 14 мегабайт, а здесь двести мегов и залито на обменники с которых не скачать. Ну пожалей ты нас, несчастных.
От: Boyar [17|21] | Дата 2015-06-16 16:20:33

Олдскульная игра, в духе классических рогаликов, но технически, в визуальном плане воплощена в разы лучше, как проработанностью и продуманностью интерфейса, так и детально проработанными тайлами, режимы меняются по кнопке F3, причём у этого есть геймплейное обоснование, а не просто смена визуального оформления. Игра сложная, но не тем, что вы тут запутаетесь, а тем, что геймплей базируется на хардкорном принципе LFWB (проигрывать весело, выигрывать скучно). Игра в процессе на ваших ошибках обучает вас тому, какие действия ведут к тем или иным последствиям, что стоит делать, а где лучше не рисковать и так далее.

Boyar подумал несколько секунд и добавил:

Если вы ранее никогда не играли в олдскульные рогалики аля nethack, adom, dwarf fortress и т.п, то попробуйте эту игру, возможностей чуть меньше, за то она гораздо дружелюбнее для тех, сталкивается с жанром олдскульных рогаликов в первые, вы сразу поймёте ваше это или нет, те же кто знаком с жанром, не сомневаются и давно получают от игры подлинное удовольствие. Но нельзя сказать, что эта игра из тех, которые затягивают на часы своими безграничными возможностями, но тут есть неплохая завязка сюжета, и скорее это некий марафон-выживач, с акцентом на боевую составляющую с возрастающей сложностью, в процедурно генерируемом мире. Игра для ценителей испытаний.
От: Nazgul37 [31|8] | Дата 2015-06-14 23:22:24


Den852 сказал:

Стоит ли играть? Я не фанат ASCII графики, но игра выглядит неплохо

Там можно тайлсет врубить.
От: matatazzz [22|23] | Дата 2015-06-14 14:03:01


Likan78 сказал:

по сути в такой графике мы видим все происходящее как раз таки глазами робота... т.е. машинным кодом...

может так и должно быть и так и есть , но для меня это ВыколиГлаз а не игра , в ней как по мне не особо много есть чем занять свой мозг помимо розшифровки происходящего
От: Den852 [37|7] | Дата 2015-06-14 10:00:59

Стоит ли играть? Я не фанат ASCII графики, но игра выглядит неплохо
От: This_New_Sparta [83|81] | Дата 2015-06-14 01:08:12


Chpock сказал:

-Нет настроек уровней сложности
-Не все локации доделаны на данном этапе

Насчет настроек уровня сложности , лучше сменить уровень ума в своем мозгу и подумать ()
Насчет локаций ничего не знаю :D
От: BetaXenon [26|11] | Дата 2015-06-13 17:53:13


Likan78 сказал:

по сути в такой графике мы видим все происходящее как раз таки глазами робота... т.е. машинным кодом...

Тогда бы мы все видели бинарным кодом.
От: Likan78 [7|1] | Дата 2015-06-13 17:18:06


matatazzz сказал:


Именно для этой игры такая ASCII графика как раз кстати... Давайте разберем: главный герой - робот, который по ходу игры собирает себя из останков разбитых роботов (очень напоминает KLP-2 из Quazatrona) который помимо боевого оружия напичкивает себя всевозможными девайсами электронной разведки и противодействия. по сути в такой графике мы видим все происходящее как раз таки глазами робота... т.е. машинным кодом...
ЗюЫю Можете дизлайкать если я не прав...
От: nikivarvar [370|104] | Дата 2015-06-13 16:39:32


matatazzz сказал:

Я как человек в какой то мере твор

Вот и расхлёбывай за столь толстый комментарий.

nikivarvar подумал несколько минут и добавил:

MrAnonymouse сказал:

Но надеюсь в будущем, ребята из ZoG, всё-таки возьмутся за её перевод.

не уверен
От: matatazzz [22|23] | Дата 2015-06-13 15:38:53


nikivarvar сказал:

Посмотри видео, ага, и посмотри на прекрасную анимацию интерфейса С:

Я как человек в какой то мере творческий , и более или менее (скорее менее) многостороннее развит , могу сказать
Да игра своеобразна , и прелестна в своей простоте , но для меня это не понятно , как по мне в ДФ это уместно , но здесь я бы хотел видеть красивый пиксель арт , Это сугубо моё мнение и не надо на меня грязь сливать

matatazzz подумал несколько минут и добавил:

начал с себя по тому что для меня вид игры имеет огромное значение , и особенно когда внешний вид соответствует содержимому , если я в ДФ даже времени не имел что бы всматриватся в графику , то тут эти буквы перед глазами когда надо и не нада
От: MrAnonymouse [99|266] | Дата 2015-06-13 14:39:51

Блин, я бы поиграл. Но как вижу, без знания даже базового инглиша здесь делать не чего.
А русификация не планируется? Хотя да, пока рано об этом даже говорить, так-как текст постоянно редактируется разработчиком, что-то выпиливается, что-то добавляется.
Но надеюсь в будущем, ребята из ZoG, всё-таки возьмутся за её перевод.
От: Boyar [17|21] | Дата 2015-06-02 17:08:41

Следил за этим потенциальным шедевром, один из лучших рогаликов за последнее время, купил лицуху на сайте разработчика. Отличная игра во всех отношениях - концепция, зачатки сюжета, игровой процесс, интерфейс, звуки и музыка. Рогалик в лучших традициях старой школы, одна жизнь, рандомная генерация уровней, неплохой ии, широкие возможности - 10 из 10
От: Chpock [11|2] | Дата 2015-05-29 22:02:14

-Отличная заставка
-Стильный интерфейс и графика (присутсвует 2 вида между которыми можно переключатся)
-Управление как с клавы так и с мыши
-Можно рушить врагов, стены, оборудование
-Если вы промахнулись по врагу - значит вы попали в стену/оборудование/союзника/другого врага...
-Много разного оборудования
-Странная но интересная концепция развития ГГ
-Логичная система повреждений вещей/модулей при попадании
-Нет настроек уровней сложности
-Не все локации доделаны на данном этапе

Общее впечатление: Годный, стильный, нестандартный, но пока еще недоваренный рогалик. Забеги в среднем 5-20мин. Любителям рогаликов очень рекомендую, когда допилят обязательно куплю.
От: Sergeygud [10|29] | Дата 2015-05-26 16:25:45

Игра шикарна, прорисовка различного оружия в инвентаре порадовала, все сделано довольно качественно.

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